Meeting Minutes, January 2010

The first 2010 meeting of WVGA was held on Tuesday, Jan 19, at Trinity Episcopal Parish House, 6th and Eastern Ave. in Connersville. Sandy Brown, President, opened the meeting with fifteen members in attendance. The minutes were read by the secretary of the November meeting and approved by the group. Treasurer's Report was also accepted from the Treasurer. There was no meeting in December.

Mrs. Brown announced that a member, Pat Summan's mother in law has passed away since our last meeting and extended to her our sympathy . There were several pieces of correspondances to be shared with the group. One was from the State Library announcing activities planned for early this year. Also Allen Co Public Library in Fort Wayne announced their Annual Meeting and Conference on April 10, 2010. Another was information about a trip to Salt Lake City, Utah Oct. 10-17 of 2010. They offered group prices for larger numbers of people. No one expressed interest in this tour at this time.

We also received a letter written by a 4th grade student in Indianapolis who is working on a report to learn all she can about Fayette County. She wrote to the Library, Chamber of Commerce, Historic Connersville, and several individuals including Pat Summan. Pat sent several pages of information to the child and found out that the Chamber of Commerce was preparing information for her also.

Discussion was held about the works of the Bi-Centinial Planning Committee. Charles Hughes said he had only heard of two meetings that they have had. It might be a good thing for us to start planning our involvement in that celebration. Also we talked about helping the with 4-H projects with their Genealogy if they need help. Nancy Price, Kathy Keller and Karen Creamer offered to find out the guidelines for these projects by the local clubs and the state judges.

Karen Creamer has also been invited by the Rush Co.Genealogy Organization to come to their meeting on Feb. 6th to help them know how to use the Library and Court House and other places to find information about their families. She is considering this according to her schedule that week.

The committee to plan a money making project was ask to report their findings. They said they will have something to report at the next meeting. They hope to find what information in a book form people would be interested in buying if they get a reprint or new information printed.

For many years Bob Price has been collecting postmarks from all former 26 Post Offices in Fayette County. Any help that anyone could give him would be appreciated.

Karen Creamer provided good refreshments . Next meeting will be on Feb. 16, at the same location. Anyone interested in joining this group, can visit the meeting or call 825-4656. The program will be given by Pat Summan on storing and preserving old documents and pictures. This should be very interesting.
Barbara K. Smith, Secretary