Meeting Minutes, September 2009

Sept 15, 2009 Minutes of the Whitewater Valley Genealogical Association, which met at the Trinity Church Parish House, Connersville, IN

Sandy Brown called the meeting to order at 7:00. Sixteen Members were present and two guests, Mr and Mrs Bruce Bowden.

Minutes of the previous meeting along with the report by the treasurer were read and approved.

Sandy ask for a report on the committee named the Ways and Means committee, appointed to study the possibility of reprinting some of the information printed in the past to sell when the opportunities come our way. Karen Creamer said that she and Jim Wicker and Jane Miller had talked about it after the last meeting and together had some ideas that would have to be investigated into the cost and the companies available to do the job. Jim showed several publications that he owns that could be combined such as the 1869 Census, 1842 Letters, undated McFarlan Family records. So they will continue to search for possibilities.

Karen said that there had been 869 visitors to the Website created for WVGA in Fayette Co.

Pat Summan reported no problems with the newletter. She does such a good job.

It was decided to table the idea of helping the Boy Scouts or 4-H with any Genealogy subject for the present time.

Last Saturday the Library had a program on "Out of Kentucky: The African American Migration to Connersville, IN 1890's." Doug and Sandy Brown attended this at the local Library. They found it interesting. It was attended mostly by the black community. Bob Price said that Pam Craig said she enjoyed it very much.

Sandy had a letter announcing the publication of a book written by Lenora Whiteman, "Murder at Hale's Ferry". The story is based on actual events surrounding the slaying of husband and father Elias Hale on Christmas Eve, 1853. He was born in Indiana and died in the Oregon Territory. Part of it is absolutely a true story. Copies available through

Oct 24th is the day open at the Indiana State Library and Sandy and Doug plan to go up there for that day.

John Johnson then introduced the program for tonight, "Corps of Discovery-Military Theme". Sergeant John Ordway, a member of the famous Meriwether Lewis and William Clark expedition commissioned by President Jefferson, shared his experiences of the journey. Mr. Bruce Bowden was the actor portraying Sgt. Ordway. He has traveled much of the original route covered by this expedition. His costume was as much like the original military uniform as possible. It was a very interesting program.

Refreshments of donuts and cider were furnished by Barb Smith. Karen Creamer will have refreshments next time.

Members and guests present were Karen McQueen, Jane Miller, Sue Frank, John Johnson, Doug Brown, Sandy Brown, Nancy Price, Bob Price, Pat Summan, Karen Creamer, Pat Cudworth, Jim Wicker, Kathy Keller, Curtis Garrett, Pam Wood, Barbara Smith. Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Bowden were guests.

Barbara K. Smith, Secretary