Meeting Minutes, October 2009

The Whitewater Valley Genealogical Association met October 20th at Trinity Episcopal Church parish house with 14 members and three guests present. The meeting was called to order by the president, Sandy Brown. The minutes and treasurer’s report were read by Sandy in the absence of the secretary and treasurer. Reports were approved. There were no committee reports.

A reminder was given of the Local History Fair to be held at the State Library on Saturday, October 24.

Sandy announced that the November 17th meeting would be a pitch-in dinner at the Trinity parish house at 6 pm. The turkey will be furnished and will be prepared by Karen Creamer. Bring a favorite dish. Sandy would like each member to bring one item that has a family history or tell of a special find in their genealogy history.

Following the business meeting the program was introduced. Kay Pike and Jeanie Hornung, members of the local John Conner Chapter Daughters of the American Revolution, gave an interesting program on Today’s DAR. Kay narrated a slide presentation of What is DAR and how it has changed through the years. She also had pictures of the National DAR Library in Washington D.C., where many historial records are housed. She also told of the SAR, Sons of the American Revolution and the CAR, Children of the American Revelution organizations.

Following Kay’s presentation Jeanie continued with the slide presentation. DAR has chapters in all fifty states plus several foreign countries. The national membership is over 860,000. The local Chapter was started in 1909 as Connersville Chapter and the name was changed in 1924 to John Conner Chapter in honor of the founder of Connersville. The local chapter held their 100th anniversary celebration recently.

Some of the projects the local chapter has done or is continuing to sponsor are: providing grave markers for local Revolutionary soldiers, the 12 mile purchase marker on State Road 44 west, a marker for the Roots Connersville Blower founding and one for Longwood Bridge. They also sponsor an essay contest for 5th, 6th 7th and 8th graders in Fayette County, give a good citizenship award yearly, provide items for schools for the under privileged and support 6 other schools through out the nation. The group promotes Patriotism, provides flags and supports the Veterans Home in Marion, IN.

Jeanie informed WVGA that DAR has volunteer field genealogists who are requied to be trained. She also told what necessary records were needed to prove a family patriot and what the requirements were for a patriot. She suggested that old documents be recorded on a digial camera rather than try to copy them as most are best not handled. One of the newer mottos is “Changing attitudes but not Service" along with an old one, "Unfailing Loyality to the cause of American Independence."

There were three generations present for the program, Ann Porter, a 70 year member, Kay Porter Pike and Jeanie Pike Hornung.

Present were: Sandy Brown, John Johnson, Karen Creamer, Jane Miller, Karen McQueen, Valerie Farris, Charlie Hughes, Lou Ann Booth, Ron and Pam Wood, Pat Cudworth, Jim Wicker, and Bob and Nancy Price.
Nancy Price, Secretary pro tem