Meeting Minutes, November 2009

The November 17, 2009 meeting of the Whitewater Valley Genealogy Association was held in the Trinity Church Parish House, 6th and Eastern, Connersville, IN.

Those attending the Thanksgiving Dinner were ask to bring side dishes to go with the turkey purchased by the organization, and dressing, both baked by Karen Creamer. The end results being a variety of everything good and tasty. Those present were members and guests: Jack Witt and Sue Frank, Roy and Pat Cudworth, Larry and Louanna Booth, Bob and Nancy Price, John and Nancy Johnson, Doug and Sandy Brown, Ron and Pam Wood, Jim Wicker, Charlie Hughes, Karen Creamer and Barbara Smith, Making 18 present.

John Johnson lead the group in a very special Thanksgiving Blessing before the meal. Every one seemed to enjoy their dinner.

Sandy Brown, President brought up one piece of correspondence from the Rush County Genealogy Association, inviting us to come and "Meet~N~Greet" on December 6, 2009, Sunday 2:00 to 5:00 PM. Open House for all Genealogists, At the Main Street Christian Church, 615 N. Main St. Rushville, IN.

Several members brought in items or pictures to show and tell about their family's history. The largest item was a clock which is known to be well over 100 years old and belonged to Karen Creamer's great grandfather. Nancy Price had her great grandmother's coffee grinder which is a very old but a polished piece of wooden kitchen ware. Others showed pictures of their ancestors and photo albums with tin types in them. Each one explained whose they were and how they happened to have these priceless photos. This genealogy business is like being a detective, exploring the old records in libraries, courthouses and even on tombstones. is so good when proper information and date are found on the back side of their pictures, which teaches us to label our new pictures so someday, someone will find them well documented. A poem was read about "You are Overdoing it" meaning searching for genealogy, if you do these things. And these things were read and members laughed and recognized they have done these things.

John Johnson talked about having Fireworks at Christmas Time, and not on the 4th of July like we do here. There was the feeling that they would not celebrate a day that they had lost Vicksburg in the Civil War. And he told about a research he has pursued to find a relative of his father's. Martha Jean Johnson Logston was her name. And through much reading and searching, he has found the family records in Cooperstown, Brown Co. Illinois and hopes to visit their graves and continue searching for their descendants.

This secretary likes to think of my research for the continuation of the family or descendants as much as the ancestors. I have connected recently with members of the family who I barely know, but they are still living and we are corresponding and are becoming well acquainted. I'm recording their children's births, marriages and deaths of any of the families. Someday this will be Genealogy.

There will be no meeting in December but will meet again on January 19, 2010 at 7:00 PM. Karen Creamer will bring refreshments. Other member signed up to bring refreshments for the rest of the year.

Barbara K. Smith, Secretary