Meeting Minutes, May 2009
MAY 2009

The Whitewater Valley Genealogical Association met Tuesday, May 19, 2009 in the Trinity Episcopal Church Parish House, 6th and Eastern, Connersville, IN. The meeting was called to order by the President, Karen Creamer at 7:00 pm.

The minutes of the April meeting were read by the secretary, Nancy Price, and approved. The treasurer, Robert Price gave his report and it was approved. Correspondence was read from Hanover College pertaining to the bicentennial celebration of the Fulton Steam Boat to be held in 2011. Hanover College will act as a clearing house for groups that may want to participate in or plan a celebration of the steam boats.

Mid Continental Public Library of Independence, Missouri is interested in purchasing history publications of other States, counties or communities.

Indiana State Library is planning an Indiana Genealogical and Local History gathering on October 24 at the State Library from 9 am to 3 pm. Groups may reserve table space with electric outlet provided at no charge.

A discussion was held on the publications that WVGA has on hand for sale. Sandy Brown moved to sell the reprint of the 1885 Fayette County History for $10.00. Seconded by Jim Wicker and passed. President appointed a By-laws committee consisting of the out going officers, including herself along with Bob and Nancy Price.

The officers for the year 2009/2010 were presented. Bob Price moved the slate of officers by accepted as presented, seconded by Pat Summan and carried. Those to serve are: President, Sandy Brown; Vice President, John Johnson; secretary, Barbara Smith and treasurer, Doug Brown.

A short discussion was held pertaining to those who had found information on their family history. Bob Price said he had found his maternal great grandfather, Charles B. McClain. Jim Gibson found his wife’s (Sylvia) great grandmother through the Myers Funeral Home records. Sandy Brown has been working on transcribing the records.

Pat Summan has been working on her husband’s (Kenny) and upon correspondence from a cousin in Texas they were able to find a tombstone on the Manlove lineage in the Bentonville cemetery of William Manlove who settled in Posey Township in 1815. The inscription on the tombstone read “First white child born in Posey Township”.

The program for the evening was given by Doug and Sandy Brown. They had been to Huntington, Pennsylvania on a genealogical trip. However, the most interesting find was in Ohio. Doug was always interested in drawing and as a teenager he drew pictures of cars and then people. His grandmother had always praised and encouraged his drawing and he never understood why until much later. She had a large pencil drawing of her three children hanging in her home done by William Tecumseh Sherman McCleary. There was also a wood carving picture that had been done with a pin knife. Doug had gone to the Library in Van Wert, Ohio and upon entering noticed a wood carving on the wall that was also done by McCleary. Upon checking he found the library had 9 of the carvings. The carvings were done on shipping crate lids. Doug took pictures of all nine carvings. McCleary was an uncle to his grandmother and was a well known artist. Even though his grandmother never talked of this Doug feels it was the reason she encouraged him to do his drawings. The family has one of the wood carvings.

Refreshments were furnished by Pat Cudworth. The next meeting will be June 16th.

Those in attendance were: Karen Creamer, Bob and Nancy Price, John Johnson, Jim Wicker, Jim Gibson, Doug and Sandy Brown, Pat Summan, Barbara Smith and Pat Cudworth. Guests were Jack and Beulah Gilliland.
Nancy Price, Secretary