Meeting Minutes, June 2009
JUNE 2009

The Whitewater Valley Genealogical Association met Tuesday June 16, 2009 in the Trinity Episcopal Church Parish House, 6th and Eastern, Connersville.

This was the first meeting with the new 2009-2010 Officers presiding. They are President, Sandy Brown, Vice President, John Johnson, Secretary, Barbara K.Smith and Treasure, Doug Brown.

The president opened the meeting at 7:00 with a congratulations to John and Nancy Johnson on their 50th Wedding Anniversary celebrated last week end.

The minutes were read and approved followed by the treasure's report which was accepted. Several member paid their yearly dues, which are $9.00 for single membership and $12.00 for a couple. We look forward to an increase in membership again this year.

Correspondence was read for a second time and action was taken on only one letter from the Mid Continental Public Library of Independence, Missouri who wanted to purchase history publications of other states and counties. A motion was made and seconded to offer them the two publications we have for sale--the reprint of the 1885 Fayette County History and the marriages listed for Fayette Co.

Some will be planning to go to the State Library on Oct. 24 from 9am to 3pm. More plans will be arranged at the next meeting.

The By-Laws committee consisting of the out going officers met at the home of Sandy and Doug Brown for a study to rewrite the By-laws. A copy of the rewritten plan was passed out for the members to study and be prepared to question or vote on at the next meeting.

The trip to the Ft. Wayne Library on July 25 is just after the next meeting. Karen Creamer suggest anyone driving, plan to leave about 6:30 AM and stay until the Library closes at 6PM. She will make reservation for dinner when she knows how many are going. If you would like to reserve books to be ready for your visit, you can look at the newsletter for information how to do that.

There will be an Indiana African American Genealogy Conference, Sat. Aug 22. Several Speakers are scheduled. The cost for Non member of their organization is $35.00. It starts at 8AM until 3:45 in Indianapolis. Information may be received from Sandy Brown.

June 26-27 next Friday and Saturday at the local Library, there will be a special Heritage Celebration with help at the front desk finding your ancestors, as well as computer help and work in the Indiana Room and in the Meeting room. At 8:00 pm until 11: pm there will be a lock in to do research, after the Library is closed.Refreshments will be served. A skit will be performed by a Connersville High School class and tours will be offered on Sat. at 9:00 AM and 2:00 PM by John and Marti Blommel. Call the Library for any other information.

Jim Wicker, John Johnson and Charles Hughes all shared some of the information they had been able to find during the past month. And Pat Cutworth brought a old picture in a beautiful frame of her husband's mother's great grandmother and her children. Their Surname was Matney and that is one of the names that Barbara Smith is researching. They have been sharing information.

Charlie Hughes shared that the parents of the little girl whose grave is marked with the little doll house, once lived in a house that he owned and so he knew them. He said the Father was building the doll house for her 6th Birthday but she died before it was finished. He went on the finish it and use it as her marker in the City Cemetery. Their surname was Allison.

Refreshment were furnished by Sue Frank after which a nice program on "Daniel Boone's life" was given by John Johnson. He likes to read about his life by an author of long ago who was closer to the age of Boone and didn't dress up the stories like "Disney" did. He used a computer timeline from the time he was born in a family of 9 sons and 10 daughters, to the time of his exploring the land from N.Carolina, Tennessee, Kentucky and Ohio. Johnson uses an Atlas to location the towns and rivers as he reads about the history of this explorer. It was very interesting. The next meeting will be July 21.
Barbara K. Smith, Secretary