Meeting Minutes, July 2009
JULY 2009

The Organization met July 21, 2009 in their regular location with 11 members present and 1 guest, Mr. Curtis Garrett.

President, Sandy Brown opened the meeting while members enjoyed refreshment furnished by John Johnson, peanut butter pie and lemon pie baked by his wife Nancy. It was delicious.

The minutes of the June meeting was read and corrected by the Secretary, Barb Smith and Doug Brown gave the Treasurer's report and it was accepted as read.

Correspondence was read by Sandy from Elwood Pipecreek Genealogy Society who are planning a celebration of Family History Month with a Second Annual Genealogy Seminar & Fair on Sat. Oct. 24, 2009 at the Family Life Center, 2535 Main St. Elwood, IN. Featured Speaker will be Jana Sloan-Broglin, Nationally Accredited Genealogy Lecturer. She will be giving three lectures titled: “The Key to the Courthouse” “A Boy Named Sue” and “Organizing 101-True Confessions of a “Pile-it”. The cost is only $10.00 with limited seating, registration is required. Lunch menu is soup and sandwich, with cost of $7.00 also with registrations. It begins at 9:00AM until around 3:00 PM.

Another correspondence was from the Indiana Historical Society News and Events announcing a workshop on Sat. or Sun. Aug. 22 or 23 at Spring Valley Cemetery in Lawrence, IN with John Walters as Instructor. A Cost of $30 to all non-members of HIS.

Doug Brown reported two new members Alan W. Sweney, 2235 W. Alpine Rd. who listed as all Surnames as his research. And Marilyn Van Der Weele who lives in Hilliard, Ohio who is researching the Martin and the Ball Families. We are happy to increase our membership.

The Revised Constitution and By-Laws after a month to study them were accepted by a motion by Bob Price and seconded by Donna Powell and will be retyped and sent to the membership with only a minor change in them. The committee was thanked and dismissed. Their job was done.

A new committee was appointed by Sandy Brown to study a project to earn some money and have publications available to the public as well as to our membership. The possibility of republishing parts of the History we have had in the past, because of an interest shown recently in buying these books. And we have sold out , leaving only the book of “ Marriages from 1893 to 1902 in Fayette Co” available for purchase. Jim Wicker says there are about 29 of them.

Karen Creamer and Jim Wicker and Mary Jane Miller will begin to work on a new project to publish.

John Johnson and Karen Creamer will be leaving town about 6:00 on Sat. July 25th to go to the Ft. Wayne Library. No one else was planning to go this time.

A discussion of the Indiana State Library special day, Oct. 24th was decided that we would not go to set up a table because of the lack of books to sell would not be profitable this time. Mid Continental Library was offered our Marriage Book to buy if they are interested. Karen Creamer says there has been no reply.

Bob Price and John Johnson both reported that during the Heritage Days at the Public Library June 26-27, that Bashanna Pickering had some luck finding out where some of her family was buried. John said that Pat Summan was such a big help directing folks to the right places at the Library. He realized that she is very knowledgeable of the workings of the Library. Several members were able to attend and enjoyed it. Bob Price said anyone who was interested should look for a book prepared by Phil Junkins and Stubby Squires which is at the Library. He found it interesting.

Nancy Price reported that the Genealogical 4-H Projects have be judged for the fair. Dustin Price, their grandson who did his project on Military received a Reserved Grand Champion Ribbon . Nathan Daniel did his project on the Migration of people from one location to another and he received a Grand Champion Ribbon. They will be taking their projects to the state Fair. Nancy said that the kids who took this 4-H Genealogical Project had very little help with their work. She wondered if there was a workshop that we could help kids with this . John Johnson also suggestion a workshop for adults too. Our organization pays for a plaque given to these kids and Doug was instructed to pay the bill when it arrives. Until we vote to stop this practice it is something we have agreed to do. It is a cost of about $14.00 each year.

Our visitor, Curtis Garrett was given an opportunity to tell us of some of his experiences as a member of other genealogical organizations. He said he has belonged to several and believes that it is an advantage to any member to be very familiar with the Library and work together with them to help others.

John Johnson reported on the coming programs he has scheduled for Aug. 18 with Jan York who will be in town visiting her mother, Jean Risch. She is very active in research and has lots to share with us. In Sept. 15, Corps of Discovery-Military theme and in Oct. Kay Pike who is a member of the DAR will speak to our group. Donna Powell will bring refreshment to the next meeting.

Barbara K. Smith, Secretary