Meeting Minutes, August 2009

Aug 18, 2009 WVGA met at their usual meeting place with 15 members and 8 visitors present. Refreshment were provided by Donna Powell and were enjoyed before the meeting began.

Sandy Brown opened the meeting and ask for the reading of the minutes by Barb Smith. Corrections were made and noted on the copy of the minutes. Doug gave the treasurer's report and gave a copy to the secretary for filing. It was accepted.

At this time Bob Price made a motion to postpone other business to give more time to the program. The program was given by Jan York and her husband Bruce York of Jamestown, TN. They were in town visiting Jan's mother, Jean Risch. Jan is a native of Connersville and met her husband at Muncie and they have been married over 40 years. They are the parents of 6 children and 26 grandchildren and have always been interested in Genealogy. She started working on it in 1965 when they both joined the The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. They have each worked on databases for different Counties and many families histories. Jan is developing a Fayette County database which currently has about 31,000 names. She began this as a community service project for all who have Fayette County connections. She envisions the day when the genealogies of every family in Fayette Co. will be included in the database. Bruce showed on a projected screen how to use the PAF genealogy program in a very simple fashion. That is what they like about it, that most anyone can use it.

Jan and Bruce stayed around for questions and answers after the program and invited anyone to contribute their family information to be put into this database. Jan can be reached at for anyone who would like to do that. Jan mentioned that the Boy Scouts have merit badges for a genealogy program. It would be nice to try to help them out as we considered helping the 4-H projects last month.

This was a very fine program.

John Johnson reminded everyone to come next meeting , Sept 15th, for the program "Corps of Discovery-Military theme". He believes it will be a very interesting program.

The two visitors gave me some of the names they are researching:

Nancy Gully's surnames are Zimmerman, Burk, Nevin, Eshelman, and Hamilton. Sue Frank's maiden name was Hamilton.

Robyn Bennington Nichols's search names are Nichols, Baily, Doughty, Moore, Bennington, Keith, Junkins, McDonald.

It seems like we need to share these occasionally to see if anyone else is searching the same names that we are. (Webmaster's note: See our SURNAMES pages for names being researched by our members!)

Members present:Bob and Nancy Price,Doug and Sandy Brown,Ron and Pam Wood,Jim Wicker,Karen Creamer,Pat Cudworth,Pat Summan,Curtis Garrett (New member!),Mary Jane Miller,Sue Frank,Donna Powell,John Johnson,Barbara Smith, Jan York

Guests: Bruce York,Nancy Gulley,Laura Gillimore,Gerry Wagoner,Luanna Hilbert Booth, Denise Brochin,Robyn Bennington Nichols.
Barbara K. Smith, Secretary