Meeting Minutes, November 2008

The November 18th, 2008 meeting of the Whitewater Valley Genealogy Association was held in the Trinity Church Parish House, 6th and Eastern, Connersville, IN.

A pitch-in meal was enjoyed by all. WVGA furnished the turkey, cooked by Karen Creamer. Those attending were invited to bring a dish that was a Thanksgiving tradition of their family and to bring the recipe to share.

Following the meal a short business session was held. Karen announced she had received information from another genealogy group of a project they were doing to make people aware of them and also generate some income. They will take pictures of tombstones and put flowers on graves in their area for $25.00 per stone. Additional stones in the same cemetery would be $15.00. No decision was made pertaining to a project of that kind for WVGA.

The program for the evening was that each member present tell about the dish they had brought or any other Thanksgiving family tradition.

Karen Creamer started by sharing her recipes of biscuits in gravy from a grandmother on her Creamer side and dried corn dish from her Mabee family. She brought samples of both.

Bob and Nancy Price have started their own tradition. Nancy bakes whole wheat butter batter bread. Their family request it for birthdays and all holidays. She brought loaves to sample.

Barbara Smith brought her grandmother Brooks’ homemade noodles.

Pat Summan brought her maternal grandmother Jolliff’s black cherries in jello with whipped cream on top. She brought it in the cut glass dish that her grandmother used for this recipe.

John Johnson presented Pat with a picture of her grandfather, Walter Jolliff that he had purchased in a sale. John was born in Kentucky in 1938. Father died when he was 2. He recalled paternal grandfather rabbit hunting, butchering, chicken and dumplings, bread pudding and peanut butter rolls. He made and brought a peanut butter candy.

Sandy and Doug Brown said they did not really have any traditions but Sandy brought delicious homemade yeast rolls.

Sue Frank brought a corn casserole dish she made from a family recipe book.

Pat Cudworth told of her grandmothers and of the fried chicken that was made for family dinners.

Nancy Johnson told of her father working for the Cincinnati Enquirer. He always worked on Christmas so her mother would cover the toys with sheets until her father got home from work.

It was a very enjoyable evening. There will not be a meeting in December, the next meeting will be January 20, 2009

Thirteen members were in attendance. Those attending were: Pat Summan, Karen Creamer, Ron and Pam Wood, Pat Cudworth, Sue Frank, John and Nancy Johnson, Barbara Smith, Doug and Sandy Brown, and Bob and Nancy Price.
Nancy Price, Secretary