Mothers of World War II, Unit 107, Markle, Indiana
Mothers of World War II
Unit 107
Markle, Indiana

"The War Mothers of World War II" was a national organization of women who organized to support their sons in service. These women were very active in the war effort as well as civic and defense and war related activities.

This list was published in "The American Guidebook", printed about 1944-45, currently owned by Connie Brubaker, [email protected]

Mothers of World War II
Unit 107
Markle, Indiana


President, Lesta Fox
First Vice President, Mabel Kenline
Second Vice President, Monys Sprague
Recording Secretary, Bernice King
Financial Secretary, Loretta Yoos
Treasurer, Mina Herran
Chaplain, Lovenia West
Parliamentarian, Hazel Sweet
Librarian, Mary Randol
Sergerant-at-Arms, Ruth Keplinger
Color Bearers, Marie Zimmerlee, Maude Funerburg
Color Guards, Verna Earhart, Verna Stockman


Elsie Adams
Hazel Bear
Alta Becker
Chloe Brandt
Pearl Brumbaugh
Margaret Buell
Ida E. Burnau
Cressie Caley
Hildreth Clark
Ella Claus
Effie Davis
Myrle Davis
Louisa Earhart
Iva Fate
Mabel Freshley
Ella Fyson
Elsie Geiger
Minnie Gearhart
Laura Gephart
Margaret Girvin
Zoa Haflich
Nellie Hardin
Mrs. Dan Kipfer
Rose Jones
Lulu Lantz
Fanny Lindley
Fern Line
Marie Line
Tressie Mason
Helen Miller
Lucille Ormsby
Mary Overholt
Herma Paul
Mildred Pence
Nora Prough
Pearl Pursiful
Minnie Redding
Myrtle Roberts
Goldia Rodish
Effie M. Smith
Dorothy Spahr
Emma Stauffer
Mary Stockman
Eva Thomas
Cora Walters
Edna Waters
Mrs. A. L. Welches
Eva Wolf
Roxie Wolfcale
Inez Woodward
Pearl Worster
Gretchen Youse

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