WABASH COUNTY AND THE VIETNAM WAR vietnam statue vietnam map

Compiled By Ronald L. Woodward


The following is an effort to document the Vietnam War and the roll and sacrifices of Wabash County men and women who served in it. The compiler has used the Wabash Plain Dealer as a source of information as well as interviews. Most dates are the date that the article appeared in the newspaper. The compiler greatly appreciated the efforts, support and encouragement of Carl Dunaway and Doug Bowman. Should you wish to provide information that may have been left out or expand on the information provided contact Ronald L. Woodward at drwoodward@cinergymetro.net

From one Vet to another - THANKS FOR ALL YOU HAVE DONE.


January 19      PFC Charles E. Curless serving with a Marine detachment aboard the USS Midway.
January 25      PFC Lawrence Hall stationed at Ft. Ord.
January 30      A3C Vada J. Rogers stationed at Sheppard AFB.  Jerry Joe Hunt began USMC basic training 
                       at San Diego.
February 12    PFC Wayne L. Richards aboard the USS Mann bound for duty in Hawaii.  SA Gene A. 
                        Hopkins graduated from Radarman School in Norfolk.  
February 13    PFC Stephen Anderson hospitalized for back injury in Korea.  He is in the 121st Evacuation
                        Hospital.  John W. White enlisted USAF in basic Lackland AFB. 
February 25    Lonnie R. Jacobs enlisted USAF in basic Lackland AFB.
February 27    Marland J. Myers completed training Ft. Knox and received a citation for the highest
                       grade in marksmanship and named platoon SGT.  He will be stationed Kirchgoens, 
March 3          Robert L. Eltzroth, HQ. Co. 1st Cav. Div., promoted to SP4.
March 9          Randall E. Cook joined USMC in basic at San Diego, Virginia C. Bays completed WAC 
                        basic at Ft. McClellan now at Ft. Gordon.
March 10        PVT Rex Clevenger, rifleman Troop A, 3rd Armored Div. 12th Cav., took part in Exercise
                        Winter Shield in Budingen, Germany.  SP4 Everett E. Wrightman, clerk Co. B 4th Div 126th 
                        Ord. Batt also participated in the Exercise.  Belvey G. Warford, mail clerk 15th Evacuation 
                        Hospital, Muchweiler, Germany, promoted to SP4.  LTJG Kelson E. Slayman serving 
                        aboard the USS Union and SA Charles A. Rohr aboard the USS Excel.  Both took part in
                        Operation Swan Dive off the coast of California.
March 20         CPL Leo P. Haneline took part in Operation Blue Star off the coast of Formosa.
April                N. Vietnam imposes universal military conscription.  Eighteen prominent S. Vietnamese
                         petition Diem to reform his government.
April 2             PVT Marlin C. Miller stationed with Co A, 122 Ord. Bn in Germany.
April 6             PFC John W. King, gunner 4th Armored Div., Illesheim, Germany, participated in field 
                         training exercises.  PFC Charles Curless and SN George Jenks returned to Alameda after a 
                         seven month tour aboard the USS Midway in the Western Pacific.
April 9             PVT Albert D. Dollarhide took part in a 150 mile Desert to Sea March with the 1st Marine
DIV.	PVT Sherman R. Ogan in Platoon 129, Co. B, MCRD, San Diego.
April 14           38 Wabash County men classified 1-A.  They were Jerry L. Capes, George B. Connell, 
Russell H. Cook, Billy G. Cooksey, Jr., Dean Cox, Bariel T. Cruz, Dennis E. Cunningham, Robert E. Day, 
Thomas A. Drook, Kenneth J. Earhard, Leonard F. Good, Joseph T. Hacker, Herschel E. Hampton, Jr., 
Larry J. Hardesty, Ronald L. Harris, William F. Harter, James E. Hashbarger, Jack D. Hathaway, William 
J. Kaiser, Kenneth L. Kline, J. Barclay Lavengood, Asher L. Lewis, Edward D. Lewis, Lowen Lindzy, 
Clarence D. Mason, Norman E. Metzger, James B. Moore, Thomas E. Phillips, James M. Ridenour, 
Timothy G. Sandberg, Richard Satterthwaite, David K. Snyder, Kenneth V. Stucker, Thomas W. Tate, 
Colin J. Weesner, Herman D. Wells, Ralph Wheeler, Jr., and Stanley K. Williams.  Other classifications 
were 1C IND (inducted into armed forces) Harry T. Bechtold.  1C ENL Thomas A. Drook, Kenneth J. 
Earhard, Leonard F. Good, Joseph T. Hacker, Herschel E. Hampton, Jr., Larry J. Hardesty, Ronald L. 
Harris, William F. Harter, James E. Hashbarger, Jack D. Hathaway, William J. Kaiser, Kenneth L. Kline, J. 
Barclay Lavengood, Asher L. Lewis, Edward D. Lewis, Lowen Lindzy, Clarence D. Mason, Norman E. 
Metzger, James B. Moore, Thomas E. Phillips, James M. Ridenour, Timothy G. Sandberg, Richard 
Satterthwaite, David K. Snyder, Kenneth V. Stucker, Thomas W. Tate, Colin J. Weesner, Herman D. 
Wells,  Ralph Wheeler Jr. and Stanley K. Williams.  Other classifications were (enlisting in armed forces)-
Marlin E. Weaver, David L. Estrich, Lyle W. Cook, Max Carter, Wikky G. Schannep, Richard J. 
Richardson, Sherman R. Ogan, Raymond L. Hall, Sammie C.B. Norwood, Lonnie R. Jacobs.  1W 
(conscientious objector available for civilian work)-Donald R. Long.  1D (member of a reserve 
component)- Darrel D. Graffis, Charles L. Miller, Joseph D. Armstrong. 
April 23          PVT Richard Bland, driver Co. D, 3rd Armored Div. 46th Inf. In Kirch Gons, Germany.  PVT
                       Winston B. Smith in advanced training at the Artillery and Missle Center Ft. Sill.
April 25          PVT Marland J. Myers, tank crewman, stationed with the 3rd Armored Div., Co. D, 13th Cav.
                        in Kirch Gons, Ger.
April 27           AB Richard J. Richardson in Flight 287 basic training at Lackland AFB.
May 2              SP Everett E. Wrightsman assigned as finance clerk at Fitzsimmons General Hospital
May 4              SGT David J. Sarten, Ft. Eustis, reenlisted.  He enter the army in 1942.
May 7              AB Samuel C. Norwood assigned to Sheppard AFB for technical training.
May 12            PFC T.L. Eubank, Ft. Sill, to marry Marjorie J. King.
May 13            PVT Steven L. Cullers finished Information School at Ft. Slocum.
May 14            LCPL Wayne L. Richards serving with the 1st Marine Brigade MCAS Kaneohe Bay.
May 20            26 men classified as being available for military service in Wabash County.  They were Ted 
W. Baker, Neal K. Bashore, Leon L. Bazzoni, Paul Bedics, Grover L. Bemis, Stephen H. Carpenter, 
Richard A. Correll, Robert D. Derck, Larry E. Finnegan, Steven R. Geirke, Dennis A. Gillen, William R. 
Gray, James D. Gribben, Herbert J. Hall, Allen A. Marshall, Max E. Metzger, W. Richard Neher Jr., Roger 
H. Panning, Gene L. Ruse, Dwayne Sanders, Stephen W. Shambaugh, Carlos E. Smith, David R. Ulrey, 
Frank J. Unger and James E. Waller.  Other classifications 1C ENL-Herbert A. Clegg. 1O Wilmer R. 
Metzger.  4A completing service Robert D. Stair, Jerry L. Purdy, Leslie Thompson.  A1C John Rhoades, 
radar operator, selected as Airman of the Month of the 747th Aircraft Control and Warning Sqd, Ellington 
May 23            PFC Wayne L. LaVoncher, medical aidman, HQ Troop 1st Div. 9th Cav., attended a retreat
                         near Seoul.
May 24            PVT Randal Cook completed Marine basic at San Diego.
May 26            AN Richard J. Richardson and Max E. Carter completed basic at Lackland AFB. 
                        Richardson will receive technical training at Chanute AFB and Carter at Kessler AFB.
June 3              Thomas L. McGraw, Ladd AFB, promoted to SP4.
June 6              PFC John W. Rish, draftman, Signal Co. Ft. Richardson, participated in the Army's Alaskan
                        entertainment contest.
June 10            PVT Jerry Hunt finishes USMC basic at Camp Pendleton.
June 11            PVT Winston B. Smith, mechanic, assigned to the 1st Inf. Div., Ft Riley.  SP4 James Clark 
                        assigned to staff of the 8th Evacuation Hospital in Landstuhl, Germany.
June 14            Selective Service places 24 men in 1-A status.  They were Truman Bitzel, Harold G. 
Bowman, Lawrence A. Boyer Jr., Norvel Bradley, Arthur B. Clouser, John C. Culbertson, Donald E. 
Curless, John R. Daniels, Rex L. Daugherty, Jr., John A. Deal, Theodore M. Dill, Robert J. Harris, Gary A. 
Houser, Fred A. Kendall, Michael P. Landis, Joe A. Long, Verlis L. Neal, Rexford J. Niccum, Charles F. 
Reichard Jr., David L. Renbarger, Lorin G. Sloan, Thurman C. Smith Jr., James R. Starbuck and Todd L. 
Walters.  Other classifications were 1C David L. Barnett, Richard C. Clark.  2A (occupational deferment)-
Dean M. Cox.  4A Albert L. Cleaver, Dean F. Gurtner, Richard E. Bechtold, Robert Wrightsman, Daniel L. 
Terrell, David A. Sloane and James J. Holcomb.
June 15            PFC Larry D. Starbuck, 7th Army, Hanau, Germany, chosen Soldier of the Month by his 
June 16             PFC Steven K. Raver, Co D, 8th Div. 16th Inf, participated in Operation Bayonet Blue in 
June 24             ET3 Charles A. Rohr, USS Excel, took part in the 52nd annual Portland Rose Festival.
July 11              AA Daniel L. McBride with the Early Warning Sqd. at Naval Base Argentia, 
July 15              A3C Vada J. Rodgers graduated from Accounting and Finance Specialist Course, Sheppard 
                          AFB.  2nd LT Thomas A. Johnson received his wings as USAF jet pilot at Laredo AFB sent 
                          to Randolph AFB as an instructor in T-33 jet trainers.
July 18              PVT Von L. Working finished basic at Ft. Knox now studying medical specialist courses,
                          Ft. Sam Houston.
July 21              18 men classified 1-A by local draft board.  They were David C. Archer, John E. Ballard, 
Henry L. Bell, Philip L. Burton, Joseph W. Carter, Gene Coofare, Jack D. Cussen, Joseph E. Deafenbaugh, 
Emil R. Harris, William G. Kerr, D.L. Leland, Arthur B. Lumm, Jan P. Melvin, Robert J. Nickel, James 
Owen, James M. Paschall, Jerry J. Poole, Richard D. Robinett, Ross E. Saulmon, Mark E. Schannep, 
Edward L. Shear, Raymond V. Sorrell, Fred H. Squires, Bernard L. Summers, Robert L. Ulshafer, Lewis J. 
Urschel, Worth M. Walrod, Jr., Richard L. Wolpert.  Others classified 2A Michael T. Long, Richard A. 
Bracken, Frances E. Bundy.  2S   Don H. Rapp.  1W (released from work project) Don H. Rapp.  1O David 
L. Delauter.  1C  Enl James E. Reynolds, Charles E. Kramer, Richard L. Jivery.  1D reserve component 
Thornton H. Shearer Jr.  4A  Bernard Basse, Carl R. Cloud, Ronald R. Rice, Earl Coon, Lowell D. Gilley, 
Larry J. Brubaker, David F. Ridenour, Charles E. Curless, James A. Eubank, Ernest Cripe.
July 25               PVT Jack Poole, who took basic at Ft. Leonard Wood, graduated Information School at Ft.
July 26               CAPT Paul H. Marks intelligence advisor, Boston Subsector Command XIII US Army
                           Corps, awarded a certificate of achievement from HQ XIII US Army Corps.
August               Captain Kong Le stages coup d'etat in Laos.  Hands power back to Souvanna Phouma.  
                          General Phoumi Nosavan, with CIA help, forms opposition faction in southern Laos.
August 3            A2C Vada J. Rogers works in the payroll department, McGuire AFB.
August 18          18 men classified 1-A by local draft board.  They were Robert J. Alexander, Jerry D. 
Bechtold, Dickie R. Clark, Glen E. Donaldson, Hershel L. Hall, Jackson D. Hamilton, Staton Heeter, Jr., 
Charles P. Howard, Larry E. Moore,  Robert L. Osborne, John E. Paul, Max L. Piper, Roger L. Price,  
Richard E. Reed, Michael L. Rehak, Gerald B. Rinearson, Russell M. Pontius, Richard W. Skelton.  1C 
enlisted Richard D. Kessler, James E. Schaaf, Carrlus E. Adkins, Phillip B. Wert, Jerry L. Ferguson and 
Bill R. Conley.  1D reserve Joseph W. Carter, Robert L. Bishop, Mark E. Schannep. 2A  occupational 
deferment Jack D. Cussen, Richard L. Wolpert, Philip E. Weck, Jack L. Baker, Lewis J. Urschel.  2S 
student deferment Arthur B. Lumm.  4A service completed Robert L. Mattern, Kenneth L. Burkholder, 
Lyle R. Etling, William J. Janiszyn, Frank E. Tyner.
August 20          PVT Sherman R. Ogan completed basic at San Diego now attending aviation school, NAS
Sept. 1               PFC Richard D. Bland, driver Co D 3rd Armored Div. 46th Inf. And PFC Marland J, Myers,
                          clerk Co D 3rd Armored Div. 13th Cav are both stationed at Kirch Gons, Ger. 
Sept. 5              Congress opens in Hano Lao Dong stresses need to combat Diem regime.
Sept. 9              A3C Gloria Malloch graduated from basic Lackland AFB and assigned to Offutt AFB.
Sept. 12            James R. Gause and William E. Mabee enlisted in the Army.
Sept. 19            Laos rivals report Red invasion.
Sept. 23            Larry A. Martin and Fredrick G. Stone in USMC basic training at San Diego.
Sept. 27            PFC Rex M. Clevenger, rifleman 12th Cav., and SP4 David L. Barnett, fire team leader in
                         Troop B, 12th Cav. participated in German exercises with the 3rd Armored Div.
Sept. 29            William E. Mabee stationed in Co. C 2nd TRB, Ft. Leonard Wood.
Sept. 30            Harold L. Eldridge enlisted in the USN as an airman recruit and will take recruit training at 
                         Great Lakes.
Oct 3                Phillip Rinearson began basic Lackland AFB.
Oct. 31             A3C Charles L. Hall finished basic Lackland AFB, assigned to Kincheloe AFB.  Larry J. 
                         Owen graduated USN basic at San Diego.  SP4 Ted M. Gerard, radio-teletype opeator, part- 
                         icipated in Exercise South Wind with the 69th Signal Batt., Ft. McPherson.  The 69th is a
                         support element of STRAC, Ft. George Meade.
Nov. 9              Wabash County selective service classified 68 county men with 28 1-A.  They were Carl E.
 Anderson, Robert W. Benbow, Harliss L. Birt, James E. Bitzel, Gordon L. Bolinger, Roy F. Cleaveland, 
Larry J. Cochran, John P. Coyer, David L. Daugherty, William E. Eltzroth, Charles E. Fields, Chester C. 
Flora, Elmer H. Johnson, Lawrence J. Kessler, Richard L. King, Leslie C. Lake, Galen D. Long, William L. 
Maurer,Linwood L. Parr,  John L. Sands, Gerald B. Shearer, Gary K. Smith, Jon W. Spears,  Stephen F. 
Stephens, John E. Trent, Dale A. Weiss, Timothy P. White, Richard E. Wolf.  1C inducted Wayne H. 
Miller, Grover Bemis.  1C enlisted Samuel J. Fry, Philip E. Weck, Harold L. Eldridge, James D. Vickery, 
Stephen J. Slonicker, Johnny L. Patton.  1D reserve Patrick R. Snyder, William P. Lines, Jerry A. 
Sommers.  4A service completd David L. Barnett, George R. Lorenz, Pawnee D. Haynes, Barton L. Tyner, 
Josiah C. Daugherty, Lawrence J. Bizjack, William C. Houston, Thomas J. Baker, Leroy Davis.
Nov. 11             S. Vietnamese army paratrooper units led by an American trained colonel staged a revolt 
                          against Ngo Dinh Diem, first president of the Republic of Vietnam, in a predawn coup led 
                          by LTC Voung Van Dong and Col. Nguyen Chanh Thi.  PVT Terry Wood completed light 
                          vehicle driver course at Ft. Leonard Wood.  SP4 William Brewster stationed in Germany
                          with HQ Btry, 3rd Msl BN, 71st Art.
Nov. 12             Ngo family caught off guard but Paratroop rebels routed in Saigon.  Diem berated U.S. for
                          perceived lack of support during attempted coup even implicated George Carver and Russ 
                          Miller for involvement in the plot.  A rift begins between American diplomatic and military
                          representatives in S. Vietnam.
Nov. 23             PVT William Mabee completed basic Ft. Leonard Wood and transferred to  40th Co. 4 STU 
                          BN TSB, Ft. Benning.
Dec. 8               AN Billy M. Castle assigned Beale AFB for training as an air policeman.
Dec. 9               PFC Sherman Ogan stationed at MCAAS Yuma.
Dec. 12             PVT Richard L. King at Ft. Knox for basic.  SGT Hoover C. King assigned to 101st
                                      Airborne Div., Ft. Campbell.
Dec. 14             SP4 Carl L. Frazee, dispursing specialist, assigned to the US Army Combat Development 
Experimentation Center, 2nd Logistical Command, Ft. Ord.  Wabash County draft board classifies 57 men.  
Those classified 1A were John E. Airgood, Morris B. Allen, Wayne L. Atkinson, Phillip L. Barnett, Danny 
L. Boone, Johannes E.A. Brakkee, Larry C. Friedersdorf,  Charles R. Gidley, Kent B. Harding, James B. 
Hensley, Bryan E. Hidy, Ronald L. Ihnen, Patric P. McLaughlin, David E. Mann, Dean L. Metzger, Dennis 
E. Miller, Don M. Nixon,  Tommy L. Sullivan, Robert J. Ulrey,  John Wilcox, James E. Whitcraft.  
Inducted Larry D. Mullett, Richard N. Powell, Russel J. Renicker, Richard L. King.  1C enlisted Joseph E. 
Deafenbaugh.  1O Galen D. Long.  Reserve William L. Barnes, Robert D. Derck, Larry L. Davidson, 
William J. King.  2S Philip M. Goebel.  4A  Larry L. Tracy, Robert L. Eltzroth, Donald L. Keppel, Ned E. 
Dec. 16            Johnnie Lynn Patton completed boot camp and now with I division USS Rochester.  AMS2
                        Thomas H. Laird discharged from the Navy.  Harold L. Eldridge completed basic, home on
                        leave, will report to NAS Anacosta.
Dec. 20           Hanoi leaders form National Liberation Front for South Vietnam, which Saigon regime dubs 
                        the "Victcong" meaning Communist Vietnamese.  PVT Billy Conley completed individual
                        combat training at Camp Pendleton.
Dec. 21           Communist N. Vietnamese troops reported to have entered into Laos.  Crisis erupts as Gen.
                        Phouma attacks Vietnamese.  Soviet aircraft fly supplies to Souvanna Phouma's neutralist 
Dec. 26           David L. Price honorably discharged from the USAF entered service 11-27-1956.
Dec. 28           AA Douglas W. Eckhart stationed at NATTC Memphis.
Dec. 31           PVT Patrick R. Snyder completed field communications crewman course, Ft. Leonard


January             Eisenhower leaves office, warns Kennedy that Laos is the major crisis in Southeast Asia.     
January 3          Report Northern Laos outpost Xieng Khousang captured by pro western troops. 
January 4          Airlift of war supplies to leftist rebels condemned by SEATO
January 19        PFC Sherman Ogan serving at MCAAA Yuma.  Wabash County draft  board classified 51 
men.  Those classified 1A were Garrit R.L. Brakkee, William L. Barnes, Robert C. Hagee, James Herschel 
Schlatter, Tommy L. Torpy, Phillip Rank Baldus, Thomas L. Frank, Richard C. Stoner, Robert C. Slusser, 
Allen R. Bitzell, Michael D. Domer, Doner R. Monroe, Terry L. Shalley, John E. Sutton, Michael R. 
Knotts, Paul D. Niccum, Max J. Smedley, Ernest L. Kissinger, Richard D. Robins, Gene C. Dyson, Ralph 
E. Clover, John L. West.
     1C Ind Corwin W. Keaffaber, Dickie D. Marshall.  1C Enl Ted L. Spann.  1O Chester C. Flora, Kenneth 
Graybill Jr., Morris E. Blocher.  1D Dale Wm Milam, Bill J. Tuza,  Donald F. Cole, Jr., Richard L. Guthrie.  
2A Billy G. Ohmart.  4A Dale L. Holle, Albert E. Hamilton, Thomas H. Laird, Ermal E. Williams. 4D  
Ware W. Wimberly II.   
January 21        Earl R. Hoffman promoted to PFC after basic at Parris Island.
February 1        MSGT Gilbert Smith stationed Fort Sill.  PVT Lewis L. Wallace is in Co. C, 317 Engineer
                         Battalion in Hochst, Ger.
February 5        PVT Harold L. Eltzroth, cook Battery B, 37th Artillery, Ft. Richardson, participated in 
                         Exercise Willow Freeze.
February 6        PFC Thomas White, Co. D 547th Eng. Batt, Graftenwohr-Hohenfels, Ger., participated in
                         Winter Shield II.
February 15      AN Ronald A. Fearnow completed basic at Lackland AFB.
February 17      Phillip R. Baldus and Frederick M. Rice joined the Navy.  Baldus to receive basic at San
                         Diego and Rice at Great Lakes.  SP4 James W. Hearn, 1st Guided Missile Brigade, Ft. Bliss, 
                         awarded Good Conduct Award.  MSGT Richard M. Stineman one of 11 Army Pistol Team 
                         shooters who won individual honors at the 3rd Inter-Service Pistol Championship.
March 1            PVT Fred G. Stone completed individual combat training at Camp Pendleton.  PVT Will-
                         iam E. Mabee completed Auto Mechanic training; assigned to 47 OD GP MNT SUP HHD
                         Zufenhas, Ger.
March 4            U.S. reportedly considering Laos strategy before things get out of hand.
March 6            PVT Larry Martin completed individual combat training at Camp Pendleton. 
March 9            PVT Russel J. Renicker attending Armor School, Ft. Knox.
March 15         Wabash County draft board classifies 62 men. 1A Stephen M. 	, Marlin J. Faust, Robert 
C. Ferrie Jr., Ulysses Francis, Larry O. Guenin, Richard L. Guthrie, Stepehn C. Henderson, Jerry J. Herron, 
William Kirkpatrick, David P. Lumm, Robert C. McKinley, Terry J. O'Brien, Roger A. Pattee, Hugh L. 
Pratt, William L. Ridenour, Danny G. Roth, James R. Schuler, William K. Sioncroft, Terrel E. Smith, 
Stephen R. Straley, Donald G. Ulshafer, Donald H. Vogel.  1C enl Gordon W. Porter, Jr.,.  1D Michael 
Terrence Long, John M. Beam, Max E. Neher, Todd L. Walters.  1O Dale E. Rush.  1W William S. 
Crumley.  4A James W. Hearn, Donald J. Kling, James E. Gottschalk, Kenneth J. Schilling, John L. Clark, 
James B. Sagarsee.
March 16          Parker Kuldau, U.S. pentagon, promoted to LTC.  He also received his commander pilot 
                         wings for 3,000 hours of flying time.
March 20          PVT Corwin W. Keaffaber completed advanced individual armor training Ft. Knox.
March 22          President orders military aid for Laos.
March 23          PVT Fredrick G. Stone graduated from Aviation Fundamentals School NATTC Memphis.
                         Kennedy warns of grave danger of Soviet backed rebel conquest of Laos. 
March 24          Kennedy grimly warns Soviets on Laos rebellion.  PVT Billie R. King graduated from
                         Quartermasters Supply Course, Ft. Lee.  PVT Wayne Miller completed cooking 
                         course at Quartermaster School, Ft. Lee.
March 25          PVT Larry D. Mullett, stevadore, assigned to the 285th Transportation Co., 11th Trans- 
                         portation Batt. 
March 27          JFK and Gromyko meet in crisis hope for cease fire in Laos.  Kennedy asserts American
                         support for the sovereignty of Laos, while Britain and the Soviet Union propose inter-
                         national conference to resolve crisis. 
March 29          U.S. and SEATO prepared to meet Communist threat.  Resolutions passed to cover 
                         Red offensive in South Vietnam.  PVT Phillip Thrush is taking an advanced course
                         at the USN School of Music.
March 30          Russia expected to dictate terms of Laos cease fire.
March 31          Souvanna asks the U.S. and Russia to halt arms.
April 3              U.S. civilian pilots fly supplies to Laos.
April 4              Soviets drop paratroopers near Laos government base.  CPL Wayne Richards, 1st Marine
                         Brigade, MCAS Kaneohe Bay and MM3 Charles E. Jacoby aboard the USS Helena took 
                         part in Exercise Green Light.  Robert B. Derck enlisted in the Army in basic at Ft. Dix. 
                         SSGT Everett G.  Miller, Co. E, 2nd B.G., 12th Cav. stationed in Korea.      
April 6              Leaders see possible settlement in Laos.  Britain and U.S. officials talk over prospects.
April 7              U.S. pledges support to President Diem.
April 10            President Diem elected by pro western Vietnamese.
April 18            William J. King assigned to Ft. Dix for basic training.  AE2 Jack Covalt, Fighter Sqd 103,
                          aboard the USS Forrestal in the Meditteranean.
April 19             Draft Board classifies 58 men.  According to Mrs. George Hiatt, clerk, no draft calls 
received for April.  Those classified 1-A were Morris W. Baker, Allen L. Downey,  Sonny D. Easterday, 
Richard D. Erb, Tommy L. Evans, Lowell M. Figert, James P. Flinn, John Friedersdorf, Robert S. Kaiser, 
Steven D. Lawrence, George Leonard,  Jerry Long, George E. Nichols, Jerry Norwood, David Ply, William 
L. Stellar, Roy L. Teague, Rolland Watson, Edwin W. Weimer.  1AO Morris L. Sites.  1C Ind Thomas E. 
Willcox, Emil R. Harris.  1C enl James E. Haines, Jerry E. Brown, Larry E. Yentes, Morris B. Allen, 
Phillip R. Baldus. 1O Worth M. Walrod Jr.  4A Leland L. Weaver, Terry E. Cooper, Larry R. Brooks, 
Howard S. Hoover, Everett E. Wrightsman, Leo P. Haneline Jr. 
April 20           U.S. Military Advisors conduct Laos training.
April 24           Soviets and British reach agreement on Laos.  Pact calls for a cease fire.  Larry R. Case and
                         Calvin C. Spears in basic Ft. Dix.
April 28           Laos crisis grows more critical as Reds increase offensive.  Larry L. Davidson and Paul D. 
                         Baker in basic Ft. Dix. 
May 2               Sherman R. Ogan promoted to LCPL at MCAAS Yuma.
May 3               Pro-communist rebels of Laos say they have ceased military actions.
May 4               Both sides halt actions in Laos.
May 5                AN James E. Driscoll completed basic at Lackland AFB and will attend tech training at
                          Amarillo AFB.  Construction Apprentice William L. Hancock serving at NAAS Mayport.
May 6               Truce of Pathet Lao rebels broken.
May 8               YN3 Richard L. Rohr and brother AE2 Charles A. Rohr are both serving on the USS Excel. 
                          Rebel Leaders leave before peace commission arrives at Vientaine.
May 10              Draft board classifies 46 young men.  Those classified 1A were Dennis C. Airgood, Carl 
Aukschun,  Randall Bolen, Larry Brown, John H. Drook, Steven Flack,  Arden E. Gilmer, Leonard C. 
Grumpp, Robert Hipskind,  Kenneth S. Hoover, Stephen Keffaber, Richard L. King, Larry Landis, Dennis 
J. McCombs,  Jack D. Miller, Thomas F. Oldenkamp, Theodore R. Oldfather, Jerry Orr,  Donald P. 
Stevens, John W. Sutton,  James U. Todd, Douglas W. Vought, William R. Wassman.
     1C Enl James L. Whitaker.  1D James G. Davis.  1A James K. Smith. 4A Keith E. Donaldson, Keith D. 
Cook, Lawrence R. Hall, Harold L. Eltzroth, James W. Easterday, Jackie Spears.    
May 11             VP Lyndon B. Johnson receives warm welcome in Saigon  PVT Bobby L. Adkins, muni-  
                          itions handler,  92nd Artillery Service Battery, in Darmstadt, Ger., took part in the V Corps
                          field Exercise Spring Tonic.
May 12              Laos government yields to communist rebel demands.  Johnson pledges military and econ-
                          omic aid to S. Vietnam.  South Side EUB Church showed "Jungle Beachhead" film on 
May 15              YN3 Phillip B. Wert received a letter of Commendation for Outstanding Performance of
                           his duties as captain's yeoman aboard the USS Shadwell.
May 16              Geneva conference on Laos opens, later creates neutral coalition headed by Souvanna
                           Phouma.  Royal Laotians ordered not to attend conference.
May 19               CPL Patrick McBride, 3rd Marine Air Wing, El Toro, participated in exercise Green                           
May 23               Richard D. Kessler, refrigerator mechanic, Kaiserslaughter, Ger., promoted to PFC.  
June 5                 PVT Ralph E. James in basic Ft. Knox.
June 6                 France proposes ICC aid in Laos.
June 7                 Laos rebels capture stronghold of Padong.  Conference on Laos cancelled.  Royal
                           Laotian troops forced to retreat.
June 14               Human wave of rebels crumble Laotian troops.
June 20               U.S. proposes new agreement for Laos.  Will withdraw advisors if all others do same.
June 21               Laos Princes appear near coalition.
June 22               Padong airlift begins; remove non-combatants.
June 27               PFC William E. Mabee serving in the 33rd Ord. Co. in Ger.  Rex Daugherty in basic
                           Lackland AFB.
June 28               Maurice D. Frieden, 314th Army Band in Germany, promoted to SP4.  Three Wabash 
County youths to leave for physicals and three for induction.  They will go to Indianapolis by charter bus.  
1A Frank D. Albert, Jr., James F. Bahler, Thomas D. Beaver, Jerry R. Biggs, Larry L. Burch,  Jeff J. 
Butterbaugh, Bobby L. Carr, Max E. Fisher, Paul E. Foster, Edward L. Francis,  Ronald E. Freiden, David 
R. Hoffman, Edward A. Kline, Jay A. Linkenholt, Newt Music, Brent L. Norris, Donald E. Null, Theodore 
R. Oldfather,  Jack E. Sellers,  John B. Tate, Floyd L. Townsend,  Richard L. White, Gary W. Wilcox, 
James L. Wirsing, Robert J. Woodward.
     1C enl Paul D. Koerner.  1D Erhardt Ballschmidt, John C. Culbertson, Richard D. Robinett, Robert L. 
Ulshafer.  2A Ronald R. Dickerhoff.  4A Thomas L. McGraw, Lary E. Harris, Billie G. Mowery. 
July 3                Richard M. Kizer, Tactical Air Command, Ft. Monroe,  promoted to rank of LTC.  He has 
                         25 years of military service and accumulated 250 hours of jet flying time.  AMSAN Larry J.
                         Owen serving with Anti Submarine Sqd 5, NAS Quonset Point.
July 18              AB Donald C. Steltz Jr. in basic Lackland AFB.
July 22              PVT William L. Lines completed field communication crewman course, Ft. Leonard 
                          Wood.  A2C Steven Sloniker left Sunday for St.Lawrence Island, Alaska where he will
                          serve for one year.
July 25              Seaman Cecil L. Brauneller, USS Forrest Sherman, took part in annual summer training for 
                          Midshipmen.  PVT Gordon Porter completed light vehicle driver course Ft. Leonard Wood. 
August 1           RCT Norman H. Knee in basic Ft. Leonard Wood.
August 4           PFC Rex Clevenger, scout observer12th Cav. Troop A, Budingen, Ger., participated in field
                          exercises with the 3rd Armored Div.
August 10         First aerial spraying of herbicides was conducted as a test run north of  Dak To.
August 11         RCT Carlos E. Smith in basic Ft. Leonard Wood.  CDR Kenneth "Bill" Gray starts on 
                          ground after 31 years Navy Hitch.  PVT Jack R. Haney, missile crewman, assigned to the 
                          43rd Artillery Fairchild AFB.  
August 21          Six inductees from Wabash county in August draft and sent to Ft. Knox.  The six are
                          Donald J. Owen, David P. Lumm, David R. Martin, Norman Rogers Jr., Clyde D. Holmes 
                          and Foster Gatchel. AN Terry G. Pell serving aboard the USS Hancock.
September 1      AMSAN Larry J. Owen serving with Helicopter Anti Submarine Sqd. aboard the USS
September 2      SN John W. Steele serving aboard the USS Walker.
September 7      SN Larry E. Smeltzley attended pre-commissioning school at Norfolk upon completion he
                          will serve aboard the USS Enterprise.  AN Lonnie D. Snowberger completed basic Lack-
                          land AFB assigned Chanute AFB for technical training.
September 15    AM Douglas W. Eckhart stationed with Patrol Sqd 49 at a Naval Station in Bermuda.
September 18    LT Donald Wolpert marries Elfriede Rathgeber.  Wabash County draft quota is 14 largest 
                          since the Korean War.
September 22     PVT David Archer completed advanced training at Ft. Knox.
September 23     PFC Donald P. Stevens, clerk-typist, stationed with HW Battery 5th Guided Missile
                           Batt., Ft. Bliss.  SP4 Richard G. Bland, driver, Co. D 3rd  Armored Div., 46th Inf.,
                           Grafenwohn, Ger., participated in exercises for four weeks.
September 25     PVT David R. Martin in basic Ft. Knox.
October 2           PVT Norman Rogers, Jr., PVT David L. Lumm and PVT Donald J. Owen in basic Ft.  
October 4           SN Claude D. Rogers aboard the USS Buck.  PVT Carolyn I. Coble completed WAC 
                           basic training Ft. McClellan.
October 6           PFC Bobby L. Adkins, ammunition specialist 92nd Artillery, participated in NATO
                           Exercise Checkmate.
October 9           Laos Princes delay seeking King's ok on Phouma as premier.  SP5 John H. Hiner,
                           helicopter mechanic ,7th Army Aviation Group 110th Transportation Co. participated
                           in mountain training in the Alps. 
October 10         Gerald J. Tyner, Richard L. Harvey, Ronald S. Miller and Erwin C. Butcher completed
                           basic Great Lakes.
October 12         A1C Robert G. Newman is a fire fighter in the 3565th Civil Engineering Grp, James
                           Connally AFB.
October 17         Fredrick Stone, NAS Glenview, promoted to LCPL.
October 26         PVT Norman H. Knee in headquarters and supply at Ft. Holabird. 
October 27         William E. Mabee promoted to SP4 in Germany.
October 28         Cambodian military forces enter S. Vietnam in the area of Angiaod Province in the
                           Southern Delta.  Buildup of communist forces taking place. 
October              Maxwell Taylor and Walt Rostow visit Vietnam recommend American combat troop
                           intervention disguised as flood relief.  Kennedy spurns idea but decides to give Diem 
                           more equipment and advisers.
November 2       PVT Jack D. Miller completed basic Parris Island.
November 4       MR2 James R. Lutz stationed at the Naval Missile Facility Point Arguelo.  Gen. Taylor
                           wants Vietnam to make more use of their troops in fight against communism.  PVT
                           Donald Drudge with Troop M, 3rd Recon Sqd, 3rd Armored Cav. Rgt.
November 6       Forty selectives to report for physical exams in Wabash County.
November 7       Thurman L. Eubank honorably discharged from the Army at Ft.Benning.  John F. 
                           Houlihan and Max Waggoner enlised in the Army.  Both are to go to basic Ft. Leonard 
                           Wood and then to Army Finance School Ft. Benjamin Harrison.
November 9       Four Wabash County men in basic training Ft. Knox.  They are William M. Baker, 
                           Ralph Bakehorn Jr., Stanley E. Owen and Jon A. Ogan.                 
November 10     Lawrence D. Philpot, assistant chief of the Personnel Management Br. Adjutant General 
                           Section 3rd Army Hq. Ft.McPherson, promoted to Captain.    
November 11     U.S. Bombers and Air Force instructors to go to Vietnam.  MM3 Charles E. Jacoby, USS 
                           Helena, and Signalman 1 Max E. Simons, USS Blue, took part in Exercise Covered 
November 15     Max L. Clingaman completed basic Lackland AFB assigned technical training at Shep- 
                           perd AFB.
November 16     Norvel Bradley, Richard M. Pence, Ernest L. Kissinger and Bryan E. Hidy in USMC
                           recruit training San Diego.
November 20     PVT Kenneth D. Easterday in basic Ft. Knox.  PVT Donald L. Easterday in basic Ft.
                           Leonard Wood.
November 30     James F. Chapman, Charles A.Brane and Larry J. Eltzroth enlist in the Army, all sent to
                           Ft. Leonard Wood.  PFC Rex M. Clevenger, Troop A, 3rdArmored Div., 12th Cav., took 
                           part in Exercise Brandywine in Ger.  Lt. Robin K. Miller completed rotary wing aviator 
                           course, Army Primary Helicopter School, Camp Wolters.  He is scheduled for advanced 
                           training Ft. Rucker.         
December 2       Airman John W. Meyer completed basic Lackland AFB assigned to the USAF technical 
                           training course for aircraft maintenance specialists, Chanute AFB.                           
December 14      PVT Jack D. Miller completed intensive combat training at the infantry training 
                            regiment Camp Lejeune.
December 18      Roger Cramer recently enlisted in the USAF stationed at Lackland AFB.
December 19      PVT Wayne E. Stanley completed a six-week general supply course, Armor Tra- 
                           ining Center, Ft. Knox.  He entered the army last August.
December 20     38 Wabash County youth classified for military service in 1-A status and there were 
 34 enlistments.  They were 1A Frederick D. Baker, Leland Beery, Ronnie Brauneller, Gary D. Bryant, 
Larry Case,  Joseph Catterton, Hosea Clupper, Ronald J. Cooper, John Courtney, Larry Dailey, Donald 
Dill, Robert Earhart,Robert Evenson,  Scott O. Fairchild, Jr., Ronald France, Michael Gribben, Roger 
Hairrell,  Willard Hale, Gary L. Hapner, John Henry, Forrest Howard, Richard J. Kerr, Chester King, Jerry 
Lundeen,  Mike Meyer, Wendell Meyer, James L. Moore, Joseph R. Petro, Michael L. Rogers,  Mikel J. 
Raver, Robert D. Roser, Calvin Spears, Jay D. Sullivan, William Van Roe, John W. Voss, Peter A. Walter, 
Terry West, Larry Wilkerson, .                                         
     1C Charles D. Rees, John F. Brane, Robert Barker, Paul R. House, Dale Milam, Jerry Badskey, John M. 
Beam, John F. Houlihan, Claude A. Brane, Richard E. Roberts, Larry J. Eltroth, Roger Cramer, Larry D. 
Renbarger, James F. Chapman, David Jefferson, Lut- her Allen, Max K. Waggoner, Max Torpy, James E. 
Wing, Stephen Heckman, Norvel Bradley, Richard Reed, Richard Harper, Richard M. Pence, Daniel Knee, 
Donald Easter- day, Bryan Hidy, Ernest L. Kissinger, John W. Meyer, Richard Hawley, Wendell Edwards.  
1C Ind Tom Engelman, James R. Dyson, Leo Frieden, Bernard Netro.  1O Brian Book.  2S David Bagwell, 
George P. Smith, John W. Holl, Stephen Holthouse, John F. Unger, Charles Steidle, Ronald Arrick, Dennis 
Haupert, M.F. Bostic, Steven Butterbaugh, Robert Rigney.  4A Thurman Eubank, William Alford, Russell 
Daniels.  PFC Lewis Wallace, mechanic, 317th Eng Bat, Co. C, Hochst, participated in Exercise Main 
Barge a V Corps field training exercise in central Germany.  He entered the Army in August 1960.
December 27     Laos peace treaty fails – fear war.
December 28     SP4 Richard M. Rapp, squad leader, Co. B, 1st Battle Group, 3rd Inf, Ft. Myer, graduated
                          with distinction from NCO Academy, Ft. George G. Meade.  He was presented with the
                           Distinguished Graduate Award.  He entered the service in January of 1960.
December 30      Laos talks fail as Phouma returns.


January              The first SEAL teams were commissioned out of the UDT's for unconventional
                          warfare, counterquerilla warfare and clandestine operations.  Operation Ranch Hand
                          began spraying deadly dioxin-based herbicide to strip the dense jungle that gave enemy
                          cover, destroy crops and to clear ground for U.S. fire bases.
January 5           Draft Quota to be cut to 8,000 men in February and to 6,000 in March. 
January 20         PVT Danny G. Roth completed recruit training San Diego assigned to Camp Pendleton
                           for further infantry training.
January 23         YN3 Phillip Wert, serving aboard the dock landing ship USS Shadwell, which left Norfolk 
for two months of operational training in the Caribbean.  Marland J. Myers was honorably discharged from 
the Army at Ft. Hamilton.  Wabash County Selective Service board classified 31 youth as 1-A and 
available for military service.  1A are Wayne Badskey, Tommy L. Behny, Steve C. Bennett, George E. 
Bitzer, Larry Brooks, Jerry L. Carter, Thomas W. Christman, Douglas K. Chopson,  Charles A. Cormany, 
Arthur D. Daub, Robert Denney, Marlin L. Drumheller Jr., William E. Eldridge, Daniel L. Emrick, James 
E. Haggaerty, Frederick Hamilton, John P. Hipskind,  Tony Holmes,Eddie J. Kessler, Michael T. Koehler,  
John R. Knapp, Ken D. McKillip, Gary Montel,  Clyde K. Palmer, Victor A. Parrett, Rodger E. Rapp, John 
L. Renz, Jack A. Schuler, James S. Spaulding, Gene D. Spear, James S. Stitt and Stephen Ulrey.  1C Ind. 
Everett Crumrine, Donald B. Everest,  Steven Vrooman, Robert L. Hapner, Gary L. Hapner.  1C Enl Robert 
A. Magner, Charles L. Kelly, Benjamin Conley Jr., Clarence Bitzel, jr., Philip W. Norris, James C. Ball.  
1AO Leland H. Beery.  1D Jerry J. Herron.  4A  Robert L. Middleton, Lindley C. Wert. 
January 26        Richard G. Bland honorably discharged from the Army at Ft. Hamilton.
February 1        Reds Shell Nam Tha, Laos airstrip.  AB William F. David assigned to USAF technical  
                          training course for aircraft maintenance, Amarillo AFB.
February 2        PVT Winston J. Stewart completed advanced training in computer programming, Ft. Mon-
                         mouth army electronics school and Sylvania Institute, Boston transferred to a permanent
                         station at Ft. Richie. He enlisted June 1961.  Daniel I. Knee graduated at Great Lakes and 
                         will receive 26 weeks further training.
February 6       American Military Assistance Command formed in S. Vietnam.
February 12     PVT Lawrence Leroy Hansen enlisted in the airborne division of the Army in basic at Ft. 
                         Leonard Wood.
February 27     Two S. Vietnamese pilots bomb presidential palace in S. Vietnam.  Diem and family safe
                         but 3 killed and 20 others hurt.  Five county men in basic, Steven L. Dyer, Paul Bedics,
                         John Culbertson, Robert Ulshafer and Gene D. Spear, assigned to Co. C, 397th Rgt., Ft. 
March 1           Orlan Wade completed basic at Lackland AFB and transferred for Missile Maintenance
                         School,  Sheppard AFB.
March 5           AB Ralph E. Glover  completed basic at Lackland AFB assigned to technical training 
                         course for refrigeration specialists, Ft. Belvoir. 
March 16          PVT Danny G. Roth completed a week of test and screening at NATTC. 
March 20          TSGT Frederick C. Moore assigned  Dyess AFB following graduation from USAF 
                          technical training course for missile guidance systems mechanics.     
March 23          PFC Richard M. Pence completed four weeks of  ICT with the 2nd Inf. Training Regt., 
                         Camp Pendleton.
March 24          FN Philip Kuffel, US Naval Receiving Station, transferred to the USS Tutuila ARG-4.
                          He joined the Navy in 1958.
March 28          PVT Douglas King in Co. D 11th Batt 4th, TrBrg (BCT), Ft. Knox.
April 11            PVT James L. Whitaker, mechanic, assigned to the 14th Armored Cav. Regt. 2nd Recon
                          Sqd in Bad Kissinger, Germany.  He entered the  Army in March 1961.  CPL Patrick I. 
                          McBride, helicopter mechanic with Marine Medium Helicopter Squadron 161 a unit of
                          Marine Aircraft Group 13, MCAS Kaneohe Bay, Hawaii.  He entered the service in May
April 24            Vietnamese authorities say Cambodians killed 52 at Vinlilac.  
May                  Communists form battalion size units in central Vietnam.
May 2               Communists free 2 U.S. sergeants captured during ambush near An Dinh.  Two other 
                          Americans were in killed in the ambush.  Mikel J. Raver and Arthur G. Campbell, Jr.,
                          began recruit training at Great Lakes.
May 7               Royal Army troops retreating the worst defeat since Laotian War started.  PVT Lawrence
                          J. Kessler and PVT Larry E. Tucker completed recruit training at San Diego assigned to
                         Camp Pendleton.
May 11             Robert McNamara encouraged by Vietnam progress doubts if U.S. will increase present
                         troops.  Stephen P. Finnell began recruit training at Great Lakes.  Dean E. Stevens, yeoman, 
                         aboard USS Carman, out of San Diego.  He entered the service in September 1960.
May 12             Two capitals in Laos threatened by rebels; northern defenses fall; troops flee to Thailand.
May 14             1,000 U.S. soldiers moving near Laotian boarder to Udon.  President Kennedy sent 7th 
                         fleet to South Asian waters with 1,000 Marines.
May 15             U.S. orders troops into Thailand; plans call for 4,000 additional U.S. men.
May 17             U.S. Marines land in Thailand in full gear.  Rebels refuse to give up Nam Tha.
May 21             PFC Richard M. Pence completed testing NATTC Memphis.  He entered in Nov. 1961. 
May 23             Gen. Clay's son wounded in S. Vietnam action.
May 25             TSGT Jack E. Rish graduated from SAC Senior NCO Academy and returned to Biggs 
                          AFB.  PFC Danny G. Roth graduated from Aviation  Mech Fun School, Memphis.
May 31             U.S. Soldiers survive three days in Laotian Jungle.     
June                  American advisors increased from 700 to 12,000.
June 5               James S. Merritt, Bobby Joe Taylor, Frederick M. Behny and Eddie Joe Kessler enlisted in
                         in the Marines in training San Diego.
June 9               William J. Bizjak, HQ 12th Art. Group, Pasadena,  promoted to Lt. Col.  He entered the  
                          Army in 1942 as a private and now Executive Officer 1st  Missile Batt. 56th Art.
June 11             Agree on coalition government in Laos.  Prince Souvanna will be premier.
June 16             Two US officers slain in Vietnam when military convey ambushed by Reds outside Saigon 
                         at Ben Cat.
June 16             Douglas F. King undergoing advanced training in Radio School Ft. Knox. He entered the 
                         Army last March.
June 18             S. Vietnamese military kills 63. 97 others captured in morning battle in the Mekong Delta. 
June 19             William S. Chambers and Robert D. Chambers enlisted in the Navy. William to go to San  
                          Diego and Robert to Great Lakes for recruit training.
July 5                TSGT Jack E. Rish NCOIC Base Management School received 15th Air Force NCO Aca-
                          demy Commandants Award.  He is stationed at El Paso and has been in service for 15
July 6                 PVT Ronald R. Bennett USMC completed individual combat training with the 2nd Inf.
                          Training Regt, Camp Pendleton.
July 18               Four US Crewmen found alive with their C123 transport in Vietnam.
July 20               PFC Danny G. Roth serving with the 3rd Marine Aircraft Wing, El Toro MCAS. Santa
                          Ana.  William G. Kerr, radio mechanic HQ BATT 6th Art., Ft. Riley, promoted to SP4.
                          He entered the service in January 1961.     
July 23              Geneva accords on Laos signed.
August 8            PVT Jon L. Helfin completed AIT with the 100th Div., Ft. Chaffee.  S. Vietnam fears
                          Laos Peace means Communist drive from the north.
August 9            Air Force steps up recruiting, needs 20 from Wabash.  PFC Richard Pence serving with 
                           the 3rd Marine Aircraft Wing, El Toro MCAS.  AB Charles D. Millican reassigned to
                           USAF technical course, Amarillo AFB.
August 10           PN3 Jerry W. Wright assigned to Helicopter Training Sqd Eight at Ellyson Field, 
August 11          CPL Patrick I. McBride serving with Marine Medium Helicopter  Sqd. 161, MCAS 
                           Kaneohe Bay.
August 13           SSGT F.L. Barnes was transferred from Gunter AFB, Montgomery to Brindifi, Italy.
August 15           Seaman 1st Class Ronald S. Miller stationed at Holly Lock, Scotland.
August 16           ASM3 Larry Owen, USS Champlain, returned from six week cruise.  He is stationed  
                            NAS Quonset Point with Helicopter Anti Submarine Sqd 5.  A3C David M. Davis com-
                            pleted basic Lackland  AFB will attend school Amarillo AFB.  TSGT Robert Van Camp 
                            computer tech. for NORAD, joined the Air Force in December 1951.  SSGT Charles
                            Genter received  SAC Certificate of Educational Achievement, Homestead AFB.  He 
                            entered the service in 1950. 
August 17           Donald E. Garrison aboard the Minesweeper USS Sagacity after graduating from
                            Radar School.
August 21            PVT Charles Kelly completed six weeks Transportation Movement Control course, 
                            Ft. Eustis.
August 22           PVT Gary L. Hapner with the 97th Eng. Batt. Construction Div. in France. Wabash 
Selective Service classified 32 available for the Army.  1A Douglas E. Adams, Stepehn Amiss, Lynn 
Amones, Ronald D. Anderson, Ronald L. Arrick, Roger Baldus,  Max Bidwell, Robert M. Carroll, Paul V. 
Conley, Richard D. Coppock, Jerry J. Elliott,Robert E. Figert, Howard Z. Gray, Ronald G. Greene, 
Kenneth E. Hardman,Leslie Harner, Larry J. Haney,  James P. Houlihan, Richard L. Hunt, Dennis R. 
Jackson,  William Kastner, Duane Keaffaber, Steve M. Lake,  Richard M. Mughmaw, William J. Mullinix, 
Ronnie Niccum,  James C. Osborn, Jackie L. Price, David W. Roser, Richard L. Sager, Donald L. Vigar, 
Danny K. Wittmar.  1AO Philip D. Kiser.  1O Jerald M. Brightbill and Dale E. Flora.  1C enl James R. 
Oswald, Dick L. Baxter, David D. Bennett, Brian Book, Charles E. Brew, Richard E. Overholser, Jay D. 
McIntosh, James R. Ross, Donald W. Hoover.  1C Ind William K. Strickler, Stephen L. Dyer.  1W Mark O. 
Hillsamer.  2A Arthur Lumm.  2S Dewayne A. Beery.  4A James A. Sellers, James R. Mattern, Ronald 
Burgess, Michael D. Weimer, Marlin C. Miller, Herman D. Williams. 
August 23           Patricia Ellen Gribben enrolled in the Women's Marines in training at Parris Island.  PVT
                           Virgil L. Culbertson completed basic Ft. Knox undergoing advanced training Armor Cen-
                           ter Ft. Knox.  PVT Dennis A. Lloyd completed advanced training Ft. Gordon.   
August 25           Donald N. Garner finished basic training at Great Lakes.
August 27           PVT Terry Mendenhall, 6th Ordnance Co. D S70, 1st How. BN, 36th Art, in Germany. 
August 29           PVT Virgil L. Culbertson transferred from Ft. Knox to Amberg, Germany with the 2nd
                           Armored Cav. Regt. Trp L 2nd Recon-Sqdn.  Midshipman 3C Richard W. Krom completed 
                           amphibious warfare training at Norfolk.  AB Donald W. Hoover finished basic Lackland
                           AFB assigned Sheppard AFB for further training.
August 30          CPL Wayne Richards and Carol Aukschun married. Roger D. Baldus enlisted in the Navy and sent
                   to boot camp at Great Lakes. Roger D. Baldus sent to Key West for A School in electricity and
                   electronics followed by a Weapons class.  After completion assigned to USS Dixie where he
                   worked at servicing torpedoes.
September 1       A1C Stephen J. Sloniker recently returned from Alaska and sent to the Philippines. 
September 4       PVT Douglas King received basic training at Fort Knox and completed ten weeks Radio
                           Operators Course.  Annabelle King commissioned 2nd Lt in the WAF after graduating
                           OTS, assigned Shepperd AFB.    
September 6       James Merritt and Eddie J. Kessler completed recruit training at San Diego sent to Camp 
September 8       YN2 Richard Rohn, USS Phoebe, off the southeast coast of Korea.
September 12     Jean Littlefield enlisted in the WAVES in basic training at Bainbridge.
September 14     A3C Thomas R. Brinson completed basic Lackland AFB assigned Aerial Photography
                           School, Ft. Monmouth.
September 18     AB Dick Fishback at Lackland AFB.  PVT Bobby Taylor completed recruit training at San 
Diego.  24 Wabash youths classified for duty.  Classified 1A Robert L. Bailey, James A. Baubauer, James 
D. Camp, Arthur G. Campbell, David N. Dyson, Charles R. Gant, Glen L. Graham, Tommy W. Greer, 
Oren S. Guenin, William F. Haupert, Ronald Hull, Gary L. Hunt, Michael D. Lindzy, Theodore F. 
McCune,  John D. Morris, Michael R. Mitten, Robert C. Nix,  Sherman J. Poole, James K. Rhoades, Jerry 
L. Snapp, Dennis K. Strain, Thomas M. Tracy, William H. Winebrenner, Ronald A. Wing. 1C Enl James F. 
Horner, Max E. Neher, Dennis E. Miller, Donald H. Vogel, Brent L. Leifer, Larry C. Wilkerson, Roger H. 
Baldus, Donald L. Vigar.  1O James A. Shively, 1D John F. Brane, Paul R. House, Dale W. Milam, 
Clarence Bitzel Jr., Jerry Badskey, John M. Bean, Luther G. Allen, William L. Mcneeley, Wayne L. 
Dawes, Calvin C. Spears.  2A Michael E. Bent, Gary C. Cooper.  2S Ronald L. Arrick.  4A Lawrence R. 
Murphy, Bill R. Conley, Jack R. Hall, Raymond G. Smyth.
September 19     A2C Terry McLaughlin sent to S. Vietnam as an instructor of Vietnamese Weather Con-
                           trol Observers.
September 25     PVT Eddie Kessler completed four weeks individual combat training Camp Pendleton.
                           David D. Bennett was honorably discharged from the Navy at San Diego.
September 28     Donald L. Kistler was honorably discharged from the Army at Ft. Hamilton. 
October 1           Ray Spencer serving with Batt. Landing Team 2/6 of the Sixth Fleet in the Mediterranean.
                           AB Steven E. Gordon reassigned Chanute AFB for technical training.      
October 3           PVT James S. Merritt completed four weeks ICT at Camp Pendleton.
October 11         John C. Birkett undergoing recruit training Great Lakes.  American advisors leave Laos.
October 18         Danny G. Roth, Marine Attack Sqd 311, El Toro, promoted to LCPL.  CABM Robert I.
                           Anderson was in 119-man advance party opening the ice phase of Operation Deepfreeze 
                           at McMurdo Sound, Antarctica.
October 25         PFC Larry E. Tucker serving with the 3rd Marine Aircraft Wing, El Toro. 
November 1       Floyd L. Thompson, Jr. undergoing recruit training at Great Lakes.
November 3       A3C William M. Fleshood completed basic and attending Weather Forecaster School,
                           Chanute AFB.  PFC Bobby J. Taylor completed four weeks of ICT Camp Pendleton. 
November 5       SA Mikel J. Raver was among 600 at the commissioning of the Missile Cruiser USS
November 9       Richard L. Minnicus aboard the USS Walker DD517, a destroyer in the Pacific.
November 14     William R. Hoover, 310th  Combat Support Group, Schilling AFB, promoted to AlC.
November 16     Steven L. Dyer was honorably discharged from the Army at Ft. Dix. Wabash Selective 
Service classified 48 local men as available for induction.  Classified 1A Kenneth D. Alexander, John H. 
Ashby, Larry D. Bedics, Daniel L. Bildodeau, Vernon Bourff, Richard L. Brooks, Samuel L. Colbert, 
Donald Courtney, Thomas J. Cross, Roger D. Douglas, Dean Enyeart, Larry Enyeart, Thomas H. Evans, 
Prentice Fields, Larry L. Fordyce, Harvey E. Frantz, Philip A. Frantz, Thomas L. Farris,  Herbert Gaerte 
Jr., David W. Hartman, Ronald L. Hedrick, Larry Heeter, James D. Hipskind, Max E. Hull, Gerald J. 
Jefferson, William M. Jennings Jr., Larry Keffaber, Gene L. King, Ronald Maish, Dick L. Miller,Robert S, 
Mills,  Thomas W. Miller, David G. Nagel, Rondal R. Napier, William B. Plough Jr., Charles Pollard Jr., 
Steven K. Reiff, David Shea, Ronald J. Shepherd, Thomas R. Sinclair, Morris Smedley,  Robert L. 
Spangle, Leonard E. Stout, Kenneth L. Taylor, Larry Walsh, Stanley Weller,  Jerry Wynn  1C Enl Donald 
E. Rogers, Robert W. Benbow, Floyd L. Townsend, James C. Reed, John P. Hipskind, Larry L. Brooks, 
James S. Stitt, George R. Fishback.  1C Ind James P. Houlihand, William E. Gidley.  1O David B. Bagwell, 
Philip W. Rieman, Timothy D. Rieman, Ken- neth L. Albright.  1Y Robert L. Christie, Robert L. Miller, 
Jerry W. Renbarger, James W. Vice Jr., Max L. Robinett, Terry Potter, Larry Amick, David Gross, George 
F. Barnett, Gillen D. Johnson Jr., Lester Sirk, Rust F. Gray Jr., Richard S. Hearn, Lawrence G. How- ard, 
John M. Stout, Zelbert J. Williams, David D. Bennett, Douglas E. Adams,.  2A Wendell Dilling, William 
H. Windebrenner.  4A Wilbur Haggerty, Wayne Miller, Jerry L. Miller, David L. Chambetrs, Johnny 
Pollard, Kenneth G. Miller, Larry W. Smith, Donald Kistler, Larry Parker, Grover L. Bemis.  
November 17      AB Donald E. Rogers assigned to Lackland AFB to attend training course for commu-
                            nications equipment specialist.
November 20      Richard L. Bird was honorably discharged from the Army at Ft. Riley.
November 21      John C. Birkett completed recruit training Great Lakes.
November 27      FN William E. Eltzroth graduated from Machinists Mate "A" School USNTC Great 
                            Lakes, assigned to the USS Neches AO47 home ported at Long Beach.
November 30      Donald E. Fawley reenlisted in the National Guard.
December 1        AB George R. Fishback reassigned to Sheppard AFB for technical training.
December 4        SSGT Roger G. Carpenter, bomb navigational systems technician assigned to the 81st 
                            Tactical Fighter Wing, presented the USAF Outstanstanding Unit Award at Seymour
                            Johnson AFB. 
December 11      Jean Littlefield graduated basic training Bainbridge assigned to San Diego. 
December 20      James C. Reed completed naval recruit training San Diego.
December 21      Larry C. Wilkerson completed recruit training Great Lakes.
December 24      2nd LT Max Reed, awarded USAF pilot wings, assigned Travis AFB for further training  
                            in C-133 Globemaster 11 aircraft.  PVT Herman E. Enyeart stationed at Ft. Riley.  Amer- 
                            ican and Saigon governments promote strategic hamlet program.


January 2         VC units defeat S. Vietnamese at the battle of Ap Bac.  Mrs. George Hiatt Draft Board 
                         Clerk quits after 13 years of service.  The local draft board contains a total of 5,000
                         registerants.  A3C Robert W. Benbow reassigned to Homestead AFB.  A2C Edward A.
                         Conyers reassigned to MacDill AFB                                                                                                   
January 3          South Vietnam fighting kills 3 more Americans bringing total to 30 dead.
January 7          WAC SP5 Geneva C. Chapman assigned to the WAC Detachment Ft. Leavenworth.
January 8          Communists in S. Vietnam are building up arms supply.
January 11        AB Donald M. Scott assigned to Sheppard AFB for technical training.  CAPT. Harry J.
                          Walther assigned to the Military Assistance Advisory Group, Saigon, Vietnam.  ASM3
                          Larry Owen serving with HS-5 aboard the USS Lake Champlain during the quarantine in 
                          the Caribbean.
January 12        Helicopters in Vietnam War are bogging down.
January 14        EM3 Larry Ferguson received promotion aboard the USS Amphion.  LCPL Jerry J. Hunt,  
                          5th Maine Expeditionary Brigade taking part in the late quarantine.  Equipment Operator 
                          1st Class Ray Spencer serving with Amphibious Construction Batt 2.
January 22        Lt.Col. William J. Bizjak attending the associate course at the Command and General Staff
                         College, Ft. Leavenworth.
January 24        AB Gerald J. Jefferson attending basic training Lackland AFB.
January 30        Mrs. Louman (Zora) Sutton new clerk of the local draft board.  Wabash County to send five
                          five youths to Indianapolis for induction and two for physicals.  Terry McLaughlin honor-
                          ably dischared from USAF at Travis AFB. 
February 4         SSGT Everett Miller with Co. B 2nd Bn 46th Inf 1st Armored Div.  He entered the army in 
                          1949 and has served in Korea.
February 8        A3C Bradley R. Hoyt completed USAF basic Lackland AFB, now attending Finance and
                          Accounting School, Sheppard AFB. SA David N. Garner graduated from Supply School 
                          Naval Station Newport. 
February 15      AB Max E. Hull reassigned for technical training at Amarillo AFB.  PVT Charles A. Rob- 
                          inson, laboratory specialist, 308th  QM Batt. Co. A, Giessen, Ger., qualified as an expert in
                          firing the M14 rifle.
February 19      A3C Donald W. Hoover completed technical training course for electrical power product-
                          ion specialist, Sheppard AFB.  AB Charles Pollard completed basic training Lackland AFB
                          assigned Amarillo AFB for jet mechanic training. 
March 6             SP4 Jerry A. Benson, Co. E 7th Cav. 1st Battle Group took part in Exercise WINTERSNAP 
                          II in Korea.  PVT William E. Gidley completed AIT Ft. Polk. 
March 12          ETSN Jerry Ferguson aboard the USS Independence.
March 19          2nd LT Lowell R. Hoover commissioned at Lackland AFB assigned to Grand Forks 
                          AFB as an air police officer.
March 20          A3C Thomas R. Brinson finished basic Lackland AFB assigned Vandenburg AFB
March 22          1st LT Gary H. Bowman stationed at Volhel, Holland.  PFC Larry E. Tucker, 3rd Marine 
                          Air Wing, took part in exercises off the coast of California.  PVT Robert F. White stationed 
                          in L Co., 2nd BN, 1 LTR, MCB, Camp Pendleton.
March 25           Larry Lee Hull and brother Max E. Hull completed basic training Lackland AFB, in tech. 
                           training  Amarillo AFB.
March 27           PVT Kenneth J. Eltzroth, Battalion Landing Team 3/6 2nd Marine Div, Camp Lejune, took  
                           part in Amphibious Warfare Training.
March 30           AMS Daniel L. McBride with Attack Sqd. 85 aboard the USS Forrestal. 
April                  First USO club opened in Saigon-tried to bring a little America to Vietnam.  Eventually 23
                          23 centers were in Vietnam and Thailand.
April 3               CPL Fredrick G. Stone stationed at MCAS Cherry Point.  PFC Richard W. Proctor and  
                           LCPL Jerry J. Hunt participated in Marine exercises off the coast of southern California.
April 4               Ralph M. Krichbaum underwent recruit training at San Diego.
April 5               Michael A. Tewell enlisted in the Navy and sent to Great Lakes.  SP4 James A. Rose, 
medical specialist, assigned to HQ Co., Ft. Greeley.  PVT Robert F. White is stationed at Camp Pendleton.  
42 Youths classified for military service.  Classified 1A were Danny Allen, William M. Allen, Ronald 
Baker, Darell Benson, Clifford Betten,  James Cochran, Duane Davis, Thomas L. Dillon, Billy Gray, James 
Hamilton, Billy Hasbarger, Byron Johnson, Larry Kerr, Thomas Klare, David Meyer, Richard A. Mirante, 
Paul D. Moore, William Nangle, Jon Nearhouse, Timothy Neher, Michael O'Brien, Wayne Panning, 
Thomas Reed, Peter Renz, Robert Schmalzried, David Sendelbach, Sam Shellhamer, Lonnie Shepherd, 
Richard Simpson, Larry Smith, Terance Smith,  David Sommers, Zelbert Sparks, James Stefanatos, 
Richard Tracy, Charles Tucker, Donald Vandermark, David Wall, Larry Watson, William Welch, James 
Williams.  1O Gary Jacoby.  1C Enl James C. Rose, Philip Clingenpeel, Jerry Biggs, Hosea Clupper, J.L. 
Amones, Don Schafer.  1C Ind David Halderman, David Harrison, James K. Gray, John W. Banister.  4A 
Hugh Mort, Thomas E. Willcox.  4D David Bagwell.  2S Rene Calderon, Donald R. Lefforge, Russell 
Jemen, George Scheerer.  1S  Leland Beery.  1Y Kenneth Mullins, James A. Erb, Howard Gray, Joseph 
Cavins.  2A John F. Unger.  1D Larry D. Donaldson, Howard L. White, William Eldridge, Robert Rains. 
1W Rel William Crumley.   
April 11             ENS Morris H. Duffey commissioned after attending OCS at Newport.
April 15             PVT Larry C. Friedersdorf completed recruit training at San Diego.
April 17             The Army to draft 4,000 men in June 6,000 less than in May.    
April 22             Procommunist cease fire pact broken quickly.  U.S. May give Laos more help.  Charles de
                          Gaulle says "unknown years of struggle" are in prospect in S.Vietnam where the US has
                           12,000 fighting men.
April 24             300 N. Vietnam troops to be withdrawn from Plain of Jars.  AB J.L. Amones reassigned 
                           for technical training Chanute AFB.
April 25             A3C Jerry R. Biggs assigned Chanute AFB.
April 30             A3C Bradley R. Hoyt assigned Bunker Hill AFB for technical training.  PVT Everett E.
                          Robinson, rifleman Co. C, 1st Div., 3d Battle Group, 26 Inf., sent to Germany.                 
May 1                N. Vietnamese shift toward China.
May 3                PFC James R. Zimpelman attached to the 58th Transport Co. in Germany.
May 4                Richard Hawley transferred from San Diego to ICFAE Div. Bremerton Group 
May 8                S. Vietnamese troops and police shoot at Buddhist demonstrators in Hue.
May 14              SA James A. Kirchbaum, USS Canberra, took part in Naval exercises in the Mediterranean 
May 25              A3C Donald M. Scott reassigned to Columbus AFB.  PFC Tom Engleman assigned to the 
                          1st Armored Div. Ft. Hood Co. C 2nd Batt. 81st Armor. 
June                  Crisis intensifies as Buddhist monk commits suicide by self-immolation.
June 7               A3C Donald M. Scott, refrigeration specialist course, selected Outstanding Airman of the
                         month, 3775th School Sqd, Sheppard AFB.   2nd LT Howard E. Kem assigned to the US 
                         Army Chemical Depot in Korea as personnel officer.
June 14             A3C Charles A. Pollard, Amarillo AFB,  reassigned to England.
June 17             PVT Harold W. Hill completed Hawk Missile Course at Air Defense Center, Ft. Bliss.
June 20             PVT Robert F. Raines stationed in Germany with the 2nd How. BN 5th  Artillery. 
July 1               Wendell J. Wilson, supply specialist, 785th Radar Sqd, Findley Air Force Station, promoted
                          to A2C
July 4                S. Vietnam General Tran Van Don informs CIA that officers are plotting against Diem.
July 6                Terry D. Robison, statistical data specialist, Andersen AFB, promoted to AlC.
July 8                Nguyen Tuong Tam takes overdose of poison.  Was on trail for complicity in abortive 1960
                          coup against President Diem.  A3C Larry Hull assigned to Truax Field.
July 9                Selective Service is classifying married men with children as 3-A.  Married men with 
children are being reclassified by the local Selective Service Board into the 3-A category, according to a 
report Tuesday from Memorial Hall. The board also gave the 1-A classification-available for military 
service- to 28 youths, mostly those turning 18.
     The classifications for the month are: 1A Alan Bahler, Nelson Bahler, John Barnes, Michael Behny, 
Marion Blocher, Robert W. Beauchamp, Joe Custer, Todd L. Eads,  James R. Flack, Terry Foust, Larry 
Frieden, Ronald  G. Garrison,  Dallas Graffis, Roger Hammonds, Eddie Koch, Gary Lhamon, John Meyer, 
Howard R. Middleton, Terry Robinson, Michael Ruckman, William E. Saul, James R. Shroyer, William 
Sloan, Roger D. Smith, Jesse L. Trickle, Eilliam W. Unger, Jack Votra, David Walker.  1C Enl Lindley 
Wert, David Price, Bascom Hunt, James N. Vawter, Theodore McCune, Marion Orr, William E. Welch, 
Darrell Benson, James L. Harvey.  1O Jeffrey R. Wood, Merlin Fin- gerle.  1D Philip Goebel, Paul H. 
Hapner, Wallace Bahler, Merlin J. Ridgeway, John R. Peebles, Lloyd Hendry.  2A Millis Bostic, William 
H. Winebrenner, Edward S. Gribben, William R. Neher, Albert G. Nordman.  2S Edward E. Thompson, 
David Koenig, David Vrooman.  1Y Michael J. Walters, John H. Wilson, Rolland Easterday.  3A Peter A. 
Schaaf, Richard A. Bracken, Basil Adkins, William O. Harvey, Karl Hardman, Charles D. Bone, David 
Ervin, Chester Hobbs, John L. Draper, Robert E. Smith, Dorwin Dragstrem, Terry Enyeart, Chester Mid- 
dleton, Marvin Metzger, Charles Neal, Larry Davis, Lary Martin, John A. Adams, Terry Schlemmer, David 
Denney, Walter L. Brown, Duane Keffaber, Wayne Singer, William E. Schoby, Robert E. Strickler, Toby 
Pell, Joseph Blocher, Thomas O'Banion, David Grandstaff, James R. Cobbs, John N. Unger, Charles Ste- 
idle, Raymond Meyers, Larry R. Myers, Kenneth L. Elliott, James Snavely, Larry K. Miller, Timothy King, 
Gary Poole, Jeral Honeycutt, Robert Kulb, Floyd Sims, Don Mylin, John T. Wade, Thomas J.  O'Hara, 
Joseph Patton, Gary Keaffaber, James Walters, Charles R. Martin, Dallas Jackson, Phillip Draper, Carl 
Good, Robert Daven- port, Max Pitts, Teddy McClure, Stephen Gilbert, Donald Brane, Jerry Ferguson, 
Jeffrey Ross, Bill Weesner, Abraham Shepherd, Michael Burton, Jerry Nordman, Arlen Kendall, Thomas 
Krom, Philip Laycock, Vernon Pratt, James Haggerty, Roger Douglas, Juackie Baker.  4A James Schipper, 
James G. Davis, Rex Clevenger, Richard Jivery, Terry Lloyd, Ross Anderson     
July 10             Todd L. Eads in training at US Military Academy, West Point.
July 12             Guerilla warfare in Laos has changed gradually to mobile action.
July 19             SP4 Max K. Waggoner completed punched card processing military pay Ft. Benjamin
                         Harrison.  PFC Lawrence J. Kessler with the Marine Weather Fighter Sqd 531, MCAS
                         Cherry Point.
July 23             AN Carl R. Trent reassigned to Lowry AFB for technical training.
July 24             Vietnamese troops run through riot drills.
July 26             PFC Herman Enyeart on tour of duty in Germany.  Carl Trent, William Welsh and LeRoy
                         Bakehorn enlisted in the USAF.
August 5           1st LT Todd E. Rabe graduated at Maxwell AFB assigned to Amarillo AFB.
August 8           SA James A. Kirchbaum, USS Canberra, recently visited France.  The local selective 
service is reclassifying fathers from 1-A to 3-A status.  Four registrants to be inducted and 21 to report for 
physicals.  Classified 1A were  Terry Baker, Paul J. Beam, James D. Biehl, Steven Bowman, John A. 
Brane, Steven Burton, Voyle Chevalier, Arthur Deyo, William P. Driscoll, Steven Eagleston, Prentice 
Fields, James Goodpasture, Stephen Holthouse, Kenneth Kendall, Jerry Lawson, Dewayne A. Lynn, John 
S. Marks, Larry Music, James A. Shanahan, David Stettler, Curtis J. Vigar, Anthony W. Watson, Paul 
Wright.  1C Enl Philip M. Goebel, Leroy Bakehorn, Thomas G. Kaiser, Todd L. Eads, William Hartbarger.  
1C End Danny Hammond, Elvin Leffel, Larry Shear.  1Y Robert W. Russell, James R. Craft, Gene E. 
Floyd, Gregory Myers, Jackie Wagner, Jack D. Krom, Herbert J. Hall, William R. Ream.  1D Sammie 
Norwood.  1W Dale E. Flora.  4D Richard C. Stoner.  2A Dewayne A. Beery, Leland Beery, Michael 
Koons.  2S Ronald Charles, David M. Gray, Max Taylor, Raymond W. Rizzo, Robert L. Risser.  3A John 
M. Rogers, Gene Rose, James F. Renz, Donald Huffman, Herbert Bradley, Todd Baer, Richard Eckerly, 
Elbert Lewis, James Fields, Xen Hiatt, Larry Rice, Leslie Bricker, Robert Dillon, Wayne Waggoner, Karl 
Bidwell, Ronnie Harris, Craig Black, Thomas Burnsworth, Harvey Linzy, George F. Reahard, Roscoe 
Bitzel, Larry Patnoe, Alan Burnsworth, Larry Leonard, Junior Tyson, Robert Huston, Don Brewer, David 
Drag- strem, John R. Henry, Stephen Fulwider, Paul D. Brace, John E. Powell, Gene Hapner, Larry D. 
Meyer, Douglas Jackson, Clifford Marsh, David Crull, Brian Wall, Michael Mullett, James Getz, Ken 
Beachler, Ned Cline, Jon Mattern, Ronald Hopskins, Michael Hileman, Chad Dilling, Philip Weimer, John 
Lavengood, James B. Moore, Thomas Drook, Russell H. Cook, Allen Marshall, Larry Finnegan, Thurman 
Smith, Truman Bitzel, John R. Daniels, John E. Ballard, Alonzo French, Daniel Gill, William Snep, 
Charles R. Smedley, Lowell Ringel, Franklin Gressley, Clarence Eltzroth, Kenneth Graybill, Tommy 
Sullivan, James Whitracft, Danny Boone, Gene Dyson, Cletus Webb, Larry Stout, Robert McKinley, Arden 
Gilmer, Brent Norris, Jay Linkenhelt, Larry Surbey, Roger Grossnickle, Larry Koch, Tommy Steele, 
Danny Wrisk, Larry Case, Charles A. Cormany.  4A Jack Summers, Allen Persley, James F. Horner, Paul 
House, George Jenks, Carlos Smith, Richard Kessler, Craig Turner.     
August 10          SA James M. Black completed basic training Great Lakes.  AN William E. Welch asssi-
                          gned Keesler AFB for technical training.
August 15          Donald J. Owen honorably discharged from the Army at Ft. Benjamin Harrison. 
August 20          SSGT Roger G. Carpenter, air armament mechanic, sent to Moran AB in Spain for five
August 21          Ngo Dinh Nhu's forces attack Buddhist temples.  Diem declared martial law in Vietnam as 
                          religious and political crisis explodes in Pagoda Outbreak. 100 Buddhists arrested.
August 22         Ambassador Henry Cabot Lodge arrives in Saigon replacing Frederick Nolting.  Army 
                          clamps tight grip on Vietnam.  Ambassador to U.S. quits.
August 23         Brother of Diem takes over power.  S. Vietnam switch peaceful. Larry A. Terrell, Lawrence
Roffelsen, Fredrick C. Gierke and Larry J. Eckerley join the USAF all were sent to 
                          Lackland AFB for basic.
August 24         Washington recommends that Nhu be removed; also recommend support for officers
                          plotting against Diem.  Lodge agrees.  Students in Saigon protest crackdown on Buddhists.
April 26            U.S. Threatens to cut Vietnam aid.  Demand Diem's harsh policies be discontinued.
August 28         2nd Lt James R. Oswald awarded silver wings at Laredo AFB, assigned to Carswell AFB 
                          to fly B-52 aircraft. 
August 31         Thousands of Vietnamese rally to support Diem.  Not Reds but Buddhists threaten Diem 
September 2      Kennedy criticizes Diem in a television interview.
September 3      Tension mounts between U.S. and Diem.
September 4      SN Robert L. Shaver aboard the USS Long Beach.
September 5      PFC William E. Gidley, parachutist, 82nd Airborne, Ft. Bragg, participated in summer 
                          maneuvers called Swift Strike III.
September 10    Hal Harting sent to Ft. Knox.  Eighteen classified 1-A by local draft board.  Classified were 
1A Philip L. Anderson, David Atterton, James R. Bartoo, Larry Boring, Donald Coomer, Stephen C. Crow, 
Robert W. Erb, Daniel R. Fulwider, Dennis Gable, Dean Hudson, Dennis Lambert, Jerry Morris, John L. 
Murray, Burley Napier, Tom Sagarsee, Donald E. Smith, Arvel Staggs, Frank R. Warren.  1C Enl Fredrick 
C. Gierke, Lawrence A. Roffelsen, John P. Barnes, Michael Reardon, Johnson Nordman, William L. McFa- 
rland, Robert G. Pressler, Larry Stackhouse, Donald P. Stevens.  2A John R. Brane, James A. Shanahan, 
Horace Wilkinson.  2S Carl Taylor, Wilbur L. Wolf, Richard E. Miller, James L. Lane.  1D Dennis L. Hau- 
pert, Douglas D. Duker, Dannie Wible, Lee E. Bricker, Rex J. Temple. 1Y Theodore Cottrill, Donald 
Shilts, Terry L. Foust, Michael J. Young, Prentice Fields.  3A Boyd Hiner, Larry Alle- gree, Peter Miniear, 
Jerry Bowman, Donald Yocum, Tommy Carroll, Stephen Purdy, Charles R. Futrell, Henry Decker, Robert 
Haneline, Jerry Egolf, James E. Reahard, James L. Garman, Terrance Bollan, David Schuster, Roger Price, 
Billy Boggs, Timothy Sand- berg, James Paschall, John E. Airgood, Edward A. Kline.  4A Clyde Holmes, 
James Ball, Charles G. Keppel, Sammie Norwood, John Meyer.
September 11    Students protest in Vietnam.  Newspaper in Vietnam warns of possible coup.
September 12    Diem troops block demonstrations.  Tension mounts between U.S. and S. Vietnam.  PVT 
                          Roger Faust completed cooking course Quartermaster Center, Ft Lee.
September 13    S. Vietnam prepared for rumored coup.  U.S. reviewing aid to Vietnam.  Senator Bayh
                          opposes aid to S. Vietnam.
September 17    PVT Nick W. Graves transferred to 5th Army Hq, Chicago.  A3C Billy M. Castle, air 
                          police Holloman AFB, donated blood to needy boy.
September 21    PVT Marion R. Orr assigned to Batt A, 2nd Missle Batt., 52nd Artillery Homestead AFB.
                          PVT Bascom Hunt completed advanced armor training at the Armor Center, Ft. Knox.
September 23    U.S. Airmen in helicopters rescue two kidnapped English school teachers in Vietnam. 
                          PVT Larry Shear finished basic at Ft. Knox and assigned to West Point for training in the
                          medical corps.
September 24    Mme. Nhu invites ten top officials to Vietnam to see for themselves whats going on. 
September 30    McNamara and General Taylor postponed departure from Vietnam to confer with Ngo 
                          Dinh Diem.  1st LT Robin K. Miller received the Air Medal in ceremonies in Vietnam.  He 
                          participated in over 25 air missions over hostile territory.  PVT Stephen Walter completes
                          course in Topographical Survey at Ft. Belvoir.
October 1          CWO Wentworth M. Lewis on duty with USAF advisory unit at Don Muang AB, Thailand
October 2          MM3 William E. Eltzroth, USS Neches, on way to Japan.
October 3          U.S. hopes to withdraw troops from Vietnam in two years.
October 4          TSGT James Hantelman, aircraft mechanic technician, temporarily assigned to NATO air 
                          base in Turkey, Incirlik AAB.  PVT Larry L. Young completed military police training, Ft.
October 9          SN Robert L. Shaver, USS Long Beach,  recently visited Italy. PFC Richard W. Procter 
                          with the 1st Marine Aircraft Wing at MCAS Iwakuni, Japan. 
October 10        Kennedy denies CIA acted independently in Vietnam.
October 11        CPL Patrick I. McBride, Marine Aircraft Group 13, 4th Marine Rgt., 1st Marine Div., 
                          participated in Operation Dull Knife.
October 12        U.S. faces similar issues in Latin America and S. Vietnam.
October 18        SP4 Everett W. Crumrine returned from Ger. and assigned to 596th Signal Co., Ft. Chaffee.
October 19        A new Vietnam policy is set by Mr. Lodge.
October 21        AN Larry A. Terrell reassigned to Kessler AFB for technical training.  AN John P. Hips-
                          kind, missile facilities electrician, 727th Aircraft Control and Warning Sqd Myrtle Beach 
                          AFB,  promoted to A2C.
October 24        USAF plane on flare dropping mission shot down.  Four Americans and four Vietnamese
                          killed.  Mrs. Nhu "Dragon Lady" is having a chance to be heard.  Bob Hope chooses Viet-
                          nam for his Christmas programs.
October 25        Donald Wolpert, flight inspector, Dover AFB,  promoted to rank of Captain USAF.
October 28        Three Wabash men AN Larry J. Eckerley, AN Lawrence A. Roffelsen and AN Fredrick C.
                          Gierke, finish basic Lackland AFB sent to technical training courses. 
October 31        PVT John W. Banister Co. B, 1st BATT, 2nd Armored Div., Ft. Hood participated in Oper-
                          ation Big Lift. 
November 1      Duong Van Minh and other generals stage coup against Diem and Nhu.
November 2      Military takes over in Vietnam report Diem, brother Nhu are both dead.  Madam Nhu
                          blames U.S. for uprising.  New government is pro U.S.
November 4      New Vietnam program given freedom of press and religion both included.  Madam Nhu to
                          remain in U.S. SA James Michael Black finished basic at Great Lakes.
November 5      Mme. Nhu plans to fly to Rome to meet children.  1St Lt Max Reed participates in Exercise
                          Big Lift in Europe.  SMSGT Don C. Reynolds transferred from Bergstron AFB to Scott 
                          Field AFB.
November 8      EO1 Ray Spencer at Naval Base Rota, Spain.  AB Howard D. Rucker in training Lack-
                          land AFB.  PVT Charles K. Porter is in 2nd How. BT 13th Arty, Ft. Sill.
November 9      SSGT Harold E. Shaw finished technical training and stationed  Schilling AFB.
November 11    AN John W. Harper completed basic Lackland AFB.
November 12    AN James R. Starbuck finished basic training sent to Lowry AFB for technical training. 
                          AN Bobbie L. Engledow finished basic sent to Amarillo AFB for technical training. 
November 13    General Harkins surprised by coup in S. Vietnam.
November 14    U.S. pleased with events in S. Vietnam.
November 15    Elections promised soon in Vietnam.
November 16    SGT David Eshelman,  platoon sgt in the 2nd Batt Hq Co. of 503rd  Inf, Okinawa, took part
                          in Exercise Sky Soldier IV in Formosa.  PVT Hal B. Harting in advanced training at Ft.
November 19    AN Bobbie G. Leedy assigned to Lowry AFB for technical training.
November 20    Cambodia orders U.S. advisors to leave.
November 29    AN David H. Wilson assigned to Chanute AFB for technical training.  AN Michael R.
                          Dohse assigned to Kessler AFB for technical training.
December 2       Ambush kills U.S. soldier in Vietnam.
December 3       Donald E. Garrison, USS Sairty, promoted to PO3.
December 7       AN Terry L. King attending technical training for air police at Lackland AFB.
December 9       CPL Larry A. Martin and bride to live in Virginia.
December 11     Selective Service unit announce new ratings.
December 13     New military regime must win support of the people of S.Vietnam.
December 16     SSGT Joseph P. Campbell, fuel superviser, assigned to Castle AFB. Jerry G. Robins,
                          Kessler AFB, promoted to A3C.
December 19     2nd Lt Thomas W. Hodson completed course at Army Ordnance Center, Aberdeen Pro-
                          ving Ground.
December 24     Michael R. Dohse promoted to A3C at Kessler AFB.  CAPT. Thomas A. Johnson selected 
                          outstanding instructor of the month in the 3640th Pilot Training Wing, Larado AFB.
December          By year end, 15,000 American military advisers are in S. Vietnam. Vietnam received $500
                           million in aid during the year.  Communist Leadership in Hanoi decides to step up the 
                           struggle in the south. 


January             TM Roger D. Baldus assigned to the USS Robert B. Anderson.
January 2           Frederich M. Behny overseas with the 3rd Marine Rgt. 3rd  Div.
January 4           Rex M. Powell, medical records tech, Patrick AFB, promoted to MSGT.
January  6          A3C Fredrick C. Geirke, accounting specialist, assigned to Wright-Patterson AFB.
January 9           PFC Corwin W. Keaffaber completed harbor craft deck training Ft.Eustis.  A3C Gerald 
                           J. Jefferson selected outstanding airman for the 22nd Field Maintenance Sqd., 22nd  Bomb- 
                           ardment Wing.  AN Larry E.Gahl and AN Howard D. Ruckman assigned Sheppard AFB  
                           for technical training.
January 11         A3C John W. Harper graduated technical training Greenville AFB assigned Gunter AFB.
                          No quick end is seen to S. Vietnam-War editorial by Ray Cromley.
January 13         A3C Leroy Bakehorn Jr. assigned to Orlando AFB.
January 15         PVT Paul H. Hapner completed supply course at Ft. Knox.
January 17         Four U.S. soldiers killed in S. Vietnam.  Men were aboard a helicopter which was shot 
January 27         McNamara grimly reported anti-Red cause failing in S. Vietnam.
January 30         General Nguyen Khanh seizes power in Saigon.  Arrests four ruling generals but allows
                           Minh to remain as figurehead chief of state.  PVT Michael F. Young completed advanced
                           training Ft. Gordon.  AN William J. Sloan assigned Chanute AFB for tech. Training.
February             McNamara ordered U.S. destroyers to patrol and monitor the Gulf of Tonkin.
February 3          Vietnam guerrillas stage raid on U.S. Army compound in Kontum.
February 5          Six county youth to serve in the Navy; James A. Risser, John L. Butler, Mickey E.  
                            Hudson, Tommy R. Miller, Ronald E. Swygart and Jerry D. Flinn.  All will take basic at 
                            San Diego.
February 7          114 government troops killed in Vietnam when two hamlets attacked.   CWO Wentworth
                            M. Lewis assigned to SAC unit Castle AFB.
February 14        PVT Wallace A. Bahler completed advanced training as tank crewman Ft. Knox.
February 17        U.S. demands protection for Americans in Saigon.  Military police put on school buses; 
                           close USO following bombing of armed forces movie theatre which killed three.  PFC
                           Gerd W. Mueller and Karen M. Zook married; to reside at Schweinfurt, Ger.
February 18        A3C Bobbie L. Engledow reassigned Perrin AFB.
February 22        A3C Carl R. Trent reassigned Wurtsmith AFB.  PVT Steven Carpenter stationed Ft. Knox 
March 2              Billy M. Castle awarded USAF Good Conduct Medal at Holloman AFB 
March 3              U.S. Army officer shot by communist guerrillas. 13 Vietnamese paratroopers killed in
                            firing along Cambodian border.
March 6              Rebel activity increased in January in Vietnam.  The heaviest for a single month in its
                            history – 2,240 attacks. 
March 7              Richard C. Coppock enlisted in the Marines now at San Diego.
March 12            Fire Control Technician SA Donald A. Vogel, USS Oriwkany, completed a tour of duty
                            with the 7th Fleet in the Far East.  FA Thomas G. Kaiser aboard the USS Deliver.
March 13            Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara visits Vietnam and vows support for Khanh.
                           McNamara says Vietnam War can be won "if proper effort is made."
March 14            PFC Carl Black took basic Ft. Knox, now at Ft. Sill.  A1C Lowell M. Shelton, air police- 
                            man, on duty at Tinan Air Station. 
March 16            Red guerrillas shoot down two U.S. planes killing six Americans and one Vietnamese.
March 21            SN James A. Kirchbaum aboard the USS Canberra.  McNamara may recommend that
                           war be confined to S. Vietnam.
March 23            AN Richard M. Mughmaw and AN Robert W. Russell finished basic Lackland AFB sent 
                            to technical training.  Sharon K. Lee and Herman E. Enyeart, Ft. Riley, married.
March 26            PVT Stephen L. Holthouse assigned to the Army Picatinny Arsenal.  PVT Richard Kerr 
                           finished Marine basic training San Diego. 
April 6                PVT Terry L. Shalley completed personnel administration course Ft. Knox.
April 7                PVT Dale A. Weiss completed basic at Fort Knox, now with HQ BATT 1st Missile Batt. 
                           43rd Art. Fairchild AFB.  PFC Lonnie E. Shepherd, HQ Co. 7th Inf Div 2nd Bri., Korea, 
                           took part in Exercise Spring Thaw.  PFC Gerald E. Marsh took part in operation Winter 
                           Night at Twenty Nine Palms, Ca.
April 10              American killed in renewed Vietnam guerilla warfare.
April 14             1st Lt Herbert M. Busby, AF C-133 pilot, took part in Exercise Delawar joint U.S. and
                           Iranian exercise.  ET3 Jerry L. Ferguson aboard the USS Shangri-La.
April 15              France disagrees with SEATO on Vietnam War.
April 18              David L. Hollenbach and Michael D. Lindzy completed basic Great Lakes.
April 20              A3C Donald W. Hoover, electrical power production specialist, serving with the 731st
                           Radar Sqd. Sundance AFS.
April 21             CAPT. Denton J. Riggs completed USAF Squadron Officer School reassigned to Lock- 
                           borne AFB.
April 24             Ronald E. Swygart, James A. Risser and Tommy R. Miller completed basic San Diego.
April 27              PVT Gary D. Meyer finished specialist course at Ft. Gordon.  SSGT Billy M. Palmer,
                           Minot AFB, decorated with the USAF Commendation Medal.
May 1                 Four Marines wounded in Vietnam.  PVT Harold D. Harmon completed basic Ft. Knox 
May 2                 Reds sink ship; wound four Americans in grenade attack on aircraft ferry down in harbor
                            at Saigon.  CDR Walter V. Garrison aboard the USS Kearsarge.
May 5                 Ten Americans killed in crash in Tan Hiep, S. Vietnam. Plane explodes and burns on hit-
                            ting the ground.
May 8                 AN Michael S. Harner in basic training Lackland AFB.
May 9                 Ngo Dinh Can dies before firing squad.
May 11               Three arrested for plot on McNamara in Saigon.  AN Roger L. Grandstaff finished basic
                           at Lackland AFB sent to Greenville AFB.  A2C Thomas Brinson, 1369th Photo Sqd., 
                           named Airman of the Month Vandenburg AFB. 
May 12               LT Kelson E. Slayman aboard the USS Thomas A. Edison.
May 13               A3C Larry E. Gahl completed technical training Shepperd AFB sent to MATS McGuire
May 14               McNamara predicts long hard war in Vietnam.  Willing to brief Congress on situation. 
                           Richard S. and James D. Hipskind enlisted in the Navy.  Sam sent to San Diego and Dan 
                            to Great Lakes for training.
May 15               Guerrilla ambush near Saigon kills 54 men.  U.S. Army officer wounded day after 
                           McNamara leaves.
May 18               Johnson asks for more funds – $125 million – for S. Vietnam War.  A3C Merlin J. Ridge-
                           way graduated tech training course Amarillo AFB.       
May 19               A1C James C. Christman graduated from AF NCO School Bunker Hill AFB.
May 20               PVT Timothy P.G. White completed basic Ft. Knox.
May 21               CPL Patrick L. McBride, helicopter mechanic, NAS Glenview, enlisted for six more years
May 25               S. Vietnam Khanh cracks down on critics.  PVT Richard J. Kerr completed individual 
                           combat training Camp Pendleton.
June 1                 Coalition government in Laos ends.
June 2                 Dean Rusk, McNamara, and others confer in Honolulu on increased aid to S. Vietnam. 
                            Pentagon strategists refine plans for bombing N. Vietnam.
June 4                 Johnson ready to step up efforts in Southeast Asia.  SSGT Everett G. Miller, HQ Co 2nd 
                           BN, 48th Inf 1st Armored Div. at Ft. Hood, participated in Exercise Desert Strike.  PVT 
                           Max E. Metzger assigned to 1st Inf  Div, Co. B, 2nd Batt, 23rd Art., Ft. Riley.
June12                PVT Richard D. Coppock finished basic training at San Diego assigned to Camp Pendle- 
ton for combat infantry training.  AA Mickey E. Hudson assigned to the "X" Division at NAS Corpus 
Christi.  Michael Harner promoted to A3C at Kessler AFB.  SA Robert Hipskind, USCG completed basic 
at Cape May.  Draft Board Classifies 89 men in 12 groups during recent meeting.  Class 1A Ronald Arrick, 
Ralph Bean, Leland Beery, Michael Bent, Bryan Brooks, Millis F. Bostic, Philip Brown ,Francis Bundy,  
Steven Butterbaugh, Gary Cooper, Robert Courtney, Douglas Crooks,  Jack Cussen Harry Draper, , Arnold 
Grossnickle, Bill Hill, Nicholas Hipskind, Edward Jones, Lloyd Johnson, Daniel Kendall, Lynn Landis, 
Hillary Larrowe, Bill Lewis, Frederick McClure, William Manley, John Marshall, Harold Norman, William 
Powell, Michael Pretorious, Timothy Richard,, Ronald Rife, Ronald Rutz,  James Smith, Philip Stout, 
Michael Wilcox, William Winebrenner, Nelson Zinsmeister.  1C  Jon Harris, Joseph Petro, Tommy Greer, 
James Hipskind, and Richard S. Hipskind.  1O Donald Surbey, Paul Sites and Carl Zimmerman.  1S Tom 
Trisler.  1Y John Coyer, Michael Domer, John Idle, Terry Niccum, Dean Abbott, David Sommers, Danny 
Allen, Peter Renz, Billie Trapp, Edward Watson, Steven Judy and Burly Napier.  11A George Smith.  11S 
Charles Mills, Walter Connell, James Fites and David Walker.  111A Dean Cox, Terry Kabot, William 
Cooley and Frederick Johnson.  1VA Larry Gentry and Edward Lewis.  
June 15              Gail J. Hidy, Scott AFB, promoted to SSGT.                                                                                  
June 16              A3C Charles A. Pollard, jet mechanic, 66th Tactical Recon Wing, Laon, France, particip-
                          ated in Exercise Royal Flush IX.  Carolyn I. Coble married A3C Rodger Grandstaff.
June 17              PVT Homer E. Easterday completed basic Ft. Sill sent to Europe.  CAPT Harold T.
                          Cleaver discharged from the service.
June 18              Robert Kennedy's offer to serve in S. Vietnam rejected by Johnson.  AN Robert G. Press-
                          ler serving with VT-28 NAS Corpus Christi.  Signalman SN John Niemershien aboard the
                          USS Lake Champlain.
June 22              54 VC Guerillas in Sunday fighting.  PVT Steven H. Carpenter and PVT Roger H. Panning
                          completed advanced training Ft. Polk. 
June 23              Ambassador Lodge resigns post in S. Vietnam LBJ names Gen. Taylor to replace him.
June 24              PVT Roger L. Price assigned Ft. Riley for advanced training as a rifleman.
June 29              4 American airmen killed in helicopter crash.  Lodge gives Johnson encouraging report on
                          S. Vietnam.  Larry R. Amann and Steven P.Alexander enlist in the Marines both in basic
                          training at San Diego. 
June 30              PVT Stephen Porter finished Radio Relay Operations Course at Ft. Gordon.  David F.
                          Monroe discharged from the USMC.  Winston J. Stewart and William G. Kerr discharged 
                          from the Army.
July 1                 Lodge confident of success in S.Vietnam.  William Rettig in basic Lackland AFB.
July 6                 HAS Tommy R. Miller serving at NAS Point Mugu.  PVT Robert Sriver in basic Ft. Knox.
                           James M. Teague undergoing two weeks active duty training at Great Lakes.
July 7                 PVT Timothy Brooks completed basic training San Diego now stationed at Camp Pendle- 
                          General Taylor arrived in Saigon.
July 9                 Draft Board reclassifies 26 into 1-A status.  1A Steven Armie, Kenneth Briner, Larry 
Brown, David Butcher, Leonard DeLong, Sammy Faust, Danny French, Charles Gidley, Franklin Gressley, 
James Henry, Paul Jenkins, Donald Lefforge, Larry Miller, Ronald Monce, Joe Moore, Joe Necessary, 
William Neher, Rodger Rapp, George Scheerer, Danny Schlemmer, Robert Slusser,  John Sutton, David 
Vrooman, Chester Weaver, John Wilson, Jerry Wynn.  1C James Schaaf, John Deal, Robert Sriver, Daniel 
Fulwider, Don Coomer, William Rettig, Richard Brown, Harley Rettig and John Holmes.  1S Larry Har- 
graves, Sammie Jackson, Larry Stevens and Larry Richards.  1W Mark O. Hillsamer.  1Y William J. Cox, 
Gary L. Hunt, Vernon Bourff, Larry Klutz, Donald Radabaugh, James Stefanatos and Ronald Clupper.  2R 
Jack Cussen, Dewayne Beery, Philip Stout, William Manley, Nelson Zinsmeister, Leland Beery, John Holl, 
Nicholas Hipsind and Millis Bostic.  2S Ronald Greene.  3A Philip Brown, Francis Bundy, Ronald Burton, 
Robert Kreamer, Michael Walters, Larry Cox, Raymond Martin and Tommy McClure.  4A Harold Cleaver, 
Curtis Shoemaker, Antoni Tokarz, Winston Stewart, William Kerr, Ronald Fearnow and Ronnie Richards.  
4F Michael Bradley. 
July 10               Clarence R. McNeeley discharged from the Army. 
July 11               A3C Rodger L. Grandstaff graduated technical training at Greenville AFB. A3C Dannie 
                           Wilde graduated from technical training Shepperd AFB assigned to Baer Field.
July 12               Communists speed up rate of infiltration into Vietnam.
July 13               Vietnam toll climbs 250 government troops killed by VC.  An American advisor wounded. 
                            SGT Darl Stevens, medical aidman assigned to HQ Co., Camp A.P. Hill.  He entered the 
                            army in 1945 and was last stationed in Vietnam.  PVT Garland V. Webb assigned to 2nd 
                            Armored Div. in Ger.
July 15                PVT Kenneth J. Earhart now stationed in Germany.
July 17                American medic killed in Vietnam ambush also five Seabees wounded southwest of 
July 18               CPO Ronald E. Swigart, 116th Naval District, selected Sailor of the Month.
July 20                S. Vietnam urges extending war north.  PVT Ronnie Butcher completed course at Aber-
                           deen Proving Ground.
July 21                S. Vietnam forces crushed in Red ambush and an American advisor injured. 
July 22                Commandoes dropped in Red N.Vietnam reveal U.S. officers flying combat planes.
                            PVT Homer E. Easterday completed advanced training at Fort Sill.  A3C Richard M.
                            Mughmaw completed technical training  Sheppard AFB assigned TAC command, 
                           England AFB.  John E. Holmes and Michael L. Campbell began training Great Lakes. 
July 25                LT Robin K. Miller assigned to the 11th Air Assault Div., Ft. Benning.  Samuel L.
                            Leckrone attending an 8 week cooking course Ft. Knox.
July 27                U.S. promises more troops for S. Vietnam.  Khan to have all the weapons he needs.
July 30                American Army officer killed by guerillas north of Saigon.  Brian I. Featheringill in basic
                            training Lackland AFB.  PO2 John C. Carrouthers completed training deviseman school
                            NATTC Memphis.
July 31                USS Maddox on intelligence collection mission in Gulf of Tonkin 8 miles from land. 
August 1             Richard D. Coppock completed basic at Camp Pendleton selected for special training on
                            amphibious trucks.
August 2             Three North Vietnamese P-4 torpedo boats attack the USS Maddox in the Gulf of Tonkin.
                            One P-4 sunk and 1 heavily damaged.  After action the USS Maddox joined by the USS
                            C. Turner Joy.  Johnson issued shot to kill orders at Reds to Navy after the attack. 
August 4             175th American military man killed in Vietnam.  MSGT Jean R. Ramey named USAF top
                            supervisor by LCOL Charles H. O'Dell.  The USS C. Turner Joy reported fired upon.
August 5             USN planes bomb four Red bases.  Two planes lost.  Retaliation ordered by Johnson.  S.
                            Vietnam reports U.S. Jets arriving there. USS Robert B. Anderson headed to Vietnam
                            from San Diego.  Arrived at Subic Bay on August 28th.
August 6              Southeast Asia bolstered by rush of U.S. military, air, land and sea forces gathering for
                             showdown.  Congress backs president on Vietnam action.  Legion oks US action in
August 7              Khanh proclaims emerging crisis in S. Vietnam; becomes absolute ruler of country,  
                             leaves for front.  Congress passed the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution, giving the president the
                             power "to take all necessary measurers to repel any armed attack against the forces of the 
                             United States and to prevent further aggession."
August 8              Miss Ann Kiss, Lt. George Moon repeat vows.  A3C Richard M. Mughmaw assigned to a
                            TAC unit at England AFB.
August 12            181st American killed in Vietnam action.  Pilot shot in helicopter mass attack.
August 13            White House denies orders to use nuclear bomb in Vietnam.
August 17            Vietnamese troops lured into ambush.  Brian Featheringill, technical training, Kessler
                             AFB, promoted to A3C.
August 19            A2C Larry J. Eckerley completed technical training at Lowry AFB.
August 21            Rebels ambush Vietnam troops over 100 dead including four Americans.
August 22            Miss Judith Forrest, LT. John D. Cooke exchange vows.  TSGT Gerald Spehn, administ-
                            rative supervisor, assigned to USAFE at Rhein Main AFB.  SK3 Robert L. Shaver,USS 
                            Long Beach,  participated  in Operation Sea Orbit.
August 24           Vietnam mobs stone hotel of 500 troops.
August 25           Khanh resigns but student riots continue.
August 26           Vietnam mob beats four hospital patients to death.  Institution operated by Americans. 
                            PVT Max E. Metzger, cannoner Batt B, 3rd BAT 1st Div. 33 Art., Ft. Riley, participated in 
                            joint Army-Air Force Exercise Indian River III.
August 27           Saigon scene of bloody Buddhist-Catholic war behead several victims.
August 28           Provisional committee to rule Vietnam two months.
August 29           Nguyen Xuan Oanth picked acting premier for S. Vietnam.
August 31           Air Force Captain killed, other wounded in Vietnam.  Plane fired on by Red guerillas.
September          USS Anderson on Yankee Station in Tonkin Guld in support of carriers in Task Force (TF) 77. Involved
                   in first combat in both South China Sea and Tonkin Gulf.  Provided gunfire, supplied river boats,
                   patrolled and monitored Russian supply lanes for more than 300 days at sea.
September 1        Khanh to be back in the saddle soon.  AN Harley L. Reffig selected for technical tra- 
                            ining as an air policeman Lackland AFB.  A2C Robert W. Benbow stationed at 
                            Homestead AFB.
September 4        Robert L. Sriver completed basic Ft. Knox assigned to advanced training at Aberdeen, Md
September 8        S. Vietnam's ruling tree elects Minh chief.
September 9        Khiem is balance wheel between Khanh and Minh.
September 10      No quick military victory in Vietnam seen.
September 11      Khanh ousts three leaders in S. Vietnam shakeup; two powerful military men, police
                            head out.
September 14      Royal troops demanding high price of Khanh.  U.S. standing behind Khanh.
September 15      Khanh starts purge of high military command prompted by demands of generals.  A2C
                            Jerry G. Robins completed USAF communications technicians course Goodfellow AFB 
                            PVT Jon A. Gidley enlisted in the USMC sent to San Diego.
September 16      Key rebel commander Col. Van Ton surrendered to Khanh.
September 17      Captain John L. Neff assumes command of the USS Maury operating out of Pearl Harbor.
September 18      AN William L. Rettig completed basic Lackland AFB assigned to a SAC unit at Wurt-
                            smith AFB.
September 21      Soviets warn U.S. against interfering in N. Vietnam.  PVT Jon P. Harris completed Nike-
                            Hercules missile crewman training Ft. Bliss.
September 22      Goldwater criticizes S. Vietnam policy.
September 23      Communists shoot down two American Skyraiders.  U.S. pilot feared captured or killed
                            by Reds. 
September 25      US Army officer killed in Vietnam.
September 26      SP5 Charles F. Forrester, fire direction computer, Batt A, 10th Art., 6th Batt participated
                            in Exercise FALLEX 64 in Germany.  SSGT Jack L. Marburger, supply sgt, 565th
                                           Medical Co. near Baumholder also participated. A3C Roger L. Grandstaff graduated from
                            Tech. training for surgical assistants Gunter AFB assigned to a TAC unit at MacDill AFB. 
October 2            PVT Terry Brewer completed basic Ft. Knox assigned Ft. Gordon for airborne training.
October 3            AlC James D. Vickery, flight operations specialist, 329th  Fighter Interceptor Sqd at  
                            George AFB.
October 5             PVT Steven P. Alexander and PVT Larry R. Amann completed basic at San Diego going 
                             to Camp Pendleton for AIT.  Capt. James S. Petry completed the academic phase of SAC 
                             B-52 combat crew training at Castle AFB and sent to Travis AFB for duty.  SK3 Robert 
                             Shaver, USS Long Beach, returned to Norfolk after completion of  Operation Sea Orbit.
October 6             Vietnamese troops fire at mobs of armed rioters.  Goldwater, if elected would ask Ike to
                             go to Vietnam.
October 10           PVT Paul D. Koerner, 15th Recon Tech Sqd,  March AFB promoted to AlC.
October 12           Report 300 casualties in savage Vietnam fighting.
October 13           Leroy Bakehorn, Jr. promoted to A2C at Orlando AFB.
October 16           PVT Daniel R. Fulwider completed ICTLowry AFB sent to an ADC unit Dover AFB. 
October 20           Herschel L. Hall finished basic training and now in A Co. 5th Eng., BN, CHT, Ft. Leo-
                             nard Wood.
October 21           Khanh and party quit again.
October 24           Dennis E. Templin, Ninot AFB, promoted to A2C.
October 28           AB June K. Johnson completed basic Lackland AFB in technical training at Shepperd
October 30           VC attack Bien Hoa air base.  Johnson rejects proposal for retaliatory raids against N.
                             Vietnam.  PVT Anthony W. Watson,33rd Armor, stationed in Germany.
November 2         Find Red mortars within mile of secret air base at Bein Hoa.  U.S. replacing Jets
                             destroyed.  James A. Monce promoted to 1st LT. at Connally AFB.
November 5         VC patrol nears U.S. Embassy in Saigon.  Troops flee when movement seen.  SGT Wil- 
                             liam S. Leeka, gunner in Battery B, 9th Art, 8th Batt.,graduated from 7th Army NCO
                             academy Bad Tolz, Ger.  J.L. Amones promoted to A2C at Bentwaters RAF station. 
November 6         A2C Lawrence A. Roffelsen graduated from tactical missile school Orlando AFB assig-
                            ned USAFE in Germany.
November 1        PVT Terry L. Brown and PVT Gary D. Enyeart completed recruit training San Diego.
                            AA Mickey Hudson graduated from Aviation Mech. Fun. School NATTC Memphis.
                            A2C Herman R. Beaujean, Dover AFB took part in Exercise Gold Fire I as did PVT  Earl
                            Webb, bridge specialist, Co E 1st Eng. Div. 1st Div., Ft. Riley. 
November 16      2nd LT Michael P. Landis entered USAF navigator training Connally AFB. SMSGT
                            Richard E. Stubbs retired from the USAF at Hamilton AFB after 22 years of service.
November 17      PVT Jay Sullivan completed single engine single rotor helicopter repair course, Ft.
                            Eustis.  AN Richard L. White aboard the USS Saratoga, Mayport, Fl.  Teddy Harman
                            began basic Great Lakes.
November 18      Vietnamese Restaurant Bomb injures Americans.  Devise concealed in café favoring U.S. 
                            Servicemen.  USAF Sabre jet downed in Laos.  MSGT Walter P. Reason assigned to Co.
                            C Army Armor Center's Special Troops, Ft. Knox.  A2C Michael S. Harner graduated 
                            From communications analysis specialist course Keesler AFB.
November 20      Guerrillas shoot down 3 military planes in 24 hours.
November           Saigon convulsed by rioters protesting Khanh's rule.  Ambassador Taylor urges Khan to 
                            leave the country.
December 1        Guerillas shoot down two planes.  President Johnson hears critical review of Vietnam
                            policies from Gen. Taylor.  Linwood L. Parr, Larry Stewart and Jeffrey Fahrnow enlisted 
                            in USAF sent to Lackland AFB.
December 3         Brezhnev makes stinging attack on U.S. blasts actions in Vietnam, Cuba and Congo. 
D ecember 5        Jack D. Gregory, Bakalar AFB, promoted to TSGT.
December 7         SR Danny L. Schlemmer undergoing active duty training aboard the USS Harve.
December 9         Vietnamese troops capture rebel held government garrison at An Lao. 
December 10       Government troops mop up after Viet Cong attacks.  Seventh American missing in four
                             days of fighting.  232 Americans killed in Vietnam since January 1961.  PFC Ronnie D.
                             Butcher, Co. D 275th Maintenance Batt., 25th Inf. Div., participated in Long Sabre III. 
December 14       Vietnam Reds make way to U.S. headquarters.  Four officers wounded on own doorstep.
                             Operation Barrel Roll began against HoChiMinh Trail.  FN Ralph Kirchbaum aboard the 
                             USS Coral Sea.
December 16        AMMAN Ralph Barton Airborne Early Warning Sqd One, Guam, awarded Armed 
                             Forces Expeditionary Medal for participation in the Gulf of Tonkin incident. 
December 21        PVT Richard Hoover completed lineman course at Army Southeastern Signal School, Ft.
December 24        VC terrorists bomb American military billet in Saigon.  38 Americans wounded in bom- 
                              bing.  U.S. officers club blasted.  Johnson rejects proposal for raids against N. Vietnam.
                              AN Mickey E. Hudson completed  Aviation Machinists Mate Jet Engine course NATTC 
December 28        Vietnamese rangers rout rebels in two day battle.  Government troops make weapon haul
                            at Soc Trang.  AN Jeffrey W. Fahrnow selected for technical training as air policeman at 
                            Lackland AFB.
December 29      Three Copters shot down, GI's wounded.
December 30      Six more Americans killed or captured in Vietnam.
December 31      December is bloodiest month for U.S. in Vietnam.  171 Americans killed or missing.


January 5           Vietnamese government suffers record casualties.  19 Americans among wounded missing 
                          or killed Binh Gia.
January 15         VC military bases raided by S. Vietnamese.  ET2 Daniel I. Knee, USS Lind, completed a
                           USAFI course.
January 21         Vietnam Buddhists declare war on anti-Communist army, denounce generals as "power
January 22         Buddhists stage riots at U.S. Embassy in Saigon.  USIS building also attacked.  LCPL 
                          Robert F. White is stationed with HS Co., 1st BATT, 3rd Marines in Okinawa.
January 23         PFC Kenneth J. Earhart, grenadier, Co. C, 1st BATT, 87th Div,  Germany, participated in
                          Exercise Golden Arrow. 
January 25         Martial Law imposed on Hue due to protests.
January 26         Buddhist 17 year old girl burns self to death in protest of government at Nha Trang.  AN
                          David A. Black completed basic Lackland AFB, sent to Shepperd AFB for technical trai-
                          ning.  ETSM John P. Barnes deployed aboard the USS Chevalier.
January 27         S. Vietnam government flips again; Houng ousted, Buddhists celbrate removal.  Latest up-
                           heavel problem for U.S.
January 29          Buddhists deny anti-American statement. 
February 2          Fighting erupts in Laos; rebel troops driven back.  Attempted coup interrupted by loyal
                            forces.  Three U.S. fliers wounded in Vietnam.  
February 4          McGeorge Bundy, national security advisor arrives in Saigon.  Jon Haupt begins basic
                            training Great Lakes.
February 7          VC stage attacks against American installations.
February 8          VC military bases blasted for second day.  Raid follows retaliation strike by U.S. against
                            Vihn Linh.  SP6 Harry B. Pitts, medical specialist, 64th Field Hospital, Ft. Richardson
                             participated in Exercise Polar Strike.   
February 9           3 U.S. Helicopters shot down in Vietnam American crewman killed. 
February 10         VC destroy U.S. Army billet fear 31 Americans killed at Qui Nohon. 
February 11         Air attacks from ground and Navy strike at Reds.  150 planes bomb N. Vietnam military 
February 12         Red China hints at sending volunteers to N. Vietnam.
February 15         Saigon government charges Communists infiltrating country.  Claims enemy carries arms  
                             by Soviets.  A2C William F. David awarded USAF Good Conduct Medal Luke AFB.  
                             ET2 Daniel Knee aboard the USS Wallace L. Lind, participated in Operation Spring-
                             board. FNAA Michael E. Nearhouse, USS Hammerberg, participated in NATO Exercise
                             Match Maker
February 16          Soviet Premier demands U.S. get out of Vietnam.  Buddhist Premier Quat picks twenty
                             men for cabinet.
February 18          Dr. Phan Huy Quat forms government in Saigon.  Catholic officer seize Saigon, topples
                             Buddhists.  Khanh orders loyal troops in counter-coup.  Boilerman 3 Thomas J. Elsten
                             received Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal for his participation in Vietnam while
                             aboard the USS Bausell.
February 20          Khanh back in S.Vietnam drivers seat.
February 22          Khanh agrees to get out of S. Vietnam.  Resignation phoned to Saigon.  William F. 
                             David, aircraft mechanic Luke AFB, promoted to A1C.
February 23          Khanh to be exiled as a roving ambassador.  Larry E. Stewart and Linwood L. Parr com-
                             missioned 2nd LT in the USAF upon graduation from OTS, Lackland AFB.  Both assig- 
                             ned to Lowry AFB.  U.S. defeat in S.Vietnam would mean massacre-Senator Dodd.
February 24          Operation Rolling Thunder, sustained bombing of N. Vietnam begins.  Door cracked in  
                             soundings of negotiation in Vietnam.
February 25         100 Vietcong killed in one B57 bomber strike.  House members oppose seeking political
                            settlement in Vietnam.
February 26        Vietnamese students demand end of war in Vietnam.  Red China plans to supply tanks, 
                            artillery to the N.Vietnam Reds.  Kosygin demands troops get out of Vietnam and Korea.
                            U.S. to meet force with force until Reds leave S. Vietnam.
February 27        U.S. had definite proof of outside Red aid in Vietnam.  Calls infiltration aggression real as
                            army.  U.S. Plans more aid in S. Vietnam. 
March 1              Red infiltration must halt first declares Phan Huy Quat.
March 2              U.S. Vietnamese planes bomb two North targets.  Twin attacks larger than 3 prvious.
March 3              Enemy planes driven off by Vietnamese.
March 4              Communists drop bomb on Saigon.  MM3 David R. Johnstone, USS Preble, and FC Tech  
                            SA Donald Vogel, USS Oriskany,  participated in Operation Silver Lance.  SK3 Robert L. 
                            Shaver, USS Long Beach, participated in Operation Springboard.  PVT Timothy J. 
                            McVicker is a mechanic in HQ Co. 1st Batt 67th Armor, Ft. Hood.   
March 5              S. Vietnamese bombers strife Cong positions.
March 6              Marine reinforcement of S. Vietnam position postponed 1,200 to 2,000 Leathernecks 
                            would protect American Air installations. Gregory L. Atkinson enlisted in the USMC
                            sent to San Diego.  A3C Dale L. Silvers finished basic Lackland AFB sent to radar and
                            radio electronics school Keesler AFB.            
March 8              Two Marine battalions land to defend DaNang airfield.  The first combat troops in
                           Vietnam land with usual good nature.
March 9              Vietnamese report 100 guerrillas killed.
March 10            Cong grip broken on Binh Dinh Province severance of S. Vietnam prevented.
March 12            PVT Tommy F. Berry completed basic Ft. Knox sent to Ft. Polk. 
March 13            Communists try to blow up U.S. employees building, janitor foils plot defuses time bomb.
March 15            A2C Robert W. Benbow, Homestead AFB, awarded the USAF Small Arms Expert Mark-
                            smanship Ribbon.  MSGT Jean Ramey received USAF Commendation Medal.  PVT 
                            Stephen R. Rogers and PVT William L. Maurer completed advanced training as a
                            cannoner at Army Artillery and Missile Center, Ft. Sill.
March 18            S. Vietnamese bombing accidentally kills 30 children. Cordier believes UN may have role 
                           in settling Vietnam Crisis.
March 20            Operation Rolling Thunder began against HoChiMihn Trail
March 22            Vietnamese use form of tear gas on Communists.
March 29            Red radar bases bombed by U.S. Navy.
March 30            Death toll climbs to 17 in Saigon bombing retaliation expected against Hanoi.  Other 
                           major bombings against U.S. buildings.  
March 31            3 U.S. helicopters shot down by Communists two Marines killed 16 injured.  Gen. Tay- 
                            lor's rumored resignation denied at White House and State Department. 
April 1                 Pilots count 200 guerrillas dead at DaNang.
April 2                 Daryl G. Abell finished basic Lackland AFB, promoted to A3C sent to radar and radio
                             electronics school.
April 3                 Communists claim 12 U.S. planes downed in fight MIGs involved in defense of bridge
                             near Hanoi.  General Taylor heads to Saigon with promise of more troops.  SGT William
                            S. Leeka, 9th Art., took part in three week training exercise in Grafenwohn, Ger.  
April 7                Johnson at Johns Hopkins University offers Ho Chi Minh participation in a Southeastern
                           Asian development plan in exchange for peace.  Navy rains fire on VC.
April 8                N. Vietnamese Prime Minister Pham Van Dong rejects Johnson's offer, says settlement 
                           must be based on VC Program.  FN Ralph M. Kirchbaum USS Coral Sea, in the Gulf of
                           Tonkin and participated in recent air strikes in N. Vietnam.  PVT Arthur B. Clouser com-
                            pleted single rotor observation helicopter maintenance course, Ft. Rucker.
April 9                Navy bombers battle MIGs near Red China.  Armada of 220 planes raid N. Vietnam.  
                            YN1 Jerry L. Titus, San Diego, promoted to ENS. 
April 10              U.S. Planes have clear sweep in N. Vietnam.  Encounter no MIGs; more Marines arrive.
April 1                SSGT Harold E. Shaw, Schilling AFB, decorated with USAF Commendation Medal.   
                            LTJG Morris H. Duffey attending Preflight School NAS Pensacola.                                                                                                                       
April 13              North Vietnamese execute American aid official.  PVT Richard H. Greene completed  
                           basic Ft. Knox assigned to Ft. Gordon.  FCTSN Donald H. Vogel, USS Oriskany, is 
                           with the 7th Fleet in the Far East.
April 16              U.S. puts six N. Vietnamese bridges out of commission.  U.S. learns Soviets building anti
                           aircraft base at Hanoi.
April 19              Four Americans killed in battle near Qui Nhon.  Two helicopters shot down in jungle raid.
April 20              Red China threatens campaign in Vietnam.
April 21              McNamara reveals more Red infiltrating south.  War effort to be increased as counter-
                           action.  A3C Rodger D. Smith completed basic Lackland AFB sent to radar and radio
                           school, Kessler AFB. Rusk sees no end to Vietnam fight. 
April 22              Marine patrol ambushed by guerrillas.  U.S. beefing up military aid toVietnam.
April 23               Douglas A. Bowman and Herbert L. Mullen enlisted in USMC will be sent in June to
                            basic at San Diego.
April 24               Bombing raids shatter bridge and river docks in North Vietnam.
April 26              VC spies increase in vast numbers in South.  Most weapons are of Red Chinese make. 
                            Reveal full VC unit in S. Vietnam.
April 30              Vietnamese take 1,000 brand new rifles in raids on guerrillas.  John Haupt completed 
                            basic at Great Lakes assigned to NAS Norfolk.  A2C Carl R. Trent, Wurtsmith AFB,
                            cited for helping his unit win selection as the best munitions maintenance sqd in SAC. 
May 1                  Capture large arms cache in Vietnam of Chinese make.
May 3                  Paratroop Brigade of the 173rd Airborne from Okinawa headed for Vietnam.  SEATO 
                            supports U.S. action in Vietnam.  Miss Janice K. Pressler, A1C Richard P. Flinn wed.
May 4                  LBJ asks $700 million more for military action; seeking funds for Vietnam and Domin-
                            ican Wars.  Three marines wounded near Da Nang. Americans in Vietnam reject idea of
                            its becoming Dien Bien Phu. 
May 5                 1,200 U.S. Paratroopers land near Saigon.
May 6                 S. Vietnam army votes for civil leaders.  PVT James M. Miller, medical corpsman, 1st 
                           Batt., 2nd Armored Div., 78thArt., participated in Exercise Silver Hand at Ft. Hood.
May 8                 200 air force planes blast three Red military targets tons of bombs and missiles fall on
May 10               Round the clock raids staged on N. Vietnam.  U.S. advisor killed; two wounded.
May 11               AB Terry L. Eltzroth in basic Lackland AFB.
May 12               45,000 U.S. Forces now in South Vietnam.
May 13               Red guerrillas use Vietnamese uniforms in raid.
May 14               S. Vietnam Rangers score biggest victory.  LTJG Morris H. Duffey graduated Naval pre-
                           flight school NAS Pensacola.
May 15               U.S. suspends bombing in Vietnam.  Survey damage of previous raids during lull.  SA
                            Jerry McKee finished basic Great Lakes assigned to USS Comstock.  PVT Phillip B.
                            Woodward in USMC basic San Diego.
May 16               27 men killed and 100 wounded during accidential explosion of a bombon a parked B57
                            triggered a series of blasts at Bien Hoa Air Base.  Aircraft and ammo stored too close.   
May 17               Tide may be turning in Vietnam.
May 18               S. Vietnamese launch pincer action against Communist base at Binh Thuan. 
May 19               Forty planes in second attack on N. Vietnam- severe damage inflicted on military targets.
May 20               USAF planes attack Hanoi area with leaflets.
May 21               VC fail in attempt to oust government.
May 22               U.S. bombers getting closer to city of Hanoi blast targets within 55 miles of Red Carpet.
May 24               Four Americans killed in VC ambush nearly 100 Vietnamese reported dead.
May 25               U.S. jets accidently blast S. Vietnamese base.  Planes stray off course, 5 men injured.
                            ETSN J.C. Birkett, USS Manley, participated in Operation Fairgame III in the central 
May 27               American warships enter Vietnam War first time destroyers bombed three provinces.
May 28               Helicopter collision kills 9 GI's at Bien Hoa base. Chief J.H. Grossnickle to serve aboard 
                            the USS Oriskany LPH3.  AN William L. McDaniel graduated AMS school NATTC 
June1                  South Vietnamese marines launch counter attack at Quang Ngai.  PFC Robert Sriver, 
                           serving at Aberdeen Proving Grounds was home visiting family.
June 2                 Red anti aircraft guns blast two U.S. Navy planes; five crewmen killed in worst single air 
                           loss.  403 killed in Vietnam since 1961.  PVT Terry L. Brewer, U.S. Advisors Team 32,
                           stationed at Gia Nyhia.  FCTSA Donald H. Vogel,USS Oriskany ,in the western Pacific.  
June 5                 Coal yard at Vinh among targets hit by U.S. Jet planes.
June 8                 SN Michael Campbell is stationed at Naval Communications Station in Morocco. 
June 9                 White House denies change in Vietnam combat orders.  Use of ground forces previously
                           given approval.  Eldon Heslet enlisted in the USAF in basic Lackland AFB.
June 10               American losses heavy in raid by VC.  Site of battle, Dong Xoal recaptured by govern-
                           ment army.                                                                                                                              
June 11               Air Vice Marshal Nguyen Cao Ky takes over as prime minister of military regime in 
                           Saigon.  See no great increase of troops in Vietnam; Taylor briefs foreign policy leaders
                           in capital.  Government forces gain in Vietnam.
June 12              VC renew attack on village at Dong Xoal.  Battle follows political shakeup in S. Vietnam. 
                           Taylor returns to Vietnam.  Donald E. Spence, jet engine mechanic, Webb AFB, promoted 
                            to SSGT.  FN Ralph Krichbaum, USS Coral Sea, arrived at Yokosuka, Japan.  SKSN 
                           William F. Haupert, USS Altair, returned to the U.S. after two years in the Med. 
June 14               U.S. troops in offensive position in Vietnam.  American bombs take heavy toll of VC. 
June 16               Terrorist bombs wound 36 GIs.  Military advisor believed kidnapped from Battalion. 
June 17               U.S. Jets down 2 MIG fighters.  Missiles used to drop enemy planes.  Back Johnson in  
                            Vietnam Ike says.
June 18                27 B52s rain bombs on Communist units near Saigon.
June 19                PFC Ronald E. Schlemmer completed basic electronics school now attending electronics
                             training school at San Diego.
June 21                New Vietnamese leader pledges war until victory.  AN Terry L. Eltzroth completed basic
                            Lackland AFB in munitions specialist training Lowry AFB.
June 22                U.S. strikes within 100 miles of Communist China.  Two N. Vietnam military targets 
                            bombed.  Barracks at Son La hit.  Cong terrorist executed for U.S. Barracks blast. 
June 23                Fighting flares full length of S. Vietnam.
June 24                S. Vietnam breaks relations with France.  Senate renews debate on Vietnam policy.
June 25                Eight Americans killed in Saigon blast.  PVT Larry D. Brown completed 12 week radio 
                            relay and carrier operation course Ft. Gordon.
June 26               American command in Saigon reports that Vietcong have put five South Vietnamese com-
                            bat regiments and nine battalions out of action in recent months.  Reds attack two Viet-
                            namese posts.  Casualties high in fighting terrorist bombing. 
July 28                Michael Songer enlisted in the Indiana Air National Guard.  Boyd J. Hiner discharged  
                            from the Army.
June 29               Four thousand troops stage Vietnamese operations from U.S., Australia and Vietnam.
June 30               Government scores major victory over VC.  TSGT Phillip Kelley, McGuire AFB, sent to 
                           Thailand for one year.
 July 1                 S. Vietnam asks U.S. for Berlin-type airlift; admits inability to reach through to six
                           cities.  Flags from every state line streets of Vinh Long.  Premier Ky to war of political
July 2                 USAF strikes historic Dien Bien Phuh getting closer to communist city of Hanoi.
July 6                 Troops of three nations sweep Vietnam jungle  Co. A, 326th Combat Eng. Deployed to S.
                           Vietnam as part of the 101st Airborne, Div., 1st Bri.  Most of its efforts were directed
                           toward construction in the A Shau Valley and support of Vietnamese incursion into Laos.  
                           John H. Johnson completed basic at Ft. Knox.  AN Richard L. White and AA Michael 
                           E.Reardon, USS Saratoga, 6th Fleet, in Barcelona.
July 7                 Rep. Ford says bomb Vietnam missile bases site near Hanoi expected to be fortified soon.
                           8,000 Marines land at Da Nang and Qui Nhon ready for immediate battle.
July 8                 Johnson reappoints Lodge ambassador to S.Vietnam to replace Taylor.  Eighteen Amer- 
                           ican combat battalions now in the country.  VC dealt heavy losses by paratroopers U.S. 
                           casualty figures believed much lighter Air Force ready to bomb missile sites. 
July 9                  Marines trap 300 in battalion of VC.  UThant urges end to war in Vietnam. 
July 10                U.S. Bombers strike deep into N. Vietnam.  Predict American offensive in Vietnam in
                            in October.
July 13                Serious days ahead in Vietnam LBJ says U.S. to maintain adequate forces and equipment. 
                            Snipers fire on Marine Beachhead.  Viet talks slated between LBJ and Lodge.  Red 
                            tactics in Vietnam resemble those in China.  Woman is Red officer in Vietnam.
July 14                To consider hike in draft, callup of Reserves, and Guard.  Task force searches Viet jungle. 
                            Secretary of State George Ball sees hard times in Vietnam.
July 16                U.S., Russia can't end Viet crisis; Harriman says settlement of problems up to Vietna- 
                            mese.   Ky asks McNamara for troops to defeat VC.
July 17                Britain assures LBJ of backing in Vietnam.
July 19                VC begin heavy attack on U.S. 
July 20                VC lay siege to American camp at Bu Dop.  PFC Lawrence J. Kessler, Marine Fighter
                            Attack Sqd 531, returned to U.S. after one year in Vietnam.  
July 21                Air Force hits Zone D with 500 tons of bombs.
July 22                Randell Webb, finished Electronics Technicians School asssigned to communications 
                            space station in Ethiopia.
July 24                Air Force strikes at explosives plant.  Warships sink VC junks.  PVT Gregory Atkinson 
completed individual combat training at Camp Pendleton.  Draft Board places 79 in 1A Class and induct 
seven.  1A Paul R. Abernathy, Steve E. Armie, Donald M. Badger, Thomas E. Barrus, DeWayne A. Beery, 
Timothy E. Bogue,  Ronnie E. Bonewitz, Jerry D. Bowman, Ted D. Brown, John W. Burnsworth, Gregory 
Allen Colvin, Galen S. Clark, David E. Coburn, Edward E. Cochran, Terry E. Copeland,  Jack D. Cussen, 
Roy D. Davis,Danny J. Eller, Danny E. Elliott,  John B. Eltzroth, Glen T. Fadley, Sammy Faust, David R. 
Finnegan, Robert L. Franks, Larry R. Freels, Dennis L. Frieden, Carl R. Gidley, Jerry L. Gilbert, Stanley D. 
Gilbert, Raymond B. Goodlander, Michael M. Gray,  James M. Green, Gary G. Grossnickle, Curtis Hart- 
barger, Marion A. Hattabaugh, Martin T. Herrell,  Nicholas Hipskind, Paul L. Johnson, Robert C. Jones, 
Edward E. Kester, William J. Knotts, David Koenig, John W. Liebo, Phillip W. Lloyd, Larry McCallum, 
Joseph W. McSpadden,  Robert L. Macon,  James D. Miller, Paul E. Miller, Mickey R. Miller,  Gary E. 
Montel, Paul D. Moore,  Jon D. Morris, Lawrence T. Pace, Roger I. Partridge, Jerry L. Price, Larry W. 
Richards, Douglas G. Ross,  Jerry W. Schlemmer, Gunther J. Schneider, Merril P. Schoby, Jim R. Shaw, 
Larry G. Snep, Lester E. Spangle, Melvin B. Stanley, David E. Stephan, Erick D. Stone, David A. Story, 
William P. Stouffer, Michael J. Sumpter, Arthur M. Swango,  Byron L. Taylor, Harold E. Thompson, 
Jerald S. Ulrey,  Edwin A. Vossler,  Walter E. Warren, James N. Westafer, Steven K. Williams, Richard L. 
Winebrenner.  1C Sherman R. Ogan, Larry C. Lester, Robert W. Erb, William R. Ragan, Larry L. Har- 
grave, Steven E. Whittlesey, Eldon K. Heslet, Herbert L. Mullen, John P. Grogg, Fred N. Wright, James L. 
Guthrie, Robert E. Earhart, james S. Spaulding, Tommy L. Behny, Rodger E. Rapp, Fredrick L. Hamilton.  
1D Joseph W. Carter, Luther G. Allen, Wayne A. Badsky, William J. Mullinix and David F. Cole.  1O Har- 
old A. Stambaugh and David P. Deardorff.  1S Terry W. Bland, William H. Dials, Rodney K. Kinch, James 
E. Swanson, Donald H. Griffith, James L. Smith, Rupert A. Miller and Marlin E. Pattee.  1Y Harry T. Bec- 
htold, Lester E. Sirk, Richard S. Hearn, John M. Stout, Richard A. Boehme, William L. Rettig, Thomas P. 
Oppy, Ralph A. Conley and Randy L. Russell.  1W Dale J. Stambaugh.  2A Millis F. Bostic, Stephen C. 
Henderson, Ronald L. Baker,Lynn R. Blickenstaff and John R. Wolf. 2S James E. Large, Douglas A. Frie- 
dersdorf, Johnny B. Crumley.  3Aalan W. Frantz, Gene E. Floyd, Gordon R. Miller, Stephen K. Priser, 
Thomas L. Eads, Marlin J. Faust, Dennis J. McCombs, Michael L. Rogers, Charles D. Daniels, Charles E. 
Rau, Jerry W. Walker, Gregory M. Kusiak.  4A  Paul M. Eckelbarger, David P. Lumm, Edwin R. Bever, 
Patrick R. Snyder, Dale L. Kroft, James J. Benedict, James L. Payne, Charles D. Mullenix, DeVon C. Lee, 
Larry L. Robbins, Charles O. David, John R. Mullinix, Hugh L. Pratt, David L. Bickel, Dennis H. Gray, 
Terry L. King, Theodore F. McCune, Robert C. Ross, William E. Eltzroth, Robert L. Shaver, Philip C. 
March, Leslie C. Lake, Michael L. Fisher, Charles C. Purdy, James D. Ridenour, Thornton H. Shearer, 
Richard P. Knotts, Elvin K. Leffel, Donald H. Day, Ted A. Eubank, Larry L. Young, Charles K. Porter, 
Carl D. Black, Max E. Neher, Wayne L. Dawes, Gerald J. Tyner, Robert J. Harris and Douglas L. Long.  
4D Charles L. Deeb.  
July 27               Bomb missile sites 40 miles from Hanoi.  President meets with cabinet on Viet crisis.   
                           Down 3 U.S. bombers.
July 28               Johnson approves Westmoreland's request for forty-four additional combat battalions.  
                          Johnson orders draft inductions doubled; to ask UN to intervene in Viet war.  7 American 
                          planes lost during raids.
July 29              101st Airborne Division lands in Vietnam.  Bombers pound guerrilla forces. 
July 30              VC launches heavy ground attack. U.S. Jets bomb generating plant.  
July 31              VC strike four miles from Saigon.  Strategy session set in Hawaii.
August 2            Air Force bomb near north border.  U.S. Jet downed, pilot captured.  Army to expand
                           training centers.  Operations in Vietnam could cost $14 billion.
August 3            Mrs. Sutton local draft board reports single youths near 21 can expect Selective Service
                          call.  Seven men were called in July.
August 4            Johnson asks for $1.7 billion for Vietnam.
August 5            Report Hanoi may be willing to talk peace.
August 6            U.S. bomber crashes in Nha Trang fire touches off planes bomb load.  American deaths in
                          Vietnam are 546.
August 7            Air Force strikes North Vietnam barracks.  Four Vietnamese Generals booted.  No move
                           toward Viet peace conference.  A2C Steven E. Gordon, fuel systems mechanic, arrived for
                          duty at Tainan Air Station.
August 9            Pilot captured after U.S. Jet is downed.  American forces now in Vietnam total 82,000.
August 10          McNamara, Rusk discuss Vietnam peace moves.  Attempt to end siege of American camp
                          at Duc Co.  PFC Leroy Rinehart, A Batry, 2nd MSLBN. 71st Art., in South Korea.
August 11          Airlift troops to help besieged camp.  Officers predict major battle at Duc Co.
August 12          PFC Steven P. Alexander promoted to LCPL and awarded Expert Rifleman medal and a
                           certification of completion of Construction Blueprint Read I, 13-5.  He is stationed in
                           Okinawa taking courses in Vietnamese language.
August 17          VC suffer heavy losses near Da Nang.  Draft Board to vacate Memorial Hall.
August 18           PVT Phillip B. Woodward graduated recruit training Parris Island assigned to Camp
August 19           Marines mop up after major victory in Vietnam near Chu Lai.
August 20          VC loss set at 563.
August 21          Air strikes riddle retreating VC.  A2C John W. Harper, pharmacy specialist, assigned to
                           Lakenheaken RAF station.  SGT William S. Leeka, gunner BTY 9th Art. passed training  
                           tests in Germany. 
August 25          FCTSA Donald H. Vogel, USS Oriskany, spent two weeks in Japan.  1st LT Max Reed 
                          graduated USAF Squadron Officers School, Maxwell AFB; reassigned Travis AFB.                             
August 26          Bombers strike again against Viet guerrillas.
August 27          VC attack near Saigon.
August 28          South Vietnamese troops in heavy battle on Mekong Delta.
August 31          B52s hit VC strongholds.  Cong grenade injures few in U.S. military compound.  Child-
                           less married men face early '66 draft.                                                                            
September          Chinese Defense Minister Lin Biao indicates China will not intervene directly in Vietnam. 
September 1       Draft of 400,000 men seen in coming year.  A3C Jeffrey L. Flenner completed basic sent
                           to Kessler AFB for tech training as USAF communications electronics specialist. 
September 2       B52s rain bombs over Viet jungle.  Saigon forces sweep into Ho Be Woods.
September 3       1,400 additional Marines land in South Vietnam at Chu Lai.  Confident Ho Chi Minh
                           claims U.S. "bogged down" in Vietnam conflict.
September 7       Mass offensive stayed in Vietnam south of Chu Lai.
September 8       PVT Robert E. Earhart, Hq Co AAIC, 531st, stationed at Ft. Davis, Canal Zone.  Larry C,
                           Lester commissioned 2nd  LT USAF upon graduation from OTS, Lackland AFB.
September 11     VC take village; fire on Xuan Loc.
September 13     5,000 men of the 1st Cav. Div. at Qui Nhon advance of 20,000 men.  PVT Larry Richards 
                           in USMC recruit training at San Diego.  Donald L.Bennett enlisted in 120 day delay
                           program of the USMC.
September 14     Michael P. Landis awarded silver wings after graduating USAF Navigator school, 
                          Connally AFB assigned Mather AFB.
September 18    Fierce fighting in Viet jungles in the Con River Valley northeast of An Khe. 
September 20   Yank paratroopers whip VC in ground battles in the central highlands.
September 21    PFC Daniel R. Fulwider, Marine Wing Hq group 2, at MCAS Cherry Point.  PVT Philip B. 
                          Woodward completed basic ICTCamp Pendleton.
September 22    VC hospital, Ammo dump captured.  AN Roy L. Jackson completed basic Lackland AFB
                          assigned  Amarillo AFB for training as an administrative specialist.
September 23    PVT Donald L. Long completed basic ICT Camp Pendleton.  LT. Kelson Slayman
                          aboard the USS Thomas Edison operating out of Holy Loch Scotland.  PVT Eugene J. 
                          Dewey is a rifleman in the 82nd Airborne Div.
September 30   A1C Richard J. Richardson, equipment repairman, selected Outstanding Airman of the
                         Month for his unit at Nellis AFB.
October 1         VC routed in attack in the Mekong Delta.
October 2         Terrorist bombs explode in Saigon 13 killed 2 Yanks wounded. 
October 4         VC lead heavy attack.  AN Walter R. Rose completed basic Lackland AFB sent to 
                         communications specialist school Keesler AFB.
October 5         VC kill or wound all in U.S. patrol.
October 6         Viet Reds down 3 U.S. jets.  Chinese claim they destroyed another airplane.
October 7         1st Infantry "Big Red One" lands 15,000 men in Vietnam new troops bring total to 140,000.
October 9         Twenty truck U.S. Infantry convoy attached south of Phuoc Vinh.
October 11       U.S. 1st Cav. Div. tightens trap on VC. Believe five battalions encircled in Soui La Tinh 
October 12       Fear VC escaped from trap 5 battalions of enemy disappear.
October 13       SGT 1st Class Harvey Dyer, 426th Medical Co., serving with the 196th Light Inf. Bri., Ft. 
                                     Devens.  PFC Larry R. Amann in the Chu Lai sector in Vietnam with Co. I, 3rd Batt., 11th
                         Marines. FCTSA Donald H. Vogel, USS Oriskany, in the South China Sea.
October 14       Government casualties high in Viet.  December draft call is 45,000.  Larry D. Brown,
                         459th Signal Corps, Ft. Hauchuca promoted to PFC. 
October 15       Launch demonstrations against Vietnam War.  2nd LT Phyliss A. Brinson completed orient- 
                         ation course for nurses at Gunter AFB assigned to Maxwell AFB.  PVT Edward L. Hornung
                         message center clerk, assigned to HQ Batt, 43rd Art, 1st Missile Batt, Fairchild  AFB.
October 16       VC walk into ambush casualties high near U Minh Forest. 
October 19       VC troops defecting.  Enlistments up in all armed services.
October 20       VC launch major offensive in central highlands at Plei Me.  2 U.S. planes downed in battle.
                         Fifteen men from Wabash inducted.  SP4 Roger Panning took part in a rescue and pick up 
                         at sea by the 35th Engineering Group's aviation section.  He was a crew member on the 
                         UH1D Huey that rescued Capt. Paul E. Orf.  SDS Student group pledges continued oppo- 
                         sition to war in Vietnam.
October 21       Jerry McKee, USS Comstock, received letter of commendation for outstanding performance
                          of duty as ship's lookout, which kept a collision of his ship from happening.  In August he 
                          received another commendation when he was in a landing party of Marines at Chu Lai.
October 22        William L. Stewart enlisted in the Army sent to Ft. Knox.
October 26        Air strike turns suicide charge.  Besieged camp holds out again at Plei Me.  Michael J.   
                          Cooper and Sheldon E. Sutton in Naval recruit training at San Diego.  Capt. Denton J. 
                          Riggs completed USAF survival training at Stead AFB assigned to Lackbourne AF.
October 27        Married men face induction.  Reds attack Marine air base at DaNang.  PFC Daniel Ful- 
                          wider stationed  MCAS Cherry Point with H & HS2.
October 28        VC does $10 million in aircraft damage at DaNang.
October 29        Yank paratroopers die by own artillery.  Bombers pound several Viet strongholds.  A2C
                          Larry A. Terrel, radio relay repairman, named Maintenance Man of the month Nakhon
                          Phanom AB. 
October 30        Marines turn back Cong suicide charge.  Outnumbered 4 to l at Da Nang.  PVT Douglas
                          A. Bowman graduated from USMC recruit training at San Diego assigned Camp Pendle-
                          ton.  PVT James L. Kreider completed basic Ft. Knox assigned to 2nd Armored Cav. 
                          Rgt., Ger.  FN Ralph M. Kirchbaum, USS Coral Sea, in the Western Pacific.
November 1      U.S. planes hit missile site.
November 2      VC suffer in close combat at Plei Me.  Bombers hit jungles again.  
November 5       More Red troops reported in Vietnam.  Remove grenade from back of Viet farmer. 
November 8       U.S. bombers smash N. Vietnam SAM missile sites north of Thanh Hoa.  Marines blast 
                           civilian village by mistake near Chu Lai.  12th Tactical Fighter Wing assigned Cam Rahn 
                           Bay.  Plain Dealer wants list of servicemen in Vietnam.  TSGT Robert F. Van Camp,
                           computer maint. tech., selected Outstanding NCO of the Month Traux Field.  A3C Terry 
                           L. Eltzroth graduated USAF weapons mech. training Lowry AFB.
November 11     Combined offensive in Vietnam reopened Highway 1.
November 15     U.S. troops batter Cong near Cambodian Border at Chu Pung Mountain, 1,000 enemy 
November 16      N. Viet regiment annihilated at Chu Pung Mountain.
November 17      N. Viet losses may shift war to new phase.  Thomas L. Wagoner enlisted in the Army 
                            sent to Ft. Knox for basic.
November 18      Heavy casualties in Mountain battle; bombers rake Chu Pung area.  Reds used suicide 
                            waves at Chu Pung.
November 20      Heavy fighting breaks out again in the LaDrang valley.  Westmoreland hails victory.  Peru
                            youth killed in Vietnam.  Ronald D. Reynolds selected Honorman at Great Lakes.  Article 
                            on Vietnam "And then there were three" by Tom Tiede.  Ben Hoa, Viet Nam (NEA)- 
There were 18 ggood men to start with.  Then 17, then 16, then 15.
     One by one they died.
    They were a squad and a half out of B. Company (1st Battalion, the 173rd) left as security while the main 
force searched the hills for the enemy.
     Fifteen good men.  Then 14, then 13, then 12…
     "I think they are friendlies," said Spec. 4 Jerry Langston of Paducah, Ky., when the group first heard the 
noise in the thicket.
     "Hey out there," he hollered, "who the hell's side you on?"
     The reply was bitter and blunt-a bullet.  Jerry Langston smashed to the ground.
     It blew a two-inch hole in his helment, but somehow, drew no blood. "Lord," he said to himself, "I'm 
still alive!"  And then there was no more time for congratulations.  From behind every tree out of every 
bush, pajama-clad Viet Cong began to scour the area with shot.
     A dozen good men now.  The 11, then 10, then nine.
     This was the Cong's kind of fight.  A smaller band of Americans cut off from its parend group, out in 
the jungle cleaing with only elephan grass and mounds of animal waste for protection.
     The enemy blew scores of eerie bugles, which echoed ass frightfully as hundreds.  They advanced 
slowly, fired wildly and punctured every inch of soil or skin unfortunate enough to be exposed.
"We ain't got a chance," Langston thought, "we're all dead."
     Nine good men now.  Then eight, then seven.
     "My rifle," somebody shrieked, "It's jammed."
     "Throw that man a weapon a sergeant shouted.
     "Please somebody, anybody-get me a rifle!"
     The air was thick with gunsmoke and the area littered with dead from both sides.  A VC had moved too 
close and was demolished from waist up by a grenade launcher.  A GI was whimpering on the ground, 
smoke streaming from a neck wound where a white-hot tracer bullet had lodged.
     "I can't see anything," a trooper screamed.  "My eyes."
     "Somebody help that man."
     But there was no help, no medic, no comfort, no hope.
     Seven good men now.  Then six, then five.
     Three noncoms had taken over the phone in 15 minutes time each after the former had died.  One got it 
in the arm and again in the stomach.  The second in the foot, hip and chest.  The third in a dozen places.
     And still the VC advanced.  Herding the dwindling Americans into a small, tight knot of chattering 
weapons and open flesh.
     Langston took over the radio when the last sergeant died.  He heard its rushing whisper but could not 
find the headset.  Then he did, grotesquely clamped in the lifeless hand of his companion.
     Five good men now.  Then four, then three.
     And finally, Jerry Langston felt a blast of heat and passed out.
     He was the last to stop fighting.  He had fired more than 300 rounds of ammunition at a fanatical, 
suicidal enemy.  He had watched his best friend die, and then his next best and his next best after that.
     He himself lived along with two others, wounded, unconscious and left for dead.  There were 18 good 
men to start with.  Now there were only three.  The others, Langston feels, will, at least, go to heaven.
     They have already been to hell.
Legion has orders for flag pins.  Indianapolis (UPI) American Legion national headquarters here announced 
Thursday it had received more than 11 million requests for American flag pins it is distributing in 
"Operation Shouw Your Colors."
     The Legion said the demand for the lapl pins in a program to display suppot of the nation's policy in 
Viet Nam has exceeded all expectations.  Early estimates placed the number of requests at from 5 to 10 
November 23       U.S. forces blast troop concentration.  Planes bomb major airport near Hanoi.  James M. 
                             Miller, medical specialist, 2nd Inf. Div. 12th Art., Korea, promoted to SP4.  
November 24       240 Americans die in Vietnam in week.  Death toll is the largest of the war.  William J.
                             Knotts begins Navy basic training.  PVT Tommy L. Behny completed chemical entry 
                             course Ft. McClellan.  GM3 George D. Jenks, USS Prairie, returned to San Diego.
November 26       McNamara will fly to Vietnam to visit area for the 7th time.
November 27       Missile support base bombed near Hanoi.  Cong launch major attack on plantation.
November 29       McNamara says war tide has changed U.S. will match any Red effort.  Christmas mail
                             floods Vietnam. 
November 30       VC bolsters army in south says McNamara.  Defense chief sees "long road" ahead in 
                             Vietnam.  Red attack on Special Forces camp repulsed.   
December 1         Gromyko cold toward cease fire says U.S. must withdraw troops from Vietnam.
December 2         USS Enterprise pilots fly 140 raids against Reds.  Nuclear powered carrier sees first war-
                             fare.  Loas put on war status.  Latest Vietnam death list is lower. 
December 3         N. Vietnam admits air raids hurt war effort.  TMM2 Roger H. Baldus, USS Richard B. 
                             Anderson, took part in training exercise Range Bush. 
December 4         Reds bomb Navy dispensary in Saigon building.
December 6         Mcnamara plans to close 149 bases.  PFC William Frank on furlough from Ft. Dix to be
                             sent to Germany.   FN James M. Black aboard the USS Brinkley Bass in Seventh Fleet.
December 8         SN Steve L. Wolf graduated basic Great Lakes assigned to the USS Point Defiance.
December 9         Reds inflict heavy losses on Vietnamese.  David L. Leland, Leslie R. Whitesel, Edwin A.
                             Vossler, Harry O. Pence and Terry A. Peas enlisted in USAF in basic Lackland AFB.  
December 10        Marine reinforcement trap VC regiment.
December 11        Leathernecks take VC stronghold near Qui Son.  AN David L. Leland finished basic
                             assigned to Shepperd AFB for training as an accounting and finance specialist.  AN
                             Thomas I. Trisler finished basic assigned Shepperd AFB for training as a communi- 
                             cations specialist.  PVT Larry W. Richards in basic Camp Pendleton.  A2C LeRoy
                             Bakehorn at Orlando AFB.  AB James Bakehorn at Lackland AFB.  FN Ralph M.
                             Kirchbaum, USS Coral Sea, returned to Alameda after 11month deployment.
December 13        Marines find Cong's base camp.  PVT James Draper completed basic Ft. Knox sta-
                             tioned at Ft. Eustis.
December 15       PVT Lynn Hammands enlisted in the Army now at Ft. Knox.
December 16       Rusk tells NATO U.S. willing to talk peace in Vietnam.
December 17       Reds bomb truck full of troops.
December 18       William W. Stumpf promoted to Captain in Marine Reserve in Portland, Oregon.
December 21       FCT3 Donald H. Vogel, USS Oriskany, returned to San Diego. 
December 22       U.S. to step up Viet ground war.  Local draft quota is 16 for January.
December 23       U.S. troops approach truce with caution.  30 hour lull is ordered.  CPL  Wayne L. Ric-
                             hards, USS Guam, deployed to the Caribbean.
December 25        Johnson suspends bombing of N. Vietnam in an attempt to induce the Communists to 
December 28       VC propose new ceasefire for four days.
December 29        Additional troops of the 3rd Brigade, 25th Inf. Div. arrived in Vietnam.  American troop
                             strength in Vietnam reaches 200,000.   Larry C. Keffaber, clerk typist, completed basic 
                             Ft. Knox now at Ft. Bragg.  PVT Dale L. Eppley, Ft. Gordon, finished communications
                             center specialist course. 


January              PFC Douglas Bowman stationed on Guam.  While stationed there he was one of four 
                           Marines picked for duty at the U.S. Naval Brig on Guam out of two battalions of Marines.
January 6           VC press attacks on Saigon.
January 7           SP4 Lawrence Brane separated from active duty at Ft. Sheridan, transferred to the Army 
                           Reserve.  He was awarded the Purple Heart for wounds received in Vietnam. Brane was
                           released from active duty after a little less than two years service.  He was attached to 
                           headquarters and HQ Co., 2nd BN of the 16th Inf. Div. as an armor crewman.  He was also
                           awarded the Marksman Medal for M-1 Rifle and sharpshooter with the M-14.  
January 8           PFC Lawrence K. Kessler with Marine fighter Attack Sqd 531 NAS Roosevelt Roads.
                          PVT Paul L. Johnson completed ICT with the 2nd Inf. Training Regt. Camp Pendleton.
January 10         U.S. troops on secret sweep of Viet jungles.
January 11         Darrell D. Benson, in Germany, promoted to SP5.  
January 12         Find Saigon's Communist headquarters in tunnels.  Richard L. Thompson enlisted in the US Navy. 
January 15         Donald Bennett enlisted USMC sent to San Diego for training.
January 17         U.S. observe new Viet cease fire.  Halt in fighting will come at Chinese New Year. 
January 18         U.S. boosts number of troops in Vietnam.  Marine, Army units increased to 190,000.
January 20         SP4 William E. Evans guard for Gen. R.R. Ploger in Saigon.  
January 21         VC attack shatters still of cease fire.  AA William Knotts, graduated from AMS Hydraulic
                           School, NATTC Memphis.  SGT William S. Leeka participated in field exercises near
                           Grafenwohr, Ger.  PFC Gregory L. Atkinson in the Hue-Phu Bai sector, Vietnam.
January 22          Hope for early peace in Vietnam at new low.  Speculate on resumption of air attacks.
January 24          2nd LT Jackie Barnhouse completed field artillery basic officers course Ft. Sill. 
January 25          Transport crash in Viet jungle kills 47 Americans.  AN  David A. McHarry chosen for
                           USAF weather specialist training, Chanute AFB.  AN Edwin A. Vossler selected for
                           USAF aircraft maintenance specialist training Sheppard AFB.  James L. Smith received
                            paratroopers wings at Ft. Rucker.
January 27          PFC James Spaulding in Vietnam.
January 29          SSGT Everett G. Miller died in action in Vietnam.  The mother was notified by the 
decedent's wife, who had been living in Oahu, Hawaii, but has returned to the States after receiving word 
of her husband's death.
     No other details were learned except that the body is being returned to Kansas City, Kansas, and burial 
will be in Fort Leavenworth National Cemetery.  Mrs. Miller returned to the home of her parents in Kansas 
City, where she awaits further word.
     SSGT Miller was born in Roann, Feb. 2, 1932, to Isaac Solomon and Zella May (Reed) Miller.  His 
marriage to Katherine Setzer occurred August 20, 1955 in Kansas City.
     Mr. Miller came to Wabash in December of 1944 and attended city schools until his graduation from 
Wabash High School in 1952.
     Considered a star basketball player, Mr. Miller played on teans that won 37 straight games.  He also 
held a pass interception record in football.
     He was a member of two Wabash sectional tournament championship teams in 1950 and 1951.  His 
junior year, 1951, he was named to the Central Indiana Conference all-conference team.
     His junior year, his last season of eligibility, the Apaches won 16 and lost nine.  They finished second in 
the CIC.  Other team members included bob Mattern, Jim Vrooman, Jerry Renbarger and Bud Deeter.
     Suvivors include the widow, a son, Chris; one daughter, Tracy; the mother, seven brothers and sisters, 
Charles Miller, Mrs. Donald Coolman, James Miller, all of Fort Wayne; Mrs. Guy Smith, Peru; Robert 
Miller, Mrs. Gene Williams, both of Wabash, and Meredith Miller, address unknown; five half-0brothers 
and sisters, Mrs. William Teel, Mrs. Byron Tyson, Lemoine Miller, all of Wabash; Lewis Miller and 
Donald Miller, both of Fort Wayne.
     SSGT Miller enlisted in the Army in 1952, and saw service in Germany, Korea and Hawaii.
January 31          Johnson resumes bombing after 38 day lull.  PVT Kenneth D. Alexander completed com-
                           munications center specialist course at Ft. Gordon.
February 2          Offensive in Vietnam increase. 
February 3          Cavalry smashes VC units.  SP4 Dale A. Weiss married in Spokane, Wa., to Elsa Louise
                            Faler.  Herschel L. Hall, Korea, promoted to SP4.    
February 4           Bombers pound roads, bridges in N. Vietnam.  Senate committee begins debate of Viet-
                             nam policy.
February 5           Big offensive on in Vietnam; full division may be involved in huge sweep.  Kenneth
                            Collins, Hickman AFB, promoted to Major.  Burton Myers enlisted in the Army began 
                            basic Ft. Knox.
February 7           Fear Cong forces elude trap, net misses 1,500 enemy soldiers west of the An Lo Valley.
February 8           Johnson and S. Vietnamese leaders issue a communiqué in Honolulu emphasizing the 
                            need for pacification in S. Vietnam.  Plan Vietnam economic reform talks link growth 
                            with war victory.  Close fighting rages in Vietnam. 
February 9          Viet casualties increase; enemy suffer extensive losses in major battle in Ia Drang Valley.  
                            A3C Roy L. Jackson graduated administrative specialist course Amarillo AFB.
February 10        A1C John E. Kelly graduated from aircraft propeller repairman training course Sheppard 
                            AFB.  AN Kenny L. Metzger sent to aircraft equipment school, Chanute AFB.
February 11        U.S. begins new Viet offensive near Phu Xuan.
February 12        PVT Roger L. Haupert completed combat engineer course at Ft. Leonard Wood.
February 18        Rusk backs Viet fighting calls commitment vital to American image in world.  John T.
                           Cruz in basic at Great Lakes.  James D. Bowman, Shepperd AFB,  promoted A2C.  AA
                            John R. Guthrie and AA Scott L. Cooper serving with VT3 Whiting Field NAAS.   
                            TMM3 Roger H. Baldus,USS Richard B. Anderson, in the South China Sea.                                                           
 February 19        Savage Vietnam battles continue.  Cavalry hits Cong in Bong Son area.  Anti-Viet pickets 
                            follow Humphrey.  AN Max E. Cox in technical training Chanute AFB.  Leroy Bakehorn 
                            personnel specialist Orland AFB, promoted to A1C.  PVT Paul D. Moore finished radio 
                            technician course, assigned to heavy Material Supply Co., Ft. Monmouth.  Billy G. Heath,  
                            Terry W. Sutton and Danny L. Howell enlisted USMC 120 day delay program.
February 21        AN Harry Pence graduated basic Lackland AFB will attend communications-electronics
                           course, Kessler AFB.
February 22        U.S. troops ambushed major encounter at close range.  FN Jackie LeeVotra assigned to 
                            the USS Okanogan.  Garland Webb promoted to SP5 in Germany.  AN Robert L. Fordyce
                            and AN Bryan B. Brooks finished basic Lakeland AFB selected for advanced training.
February 23        VC stand and fight heavy ground fire hits helicopters near Bong Son.   PFC Philip B. 
                            Woodward received multiple wounds in Vietnam.  A telegram from LT.GEN. R.C. 
                            Mangrum, USMC, stated he sustained  multiple wounds in the face, right arm and lower 
                            extremities while engaged in action against hostile forces.  He received treatment aboard 
                            the USS Repose.  His condition serious.  He entered the service in May 1965 and had 
                            been in Vietnam a month.      
February 25        March draft call slashed enlistments cut need by 10,500.  Selective Service inducted 12
                           men in February and seven in March; Ronald D. Barlow, Randall L Beeks,  Joseph A. 
                           Catterton, James D. Downey, Larry L. Enyeart, David T. Helms, Paul E. Hull, Bobby D. 
                           Owens,  Lester E. Spangle, and Bobby R. Stevens into the Army and David  D. Lorenz in 
                            the Marines.
March 1              Is there great division over our Vietnam policy?  PVT Roy L. Adkins completed individ-
                            ual combat training at Camp Pendleton.
March 2              350,000 troops for Vietnam.  Increase would come gradually.
March 3              VC hit heart of Saigon.  McNamara says U.S. can win in Vietnam.  New GI Bill signed by
                            president.  SP4 Joseph R. Petro takes part in exercise Winter Arrow with 8th Inf. In Ger.
March 4              U.S. wrecks Viet railroad.  PVT Walter E. Warren in training for service and supply Camp
                           Pendleton.  PVT Raymond Meeks, Jr. completed 3 week airborne course Ft. Benning. 
March 5              Kent L. Fites, Billy G. Heath and Charles T. Wilson enlisted in the USMC.  HC Tommy
                           R. Miller, from Laketon, killed in action in Vietnam, due to a gunshot wound received 
                           near Quangngai Province.  He had been in Vietnam for ll month assigned to the 2nd BATT,
                           4th Marines. 
                                         TOMMY R. MILLER WABASH COUNTY HERO
     During the Vietnam War Wabash County lost sixteen men.  The second young man to give his life for 
his country was Tommy R. Miller.   Miller was born May 7, 1943, the son of Arden and Genevee Miller 
and spent most of his life in the sleepy little community of Laketon, Indiana.  He went to school in Laketon 
and graduated from Laketon High School in 1961.  There were 29 other people in his graduating class.  He 
attended the United Brethren Church in Laketon.   
     Like many a youth in the 1960s he had a decision to make, serve his country or find a way out of it.  In 
January of 1964 he made his decision by enlisting in the United States Navy.  The recruiting office was 
located in Memorial Hall, one floor below the museum.  There he met with recruiting representatives of 
each branch of the service, impressive in their neat clean uniforms.  Willingly they talked up their branch of 
the service and the benefits they had to offer.  Miller enlisted with five other Wabash County youth James 
A. Risser, John L. Butler, Mickey E. Hudson, Ronald E. Swygart and Jerry D. Flinn, all of whom were sent 
to San Diego for basic training.  Three of these men were in the same graduating class as Miller, Butler, 
Hudson and Swygart.  In basic training Miller learned about the history of the Navy, its customs, drills, 
basic seamanship such as tying knots.  He endured physical training, fighting fires and marching drills.  He 
marched everywhere from the barracks to the chow hall to class and back to the barracks.  In April he 
completed basic training and was selected to become a hospital corpsman (HC).  
     Miller packed up his duffel bag and headed to school at Great Lakes.  After graduating from Hospital 
Corpsman School he was stationed at NAS Point Mugu.  In April of 1965 Miller volunteered to go to 
Vietnam serving as a hospital corpsman assigned to the 2nd Battalion, 4th Marines (2/4).  The motto of this 
outfit was "Second to None." In May of 1965 the Marines landed at Chu Lai, in Quang Ngai Province.  
One Marine once said of this province "if there was one place you didn't want to be as an American 
serviceman it was Quang Ngai."  Before long they were involved in Operation Starlite their first major 
     Operation Starlight was followed by "Operation Double Eagle" on January 28, 1966.  It was during this 
operation that Miller met and struck up a friendship with another Hospital Corpsman Carl Dunaway.  "He 
(Miller) was a very likable guy and he and I, along with other corpsmen, had this fraternity, almost, that we 
belonged to and we took it very personal when we lost one of them...we knew each other by name on sight.  
In  'Operation Double Eagle" we were against the PAVN 18th Regiment, 325th Division.   That operation 
scared everyone because the PAVN used Chinese tactics, bugles that were not done since the Korean War 
and they over ran us." 
     Miller and Dunaway continued their friendship after Operation Double Eagle.  "Our conversations were 
always more along the line of our job.  How to do this and how to do that.  I don't ever recall us talking 
about our life growing up or even our folks.  A lot of our conversations were interrupted by gunfire and 
interruptions from various sergeants telling us to get up and move."  As a hospital corpsman Miller had to 
treat so many other "things than they would ever have to think of in the states.  There were guys who had 
their toes bit off by rats while sleeping.  We had some who were mauled by black panthers while on 
ambushes.  The humidity was one of the worst factors against us.  We had guys with mold and fungus 
which grew under their airs and crotch.  I and Tommy, didn't get to sleep in a bed for probably six months.  
We slept on the ground.  We wore the same clothes for most of that time also because we just couldn't pack 
several changes of clothes with us." 
     On March 5th the 2/4 and other outfits were sent on another operation "Operation Utah".  In this 
operation it would be the first time the Marines would engage the soldiers of the PVA (People's Vietnam 
Army) particularly the 36th Infantry regiment PVA.  It was the job of the 2/4 to establish blocking positions 
to close enemy escape routes.  Miller was carried into this engagement on a UH-34 helicopter capable of 
carrying 1,600 pounds.  Upon reaching the LZ (landing zone) the UH-34's came under heavy small arms 
fire.  As Tommy Miller was running from the helicopter he was shot in the head. 
      On his last mission was HC Carl Dunaway.  Dunaway says of that mission: "We were all lifted in with 
these UH-34's (ugly looking helicopters)….  He was on another chopper but on the same third wave. 
      "I remember waiting for the choppers to come back for us and it seemed like forever.  When they did 
most of them all had many, many bullet holes in them.  The chopper I boarded had a hole in its side bigger 
than a watermelon.  I could stick my head through it if I wanted to.  When we landed a firefight was 
already going on.  We were I thought surrounded.  We basically got ambushed as my diary described it.  I 
think I was kneeling, trying to figure out which way to go when I heard someone behind me get hit.  I heard 
my name called out which surprised me.  Before I knew it and could turn around he (Tommy) was thrown 
down on me.  I thought it was just another Marine.  I knew he had a head wound and probably dead or 
damn close to it.  I also knew there wasn't anything I could do for him.  I cradled his body, you know not 
even knowing it was him because his face was so swollen and blue  
     "The noise around me I remember was so ungodly loud.  Hundreds of weapons going off at the same 
time along with mortars, the choppers and screaming.  I pulled the man around and got him laying across 
my lap and searched for his dog tags.  His face looked so bad.  I had his blood down the back of neck, all 
over my left side, and covering my lap.  I looked at his dog tags and at that moment, it was like the whole 
world went quiet.  I kept looking at his face wondering who this man was.  I knew it couldn't have been the 
same Tommy Miller I knew.  But it was.  I think it was a few minutes later a couple of Marines pulled me 
away from there.  Then I saw another corpsman by the name of Lockhart get hit when he ran across a dike.  
The same two Marines that pulled me away from Tommy went for Lockhart and were killed.  This all 
started about 9:00 in the morning and was still going on at 11:00 at night when we had an emergency 
ammo drop."  Dunaway went on to say that "Tommy never-and I mean this with my whole being-never felt 
a thing.  He did not die like so many hundreds that I saw where they laid in pain and agony."
     "We had so many Marines that were wounded that day that after we were able to get them to the LZ 
they bled to death because we couldn't get choppers in to pick them up.  If Tommy would have only been 
wounded, he may still have died because thee was no way of getting him out until the next day." 
    On March 8, 1966 his parents received a telegram informing them that he had been killed in action.  His 
body was returned to the Bender Funeral Home in North Manchester and he was buried in Pleasant Hill 
Cemetery just west of North Manchester.
March 7              Selective Service reports six Wabash county men were inducted in the March 3rd draft 
                           call.  All went into the Army.  They were Lynn E. Lake, Bruce L. Biehl, Sammy D. 
                           Brown, Carl D. Rose, William D. Jacobs and James H. McCoy. 
March 8              James L. Kreider, Germany,  promoted to PFC with VII Corps.
March 9              Cong surround U.S. Camp rescue attempt by air is failure.  Richard L.Thompson in basic 
                            San Diego.  A3C David L. Leland graduated basic Sheppard AFB sent to Maxwell AFB.
                            PVT Alan D. Stackhouse completed advanced artillery and missile school, Fort Sill.   
                            FCT3 Donald H. Vogel received Navy Unit Commendation for his service aboard the
                           USS Oriskany.
March 10            Buddhist demonstrators against Saigon regime in Hue and DaNang.  Enemy takes U.S.
                           camp only 4 Yanks survive the battle.  Three Hamilton brothers in service.  Jim Hamilton, 
                           clerk typist, Edgewood Arsenal; Fred Hamilton MP, Homestead AFB; and Thomas E.
                           Hamilton HC-1 NAAS Ream Field.  PVT Michael D. Metzger completed basic Army
                           administration course Ft. Ord.  LTJG Morris H. Duffey qualifies for carrier landings at
                           NAS Pensacola.
March 11           Choppers save 59 in camp.  Survivors tell of Communist attack at A Shau.  FA Clifford A. 
                           Marsh reported for duty at Naval Amphibious  School, Little Creek.
March 12           Students seize Vietnam radio stations.  Reinstatement of ousted general Thi is demanded.
                          Roger Panning, 35th Engineer group, speaks to Exchange Club on Vietnam experiences.
March 15           Viet soldiers protest firing of Corps Commander Thi.  CPL Wayne L. Richards deployed  
                           to the Caribbean in Exercise Gaucho.  COL. G.M. Anderson assumed command of the 
                           3428th Technical Training Sqd, Offutt AFB.  AN Richard White and Michael E. Reardon 
                           serving aboard the USS Saratoga in the Med.
March 18           Reds move men and supplies on new trail in Vietnam called the Ho Chi Minh Trail.
March 19           Marine losses moderate.  VC hit near Da Nang.  Donald Bennett graduated recruit training 
                           San Diego.  SA John Kilander, USS America, participated in Fairgame IV.  Glenus N.
                           Martin stationed with the USS Okangun at Long Beach.  AN Phillip D. Allen in training  
                          as statistical data specialist Sheppard AFB.  Ernest E. Saunders, Phillip A. Smith, Richard 
                          L. Albert and David L. Idle enlisted in the USMC.
March 21           USMC kill 280 Cong; five American airplanes lost.  AN Steven E. Armie selected for 
                          ing as a medical specialist, Gunter AFB.  AN Stephen M. Conner completed basic Lack- 
                          land AFB.  AN Arnold E. Grossnickel selected for training as munitions specialist Lowry 
                          AFB.  FN Harold Sandelbach crewmember aboard the USS Severn. SP5 Bascom Hunt 
                          awarded Air Medal for service with the 68th Aviation Co.
March 23          SGT Donald L. Vance, 895th Military Police, died of spinal meningitis on Okinawa.  
     Mr. And Mrs. Glen Vance, North Manchester, R.R. 3, received word Monday evening that their son, 
SGT Donald Leon Vance, had died of spinal meningitis on Okinawa.  He was stationed with the 895th 
Military Police.  His death must have occurred suddenly as his wife had received a letter from him 
Thursday and he was well, it was reported.
     Vance was born May 16, 1936 to Glen and Maxine (Hoppes) Vance at North Manchester.  He was 
graduated from Chester High School in 1954 and has been with the Army Military Police for 10 years.  He 
was stationed in Germany for 3 ½ years and in Okinawa since November.
     He is survived by his parents, his wife, the former Frances Miller, Palmyria, Pa., and three children, 
Debra Diane, Rebecca Sue and Robert Glenn.  A sister, Mrs. Ralph Bolinger, lives at North Manchester 
R.R. 2.
     The body is being returned to this country and will be brought to the Bender Funeral Home.  Time of 
arrival is not known as yet and no definite arrangements for the funeral can be made.
3-26-1966	The body of Donald Leon Vance has arrived thisafternoon and funeral services will be held 
Sunday at 2 p.m. in the Bender Funeral Home with the Rev. Benjamin Thomas and the Rev. 
John Bunch officiating.  They body is at the Bender Funeral Home where friends may call 
after 7 p.m. Saturday.
     Masonic Lodge Service will be held at 7:15 Saturday with all master masons meeting at the Funeral 
Home at 7 p.m.
     Following the service Sunday the body will be taken to the Rothermel Funeral Home, Palmyria, Pa., for 
further service.
March 26          Marines protect shipping, land at mouth of Saigon River. Hartke says LBJ has bad advice 
                          on Vietnam War.  MSGT Venix Berlin in Aerospace Rescue and Recovery Hickam Field. 
March 30          VC trap U.S. troops.  Air Cavalry unit pinned down on Chu Pung Mountain.  AN Jackie L. 
                          Hoover selected for training Chanute AFB.  PVT  William K. Powell completed course Ft. 
                          Gordon.  PVT Michael A. Kerr completed combat engineer course Ft. Leonard Wood.
                          A1C Wendell J. Wilson, supply inventory specialist, now in Vietnam.  SA Hillary E. Lar- 
                          rowe sent to DaNang for the next 18 months.
March 31          A3C Leslie R. Whitesel graduated Amarillo AFB.  QM2 Dale H. Williams aboard the USS   
                          Clarion River.  PVT Clyde B. Rife assigned Batt D, 68th Art., 3rd BT.  Roger Panning, rece-
                          ntly returned from military duty in Vietnam presented a slide program to the Wabash Brea-
                          kfast Exchange Club 
April 2               Army 1st Air Cavalry traps VC in valley near Chu Pung.
April 5               Ky's troubles mount; rioting continues in major cities.  FA John O. Brown, USS Lexington 
                           home ported NAS Pensacola.  PVT Danny K. Coldren completed machine engine operat-
                           ion and maintenance course Ft. Eustis.  Jack L. Hoover and Richard S. Lower enlisted in 
                           the USAF.
April 6               Ky moves to end crisis.  Evacuate Yanks from one Viet city.
April 7               Viet riots turn anti-American; mobs attack soldiers in Saigon.  LCDR David G. Smith 
                          aboard the USS Jack.  PFC Paul R. Webb in motor transport in Vietnam.  Draft call for
                          June drops to only 15,000.  William L. Baldwin, chief of military personnel Wiesbaden, 
                          Ger., promoted to LtCol. 
April 9               Buddhists war on Ky.  Americans flee from Danang.  Daniel Grosswiler, 91st Maint. Co.,
                          Ger., promoted to SP4.
April 11             Shortage of U.S. bombers.  Ky moves army troops to Saigon.  PVT Dallas G. Graffis at Ft.
                           Knox.  A3C Robert W. Erb at Anderson AFB, Guam.
April 12             B52s strike N.Vietnam for the first time.  PVT Larry E. Powell completed Radio teletype
                           operation course, Ft. Gordon.  Donald Bennett completed ICT Camp Pendleton.  David  
                          Richards in basic Ft. Jackson. 
April 14             Russia hikes aid to Vietnam-planes, missiles sent to war zone.  W.E. Benson Jr. enlisted in
                           the Navy.  PVT Todd Bowen finished basic Ft. Knox assigned Ft. Ord.
April 15             Buddhists endorse Ky.  Junta promises new government.  U.S. toll in Vietnam is higher.
April 16             Close combat in Vietnam.  Enemy launches mortar attacks.  PO3 Ronald Swygart, dental
                           technician, 1st Marine Air Wing in DaNang promoted. 
April 21             AB Dennie J. Lambert in basic Lackland AFB.  Robert L. Bailey finished basic Ft. Knox 
                           sent to Ft. Benning.  PVT Peter I. Renz transferred from Ft. Knox to Ft.Hood. 
April 22             Reds take heavy losses.  Marines receive artillery support near Quang Ngai City.  SA 
                           Edward W. Howard, USS Salisbury Sound, in Cam Rahn harbor.   LCPL Lawrence V. 
                           Kindel completed 12 day training and processing cycle at Camp Pendleton.  MMFN Gary
                           D. Enyeart, USS Joseph P. Kennedy, Jr., with the 6th Fleet in the Med.   
April 23             Capt. Gary H. Bowman on furlough.  He was in Holland with the USAF for three years. 
April 25             Repel attacking Reds.  U.S. Destroyer shells troops.  MMFN James M. Black, USS
                          Brinkley Bass, returned to the U.S. after six months in the China Sea.  PVT L.W. Richards 
                          after training at San Diego and Camp Pendleton sent to DaNang.
April 26            Russian MIG 21 shot down over Vietnam.  PVT Alan D. Stackhouse stationed at Pho Loy
                          Base north of Saigon.  He entered the Army October 1965, completed basic Ft. Knox and 
                          advanced Artillery and Missile School Ft. Sill.
April 27             FCT3 Donald M. Vogel, USS Oriskany, took part in Exercise Gray Ghost.  PFC Ed Hor- 
                          nung, Fairchild AFB, sent to Germany.  PVT James M. Nicely completed commuications 
                          center specialist course, Ft. Gordon. 
April 28             Capture enemy supplies. Yanks destroy largest cache in S. Vietnam in War Zone C.
April 29             Sink enemy supply junks.  Planes continue raids on shipping.
May 3                U.S. fires into Cambodia; artillery barrage in self defense.  Administration holds to policy
                          of limited war in Vietnam.  QMSN Jerry McKee finished quartermaster school and sent 
                           back to the USS Long Beach.
May 5                Roger L. Haupert, 1st BN, 2 Inf, 1 Div. promoted to PFC in Vietnam.  PVT Jack L. Lines 
                           is a mortar gunner in Korea.  Karen Pinkerton married SSGT Lawrence E. Tatro.
May 6                 SP4 Tommy Berry has 30 days leave from Korea.  SR Danny L. Schlemmer completed
                           basic Great Lakes.  PO3  Michael L. Campbell received letter of commendation from CO 
                           USN Communications Station Sidi Yahia, Morocco.
May 7                 Allies Score Viet victory-Red regiment trapped on coast.
May 10               PVT Robert L. Robinson assigned combat engineer Co. C, 20th Eng. BT, Vietnam.  SP4
                           Loren D. Rhamy completed track vehicle mechanic course Ft. Knox.  AN Dennis J. 
                           Lambert selected for munitions specialist training Lowry AFB.
May 11              War power eased; LBJ president says America use caution in Vietnam.  No reserves 
                          call up in war plans.
May 12              Capt. Robin Miller, 24 month tour in Vietnam with the 101st Aviation Batt., earned the 
                           Distinguished Flying Cross (twice), Army Commendation Medal, 3 Purple Hearts, 
                           Vietnamese Cross of Gallantry (3 times) and 48 Awards of the Air Medal, and the Silver 
                           Star.  McNamara says Reds have intensified efforts in Vietnam.  Troops in Vietnam using 
                           large quantities of tear gas.
May 13              Air war in Vietnam intensifies; Reds claim U.S. downed MIG over Communist China.
                          Robert E. Kirby, 622nd Heavy Material Supply Co., Ger., promoted to PFC.  PO3 John
                           M. Niemershein finished Aviation Anti Submarine tech course NATTC Memphis. 
May 14              PVT Stephen C. Crow stationed Ft. Polk.
May 16              U.S. asked to dump Ky.  Buddhists vow unending fight.  ABEAN John P. Grogg stationed 
                          NAS Lakehurst.
May 19              Reds cross neutral zone battalion hits Vietnamese Camps.  HCAN Michael E. O'Brien 
                          assigned to Naval Hospital Corps School, Great Lakes.
May 20              Civil War looms in Vietnam.  Rebels threaten American air bases.  Rex Clevenger woun-
                          ded in Vietnam by sniper fire.  Gunshot wound in spine and chest.  SA Hillary R. Larrowe
                          reported for duty at Naval Support Activity in DaNang.  A3C Greg Smith in technical 
                          training Lowery  AFB.  Lanny A. Terrell promoted to A2C.
May 21              Buddhists riot in Saigon; clash with police.  Helicopters hunt for VC. 
May 23              Government troops take over Da Nang.  Troops crush Viet rebels.  Revolt believed under
                          control.  Major Harry J. Walther completed Army Command and General Staff College at
                          Ft. Leavenworth.  PVT Walter E. Warren completed training and processing cycle Camp 
May 24              Inducted in the May Draft call were Steven C. Emrick, John D. Walters, Jerry A. Ride-
                          nour, Tim A. Moyer, Darrell A. Jolly, Walter N. Long, David R. McCombs, Howard S. 
                          Powell, Michael G. Spacy and Ronnie E. Coots.
May 25              Wreck Commie offensive; major Yank victory.
May 26              Mob burns U.S. library; Lodge denounces attack by students.  A3C Bryan B. Brooks 
                          graduated dental specialist Gunter AFB.  PVT Elmer E. Cloe stationed Cherry Point. 
May 28              ROTC cadets Doug Durnbaugh and Marvin Hamilton commissioned 2nd LT at Indiana 
May 31              Walter E. Warren promoted to PFC while serving in Vietnam.  SP Rex Clevenger evacu-
                          ated to U.S. now at Walter Reed Hospital.
June 1                AN Jerry Lundeen selected for technical training Chanute AFB.  PVT David R. Finne-
                          gan completes combat engineer course Ft. Leonard Wood.  Virginia Bumgardner married 
                          PVT Robert D. Gunter.  He is stationed at El Toro.  PVT Carl B. Abbott completed a postal
                          course Ft. Benjamin Harrison sent to Munich, Germany.
June 3                S. Vietnam plunged into crisis again.  PVT A. Guenin and PFC S.L. Faust at Camp Pendle- 
                          ton.  PVT Ronald J. Charles and PVT James McCoy at Ft. Ord and SP4 Joe R. Petro with
                          Co. C, 68th Armour.
June 4                Three Buddhists commit suicide by fire in Vietnam.  A3C  James Bakehorn completed
                           postal school Ft. Benjamin Harrison and has been sent to Turkey.  LCPL Ronald Schle-
                           mmer graduated from transportable shelter communications van school, Camp Lejuene.
                           PVTBobby R. Stephens at Ft. Polk.  PVT Thomas L. Wagoner, launcher helper, assigned 
                           to the 55th Arty, 5th Batt, Ft. Leavenworth.
June 7                AN David T. Daine selected for technical training at Lowry AFB.  PVT Kent L. Fites grad- 
                          uated recruit training San Diego.
June 8                AM3 Ronald D. Bowman, USS Ticonderoga, returned to San Diego from Vietnamese
June 9                Captain orders bombs onto own position to rout Reds in Kantum Province.  PVT Max 
                          Todd completed bulk handlers course, Camp Pendleton, will be stationed at Cherry Point.
June 11              Captain Carpenter's unit safe.  American guns cut loose on siege in Kontum Province.
June 13              Paratroopers, 'copters assaulting Cong regiments jungle stronghold.  PVT Larry L. Enyeart 
                          finished basic Ft. Knox, in helicopter mechanic training Ft. Eustis.
June 14              Buddhist riots flare in Saigon.  Snub by Ky may heighten violence.  USAF Captain Max
                          Reed, C-123 Provider pilot, awarded Air Medal in Vietnam.  AN Anthony P. Neff selected 
                          for munitions specialist training, Lowry AFB.  PVT David D. Lorenz completed ICT Camp
June 15              Navy flattens Red radar site.  Raid eight miles from Haiphong; bomber downed.  Vietnam 
                          veteran says "Goof Balls" available to troops.  PVT Glenn A. Guenin graduated recruit 
                          training San Diego.  PFC Jerry E. Smith completed basic Ft. Knox, assigned to the 724th
                          Maintenance in Ger.  AN Michael L. Fearnow assigned to Vandenberg AFB. Paul N.  
                          Wright completed advanced infantry training, Ft. Polk.   
June 16             Government troops take over Hue.
June 17             Nun's immolation attempt fails; new violence explodes in Saigon.  A3C Robert S. Kaiser,
                          operating room specialist, stationed at Grand Fords AFB.   
June 18             Hue police sack Buddhist Dieu De Pagada.  Order surrender of youths who killed company-
                          ion.  PVT Ted O. Brower finished training Ft. Jackson, sent to Ft. Ord for AIT.
June 20             Buddhist leader Thich Tri Quang arrested.  RMSN John E. Holmes, USS Merrick, returned
                         from Vietnamese waters.   AN Robert M. Roney assigned Bunker Hill AFB.  PFC Greg-
                         ory Atkinson, Co. G, 1st Marines, 3rd Marine Div., in the Hue-Phy Bai area Vietnam.
                         James R. Hopson, machinist, Holloman AFB, promoted to A1C.
June 21             Paratroopers in major battle near Tuy Hoa.  PFC Jerry J. Elliott, Co. A 724 maintenance, 
                         stationed in Augsburg, Ger.
June 23             PFC Larry E. Powell, A Batry, 6-27 Art., stationed in Vietnam.
June 24             PVT Charles T. Wilson and PVT Bill G. Heath finished basic Camp Pendleton.
June 29            American aircraft bomb oil depots, radar sites, near Hanoi and Haiphong.  Fighting fierce in 
                         the South.  Cong force riddled at Cambodian border.
July 2               North Vietnam torpedo boats destroyed in Tonkin Gulf. MMAN Mickey E. Hudson, USS 
                        Constellation, with Attack Sqd 155.
July 5               Seven inducted in June draft call – James E. Large, Virgil Bradford, Ronald D. Pore, Robert 
                         W. Brown, Larry L. Wright, Dan R. Lucas and Carl C. Crandall.  SR Michael E. O'Brien  
                         and Michael O. Kellar finished basic Great Lakes.
July 6               George W. Ball says Hanoi morale weakening.  Cautions against over optimism.  AN John 
                         D. Lehner assigned Hutchinson AFB.
July 7               Navy bombers demolish oil depot; three American pilots missing.  Draft calls to increase.
                         David Adamson in recruit training San Diego.
July 9               PVT Danny L. Howell graduates from recruit training at San Diego.
July 11             Report captive pilots will face Hanoi court.  PVT Paul E. Hull finished advanced training  
                         Ft. Leonard Wood.
July 12             MIGs, U.S. Jets in Viet battle.  PVT Philip A. Smith in basic training San Diego.  AN 
                         Ronald D. Reynolds and PVT Donald L. Bennett at NATTC Memphis.
July 18             7,000 Marines push near North-South Vietnam DMZ – Operation Deck House II.  PVT
                         Ernest E. Saunders in basic training San Diego.  James B. Clark, medical dispensary 
                         Savanna Army Depot, promoted to E6.  He recently returned from Korea.  2nd LT J.M. 
                         Ridenour, assigned Chief of Welfare and Recreation Branch, Valley Forge General Hospital
July 23             Yank pilot escapes from Cong: DMZ Crossing claimed.  PVT Charles T. Wilson completed  
                         ICT Camp Pendleton.  
July 25              Cong execute six Marine captives.  Leatherneck unit engaged in Operation Hastings, hit  
                          near DMZ.
July 26              Guerrillas attack U.S. 25th Inf. Div. base camp at Cu Chi.
July 30              Air raids hit DMZ area first time.  Sheldon E. Sutton aboard the USS King.  
August l            TM2 Roger H. Baldus, USS Richard B. Anderson, returned from six month deployment  
                          with the 7th Fleet.  Force of 5,000 Cong believed near Saigon.  LTjg Morris H. Duffey
                          received his wings of gold.
August 3           1st Air Cavalry in Ia Drang Valley.  PVT David T. Helms completed ammo record course 
                          at Redstone Arsenal.
August 4           G.I. chant is "Bong the Cong right away."  British sentiment moving against U.S. in Viet  
August 5            SA David D. Surfus, USS Constellation, in the South China Sea.  
August 6            More U.S. troops arrive in Vietnam.  Dennis Grossnickle left for Great Lakes boot camp. 
August 9            SGT Virgil E. Alevine,  43rd Bombardment Wing, Little Rock AFB, named Maintenance 
                          Man of the Month.
August 10          A3C John D. Lehner assigned to Hutchinson AFS.  Village of Troung Thamb bombed by 
                          mistake 15 dead, 182 hurt.  U.S. forces increasing 3 times faster than Reds. 
August 16          Westmoreland says more troops need in Vietnam.
August 17          Terroists hit U.S. bases at Hue, Saigon, 20 dead as grenade explodes in fair crowd.
August 22           PVT Danny L. Howell completed ICT at Camp Pendleton.  SR Gary D. Lhamon finished
                            basic Great Lakes.  PVT Thomas C. Ehret graduated basic San Diego. 
August 23          The Beatles dislike Vietnam War.
August 25          Richard L. Thompson graduates from Hospital Corps School at US Naval Hospital, San Diego, Ca.
August 27           PVT Robert R. Benner is in D Co., BN 3TNG, DBE, 3rd  Platoon, Ft. Jackson.  PVT 
                           Ernest J. Krehin is in Co. A 9th  BN, 3 TNG, BRI, Ft. Knox.  PVT Kent Fites now on leave
                           will report to NATTC Memphis.
August 30          Assassination campaign launched by Viet Cong terrorists.
August 31          Max Brubaker died from wounds received while serving in Vietnam.  He was a member of
Co. B, 1st BATT, 2nd Inf., and had been in Vietnam for five months, due to return in April.  He was the third 
Wabash County connected person to died in the Vietnam War.
     Laketon-Mr. And Mrs. Albert E. Brubaker, Ijamsville, have received word that their son, PFC Max L. 
Brubaker died Thursday, at 3 pm of a wound received while serving in Viet Nam.
     PFC Brubaker was a member of Company B, First Battalion, Second Infantry.  He had been in Viet 
Nam for five months and would have returned to the States in April.
     His parents first learned of his death when an army officer called at their home Monday night.  A 
telegram followed Tuesday afternoon.
     Brubaker was graduated from Manchester High School in 1964, and entered the service in October, 
     Survivors include his parents, three sisters, Mrs. Kyle Sizemore, Chicago, Mrs. Gail Heeter, South 
Bend, and Mrs. James F. Lyons, North Manchester, RR3, and a brother Wayne Brubaker, Wabash.
     The body will be returned to the Bender Funeral Home, north Manchester.  Arrangements are pending.  
Funeral services will be in the Ijamsville Methodist Church.
     PFC Brubaker's engagement to Miss Anita Hoover, daughter of Mr. And Mrs. Russell Hoover, New 
Paris, had been announced recently.  The couple planned a spring wedding.
     PFC Brubaker is the third Wabash County-connected person to die in the Viet Nam war.  He was 
reported the 12th Hoosier killed in Viet Nam action this month.    
September 1      U.S. death toll in Vietnam near 5,000.
September 2       N.Vietnam predicts defeat for U.S. Forces.  PVT Marvin B. Hamilton, Jr. graduated
                           recruit training San Diego.
September 3      North Manchester-The body of Max Brubaker is at the Bender Funeral Home where 
friends may call after 7 pm Sunday.  It will be taken to the church one hour before service time.
     Funeral services will be held Tuesday at 2 pm in the Ijamsville Methodist Church with the Rev. Clayton 
Kendall officiating.  Burial will be in the Laketon Cemetery.  Military service will be at the grave.
     PFC Brubaker, son of Mr. And Mrs. Albert E. Brubaker, Ijamsville, was killed in action in Viet Nam 
August 25.    
September 7       AN Ronald D. Reynolds completed Aviation Mechanical Fundamentals School, NATTC
                           Memphis.  PFC David Lorenz, 2nd BN, 5th Marines, hospitalized with injuries when his
                           truck hit a mine throwing him 20 feet into the air.  Injuries included a broken right ankle,
                           broken leg, shrapnel wounds about the face and second degree burns on the back and 
                           arms. Lorenz had been in Vietnam since August 1.
September 8       Vietnam troop counts exceeds 305,000.
September 9       Communist China hints at N. Vietnamese invasion.  U.S. Embassy in Vietnam under  
                           guard.  Refugees says Castro has troops in Vietnam.  Barrage balloons: the new Vietnam
                           air war tactics. John H. Johnson arrived home from Germany where he was stationed near 
                           Hanau.  He will return there Sept. 30th. 
September 10     PFC Charles T. Wilson, 41st BN, 4th Marine has left for Vietnam.  PVTs Ernest E. Saund- 
                           ers, Philip A. Smith  and David L. Adamson graduated from basic San Diego.
September 12     Ky hails success of Vietnam elections.  SR Robert D. Brown undergoing basic San Diego.
September 13     PVT Steven D. Owens in recruit training San Diego.  Indianapolis Navy Center picketed.  
                           Bombers continue to pound N. Vietnam.  SP4 Robert Kirby tells about trip to Finland.
                           U.S. troops closing on suspected Cong division. 
September 15    Michael W. Ruckman, enlisted Oct. 18, 1965, stationed at Ft. Knox, Ft. Leonard Wood and 
then Vietnam, wrote the following about Max Brubaker to his parents:  "Mom, do you know how it is to 
find out that your best buddy is going to get the medal of Honor and you won't get to see him anymore?  
We had things planned ahead, what we were going to do after we get out of this rotten hole.
     It felt just like somebody hit me as hard as they could.  Mom, don't ever doubt that Max was a Christian.  
He was a good Christian boy.
     I was out there that night.  I was about a mile and a half from where Max was.  He and two other boys 
held off two battalions of Viet Cong while the rest of the company could retreat to get reinforcements.  
Don't worry about me.  I am a combat engineer.  Max was in the infantry.
     Tell Mr. and Mrs. Brubaker I don't know how they feel, but I have an idea, because Max was my best 
buddy and it hurts me and I know their hearts ache.
     We saw each other quite often."                         
September 16    SR Jay W. Clevenger undergoing basic training  San Diego.  SR William L. O'Dell grad- 
                          uated from basic.
September 17    U.S. Destroyer USS Stormes kills 375 Cong in heavy fighting.  PVT John Bechtol in basic San 
                           Diego.  PVT Larry Wright completed basic Ft. Knox.  He was awarded the high marks-
                           man trophy for his company.  PVT Jim Large graduated  from basic.   
September 19     SP4 James L. Guthrie, communications, stationed at Ketzengen, Germany, with 3rd Inf. 
                           Div.  John R. Guthrie at jet aviation machinist mate school NATTC Memphis.  He spent 
                           3 months in a Naval Hospital at Pensacola.  PFC Thomas L. MacDonald, 1st Batt, 171st
                           Inf., Ft. Wainwright, finished 2 weeks of training Ft. Greeley.  PFC James D. Downey is 
                           chaplain's assistant Ft. Knox. 
September 20     Hanoi-Peking said at odds over Vietnam Peace talks.  
September 22     President makes proposal to withdraw Viet troops.  PVT Richard L. Albert graduated 
                           basic San Diego.  Defoliation of Viet DMZ leaves earth barren.   PVT David I. Idle 
                           graduated from recruit training San Diego.  SR James M. Chambers graduated basic 
                           Great Lakes.
September 26     Wabash Jaycees selling "We back our Boys in Vietnam" stickers.  Money to be used to
                           purchase vehicle for Dr. Turpin of Project Concern.
September 27     Six inducted in September draft call; Jerry L. Bowman, Jerry L. Capes, Nolan E. Frieden,
                           Richard D. Hull, James A. Brewer and John D. Kelly.  PFC Marvin B. Hamilton, Jr. com- 
                           pleted ICT at Camp Pendleton.
September 28     Marines bomb Viet village by mistake, 35 dead.
September 29     A3C Dennie J. Lambert took basic Lackland AFB and advanced school Lowry AFB
                           now munitions specialist in Morbache, Ger.  AA Dennie K. Lambert took basic Great
                           Lakes now in AK storekeeper school NATTC Memphis.                                                                                             
September 30     U.S. 2,500 infantry men support hit Vietnam beachhead. PFC Larry L. Enyeart finished  
                            basic Ft. Knox sent to Ft. Eustis for helicopter maintenance school now serving near 
                            Qui Nhon as crewchief.                                                                                                   
September          DeGaulle visits Cambodia; calls for U.S. withdrawal from Vietnam.
October 1           See major battle in Vietnam along DMZ.  CPL Ronald E. Schlemmer now in Vietnam. 
                           PFC Paul L. Johnson with H&MS 17 SubUnit No. l  Ship and RecVietnam.  PVT Clar-
                           ence Hale completed military police training Ft. Gordon.  PVT Ronald R. Monce in basic 
                           Ft. Bliss.
October 3           House Republicans rap Vietnam peace efforts.  LeMay denounces Vietnam policy.  PFC 
                           Thomas L. Wagoner took basic Ft. Knox, advanced training Ft. Bliss then assigned to
                           a Nike-Hercules Missile unit Ft.Leavenworth; now assigned to a  two year tour in Ger-
                           many.  PVT Robert W. Brown completed basic Ft. Knox; assigned Ft. Leonard Wood 
                           for furuther training.  Robert E. Kirby, engineer equipment inspector, 622d Heavy Maint.
                           Supply Co., stationed Hanau, Ger,  promoted to SP4. 
October 4           Russia-Hanoi pact gives new aid to N. Vietnam.  Cong reported penned in Viet highlands
October 5           Marines, 1st Cav. Div. report major Vietnam victories near DMZ.  Montagnards:  A
                           minority problem in Vietnam.  France, U.S. at odds on Vietnam policy.
October 7           U.S., allies claim major victory over VC.  Beaten enemy reported surrendering in droves.
                           SN Sheldon Sutton, USS King, participated in the rescue of 5 downed Navy fliers and
                           attacked by N. Vietnamese PT boats.  CM3 Joseph A. Harner with the USN Mobile 
                           Construction BN 7 at Hau Phu Bal.  Jack L. Lines, Co A, 2nd BN, 31st Inf. Korea,
                           promoted to SGT 
October l0          McNamara in Saigon for high level talks.  SGT David A. Randolph last stationed at Ft.
                           Lewis, now a scout with the 1st Recon Sqd, 10thCAV., Vietnam. 
October 11         VC butcher 12 captives in death camp.  S. Vietnam leaders ask for more U.S. troops. 
                           Ben Hai River next Vietnam battlefield? 
October 12         November draft call reduced.
October 13         PVT Robert R. Benner completed advanced training at Ft. Jackson.
October 14         U.S. in record air assault on N. Vietnam targets.
October 15         Record bombing run on N. Vietnam.  U.S. air loses pass 400 total.  Reds call Viet block to
                           accord; 70,000 addition troops slated for duty in Vietnam.  Sources says Reserves will be 
                           called by Jan. l.
October 17         Johnson enroute to Manila.  Hawaii first stop on historic 17 day trip.
October 18         PVT David L. Adamson completed ICT at Camp Pendleton.
October 19         S. Viet political crisis averted; Minister to stay.  Chinese denouce Manila talks.
October 20         B52s rake Cong jungle base; Allies begin Delta operation.  PFC David Lorenz due to 
                           return to Norfolk from Chu Lai aboard the Coast Guard Cutter Chincoteague.  American 
                           losses in Viet War decline; total 5,566. 
October 21         PVT Eugene Dyson graduated from recruit training, San Diego.
October 24         Manila talks open; students, police clash.  Asian leaders, Johnson seek Viet Peace solution
                        .  Cong strike across DMZ at Marine unit.  SA Edward W. Howard aboard the USS Salis-
                           bury Sound.
October 25         Johnson, Asian leaders offer Viet Peace plan.  Proposal hinges on VC pullout from South.
                           S. Vietnamese troops launch Delta offensive.  New Army draft plan announced.  AN Rob- 
                           ert T. Medley completed basic Lackland AFB sent to technical Lowry AFB.  PVT Tom
                           Barrus completed basic Ft. Knox now at Ft. Lee.  Selective Srvice reported 18 men were  
                           inducted in the October draft call, all were sent to Ft. Leonard Wood.  They included Tony
                           N. Baer, Delbert A. Berry, Terry W. Bland, Gordon R. Bradley, Robert J. Haecker, Wil-
                           liam A. Greer, Jesse R. Gressley, Ronald W. Kendall, Jim W. Kirby, Lyle L. Lawson, Ern- 
                           est T. McKinley, Dennis M. Manning, Daniel H. Miller, Daryl H. Miller, Larry R. Pormen 
                           Gregory K. Roberts, Paul E. Roth, and Hurbert B. Scott. The November call is for 28.
October 26         Johnson visits Viet battlefront, tells Cam Ranh unit "We shall never let you down."  Expl-
                           osion, fire kills 43 aboard the USS Oriskany.  FN Larry L. West assigned to the USS
                           Dupont.  SR Dennis E. Grossnickel completed basic sent to Bainbridge for radio school.
October 27         President in Thailand for more Viet talks.  Ky threatens to resign.  Reds snub manila peace
                           talks.  LCPL Richard D. Coppock after one year in Vietnam has been assigned to MCSC 
                           Weapons Section, Albany.
October 28         Blast, fire destroy ammo dump in Vietnam.
October 30         SR Danny E. Elliott completed basic at Great Lakes.  QM2 Dale H. Williams aboard the 
                           USS Clarion River with the 7th Fleet. 
November 1        LBJ visits U.S. troops in Korea.  Cong terrorists hit Saigon; 13 killed.  U.S. draft dodgers
                            in Canada; they can't go home again.  John W. Voss commissioned 2nd LT at completion 
                            of OCS, Ft. Eustis.  2nd LT Larry C. Lester, Moody AFB, awarded USAF silver wings.  
                            CPL Dennis C. Starbuck took part in Exercise Tanker 1-67 at Camp Pickett.  SR Donald
                            H. Griffith in basic Great Lakes.  AN Gary A. Whitener completed ASM hydraulics scho- 
                            ol NATTC Memphis.  PVTLeroy D. Miller completed field communications crewman
                            course Ft. Leonard Wood.  Richard J. Richardson, aircraft equipment  repairman, Saigon,
                            promoted to SSGT.
November 2        Marine chief says Cong offensive plans blunted.
November 3        PFC Charles Wilson, 4th Headquarters BATT, 3rd Marines, now stationed near Phu Bai. 
November 4       More Viet troops if need-LBJ.  Allies repel Cong assaults.  Huge rice supply captured.
November 5       Two more U.S. jets downed.  Yanks, VC in Jungle clash in War Zone C.   
November 7       Bruce L. Biehl, Ft. Hood, promoted to PFC.  William D. Switzer enlisted in the USAF
                           now at Lackland AFB.
November 8       500,000 U.S. troops in Vietnam by end of 1967.  Cong guerrillas kidnap entire Vietnamese
                           village.  SR Terrence Smith finished basic at Great Lakes.  PFC Ronald D. Barlow com-
                           pleted basic Ft. Knox now at Ft. Clayton, Canal Zone.  AN Richard L. White and Michael
                           E. Reardon, USS Saratoga, have returned from a deployment to the Med.  PVT Eugene 
                           Dyson completed ICT Camp Pendleton.
November 10     LCPL David D. Lorenz wounded in action near Ky Long Quang Tin, in hospital at Yoko
                           Suka, Japan.  PVT Charles E. Hileman completed lineman course, Ft. Gordon.  William E.
                           Benson, Jr. aboard the USS Saratoga.  January draft lower.
November 11     U.S. throws new brigade, 1st Inf. Div., 5,000 men into War Zone C; suspected Cong unit
November 12     Heavy U.S. air loses.  Hershey thinks draft should be widened.  AWOL Marine William 
                           Groscost picked up by Wabash Police.  AMSAN Ronald Reynolds completed ASM 
                           school, NATTC Memphis, now attached to HC-4 NAS Lakehurst.  FA Lynn Landis 
                           attending basic engineering propultion school Great Lakes.  PVT Donald E. Rumpf 
                           stationed Ft. Bliss.  AN Jon R. Weitzel completed basic Lackland AFB. 
November 14      Marine general unhurt in terrorist bomb attack.  O/C Ronald J. Charles in officers training 
                            at Ft. Belvoir.  PVT Gary W. Heath at Camp Pendleton.  PVT Dan R. Lucas and Robert 
                            W. Brown in advanced combat engineer training, Ft. Leonard Wood.  SP4 Carl D. Ross, 
                            personnel specialist, left for Vietnam.  Sally J. Kreider married Steven Wolf, USN,
                            Great Lakes.
November 15      U.S. 1st Inf. in fresh assault on Cong, 9th Div., positions.
November 16      Heavy fighting erupts in Viet War Zone C.  David L. Leland, finance specialist Maxwell 
                            AFB, promoted to A2C.  PFC Danny Howell, 1stEN, 26th Marines now in Vietnam.
                            SSGT Homer C. King with the 86th Transportation Lit. Truck Co.  SP4 Robert S.Raines, 
                            144th Sig. BN in Germany.  A3C Michael D.Young with the 75th combat support group
                            Bergstrom AFB.  A2C James D. Bowman, vehicle operator, stationed at Bentwaters, RAF
                            station.  2nd LT Lester L. Spencer awarded USAF silver wings upon graduation Laughlin 
                            AFB assigned for flying duty George AFB.
November 17      Combat police destroy Saigon black market.  2nd LT David R. Hoffman has been in Viet- 
                            nam since August.
November 18      U.S. Destroyers, Jets from the USS Ticonderoga, hammer Cong barges; 41 enemy craft 
                            sunk or damaged.  Ky names six new cabinet members. 
November 19      Two major battles flare in Vietnam.  Destroyers attack radar sites and Red transport ships.
                            SA Paul D. Shoemaker stationed NAS Barbers Point.  SP4 William B. Evans, Ft. Huach- 
                            uca, completed tour of duty in Vietnam.  PFC James L. Fleshood, gunner, assigned to  
                            11th Armored Cav., Vietnam.  PFC Terry W. Sutton, 2nd BN, 26th Marines, 3rd Div., sta-
                            tioned in Phu Bai.  PVT John B. Bechtol finished USMC recruit training.  PFC Billy J. 
                            Winger, 10th Aviation BATT, helped local Vietnamese farmers harvest their rice.  MSGT
                            Rex M. Powell, Cigili AB, Turkey, decorated with the USAF Commendation Medal. PVT 
                            Steven D. Owens and Gary W. Heath completed recruit training, San Diego.  SP4 C. Ray-
                            mond Meeks, Jr. and A2C James Starbuck are both in Thailand.
November 21      Cavalry unit of U.S. 1st Air Cav. Div. wiped out in Viet battle.  Westmoreland says we
                            need more troops.
November 22      New fighting flares in Viet highlands jungle clash near the Cambodian border.  26 induc-
                            ted in November draft call from Wabash county.   
November 23      U.S. planes blast Cong missile, supple sites.
November 25      Cong guerrillas flee from advancing American units in War Zone C.
November 30      Allies propose eight day Viet truce period.  S. Vietnam overrun Cong Horror Camp in
                            Mekong Delta.
December 2         U.S. Jets swarm over N. Vietnam, Hanoi area hit.  This weeks American dead, wounded
                            in Vietnam action total 852.
December 5         U.S. jets, MIG 17s battle near Hanoi.  PVT Fred Long in recon training Ft. Knox.  SP4
                              Robert E. Kirby with the 622nd H.M.S. Co. in Hanau, Germany.
December 6          Vietnam air war widens; three more U.S. jets lost.  PVT James A. Simpson completed
                              basic Ft. Leonard Wood, now at Ft. Gordon.  LT Kelson Slayman on deans list at the
                              Naval Post Graduate School.  FA Michael J. Cooper aboard the USS Enterprise.  PFC
                              Mick R. Miller stationed with the 2nd BN 3rd Marines, Dong Hai.  FA Lynn Landis in
                              Engineman school at Great Lakes.  PFC Marvin B. Hamilton completed ICT at Camp
                              Pendleton.  PFC Robert Williams, 1st BN Airborne, 12th Cav, Air Cav. Div., has sun   
                              poisoning in Vietnam.
December 9          AEAN Nolan D. Tyner underwent flight training at VT-27, NAS Corpus Christi.  SA
                             Edward W. Howard aboard the USS Salisbury Sound.
December 10        MMFN Gary D. Enyeart, USS Kennedy, took part in LANTFLEX-66.  FA Robert
                             Copeland, USS Telefair, in the Med.  A2C Leslie R. Whitesel stationed in Shemya, 
                             Alaska.  A2C W.R. Rose, Jr. in the 785th Radar Sqd, Finley AFS.
December 12        U.S. Bombers blast Ho Chi Minh trail.  SSGT Lilburn E. Saulman died in Germany
                              from injuries received in a car accident.  He had served for 24 years.  Viet Nam is 
                              henceforth Vietnam.  SSGT Herald L. Griffith, mess steward, with the 1st Air Cav. Div.
                              in Vietnam near Bong Son.
December 13        B52s hit Viet terrorist camp.  PVT David I. Idle completed training Camp Pendleton now
                              with 1st Marines, MCAS Kenehoe.  PFC David L. Adamson at Camp LeJeune.  AB Sta- 
                              nley Ogan at Lackland AFB.  PVT David B. Mughmaw graduated recruit training San 
                              Diego.  PFC Jesse L. Case, Jr. with the 4th BN, 23rd Inf. Div.  PFC Thomas L. Wagoner 
                              in Frankfort, Germany.
December 14        Mansfield calls for Vietnam cease fire.  Less draft dodgers going to Canada than reported
December 15        Rusk in Europe seeking Allied aid in Vietnam War.  S. Viet assembly votes to establish
                             civilian rule.  U.S. says three jets lost in bomb raid; foes claim 10.  LCPL Timothy L. 
                             Burcroff, 2nd BN, 8th Marines, in the Caribbean.  AOAN William J. Knotts aboard the
                             USS Forrestal.  PVT Martin L. Schaaf graduated recruit training at San Diego.  PFC
                             Walter E. Warren met PFC Charles T. Wilson in Vietnam.  Warren stationed at Dong
                             Ha and Wilson at Phu Bai.
December 17        Air support blisters guerrillas.  Berets repel Cong attack.  China and Romania claim
                             Hanoi embassies bombed.  Lodge sees no Vietnam Peace talks on horizon.  AB Dan J.
                             Purdy stationed Lackland AFB.  AN William D. Switzer assigned to Carswell AFB.
December 20       PVT James M. Green III and PVT Michael R. Ross graduated from recruit training San
                            Diego.  SP4 Clifford G. Betten, mechanic BATT C, 5th BN, 4th Inf. Div., 16th Art, awar- 
                            ded Combat Infantryman's Badge in Vietnam.  FN Jackie L. Votra aboard the USS Oka-
                            nogan in Vietnamese waters.  PFC Danny Howell, Co. D, 1st BATT. 26 Marines wounded
                            in Vietnam; sent to Clark AFB then to Great Lakes Naval Hospital.  SGT Wayne Rich-
                            ards,Helicopter Sqd 361.  SR David E. Coburn finished basic Great Lakes.  U.S. spends 
                            $332,000 in war for each Viet enemy killed.  David R. McCombs, Darrell L. Jolly and
                            Walter N. Long, Ft. Riley, have been shipped to Vietnam.  PFC Howard S. Powell, Co. A,
                            2nd PIT, 97 QM BA, at Hanau, Ger. William K. Powell promoted to LTjg at New London.
                            RDSN John E. Holmes aboard USS Menick.
December 23       North bombed at Yule Truce Eve.  Big Cong drive is suspected.  American Vietnam toll
                            stands at 6,407.  SSGT Harry Thatcher home on leave.  He will be going to Vietnam.   
                            CAPT Thomas A. Johnson graduated from Air University Sqd Officers School, Maxwell 
December 24       SR Terry Tonovitz graduated from basic at Great Lakes.  PFC Michael Spacy, 9th Inf.
                            Div., 3rd Brigade, in Vietnam.
December 27      Cavalry unit survives assault by North Viets.  Church leaders call on LBJ to end Viet war. 
                            U.S. concedes bomb raids have hit civilian areas. 
December 28       Mekong Delta assault begins.  Cong say they didn't violate truce, U.S. did. 
December 29       U.S. Air Cav. gains revenge in An Lao Valley.  A1C Howard Ruckman stationed in
                            Thailand.  PVT Gale L. Rife finished basic at Ft. Knox now home on leave.
December 31      Truce begins, fighting rages.  U.S. reports Cong highlands attack against 101st Airborne.
                            PFC Sam Faust, 1st Air Support, Sqd 2 in Vietnam.  PVT Michael L. Woodhouse comp- 
                            leted advanced training at Ft. Gordon.  FN Jackie L. Votra, USS Okanogan at Subic Bay
                            USNB.  American troop strength in Vietnam reaches nearly 4000,000 by year-end.


January 18       U.S. boats of the riverine forces ambushed with 5 men killed and 77 wounded.
January 6        Viet diplomat hints peace talks possible.  A1C David H. Wilson named Outstanding
                            Airman at Dover AFB.  ETSN Thomas Hamilton attending basic electonics technical
                            school at Great Lakes.  Thu Ni's flight from VC ends in Texas.
January 7        March draft is 11,900.  Helen M. Harrell married PO Paul Holmes, stationed at USN
                            Weapons Station, Seal Beach.
January 9        Marines storm beachhead at Tan Phong, Secret Zone in the Mekong Delta. PVT Steven
                            D. Owens and John Bechtol at Great Lakes Marine Corps Base.  PFC Danny Howell,
                            wounded in Vietnam, now at USNHospital at Great Lakes.  He had surgery on his legs
                            and expected to be confined for six month's recuperation.  PFC Richard L. Albert with 
                            the1st Military Police BN.  Peter J. Lutz promoted to PFC and received Leatherneck 
                            Magazine Award for Outstanding Recruit at San Diego.  Crisis of confidence in U.S. 
                            Selective Service System. LTCOL Jack Butler, Tulane University,  presented Bronze Star
                            Medal with 2nd Oak Leaf Cluster for distinguishing himself in operations in Vietnam from
                            Nov. 1965 to Oct. 1966.  AN James E. Neal assigned to Lowry AFB.  Larry Stineman 
                            aboard the USS Enterprise.
January 13           SN Elbie Bucher, statistics yeoman, stationed at NAS Corpus Christi. James L. Russell in
                            OCS training, Ft. Knox.  Thomas E. Hamilton assigned to the USS Saratoga.  Draft dod-
                            ging now fashionable; many seek loopholes.
January 16          Thai based bombers pound N. Viet units in DMZ .  William C. Siders stationed at Ft. Leo-
                            nard Wood.  PVT John D. Kelly at Ft. Lee. 
January 17           PVT Harold G. Miller completed ICT, Camp Pendleton.  CDR Daniel N. Shockey appo-
                            inted commander of Naval Mobile Construction BN 9 DaNang..  PFC David R. McCo-
                            mbs, rifleman, assigned to Co. C, 2nd BN, 60th Inf., Vietnam.
January 18           U.S. Planes bomb Hanoi rail yards.  PVT Hoyte J. Summerland completed ICT, Camp
January 19           B52s rain firebombs over Vietnam jungle.  AN Stanley Ogan selected for statistical data
                             specialist training at Shepperd AFB.
January 20           U.S. casualty record set for Vietnam War 144 killed, 1,044 wounded and 6 missing last 
                            week.  FN C. Allen Marsh assigned to San Juan, Puerto Rico.  SA Dennis Grossnickle 
                             assigned to USNTC Bainbridge.  Larry Terrell promoted to SGT at Ft. Knox.  Richard 
                             Coppock promoted to CPL at Marine Corps Supply Center, Albany.  PVT Thomas E.
                             Barrus at Pemiasens, Germany.  SGT Wayne L. Richards stationed with HMM 361,  
                             MCAF Futema, Okinawa.
January 21           Cong master plan for destruction of Tan Son Nhia airport found.  PVT Terry Rennaker
                             injured in action in Vietnam.  Bonus for Viet Vets proposed at Indianapolis. 
January 23           Smash Cong near Saigon.
January 24           VC attack Navy ship near Saigon; 'copter downed, six killed.  PVT Tonie M. Baer
                             finished basic at Ft. Leonard Wood assigned to Ft. Monmouth.  PVT Carl Crandall 
                             stationed in Korea.  David E. Wilson, 180th Aviation Co., Vietnam, promoted to CAPT. 
                             2nd LT John D. Durnbaugh completed Ordnance Officer course, Aberdeen Proving
                             Ground.  PFC Dan R. Lucas assigned to 11th Armored Cav. Rgt. In Vieitnam.  1st LT
                             Lee E. Bricker entered USAF Air University's Squadron Officers School, Maxwell AFB.
January 25            LBJ asks for $21.9 Billion for Vietnam War.
January 26            U.S. combat forces open Delta push.  Viet forces to level off at 470,000.  PVT John V.
                              Worthington graduated recruit training at San Diego.  A3C David T. Daine, munitions 
                              specialist, stationed at Davis-Monthan AFB.  MMFN James M. Black aboard the USS
                              Brinkley Bass.                            
January 27            U.S. casualties total 49,024 in Vietnam War.                                
January 28            N. Vietnamese Foreign Minister Nguyen Duy Trinh says U.S. must stop bombing N.  
                             Vietnam before talks can begin.
January 30            B52s firebomb War Zone C.  SR Michael J. Noonan in basic at San Diego.
February 1            ROK troops in Viet action; new terror campaign opens.  President Johnaon asks for new
                            Vietnam G.I. Bill.  Court upholds student deferment in war protest.  SP4 David R. Finne-
                            gan, bridge specialist, 554 Engineer Co., stationed near Pleika.
February 2           U.S. C-123 shot down near Laotian border, crew lost.  PVT James A.  Brewer completed
                             basic at Ft. Hood.  SKAN Dannie K. Lambert stationed at NAS Norfolk.  SA David D. 
                             Surfus aboard the USS Constellation.  PVT John W. Liebo finished basic at Ft. Knox
                             overseas with the 4th Sqd., 7th Cav., 2nd Inf.  Todd A. Brewer, Vietnam, promoted to SP4. 
                             William J. Mullenix in training at Ft. Campbell.
February 4           B52 raids hint new Vietnam offensive.
February 7           AN James R. Yates completed basic, assigned to Little Rock AFB.  AN Daniel J. Purdy
                             completed basic at Lackland AFB, in technical training Amirillo AFB.  Steve Armie, 
                             Charleston AFB, promoted to A2C.  A2C Harley Rettig at Baudette AFB.  PVT Steven
                             D. Owens at NATTC Memphis.  PVT Eldon L. Richison completed advanced combat 
                             engineer training, Ft. Leonard Wood.  AOAN William J. Knotts aboard the USS Forre-      
                             stal.  LT Gary R. Miller and  Iliance K. Guas married in Washington, D.C. 
February 8           Goldberg going to Vietnam.  U.S. jets hit near Cambodia.  Kosygin warns U.S. on Viet
                             policy.  A3C Stanley Ogan at Shepperd AFB.  PFC Marion A. Hattabaugh, rifleman, Co. 
                             B 2nd BATT, 502 Inf., participated in proficiency parachute jump near Kontum, Vietnam. 
                             SN James M. Teague aboard the USS T. E. Chandler in Vietnam waters.
February 9           CPL Jon Gidley back from Vietnam, a bug on freedom. 
February 10         PFC Dan R. Lucas in Vietnam with the 919 Eng. Co., 11th  Armored Cav. Rgt. 
February 11         Jerry L. Kessler at NARF El Centro.  Jack L. Hoover promoted to A2C at McGuire AFB. 
                             PVT Steven C. Emrick, 9th Inf., now in Vietnam.
February 14         51 killed or wounded in Cong Saigon attack.  Supreme Court rules on draft card burning. 
                             Army court rule extended to Vietnam.  Michael L. Poor in basic at Lackland AFB.
February 15         Bombing errors kill eight GIs.  Wilson offers veiled hint on Vietnam peace prospect.  SP4
                             Thomas L. MacDonald took part in Exercise Frontier Assault in Alaska.
February 16         ROK  troops kill 246 Cong in Viet battle.  Hanoi claims U.S. hits capital area.  PFC Larry 
                             Joe Smith, SVC battery, 2nd BATT, 76th Art., stationed in Germany.  PVT Richard Hull,   
                             completed field communications crewman course,  Ft. Leonard Wood.  PVT  James A. 
                             Pell finished advanced training at Ft. Ord.
February 17         Cong down 13 helicopters.
February 18         Allies open major Vietnam offensive.
February 20         ARVN troops pummel fleeing VC.  Robert L. Denney completed OCS at Newport recei-
                             ved commission as Ensign.  He will be assigned to Naval Submarine School,  New Lon-
                             don.  PFC Tim A. Mowrer stationed with the 7th Inv, Con, Cen (SMD), Karlsrube, Ger. 
February 21         A3C Lynn L. Mattern stationed with the 91st Supply Sqd. Glasgow AFB.  David F. Cole 
                             wounded; gunshots to the shoulder near Duc Pho, treated aboard USS Iwo Jima.  PVT
                             Hubert Scott with Co.  A, 2-46 Inf., 1st A.D., Ft. Hood.  PVT James V. Worthington com- 
                             pleted ICT at Camp Pendleton.  Sam Faust promoted to LCPL in Vietnam.  
February 22          PVT Richard Mirante received basic at Ft. Ord stationed at Ft. Leonard Wood.  Michael
                             W. Ruckman promoted to SP4 in Vietnam.  James McCoy promoted to SP4 in Mann-
                             heim, Germany.
February 23         Viet battle near Cambodia fierce.  PVT Steven J. Swygart finished basic at Ft. Knox, in 
                             in MP training at Ft. Bragg.  SR Rolland E. Fearnow finished basic at Great Lakes.
February 24         U.S. launches largest offensive of Vietnam War in War Zone C.
February 25         PVT Harold Bowman at Ft. Gordon.  James M. Bigger promoted to A2C at Beale AFB.
February 28         VC mortars, rockets hit U.S. air base at Da Nang.
March 1               PFC Richard L. Albert now stationed near Da Nang.
March 2               VC use tear gas on beleaguered U.S. Infantry.
March 3               ADJAN Sherman K. Poole completed basic at Great Lakes, advanced training NATTC
                             Memphis, stationed at Andrews AFB.  SN Hillary R. Larrowe stationed with Recon 
                             Attack Wing L, NAS Stanford.
March 4                Speaker tells of Vietnam at Red Cross annual meeting.  Larry L. Enyeart, 1st Cav. Div.
                             Airborne, promoted to SP4 in Vietnam.  PVT James M. Baldwin completed automotive 
                             repair course, Aberdeen Proving Ground.  PFC Carl C. Sirk participated in Operation 
                             Byrd near Phan Thiet with the 1st Air Cav. Div.  Kennedy calls for Viet bombing halt.
March 5                Artillery hits Vietnamese Village; 32 civilians dead.  AN Dennis C. Dice in technical 
                             training Amarillo AFB.
March 6                Johnson announces major draft revisions.  Casualty secrecy lifted; VC slay 12 captives.
March 8                Marines repel Cong assaults on Berthas.  PVT John M. Brainard finished basic at Ft. 
                             Knox now in training at Amarillo AFB.  John M. Friend, 229th Supply and Service Co., 
                             Vung Tau, promoted to SP4.   
March 9                Marines bolster Viet DMZ defense posts.
March 11              Hanoi steel plants struck by U.S. jets.
March 13              SGT Frank Finnegan, Jr., 37th Signal BATT, Da Nang, has a brush with death. 
Mach 14               Night of Long Knives cap Vietnam weekend.  PFC John W. Poole, basic at Ft. Knox, 
                             advanced training at Ft. Leonard Wood, now with 14th Engineers in Vietnam.
March 15             Guidance, control vital to local draft board system.  Beth E. Miller sworn in as ensign 
                             in the Navy Nurse Corps will report to Newport for training.
March 16             2nd LT Jerry L. Lauer, Warmer Robins AFB, will be going to Amarillo AFB for advanced
                             training.  A2C Richard Lauer completed basic at Lackland AFB, sent to Lowry AFB and 
                             now at Luke AFB for advanced training in electronics.
March 17             A1C James R. Hopson, machinist, on duty at a forward USAF combat base in Southeast 
                             Asia.  SP5 Steven R. Bishop, 523rd Eng. Co, in Vietnam.  William M. Jennings, Jr., pro-
                             moted to PVT upon completion of basic at Ft. Knox.
March 20              TV too real for Viet village.
March 21              Ky asks more in Guam talks.  Cong offensive linked to Guam confererence kickoff.  He-
                             rshey says way clear to install lottery selection system in draft.  LCPL Terry L. Renaker
                             received fragment wounds to the right side of his head and right arm in Quang Tri Pro-
                             Province.  SP4 Michael Kerr, 35th Eng. BATT, stationed near Qui Nhon. 
March 21              Johnson ends two-day meeting on Guam, with Thieu and  Ky.  N. Viet reveal exchange
                             of letters between Johnson and Ho Chi Minh.  LBJ: Lets talk Ho:  Not unless Ky:  I tried 
                             too.  4th Division scores year's biggest Viet War victory.  PFC Ernest E. Saunders hospi-
                             talized with spirial meningitis near Chu Lai.  AN Michael Poor selected for tech training 
                             at Chanute AFB.  PVT Jesse L. Williams at Ft. Campbell.
March 23             U.S. artillery kills 900 Cong in record shot.  Peace bid still open as LBJ holds Guam 
                             briefing.  PFC Michael P. Eviston completed basic at Camp Pendleton, attending 
                             engineering school, Camp LeJeune.
March 24             TSGT Terry L. Tyner, air traffic controller, now stationed at Wright-Patterson AFB.
March 25              Former BSU execs killed in Viet crash.
March 27              New mortar barrage paces N. Viet troop attacks.  Three convoys hit by Red ambushes.
                             AN Gary Shaffer completed basic Lackland AFB selected for technical training at Chan- 
                             ute AFB.  PVT Eldon Richison, combat eng., with 4th Inf. Div. at Pleiku.  PVT John V.
                             Worthington in testing at NATTC Memphis.  ENFA Lynn Landis assigned to NSA 
March 28              Senate report critical of Viet air war policy.  Eight American helicopters downed; Reds
                             lose MIG.  Mr. and Mrs. Albert E. Brubaker accepted Silver Star awarded posthumously
                             to their son at Honeywell Center.  SR Larry C. Robinson finished basic at Great Lakes. 
                             PVT Stephen L.Carter and PVT Richard Mirante completed carpentry courses at Ft.
                             Leonard Wood.  SSGT Harvey A. Dyer, mess sgt,196th Light Inf. Bri.,Vietnam, reenli-
                             sted for three years..  PFC John B. Bechtol assigned McNew River Air Facility, Sqd 26. 
                             SP4 Herbert Purvis, radio relay and carrier attendent, assigned to 549th Signal BATT., 
March 29              UThant unveils Viet peace plan.  Haiphong area struck by U.S. Jets.
March 30              Report Saigon has proposed peace talks with N. Viet.  Cong highlands attack repelled.
March 31              Vietnam combat record 274 American casualties and 2,774 Communists for last week.
                              A3C Donald W. Lee assigned to DaNang.
April 1                  Hanoi area steel plant destroyed.  China scorns UThant plan.  SP4 Lynn E. Wampler, MP
                             1st Inf. Div., on leave after year in Pho Loi and Di An Vietnam, will be stationed at Ft. 
                             Bliss.  PFC Gary Heath, 9th  Sep. Bulk Fuel Co., 1st Pit, 5th Marine Div., stationed at
                             Camp Pendleton.  William J. Mullenix completed basic at Ft. Campbell.  David Baker 
                             completed basic at Great Lakes.
April 4                 U.S. claims major war victory.  Napalm shower for trapped Cong force.  PFC Steve
                             Owens at NATTC Memphis.  FN Jackie Votra and Fn Gene Martin with 7th Fleet on the 
                             USS Okanogan.  PFC Gerald Miller, 1st Marine, landed at Chu Lai.  PFC Bernard Netro, 
                             4th Inf. Div., in Pleiku. SP4 Herbert D. Purvis, radio replay carrier, assigned to the 459th 
                             Signal BATT, Nha Trang.
April 5                 Bombers swarm over north.  Years high of 147 missions.  Hanoi brainwashing American
                             POWs feared.
April 7                 Yanks, N. Viet troops battle at Freedom Bridge at Quang Tri.  PVT Harold G. Bowman
                             completed MP training at Ft. Gordon.  SA David A. Story in "A" school at Great Lakes. 
                             SP4 Randall L. Beeks, 2nd Sqd 4th CAV, stationed in Germany.
April 10               May 23rd ceasefire in Viet War sought.
April 11               June draft call is for 19,800.  PFC Ernest E. Saunders improving, present diagnosis is
                            encephalitis.  PVT Michael Saunders at Ft. Dix.  PVT Loren L. Morford in AIT at Ft. 
                            Polk.  FA Michael Cooper aboard USS Enterprise off Vietnam.
April 13               Jackie Tullis and ENS W.L. Hubbard are married.  PVT Martin T. Herrell, 53rd Signal BN
                             in Vietnam.  AN Joseph D. Willcox selected for technical training at Lowry AFB. Ronald
                             Schlemmer promoted to SGT while serving in Operation DeSoto.  Bruce Biehl, Darnell 
                             Army Hospital, Ft. Hood, promoted to SP4.
April 14               Reds launch big attack near DMZ; bridge blown.
April 15               PFC James M. Green III,  in Vietnam with the 1st BN, 5th Marine Div. In the Chu Lai area
April 17               Ky wants wall of death to divide Viet.  AN Dean Brubaker selected for technical training
                            Amarillo AFB.  SR Michael J. Noonan completed basic at San Diego.  PFC William D. 
                            Jacobs assigned to Pleiku.
April 19               PFC Michael Spacy, 1st BN, 9th Div. lost left eye following injuries reeived when VC gre-
                            nade threw metal fragments into his face, left hand and right shoulder.
April 21               Haiphong pwer plants bombed; war escalates.  PVT Donald Kendall completed AIT-
                            MOS 13D-29 training at Ft. Hood.  PVT Michael Campbell completed ordnance supply
                            course at Ft. Lee.  LCPL Herbert L. Mullen with Marine Fighter Attack Sqd 323 at Chu
                            Lai.  SP4 Michael Ruckman at Ft. Leonard Wood after 1 year at Phonc Vick.  PFC James 
A.	Simpson, 173rd Airborne Bri., in Vietnam.  SSGT Everett M. Barlow, Tam Son Nhut 
                            AB, decorated with Bronze Star Medal.
April 24               A.J. Childers, USS Ozark, promoted to PO3.   Martin Harrell promoted to PFC in Viet-
                            nam.  Steven E. Steele in basic Great Lakes. EM3 William Chaplin, USS Francis Marion.
                            A1C Lanny A. Terrell, radio repairman, Bergstron AFB and CPL Tim Burcroff all took 
                            part in Exercise Clove Hitch III. 
April 25               N. Viet MIG bases bombed.  AB Wesley R. Davison and Stephen W. Slonaker assigned 
                             to Lackland AFB for basic.  AMSAN Ronald D. Reynolds with HC-4 aboard the USS 
                             Austin.  LCPL Larry W. Richards inVietnam.  Arthur D. Daub, personnel officer Scott 
                             AFB, promoted to LT.  Martin L. King calls for summer campaign to end war.  
April 26               CAPT Lee Bricker graduated from Air University's Sqd. Officers School, Maxwell AFB
                             and reassigned as construction engineer at USAF Academy. 
April 27               Westmoreland confers with Johnson in Washington.  Viet air war intensifies, Hanoi-
                             Haiphong area again pounded.  PFC James W. Kirby completed basic at Ft. Leonard
                             Wood, AIT at Ft. Polk and stationed in Vietnam. 
April 29                Westmoreland  addresses Congress calls for war support.  Marine losses high in battle
                              Hill 881.  PFC Gerald D. Miller and Harold G. Miller in Vietnam with the 1st Marine
                              Div.  AN Kathryn S. Friedersdorf assigned Scott AFB after basic Lackland AFB.  David
                              L. Leland, finance specialist 3800th Air Base Wing, awarded Outstanding Unit Award at 
                              Maxwell AFB.
April                     U.S. Naval Air Facility Cam Rahn Bay ewstablished, P-2 Neptune and P-3 Orion patrol
                              craft based there.
May 1                   Ellsworth Bunker arrives in Saigon to replace Lodge as ambassador.  Hanoi rail fac-
                              ility bombed by AF jets.  PVT Morris Baker completed Army Aviation school at Ft. 
                              Rucker.  1st LT James N. Vawter, Co. B, 1st BN, 1st Inf. Div. 26th Inf., participated in 
                              Operation Junction City inVietnam.  PVT William Wilke in basic Ft. Knox.
May 2                    Patricia A. Morrett attended the 12th Annual Angel Flight Conclave in Miami.  AN
                              Edward W. Howard at NAS Lakehurst to learn to be a weather observer.  ENS Kent L. 
                              Fites stationed MCAS El Toro.  PVT James G. Brown completed AIT Ft Ord.  
May 3                    Marines take key Hill 881 in bitter fight.  New fair draft plan's sales pitch challenged.  
William C. Siders stationed with the 29th Eng. BN, Co. C.  SA David D. Surfus and MMAN Mickey E.
Hudson, USS Constitution, participated in Exercise Blue Coral.  PVT William Jacobs, 815 Eng. BN, Co. D, 
in Vietnam.  LCPL Gary Ladd (Laddie) Biehl killed in action against hostile forces near Huong Hoa, Viet- 
nam.  He was a lance corporal and member of the Third Marine Division.  Before going overseas he was at 
Parris Island, S.C., and Camp LeJeune, N.C.
     Biehl attended Andrews and largo schools prior to going to Northfield where he was a member of the 
Math and Science Club.  He attended the Dora Christian Church.
     He had lived at Andrews, Lagro RR1, and Bradenton, Fl., prior to entering service in April 1966.
     Biehl was born at Indianapolis July 17, 1946.
     Survivors include his mother and stepfather, Mr. And Mrs. Fred Hull, Lagro RR1, three sisters, Miss 
Glynna Biehl, at home Lagro RR1, Miss Cheryl Biehl and Miss Mary Biehl, at home, two brothers, James 
Biehl, Fort Wayne, and John Biehl, at home; two half-sisters, Mrs. Paul Fait, Poscassett, Ma, and Mrs. 
Gene Roemhild, Whittier, Ca; two half-brothers, Lawrence Saunders, Danville, Il, and William Saunders, 
Riverside, Ca, and the maternal grandmother, Mrs. Catherine Schwartz, Huntington.
     The body will be brought to the Deal Funeral Home, Andrews.  Funeral arrangements are incomplete.  
He was buried at Riverside Cemetery in Andrews.
May 5                  Draft extension approved.  Green Beret Camp raided by Guerrillas.  Hanoi silent on pace
                             talks-Rusk.  PFC John D. Kelly at Cam Ranh Bay.  1st LT David Wilson awarded Air 
                             Medal for Heroism.  On 11-4-1966 he was serving as a pilot of a CH47 on a mission 
                             evacuating critically wounded personnel while under fire.  Owen County draft board calls 
                             for end to draft until things are more fair.
May 6                   31,000 delinquent reservists face callup.  Laurence H. Howell accepted by Coast Guard 
May 8                   U.S. Marines on Hill 881 shelled by enemy force.  Warn of new Soviet war aid to Hanoi.
                             SGT Patrick McBride completes refresher training at Camp Pendleton. 
May 9                   Marine outpost attacked heavy casualties reported.  Jury indicts Cassius Clay for refusal  
                             to be inducted.
May 10                 B52s batter Viet Cong.
May 11                 Haiphong air base, plant stuck by U.S.  SR George N. McVicker III completed basic at 
                             Great Lakes.  CPL Gerald E. Marsh, Maintenance Co. Maintenance BN, 1st Force Service
                             Rgt, Force Logistics Command, in Vietnam.  SN James Bartoo aboard the USS Niagara 
                             Falls.  PVT Lee Geyer has expert rating on weapons qual test at Ft. Campbell.  PFC 
                             Tommy Ehret, 3rd BN, 9th Marine, 3rd Marine Div., now in Vietnam.
May 13                 Cong raiders strike two U.S. bases with rockets.
May 15                 Robert M. Roney, carpenter Bunker Hill AFB, promoted to A2C.  Nolan Tyner pro-
                             moted to AEM3 at Corpus Christi Traron Sqd 27.
May 16                 Marines, tanks hit Cong.
May 17                 Marine drive for Con Thieu repelled.  PVT James Richardson completed basic at San 
                             Diego.  Pat L. Palmer, vehicle dispatcher Bunker Hill AFB, promoted to SSGT.  PFC
                             John D. Kelly, supply specialist, assigned to 35th Eng. Group near Cam Ranh Bay.  
                             RMSN Dennis Grossnickle completed course in radio and electronics and assigned  to 
                             the USS Springfield.  Joseph F. Sheibley promoted to A2C.
May 18                 PVT Randall Pell completed basic at San Diego.  PFC Larry J. Smith now in Vietnam  
                             with the 585th Trance Co.
May 19                 Infantry unit feared lost; overrun in highlands battle.  Draft law extension gets approval.  
                             CPL Terrry L. Brown, 3rd Marine Div., hospitalized in fair condition in Da Nang from
                             wounds received in action.
May 20                 WHS stages orderly march backing war.  Allies begin push into DMZ
                             State Dept. says move is defensive.  Russia reportedly sending rockets to N. Vietnam.
May 22                U.S. jets damage many of N. Vietnam's MIGS.  AN Wesley Davison completed basic
                             Lackland AFB assigned Shepperd AFB for technical training.  LCPL Steven Owens 
                             home on leave, assigned El Toro MCAS.  PVT John V. Worthington completed Mech 
                             Fun School NATTC Memphis.  SP4 James A. Hamilton, chief records section, 1st Adm
                             Co., 1st Inf. Div., Vietnam.  Rolland E. Fearnow assigned to NAVSTA Key West.  PFC  
                             Ernie Saunders on leave from Great Lakes Hospital.  PVT Harold G. Miller, 1st BN, 
                             1st  Marine Rgt., took part in amphibious landing near Da Nang.   
May 25                SGT Frederick M. Behny assigned as Marine recruiter at Charleston, WVA.  Delbert Nu- 
                            nley promoted to SSGT at Craig AFB.  A1C James Chladex with the 4258th Strategic 
                            Wing in the Western Pacific. LCPL David Idle now at DaNang.  A3C Daniel J. Purdy at
                            Norton AFB
May 26                337 Yanks die for Viet record.
May 27                Marines capture enemy hill; Cong force routed.
May 29                Marines locked in battle near Da Nang.  PVT Lee Geyer completed NCO academy Ft. 
                            Polk.  SA Danny Elliott attended ET School, Great Lakes.  EM3 Glen Martin and FN
                            Jackie Votra aboard the USS Okanagon in Okinawa.  PVT William Kastner at Ft.
May 31                Reds launch attack at Hue.  LCPL Bill Lisby completed six months cruise in the Med
                             now assigned to Vietnam.  ETSA Gary Lahmon at NATTC Great Lakes.  AN Stephen 
                             Slonaker completed basic Lackland AFB selected for tech. training Shepperd AFB.  
June 1                  Bomb Haiphong oil depots.
June 2                  War casualties soar.  U.S. record 313 Americans killed in week.
June 3                  147,000 more GIs may be asked for Viet War.  Leathernecks renew drive for enemy hill. 
                            Stephen W. Slonaker, Shepperd AFB, promoted to A1C.
June 5                  Marines claim 450 Cong dead in night assault.
June 6                  Allies rack up Cong in Valley fighting.  ACAA Robert D. Brown stationed at NAS
                            Guantanamo Bay.Richard D. White and Jesse Parrett drafted and sent to Ft. Campbell. 
                            White said of Ft. Campbell "Up at five, ran five miles, PT, six to six thirty breakfast, ten 
                            minutes to eat."
June 7                  Susan Johnson and Capt. Lowell Hoover married.
June 8                  PFC Darrell Jolly, 9th Inf., received bullet wound in left arm while on patrol in Mekong
                            Delta, taken to a hospital at Dog Tay.  He received the Purple Heart.  PFC Williams H. 
                            Dials, SP 44th Art., stationed in Vietnam.  A3C Stanley Ogan, 36th Combat Support
                            Group, Germany. 
June 9                  PFC Tom Ehret, 9th Marine, wounded near Quang Tri.  He sustained fragmentation 
                            wound to left wrist from mortar round.  In good condition at the 3rd Reg. Med. BN
June 10                Cong strike U.S. post at Hue, damage, casualties light.
June 12                29,000 face August draft.  Power plant in Hanoi struck by U.S. bombs.  LCPL Steve
                            Owens assigned to 11th Armored Cav. Reg. in Vietnam.   Patricia C. Bennett sworn into 
                            WACs as CPL.  PFC Harold G. Miller, 1st BN, 1st Marines, in operations south of Da 
June 15                2nd LT Ronald C. Garrison, sworn in by cousin CDR Walter V. Garrison.
June 16                ARVN troops chop up Cong in delta.
June 17                Marines, Cong locked in battle south of Da Nang.  PVT Dennis Wilson to spend eight 
                            weeks as instructor of heavy armor.  SN Sheldon Sutton visits rose festival at Portland.  
                            SR Steven Steele completed basic at Great Lakes.  Ky calls for 140,000 more American 
June 19                Landing zone in Vietnam attacked.
June 20                Yanks turn back Cong onslaught.
June 21                Carl Streng enlisted in the USMC and now at Parris Island.
June 22                William V. Brindle aboard the USS Forrestal.  The Forrestal left Norfolk for Brazil
                             then on to the Philippines and finally to Yankee Station in the Gulf of Tonkin.
June 23                U.S. Infantry unit trapped, wiped out.  Cong mauled in three other Viet battles.
June 24                PVT Jesse Parrett III at Ft. Campbell.  CPL Gerald E. Marsh at Camp Books near 
                            Da Nang.
June 26                Cong, Yanks in blood Viet highlands battle.  John E. Holmes, USS Merrick, promoted 
                            to PO3.  FCTSN John A. Fleck, USS Mahan, returned from Vietnam waters.
June 27                Jill Bennett, Bryan Brooks, dental tech., Chanute AFB, exchange vows.
June 28                SN Michael D. Lindzy aboard the USS Sperry.
June 29                Mick Miller promoted to LCPL in Vietnam.  PVT Greg Guenin fired expert on M-14 at 
                            Ft. Campbell.  PFC Michael G. Spacy received Purple Heart at the 106th Gen. Hospital, 
June 30                Cavalry overruns VC.  TSGT Billy Palmer awarded SAC Educational Achievement 
                            Award at Minot AFB.  AN John Bakehorn selected for technical training Lowry AFB.
June                     Naval Support Activity Saigon detachment at Cam Rahn Bay designated Naval Support
                             Facility Cam Rahn Bay.
July 1                   Douglas A. Bowman was promoted to SGT with MOS 0311-Grunt.  He was sent to 
                             Marine Barricks Camp Pendleton, Edson Rifle Range.  Ky, rival join forces.  Premier
                             drops bid for presidency.  LBJ signs draft law, 19 year olds first.  Haiphong, MIG bases
                            bombed by U.S.
July 3                  PFC James L. Fleshood has been awarded the Purple Heart for wounds received in con-
                            nection with military operations in Vietnam.
July 5                   Marines in heavy combat near DMZ.
July 6                   PVT Randall Pell and James R. Richardson completed ICT Camp Pendleton.
July 8                  Cong begin heavy assault on Marine DMZ outposts.  Westy tells Mac we're winning 
                            war…slowly.  FN Jackie Votra, USS Okanogan, returns to Long Beach from Da Nang.
                            SR Ronald L. Greiner completed basic at Great Lakes. 
July 10                Marines count 500 dead enemy after big battle.
July 11                GOP senators offer program to deescalate Vietnam War.  More U.S. troops in Viet?
                            McNamara silent.
July 13                Craig P. Miller enlisted in the Army, to take basic at Ft. Campbell.  AMS3 Robert Magner 
                            USS Randolph, on shakedown cruise.  SP5 Michael A. Kerr, heavy truck driver, 35th Eng.
                            BN, working on Vietnam's major North-South route Highway 1.  LCDR Kelson Slayman 
                            received Master of  Science in Oceanography at the Naval Post Graduate School.
July 14                LBJ, Westmoreland confer on troop needs; wants 100,000 men.
July 15                Reds attack DaNang; SAM hits downtown.  AN David Coburn graduated AE School at 
                            NATTC Memphis.  AA Larry Robinson graduated AFUN School NATTC Memphis. 
                            AMSAN Gary A.Whitener graduated from a course on maintenance of aircraft structures
                            and hydraulics systems, NAS Sanford.  Jim Hamilton, Vietnam, promoted to SP5.
July 17                Rockets kill 13 Americans at Da Nang airbase.  LT. James Ridenour arrived at Pleiku.
July 18                PVT William J. Matteson at U.S. Army Signal School Ft. Monmouth.
July 19                Rita J. Baker bride of CAPT James A. Monce, instructor Mather AFB. 
July 24                Ground fighting flares in Vietnam.  PFC Harold G. Miller, 1st BN, 1st  Rgt., in DaNang. 
                           Cadet Laurance H. Howell at Coast Guard Academy. 
July 25                PVT James Simpson completed course at Army Transportation School, Ft. Eustis.
                            AEAA Richard U. Gifford graduated NATTC Memphis.
July 29                About 10:50 am in the Gulf of Tonkin 134 die and 161 injured in fire onboard  the USS
                            Forrestal.  Blaze hits as ship prepares to launch bombers.  AA William V. Brindle died 
                            aboard the USS Forrestal.  Fires and explosions ravaged the giant aircraft carrier caused 
                            by an electrical anomaly discharged a Zuni rocket on the flight deck. The resulting fire
                            apparently ignited by a punctured fuel tank on an A-4 Skyhawk plane.  This was the
                            Navy's worst combat disaster at sea since World War II.  Also aboard the Forrestal was
                            William J. Knotts, Jerry Cunningham and PO2 Willliam McDaniel.  The fire apparently 
                            ignited by a  punctured fuel tank on A-4 Skyhawk.  Marines invade DMZ in hunt for
                            Artillery.  Batteries drive Yanks to bunkers.
Mr. And Mrs. Arthur Brindle, 225 North Thorne St., were notified Tuesday at 12:30 p.m. that their son 
William Victor was dead, a victim of the fire and explosion aboard the USS Forrestal.  The youth had been 
listed as missing in action since Sunday.
     By Jeff Smithburn-Plain Dealer City Editor.
     Two Wabash families continued an anxious wait Tuesday for word of their sons who were aboard the 
USS Forrestal when it was ravaged by a disastrous fire Sunday.
     U.S. Navy officials have listed William V. Brindle, 18, the son of Mr. And Mrs. Arthur Brindle, 225 
North Thorne St., as missing in action.  His family had received no further word at noon on Tuesday.
     Also aboard the stricken carrier was William J. Knotts, 20, son of Mr. And Mrs. Gene Knotts, 32 Stitt 
St., and Jerry Cunningham, 29, son of Mrs. Gladys Cunningham, Amboy RR.
     No official word had been received Tuesday noon on Knotts, but Cunningham's family received a 
telegram at 5:30 Monday that he was safe.
     "He is all right," Mrs. Cunningham said.  "A telegram came to his wife about 5:30 last night saying 
Jerry was safe and a letter would follow."  Cunningham is married to the former Darlene VanCamp, 
     Mrs. Knotts said she and her husband have received no word of their son's condtion.  "We just know he 
was aboard the ship.  His sister just got a letter he had written Saturday, the day before the fire.  He told her 
he had changed jobs.  That's all we know."
     The Navy Tuesday reported 129 men were dead, three missing and 64 injured in the tragedy.  The 
Forrestal was docked at the Philippine Islands for temporary repairs that will enable her to return to the 
United States for a major refitting.
     The fire, the worst combat disaster at sea since World War II, was apparently ignited by a punctured fuel 
tank on an A4 Skyhawk plane.  Ammunition, bombs, rockets and other planes aboard the giant carrier 
exploded, trapping many victims in living compartments below deck.
     The Brindle family was notified Sunday night their son was missing.  Brindle is a 1966 Wabash High 
School graduate.  He worked for radio station WKUZ and WARU, Peru, after graduation and before 
entering the Navy.  Brindle had been aboard the Forrestal for two months before the ship was ordered to 
war duty in Vietnam waters.
     His father works at Celotex Corp., Lagro.
     Knotts graduated from Wabash High School in 1965 and joined the Navy in October that year.  He took 
basic training in San Diego, Ca., and later at Memphis, Tn., and Jacksonville, Fl., before being assigned to 
the Forrestal.  His parents reported Knotts was recently switched from a bomb-loading duty to work on the 
ship's flight deck.
     His father is a line foreman for Public Service Indiana.
   Cunningham, an 11 year veteran of the Navy, has been aboard the Forrestal since the fall of 1966.  He 
attended Converse High School.  His mother said the ship was to have been in Vietnam waters 10 months 
and return next February or March.
     Pacific Fleet Headquarters at Pearl Harbor said Tuesday a board of inquiry would immediately begin an 
investigation of the disaster. The Forrestal is docked at Subic Bay, Philippines.  It brought 64 of the injured 
sailors and 52 of the dead.  A Navy hospital ship met the Forrestal off the Vietnam coast after the fire and 
took aboard 77 other bodies and 33 wounded men before going to American hospitals at DaNang, South 
     The Navy said 57 planes were destroyed or damaged and damage would run past $135 million.      
July 31                U.S. air field near Saigon hit by shells.  USS Forrestal moored at Leyte Pier at NAS Subic
                            Point in the Philippines for temporary repairs.
August 2              SGT Dennis Starbuck was stationed Hill 34 DaNang Air Strip.
August 4             Authorize new troop increase to 40 or 50,000 for Vietnam.
August 7             Allied mop up in Mekong biggest of War.  1st LT Phyllis A. Brinson, USAF Nurse Corp, 
                            to be assigned to a hospital in Vietnam.  A3C Michael Poor graduated technical training
                            at Chanute AFB and assigned to Eglin AFB.
August 8              RFK says South Vietnamese must carry burden of war.  AEAA Gregory Stoffer and 
                            Susan Minnear repeat vows at Petersine Chapel.
August 9              AN James Mourer selected for technical training at Lowry AFB.  RMSA David A. Story
                             completed Radarman course at Great Lakes.
August 10             SP4 Jim Fleshood wounded second time in Vietnam.  Wounded in the central highlands, 
suffered a concusion, fractured ankle and two crushed vertebrae when a land mine exploded.  He is at 
Drake Army Hospital, Tokyo.  Senator Stennis calls for increased bombing.  Larry Enyeart, Co. B, 229 1st 
Cav, An Hkhe, Qui Nhon, Bong Son, promoted to SP5.  BRINDLE FUNERAL SATURDAY.
     The United States Navy will conduct military graveside services in Falls Cemetery Saturday afternoon 
for William Victor Brindle, airman apprentice, USN, who died July 29 aboard the Aircraft Carrier 
     The Rev. William Peterson will officiate at Funeral services at 2 pm Saturday in the Chapel of the 
Eddingfield Mortuary.
     Friends may call at the Eddingfield Mortuary after 7 pm Thursday.
     Fires and explosions which ravaged the giant aircraft carrier claimed 131 lives.  More than 60 other men 
were injured in the United States' worst combat disaster at sea since World War II.
     The ship after temporary repairs at Subic Bay, Philippines, steamed to the U.S. for a major refitting.  
Two other Wabash area boys were aboard the ship but escaped injury.
     He was born at Wabash Sept. 18, 1948 to Arthur E. and Betty M. (Brock) Brindle, 225 N. Thorne St.  
Surviving with the parents, is a half-brother, Jerry L. Light.
     He was a member of the North Side EUB Church and the Rock City Chapter, DeMolay.     
August 11             PVT Ed John McCarty at Ft. Campbell.  Viet casualties near 90,000.
August 12             Bombers blast Hanoi bridge.
August 15             PVT Douglas Nixon attending Army Administration Course atFt. Leonard Wood.  SP4
                             Dale Skaggs, Ft. Irwin assigned to the 36th Engineers BN, Vietnam.
August 17             Larry J. Smith promoted to SP4 in Vietnam.
August 18             PFC Jerry Orr, driver, participated in Operation Emporia.  A2C Robert Fordyce assigned
                             Takhi Royal Thai AFB.
August 21            U.S. Planes bomb supply routes.  ENFA David Baker completed school 
                             at Great Lakes will report to Coronado, Ca.
August 22            AN Jerry Shoemaker completed basic Lackland AFB assigned Lowry AFB.
August 23            U.S. air escalation saves 800,000 troops.
August 24            PVT Michael Howard completed basic Ft. Campbell assigned Ft. Jackson.
August 25            U.S. loses six jets over Hanoi.  SN John Kilander on the USS America in the Med. 
                             1st LT Larry Stewart, aerospace munitions officer, 232n Yellow Jackets, Phan Rang AB
                             received the AF Flying Safety Award.
August 26            Thieu declares S. Viet Military purge alleges 50 inefficient, corrupt.  PO3 Jon C. Haupt  
                             married Barbara Haywood in Seattle.
August 28            PVT Jerry Holmes completed ICT at Camp Pendleton.  PVT Michael R. Faust com- 
                             pleted basic San Diego.  HC2 William Fleck assigned to the USS Oriskany.  A1C
                             Charles Cable, 638th Security Police, assigned Clark AFB.  PFC Jesse Williams comp- 
                             leted basic Ft. Campbell stationed in Vietnam.  HN Richard Eslava serving aboard the 
                             USS Repose.  PFC John Worthington at MCAS El Toro.  PFC Tom Worthington at  
                             MCRD San Diego.  SP4 John D. Kelly with the 610th Maint. BN. LCPL Paul Johnson, 
                             1st Marine Aircraft Wing, at Da Nng AB.  PFC Lawrence Merriweather, rifleman, assi-
                             gned to the 25th Inf Div, Vietnam.  PFC Robert Isaacs, Jr. completed postal clerk training
                             Ft. Benjamin Harrison now in Wurtsburg, Ger. 
August 29            Cong terrorists strike U.S. bases; 11 Yanks die.  Phyllis Brinson on hospital duty at Cam
                             Rahn Bay.  Sherry Ann Tait, LCLP Martin Schaaf are married. 
August 30            U.S. reveals record loss in air war.
August 31            GOP's Ford blasts Viet War policy.  McNamara, testifying before a Senate subcommittee 
                             asserts American bombing of N. Vietnam is ineffective. 
September 1         U.S. war deaths at 12,730.  PVT Larry B. Stine completed helicopter Course, Ft. Eustis. 
                             STSN Rolland E. Fearnow completed Sonar Tech School A-1 phase, NS Key West.  CPL 
                             Richard D. Coppock has reenlisted.  PFC David Kirchner, 29th Signal Corps at Khorat
                             duty station,Thailand.
September 2         LBJ denies rift over Viet bombing.  PFC Jesse Williams, mortarman, 25th Inf. Div., 1st B,
                             participated in Operation Barking Sands in Vietnam. 1st LT Richard Helm, asst. comm..
                             officer, assigned toVietnam.
September 3         Thieu elected president, Ky vice-president.
September 6         Loren L. Morford, Manchester Grad., killed in Vietnam.  North Manchester-Lorel L. 
Morford, 22, was fatally wounded at 4:50 pm Wednesday in Vietnam by small arms fire.  He became the 
fifth Wabash County serviceman to die in Vietnam.
     An officer from Marion informed his parents, Mr. And Mrs Harold Morford, North Manchester RR3, of 
his death Thursday morning.  More details were expected that afternoon.
     Also surviving are his widow,the former Ruth Ann Landrum, daughter of Mr. And Mrs. Gilbert 
Landrum, Wabash RR.  A sister living at Lafayette survives also.
     Morford was drafted into the army Nov. 15, 1966.  he completed nine weeks of advanced infantry 
training April 7 at Ft. Polk, La.
     His last week of training at Ft. Polk was spent in guerrilla warfare exercises.  During his guerrilla 
training he lived under simulated Vietnam conditions for five days, fighting off night attacks and 
conducting raids on "enemy" villages.  He was taught methods of removing booby traps, setting ambushes 
and avoiding enemy ambushes.
     He had been in Vietnam four months.  He left the Unitd States for duty in the war zone April 29.
     He was a 1962 graduate of Manchester High School
September 9         DaNang air base attacked; Marines escape ambush.  RM David A. Story graduated from
                             Great Lakes aboard the USS Thomas.  PVT Walter J. Shepherd completed cooking 
                             course, Ft. Knox.
September 11       Ships and bombers blast buildup in DMZ.  Da Nang base hit again by rockets. 
September 12       LCPL Hoyte J. Summerland, 1st Marines Div., stationed near DaNang.  USS Forrestal
                             arrived at Mayport and unloaded aircraft and crews of squadrons based in Florida.
September 13       PFC Jerry Orr, machine gunner, after basic at Ft. Knox, sent to Long Bien where he was 
                             wounded.  AMS3 Robert A. Magner married Nancy Oliver in Norfolk, Va.  SSGT James
                             Chlandek, admin specialist, received the Air Force Commendation Medal at a forward
                             base in the Western Pacific.  SR Rolland D. Drudge completed basic Great Lakes.
September 14       A1C Roger A. Pattee on duty at Korat Royal Thai AFB.  November draft call for 22,000.
                             U.S. war deaths pass 13,000.
September 18       Marines scatter Reds from delta.  Haiphong port facility congested by U.S. bombing.   
                             PFC James A. Brewer assigned as gunner on a PC in Vietnam. 
September 20       PFC David W. Keaffaber assigned to duty in Chu Lai.  SR Walter Connell completed
                             basic Great Lakes.
September 22       SR John T. Trosper in recruit training at Great Lakes.
September 23       Vietnam War may fester-Russia.  CPL Charles T. Wilson, 3rd Marine Div., received the
                              Purple Heart.  David R. McCombs promoted to SP4 in Vietnam.  CPL Harold G. Miller
                              with the 1st BN, 1st Regt.  Walter N. Long promoted to SP4 in Vietnam.  David Idle
                               promoted to CPL in Vietnam.
September 27        Communists begin major actions.  Westmoreland starts to fortify Kesanh.  Reds pour   
                              heaviest fire of war on U.S. Marines.  Concentrate artillery on base near Con Thien.  
                              Mr.and Mrs. Gerhard W. Judjahn wed in North Manchester.                                                                                                                
September 29        Johnson says U.S. will stop bombing in exchange for "productive discussions." 
September 30        LBJ to air Viet progress report on national TV at 9:30; policy changes expected.  AO3
                              William Knotts relives Forrestal ordeal, home on leave.  Presidential elections in Viet- 
                              nam contested.
October 2              Rigging charged in Viet election.  Red attacks on U.S. outposts continue.  Vietnam can
                              prevent World War:  LBJ.
October 3              Assembly upholds Viet elections.  B52s obliterate Red artillery.
October 4              Buddhists protest Viet election.  VC gunners rack civilian targets in Hue.
October 5              Marines win major battle at Con Thien.  TSGT Roger G. Carptenter, Bein Hoa AFB,
                              received Commendation Medal.  SA Thomas DuBois, USS Johnston, assigned to
                              Quartermaster Division. 
October 7              SR Craig J. Thompson completed basic at Great Lakes.  James W. Kirby, 25th Inf. Div., 
                              promoted to SP4 at Chu Chi.  SP4 Tom Barrus with C Btry, 2MSL, BN, 58th Art.  PFC 
                              Jerry Orr progressing satisfactorily at Medical Hospital Detachment 106.  PFC James 
                             Hegel, truck driver, assigned to 4th Inf. Div., Vietnam.   SN Johnny T. Cruz, USS Coral 
                              Sea, in the Gulf of Tonkin.  SN John Kilander, USS America, returned to Norfolk.  SGT 
                              John Gidley's camp at DaNang destroyed.  He was not hurt.
October 9              Yanks set up base of Green Berets near Red airfield.
October 10            Paratroopers fight way out of Communist trap.
October 11            PVT Tom Kempf completed basic at Camp Pendleton.  PVT John McCarty completed
                              basic at Ft. Campbell, reported Ft. Polk for AIT. 
October 12            Rusk to counterattack Johnson Vietnam critics.  CAPT. Thomas Clark awarded the Air
                              Medal for meritorious action in Vietnam.
October 13            A2C David Daine, 453rd Munitions Maint. Sqd., David-Monthan AFB, assigned to
                              DaNang AB.  PVT Ricke Cooper in basic at Ft. Campbell.  Harold Miller promoted to
                              LCPL, 1st BN, 1st Marines.  Gerald D. Miller promoted CPL, 3rd Am Trac BN.  PVT
                              Douglas Nixon completed Admin course at Ft. Leonard Wood.  1st LT Lester Spencer,
                              systems operator pilot, stationed at DaNang AB.  PVT Tom Worthington completed
                              basic San Diego.  LtCOL Kenneth A. Plant entered Air War College.
October 14            LT J. Doug Durnbaugh assigned to Korea for duty.  December draft quota over 400
                              in Indiana. 
October 16            Marine DMZ base under new attack.  W/O James W. Browne, supply officer, 1st Div.
                              at Di An.
October 17            U.S. bombers hit Marine outpost at Con Thien.  John E. Friend, Long Binh, promoted to
                              SP5 at Long Binh. 
October 18            AN Dale Broadfoot completed basic Lackland AFB assigned technical training at She-
                              pperd AFB.  PVT Richard D. White and PVT Jesse Parrett completed AIT, Ft. McClel-
                              land.  After leave White will  report to Ft. Benning for NCO training.  AMS2 Stephen
                              Straley, Attack Sqd. 45, NAS Cecil Field, given citation for meritorious service.  PVT
                              James D. Keefer completed recruit training at San Diego.  Craig Miller, completed arm-
                              our training Ft. Knox, assigned to Ft. Meade.  David Adamson, Camp LeJune, promoted  
                              to LCPL.  PFC Larry Gilley, 2nd BN, 94th Art. in Vietnam.  PFC Lawrence T. Pace, com-
                              mand truck driver, with 1st Air Cav., Bong Son.  1st LT Arthur D. Daub stationed at a
                              British air base in Germany. 
October 19            VC ambush kills 61, wounds 131; completely upset Infantry Division. Violence in anti 
                              draft demonstrations subsides at Oakland, Ca.  CPL Alan Stackhouse, gunner, BATT A,
                              1st BN, 2nd Armored Div., fired expert with M-14 at Ft. Hood.  
October 20            Vietnam protests spread to Chicago and University of Wisconsin.  Continue Viet
                              bombing says Legion head. 
October 21            One injured in Manchester peace in Vietnam protest.  No arrests made in hour, 20 block  
October 23            VC units suffer high loss.
October 24            Weekend protesters at Pentagon proclaim "Our enemy is LBJ."  James  A. Pell, Ft. Sill, 
                              commissioned 2nd LT.
October 25            Hartke demands immediate Viet peace plan.
October 26            Encore at Phuc Yen; bomb base second time.
October 27            Plan yule boxes for servicemen.  Bombing protesters should be put along the DMZ says 
October 28            Pro Vietnam response small in Manchester.  Tom Ehret, Con Thien, promoted to CPL 
                              for meritorious action in combat.
October 30            Air defense of Hanoi stiffens.  LCPL Jim Green, Co. C, 1st BN, 5th  Regt, 1st Marines 
                              wounded and in hospital at DaNang.
October 31            VP closely protected, pins purple hearts on 10 in Mekong Delta.  PFC Larry Haney 
                              wounded second time in Vietnam.  SGT James Goodpasture discharged after 13 months 
                               in Korea.  Richard Pogue home on leave after finishing Class A Yeoman's School, 
                               Bainbridge.  SSGT Charles C. Genter part of newly formed Cobra Flight at Phu Cat AB.
                               PVT Michael Faust completed ICT at Camp Pendleton.  Dennis B. Dice promoted to
                               A1C in Turkey.
November 1          Humphrey, Viet unhurt in Cong mortar attack.  PVT Lowell Rosen in general vehicle 
                              repairman course, Ft. Knox.  PFC Dennis Manning with the 198th Inf. BN in Vietnam.  
                              Mick Miller promoted to CPL in Vietnam for meritorious duty at Con Thien.  Daniel H.
                              Kaiser received silver wings of Army aviator at Ft. Rucker.  PFC Tony Holmes with  the
                              1st Inf. Div.  PVT William Kastner with the 709th M.P. BN.  PFC DeWayne L. Brooks, 
                              Ft. McClellan, with the 25th Inf. Div. near Cu Chi.  PFC Daryl L. Slusser assigned to Ft. 
                              Lee as a mathematics statistical analyst assistant.
November 2          John Oswalt completd basic at Ft. Campbell.  J. Douglas Durnbaugh, 55th Ordnance, pro- 
                              moted to 1st LT.
November 3          U.S. Viet troops kill 525 Reds.  James Bowman, 81st Tactical Fighter Wing, Bentwaters,
                              promoted to A1C.  IU president Stahr rejects Vietnam protestors demands.
November 4          Cong storm Loc Ninh using civilians as shields.
November 6          PFC James L. Smith, 1st Cav. Div. in Vietnam.  SGT Larry Terrel, fire team leader in
                              Co. B, 2nd BN, 14th Inf., 25th Inf. Div. near CuChi, in Operation Barking Sands.  CMSN, 
                              Sheldon Sutton, USS King, in waters off Vietnam.  CPL Stephen Carter with Seabees 
                              near Danang. 
November 7          U.S. Planes strike near heart of Hanoi.  2 MIGs downed over Viet capital.  SP4 Robert J.
                              Haecker fired expert with M-14 at Ft. Hood.  Roland Drudge in CA FW school, Ft. 
November 8          Leonard Gardenour organizes Viet support march.
November 9          U.S. troops kill 353 VC in heavy ground-air battle.  CAPT John D. Cooke, SAC pilot,
                              TAD at U-Tapoo Royal Thai AFB.  AN Larry R. Dennison completed basic Lackland 
                              AFB assigned to technical training, Chanute AFB.  
November 10        Casualties reported light as troops foil VC booby trap.  PFC John F. Walter, Ft. Lewis, 
                               transferred to Korea.  PFC Randall Pell assigned to USMC Marine Observation Sqd 5, 
                               Camp Pendleton after graduating from NATTC Memphis.  
November 11         LBJ appeals for unity on Vietnam in jet tour.  John W. Voss promoted to 1st LT in Man- 
                               nheim, Germany.
November 13         VC releases two U.S. Soldiers.  Paratroopers hold against Red attack.  Gen. Westmore-
                               land to return for talks.
November 15         Helicopter explosion kills Marine General in DaNang.  Four from USS Intrepid have  
                               taken political asylum in Japan.                                                                                                                   
November 16         Westmoreland exudes optimism sees real progress.  Mortar attack wrecks U.S. base at
                               Dak To; planes, ammo dump explode.  SR John Trosper graduated basic at Great Lakes.
November 17         Navy bombers knock out VC mortar base.
November 18         SP4 Richard A. Scheiber, Huntington killed in fire fight at Dak To.  His mother was the
                               former Eileen Driscoll.  Thurman Maurer gave CPL Herbert Mullen a flag to fly at his 
                               camp at Chu Lai.  SP4 Hubert Scott and PFC Daniel H. Miller sent to Vietnam with the
                               198th Light Inf. Bri., at Chu Lai.  Stephen Slonaker, Scott AFB, promoted to A1C.
November 20         U.S. troops repel Viet suicide charge.  VC offer 13 day truce over holiday.  PFC James
                               A. Simpson wounded in fire fight and treated at 71st Evac. Hospital.  
November 21         Vietnam phase down possible in two years.
November 22         Copters evade Napalm to evacute wounded.  PVT Jim Keefer completed ICT, Camp
                               Pendleton.  PFC James Brewer, gunner, participated in Operation Santa Fe in Vietnam.
November 24         Grenade hurling GIs storm Cong fortress.  Lost paratroop battalion freed.
November 25         Cong ambush hits 500 GIs.
November 27         HoChiMinh reported seriously ill in Hanoi.  Dak To highlands battle costly to N. Viet. 
                               Rex Bradley aboard the USS Chicago.  Danny Elliott aboard the USS Holland.  Law-
                               rence Pace, Bong Son, promoted to SP4.                                                                                                                   
November 28         B52s hit deep inside N. Vietnam.  Ronald Reynolds serving aboard the USCCG 
November 29         Jets strike N. Vietnam air bases.  Mac to quit defense post.  SP4 John W. Brunn at the 
                              121st Evac Hospital.  Donald E. Sparling completed basic at Ft. Campbell now at Ft. 
                              Gordon.  SR James Burton completed basic at Great Lakes.
November 30         Hartke says war drains leadership, moral values.  Ike, Bradley suggest speed up in 
                               Vietnam.  MAJOR James R. Turpin, Armed Forces Staff College, awarded AF Com- 
                               mendation Medal 1st Oak leaf cluster for meritorious service in Germany. 
December 1            U.S. Combat deaths pass 15,000 mark.  U.S. troops repel Cong rocket attack near Bo 
                               Doc.  McNamara's departure won't effect war: LBJ.
                               SN Ron Griffith, USS Grand Canyon, on Med Cruise.  CDR Daniel Shockey, in Viet- 
                               nam, promoted to CAPTAIN.
December 2           40% rural Vietnamese dominated by VC.  3rd Communist attack repelled by allied 
                               troops at Bo Doc.  Mary Sue Helstern, Vietnam Nurse to address Brethren Church.
December 4           Terrorists attack near U.S. Viet bases.  SGT D. C. Starbuck is with H an S Co., 1st
                               TK BN Maint.
December 6            Reds starving Yank POWs, defector says.
December 7            VC massacre villagers.  Police repel antidraft pickets at Rusk's NY hotel.  WABASH 
December 8           GI's kill 146 Reds in Viet stronghold near Bon Son.  Steve Conner, 306th Security Po-
                              lice, McCoy AFB, promoted to SGT.  SN David  Story aboard the USS Thomas.  SP4
                              Ronnie E. Coots at Ft. Meade.  SR R.T. Kreider in basic at Great Lakes.  BK5 Peter
                               Kaiser at USNS Gulfport.
December 9           GIs trap Cong regiment 252 enemy troops killed near Bong Son.  PFC David Hartman, 
                               25th Inf. Div., near Dau Tieng.  SGT Sherman Ogan, Vietnam, reassigned to Homestead
                               AFB.  Steven Steele, Seabees, assigned to Vietnam.
December 11          S. Vietnamese claim delta victory.  All kinds of heroes at battle of Bong Son.  Dennis
                               Manning, 1-52 Inf., in Vietnam.  LCPL Ernest Saunders with 3rd Marines, Vietnam.  FA 
                               Michael J. Cooper and ST2 Russell Kirshman, USS Enterprise, participated in Blue
                               Lotus.  DC1 Philip D. Kuffel stationed at Washington, D.C.
December 12          GIs break trap, rescue S. Vietnamese troops at Bong Son.  CAPT. John Neff assigned 
                               command of USS Sanctuary.
December 13          Senator Percy flees VC attack.  Koreans killed 272 Viet red. SP4 Frank Hitlaw on 2nd
                                tour of duty in Vietnam.  CPL Gerald Miller and LCPL Harold Miller in Vietnam. 
                                LCPL Gary W. Heath at Chu Lai.  
December 14          GIs repulse human wave of Viet Reds.  Darrell Jolly told Lions about his tour of duty
                                in Vietnam.
December 16          Vietnam fighting spills into Laos.  SGT Steven Burke in Vietnam.
December 18          American platoon trapped in Bong Son plain battle.
December 19          U.S. Jets strike massive bombing attacks at Hanoi.
December 21          LBJ endorses Saigon-Cong talks.  John Bakehorn graduated Weapons & Munitions  
                                School Lowry AFB, stationed in England, promoted to A1C.  James Bakehorn, Elgin
                                AFB, returned from Turkey.  PVT Richard Raines at Vung Tau.  Ronald Pore with the 
                                10th Eng BN, Germany.  SP4 Daniel H. Miller with the 198th Inf  Bde.  Nelson Bahler
                                commissioned 2nd  LT, Lackland AFB assigned to Mather AFB.
December 22           Johnson gets Viet policy endorsement from allies.  Thai infantry wins
                                first major battle.  SGT Hosea Clupper home on leave.  PVT Craig Miller, 6th Cav., 
                                stationed at Ft. Meade.
December 23           Johnson in Thailand; Viet talks expected.  Hershey, Moss continue running battle over
                                U.S. draft law policy.
December 26           Jet strafe Red convoys; attacks launched as ceasefire ends.  Ho rejected peace bid by
December 28          203 Reds killed in battle.  SSGT Claude Chamberlain, aircraft technician, and A1C 
                               Daniel J. Purdy, aircraft mechanic, 63rd Military Air Wing, Norton AFB, took part in 
                               Operation Eagle Thrust.  SR Edward A. Wenger completed basic training.
December 29          Foreign Minister Trinh says that N. Vietnam "will" talk once the U.S. halts its bombing. 
                               Domestic protests against the war rise.  Marines assault Cong fortress in Da Nang 800 
                               GIs engaged in bitter fighting.  Bob Hope troupe makes swift take off as Reds attack. 
                               166 GIs killed in Vietnam, 1,397 wounded last week.
December 30          GIs shot in head, stripped by Cong near DaNang.  LT James Russell completed OCS
                               at Ft. Benning.  American troop strength in Vietnam approaches 500,000 by year-end.  


January 2              Sihanouk tells Johnson's emissary, Chester Bowles, that he will not stop American
                              forces from pursuing the VC over the Cambodian border.  Bunker-Thieu secret talks 
                             may mean new peace effort.
January 3              GIs repel attack with steel darts along Cambodian border.  13 drafted from Wabash 
                              County and 12 others ordered for physicals.  Melvin White passed out Gideon bibles to 
                              them.  During 1967 142 men inducted and 300 enlisted.
January 4              Troops free to enter Cambodia.  PVT Rickey L. Cooper fired expert with M-14 at Ft.
January 5              Hanoi hints at peace talks if U.S. halts bombing raids.  GI deaths pass 16,000.  26
                              Americans died each day of 1967 in war.  QM3 Jerry McGee on the USS Comstock.
January 6               Bayh to tell of Viet trip in talk here.
January 8               Reds rocket GIs near Viet coast.  Tonkin Gulf study raises issue of  LBJ's credibility.  
SP4 Lawrence T. Pace, 1st Air Cav, participated in Operation Pershing.  Copter crash kills Wabash GI.  
Marine SGT Daniel R. Fulwider, 22, sonof Mr. And Mrs. James Wilson Fulwider, 258 Washington St., was 
killed in a helicopter crash Jan. 8 on a hillside at Dang Ha, Vietnam.
     Major JosephPurcilly, Fort Wayne, informed the family of his death Monday.
     Forty-one persons died in the crash. An FBI team was sent to Vietnam to aid in the identification of the 
     Fulwider was aa radio and radar opeator and repairman.  He had volunteered for the flight at the last 
minute, it was reported.
     It is not known at this time whether the body will be returned to Wabash for burial or will be sent to 
Arlington National Cemetery.
     Fulwider, a 1964 graduate of Wabash High School, entered the service in June of that year.  He had 
training at Camp Pendleton, Ca., and Cherry Point, N.C., and then returned to California for advanced 
guerrilla training before going to Vietnam Feb. 8, 1967.
     He was born May 18, 1945 in Wabash to James Wilson and Alloise (Crowder) Fulwider.
     Surviving with the parents are one brother, Stephen L., Wabash, and a sister, Mrs. G.E. (R. Sharon) 
Kenworthy, Lafayette.
January 9               Cong terror reign razes Viet village.
January 10            SGT Dennis C. Starbuck is with the 1st Tank BTN, 1st Marine Div., near DaNang.  1st LT
                              Larry C. Lester received the Air Medal at Phu Cat AB.  Michael Chester completed am-
                              munition renovation at Redstone Arsenal.  PVT Dallas Howard completed wheeled
                              vehicle mechanic course at Ft. Leonard Wood.
January 11            GIs repulse Cong attack.  AA Edward A. Wenger at NATTC Mephis.  TSGT Thomas 
                              Schultz, HC 130 Hercules loadmaster, received service ribbon for service with 3rd Aero-
                             space Rescue and Recovery in Southeast Asia.  He is permanently assigned to Tachikawa 
                             AB, Japan.   AN Niel K. Cline completed basic at Lackland AFB and assigned to Shep- 
                             perd AFB.  CAN Roland D. Drudge attending steelworkers school at Ft. Hueneme.
January 12            U.S. troops break out of Cong ambush in Mekong Delta.  PFC John McCarty, 1st VA, in
                             Ankhe, Vietnam.
January 13            Cong terrorists blow up city hall at Quang Ngai.  U.S. Combat toll shows 87% jump. 
                             3,129 U.S. helicopters and planes lost.
January 15            Allies move against Cong near Saigon.  GM3 Tim Richard in Mekong Delta with a river
                             assault group.  CPL Gerald D. Miller with the 3rd Am. Trac BN and LCPL Harold G. 
                             Miller with the 1st Marine Regt.
January 16            N. Viet planes hit Laos; major escalation feared.  SP4 Charles W. Smith on 30 day leave 
                             before reporting to Vietnam.  Took basic at Ft. Hood and quartermaster training Ft. Lee.
                             AN Ronald W. Patton completed basic Lackland AFB assigned Kessler AFB.  LCPL 
                             Michael Ross with the 3rd BN, 7th Marine Rgt, 1st Marine Div., Vietnam.
January 17           5,000 Viet Reds killed in 2 weeks along Laos/Cambodia border.
January 19           WO Daniel H. Kaiser, special forces camp, Khe Sanh, shot through the wrist while on a
                             mission near Khe Sahn.  The impact also broke his arm.  He is to be returned to the U. S.
                             for treatment.  He received basic at Ft. Polk, primary training at Ft. Walter and sent to Ft
                             Rucker.  He was first stationed at Qui Nhon.  He has three brothers in the service –Tom 
                             with the Navy in Guam, Pete in Mississippi with the Navy and Bob in the Air Force. 
                             SSGT Larry Terrel hit in right side of chest but a  ball point pen kept bullet from entering 
                             lung.  PVT Michael J. Forbes in training at Ft. Campbell.
January 20           Marines kill 162 Reds in 6 hour fight.  SN Johnny Cruz, USS Coral Sea, participated in 
                             rescue of 37 Hong Kong Chinese sailors.  Cong raid U.S. hospital near Pleiku.  Clark 
                             Clifford picked to replace McNamara.  Begins study of troop request; soon favors rejec- 
                             ion of buildup.  TSGT Thomas J. Schultz participated in dramatic rescue of 2 U.S. pilots           
                             off coast of Japan.  Ronald W. Kendall, rocket launcher crewman, promoted to SP4 at Ft.
                             Hood.  PVT Gary Follin finished recruit training at San Diego.
January 23           Reds mass for attack; Viet villages evacuated 1,000 airlifted from DMZ area.
January 25           While on duty at the 101st Aviation Battalion's heliport, SP4 Frank M. Hitlaw, watched 
two Air Force F-5A jet fighters take off from Bien Hoa Air Base.  "I watched them take off and the first 
one looked O.S., but the second one did'nt look right," he said.  The second aircraft seemed to have trouble 
gaining altitude.  At 400 feet it started settling in toward the ground.
     Specialist Hitlaw said, "It started to nose over and then it dropped out of sight.  Then I saw the cloud of 
     As the fireball from the crash rose into the sky Hitlaw jumped into his ¾ ton Crash-Rescue truck and 
proceeded toward the fire.  Hitlaw, a member of Co B, 101st Aviation BN, Crash-Resuce Team, saw that 
the jet had crashed into a Vietnamese village and had set fire to several of the buildings.  Donning his fire 
suit, and using the only equipment on his truck, he made his way through the fire to the aircraft wreckage.
     "I discovered that the pilot had apparently been killed, so I checked the surrounding buildings to see if 
there were any persons in them," he said.
     After completing his search, an Air Force H-43 "Husky" helicopter arrived with a portable foam 
generator, and delivered the equipment to Specialist Hitlaw.
     As he used the equipment the Long Binh Fire Department arrived and sprayed him with water as he 
checked the burning buildings again.  After the fire was under control it was discovered that some of the 
aircraft's ammunition was lost so a search began for two 750 pound bombs.  A search plane came in and 
found the bombs and the EOD teams disarmed the bombs.     
January 26           Reserve units called up 14,600 put on active duty.  Reds, Allies clash along truce line.
                             N. Viet armored vehicles on move.  Air base at Khe Sahn shelled.  GI deaths total 218 
                             last week.
January 27           Record air raids pound Red troops.
January 29           Whistling Cong mortars notify Marines its truce time again.  Viet progress "slow but 
                             steady" says Rostov.
January 30            PFC Robert Collins is with the 56th Art. in Vietnam.
January 31           Tet offensive begins as N. Vietnamese and VC attack S. Viet cities and towns.  
February 1            Saigon turned into battleground.  Martial law put in effect; parts of city bombed.  Cap-
                             ured documents link Cong raids, Red offensive.  U.S. seek confirmation of Pueblo
                             sailor's death.
February 2            No Wabash County draft call until March but five left for induction.
February 3            Marine attacks on Cong citadel in Hue repulsed.  U.S., Korea may open talks on Pueblo
                             return.  SP4 Jesse Williams stationed in Vietnam.  FTG3 John A. Fleck is on leave from
                             the USS Fletcher home ported at Pearl Harbor.
February 5           Cong slaughter U.S. missionaries.  Saigon and Hue still under Cong siege.
February 6            Hue-Communists are everywhere-the place is a mess
February 7            Marines raise flag at Hue.  SP4 David A. Marks, Peru, killed in Vietnam.  SA Royce T.
                             Kreider completed basic at Great Lakes.  LCPL Martin L. Schaaf is with the 1st Marines 
                             Aircraft Wing in Vietnam.  PFC James H. Richardson completed Mech. Fun. at NATTC 
                             Memphis.  PVT Jimmie L. Fisher completed AIT at Ft. McClellan..
February 8           Green Berets go underground to battle tank assault.  Fight for survival staged at Lang
February 9           Viets must help more:  Bayh.
February 10         Viet Red tank column smashed by jet attacks.  Viet compromise called for by RFK. 
                             AMH3  Richard Kercher selected Man of the Month while stationed in Thailand.  He also
                             received Veitnam ServiceMedal.  He is now stationed at Moffett Field with VP47.
February 12          Russian built jet bombers poised on N. Vietnam airfields could hit U.S. posts.  Loren L. 
                              Morford awarded Bronze Star posthumously.  PFC Michael R. Faust, Camp Pendleton,  
                              sent to Vietnam.
February 13          Marines charge citadel in attack across Hue's Perfume River.  Assault launched under
                              heavy fire.  Soviets call for Vietnam peace talks.
February 14          133 Reds die in heavy fighting around Saigon.  U.S. jet bombers hit areas near city.
                              SR Doug Martin in Navy basic San Diego.
February 15          Troop buildup to speed reserve callup decision.  Indiana division likely proposed.  West-
                              moreland out?  Bunker Hill officially became Grissom AFB.  Dive bombers hit citadel.
                              CPL Max T. Bush in Vietnam.  SAEdwin Weimer, USS St. Paul, stationed San Diego. 
                              SP4 Steven C. Emrick, after tour of duty in Vietnam, to be stationed Ft. Sill.  SGT David       
                              L. Leland assigned to Vietnam.
February 16           Reds reenforce Hue troops.  James Hipskind dies of crash injuries.  MR3 James Daniel 
Hipskind, 23, 36 Sherman St., died at the Naval Hospital in Charleston, SC, at 8 pm Wednesday of injuries 
suffered in an automobile accident Feb. 16.
     The car Mr. Hipskind was rading in apparently went out of control on a curve in Charleston and rolled 
over.  Death was a result of spinal cord injury and internal bleeding.
     Mr. Hipskind had been in the Navy for almost four years and was scheduled for discharge in two 
     He was born Sept. 9, 1944, in Wabash to Karl E. and Marian Hipskind.  He was a lifetime resident of 
     Surviving are the parents; three brothers, Tom and Michael, Wabash, and Samuel, in the U.S. Navy; 
three sisters, Mrs. Thomas (Mary) Richards, Wabash, and Elizabeth and Margaret, at home; and a 
grandmother, Mrs. Esta Hipskind, east St. Louis, Il.
     Friends may call at Eddingfield Mortuary after 7 pm Saturday.
     Funeral services will be at the St. Bernards Catholic Church at 10 am Monday with the Rev. Robert 
Zahn officiating.
     Burial will be at Memorial lawns Cemetery at Wabash.
     Gravside military services will be conducted by the Naval Reserve Unit of Fort Wayne.
February 17           Red suicide force uses tanks to repeal Marines.  VC pinned to Citadel wall.  Hanoi
                              releases 3 U.S. pilots; one from Indiana.  CAPT Robin Miller leads rescue of eight Nuns 
                              and 200 pupils at Vinh Long.
February 19           Draft rules tightened on deferments.  Rockets, snipers stall Marine drive in Citadel.
                              Timothy Jewell, USN, marries Barbara Crops in Dearborn, Mi. 
February 20          Viet bound GIs cheer LBJ.  Rockets batter Saigon airport.  Guerrillas shell "Pentagon 
                              East."  Larry Wright, Vicenza, Italy, recently promoted to SGT.
February 22           Marines break Hue stalemate.  Attack catches Cong off guard.  CAPT Max Reed
                              distinguished himself by meritorious service as duty officer 834th Air Div.,DaNang
                              AB, receiving Bronze Star Medal at Seinbach AFB.
February 24           50,000 troop call up proposed "across the board".  Mobilization urged by chiefs of staff.
                               Pentagon up draft quotas, April draft call call for 48,000.  Marines halt drive in Hue.
                               AN Dennis E. Green completed basic Lackland AFB assigned Shepperd AFB.
February 25           American and S. Vietnamese troops recapture Hue after twenty six days of fighting
February 26           25 day battle for Hue won; 482 allies killed.  Imperial Palace falls to S. Viet troops.
                              Crash kills SSGT Thomas A. Grimes, Peru, Marine.William Chandler and James
                              Hoefer enlisted in the Marines transferred to San Diego.  SP5 Bascom Hunt assigned as
                              crew chief, 25th Inf. Div. Near Cu Chi.  AN Bradford J. White completed basic Lackland
                              AFB assigned Amarillo AFB.
February 27          U.S. step up bombing raids.  Heavier assaults reply to Invasion.  Tran Van Dinh ex Viet
                              Envoy to speak at Manchester College convo.
February 28          GIs smash Saigon tank drive.  Jets strike Red forces in Laos.
February 29          Reds entrenched within 100 yards of Khe Sanh.  LBJ gets troop report substantial build- 
                              up asked.  Gen. Earle Wheeler, chairman joint chiefs of staff bring request from West-
                              moreland for 206,000 additional troops.  Draft reform bill offered.  LTCOL William L. 
                              Baldwin decorated for meritorious service while assigned to the AFEastern Test Range, 
                              1stOak Leaf Cluster to the Air Force Commendation Medal.  PVT Paul Young finished 
                              recruit training San Diego.
March 1                 Jet bombs Hanoi nerve center.   At Manchester College enormity of Viet task staggering 
                              Ex Ambassador Tran Vein Dinh says U.S. policy
                              cannot succeed.  Harold Bowman, head security clerk, 164th MP Co, promoted to SP4  
                              in Miesau, Germany.  He was selected as Soldier of the Month in February.
March 2                 Navy sinks N. Viet gun-runners.
March 5                 Reds launch coordinated Viet attacks.
March 6                 Cong raid safest S. Vietnam bases.  Allies beat back surprise attack.  Nixon vows end of
                              war if elected.  PFC Lee Geyer wounded  in the arm by sniper on convalescent leave.
March 7                 47 GIs killed as Reds down transport plane.  Khe Sanh supply carrier explodes.  New N.
                              Viet offensive may be shifted to Hue.  SA Dennis E. Hall graduated basic at Great Lakes
                               GMG3 D.L. Hollenback aboard the USS Pictor. 
March 8                 GI toll for week near record high 542 Americans killed.
March 9                 70,000 Reds massed for border offensive.  Allies conflict two defeats.  Brace for major
                               attack.  U.S. playing God in Vietnam RFK charges.  RA Asberry Simpson at Ft. Camp-
                               bell.  AC Jerry Lundeen on duty at Clark AFB.
March 11               Reds step up Khe Sanh assault.
March 12               War critics in Senate open fire on Pusk.  Mortar fire silences Cong loudspeakers.  49%
                               now view U.S. involvement in Vietnam as mistake.  SP4 Lowell M. Figert, Jr. with 
                               the 193rd MP in Germany.
March 13                B52s pound N. Viet. units at Khe Sanh.  Randy Childers completed basic at Great 
                               Lakes; sent to AB "A" School NAS Lakehurst.  SGT Robert Raines stationed at Bien  
                               Hoa and brother SP4 Richard at Nha Trang.  SR Stephen W. Estep in boot camp at San
                               Diego.  SSGT William S. Leeka completed Green Berets training at Ft. Bragg on way to 
March 14               16 men from Wabash County inducted into the army and all sent to Ft. Campbell.  Reds
                               sense Viet victory; war may be near climax.
March 15               10 N. Viet targets struck in 94 raids.  900 Federal employees call for change in Viet
March 16               U.S. intensifies Saigon campaign.  Viet combat death rate climbing.  SGT David Leland, 
finance specialist, on duty at Tan Son Nhut AF.  PVT Norman Forbes at Ft. Ord. Herbert L. Carter desc- 
ribes atrocities committed at My Lai.  We were picked up by helicopters at LZ Dottie early in the morning, 
and we were flown to My Lai.  We landed outside the village in a dry rice paddy.  There was no resistance 
from the village.  There was no resistance from the village.  There was no armed enemy in the village.  We 
formed a line outside the village.
     The first killing was an old man in a field outside the village who said some greeting in Vietnamese and 
waved his arms at us.  Someone-either Medina or Calley-said to kill him and a big heavyset white fellow 
killed the man.  I do not know the name of the man who shot this Vietnamese.  This was the first murder.
     Just after the man killed the Vietnamese, a woman came out of the village and someone knocked her 
down and Medina shot her with his M16 rifle.  I was fifty or sixty feet from him and saw this.  There was 
no reason to shoot this girl.  Mitchell, Conti, Meadlo, Stanley, and the rest of the squad and the command 
group must have seen this.  It was pure out-and-out murder.
     Then our squad entered the village.  We were mnaking sure no one escaped from the village.  Seventy-
five or a hundred yards inside th village we came to where the soldiers had collected fifteen or more Viet- 
namese men, women, and children in a group.  Medina said, "Kill everybody.  Leave no one standing."  
Wood was there with an M60 machine gun and, at Medina's orders, he fired into the people.  Sgt. Mitchell 
was there at this time and fired into the people with his M16 rifle, also.  Widmer was there and fired into 
the group, and after they were down on the ground, Widmer passed among them and finished them off with 
his M16 rifle.  Medina himself did not fire into this group.
     Just after this shooting, Medina stopped a seventeen-or eighteen-year-old man with a water buffalo.  
Medina said for the boy to make a run for it-he tried to get him to run-but the boy wouldn't run, so Medina 
shot him with his M16 rifle and killed him.  The command group was there.  I was seventy-five or eighty 
feet away at the time and saw it plainly.  There were som demolition men there, too, and they would be 
able to testify about this.  I don't know any other witnesses to this murder.  Medina killed the buffalo, too....
     We went on through the village.  Meadlo shot a Vietnamese and asked me to help him throw the man in 
the well.  I refused and Meadlo had Carney help him throw the man in the well.  I saw this murder with my 
own eyes and know that there was no reason to soot the man.  I also know from the wounds that the man 
was dead.
     Also in the village the soldiers had rounded up a group of people.  Meadlo was guarding them.  There 
were some other soldiers with Meadlo.  Calley came up and said that he wanted them all killed.  I was right 
there with a few feet when he said this.  There were about twenty-five people in this group.  Calley said, 
"When I walk away, I want them all killed."  Meadlo and Widmer fired into this group with his M16 on 
automatic fire.  Cowan was there and fired into the people too, but I don't think he wanted to do it.  there 
were others firing into this group, but I don't remember who.  Calley had two Vietnamese with him at this 
time and he killed them, too, by shooting them with his M16 rifle on automatic fire.  I didn't want to get 
involved and I walked away.  there was no reason for this killing.  these were mainly women and children 
and a few old men.  They weren't trying to escape or attack or anything.  It was murder.
     A woman came out of a hut with a baby in her arms and she was crying.  She was crying because her lit- 
tle boy had been in front of her hut and between the well and the hut someone had killed the child by sho- 
oting it.  She came out of the hut with her baby and Midmer shot her with an M16 and she fell.  When she 
fell, she dropped the baby and then Widmer opened up on the baby with his M16 and killed the baby, too.
     I also saw another woman come out of a hut and Calley grabbed her by the hair and shot her with a cal- 
iber .45 pistol.  He held her by the hair for a minute and then let go and she fell to the ground.  Some enli- 
sted man standing there said, "Well, she'll be in the big rice paddy in the sky."   
March 18              Allied forces kill 484 Reds near Quang Ngai.  PVT Leslie Gahl graduated Marine basic 
                             at San Diego.  LTjg Richard W. Krom is undergoing submarine quals aboard the USS 
March 19              Khe Sanh attack smashed. Dien Bien Phu tactics fail to break through.  PVT Michael 
                             Forbes completed basic at Ft. Campbell.  AMS3 Robert Magner serving with Antisub-
                             marine Sqd 29 NAS Norfolk.  PFC Michael Faust with M Co., 3rd PLT, 1st Marine Div.
March 20              B52s bomb Red troops ringing Khe Sanh base.  Defectors claim Hanoi tipped off on air
                              raids.  PFC James Keefer, in Vietnam since January 5, wounded when he caught a bullet 
                              in the chest and lodging in the ribs, was hospitalized but expected to go back to the field 
                              in three days.
March 21              Jet pound N. Viet tank base.  May draft quota 44,000.
March 22              20,000 GI deaths.  Saigon hikes draft.  TSGT Billy M. Palmer awarded  Silver Star for
                             gallantry in defense of Ton Son Nhut AFB during Tet Offensive.   SSGT Pat L.Palmer
                             with the USAF in Thailand.  Charlotte A. Stoops enlisted in the Women's Marine Corps 
                             will be sent to Parris Island for boot camp.
March 23              John D. Kelly promoted to SP5 while serving near Phu Lei with the 610th Maint. BN.
March 25              "Wise men" meet in Washington; advise Johnson against further escalation.  Westmore-
                              land appointed army chief of staff, replaced in Vietnam by General Creighton Abrams.
March 26              GI column ambushed by N. Viet tanks.  1967 report showed Viet pacification ineffective. 
                              SP4 Lawrence T. Pace with HHC52 1-50 M Inf.  HC3 Richard Eslava aboard the USS 
March 27              1,000 Reds hurled back by 300 GIs.
March 28              Last gasp attack by Reds predicted.  Allies kill 421 Communists in four widespread
                              battles.  Push drive to cripple expected Red offensive.  PFC Richard Hull shows Viet 
                              slides to Mothers group at North Manchester.  PVT Paul Young in recruit training at 
                              Camp Pendleton.  PVT Dallas Howard completed infantry mechanic course Ft. Benning. 
                              SA Richard Erb completed basic at Great Lakes.
March 29               N. Viet troops circling Khe Sanh to attack Hue.  Seabee Roland Drudge graduated 
                              steelworks school at Port Huenenea, Ca., and sent to Davisville, RI.
March 31               Johnson announces partial bombing halt; offers talks, and says he will not run for re- 
April 1                   Ernest E. Saunders wounded in left leg by enemy gunfire near Quang Tri.  Sent to hos-
                               pital in Japan.
April 2                   Viet peace talks:  its up to Hanoi.  50,000 reserves may be activiated.
April 3                   Johnson bid for peace talks dashed by Hanoi.  U.S. jets strike targets within 45 miles of
April 4                   Hanoi envoys ready for talks with U.S.  LBJ very interested in offer.  Allies launch 
offensive to end Khe Sanh siege.  1st LT J. Douglas Durnbaugh appointed post commander Camp Howard, 
Korea.  He retains his position as company commander of the 55th Ordnance Co, which is the largest 
ammunition depot in South Korea.  CPL Marvin B. Hamilton, 1st BT, 5th Maine Regt., 1st Marine Div., in 
Vietnam.  AN JosephM. Whinery completed basic at Lackland AFB and assigned to Shepperd AFB.  PVT 
John A. Roser at Ft. Campbell.  PFC Michael R. Faust, 3rd BT, 7th Marine Regt, 1st Marine Div, in Vietnam.  
SP4 Larry J. Smith sent the following poem.

   Take a man, then put him alone.
   Put him 12,000 miles from home.
   Empty his heart of all but blood.
   Make him live in sweat and mud.
   This is the life I have to live.
   And why my soul to the Devil I give.
   You "Peace boys" rant from your easy chair.
   But you don't know what it's like over here.
   You have a ball without near trying.
   While over here your boys are dying.
   You burn your draft cards, march at dawn
   Plant your signs on the White House lawn.
   You all want to ban the bomb.
   "There's no real war in Vietnam."
   Use your drugs and have your fun.
   And then refuse to use a gun.
   There's nothing else for you to do.
   And I'm supposed to die for you?
   I'll hate you to the day I die.
   You made me hear mty buddy cry.
   I saw his arm a bloody shred.
   Then I heard them say, "This one is dead."
   It's a large price he had to pay.
   Not to live another day.
   He had the guts to fight and die.
   He paid the price-but what did he buy?
   He bought your life by giving his.
   But who gives a darn what a soldier gives?
   His wife and parents do.
   But they're about the only ones!

April 5                  LBJ plans Honolulu talks on peace moves.  Massive Allied offensive pushed to free 
                              Khe Sanh.  Draft plans stir controversy in colleges.
April 8                  Relief troops reach Yanks at Khe Sanh.  Westmoreland, LBJ huddle on war policy.  
                              SSGT Roger A. Pattee, munitions specialist 388 Tactical Fighter Wing, Korat Royal
                              Thai AFB given service ribbon.
April 9                   Seige of Khe Sanh ended, GIs attack.  U.S. N. Vietnam move to establish contact.  SN
                              Dennis E. Hall stationed on USS William H. Standley, NS Mayport.
April 10                 Peace move causes rift among reds.
April 11                 100,000 troops begin massive allied sweep Operation Complete Victory.  Thieu asks for
                               general mobilization.  New Vietnam moves near.
April 12                 1,000 astate reservists among 24,5000 activiated.  GIs retake Lang Vei Green Beret  
                              Camp; Red troops flee.  SP Charles W. Smith stationed in Vietnam.
April 13                 129 Reds die in attack on GI post near Saigon.  Overrun outpost retaken.  75% reject 
                              Vietnam policy in Indiana's 9th District.
April 15                 Bombers raid VC hideout.  U.S. optimistic agreement near on peace talks site.  David L.
                               Wells completed basic at Ft. Campbell now at Ft. Belvoir studying electrical engine-
April 16                 Bombers fly 143 missions. Pope willing to mediate Viet peace.
April 17                 U.S. Jet losses heavy in N. Vietnam bomb raids.  Communist casualties total 3, 071 in
                               month.  Tide of war seen favorable to U.S.  Rockefeller to air Viet policy view.
April 18                 Khe Sanh GI patrol suffers heavy losses.  Karen Kay Fitzgerald completed basic at
                              Bainbridge, will report for general duty at the Naval Hospital, Camp Pendleton.
                              Terrance Smith, USS Constellation, promoted to PO2 
April 19                Weeks war death toll 393 highest in month.  County GI who rescued Nuns, wounded in 
                              in action.   Silver Star winner Capt. Robin K. Miller wounded on left side and lost part of 
                              left hand while flying his helicopter.  He is to be returned to the U.S.
April 20                 Hanoi says U.S. talk site proposal unfair.  Cong rocket base destroyed by GIs.
April 23                 Saigon braces for new Cong offensive; suburbs attacked.  City alerted for major drive,
                              123 Reds killed.  Clifford sees leveling off of U.S. troops in Vietnam. 
April 24                500 Reds fought off by 44 GIs.  Draft hike of 100,000 recommended. Wabash Magnetics
                              Vietnam project earns VFW recognition.  TSGT Roger G. Carpenter received 2nd USAF 
                              Commendation Award at Bein Hoa AB.  
April 25                 RFK hits Viet policy in talk here.  John F. Dingledy chosen for Coast Guard Academy. 
                               SP4 Jessie R. Gressley stationed Ft. Hood.
April 26                 Allies launch drive to halt infiltrators.
April 27                  Saigon battles infiltrators.  Rolland E. Fearnow, NF Cape Hatteras, promoted to 
                               ST3.   SSGT Jerry H. Rhodes completed training in nuclear ordnance at Sandia Base 
April 30                 GIs push jungle assault.
May                        SGT Douglas Bowman sent to 3rd Marive Div. 1st BN 9th Marines Co D 2nd Plt, in
May 2                     AN Timothy G. Wagner completed basic Lackland AFB assigned Lowry AFB.  Allen 
                               W. Watts, Ft. Hood, promoted to SSGT.   SA Daniel L. Paul graduated basic Great 
                               Lakes.  SGT Larry A. Martin graduated WO Candidate Course.  SSGT Henry L. 
                               Schloegel, admin specialist Kelly AFB.  SSGT Rolland D. Munson, weather observer, 
                               stationed Hohenfels Army Airfield, Germany.
May 3                     Allies win battle of A Shau Valley.  U.S. awaits Hanoi word on Indonesian talk site.
May 4                     U.S.-Hanoi agree on Paris talks envoys to meet late next week.  Saigon TV station 
May 6                     Biggist Communist assault of war turned back by GIs 856 Reds die in heavy fighting at
                               Dong Ha.  AN Charles Oldfather completed basic at Lackland AFB assigned to Chanute 
                               AFB.  LT. James Ridenour, Pleiku, promoted to CAPT.   Robert Hettmansperger in tec-
                               technical training  Shepperd AFB.  AMM2 John R. Guthrie stationed at Attack Sqd 174 
                               NAS Cecil Fld.  CAPT Robin K. Miller at home in Columbus, Ga.
May 7                     Communist spring offensive falters.  Four reporters executed by Cong officer.  Preston 
                                J. Ponder appointed to USAF Academy in Colorado.
May 8                     Cong battalion wiped out by GIs in Saigon fighting.  Viet veteran,Victor McDowell,
                                killed in county accident.  PFC Lester Lawson completed basic at Ft. Campbell as-
                                signed Ft. Polk then to Vietnam. SP4 L.L. Lawson, cook, stationed at Vicenzo, Italy.
May 9                      DaNang battered by rocket attack.
May 10                    N. Vietnamese diplomats arrive in Paris for talks with American delegation headed by
                                Averell Harriman.  Reds demand bombing halt. Large areas of Saigon aflame as battle
                                rages.  Thousands of refugees watch as homes burn.
May 11                   U.S. Hanoi agree to open talks Monday.  Bombs stall Red drive on Saigon.
May 13                   Yanks pour fire on Saigon Cong.  ADJAA Edward Wenger, Point Mugu, stationed with
May 14                    Talks open on bitter note.  Victory over U.S. claimed by Hanoi.  State Guard unit Co D
                                 151st Inf, seeking duty in Vietnam.  Saigon offensive crushed.
May 15                  SP4 Thomas D. Beaver, 84th Construction BN, in Vietnam.  PVT James K. Hoefer
                               finished basic at San Diego.  Dick Beamer in OTS at San Antonio.  PVT Michael J. 
                               Forbes in AIT Ft. Polk.
May 16                   Harriman submits 5 points for Viet peace agreement.  Hanoi envoy distorting history,
                               U.S. charges.  State draft quota slashed.  WO David H. Kaiser, wounded near Binh Son,
                               awarded Distinguished Flying Cross Medal at Great Lakes Naval Hospital.  EO3 Terry
                               Faust at Gulfport, Ms. 
May 17                  PVT George A. Howard completed AIT Ft. McClellan.
May 18                   Marines kill 400 Reds in jungle battle at Song Thu Don Valley.  Hanoi says peace pact
                               hinges on bomb halt.  U.S. plan for DMZ rejected.  TSGT Roger G.
                               Carpenter, weather equipment tech, stationed at Bien Hoa AB.
May 20                   Marine battles Ho's elite Palace Guard.  Vietnam cabinet resigns.  Stephen W. Estep
                               finished basic at Camp Nimitz and assigned to Long Beach.
May 21                  DMZ attack costs Reds 600 troops.  PVT Asberry D. Simpson at Ft. McClelland.
May 22                  $4 billion more asked for war.
May 23                  Reds threaten collapse of Vietnam peace talks.
May 24                  A Shau Valley reoccupied by Reds after GIs leave.  Dennis M. Fairchild promoted to 
                              SGT after completion of NCO course at Ft. Benning.  SGT Walter Rose, radar repair-
                              man, assigned to Sioux City AB.
May 25                  Reds refuse to scale down war.  1,000 man N. Viet forces caught by GIs 203 slain in the
                               DMZ.  SP4 Dennis Manning's right hand injured in fighting near DaNang.  Hospital-
                               ized in Tokyo.  PVT Russell D. Speicher completed AIT, Ft. McClellan.
May 27                  Reds down 4 U.S. planes.  AN Thomas E. Bucher completed basic at Lackland AFB and
                               assigned to Lowry AFB.
May 28                  GIs kill 150 in two battles near Dak To.
May 29                  U.S. drive on 10,000 Reds opens at Dak To.  MRFN Donald H. Griffith aboard the USS
                               Grand Canyon.
May                        SGT Richard D. White arrives Tan Son Nhut AB assigned 9th Inf. Div B Co., 3rd BN, 				                            39th Inf Rgt, Bearcat base camp.
May 30  City Memorial Day Parade Set for 10 a.m. Thursday.  Thursday's Memorial Day parade will begin at 10 a.m.
        at South Wabash and Fulton streets and will proceed up Wabash Street to the courthouse. All units
        participating in the parade are asked to be at the assembly area at 9:30 a.m. for organization.
       Leonard Gardenour, organizer of the parade, said Tuesday afternoon that he is expecting approximately 
      13 units in the parade, organized to "honor and pay tribute to men who have died in service of the country 
      and show our support for our country and our fighting men in Vietnam."
      Those participating in the parade will be the VFW and American legion Auxiliaries, American Legion 
      Junior Auxiliary, VFW and American Legion color guards, VFW rifle squad, the Vettetes march unit, a 
      city fire truck and the Gold Star Mothers.
      Gardenour said that out-of-town color guard units are also expected.
      Mayor W.D. Bryant, Police Chief Alvin R. Amann and Fire Chief Edward E. Keefer also have been 
      asked to participate in the parade. The Ceremony at the courthouse will begin with a welcome by George Dingledy.
      The invocation will be given by the Rev. Kenneth Smith of the First Methodist Church followed by a 
      flag raising ceremony while the National Anthem is played.
      The names of the Wabash County Vietnam war dead will be read by Gardenour. 
      Wreaths will be placed by representatives of the VFW and American Legion Auxiliaries, Gold Star 
      Mothers and Mayor Bryant.
      Father Zahn, Saint Bernard's will give the benediction followed with a firing salute by the VFW rifle 
      squad and taps.
      "I urge all people who can, to come and show their patriotism by participating in this parade," 
      Gardenour said.
      "I think the boys in Vietnam who are risking their lives should be supported and the boys who have died 
      should be honored.
      "I think that if we show our patriotism and support of our country, our enemies will be quick to end the 
      war and all other acts against our country.  This demonstration of our support will be carried out in the 
      organized and dignified manner that it should be."
      Gardenour, a Wabash High School junior, is organizing the parade because "we can't support our 
      country by sitting at home.  We must come out and take a stand" he said. 
      Gardenour later described the day as follow:  "It was a beautiful event, about 300 people attended the 
      ceremony, the mayor/police chief/fire chief laid a wreath along with Gold Star Mothers.  I remember I read 
      the names of those killed in Viet Nam, with the Gold Star Mothers seated in front of me.  I started with the 
      name of Everett Miller, whose mother was in attendance.  I was her paper boy, so I knew her well.  She 
      burst into tears when I read her son's name, and it was difficult for me to continue.  My congressman at that 
      time, Richard Roudebush, sent me a flag which was flown over the U.S. Capitol Building which was given 
      to me at the ceremony (which was a great surprise and honor I still have it in a case at home)."

June 1                     Hanoi rejects LBJs appeal.  South Viet troops kill 200 Reds in Saigon fighting.  PFC
                               Ronald E. Roller wounded in hostile action, receiving multiple fragment wounds of the
                               entire body, face and cuts on left hand from a booby trap.
June 3                     SGT James A. Brewer returned to U.S. after receiving wounds to left arm, left leg and
                               back when a rocket hit a truck killing one and hospitalizing the rest.  He underwent 
                               stomach surgery the following day in Vietnam, transferred to Tokyo and then to FT. 
                               Knox. He entered the service in August of 1966, trained at Ft. Hood and went to 
                               Vietnam in August.  Marty Harrell, in Vietnam from April 1, 1967 to May 6, 1968 
                               stationed at Vinhlong, says there is no easy answer in Vietnam.  VC move against
                               Saigon.  SP5 John D. Kelly serving in Munich, Ger. 
June 4                     Accident kills 7 S. Vietnamese leaders.  SGT Russel Udell West, in Vietnam since Jan-
                               uary 1968, killed in Vietnam.  Born in Wabash, enlisted in 1966.   Major Dennis M. 
                               Cunningham, Washington, D.C. received the Bronze Star Medal.
June 5                     Johnson asks Soviet Union to aid in new peace effort.  250 VC die trying to join battle
                               of Saigon.
June 6                     Cong driven from Saigon stronghold.
June 8                     Bloodiest rocket barrage of war kills 25 in Saigon.
June 11                   Cong rockets rake Saigon.
June 12                   Rockets claim 135 casualties in Saigon.  LCPL Eugune Dyson, Vietnam, with Marine 
                               Attack Sqd 223.  PVT Charlotte A. Stoops completed basic at Parris Island.
June 13                   VC rockets kill airman and 4 children.  U.S. warns Hanoi "Patience Wearing".  SP4
                               Larry A. Smith with Co E, 701 Maint BN, 1st Inf Div. 
June 14                   VC threaten 100 rockets a night.  380 Americans died in Vietnam in 7 day period.  SGT
                               Dennis C. Starbuck. 1st Tank BN, 1st Marine Div, in Vietnam.  Five join USMC on 120  
                               delay program – Ronald Shaffer, John H. Heitz, Carl Benson, Richard Brewer and 
                               Robert Schaaf.
June 15                   Saigon sandbags homes against rocket assault.  Three embassies urge evacuation of
June 17                  B52s bombard Saigon outskirts.
June 18                  Seven Communist 'copters shot down by jets.  War talks to remain deadlocked.
June 19                  121 man N. Viet unit surrenders.  Lugar says Viet policies of Demos are "bankrupt."
                              CAPT Ronald G. Wolfert is a C-141 Starfighter pilot.  SP4 James A. Simpson, 2nd tour 
                              of Vietnam, stationed at An Khe.  PFC Charles E. Cordill stationed near Laj Khe.
June 20                  Viet fighting shifts to DMZ battleground.  Lincolnville Rebekah Lodge sends SGT Jim
                               Brewer a sunshine box.
June 21                  U.S. deaths in Viet War top 25,000.
June 22                  Saigon hit by new rain of rockets.  Signs of progress seen by Rusk in Paris talks.  John
                              R. Schultz enlisted in the Navy, sent to San Diego.
                              SR Timothy A. Foster in basic at San Diego.
June 24                  U.S. B52s drop massive load on Cong positions.  A1C Steve Armie, Elmendorf AFB,
                               promoted to SGT.  CPL Gary W. Heath at Dong Ha.  CG Cadet Lawrence H. Howell 
                               participated in summer training program at New London.
June 25                  Allies put on Red alert for new Cong offensive.
June 26                  5 U.S. helicopters lost in 24 hours.
June 27                  CMDR David G. Smith is commander of the USS Jack.  AN Terry A. Jivery graduated
                               tech school Shepperd AFB.  EM2 Glen N. Martin completed 9 months tour of duty off 
                               coast of Vietnam.
June 28                  417 VC rockets captured; Marines leave Khe Sanh.  PVT Frank Bradley in AIT at Ft. 
June 29                  GIs trap 500 Reds near DMZ.  COL. John Anderson assigned to Panama Canal Zone 
                               after completing Inter American Defense College Ft. McNair.
July 1                     Top Hanoi envoy to leave Paris.  VC kill 88 civilians in terror attck on U.S. model vill-
                               age.  50 homes destroyed by fire.
July 2                     VC suicide assault on Saigon repulsed.  1st Bri., 5th Inf Div (Mech) arrived at Quang Tri. 
                               SGT Richard D. White wounded in an ambush sent to Saigon then hospitalized at 53rd 
                               Evac Hospital, Cam Ranh Bay.  AN John F. Dyer stationed at Grand Forks AFB.  SR
                               Jay R. Fearnow enlisted in the Navy in basic at San Diego.  Robert J. Gatchel, Jr. in           
                               basic at Great Lakes.  Phil Durham appointed to Air  Force Academy.
July 3                     169 die in Khe Sanh's last battle.
July 4                     Vietnam fighting takes savage upturn at DMZ.  DaNang GI patrol wiped out. 
July 6                     Bomber Barrage covers Khe Sanh pullout.
July 8                     SA Mark E. Mirante graduates from Great Lakes and assigned to Bainbridge.
July 9                     GIs launch major drive at DMZ.  Marines fight division of Communist troops.  KY says
                               S. Viet troops might invade N. Vietnam.  PVT Larry T. Jamerson in basic at Ft. Leonard
     Service men and women from the Wabash area may soon see films and hear the taped voices of their 
friends and relatives, thanks to a project cosponsored by J.W. Breelove Appliances and WTAF Channel 31, 
     Breedlove said the project is strictly new and is being brought here on a trial basis.
     The television station will bring a mobile unit here with a specially designed camera booth Saturday, 
July 13.  It will be set up in front of his store, from 9 a.m. to 12 noon and from 1 to 4 p.m.
     Persons making the films need not be relatives, they could be boy or girl friends or other acquaintances 
of someone in the armed forces, Breedlove said.  The filming and conversation will be private.  In the event 
someone would rather be interviewed on film, personnel will be available for this.  More than one person 
may be in the film at the same time.  Entire families could talk together, he said.
     Breedlove said the film will be developed and sent back to his store, without editing, and they will see 
that the person sresponsible receives it.  They, in turn, may forward it on to their serviceman or woman.
     There is no cost to the person and the films are not to be returned.  Most armed forces areas have 16mm 
projectors on which the films may be shown.
     Wabash County has close to 600 persons in the service and Breedlove said he hopes that many people 
will turn out for the project, which was set up to help keep morale up for the boys and girls in Vietnam and 
the armed forces.    
July 10                  Hill 689 Marines kill 300 attackers.  SP4 Tonie M. Baer received letter of commenda-   
                              tion as Student of the Month at Ft. Monmouth.  PVT John W. McCollister completed 
                              wheeled vehicle mechanics course, Ft. Leonard Wood.  LCPL Michael Harrold in Dan 
July 11                  VC infiltration mounts; Saigon attack predicted.
July 12                  Eight hour battle halts VC invaders.  SP4 John L. Roberts killed in combat.
July 15                  CPL John L. Idle with the 3rd BN in Vietnam.  SGT Steve Conner stationed at Nakhon 
                              Phanom AFB Thailand.  PVT Joseph L. Reed completed an administrative course at
                              Ft. Leonard Wood.
July 16                   Saigon on alert, B52s bomb VC supply lines.  All out drive by Reds expected at any 
                               time.  Eugenia Nixon joined a 13 month program with the American Red Cross for
                               service in Vietnam.
July 17                   Counter offensive blocks VC strikes.  LCPL Randall Pell with VMO-2 MAG 16, 1st 
July 18                   Marines hit last VC force at DMZ.
July 19                   B52s raids pound rocket bases in N. Vietnam.  SP4 James E. Simpson, ammunition han-
                               dler, BTY C, 1st BN 2nd Inf Div, near Schweinfurt, Germany.  PVT James Griffith in 
                               basic at Ft. Campbell.
July 20                   LBJ, Thieu say allies will not escalate war.  No mention of bombing halt made.  Blast 
                               rips Saigon temple; wave of terrorism feared.  LT COL Jack Thompson on way back to 
                               the states from Vietnam.  Ronnie Combs in basic at Lackland AFB.  Donald G. and 
                               David E. Wampler stationed at Lackland AFB.CAPT Howard E. Kem assigned to the 
                               4th Inf Div near Kontum.  YN3 Johnny T. Cruz aboard the USS Coral Sea.  PFC Roger 
                                Moore stationed in Vietnam with the 1st BN, 8th Art, 25th Inf Div.  FA Stephen Estep
                                aboard the USS Decatur.  LCPL John B. Bechtol, 3rd Marine Div, near Khe Sanh.
July 24                    Major Gen. Worley killed as plane downed.  Mortar barrage slams Da Nang.  SN James
                                M. Teague aboard the USS Chandler.  CAPT Terrance Mayer, Hickam AFB, received 
                                the USAF Commendation Medal.   A1C Joseph D. Willcox on duty at Bien Hoa AB.
                                Randal Willcox enlisted USMC in basic at San Diego.
July 26                    2,472 S. Vietnamese slain by VC terrorists.
July 29                    McGovern, HHH split on Vietnam War issue.  Guerrillas hit Yank air base in Thailand.
                                FN Michael J. Noonan aboard the USS Annapolis.  SP4 Donald E. Sparling, filing
                                clerk, stationed at Long Binh.
July 31                    Bombing halt tied to Hanoi pledge:  Rusk.  100,000 troops massed by Reds.  LCPL
                                Larry Richards stationed at Camp Books, Vietnam.  SP4 Larry D. Miller, field wire-
                                man, with the 1st Air Cav Div in Vietnam.  Clinton W. Carpenter, England AFB, pro-
                                moted to SGT.  A1C Bobby R. Harper assigned to Binh Ty AB Vietnam.  SGT Richard 
                                B. Hoover wire section chief 4th Inf Div, assigned to Pleiku.
August 1                 Humphrey:  free elctions, including NLF, in Vietnam.  VP veers from LBJ policy for
                                first time.  Harriman accuses Hanoi of breaking Geneva Pact.  VC flushed "like Quails" 
                                in GI drive in Mekong Delta.
August 2                 U.S. troops in Vietnam reach record 541,000.  Allies step up attacks to stall Red offen-
                                sive.  CAPT Lowell Wilson attending Air University Maxwell AFB.  Ronnie Coburn in 
                                basic at Lackland AFB.  TSGT Billy M. Palmer, Tan Son Nhut AB, received 2nd USAF 
                                Commendation Medal.  PVT Darrell Hileman completed basic at Ft. Campbell sent to
                                 Ft. Bragg.  John E. Holmes honorably discharged from Navy at Long Beach.
August 5                  N. Vietman uses tear gas on GIs.
August 7                  River barge guns blast VC buildup move. 
August 8                  Green Berets rescue "slaves."  U.S. releasing 14 POWs to bolster peace talks.  Stan-
                                 ley L. Bahler commissioned 2nd LT at Lackland AFB.
August 9                  6,000 man allied force invades A Shau Valleuy.  CPL Steve Owens stationed at Iwa-
                                kuni, Japan.  RM3 David A. Story, USS Herbert J. Thomas, returned to U.S. after a 
                               deployment to Vietnam.  PVT Earl Jay Ward in basic at Ft. Leonard Wood.
August 10               Calvalrymen raid N. Viet units at Hue.  PVT Duane Wagner completed Hawk Launcher
                               Crewman Course at Ft. Bliss.
August 13               Hanoi takes acid view of Nixon's Vietnam policy.  SP4 John R. Cook assigned to HQ 
                               Co, 75th Support BN, 5th Inf., Vietnam.  BM3 James E. Lynch, River Assault Flotila
                               One, in the Mekong Delta.  SGT Stephen Conner assigned to Makhon Phanon Royal 
                               Thai AB.
August 14               Allies fight Viet Cong in three locations.
August 16               Marines cut down N. Viet units in three battles at DMZ.
August 17               U.S. tanks reach N. Viet border.
August 19               Allies hurl back N. Viet attacks.
August 20               2nd LT James A. Pell wounded in combat south of Saigon during a mortar attack; hit 
                               a piece of mortar fragment in the left hip and side.  The fragment lodged in his spleen. 
                               Surgery was performed in Vietnam.  Pell was flown to an Army hospital in Japan for 
                               convalescence.  Pell, forward observer with a heavy artillery unit, "never got a  scratch"
                               while on frontline duty.  He was wounded in an enemy attack on his bunker enplace-
                               ment at his base camp.  Pell attended OCS at Ft. Sill, received further training at Ft. 
                               Erwin before going to Vietnam in March of 1968.  White's student PFC Michael E. 
                               Randall killed in action in Vietnam.  Largest Communist Summer offensive crushed by             
                               Allies.  500 Reds slain; others driven back to border.  McCarthy, Humphrey fight opens 
                               on Demo Viet plank.
August 21              VA attack wipes out Marine post.  SP4 Frank M. Hitlaw, 101st Airborne to be dischargd 
                               from Ireland Army Hospital, Ft. Knox, wounded four times.  Awarded Army Commen-
                               dation V Medal, 4 purple hearts, 5 oak leaf clusters for combat duty, combat infantry-
                               man's badge, aircrewmans badge, air medal and the soldiers medal.
August 22              GIs repel VC human wave raids.  EFSA Timothy Foster assigned NATTC San Diego 
                               for basic electricity and electronics school.  Cadet 4C John F. Dingledy started training 
                               at Coast Guard Academy.
August 23               Shelling of Saigon resumed by Cong.
August 24               Reds attack U.S. airbase at Da Nang.
August 26               U.S., S. Vietnamese forces repel Cong at Da Nang.  MMFN JackieVotra, USS Okano- 
                                gan, off the coast of Vietnam.  AN David Coble finished tech school at Lowry AFB as-
                                signed to Scott AFB.  BNFN Philip W. Lloyd, USS Steinaker, off the coast of Vietnam.
August 27                U.S. South Vietnam lift siege of Green Beret Camp at Duc Lap.
August 30                ST2 Russell L. Kirshman aboard the USS Picking.
August 31               GI prisoners in Vietnam riot, burn buildings.  SGT Lawrence Pace, intelligence clerk,
                                received Army Commendation Medal.  Seabee Constructionman Rolland Drudge
                                stationed in Vietnam.  Merle E. Glazier finished basic at Ft. Campbell assigned to Ft. 
September 3            21 killed, 36 injured in Communist raids along length of S. Vietnam.  AN Donald
                                Wampler completed basic at Lackland AFB assigned to Shepperd AFB.
September 5             AN William D. Pelphry completed basic at Lackland AFB assigned to Shepperd AFB.
                                 PFC John S. Bartle, armored intelligence specialist, 11th Inf Brigade, American Div, 
                                 stationed near Duc Pho.  PVT John W. McCollister completed general vehicle school  
                                 at Ft. Knox. CT3 Michael Campbell was in a fire at Subic Bay and now back on duty. 
September 6             3rd costliest war.  Casualties pass 200,000 in Vietnam.
September 7             Terrorist bomb rips whide area of Saigon.  Vietnam #1 issue in polls, HHH, Agnew
                                 spar on who can end war.
September 9             VC terrorists continue bomb attackes on Saigon.  John W. Forrester completed power 
                                 generation course with the U.S. Corps of Engineers.  SA Robert  J. Gatchel, Jr.,
                                 completed basic at Great Lakes.
September 10           Richard D. Beamer stationed at Mather AFB for training as a navigator.  Alan E. 
                                 Bahler commissioned 2nd LT at Lackland AFB assigned to Tinker AFB.  PVT Roger
                                 D. Staley completed AIT at Ft. Polk.
September 11           VC terrorists attack school; teacher slain.  SGT Jesse E. Parrett awarded combat 
                                 infantryman badge.  Mechanic constructionman Paul 
                                 D. Shoemaker received a Letter of Commendation for helping rescue 200 people from 
                                 the ruins of a five story building in Manila.
September 13           Allied troops rout Reds in fighting at Tay Ninh control of area regained.  Pueblo spy
                                 mission admitted Reds say.  HA Robert J. Gatchel at San Diego taking medical sorps- 
                                 man schooling.  AN Danny R. Lyons completed basic at Lackland AFB assigned to 
                                 Westover AFB.   SN John Kilander, USS America, in the Gulf of Tonkin.  SP4 Wil- 
                                 liam A. Greer discharged from the Army.
September 14          Outnumbered GIs repel VC attack on Outpost Fire Base attackers driven off.  PFC
                                Delbert Sparks, Vietnam, contracted Malaria and sent to Great Lakes Naval Hospital. 
September 16          Allies kill 158 N. Viet as Naval guns blast away.  SN Richard Erb, USS Intrepid, in the 
                                Gulf of Tonkin.
September 17          Viet Reds dealt crippling defeats.  Pueblo crewman adequately fed.  PFC Asberry D.  
                                Simpson with the 25th Inf Div in Vietnam at Cu Chi.
September 18          25 GIs killed in two surprise raids by Reds near the DMZ.
September 19          Paratroopers rout human wave attack.  SP5 Lynn W. Hammonds received Army Com-
                                mendation Medal for meritorious service while serving as a flight medic from January 
                                to August 1968.  SGT Richard B. Hoover, Co B, 124th Signal BN, 4th Inf stationed in 
                                Vietnam. Danny L. Paschall participated in Project Transition at Ft. Carson.
September 20          B52s pound Cong invasion routes.  Ruckelshaus says U.S. must pursue Viet negoti- 
                                ation Viet protesters picket major candidate rallies. 
September 21          Marines airlifted to N. Viet border.  PFC Paul H. Young at Camp Books in Vietnam.
September 23          N. Viet invasion force evades Marine dragnet.  Leathernecks capture huge munitions
                                cashe.  AN Donald M. Coburn completed basic at Lackland AFB assigned to Chanute 
                                AFB.  Sam M. Cleaver enlisted in the Navy and in basic at Great Lakes.  FA Stephen 
                                W. Estep aboard the USS Decatur.  PVT Brady N. Winer completed AIT at Ft. Lewis.
September 24          Communists down 6 U.S. helicopters in, near the DMZ.
September 25          VC rockets rip depot in Saigon.  Wabash Navyman plays key role in Mekong Delta 
Riverine Force.  A navyman from Wabash, Ind., is playing a key role in the battle against the Viet Cong 
while serving as a member of River Assault Flotilla One, the naval component of the joint Army-Navy 
Mobile Riverine Force in Vietnam's Mekong Delta.
     BM3 James E. Lynch, 20, son of Mr. and Mrs. John W. Lynch of Williams Road, is the Coxswain 
aboard Assault Support Patrol Boat (ASPB) 112-7, the only type of craft in the force specifically designed 
and built for riverine warefare.
     PO3 Lynch's boat basically functions as a minesweeper-patrol boat for the unique mini-fleet which has 
been operating in the delta since February 1967.
     In a typoical operation Navy assault boats are used to lift infantrymen of the U.S. Army's 9th Div. into a 
combat zone where the troops are beached to seek out the enemy ashore.  The boats remain in the area to 
provide close fire support and to prevent the enemy from escaping by water along the many rivers, streams 
and canals which interlace the delta.
     The 20-year old navyman has already seen plenty of action since joining the MRF two months ago.  He 
described a recent battle which occurred on August 31 as the "toughest I've been in."
     Lynch's boat was in the lead element of a column of gunboats conducting a sweep operation in a narrow 
canal near the Vietnamese city of Sa Doc.  As they approached a "crossroads" in the canal where another 
stream branched off, the riverbank suddenly erupted with enemy fire.
     "We were receiving heavy automatic weapons sfire from the right bank.  My first instinct was to hit the 
throttles full-bore and get out of there, but I fought back the urge and backed down a little to give our  
20mm cannon gunner a chance to get a good bead on the enemy positions on the riverbank.  He opened up 
and his 20mm was chopping down trees all along the bank."
     As Lynch's fellow crewmen poured a stream of fire at the bank Lynch coolly guided the gunboat past 
the enemy positions while enemy B-40 rockets streaked to within a few feet of his boat.
     "We had taken about five small arms rounds when out of the corner of my eye I saw a sailor on the boat 
next to ours get hit in the back with a small arms round.  He pitched forward against the boat canopy and 
bounced into the water.
     "I figured he was dead but the next thing I knew he was swimming back to his boat, climbed in and ran 
to the stern of the craft where he started cranking grenades at them with the automatic gsrenade launcher."
     Lynch turned his boat around in med-stream and came back for another pass at the enemy.  By this time 
the enemy fire had been fairly well suppressed and the gunboats had them on the run.  Petty officer Lynch 
estimated the firefight had lasted no longer than 3 ½ minutes.
     Although the battle described by PO3 Lynch was more severe than the average delta engagement, most 
of the men of River Assault Flotilla One have been in a t least a dozen firefights.  All of the boats and most 
of the ships sof the flotilla are part of the Navy's Pacific Fleet Amphibious Force.
     BM3 Lynch attended Southwood High School prior to entering the Navy on March 23, 1966.  He previ- 
ously served aboard the USS Springfield before joining the Mobile Riverine Force.    
September 26        Green Beret unit betrayed.  Traitors help VC attackers.  Nixon advisor says Vietnam 
                               troop level to be reduced.  Hanoi rejects UN effort to end war.  Viet bond unit to stay 
                               home; equipment to go.
September 27         Saigon center bombed; security ring tightens.  AN Horace P. Cripe Jr., completed basic
                               at Lackland AFB assigned to Beale AFB.  SGTJames D. Bowman honorably discharged
                               from the USAF.  SP 4 Larry L. Walsh Jr., honorably discharged from the Army.  Mars-
                               hall Wilson completed USCG basic at Cape May.
September 28         Dart shells kill 282 VC.  PVT Carl W. Milam completed helicopter repair course, Ft.
                               Eustis.  EO3 Terry Faust assigned to MCB 11 Vietnam.  SP5 Nolan E. Freiden honor-
                               ably discharged from the Army.  AN John R. Schultz completed basic at San Diego now
                               at NATTC Jacksonville.  PVT Michael J. Forbes in Vietnam.
October 1               U.S. puts the battleship New Jersey into action.  Green Beret Camp Thong Duc holds 
                               under siege.
October 2               7000 Reds ring Green Beret Camp.  SGT Richard D. White wounded second time in 
                               back by booby trap.
October 3               Reds shoot down 3 copters carrying wounded soldiers.
October 4               B52s pound Thuong Duc area but fail to end siege.  SP4 John D. Kerr and CPL James
                               M. Green honorably discharged from the service.
October 5               Green Berets turn back 4 wave assault by Reds.
October 7               165 Reds captured in allied roundup.
October 8               3,000 Reds pull  back allies end siege of Green Berets.
October 9               Arthur Doub, USAF, promoted to Captain while stationed in Germany FNSA Michael
                               J. Cooper aboard the USS Enterprise. A1C Larry R. Dennison, 23rd Fld Maint, Sqd.,
                               stationed at Takhi Royal Thai AFB.  SSGT Ellis M. Smithers and SP5 Bryan H. Leeka
                               were honorably discharged.
October 10             Bomb halt could lad to peace Hanoi says.  N. Viets try to overrun Marine unit near
                               Thuong Duc.
October 11             Thieu denies Saigon coup attempt.  LeMay will make trip to Vietnam.  Dallas Har-
                               man completed basic at Great Lakes.  LCPL Hoyte J. Summerland, SP4 James M. 
                               Nicely, SGT Daniel H. Miller honorably discharged.
October 14             Allies battle 2,000 N. Vietnamese "Eyeball to Eyeball" at Thuong Duc.  AN Roger
                               L. Stephens completed basic at Lackland AFB assigned to Lowry AFB. 
October 16             Battleship blasts N. Viet fortress into Tonkin Gulf.
October 17             LBJ refutes rumors of halt in bombing.  Green Beret post at Thuong Duc under new
                               siege.  SP4 Ernest T. McKinley honorably discharged from the Army.  PFC Michael J.
                               Forbes assigned to the 4th Inf Div near Pleiku.  SSGT Pat L. Palmer presented with 
                               USAF Outstanding Unit Award service ribbon at U-Tapao Airfield Thailand.  AMS3               
                               Larry D. Herron in basic at Ft. Campbell.
October 18             Viet peace break seen near.
October 19             Hanoi balks on bomb accord.  PFC Michael E. Randall, White's graduate, killed in
                               action in Vietnam.  John R. Guthrie, Sqd ATKRON 174, chosen as Sailor of the Month  
                               at Cecil Field.  SGT Terry A. Peas aircraft equipment repairman, stationed at Nha Trang 
                               AB.  Steven Weimer completed basic at Ft. Campbell assigned to Ft. Belvoir.   CWO
                               James E. Browne completed tour of Vietnam where he received the Bronze Star and
                               Army Commendation Medal with oak leaf  cluster.  SA Edwin Weimer aboard the USS
                               St. Paul off Vietnam.
October 21             Thieu says bomb halt impossible.  VC rockets blast Vung Tau.  PVT Alan P. Smith in 
                               USMC boot camp at San Diego.  PFC Asberry D. Simpson, Cu Chi, received Combat 
                               Infantryman Badge.  MSGTRichard L. Weesner, Davis Monthon AFB, reenlisted in the
                               USAF.  SP4 Gordon R. Bradley, Ft. Hood, received Good Conduct Medal.
October 23             VC blast children's hospital.  U.S. peace offensive applauded.
October 24             Diplomats fail to reach accord on bombing halt.  Air ground strikes kill 225 N. viets.
October 25             Casualties at 1 year low in Vietnam.
October 26             GIs smash N. Viet fortress.  SA Marshall K. Wilson completed USCG basic at Cape
                                May.  PVT Larry D. Herron in basic at Ft. Campbell.  SGT Thomas L. Wagoner 
                                honorably discharged from the Army.
October 28              Allies claim heavy Cong casualties along DMZ.
October 29              Reds ready new attack on Saigon.  AN Michael A. Clarkson and AN Robert Meek 
                                completed basic at Lackland AFB.  Clarkson to be sent to Lowry AFB and Meek to 
                                Amarillo AFB.  PVT Victor L. Poor completed basic at San Diego.  1st LT Robert A. 
                                Archer assigned to 15th Art. near Chu Cat.  SA Steven J. Mattern graduated basic at
                                Great Lakes.
October 30              200 VC trapped attack repulsed by Green Beret at Thuogh Duc.  MSGT Jerry Sellers
                                assigned to Vietnam.
October 31              242 VC supply boats sunk.  Peace talks end abruptly.  LCPL Michael Faust sustained 
                                fragment wounds to the head, arms, legs and other injuries in Vietnam.  He has been 
                                hospitalized  at the 106th Army General Hospital, Japan.  Michael J. Noonan, USS 
                                Annapolis, promoted to PO3.   SP4 Harold G. Bowman, SP4 Gordon R. Bradley, SP4 
                                Hurbert B. Scott and EN3 Glennus N. Martin honorably discharged. 
November 1            Battleship pounds N. Viet. Coast.  Hint preelection halt in bombing.  CPL Frank L.
                                Johnson, SGT John W. Shirbraun and SP5 Ronald W. Kendall honorably discharged.
November 2            U.S. halts bombing of N. Vietnam pilots make last flights over N.Viet.  Reds agree to 
                                expand peace talks.  BM3 Brad W. Plum is in the Mekong Delta with River Assault 
                                Flotilla One.  PVT Kernie L. Rowe is in Vietnam with the 588th Eng. BN.
November 4            Saigon-NFL feud jeopardizes talks.  Vietnam action slackens, allies grab big enemy 
                                arms cache near Saigon.  SP5 Terry W. Bland honorably discharged from the Army.
November 5            Expanded peace talks suffer double setbacks.  230 VC die in clashes with allies.  SGT
                                Steven P. Alexander honorably discharged.
November 6            Vietnam peace talks delayed indefinitely.  Army troop copter shot down by VC.  PVT 
                                Merle E. Glazier completed AIT at Ft. Polk.
November 8            Nixon may send team to Vietnam peace talks; wants to insert own ideas.  Dennis E. 
                                Grossnickle, USS Springfield, promoted to PO3
November 9            New demands by Thieu paralyze Vietnam talks.  Two Marine posts raked by rockets.
                                PFC Asberry D. Simpson is in the Valley Forge General Hospital.
                                SGT Larry R. Pormen, SP4 Thomas D. Beaver, SGT James A. Brewer and PFC Terry
                                W. Sutton honorably discharged.
November 11          19,000 troops shifted for defense of Saigon.  Lynn A. Walters promoted to SP4 in
                                Vietnam.  CAPT Larry E. Stewart, Lowry AFB,received the Bronze Star.
November 12          LBJ, Nixon plan Vietnam strategy.
November 13          Nixon endorses Viet policy.  AN Ronnie L. Dempsey completed basic at Lackland 
                                AFB and assigned to Shepperd AFB.  A1C Dean F. Brubaker, airframe repairman,
                                DaNang AB, now at Grissom AFB.  TSGT Robert L. Yentes previously at U-Tapac 
                                Royal Thai AB now at Grissom AFB.
November 14          S. Viet spurns U.S. threat to go it alone in talks.  Manchester College student John
                                Flory to turn in draft card.
November 15          Viet talks jeopardized by attacks along DMZ.  30,000 Reds mass.  Allies hurl back 
enemy attackers.  FTM Jay D. McIntosh, SSGT Jim W. Kirby, 1st LT John W. Voss, SP5 Morris W. Baker 
honorably discharged.  MAJOR Robin Miller has added another award to the six medals and 88 oak leaf 
clusters that have become his during his army career.
     Major Miller, son of Mr. and Mrs. Frank H. Miller, North Manchester, was named Army Aviator of the 
Year, during recent ceremonies in Washington, D.C.  The presen- tation was made at the 10th annual honors 
luncheon of the Army Association of America by Gen. Bruce B. Palmer, Jr., vice chief of staff of the Army 
The award is presented an- nually to the Army Aviator who has made an outstanding individual contribu- 
ution to the Army aviation mission in support of the Army.
     Major Miller distinguished himself as a pilot and gunship platoon leader during three tours of duty in 
Vietnam.  During the three day, Vi Thanh Battle in December, 1967, Miller, then a captain, supported 129 
medical evacuations, and in the process destroyed numerous enemy automatic positions.  The following 
January 12 he engaged an enemy sanpan wounding its crewmen and all allowing a captive American  
soldier to escape from the sanpan.  Major Miller then landed to receive the American soldier.
     During this period Major Miller learned of enemy movement in the vicinity of convent 800 meters from 
the airfield and he made more than 20 trips into and out of the convent courtyard to rescue 208 children and 
nuns in spite of heavy ground fire.
     Major Miller was wounded while attacking an enemy position on March 25 and subsequently evacuated 
to the United States.  He is attending an Infantry Officer Advanced Course at Fort Benning.
     Major Miller has been awarded the Distinguished Service Cross, the Army's second highest decoration 
for Valor, the Silver Star with Oak Leaf Clusters, the Distinguished Flying Cross with three Oak Leaf 
Clusters, the Purple Heart medal with two Oak Leaf Clusters, the Army Commendation Medal and the Air 
Medal with 82 Oak Leaf Clusters.
November 18        GIs chase N. Viet to fronteier.  CMSGT Lowell A. Schupp Offutt AFB received second
                              USAF Commendation Medal.  SGT Herbert L. Mullen with Marine Fighter Sgd 323 in 
November 19        Peace talk terms wont be scuttled, U.S. warns Saigon.  Thieu may send Ky to Paris con-
                              ference.  Reds crossing over DMZ.  SP4 Robert J. Haecker and SP5 Jerry E. Smith 
                              honorably discharged.
November 20        Saigon maintains boycott of talks.  Hanoi envoy claims U.S. lying about talk terms. 
November 21        N. Viets intensify shelling at DaNang.
November 22        Saigon boycott suspends secret U.S. Hanoi talks.  Hanoi shifts war supplies toward 
                              DMZ.  AN James P. Hipskind completed basic Lackland AFB assigned to Keesler AFB.
November 23        N. Viets call for talks to open without Saigon.  U.S. fires on N. Viet gunboats.  Hanoi 
                              price for total ceasefire U.S. pullout.  SGT Bill M. Clark awarded Bronze Star Medal 
                              with "V" device, Purple Heart and Combat Infantry Badge.  SP4 Stephen K. Briner and
                              SP5 Donald E. Curless honorably discharged.
November 25        Allies report 210 violations of DMZ accord by Hanoi.
November 26        Reds shoot down 2 U.S. spy planes.  Saigon reported ready to end boycott of peace 
November 27        Reds charge bombing helt broken by U.S.  Allies battle Reds on two DMZ fronts.  John
                               Dyer, Grand Forks AFB,  promoted to A1C.  LCPL Martin L. Schaff with MAS Sqd 2, 
                               Vietnam.  David Coburn promoted to PO2.  CTSN Royce T. Kreider stationed at USN 
                               Communications Station San Miguel.  AA Jay R. Fearnow graduated Aviation Mech. 
                               Fund School NATTC Memphis.  SP5 Terry M. Alexander honorably discharged from 
                               the Army.
November 29         Ky to lead Paris delegation.  Allied armada blocks VC Island fort.  Johnson's son in law
                               returns to Viet Combat.  SP4 Terry A. Callicoat and SGT Sergey Wasylenko honorably
November 30         B52s pound VC corridors into Saigon.  500 tons of bombs dropped in ten raids.  Reds 
                               ignore S. Viets in Paris.
December 2           Joseph F. Sheibley, information specialist with Pacific Stars and Stripes, Tokyo, pro-
                              moted to SSGT.  PFC Bill B. Gray, Jr. stationed in Asmara, Ethipia.  Ronald D. Rey-
                               nolds, HC4 Det 87, aboard the USCGC Southwind.  MSGT Jerry L. Sailors in Vietnam. 
                               HCl James L. Wallace, U.S. Naval Mobile Construction BN, 121 in Vietnam.
December 3           GIs repel Red attack in face to face battle near Saigon.  Russian troops "advising" N. 
                               Viets.  Saigon orders Ulye cease fire.
December 4           Saigon delegate arrives in Paris.  SGT Richard D. White, Vietnam, received his second 
                              Commendation Medal.
December 5           25 GIs die in ambush by 600 N. Viet troops.  Heaviest U.S. Combat losses in two
                              months.  PFC Merle Glazier stationed near Cu Chi.  PVT Raymond L. Long completed 
                              USMC basic at San Diego.  David L. Hollenback, discharged from the Navy, received 
                              National Defense Service Medal, Vietnam Service Medal, with two bronze stars and 
                              Vietnam Campaign Medal with devise.
December 6           Nixon to send observer to Vietnam peace negotiations.  GI casualty toll highest in
                               10 weeks.  VC to observe holiday truce.
December 7            Reds stage Viet terror attacks.
December 9            U.S. artillery bombards N. Viet troops in DMZ.  200,000 Reds reported withdrawn 
                                from S. Viet.  SP4 Dwayne L. Brooks awarded Purple Heart and Army Commendation 
                                Medal with 2 Bronze Star Medals for heroism in action in Vietnam.  SK3 Hillary 
                                Larrowe at Naval Communications Station in Iceland.  A1C Stephen W. Slonaker at 
                                Phu Cat.  Ber nard F. Netro with the 6th  Art.,1st Inf Div in Vietnam. 
December 10          VC to establish "puppet" Saigon regime.  Reds down 4th U.S. "spy" plane.
December 11          GI deaths pass 30,000 in war nearly half this year.  
December 12          GIs crush Red attack on airbase.  Reds ok troop removal talks.  
December 13           PFC Phillip Harrold suffered shoulder, face and head wounds from an enemy grenade  
                                at the Campaign Mead River, 10 miles south of DaNang, outside the city of Dien Dan.
                                He received the Purple Heart.  SSGT Donald F. Lyon, maint. tech., stationed at Phu Cat 
December 14          Hanoi to allow POWs to receive Yule gifts.
December 16          Fighting heavy in Cong infested border area.  U.S. to move for release of Pueblo.  EN3 
                               David Baker aboard USS North Amption CC1.  Larry R. Crist in basic at Great Lakes. 
December 17          Reds freed in bid for POW exchange.
December 18          7,000 allied troops raid jungle fort near DaNang.  U.S., Saigon rift widens in Paris.
                               Betty H. Moore enlisted in the WAFs; left for basic at San Antonio.  PFC James M. 
                               Griffith assigned to Co. F 50th Inf, Long Range Pistol Patrol 25th Inf Div, Vietnam.  SP5 
                                Stephen M. Dricoll, 4th Inf Div, Pleiku,  received the Army Commendation Medal. 
December 19          Premier says Reds massed for offensive.  31 held in fake draft deferments.  Saigon says 
                               U.S. wrongly hurrying Viet peace talks.  LCOL Jack H. Thompson, Ft. Eustis, received 
                                the Legion of Merit and also presented with his 2nd and 3rd Air Medals for meritorious 
                                achievement in aerial flight.  AN John D. Lawson assigned to Minot AFB after comp-
                                letion of basic at Lackland AFB.  A1C Michael L. Poor stationed at Korat Royal Thai 
                                AFB.  SSGT George D. Jenks, Clark AFB, received USAF Commendation Medal. 
                                David I. Leland promoted to SSGT at Tan Son Nhut AB.  PFC Merle E. Glazier 
                                assigned to the 25th Inf Div, Vietnam. 
December 20          Cambodia to free 12 Americans.  Viet Cong to free 3 prisoners.  U.S. threatens new 
                                bombing, Reds say.  GIs kill 117 guerrillas in Saigon area.  Eugenia Nixon sends 
                                holiday greetings from South Vietnam.  CSK P.W. Ply retired from the Navy at Great 
                                Lakes.  PVT John Heitz returned to Camp Pendleton.  SP5 Lynn W. Hammons and 
                                PFC James G. Brown honorably discharged.
December 21           POWs leave Cambodia start home.  Jet bombs N. Vietnam bases.  MSGT Gerald R.
                                Spehn retired from the USAF at Robins AFB. 
December 24           Pueblo crew walks to freedom.  Beaten, starved by Red captors.  Reds shell Viet 
                                troops, U.S. bases.  VC reject Saigon offer to negotiate. Vietnam GIs to wade into  
                                35,000 pounds of turkey.  Roland E. Fearnow advanced to ST2 and transferred to
                                USNF Argentia.  SGT James A. Pelfrey, Ft. Benning, awarded Bronze Star Medal and 
                                Purple Heart.  MSGT Richard M. Stineman, Ft. Benning, awarded Bronze Star with 
                                first oak leaf cluster for bravery in Vietnam. 
December 30           CAPT Howard E. Kem received 2nd Army Commendation Medal.                                                                                              
December 31           DaNang ambush broken by allies.  U.S. sets POW talks with Cong.  At year end 
                                 American troop strength in Vietnam is 540,000. 


January 2              Cong leader says more POWs may be released.  LCPL Thomas M. Kempf, DaNang, 
                             awarded a purple heart for injuries received when his convoy truck was destroyed.
January 3             1968 Vietnam War toll nearly equal to seven years total.  U.S., Seek settlement of rift. 
                             Peace talks expanded to include Saigon government and VC representatives.
January 4              GIs ambush VC ammo supplies.  Hanoi rejects U.S. proposal for talks.  Defiant Beret
                             Major James Rowe escapes VC "Green Hell" after 5 years.
January 6             Allies move to end threat to Saigon.  Bucher, nine crewmen given purple hearts.
January 7             Trapped GI patrol rescued by helicopter.  Lawmakers say N. Vietnam uses bomb halt for
                             buildup.  HCl James L. Wallace on 2nd tour in Vietnam with Naval Mobile Construction 
                             BN 121 near Gia Le.  SDP4 Donald Sailors on leave after one year in Vietnam.  Will 
                              return to Vietnam. 
January 8              Eight GIs die in ambush in jungle.  New proposals weighed by U.S., Saigon enoys.  AN
                              William J. Schloof completed basic Lackland AFB assigned Shepperd AFB.  Privates
                              Danny L. Cole, Ronald Meeks, Gene L. King and William R. Lynn fired expert with  
                              at Ft. Campbell.  Aerographers Mate 3 Edward W. Howard, USS Independence, spent
                              Christmas and New Years in Athens, Greece.
January 9              Jet hits GI base, three killed.  SP5 Tom List sends thanks to two children.
January 10            Weekly Viet death count drops to 101.  Hoosier draft quota is 891, a drop of 100. 
January 11            Communist losses run 523 a day.  Robert J. Weitzel at Lackland AFB.  Douglas Martin, 
                              USS Samuel N. Moore, and Steve Estep, USS Decatur, met each other in Hong Kong.
                              PFC Merle E. Glazier, motorman, Co. B, 2nd BN, 27th Inf Div, Cu Chi, awarded Combat 
                              Infantryman Badge. 
January 13            Cong kill 7 Americans in Viet hut.
January 14            GI cutback inevitable says General Abrams.  Cong blast 18 copters, kill 18 GIs in Me- 
                              kong Airbase attack.  AN William D. Pelphry graduated at Shepperd AFB assigned 
                              to Homestead AFB.  CPL Steve Owens, engineer, with Marine Air Wing at Chu Lai.  
                              SGT Anthony Neff, munitions specialist, Luke AFB.                                                                                            
January 15             SGT Dennis Fairchild killed in Vietnam.  From article in paper 4-22-1969) He was post- 
humously awarded the Bronze Star Medal with First Oak Leaf Cluster for heroism, the Army Commenda- 
tion Medal, Purple Heart and the Good Conduct Med-al.  Prior to his death he had received the National 
Defense Service Medal, Vietnam Ser- vice Medal, Veitnam Campgain Ribbon, Combat Infantryman Badge 
Parachutist Badge, Expert  Badge with automatic rifle bar and Marksman Badge with machine gun and 
pistol bars.
     The Bronze Star Medal with First Oak Leaf Cluster was presented for heroism in connectrion with 
military operations against a hostile force in Vietnam.  On January 15, 1969, SGT Fairchild was serving 
with his unit as a squad leader and point man while conducting a company-minus reconnaissance in force 
mission approximately 10 miles west of Lai Khe.  At approximately 1500 hours while proceeding through 
dense junge, SGT Fairchild observed a wire that crossed his path.  Immediately realizing that the wire 
could lead to an enemy bobby trap or claymore mine, he quickly directed his men to take cover.  While 
motioning and shouting instructions to his comrades, SGT Fairchild was mortally wounded.
     His selfless courage and concern for his comrades significantly contributed to the saving of several 
American lives and distinguished him as a soldier of the highest caliber.  SGT Fairchild's outstanding 
display of aggressiveness, devotion to duty and personal bravery is in keeping with the finest tradition of 
the military service and reflects great credit upon himself, the First Infantry Division and the United States 
Army.  He enlisted in August 1967 and had been in Vietnam since last August.
February 18           SGT David W. Hartman received the Bronze Star Medal and citation for outstanding 
meritorious service in connection with military operations against hostile forces in Vietnam.
     According to the citation Hartman consistently manifested exemplary professionalism and initiative in 
obtaining outstanding results during the year from November 1967 to November 1968.
     The citation said his rapid assessment and solution of numerous problems inherent in a counterinsur- 
gency environment greatly enhanced the allied effectiveness against a deter- mined and aggressive enemy.  
Despite many adversities, he invariably performed his du- ties in a resolute and effieient manner.  Energe- 
tically applying his sound judgment and extensive knowledge he contributed materially to the successful 
accomplishment of the United States mission in Vietnam.  "His loyalty, diligence and devotion to duty 
were in keeping with the highest traditions of the military service and reflect great credit upon himself and 
the United States Army."
     Hartman also earned the National Defense Ribbon, Vietnamese Service and Campaign Ribbons, Good 
Conduct Ribbon, and Combat Infantry Badge.  He was recommended for the Bronze Star for valor and the 
Vietnamese Cross for Gallantry for action in Tay Nihn, Trang Bang.
January 16             Fire rocks USS Enterprise.  SSGT William B. Hoover, aircraft gunner, completed 100th 
                              combat mission at U-Tapas AF with 4158th Strategic Wing.  SSGT Harry M. Thatcher, 
                              maintenance scheduler, Hickam AFB.  Richard L. Thompson promoted to HM2 during
                              deployment with Patrol Sqd 7 "Neptunes" in Sigonella, Sicily.
Janaury 17             Deadlock broken in Paris talks.  Reds down 2 copters; 5 GIs die.  TSGT Francis L.
                              Barnes is a radio instructor at Kessler AFB.  SP5 John D. Kelly, 21st Inf., stationed in 
January 18             DMZ pounded by U.S. guns.  Viet casualty count jumps.
January 20             Positive steps open Vietnamn peace talks.  GIs storm VC jungle stronghold.  PVT
                              Steven W. Weimer with the 3rd Armored in Hanau, Germany.  AN Robert Meeks
                              graduated tech school Lowry AFB and assigned Thule AB.
January 21             GIs capture 136 Cong in tunnels.
Jaunary 22             U.S. bases hit by VC terrorists.
January 23             Saigon says Viet events key to talks.  Three jets shot down in S. Viet.  AN David A. 
                               Sellers and Glen M. Adams completed basic at Lackland AFB; both assigned to Lowry 
                               AFB.   David L. Leland, Tan Son Nhut, AB, promoted to SSGT.
January 24             VC supplies seized.  GI deaths rise.  SGT Donald A. Walker, weather observer, stat-
                              ioned Custer AFB.
January 25             Reds down ambulance helicopter 7 GIs killed.  Ky says Saigon sincere in hope for peace 
                               talks.  AN Ronald M. Coburn completed tech training, Chanute AFB assigned to Gris-
                               som AFB.  PO3 Terry Faust on leave from Quang Tri; assigned to Port Hueneme.
January 27             Helicopter, fighter/bomber lost to Communist gunners.  MSGT Richard J. Richardson
                               aircraft maintenance tech, assigned to 89th Military Air Wing Andrews AFB.
January 29             320 Reds killed in biggest Vietnam Battle of year at Duk To.  Allies to renew DMZ
                               plea.  Paul D. Shoemaker, construction mech. construction man with Unit 301 near 
                               DMZ.  Cadet Lawrence Howell USCG marched in the inauagural parade.  Also in the 
                               parade was A1C Terry L. Dyer who served as a paresidential escort.
January 31             U.S. proposes Viet troop ullout.  U.S. attack destroys 219 VC supply sampans.
February 1             GIs capture huge VC underground complex. Pentagon told to take steps to end draft.
                              Allies expect Hanoi, VC to agree to secret talks.
February 3             Nixon may go to Paris for look at Viet talks.  South Vietnam general hit by grenade.
                              CAPT. Lee E. Bricker honorably discharged at USAF Academy.  AN Anny V. Smith
                              completed basic at Lackland AFB and assigned to Chanute AFB.  Steven E. Armie
                               selected Airman of the Month, USAF Hospital Emendord.  
February 4             VC trap S. Vietnam unit losses heavy.
February 5             B52s blast Red camp 200 killed.  Reds await S. Vietnam concessions.  AN Linda M.
                               Schul completed basic at Lackland AFB and assigned to Sheperd AFB.  PVT Larry L.
                               Roser at Ft. Campbell.
February 8             24 day battle for Viet Batangan Peninsula won by GIs.  491 N. Viet soldiers captured
                              200 killed.  10 GIs desert in Stockholm.  Red Cross seeks books for Viet troops.
February 9             Cong suicide squad captured in Saigon.
February 11           B52s pound Red hideouts in Vietnam.  Manchester College speaker calls for U.S. to
                              cease-fire in Vietnam.
February 12           14 GIs wounded in rocket attack.
February 13           Hanoi pushes hard line; no concessions in talks.  New demand issued for American
                               pullout.  GIs foil terrorist bomb try.  SSGT Steven E. Gordon, fuel systems mechanic,
                               with the 437th Military Airlift wing, Charleston AFB.  SGT. Phillip D. Allen was at 
                               Wurtsmith AFB now at DaNang AB.  CAPT James N. Vawter assigned to the 199th 
                               Light Inf. Bri., Long Binh.
February 15           B52s blast Reds on Tet holiday eve.  Laos ruled out as Viet talk issue.
February 17           Reds break Tet truce murder S. Viet official.  VC attack U.S. docks in Saigon.  AN
                              Robert J. Weitzel completed basic Lackland AFB assigned Sheppered AFB.  SP4 Gary
                              L. Brown, gunner 3rd Inf. Div., participated in Exercise Reforger I, Grafenwohr, Ger. 
                              DCSN Richard D. Erb, USS Intrepid, returned to Norfolk after 8 months off coast of 
                              Vietnam.  PVT Richard S. Barton in basic at Ft. Knox. 
February 18           Reds break Viet truce 170 times.  North Manchester Kiwanis Club to discuss Viet War.
February 19           VC vow to continue fighting in Vietnam.  Reds shift for attack on DaNang.  SGT David
                               Hartman received Bronze Star and Vietnamese Cross for Gallantry in action in Tay 
                              Nihn, Trang Bang.  He also received the National Defense Medal, Good Conduct 
                              Medal, Vietnamese Service Medal and Combat Infantry Badge.  Stephen W.Estep, USS 
                              Decatur,  promoted to FN.
February 20           Marines inch through booby-trapped jungle.  
February 21           Mountain seized in savage battle.
February 22           Reds ready new attack in Vietnam.
February 24           Hanoi pledges to capture Saigon from allies in spring offensive.  2nd  LT Dennis M. Dick 
                              graduated basic at Quantico, Va.  PFC  Leslie L.Gahl, MCAS Cherry Point, with Mar-
                              ine All Weather Attack Training Sqd. 202.  Mitchel D. Drook enlisted in the Navy as a 
                              hospital corpsman.  PFC John A. Roser assigned 2nd Armored Div. Ft. Hood.  PVT Mike  
                              Keene and PVT Garrah T. Johnson in basic Ft. Knox.  
February 25           Rural Wabash GI killed in Vietnam.  PFC Victor L. Poor, 19, was killed in Vietnam 
     Word of his death reached his parents, Mr. And Mrs. Carl Poor Jr., at their Wabash RR3 home Thursday 
brought by a Marie Corps SGT from Marion and Deputy Sheriff John Brainard.
     Friday morning a telegram confirmed the news.  PFC Poor died in the vicinity of fire support base 
Cunningham, near Laotian border, approximately 25 miles south southwest of Quang Tri, Quang Tri 
province, Republic of Vietnam.
     He sustained fragmentation wounds to the head and body from hostile grenade while on patrol, the wire 
     Services arrangements are pending.  Word has been sent through the Red Cross to his brother, Michael, 
who is in the Air Force in Thailand and th family anticipates his return here for services.  The Marine Corps 
representative was to meet with the family Friday afternoon.
     PFC Poor was graduated from Southwood High School last May.  He was an active student, probably 
best known for his thespian activities.
     In his sophomore year he received the best supporting role award for the part of Judge Omer Gafney in 
"Harvey." And in his senior year thebest actor trophy for his work as the general in "Romanoff and Juliet."
     He was nominated for the best crew awards in 1967 and 1968 and for the best actor award in 1967.
     Speech Coach Thomas W. Oglesby said that when there was something to be done PFC Poor was 
always on hand to do it…he would work long and hard.  Oglesby said that he had played three roles in 
"The Miracle Worker" and did a great deal of other stage work along with carrying these parts.
     He served as vice president of the Thespian Society during his senior year and received first place 
honors in humorous interpretation at a speech meet at Oak Hill High School.
     He was a member of the speech and debate teams and the National Forensic League.
     Mr. Oglesby spoke highly of him saying he was a "good student because he cared" and that he was 
"well liked by the students and staff."
     During his senior year he was a member of the football and wrestling teams.  His other athletic activities 
included basketball, cross country and track.  He was a member of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes.
     Robert Dawes, Southwood guidance counselor, said regarding his athletic activities that he did not star 
in one but was always a contributing member of the team.  "He was willing to sit on the bench if it took 
that to make the team go," he said.
     PFC Poor was a member of the College Corner Church and had been a Boy Scout.  While in training at 
Camp Pendleton, he received a sharpshooting medal.
     After graduation and before joining the Marine Corps, he worked for a brief time at the General Tire and 
Rubber Co. and the Robin Hood store.
     PFC Poor enlisted in the Marines last July, had his training at Camp Pendleton, Ca. He was at home 
over Christmas, leaving Dec. 26 to return to Camp Pendleton for 15 days additional training.  He left for 
Vietnam Jan. 19, flying there with stops in Okinawa and Hawaii.
     His mother said they had only heard from him twice since he had been in Vietnam.  A letter took seven 
or eight days to reach Wabash.  PFC Poor was a member of K Co., 3rd Marine Div., 3-9 BN.
    Poor was born March 24, 1949, in Anderson to Carl K. and Elizabeth Ann (McCurry) Poor Jr.  The 
family moved to Wabash County nine years ago.
     Surviving with his parents are a half-brother, William Alford, Anderson; a half-sister Mrs. Linda Lou 
Peterson, Phoenix, Az.; the brother in the Air Force in Thailand; four other brothers, James Edward, Carl 
Kenneth III, Steve Dewayne and David LeRoy and a sister Tina Ann.  Also his grandparents, Mr. And Mrs. 
Carl Poor Sr., Anderson and Mr. And Mrs. Leon Shirley, Herbst.
February 26           Marine losses heavy in human wave raids.  N. Viets attack two U.S. camps. 
February 27           Reds capture two Saigon suburbs.  POW says "Final" offensive started. 
February 28           U.S. warns of reprisal for viet Cong offensive.  Main Communist thrust smashed.  Reds
                              leave two villages in shambles.
March 3                 Reds open terror spree in Vietnam.  SP George A. Howard injured in Vietnam by frag-
                              ments from an exploding bomb.  The wounds led to amputation of the arm.  Richard D.
                              Lower finished basic at Lackland AFB sent to Chanute AFB and will be stationed at 
                              Grissom AFB with the 305th Combat Support Group.  CTN Royce T. Kreider stationed 
                              at Subic Bay.  Randy Childress at NAS Alameda.
March 4                 VC rocket Saigon three hurt in hospital.
March 5                 Planes turn back column of VC tanks.  Melvin R. Laird visited Saigon.
March 7                 Pullout of Paris talks threatened by S. Vietnam.  22 slain as VC rockets defy Nixon.
March 8                 U.S. aircraft losses top 5,000 in Vietnam combat.
March 10               GIs repulse attack behind Nauseous gas.  James Pratt promoted to SGT at Norton AFB.
                               MSGT Jerry L. Sellers in Vietnam between Bien Hop and Long Binh.  PFC Michael 
                               Shoemaker at 91st Evac hospital.   PVT Adrian Hooks Co B, 16th BN, 4th Brigade at Ft. 
                               Knox.  YN Johnny T. Cruz aboard the USS Coral Sea.  PVT Ival E. Gressley at Ft.
                               Knox.  SP4 Asberry D. Simpson is at Valley Forge General Hospital Ward 3AB.  PVT 
                               Rolland H. Easterday at Ft. Benning.
March 11               VC attack staved off; 29 GIs die.  U.S. seeks secret talks with Hanoi.
March 12               Rockets rake 40 S. Vietnam areas.  Missionary tells of work in Vietnam in talk here.  
                               PFC Robert A. Schaaf with 3rd BN 1st Marines, Vietnam.  SGT David A. Black on duty 
                               at Nha Trang AB.  SSGT Richard J. Richardson, aircraft equipment tech, at 89th  Milit-
                               ary Airlift Wing, Andrews AFB.  SP4 Eldon G. Hall received Army Commendation 
                               Medal for fighting petroleum fire at Camp Eagle, Vietnam. 
March 13               VC shelling decline; 400 Reds trapped.
March 14                Communist offensive cuts into governments control.
March 15               Reds overwhelm S. Viet garrison in attack from DMZ.
March 17               65 VC rockets rake S. Vietnam.  Clothing sent to Vietnam by Richvalley Ladies Aid.      
March 18               Nixon begins secret bombing of Cambodia.  VC human wave assaults on allied base 
                              repulsed.  Communists intensify Vietnam offensive.
March 19               Allies launch massive Vietnamese counterattack drive called largest operation of War.
                              Viet doves may foster VC attacks.  SP4 James Griffith 75th Inf. in Vietnam.
March 20               Laird says Viet pullout unlikely until Reds quit.  Congress gets gloomy report on war
March 21               Attack on Saigon could end talks Lodge warns.  SGT. Robert L. Fordyce, material 
specialist, decorated with USAF Commendation Medal Scott AFB.  Dr.Charles Reiman received the USAF 
Commendation Medal Fairchild AFB.  SGT Jackie L. Hoover, flight equipment specialist, assigned to Phon 
Rang AB.  Construction Mech 3C Paul Shoemaker, S. Vietnam, advanced in rank.  AN Betty A. Moore 
completed technical training Shepperd AFB.  Rites set for county GI killed in action.  North Manchester, 
Services for PFC Max Arden Johnson, 21, are scheduled for 2 pm Monday in the Delaughter Mortuary.  
PFC Johnson, who was serving with Co B, 1502 Inf, 101st Airborne Div., was killed in action in Vietnam, 
March 21.
     Eugene Lieter will be the officiating clergyman and he will be assisted by a military chaplain.  Military 
graveside services will be conducted by servicemen from Ft. Benjamin Harrison.  Burial will be in the 
South Whitley Cemetery.
     Friends may call at the mortuary after noon Saturday.
     PFC Johnson entered the service June 3, 1968, trained at Ft. Gordon, Georgia and had been in Vietnam 
since November 1.  He was a graduate of Manchester High School and had worked for the Peabody Seating 
Co. and as a sheet metal opeator for Kaman Aircraft Corp. in Connecticut.
     PFC Johnson was born January 28, 1948, to Frank and Juanite Pullin.  The Johnsons moved from here 
to Solon Springs, Wi, a year ago.
     Surviving with the parents are four sisters, Mrs. Vincal Wilson, El Paso Tx, Mrs. Millard  
Cosby, Mechanicsville, Md; Mrs. Wayne Woodworth, Oklahoma City, Ok; and Mrs. Robert Burch, 
March 22               VC escalate offensive at Chu Lai.  SSGT Richard J. Richardson received USAF Comm-
                               endation Medal at Andrews AFB.
March 24               Guerrillas hit 30 camps, Cong warn of more blows.  Laird U.S. has another Vietnam
                               plan.  He invents the term Vietnamization for this new plan.  Vietnamization involved
                               the unilateral withdrawal of American troops from S. Vietnam and the ssumption of
                               greater military responsibility by the S. Vietnamese armed forces. CM3 Sheldon E.              
                               Sutton, USS King, off the coast of Vietnam.
March 25               Allies open third major counteroffensive.  Doves ready assault on war conduct.
March 26               Bayh asks explanation of Hoosier servicemens treatment.  Propose bombing Cam-
                               bodia targets.  AN Patricia Singleton completed basic Lackland AFB assigned Shep- 
                               perd AFB.
March 27               VC mortars rake U.S. bases.  Vietnam war dead listed in Congressional Record.
March 28               VC reject Thieu's offer for private talks.  Viet proposal called maneuver by Nixon.  S.
                               Vietnam might defy bomb halt.  Whistling American POW stumps VC interrogator.  
                               Mercy mission copters downed by VC gunners.  1,406 GIs die in first month of VC
March 29                Cong trap nets heavy allied loss.  President to seek plan to end draft.  SGT Robert L. 
                                Haupt, 2nd tour in Vietnam, wounded in action at DaNang.  Stephen Winterrowd,
                               Germany, promoted to SP4.  Robert G.Carpenter, Luke AFB, promoted to MSGT.  PFC 
                               Raymond L. Long graduated Ordnance School at Quantico.  PVT Ralph C. Bean, Jr. 
                               assigned U. S. Army Reception Station Ft. Campbell.
March 31               CAPT Lester L. Spencer, Tyndall AFB, decorated with second and third awards of the 
                               Distinguished Flying Cross for action in Southeast Asia.  On one mission he led an F-4 
                               Phantom flight in an attack on a large N.Vietnamese Army force in heavy contact with 
                               an allied unit.  Although his aircraft was hit by enemy ground fire, he succeeded in infli-
                               cting heavy damage on a large concentration of enemy vehicles and other equipment. 
                               He received the other DFC for helping destroy four trucks, damaging two others and 
                               triggering 25 secondary explosions.  Viet combat level high: Outpost hit in Central
April 1                   U.S. sends secret patrols into Laos
April 2                   GIs turn back VC attackers.  Nixon reviews progress of war, flies to Kansas.  Judge says
                               draft law is invalid.
April 3                   U.S. offers Vietnam pullout.  U.S. units patrol Cambodian area.  PFC Randell Wilcox
                               stationed at Quang Tri.
April 4                   Copter crash in Vietnam kills 24.
April 5                   Americans repulse 600 guerrilla attack northwest of Saigon.  CAPT James Ridenour rec-
                              eived Army Commendation Medal for meritorious service while at Fitzsimmons General 
                              Hospital, Denver.  ANRoger L. Stevens finished basic at Lackland AFB assigned to En-
                              gland with the 77th Tac. Fighter Sqd.  PVT Richard Simpson in basic Ft.Knox.  PFC
                              Darrell Hileman stationed Long Binh
April 7                   Saigon offers VC amnesty; spot on ballot.  VC want Vietnam coalition.  Allies conquer
                              VC mountain fortress..
April 8                   Marines seize VC complex.
April 9                   U.S. may slice Vietnam troop level in 60 days.  B52s rip VC hideouts. 
April 10                 Kissinger, with authority from the president, directed Laird to prepare a timetable for the 
                               vietnamization of the war. U.S. calls on N. Viet for serious peace talks.  Weekly Viet  
                               toll lowest in 3 months.  AN Philip L. Bryant completed basic Lackland AFB assigned
                               Keesler AFB.
April 11                 Reds step up shelling in Vietnam.
April 12                 30 Viet villages shelled.
April 14                 GIs counterattack big Viet Cong camp.
April 15                 VC carry out human wave raid.  Secret VC, S. Vietnam talks set.  CPL Billy G. Heath
                               honorably discharged from the USMC, awarded National Defense Medal, Vietnamese 
                               Service Medal with 2 stars, Vietnamese Campaign Medal with devise, Presidential Unit 
                               Citation, Good Conduct Medal and Sharpshooters badge M-16 rifle.
April 16                 Reds shell 25 targets in Vietnam.  Cambodia-U.S. ties renewed.
April 17                 Artillery salvos smash VC attack on GI camp Patrol Base III.  AN David Sellers fini- 
                              shed tech school at Lowry AFB and assigned to Norton AFB.  PVT Thomas C. Hansen
                              assigned 504th Military Police BN near Phu Bai.  SP4 Steven E. France completed basic 
                              Ft. Campbell, then assigned to Germany, now assigned to 1st Inf. Div. near Di Am. SGT  
                              David A. Black, communications repairman,1964th Comm Grp at Nhi Trang AB.
April 18                 Saigon says VC misuse religion.
April 19                 Human bombs kill 11 GIs hurt 23 in Vietnam.
April 23                 Six U.S. helicopters lsot in single day in Vietnam.
April 24                 B52 Armada pound Reds.  Allies offer major Paris concessions.  SA Mitchel L. Camp-
                               bell completed basic at Great Lakes and assigned to Pensacola.  PFC Randell Wilcox
                               with the 3rd Marine Div. in Vietnam. Cadet Lawrence Howell member of USCG Aca-
                               demy honors company at funeral of Eisenhower.  LCPL James R. Richardson with 1st
                               Marine Aircraft Wing in Vietnam.  PO2 Lynn L. Landis stationed aboard USS Howard 
                               W. Gilmore.  SP4 Steven K. Denney, 150th Ord. BN 18th Ord. Co., Wackerheim, Ger.,
                               named Soldier of the Month.   MM3 Andrew J. Childress aboard the USS Ozark.  SGT 
                               Richard D.White discharged from Army, received five purple hearts.  Fifth time hit 
                                with shrapnel and medivaced to Valley Forge Hospital
April 26                  Reds attack from Cambodia 213 die.  AN Judy Sellers completed schooling at Lowry
                                AFB assigned to Norton AFB.  PFC William R.Lyons assigned to Long Binh.  2nd LT 
                                Dennis M. Dick, NAS Pensacola, completed flight prep school.  CAPT James C.
                                Askins graduated USAF School of Aerospace Medicine assigned to Plattsburg AFB.  
                                Michael J. Forbes, Vietnam, promoted to SP4.
April 28                  Reds stage suicide attack.  Congress told Pueblo Crew violated POW code.
April 29                  Bombers rescue trapped convoy.
April 30                  Shift in VC policy may break Paris deadlock.  Reds may agree to Saigon talks.
May 1                     Raids silence Red gun bases in DMZ.  PVT Daniel Slusser, data processor, completed
                                basic at Ft. Knox now stationed at Ft. Monroe.  Michael A. Clarkson,  purchasing 
                                specialist, Fairchild AFB promoted to A1C. 
May 2                     Allies claim Cong offensive stymied.
May 3                     5 Copters lost in Vietnam; 18 GIs die along Cambodian border.  New Army copters
                                have defective part.  U.S. paying $1 million a year for Vietnamese war damage.  GI
                                gripes provide grist for underground papers. 
May 5                      Viet to need $2.5 billion foreign aid.  Eight flights of B52s pound VC routes into 
                                Saigon.  Reds may drop pullout demand.  USS New Jersey returns to Vietnam.  A1C
                                Jerry Shoemaker on leave before going oversears.  PO3 Paul D. Shoemaker in Vietnam
                                with the SeaBees.  PVT Francis D. Guerin in basic at Ft. Knox.  AN Betty H. Moore 
                                completed medical specialist course Sheppered AFB and assigned to Wilford Hall  
                                USAF Hospital, Lackland AFB.  James Bakehorn, Vietnam, promoted to SSGT.  John
                                Bakehorn, England, promoted to SGT.  SGT Dale E. Walter, com. tech, Korat Royal 
                                Thai AFB earned the USAF Outstanding Unit Award for the 3rd time.  John D. Lehner, 
                                Ent AFB, promoted to SSGT.  HCAA Robert Hyatt graduated Hospital Corps School,
                                San Diego. 
May 6                      Pueblo crew will not be court martialed.  Reds storm allied base on border.
May 7                      Copter crash kills 34 GIs.  Ex GI says "Doves" on rise in service.  SSGT Michael 
                                 Hayes AFB, named Outstanding NCO and  PRIDE Man of the Quarter.  PFC Darrell 
                                 Hileman assigned to the 1st Logistical Command, Vietnam. 
May 8                      U.S., Saigon holding talks on pullout.  VC offer new peace plan. S. Vietnam, U.S. plan 
                                24 hour truce May 30.
May 9                     Nixon Viet policy hit by Javits.  VC peace plan eyed by allies.  When kids yell "Ameri-
can Dog" it really hurts – Mary Frantz Peace Corps volunteer.  PFC Gregory L. Fleck died in Vietnam.  
Fleck volunteered for the draft, entered the service Oct. 8, 1968, took basic at Ft. Campbell and arrived  in 
Vietnam March 25th.
     Awabash County serviceman lost his life in Vietnam after just slightly more than six weeks in that 
     PFC Gregory Lamar Fleck, 20, son of Mr. And Mrs. George L. Fleck, Andrews RR2, was killed in 
Vietnam, May 9.  His mother is the former Jean Ellen Gaston.
     His family was informed of his death Saturday night by Capt. Ray McQuary, Fort Wayne.  No further 
details have been received.
     The body will be returned to the Deal Funeral Home, Andrews, in one to three weeks.
     Fleck volunteered for the draft and went into service October 8, 1968.  He took his basic training at Ft. 
Campbell, Ky., left the United States, March 21 and arrived in Vietnam, March 25.
     After graduation from Northfield High School in 1967, he took training at Nashville Diesel School and 
worked at Huntington Ready Mix.
     Wayne Fansler, counselor at Northfield, said Fleck was particularly active in the work of the Future 
Farmers of America.  "He was a real fine young man," Fansler commented.
     He took part in 4-H work and was active in the Youth Fellowship of Grace United Methodist Church, 
Urbana, where he was a member.  Fleck was born at Wabash, December 18, 1948.
     Surviving with his parents are two sisters, patricia, Vincennes, and Cynthia, and three brothers, Donald, 
Steven and James, all at home, and the grandparents, Mr. And Mrs. Elmer Fleck, North Manchester, and 
Mr. And Mrs. Russell Gaston, Urbana, RR1.
May 10                  129 Reds killed in four battles.  U.S. drafting plans for Viet withdrawal.  A1C Dale
                              Broadfoot, aircraft mech, assigned Ching Chuan Kay AB. 
May 12                  VC launch new offensive, Reds shell 159 villages, bases.
May 13                  Changes in draft laws proposed by president.  VC push Vietnam attack.  Reds claim U.
                               S. stepping up war.
May 14                  Red shellings take heavy toll of lives.  Robers says U.S. will stand fast.  Nixon's Viet
                               report to be at 10 tonight.  Nixon proposes simultaneous withdrawal from S. Vietnam
                               and N. Vietnamese forces.
May 15                  Nixon airs 8 point plan for Viet peace.  Saigon endorses Nixon proposals 100%.  VC nix
                              mutual pullout.  GIs seize VC stronghold.  Allies push spearhead into Cong supply base.
May 17                  PFC Daniel L. Harvey injured in Quang Nam Province;  he sustained a gunshot wound 
                               to his left hand from hostile small arms fire while on a company size search and clear 
                               mission.  He was treated at the 1st Medical BN Hospital in Guam.  Saigon controls 83%
                               of population.  PVT James Czerwin completed basic Ft. Knox ; assigned Ft. Sill.  AN 
                               Edward S. Wallace graduated with honors Shepperd AFB assigned to Ellsworth AFB.   
                               AN Glen M. Adams graduated admin training course Keesler AFB.  Joseph M. Whin-
                               ery, Loring AFB, promoted to A1C.  Nixon to give medals, view Naval exercises.  
May 19                  GI toll doubles as VC push summer offensive.
May 20                  Nixon, Thieu to confer at Midway.  Hamburger Hill seized by allies on 12th try.
May 21                  Paratroopers wipe out Hamburger Hill snipers.  PVT Fred Hall completed basic Ft.
                              Leonard Wood assigned Ft. Eustis.
May 22                  GI casualty toll highest in 3 months, 430 deaths in week.
May 24                  S. Viets kill 187 enemy troops in two battles.  Group to read names of war dead at
                              Grissom AFB.
May 26                  PFC R.A. Brewer, cook, sent to Vietnam.  1st LT Walter L. Windsor, Jr. disaster pre-
                               paredness officer, assigned Tan Son Nhut AB.  U.S.begins Viet counteroffensive.  LT 
                               James Pell awarded Bronze Star with V devise for action August 12, 1968 at Thein Giao 
                               where he received fragment wounds in chest and leg.  He also received the Purple                          
                               Heart, Overseas Service Medal, Vietnam Service Medal, Good Conduct Medal and 
                               National Defense Service Medal.  PO3 Edward W. Howard serving aboard the USS 
May 28                  County to honor war dead.  Thieu sees no lasting settlement.  Larry Stineman trans-
                               ferred from Lemoore Naval Base to Cecil Field.
May 31                  13 GIs killed 62 wounded.  PFC Robert A. Schaaf wounded in action Quang Nam 
                               Province.   Admitted to the Da Nang Hospital with missile wounds to the left leg and an 
                               open fractured distal femur of right side.  He sustained the injuries from a "hostile
                               explosive device" while sitting a night defensive position.  He underwent amputation of
                               his left leg below the knee.  Antiwar protests mar Memorial Day services.  Arlington
                              awaits unknown soldier from Viet war.
June 1                    VC open bid for new Red support for war.  VC renew shelling of Saigon.  SGT Michael
                               Gouvan in Co. C, 1st BN, 12th Inf, 4th Inf Div.  PVT Leroy Wimmer in basic  Ft. Knox. 
                               TSGT Harold D. Hughes, accounting & finance, Heford RAF, assigned Scott AFB.  
                               SGT George D. Jenks, Clark AFB,  named Outstanding Munitions Maintenance Man. 
June 3                    Australian carrier Melbourne slices USS Frank E. Owen in two off Viet coast.  74
                              feared lost.  South Viets find bodies of 259 Red soldiers near Dak To. 
June 4                    VC plan new offensives.  Viet toll heavy on both sides.  Hunt for missing seamen called
                               off.  Nixon, Thieu may announce troop cutback.
June 5                    261 GIs killed in week.  U.S. plane shot down in N. Vietnam.  Richard Thompson mar-
                               ried to Phyllis Neal at Los Alamos, NM.
June 6                    VC step up war to put pressure on Nixon, Thieu.  Nixon calls in 10 youths to hear
                               views on draft.  Fullbright sees no value in limited Viet pullout.  Humphrey urges Viet 
June 7                    Nixon, Thieu head for summit talks.  Casualties mount in Viet shellings.  U.S.Viet idea
                               gap apparent.  SGT Arnold E. Grossnickle honorably discharged at McConnell AFB.
                               Alan P. Smith completed teletype & communications school and assigned to Twenty-
                               Nine Palms. SGT Jesse E. Parrett received the Army Commendation Medal for                      
                               meritorious service with the 4th Div. at Pleiku.
June 8                    Nixon and Thieu on Midway announce withdrawal of 25,000 American troops from 
                              Vietnam.  Laird hails pullout as step closer to peace.  War level drops off suddenly. 
June 10                  Nixon: peace move significant signal.  VC form revolutionary government.  Ground
                               fighting leaves 400 enemy troops dead in Vietnam.  PFC Richard H. Carey stationed at 
                              Quang Tri.
June 11                  U.S. watching for signs of Hanoi peace actions.  SP5 Leslie J. Burcroff honorably disc-
                               harged at Oakland, Ca.  Awarded National Defense Medal, Vietnam Campaign, Good 
                               Conduct, Vietnam Service, Army Commendation and Vietnam Unit Citation.  SP5
                               Danny K.Wittwer, El Paso,  honorably discharged with National Defense Service Medal 
                               and sharpshooters (rifle) Award.  AN Glen Adams graduated admin specialist course
                               Keesler AFB.  PFC John Roser assigned HQ Co 1st BN, 6th Inf, 198thInf Bri. at Chu Lai.
June 13                   U.S. reveals first troops to be taken from Vietnam.  New Cong move has observers
                                guessing.  David W. Mughmaw promoted to CPL at Marine Barracks, Bermuda.  SP4 
                                Hubert W. Lewis assigned to 4th Transportation Command, Vietnam.
June 16                    Thai troops join GIs in beating back Cong.  Donald H. Griffin, USS Grand Canyon, 
                                promotd to PO2.
June 18                    B52s mark 4th year in Vietnam.  William L. O'Dell honorably discharged from the
                                Navy at Polarias Missile Facility Atlantic, Charleston.  Awarded National Defense
                                Service Medal and Good Conduct Award.  TSGT David W. Hartman honorably dis-
                                charged at Ft. Knox awarded Vietnam Service Medal, Vietnam Combat Medal,
                                infantryman badge and sharpshooters badge.
June 19                   Reduce fighting by end of '70:  Clifford.  Pullout all combat troops he advises.  1st 
                               Troops to leave Vietnam on July 8.  A1C Jerry Shoemaker, material specialist, stationed 
                                at Wheelus AFB Libya.
June 20                   Nixon wants massive withdrawal by '70.  500 storm base near Tay Ninh.  More kooks 
                               in  Army, more soldiers desert.
June 21                   Fighting is heavy around Ben Het.  Thieu considering joint commission with Cong.
                               CG Cadet Laurence Howell advanced to 2nd Class.
June 23                   Army to trim troop level by 13,000 men.  GIs bitter over plans for pullout.
June 24                   U.S. convoy reaches trapped allied force at Ben Het.  SBN3 Newt McVicker serving at 
naval Supply Activity DaNang.  PVT Oran F. Tucker assigned to Ft. Knox.  LTCDR Donald M. Waymire 
was awarded the Navy Commendation for Achieve-ment Medal with Combat "V" in ceremonies at Long 
Beach.  He is a specialist in Naval ordnance and gunnery and is a veteran of over 23 years of naval service.  
The citation read in part "for sustained meritorious achievement while serving in the Guided Missile Cru- 
iser USS Canberra CA-70 as Assistant Weapons Officer during combat operations against the enemy.  His 
actions contributed significantly to the consistently effective and accurate gunfire in support of U.S., Repu- 
blic of Korea, and South Vietnamese ground forces in the I Corps Tactical Area and the Demilitarized 
Zone.  His professionalism, aggressiveness and devotion to duty reflected great credit upon himself and 
were in keeping with the highest traditions of the Naval service."
June 25                ADJAN Edward A. Wenger attending helicopter school Imperial Beach.  LT Morris H. 
                            Duffey, NAS Moffett Field, awarded U.S. Air Medal for duty with Patrol Sqd 47 in 
                            Southeast Asia.
June 26                Reds bombard Ben Het, vow to overrun camp.  GI deaths decline 247 killed in week. 
                            Sharp decline reported in N. Viet infiltrations.
June 27                Laird to seek tougher rules on GI deserters.  VC claim Ben Het desperate.  SGT Robert
                            F. VanCamp, computer maintenance tech, assigned to the 4642 Support Sqd at Malm-
                            strom AFB.
June 28                S. Viets bolster Ben Het.  4 in guard unit die in VC raid.  PVT Malvern E. Winters com-
                            pleted basic at Ft. Knox assigned to Ft. Leonard Wood.  SGT David L. Leland received
                            two AF Commendation Medals for meritorious service in Vietnam at Tam Son Nhut AB.
July 2                   Administration to meet Vietnam critics headon.  S. Vietnam politicians doubtful about
                            Thieu.  PFC Frederick P. McClure assigned to the 25thInf. Div. in Vietnam.
July 3                   PFC Randal Wilcox received fragmentation wounds to the left hip, left arm, right leg and 
                             right foot from a hostile mine when engaged in action against the enemy 11 miles north 
                             of Khe Sanh, Quang Tri province.  He was treated at the 3rd Medical BN before being 
                             evacuated to the USS Repose.  He was awarded the Purple Heart.  N. Vietnam to free 3         
                             U.S. POWs.  War toll lowest in 7 weeks.  WO James K. Ameigh, 1-4 Air Cav. Div., D 
                             Troop killed in Vietnam buried at Akron.
July 5                   PVT Leroy Wimmer completed basic Ft. Knox assigned to clerical school Ft. Knox.
July 7                   SP4 Joseph Reed was wounded while he was with HQ Data at Cam Tho.  He received 
                             wounds to both legs and his chest after a box of ammunition exploded.  He was hospit-
                             alized in Japan.  Test battle for S.Viets "Indecisive."  6 GIs die in first VC attack in week. 
                             Congress links troop cuts to new weapons.
July 8                   First units in Vietnam pullout head home.  Daniel L. Harvey, 1st Marine Div., wounded in
                             Quang Nam province.  Received purple heart at DaNang Hospital, transferred to Guam
                             then on to Waukegon.
July 9                   Viet casualty toll lowest in 10 weeks.  John Hall after training at Ft. Knox and Ft. Sam
                             Houston sent to Vietnam.  SP4 Charles A. Nelson,  repairman, assigned to the 4th Inf. 
                             Div. in Vietnam.
July 10                  More troop cuts urged in senate.  Terry Faust assigned to P Hu Loc for 2nd tour of duty. 
                              AN Jackie E. Eubank completed basic Lackland AFB assigned Shepperd AFB.  Marine 
                              contingent in Vietnam pullout flies to Okinawa.
July 11                  Nixon says Thieu plan opens way for peace.
July 16                  N. Viet gunners shell allied outposts from inside DMZ.  Slowdown in Viet fighting
                              spreads.  MM3 Andrew J. Childress, Jr. aboard the USS Ozark.
July 19                  SGT Brian L. Featheringill, radar repairman, received USAF Commendation Medal at 
                              Selfridge AFB.  Carol L. Smith is bride of Randy J. Childers, USS New Orleans.
July 21                  Clarence E. McDougle and Connie S. Archer wed.  PVT Barry Maple after training at
                              at Ft. Knox and Ft. Polk sent to Vietnam.  CPL Steven D. Pressler in NCO training at
                              Ft. Benning.  SGT Jerry L. Beeler awarded Longhorn Pin at Long Binh.  PO3 Terry D.
                              Faust is with the Naval Mobile Construction BN 11 in Vietnam.
July 23                  GI deaths in Vietnam increase 23 % in week.
July 25                  Nixon unveils "Nixon Doctrine" in Guam.  Urges Asian self-help to avoid any more
                             Vietnams.  MSGT Carl E. Hart on duty at Ubon Royal Thai AFB.
July 28                  Rusk sees chance Viet War might fade away.  Nixon to visit S. Vietnam. 
July 29                  SGT Douglas Bowman honorably discharged from Marines at MCAS El Toro.  He rece-
                              ived National Defence Service medal, Vietnam Campaign Medal w/device, Vietnam 
                              Service Medal w/1*, Combat Action Ribbon, Navy Achievement Medal with Combat V, 
                              Rifle Marksman Badge and Good Conduct medal.
July 30                  Nixon visits combat base in Vietnam.  Pat visits wounded GIs, war orphans in Viet-
                              nam.  Douglas Martin attending store keepers school at San Diego.  SGT Hosea T.
                              Clupper, vehicle operator, on duty at Cam Rahn Bay AB.
July 31                   VC criticize Nixon visit to S. Vietnam.
August 2                B52s pound enemy bases near Saigon.  LtCol Van C. Doubleday received Air Medal at
                               Korat Royal Thai AFB.
August 3                Hanoi Radio says three American POWs have been freed.
August 6                Eight green beret officers charged with murder.  SP4T Earl Owsley, Jr honorably disc-
                            .  harged at Ft. Riley and awarded National Defense Medal and Marksman Award.  SP4
                               Bernard F. Netro honorably discharged and awarded National Defense Medal, Vietnam 
                               Campaign Medal Vietnam Service Medal and Army Commendation Medal.  LT Walter               
                               L. Windsor, Tom Son Nhut AB, received USAF Commendation Medal.  Kenneth Dear- 
                               dorff, 34th Eng. BN, promoted to Army Specialist near Qui Nhom.  AN Randy L. Haag 
                               transferred from Lackland AFB to Kessler AFB.  Freed POWs watch moon landing  
                               film.  Hoosier toll in Viet War reaches 1,000.
August 7                VC stage surprise Cam Rahn Bay raid.  U.S. death toll on battlefield up 25%.
August 9                AN Richard K. Barker completed basic Lackland AFB assigned to Lowry AFB.  PFC
                               John Hall assigned to 45th Eng. GP, Vietnam.  PVT Max T. Cruz assigned to 11th 
                               Armored Cav. Reg. Vietnam.
August 11              U.S. bombers shifted to Laos "Hidden War."  Casualties heavy as VC step up attacks.
August 12              Enemy breaks lull, but attacks repulsed at 128 towns and bases.
August 13              Viet level of fighting tapers off.  ET3 Danny Elliott, USS Leahy, participated in 
                               UNITAS-X.  PVT Herbert E. Stellar at Ft. Knox.
August 14              Hard fighting rages in Vietnam.  Lodge denounces VC for step up in war.  Marines help
                               construct Vietnam Noodle factory.
August 16              Viet ground fighting tapers off, but rocket, mortar attacks continue.  
August 19               See relief for battered U.S. forces.  PFC David W. Drake completed basic at Ft. Leon-
                                ard Wood assigned to the Defense Language Inst. West Coast.  PFC David Cummings 
                                completed basic and clerical training, Ft. Knox now in Vietnam.  A1C Kathryn S. 
                                Friedersdorff nominated for CBPO Outstanding Specialist Award.  SSGT Brian L.               
                                Featheringill, Selfridge AFB, received USAF Commendation Medal.  MSGT Carl E. 
                                Hart, aircraft maintenance superintendent, assigned Ubon Royal Thai AFB.
August 21               Stanford A. Brown and Barry Maple wounded in mine incidences.  LCPL Brown was
                                wounded twice.  He returned to the field Aug. 1 after being wounded July 25th.  August 
                                2nd he received injuries to both legs, right arm and right hip and hospitalized in Danang
                                then sent to Japan.  Brown enlisted May 3, 1968, basic at Camp Pendleton and  then
                                assigned to the 26th Marines, 9th Amph. Div.  he received two Purple Hearts.  PFC 
                                Maple received bruises and slight concussion.  LT Richard Beamer married Susan E. 
                                Bayless in Pasadena, CA.  MCPO John E. Sarten appointed senior enlisted represen-
                                tative  to the Commander of U.S. Naval Forces, Vietnam.  SP4 Larry L. Bucher           
                                assigned to 20th Transportation Co. near Cu Chi.  SGT Lester L. Lawson, Ft. Knox,
                                received Purple Heart, Bronze Star and Air Medal for action in Vietnam.  Michael
                                R. Keen and Gary Johnson taking NCO course at Ft. Benning.
August 22               Darrell Hileman promoted to SP4 at Long Binh.  Merl L. Shank in basic at Lackland
                                AFB.  S. Viet. Premier resigns from cabinet.
August 23               Officials urge use of air bases in Thailand.  President Thieu asks for new government.  
                                Infantrymen attack side of hill 102.  Victoria K. Harless married SGT Donald W. Lee. 
                                A/C James D. Adams at Ellsworth AFB.  SMSGT Don C. Reynolds retired at Randolph  
                                AFB.  CTS Royce Kreider stationed at San Miguel.  SP4 Victor Glover suffered wound
                                in the leg and foot in an attack on Hill 41 near Quang Grai.  He was hospitalized in
August 25               U.S. moves to thwart armored columns.
August 26               U.S. Thailand to open talks Sept. 1 on troop withdrawals.
August 28               All casualties decline in Vietnam War.
August 29               Marines earn major victory.
August 30               Soldiers want to go home after their year in Vietnam.
August                    Kissinger meets covertly in Paris with N. Vietnamese negotiator Xuan Thuy. 
September 2           Copters land 400 GIs on battlefield commandos battered by N. Viet. 
September 3            Ho Chi Minh dies in Hanoi age 79.  Two descibe harsh Viet prison life.  B52s strike N. 
                                Viet.  S. Vietnamese casualties high in jungle fighting.
September 4            Brief unity comes with Ho's death.  N. Vietnam begins week of mourning.  Copter
                                crashes across border in Cambodia.  PFC Michael Hawkins stationed near Phan Rang. 
                                 SGT Joseph D. Willcox, munitions specialist, assigned to Luke AFB.  SP4 Michael J. 
                                 Forbes Pleiku, received Air Medal.  PVT Christopher Loy at Ft. Bragg.  A1C Donald 
                                 G. Wampler reassigned to 848th Aircraft Control and  Warning Sqd in the Philippines.                                                                
                                 Steve Armie promoted to SSGT, Elmendorf AFB.  Cadet Stephen H. Downs partici- 
                                pated in USAFROTC field training at Gunter AFB.
September 5            Attacks heavy but truce expected.
September 6            Ho's death triggers new struggle for Red influence.  VC attack for Ho.  Bradford W. 
                                Plum honorably discharged at Long Beach.  Received National Defense Medal, Viet-
                                nam Service Medal with 2 bronze stars, Combat Action Ribbon, Purple Heart and 
                                Vietnam Campaign Medal. 
September 12          Peace move:  end B52 raids.
September 15          KY: 40,000 more troops pulling out.  U.S. Naval Command to be deactiviated.  A1C
                                John F. Dyer assigned DaNang AFB.  Stephen W. Slonaker, Ph Cat,  promoted to SGT. 
                                CPL Steven D. Owens with Marine Training Sqd 203 at Cherry Point.  AE2 David E. 
                                Coburn graduated electrical and instrument maintenance course NAS Key West. 
September 16          Nixon plans to withdraw 35,000 more from Vietnam.
September 17          Laird to request draft reform measures.  Also hints at cuts for months ahead.  Vietnam
                                War accidents kill 9 GIs, 7 Vietnamese.  Youth feeling mixed on draft curtailment. 
September 18          Nixon tells nations:  Work to end war "Hanoi responsible" for peace stalemate.  23
                                Marines set to come home killed.  If U.S. stops BS52 raids, will N. Vietnam descalate 
                                War?  Army says Berets to be tried. 
September 19          Nixon cancels November and December draft calls.  PVT Karl Sorg assigned to 1st 
                                 Signal Brigade in Vietnam.
September 20          Reduction raises plea for reforms in draft.  64 are killed in Vietnam Airliner crash.
September 23          Beret led Viet civilians mauled.  Ship and B52s pound Reds.
September 25          Allies war deaths drop to lowest level in weeks.
September 27          SP4 Charles R. Cooper assigned as a clerk with 4th Inf Div in Vietnam.  TSGT Warren 
                                D. Bailey selected NCO of the Quarter for 355th Tactical Fighter Wing.  A1C Phillip L. 
                                Bryant at Keesler AFB.  Charles E. Wray joined the Navy.
September 29          AM3 Edward W. Howard, USS Independence, took part in NATO Exercise Peace 
                                Keeper.  SSGT Edward A. Conyers at DaNang AFB.  SGT Robert S. Raines on 3rd tour
                                of duty in Vietnam.  PFC Malvern E. Winters, 14th Eng. BN, in Vietnam.  A1C David 
                                L. Coble stationed at Nakhon Pamom Royal Thai AFB.  SGT Donald Wagner stationed 
                                at Korat Royal Thai AFB.  2nd LT Barry W. Curless graduated OCS Ft. Benning, sent
                                to Ft. Gordon.
September 30          Nearly 6,000 Marines leave S. Vietnam in first big pullout.
October 3                U.S. loses three more planes as paratroopers battle enemy.
October 6                Vietnam break through indicated by Senator Hugh Scott.  U.S. to be out by '70 Thieu 
October 7                Military says no Vietnam break through.  Viet war is criticized by soldiers.
October 9                PVT William R. Sopher enlisted in the UMC and in basic at San Diego.  SKSA M.E.
                                Vogel assigned to USN Supply Depot, Subic Bay.  FNAN Stephen W. Estep aboard 
                                USS Decatur.  AB Brad Flohr at Lackland AFB.  Harry Koontz, Jr. enlisted in the 
                                Navy.  American battlefield deaths drop to new three year low.
October 11              Gen. Hershey to be relieved as Selective Service directory.
October 13              President says he will not abandon Vietnam policies "Government policy cannot be  
                                made in the streets."  5,000 demonstrators swarm Ft. Dix, confront Army Police.
October 14              MORATORIUM ACTIVITIES IN COUNTY.  Whiles doves across the nation prepare 
for participation in a moratorium demonstration on the Vietnam War Wednesday, little reaction appears to 
be brewing in Wabash county.
     Response in Wabash schools and churches appears to be null.  Wabash county Democrats do not plan to 
participate in the moratoriums.  
     Involvement in Wabash county centers in North Manchester at the Manchester College campus where a 
program of discussion has been planned.
     Classes will be conducted on the Manchester campus as usual.  Faculty members desiring to dismiss 
classes for the day may follow the normal procedure of arranging for a makeup, according to a college 
     Students may skip a class in order to attend other programmed teachers of the day.  Both are within the 
policies followed by the college throughout the year.
     An 8:30 a.m. student planned meditation at Petersime Chapel will feature Benjamin Britten's "War 
Requiem" and the reading of Vietnamese poetry.
     An 11:30 meeting with the theme "Citizens Look at Vietnam" will be conducted in Wampler Audit- 
orium.  Participaants will be Joe E. Lesh, Huntington County Republican, Steven Michael Huntington 
County Democrat, and Joe Nixon, publisher of the Wabash Plain Dealer.
     Prof. Richard Bittlinger of the Manchester College History faculty will talk about "American Responses 
to National Insurgency Movements" at 12:30 p.m. in Wampler Auditorium.
     Members of the collee community will be urged to participate in an address on Christian Uses of Confl- 
ict to be given by Dr. E. Spencer Parson, chaplain, Rockefeller Chapel, University of Chicago, at 2:30 p.m.
     A student planned rally is scheduled for 7:30 p.m. in the college mall.  Dr. Parsons and interested 
students will be participating.
     President plans to speak on War's course.  1,000 tons of bombs dropped on two Viet enemy regiments.  
SMS Terry E. Larson, bombing, navigator systems superintendent on B52s, selected to represent 456th 
Strategic Aerospace Wing, Beale AFB at the "World Series of Bombing" Fairchild AFB.
October 15           Massive antiwar demonstrations in Washington.  Moratorium is slow in Indiana.  WAr
                             protests in churches, in streets, on campus.  Protests make no difference on battlefield-
                             Abrams.  Moratorium talker gets pie in face. 
October 16           Moratorium day ends with buring of cards at Manchester College.  Viet panel ideas 
                             show divergence.
October 17           GIs will remain after war.  S. Vietnam role reflected in rising rate of war deaths.
October 18           Thieu unruffled by Soviet-S. Vietnam incident.
October 19           President Spiro Agnew reacts to Vietnam Moratorium.  "Sometimes it appears that we 
are reaching a period when our senses and our minds will no longer respond to moderate stimulation.  We 
seem to be approaching an age of the gross.  Persuasion through speeches and books is too often discarded 
for disruptive demonstrations aimed at bludgeoning the unconvinced into action.
     The young-and by this I don't mean by an stretch of the imagination all the young, but I'm talking about 
those who claim to speak for the young-at the senith of physical power and sensitivity, overwhelm them- 
selves with drugs and aftificial stimulants.  Subtlety is lost, and fine distinctions based on acute reasoning 
are carelessly ignored in a headlong jump to a predetermined conclusion.  Life is visceral rather than intel- 
lectural, and the most visceral practitioners of life are those who characterize themselves as intellectuals.
     Truth to them is "revealed" rather than logically proved, and the principal infatuations of today revolve 
around the social sciences, those subjects which can accommodate any opinion and about which the most 
reckless conjecture cannot be discredited.
     Education is being redefined at the demand of the uneducated to suit the ideas of the uneducated.  The 
student now goes to college to proclaim rather than to learn.  The lessons of the past are ignored and 
obliterated in a contemporary antagonism known as the generation gap.  A spirit of national masochism 
prevails, encouraged by an effete corps of impudent snobs who characatierize themselves as intellectuals.
     It is in this setting of dangerous oversimplification that the war in Vietnam achievs its greatest 
     The recent Vietnam moratorium is a reflection of the confusion that exists in America today.  Thous-  
ands of well-motivated young oeiole, conditioned since childhood to respond to great emotional appeals, 
saw fit to demonstrate for peace.  Most did not stop to consider that the leaders of the moratorium had 
billed it as a masssive public outpouring of sentiment against the foreign policy of the president of the 
United States.  Most did not care to be remined that the leaders of the moratorium refused to disassociate 
themselves from the objective enunciated by the enemy in Hanoi.
     If the mnoratorium had any use whatever, it served as an emotional purgative for those who felt the need 
to cleanse themselves of their lack of ability to offer a constructive solution to the problem.
     Unfortunately, we have not seen the end.  The hard-core dissidents and the professi- onal anarchists 
within the so-called "peace movement" will continue to exacerbate the situation....
     Great patriots of past generations would find it difficult to believe that Americans would ever doubt the 
validity of America's resolve to protect free men from totalitarian attack.  Yet today we see those among us 
who prefer to side with an enemy aggressor rather than stand by this free nation.  We see others who are 
shortsighted enough to believe that we need not protect ourselves from attack by governments that depend 
upon force to control their peop-le, governments which came into being through force alone and continue 
to exist by force alone.
     I do not want to see this nation spend one dollar more on defense than is absolutely necessary, but I 
would hate to see this nation spend one dollar less on defense than is absolutely necessary.  Until the 
principle of open represwentative government extists among all nations, the United States must not 
abandon its moral obligations to protect by an means necessary the freedoms so hard won by past 
generations-the freedoms so hard won by the 400,000 Americans who made the ultimate sacrifice in the 
dedicated belief that some things are more precious than life itself."
October 20           SP5 Carl W. Milan,101st Airborne, arrived home from a tour of duty in  S. Vietnam.  He 
                             received four Air Medals with V for Valor, Army Commendation Medal, Bronze Star 
                             the Rescue Citation from the Boeing Company, and the Purple Heart for wounds rece- 
                             ived in action.  He was a crew chief of a Chinook 47 helicopter.  After 30 days leave he
                             will be stationed at Ft. Eustis as a helicopter instructor.  Unilateral ceasefire considered
                             by Nixon.  Vietnam fighting takes sharp jump: still relatively low.  Roger D. Flitcraft in 
                             basic Lackland AFB.
October 22           S. Vietnam to take over U.S. outpost guarding Saigon.
October 24           U.S. pullout schedule set sources say.  Viet black market next on agenda.  Airlift losses
                             in Viet War put at $6 billion for Yanks.
October 30           House overhaul of entire draft system still pends.
October 31           N. Vietnam trasportation system completely rebuilt.
October              Richard L. Thompson completes CounterInsurgency Training (SERE) at Naval Amphibious School, Little Creek, Va.
October (no date)    HM2 Richard L. Thompson assigned Naval Support Activity Hospital, Danang, Vietnam, under III
                     MAF/I Corps control.
November 1         Helicopter crashes, burns near Saigon; 10 Americans aboard.  War veterans planning
                             "Tell it to Hanoi Day."  Nixon back in Vietnam but now as president.
November 3         Nixon delivers "silent majority" speech.  SSGT Gary L. Coburn, aircraft maintenance 
                             tech, at Cam Rahn Bay.  RM3 Ronald Greiner aboard the USS Decatur.  George W. 
                             Black assigned 1st Signal Brigade, Vietnam.  SP4 Larry L. Frieden, 101st  Airborne dis-
                             charged after tour in Vietnam.  He received Army Commendation Medal and Bronze Star 
                             Charges of draft as weapon on protesters to be checked.  N. Viets launch attack on South
                             Central highlands.
November 4         Vietnam withdrawal timetable unveiled.
November 6         U.S. officials expect more Red infiltration.  Compromise could secure draft bill.
November 7         U.S. still seeking private talks with Viet Communists.  Cong attack Saigon defenses,
                             other areas shelled.  Four of S. Vietnam's army divisions acceptable.  4 Hoosier victums 
                             added to toll of combat deaths.
November 8         Gen. Abrams praises S. Viet military.  State guard unit in Vietnam will return to U.S.
November 11        S. Vietnam losses reported heavy in week of fighting.
November 12        CAPT James Vawter, Camp Frenzell Jones, Vietnam, received the Bronze Star Medal.  
He was presented the award for meritious service in connection  with military operations against hostile 
forces in Vietnam.  At the time of the presentation he was Air Operations Officer for HQ Co., 5th BN, 199th 
Light Infantry Brigade, 12th Inf.  He also holds the Vietnamese Gallantry Cross, a Army Commendation 
Medal and a Bronze Star for heroism.
     Sgts. Michael R. Keen. Garrah T. Johnson and PVT Dana Stevens in AIT at Ft. Polk.  CAPT Richard M. 
Rupley, Cam Rahn Bay, received Bronze Star Medal for meritorious service.  AN Bruce M. Leffel comple- 
ted basicLackland AFB assigned Shepperd AFB.  SSGT Michael D. Young, 6937 Comm. Grp., in West 
Pakistan.  2nd LT Barry Curless at Ft. Gordon.
November 13       N. Vietnam make "biggest" assault.
November 14       Services, vigils and rallies mark second Viet Moratorium.  S. Viet planes bomb own
November 15       Another big antiwar demonstration in Washington.
November 16       Revelation of the My Lai massacre, which took place the year before.
November 17       Villages claim GIs murdered 460 at Song My.  Bombers cross Cambodia line to blast
                             N. Viet artillery.
November 18        S. Viet forces claim victory supported by U.S. planes and guns.  Americans came and 
                             they shot us – Son My.
November 19       Viet pullout too slow, critics say.  B52s bomb enemy at Cambodian line.  Governor to 
                             greet returning Vietnam guardsmen.
November 20       Lodge claims U.S. has war support.  Weeks death toll for Yanks highest in months in
                             Vietnam.  Red infiltration into the South is increasing.
November 24       Yanks in Vietnam at two year low.  SR Charles E. Wray completed basic, assigned to the
                             USS Shenendoah.  PFC Kenneth L. Resler with the 3rd BN, 1st Marine Rgt, 1st Marine
                             Div. in S. Vietnam.  James Pell, CO Alpha 8, promoted to Captain.  While in Vietnam
                             received Bronze Star and Purple Heart.  PFC Tom R. Worthington, 1st Marine Air Wing, 
                             assigned to Vietnam.  LCPL Leslie Gahl assigned NAS Atlanta.
November 25       Viet veteran tells of killing citizens on orders from LT. Calley.  N. Viets renew attack
                             on Yankees.
November 26       U.S. warns Hanoi Viet peace impossible on terms of Reds.  N. Viets blast ammunition
                             store.  Nixon signs new draft law.
November 28       American war deaths at 300,000 half since Paris peace talks began.  James J. Sharp in
                             machinist mate training at Great Lakes.  SP4 Danny Cole chosen soldier of the month
                             at Ft. Richie.  SGT Donald L. Bennett Jr. at MCAS Cherry Point.  MAJOR Donald G. 
                             Wolpert, Phun Cat AAB, received the Air Medal.
November 29       S. Vietnam receives first of U.S. Naval Bases in Mekong Delta.  Racial unrest of service-
                             men investigated.  CAPT Walter L. Windsor Jr., Tan Son Nhut AB, received a regular 
                             commission in the USAF.
November 30       SGT Robert S. Raines, on third tour of duty, killed in Vietnam, was posthumously pres-
                             ented the Military Merit Medal and the Gallantry Cross with Palm by the Republic of
December 1          First giant draft lottery drawing set for tonight.  About 60 people face possible draft in
                             Wabash County.  It was point blank murder Sergeant says about My Lai.
December 2         Charles Winfield top draft choice from Wabash County but only No. 2 in U.S. 
December 4          Rogers pessimistic about Viet Peace.  Yankee death toll in Vietnam at low.  Carl Benson
                             Aberdeen, promoted to CPL.  John Burnsworth with 1st Recon B.N.C. Co F.  SP4 Earl J. 
                             Ward took basic  Ft. Leonard Wood, sent to Ft. Lee now stationed at Ft. Wainwright. 
                             SSGT David E. Wilson, 62nd Tactical Airlift, TAD at Mildenhall RAF station 
December 9         Yule GI withdrawal planned by Nixon.  Fair trial for Lt. Calley impossible, attorney 
                             claims.  PFC Ronald Pressler took basic at Camp Campbell, sent to Ft. Sill now with
                             16th Art. in Vietnam.  SP4 Richard S. Burton, military police, at Ft. Carson.  William 
                             Stumpf, Camp Pendleton, promoted to major.  PVT Gary R. Wright at Ft. Polk.  PVT 
                             Rick D. Eppley in Co B 1/7th Inf.  SP4 Merle E. Glazier, S. Vietnam, received Army 
                             commendation Medal.  LCPL Richard A. Brewer, CampBooks near DaNang, with the
                              Force Logistic Command.
December 10        S. Viet forces reported stronger.  Pentagon pulling 30 B52 Bombers of  S. Viet infil-
                             tration missions.  White House orders study of draft lottery loopholes.
December 11        Battlefield deaths are up.  AO3 John R. Schultz serving with VC-1 at Barbers Point.
                              PFC Ronald E. Eichholtz, medical aidman, reenlisted at Aschaffenburg, Ger.  ENS
                              Patrick N. Rounds completed basic jet training at NAS Pensacola.  PFC Kenneth L. 
                              Resler with the 3rd BN, 1st Marine Rgt, 1st Marine Div., S. Vietnam.  Stephen Winter-
                              rowd, 3rd Army Div., Ger., promoted to SGT.  1st LT Dennis M. Dick graduated from
                              training with the Marine All Weather Attack Training Sqd 202 MCAS Cherry Point.  
                              PVT James R. Spiece in basic at Ft. Knox.
December 15        S. Viet regime clains control is at 92.5%.  Third round of Viet G pullouts expected  
December 16        50,000 GIs will return over a four month period.
December 17        Equipment Operator PO3 Terry D. Faust, USN Mobile Construction BN 11, returned
                              from Vietnam.  The unit being decommissioned as a result of present Vietnamization 
                              program underway in S. Vietnam. Desertions increase this fall among S. Vietnam armed 
                              forces.  S. Vietnam toll double Americans.  Dallas Harmon, USS Vermillion, promoted
                              to PO3.  SGT John Bakehorn, ammunition specialist, serving in England.
December 18         N. Viets not defeated visitor to Hanoi claims.  Yankee toll in Vietnam near 40,000.
                              Tet fight leaves Vietnam city of Hue tense.
December 23         Viet battlefield action holds at low level despite B52s.
December 26         American Santa Claus turned back by N. Viet Regime.  PO Rolland D. Drudge on 2nd
                              deployment to Vietnam.  SP4 Thomas Brewer finished basic at Ft. Knox now in Viet-
                               nam.  PFC Leroy W. Wimmer, finance clerk, with 1st Inf in Vietnam.  PFC Robert J.
                              Harris with the 5th MEB at Camp Pendleton.  PVT Gary Wright completed basic Ft.
                              Knox and sent to Ft. Polk.  CPL Kenneth A. Plant received Bronze Star for service as 
                              Commander, 7th Airborne Command Udorn Royal Thai AFB.
December 27         Probing of My Lai moves to Vietnam.  U.S. GIs fight big battle inVietnam.  SGT
                              Stephen W. Slonaker at Castle AFB.  LCPL John A. Heitz in Vietnam.  SSGT Edward 
                              Conyers transferred to Vietnam.
December 30         VC violates its own new years holiday cease fire.  AN Vaughn D. Vossler completed
                               basic Lackland AFB; sent Kessler AFB.  Tom Snyder, medic, at Cu Chi hospital in 


January 2              U.S. patrol battles 50-70 infiltrations near Cambodia.
January 3              Draft officials eye allocation changes for local boards.
January 5              GI newsmen are ordered silent.  Ruth E. Walters becomes Mrs. Captain James N.Vaw-
                              ter.  Rhonda Little married SGT Switzer.  Viet study says Yanks did kill at My Lai. 
                              Cong announces Lunar ceasefire.  Marines and  S. Viets fight enemy.  All volunteer 
                              army seen unrealistic.  Viet War enters new phase as Red attacks on increase.
January 8              Yankee death toll creeps beyond 40,000.  Army charges GI newscaster who accused it 
                              of censoring.
January 10             David C. Meyer commissioned 2nd LT at Ft. Benning.  Michael Hawkins in Vietnam.
                              A1C Jerry C. Shoemaker stationed in North Africa.  Paul D. Shoemaker released from 
                               the Seabees.  PFC Dan Slusser stationed near Nuremberg, Ger.  SSGT Michael D. 
                              Young returned from W. Pakistan now stationed at Carswell AFB.  40,000 boxes take         
                              GIs home.  N. Viets to continue war.  Casualties soar for GIs in Vietnam.
January 12             Units chosen for Viet pullout.
January 15             Secret negotiations again U.S., S. Vietnam demand.  Yankee death toll climbs once 
January 16             Midsummer GI withdrawal possible with cut in funds.  Vietnam toll less since bombing
January 17             SGT Stephen W. Slonaker,537th Tactical Airlift Sqd,  S. Vietnam, received USAF Com-
                              mendation Medal for meritorious service.  LCPL  James D. Saulman with the 1st Force
                              Recon Co., 1st Marine Div., S. Vietnam.  FN Stephen W. Estep aboard the USS Decatur.  
                              ENS Patrick N. Rounds at NAS Kingsville. 
January 19             High court strips drfat board power.  VC land mines explodes killing 18 S. Viets and 
                              wounding 35.                                                              
January 20             More B52 raids along border area.
Janaury 22             Reds attack area of Mekong Delta.
January 23             Small skirmishes reported throught Vietnam.                 
January 24             Draftees from Wabash county in January went to the Army and Marines.  Daniel J. Lin- 
                               coln, volunteer, and David L. Christman went to the Army Ft. Knox.  In the Marines are 
                               Philip B. Key and William A. Timmons, both sent to San Diego.  William L. Stewart 
                               was on the list but had already enlisted in the Army.  George French finished basic Ft. 
                               Knox now in S. Vietnam.  CPL Gary J. Follin with 1st Marine Aircraft Wing in Vietnam 
                               Bradley B. Flohr transferred from Lackland AFB to the University of Syracuse.  SSGT 
                               Terry L. Shalley received recognition from Gen. Malley at Bob Hope Show.  AN David 
                               A. Floyd completed medical records specialist course,Shepperd AFB transferred to Bit-
                               bury AB.  PO2 Thomas G. Kaiser at USN Support Activity, S. Vietnam. 
January 26             American B52s on heaviest raids in last nine months.
January 27             Marine units redeployment schedule set.  Latest Viet pullout ready.
January 30             Laird reflects doubts on all volunteer army.
January 31             PVT Phillip E. Wilcox graduated U.S. Army Missile and Munitions center and school.
                              Steven J. Davis is at Chi Lai.  James R. Turpen, Pentagon, promoted to LtCol.  SGT
                              Larry L. Roser stationed at Duc Pho
February 2             Fighting in Vietnam heaviest in months.
February 3             Viet action tapers off as stet draws near.  Pullout time is termed unacceptable.
February 4             Bug-out limited for Saigon GIs.  Viet War hearings open with blasts.  Viet lands falling
                              into ruins.
February 5             Yankee jets attack missile site in N. Vietnam again.
February 9             Still raging dela battle only sustained Viet action.  Calley lawyers try again. 
February 10           My Lai lawyers for defense seeking link to Washington.  All volunteer army report  
                              nearly done.
February 12          SGT David A. Black, communications equipment repairman, stationed at Nha Trang AB.
                              Jets hit Red guns in Cambodia right of self dfense claimed.  Laos troops beat back N. 
                              Viets.  Build up reserves Westmoreland says.  CPL Kenneth D. Ebbinghouse TAD to 
                              Airfield Ops, Camp Garcia Puerto Rico.  CAPT. John L. Neff awarded  Navy Distingu-
                              ished  Service Order (2nd class) for his performance as captain of the USS Sanctuary, 
                              now serving a 2nd tour as inspector general 14th Naval District.  PVT William L. Stewart,  
                              L.H. Christman and Roger M. Gorman in basic Ft. Knox.  AN Randy Haag at Kessler 
                              AFB.  MSGT Harold E. Shaw, information tech, 12th Tactical Fighter Wing, Cam Rahn  
                              Bay.  Stephen R. Beard, Shu Lin Kou AS Taiwan, promoted to SGT.  SKSN Douglas 
                               Martin aboard the USS Braine.  CAPT Lester L. Spencer attending Air University's Sqd
                               Officers School, Maxwell AFB.  SP4 Ronald D. Pressler assigned 4th Inf. Div. Bat A, 5th
                                               BN near Pleiku.  David Futrell completed basic at Great Lakes, sent to Pensacola.  1st 
                               LT Carroll W. Boatwright Jr., Ft. Hood, qualified on M16 rifle.  SP4 Steven E. France, 
                               1st Inf Div, Di An, received Army Commendation Medal.  PFC Clarence E. McDougle 
                               assigned to 1st Logistical Command. Thomas E. Brewer, Dau Tieng,  promoted to SP4. 
                               SGT Thomas Roth assigned as squad leader 4th Inf. Div.  PO3 Dallas E. Harman aboard 
                                the USS Vermillion.
February 13             Second massacre hinted in charges.  Defense Secretary warns Hanoi against violations.
                                SGT Garrah Johnson and SGT Michael R. Keen in Vietnam.  Johnson at Long Bind, 
                                Keen, 1st Cav. at Song Be, assigned to Firebase Buttons also known as Rocket City. 
                                MCPO Royce W.  Kreider is the enlisted administration assistant to the Chief, 
                                Operating Services Div. San Diego Naval Hospital.
February 16             American jets attack Reds in eastern section of Laos.  Anti war alliance joined once  
February 17             B52s bomb Cambodia sector 1,000 tons of bombs fall.  Senate probe eyes plan to
                                convert or kill Cong.
February 18             Hanoi's stand key to peace in S. Viet – President.  Randell E. Henderson in basic at Ft. 
                                 Knox.  CPL Timothy J. Ghromley with Marines at Oahu.  PFC Earl R. Cooksey assig-
                                 ned to 4th Inf. Div. At Plieku.  PFC Richard Simpson in S. Korea.  Navy is more for-
                                 giving about sailors and drugs.
February 19             U.S. bombers back over Vietnam agter strikes in Loas.
February 20             Kissinger begins secret talks in Paris with Le Duc Tho.  U.S. wants to forget My Lai.  
                                N. Viet troops press Loas fight.  Allies kill many soldiers but lose two helicopters.
February 21             N.Viet soldiers seize Plain of Jane.  U.S. planes launch new Viet raids.
February 24             N. Viets still on drive in Loas.
February 26            Yankee death rate drops in Vietnam.  Red strength going down in south.  PFC Fred L.
                                Miller stationed at MCAS Beaufort with the 2nd Marine Aircraft Wing Group 31. 
                                Steven E. Steele stationed at Okinawa.  PVT Larry W. Steele in basic at Ft. Knox. 
                                PVT Herbert D. Horstman in basic at Ft. Knox.  SSGT David L. Barnette on duty at               
                                Cam Rahn Bay.  N. Viet offensive in Laos raises questions.
February 28            Cong down three copters.  16 allied positions shelled.  Laotianize war, Nixon is
March 1                  Lodge, Ky to confer with Nixon.  B52s pound Red buildup near Saigon.
March 3                  Reds open terror spree in Vietnam.  Next Red target for People's War may be Thailand.
                                SP George A. Howard injured when hit by fragments from an exploding mine which 
                                resulted in surgical removal of his left arm below the elbow.  Richard D. Lower assig- 
                                ned 305th Combat Support Group, Grissom AFB.  CTN Royce T. Kreider at Subic Bay. 
                                PFC Victor Poor with 3rd BN 9th Marine Regt, 3rd Marine Div. in Vietnam.  PVT Mich- 
                                ael R. Keene assigned Co A 19th BN 5th BRI at Ft.Knox.  ABHAN Randy Childress 
                                assigned to NAS Alameda.
March 4                  VC rocket Saigon three hurt in hospital.
March 5                  Planes turn back column of VC tanks.
March 6                  Police foil plot to kill Viet leader.  Nixon warns Reds against new attacks on S. Viet. 
March 7                  Pullout of Paris talks threatened by S. Viets.  22 slain as VC rockets defy Nixon.  
March 8                  U.S. aircraft losses top 5,000 in Vietnam combat.
March 10                U.S. repulse attack behind nausceous gas.  Direct talks with VC demanded.  A1C 
                                James L. Pratt, Norton AFB,  promoted to SGT. MSGT Jerry L. Sellers, Ft. Bliss. to be 
                                sent to Vietnam.  PFC Michael Shoemaker at the 91st EVAC Hospital San Francisco. 
                                PVT Adrian Hooks assigned to Co B, 16th BN 4th BRI, Ft. Knox.  YN3 Johnny T. Cruz,
                               USS Coral Sea, in Gulf of Tonkin.  PVT Ival E. Gressley at Ft. Knox.  SP4 Asberry D. 
                               Simpson at Valley Forge General Hospital.  PVT Rolland H. Easterday at Ft. Benning. 
March 11               VC attack staved off; 29 GIs die.  U.S. seeks secret talks with Hanoi.
March 12               Rockets rake 40 S. Viet areas.  Missionary tells of work in Vietnam in talk here.  PFC
                              Robert A. Schaaf 3rd BN 1st Marines 1st Marine Div., Vietnam.  SGT David A. Black at 
                              Nha Trang AB.  SSGT Richard J. Richardson, aircraft equipment tech, 89th Military Air 
                              Wing, Andrews AFB.  SP4 Eldon G. Hall, 101st Airborne, Camp Eagle, received Army
                              Commendation Medal. 
March 13              VC shellings decline; 400 Red trapped.
March 15              Reds overwhelm S. Viet garrison.  Reds urge talks with Cong.  CDR Richard L. 
                             Thompson to command the Sunfish. 
March 17              65 VC rockets rake S. Viet.  China bars Russ arms for Hanoi.
March 18              Sihanouk overthrown in Cambodia by Lon Nol and Sisowath Sirik Matak.  VC human
                             wave assault on allied base repulsed.
March 19              Allies launch massive Viet counterattack drive called largest operation of the war.  Viet
                             doves may foster VC attacks.  SP4 James Griffith 75th Inf 25th Div in Vietnam.
March 20              Laird says Viet pullout unlikely until Reds quit.  Congress gets gloomy report on War 
March 21              Communists intensify Vietnam offensive.  Attack on Saigon could end talks, Lodge 
                              warns.  SGT Robert L. Fordyce received USAF Commendation Medal at Scott AFB.
March 22               VC escalate offensive.  SSGT Richard J. Richardson received USAF Commendation
                               Medal at Andrews AFB.
March 24               Nixon expected to draft student "Get Tough" policy.  Guerrillas hit 30 camps Cong warn 
                              of more blows.  Laird U.S. has another Vietnam
                              plan.  PO3 Sheldon E. Sutton, USS King, off coast of Vietnam. 
March 25              Allies open third major counteroffensive.  Doves ready assault on war conduct. 
March 26              AN Patricia A. Singleton completed basic at Lackland AFB sent to Shepperd AFB.
March 27              VC mortars rake U.S. base in Mekong Delta.  Vietnam War dead listed in Congres- 
                              sional Record.
March 28              VC reject Thieu's offer for private talks.  Viet proposal called maneuver by Nixon.
                              Whistling American POW stumps VC interrogator.  Mercy mission copters downed by
                              VC gunners.  S. Viet might defy bomb halt.  1,406 GIs die in first months of VC
March 29              Cong trap nets heavy allied losses.  President to seek plan to end draft.  Stephen L. Wint- 
                              errowd, Schweinfurt, Germany,  promoted to SP4. Roger G. Carpenter, Luke AFB, 
                              promoted to MSGT.  PFC Raymond L. Long graduated Ordnance School.  PVT Ralph 
                              C. Bean assigned to Ft. Campbell. 
April 1                   Enemy in heavy joint attack.  Highest allied casualties since August.  Pro-Chinese lose
                              in Hanoi.  Captain in My Lai massacre charged.  
April 2                  Fresh upsurge in fight reported in Vietnam.  Viet Victory march is planned.
April 4                  Reds lay siege to U.S. camp.  N. Viet troops from Laos.
April 8                  Camabodians, S. Viets collaborate. U.S. and S. Viet combat deaths soar.  SP4 Gordan A. 
Guenin stationed in S.Viet.  PFC Joseph A. Roser, radio operator, received Army Commendation Medal.  
PVT Michael A. Scholes in basic Ft. Knox.  2nd LT Thomas A. Yoder, executive officer, 25th Inf Div in S. 
Vietnam.  Stephen W. Estep, USS Decatur, promoted to MM3.   SGT Randall Lee Pell, 23, who was on his 
third tour of duty in South Vietnam, was killed during the night Tuesday while he slept in his quarters at 
     A Marine recruiter from Indianapolis, accompanied by the First United Methodis Church minister, the 
Rev. Kenneth Smith, brought the word to his parents, Mr. And Mrs. Harold L. Pell, 143 Shady Lane, about 
2 pm Wednesday.
     He reportedly was hit by multiple fragments from a rocket.
     Services are pending at Eddingfield-Gerber Mortuary.
     Mr. And Mrs. Pell had received letters from their son Monday and Tuesday.  He was with the 
maintnance office, First Marine Air Wing, Marine Air Group 11.
     He enlisted in the Maries on his 20th birthday, November 12, 1966.  He left in February, 1967.  His 
training was at Camp Pendleton and at Memphis, Tn.
     Pelled entered Wabash High School in January, 1964 and graduated from there the following year.  He 
was a W-club member and played varsity basketball, track and football.  Before enter Wabash he went to 
school in East Leyden, Franklin Park, Il.  He attended Indiana State University, Terre Haute, and helped his 
father in the milk business.  He was a member of Woodlawn United Methodist Church.
     His mother is the former Edna Louise Maple.
     Surviving with his parents are a brother, Steven, at home; a sister, Mrs. Robert (Vicki Lynn) Brown, 
Wabash, and his grandfather B.W. Maple.
April 10                Special forces camp hit with heavy casualties and damage.
April 13                Enemy Viet drive into its 13th day.  All Viet units have pot problems.  VC took villagers 
                             away from Cambodian town.  Protesters plan anti war tax move.
April 14                N. Viets wreck crossing spot on Viet Highway One.
April 15                S. Viets, Cambodians hit Reds.
April 16                American losses in Asia stay high.
April 17                Allies building up on Cambodian line.  Cambodia gives U.S. a dilemma. 
April 18                AK Roger L. Stephens with the 77th TacFtrWg.  John R. Martin in National Guard
                             training at Ft. Campbell.  1st LT Nelson E. Bahler, electronics warefare officer, perm-
                             anently assigned to the 99th Bomb Wing Westover AFB.  A1C Robert Meeks, 437th
                                             Military Airlift Wing, Charleston AFB.
April 20                Troop withdrawal Nixon talk topic.  American Viet strength down to three year low.  Sa-
                              ndra L. Howard, Ft. McClellan, promoted to E2 after basic.  PVT Robert D. Fairchild
                              assigned to 20th Eng Bri, S.Viet.  SGT Larry J. Smith assigned 1st Logistical Com., Viet. 
April 21                Nixon sets year's pullout goal.  S. Viets make Cambodian thrust.
April 22                Cambodia requests U.S. arms again.  Nixon hopes defuse war issue.  7 Yankee aircraft
                              lost in war zone.
April 23                Six more aircraft downed over Asia.
April 24                Marine withdrawal may be delayed in Vietnam.  VC cut highway in Cambodia.  Presid-
                             ents plan to abolish draft gets cold reception.  A1C Ronald M. Coburn stationed at U-
                             Tapas AB.  CPL Gary J. Follin, 1st Marine Aircraft Wing, Vietnam, awarded Air Medal.
                             CAPT Gerhard W. Judjahn at Phu Cat AB.  PVT Craig House at Ft. Bliss.
April 28                Cambodians claiming battle won.  5 more Yankee aircraft downed.
April 29                Vietnam reemerges as national issue.  PVT Randell E. Henderson completed basic Ft.
                              Knox assigned to Ft. Sill.  TSGT Terry L. Tyner with the 1882nd Comm. Sqd, Phan 
                              Rang AB.  Draft orders are under review.  U.S. Viet drive in Cambodia.
April 30                Nixon announces that American and South Vietnamese forces have attacked Communist
                             sanctuaries in Cambodia.  S. Viet task force pushes into Cambodia.  U.S. in Cambodia 
                             called aggression.
May 1                   President says offensive needed to save U.S. lives.  Kenneth L. Resler, 3rd BN 1st Marine 
                             Rgt. S. Viet., promoted to LCPL.  Charles D. Russell, Larry B. Proffitt and Ronald L. 
                              Isbell assigned to basic Ft. Knox.  SGT Lawrence E. Coon stationed Camp Kaiser, 
                             Korea.  Protest at IU against Cambodian War.  Yank GIs setting up bases.
May 4                   Large antiwar protests spread across the U.S.  National guardsmen kill four students at
                             Kent State University in Ohio.  War is not being escalated by air raids, Nixon claims.
May 5                   Helicopters ferry GIs to new area.
May 6                   Growing number of campuses support antiwar strike.  President vows U.S. to be out of
                             Cambodia by July 1.  WAC SP5 Joyce E. Smith assigned Ent AFB.  AN Ronald L. Nic-
                             cum completed basic Lackland AFB assigned Lowry AFB.  AN Don W. Lucas comple- 
                             ted aircraft mech course Shepperd AFB assigned to Cannon AFB.  CPL John  V. Worth- 
                             ington at MCAS Iwakuni, Japan.  Larry A. Breneman, Yokosuka, Japan, promoted to 
                             SGT.  CAPT Lester L. Spencer graduated Air University's Sqd Officers School Maxwell
May 7                   S. Viets ready flotilla for Mekong River assault.  Steve M. Highley, Camp Pendleton,  
                             promoted PFC.  AN Steven W. Lynch completed basic Lackland AFB assigned Lowry 
May 9                   N. Viet purge expected.
May 11                  S. Viet flotilla arrives in capital city of Cambodia.
May 14                  U.S. combat deaths highest in more than eight months.  PFC Vincent Peters Jr. finished 
                               basic San Diego and sent to Camp Demar.  John R. Martin Ft. Knox,  transferred to Ft. 
                               Polk.  A1C Ronald M. Coburn with 307th Strategic Wing, U-Tapao.
May 15                  B52s blast jungle trails of N. Viet.  NSA Hospital, Danag, Vietnam, closes as part of President
                               Nixon's Vietnamization policy.
May 16                  Americans, S. Viet halt action.
May 19                  Laird admits GIs in Laos briefly.  N. Viets step up fight across south.  Roger D. Flitcraft
                              Goodfellow AFB, promoted to A1C.  Christopher V. Loy with 2nd BN 7th Cav. 1st Air 
                              Cav Div.  SSGT Steven E. Whittlesby at U-Tapa AB.  AN Evert H. Brubaker completed
                               basic Lackland AFB assigned Shepperd AFB.  ADJ3 Edward A. Wenger aboard USS 
                               Oriskany.  SGT Gary L. Brown, 3rd Inf Div, Germany, received Good Conduct Medal. 
May 20                   Mrs. Idle placed white crosses in American Legion Post 15 auxiliary window display at
                               the Beitman and Wolfe store in downtown Wabash.  The display lists the names of Wa- 
                               bash County Vietnam War casualties and dates on which they lost their lives.  14 men  
                               died between January 29, 1966 and April 7, 1970.  S. Viet troops open new front. 
May 21                   Attorneys lobby against war in Southeast Asia.  Number of American war deaths
                               increases again.
May 22                   S. Viets in Cambodia for as long as necessary.
May 26                   Enemy slashes American GIs.  Cambodians hate for Viets shows.
May 27                  U.S. jets attack Ack Ack installations in the North.  Security troops probably will be in
                               Viet combat. Carbon L. Lackford aboard USS Independence.   Melvin D. Miller, Da
                               Nang,  promoted to SGT 1C.  CWO2 Larry A. Martin at Marine Barracks, Brooklyn.
                               CAPT Larry C. Lester at Maxwell AFB.  SP4 Adrian Hooks with 5th Inf Div in Viet-
                               nam.  A1C Robin A. Garrison at Takhi Royal Thai AFB.  CAPT Gergard W. Judjahn at
                               Phu Cat AB.  PO2 Terence Smith, USS Constellation, returned to the U.S.  PFC Fred 
                               Wilson with 2nd Marine Div near Camp Lejeune.  PO1 Robert C. Oswalt. Abilene, Tx,
                                reenlisted in Naval Reserve.
May 28                   SSGT John P. Hipskind at Elmendorf AFB.
May 29                  1,000 S. Viet soldiers on move.
June 1                    American artillery blasts Communists in Cambodia.  President plans war speech on TV. 
                               Martial law in Cambodia.  AN Robert Howard completed basic Lackland AFB sent to 
                               security police school Minot AFB.
June 2                    Siagon's troops hit hard.  White House hints bombers could be used in Cambodia.  S.
                              Viets are reinforced.
June 4                    President vows to pull out of Cambodia by June 30.  Military goals accomplished-
                              Nixon.  War injured hurt again by red tape.  SGT Richard L. Kirby, Vietnam, awarded
                              Combat Infantryman Badge.  AN Ronald L. Smith graduated USAF Administrative 
                              Specialist training, Keesler AFB assigned Grissom AFB.  CG Cadet 1st C Lawrence
                              Howell completed 3rd year. 
June 9                   N. Viets strengthening supply network.  House to send task force to Vietnam to review 
                             war.  Bert B. Rush, Frankfort, Germany, promoted to SP4.  FN Dennis J. Thompson,  
                             USS Richard E. Byrd, in the Med.  Alan P. Smith, Okinawa,  promoted to CPL.  SP4 
                             Ronald D. Pressler received Army Commendation Medal for meritorious service with 4th 
                              Inf Div near An Khe.  SGT Jerry W. Shoemaker, supply specialist, Forbes AFB.  SP4
                              Joseph H. Yoder at ROTC summer camp Ft. Sill.  PVT Larry W. Steele at Ft. Carson. 
                             His brother Steven E. Steele on leave after returning from Okinawa. 
June 11                 70 civiliams killed in Cong slaughter.  GIs cheat on college, Army is mad.  SP4 James L.
                             Smith participated in Exotic Dancer III, a joint Army, Navy, USAF Marine exercise at 
                             Cherry Point.  SSGT Edward A. Conyers with the 366th Tac. Fighter Wing DaNang  AB.  
June 16                 Allied troops find trap empty.  Draft boards are taking the unfit.  A1C Randy L. Haag at 
                             Nellis AFB.  Charles E. Wray, USS Shenandoah, in Med.  Chester E. Goble promoted to
                             SGT near Qui Nhon.  CPL William B. Farmer Jr. participated in Exercise Beagle House
                             at Camp Pendleton.  FA James J. Sharp, USS Leonard F. Mason in Western Pacific.  PO3 
                             Dallas E. Harman, USS Vermillion, returned to Little Creek, VA. 
June 18                 Tom R. Worthington promoted to LCPL at Iwakuni, Japan.  PFC William R. Armstrong
                              And brother PFC Gregory A. Armstrong in Germany.  SSGT John E. Quinn in S. Viet.
June 19                  Draft number pick system altered.
June 22                  U.S.-S. Viet reports week of hardest fighting.  N. Viets press near Mekong.  U.S. extend
                              war deep inside Cambodia.
June 25                  Tonkin measures repealed.  Next draft lottery to get more capsules.
July 1                     Hanoi charges U.S. prolonging war.  4,000 Viet refugees leave Cambodia.  2 Yankee
                               helicopters shot down.  PVT Gary L. Greer in basic at Ft. Knox.
July 2                     Draft chief tries for fairness.  U.S., Viet offensive expected by allies.
July 5                     SP Michael K. Wagmire, 21, killed in action in S. Vietnam, buried at Denver, In., post-
                               humously awarded Bronze Star, Army Commendation Medal, Purpal Heart, Good Con-
                              duct Medal and Combat Infantryman Badge at Ft. Benjamin Harrison.
July 6                     Cambodian army battles way to victory in Saang.  N. Viet offensive expected by allies.
                               PVT William L. Stewart, B troop 1st/10 CAV, 4th Inf Div, in Vietnam.
July 9                     U.S. general missing over S. Vietnam.  463 GIs wounded and 61 are killed. 
July 10                   Canadian Brigadier General N.L. Magrueson congratulates WAC SP5 Joyce E. Smith as 
                               she received the Army Commendation Medal at Ent AFB, for meritorious service durin
                              during her last assignment in S. Vietnam.  She is now assigned to the North American 
                             Air Defense Command Headquarters, Ent AFB.  FNAA Allen R. Young aboard USS 
                             Independence. Anti war conclave asks Viet schedule.  N. Viet banner flying over DMZ.  
                             Many contradictions fogging issues in the Vietnam War.  Fritz McClure, North Manches- 
                             ter, offers Viet view after year in Vietnam.
July 14                  S. Viets accused by former prisoner.  First Z-gram issued by CNO Admiral Elmo R.
                             Zumwalt, Jr.
July 15                  MyLai dilberately covered, House unit says.  Campus pacifiers are told: No success until
                             war ends.  S. Viet launches new major sweep.
July 17                  S. Viets given triple food help.  PFC Randell E. Henderson, 101st Airborne, at Phu Bai.  
                              Top envoys in Vietnam to confer with Nixon.  Larry Ellars completed basic Ft. Knox 
                              sent to Ft. Sill.  Gary R. Wright promoted to Sp4 near Baumholder.  Ronald M. Coburn
                              promoted to A1C in Thailand.  Robert C. Geyer commissioned 2nd LT at Ft. Belvoir sent 
                              to Ft. Benjamin Harrison.
July 20                  Saigon under rocket attack for first time in months.  Steven Wiles completed basic Ft.
                              Knox; sent to Ft. Sam Houston.  SSGT James F. Chisdek received USAF Commendat-
                              ion Medal at Grissom AFB.  
July 21                  No imposed regime for S. Viet.-Nixon
July 22                  U.S. jets attack positions in North.  David A. Campbell in USMC basic San Diego.  CDR  
                              David G. Smith commander USS Jack which received battle efficiency award for 1970. 
July 23                  Yanks abandon Viet base. 
July 24                  PFC David L. Larrowe and Robert T. Gorman in basic at Ft. Knox.
July 27                  B52s blast areas along Viet border.
July 29                  SGT Byron C. Mendenhall with HHC 1st Bde, 25th Div, in Vietnam.  AN James M.  
                              Smith graduated USAF air traffic controller course Keesler AFB assigned Castle AFB.
July 30                  SP4 David Drake sent to Horzozenaurach, W. Ger.  SP4 Herbert D. Hartman graduated
                             UH-1 maintenance course Ft. Rucker.  77 Yanks in week's toll.  Excongressman says 
                             CIA in MyLai.
July 31                  S. Viets, Yanks catch Reds in central highlands.
August 4               American plans are bombing areas in Cambodia on request.
August 5               U.S. and S. Viet forces try to block Red supplies.  SP4 Dana R. Stevens, HHB Inf Div 
                              Arty, in Germany.
August 6               Bruce at Viet peace talks but no sign things to ease.  Heavy raids in Laos and Cambodia.
                              Mitchell L. Campbell, Key West, assigned to USS Wiliam M. Wood.  Draft No. 195 to 
                              be end says Tarr.  Huey Newton vows support for VC.
August 7               Strategy changes in S. Viet.  FN Dennis J. Thompson aboard USS Richard E. Byrd.    
                              PVT Archie A. Alger Co C, 8th BN 4 BRI at Ft. Knox.  LTjg Patrick N. Rounds, NAS
                             Corpus Christi, awarded Navy Wings of Gold and sent to Attack Sqd 122 NAS Lemoore. 
                             SP4 Donald K. Doolittle, Vietnam, received Army Commendation Medal.  William R. 
                             Lyons, Ft. Knox,  promoted to SGT.  Clarence E. McDougle, Long Binh, promoted to 
August 11             HC2 Dennis T. Wallace received Bronze Star for heroic achievement in connection with
                              combat operations in Vietnam.  A1C Allen R. Wilson graduated radar repairman course 
                              at Keesler AFB.  SSGT Pat L. Palmer stationed at Alcombury RAF Station England. 
                              Robert C. Geyer commissioned 2nd LT at Ft. Belvoir.
August 12             S. Viet forces reporting heavy losses.
August 14             Vietnamization continues allies in Vietnam reshuffled.  Herschel L. Hall honorably dis-
                              charged after six years duty.  Served in Korea.
August 17              B52s hit area along Laos border against new Communist offensive.
August 18              South soldiers drive off Communist attack.  U.S. Navy still virtually all white.
August 19              Thomas Weimer at Lackland AFB in training course for security police.  David A.
                               Treckman in basic training at Lackland AFB.  MyLai GI no longer charged.
August 21               SP4 Christopher V. Loy received the Army Commendation Medal with "V" Device 
                               and the Purple Heart for heroism in connection with military operations in S. Vietnam.
                               Military admits drug problems among GIs. 
August 24              American B52s blast area near Viet DMZ.  Viets want U.S. out-McGovern.
August 26              Red's supply line dribbling.  Air attacks hit rivers.  Draft likely to continue.  Minor S. 
                               Viet action, more pressure on Phnon Penh.  4,280 veterans reported are residing in 
                               Wabash County.
August 27               Viet pullout assured-Agnew.  32 Americans die in one of war's worst helicopter crashes
                               Hanoi delegate does not show at Paris Peace talks. 
August 28              4,008 U.S. copters lost in Vietnam War.  15 year old soldier service in Viet. War.  40 
                               Stop War votes a victory-McGovern.  SN David J. Futrell stationed at U.S. Naval Com-
                               munications Station, San Miguel.  Hanoi's MIG air force nearly tripled.
August 31               Peace is certain in Vietnam for U.S., President Nixon says.  Pro government ticket leads
                                in election in S. Viet.
September 1           Enemy prisoners of war escape from S. Viet detail.  POW film receives shouts and 
                               praises.  Vietnam War Red "trap" senators say.   End War vote 55-39, Hawks.
September 2           Senators want Viet cease-fire.
September 3           American death toll in Vietnam up some.  CAPT Larry Lester graduated Air Uni-
                               versity Sqd Officers School, Maxwell AFB,  assigned to Columbus AFB.  PVT Rod 
                               Songer assigned Co. A, 13 BN, 4 BRI, USATC.  FN Stephen W. Estep, USS Decatur, 
                               returned from Western Pacific.
September 4           Red troops moving down the Ho Chi Minh trail.  Anti war people stunned by news of
                               Ky speech.
September 8           GIs in Viet War highly decorated.  N. Viet commandoes blast into South Ranger Camp. 
September 9           About half GIs die by Viet booby traps.  Communists step up S. Viet attacks. 
September 11         U.S. planes attack intensifying enemy.
September 17         Race relations training to be part of recruits boot camp.  Steven L. Thompson, weather
                               specialist Elgin AFB, promoted to SGT.  A1C James P. Hipskind, electronics systems
                               repairman, stationed at Lakenheath RAF station.  Cong present peace plan in Paris.
September 18         S. Viet's Ky reconsidering visit.  War planes pound Communist troops.
September 21         S. Viets start offensive.
September 22         MyLai charges are not to be dropped.
September 23        AN Robert L. VanMeter completed basic Lackland AFB assigned Chanute AFB.  Kenn-
                              eth L. Ballard in basic at Great Lakes.  Stephen E. Stamate, Germany,  promoted to SP5. 
September 24        Vietnam death toll lowest in 4 ½ years.
September 26        VC uses rockets to hurt pacification program of south.  PVT Tommy D. Stumbo at Ft.
                              Knox.  MAJOR Donald G. Wolpert, Dover AFB, dedecorated with the Distinguished
                              Flying Cross for aerial achievement in Vietnam.  SGT  Denny V. Smith stationed with
                              the 307th Strategic Wing, U-Tapeo Airfield.  MAJOR William W. Stumpf assumed com-
                              mand of the Maintenance BN, 5th Force Service REGT MCB, Camp Pendleton.
September 29        An Hoa U.S. base given to South.  S. Viet armor blasts enemy troops.  Officials report 
                              Ky gets invite to U.S.
September 30        Air accident at Danang.  Pacification has meaning in Hau Duc.  South claim Red army
                              blotted.  PVT Rodney Mendenhall and PVT John Ross Ft. Knox. 
October 1              PVT Larry L. Glass, Co E, 1st BN, 172nd Inf Bri, 60th Inf, fired expert with M16 rifle at 
                              Ft. Richardson.  Yankee toll in Vietnam slightly 43,737 Americans die since 1961.
October 2              Thieu predicts war in Vietnam to fade.  Age 26 boundary for draftees.  Saigon-Phnom  
                              Penh highway cut by Reds.
October 3              David J. Culbertson, personnel clerk, HQ Co,  35th  Engineer Group near Cam Ranh Bay
                              promoted to SP4.  Richard W. Krom USS Woodrow Wilson, promoted to LtCDR. Rod-
                              ney Mendenhall completed basic at Ft. Knox and brother SGT Bryan Mendenhall has 
                              been in Vietnam 8 ½ months.
October 5              Pro Viet War rally coming.  First GI faces My Lai trial.
October 7              Nixon proposes "standstill cease-fire".
October 8              Nixon repeats mutual-withdrawal formula.  Viet Reds shrug plan.  American toll in
                              Vietnam lower.
October 12            Vietnam withdrawal ahead of schedule. Draft call end seen.
October 14            VC booby trap kills nine.  Government ready to take calculated risk in Vietnam.
October 15            Air Force scales down war raids.
October 16            Accidents kill more than combat in Vietnam.  25th Infantry ready to leave Vietnam War.
October 18            Frederick L. Nutter second tour of duty with the Navy in Vietnam, killed while on patrol 
22 miles southeast of DaNang by enemy booby trap that exploded.  He had previously  been a naval sonar 
opeator for eight years.  Posthumously awarded the Bronze Star, Purple Heart, Combat Action Medal, Nat- 
ional Defense Medal, Vietnam Service Medal with one silver star, Vietnam Campaign Medal, Vietnamese 
Gallantry Cross with bronze star; previously received three unit citations.  Manchester Man War Victiim.  
North Manchester-Frederick Leroy Nutter, 24, formerly of 205 S. Sycamore, has been killed in action in 
Vietnam and services are pending at the Bender Funeral Home.
      His mother, Mrs. Marvin Armey, Zanesville, Oh, received word of his death Sunday and she relayed 
the information here.  A sister, Mrs. Gerald Good anticipates the Navy will contact her with further 
information inasmuch as the services will be here.
    Nutter was in the United States Navy for eight years.  He enlisted in the Navy when he was 17 years old, 
trained at Great Lakes Naval Base and was with the ground forces in Vietnam.  This was his second time in 
Vietnam and date of his death or further details are not yet known here.
     Nutter was born in Peru March 20, 1946 to Fred and Florence (Shotts) Nutter.  Surviving with the 
mother are a grandmother, Mrs. Grace Armey, North Manchester; two sisters, Mrs. Good and Mrs. William 
Stevens, Zanesville, Ohio; a half-sister, Mrs Walt Malk, Elkhart, and a half-brother, Donald Aarmey, 
     He attended Manchester High School before entering the service.
     Wabash County had not had a casualty in Vietnam since last April when SGT Randall Lee Pell, Wabash 
was killed during his third tour of duty in that country.    
October 19            Enemy agents in S. Viet reime-CIA.
October 20            No secret testimony for My Lai trials.  Ex soldiers testify for My Lai trials.  Winning 
                              Viet clash reported south of DaNang.  PFC John Burnsworth aboard USS Sanctuary.  1st 
                              LT Barry W. Curless, BN signal officer, 101st Airborne, in Vietnam.  PVT Steven Wiles 
                              completed AIT Ft. Sam Houston and stationed Madigan General Hospital, Tacoma.
                              Gary T. Fullin, Vietnam, promoted to SGT.  David Treckman attending Weapons Cont-
                              trol Systems School, Lowry AFB.
October 21            Steven D. Pressler, An Khe, promoted to SP4.  New drive in Da Nang area.  Army
                             General gets Silver Star through manufactured citation. 
October 22           Death toll of Americans in war "second lowest".  PVT Herbert E. Stellar in Vietnam.
                             PVT David A. Campbell completed basic San Diego.  SSGT Bruce A. Kilty graduated  
                             USAF tech instructors course, Shepperd AFB assigned Dover AFB.  AN William Hiatt 
                             completed basic Lackland AFB.  SN Lon A. Vandegrift completed basic Great Lakes.
October 24           Larry M. Slater, Belgium,  promoted to SP5.
Octobert 26          Internal corruption in S. Viet saps the nation's life.  S. Viets start offensive.
October 27           S. Viets will extend drive deeper into Cambodian territory.  Edward A Wenger promoted
                             to PO2.  1st SGT Daniel L. Rose at Iwakuni, Japan.  A1C Roger D. Flitcraft graduated
                             communications anaylis specialist school Goodfellow AFB, assigned Kadema AB.
October 28           B52s hit enemy's supply routes, 500 strikes in 2 ½ weeks.
October 30           N. Viet shatters lull in Indochina war.  Drugs may have claimed 89 U.S. GIs in last 10
                             months.  Orville L. Sentman, officer candidate, grauated Purdue University.  PO Randy J. 
                             Childress, USS New Orleans, participated in assaults on VC and also recovery of Apollo 
                             14.  PVT Robert L. Leach in AIT at Ft. Sill.  SSGT Daryl G. Abell reassigned from Ham-
                             ilton AFB to McCord AFB enroute to Nha Trang AFB.  SGT Rodney W. McPeron at 
                             MCAS Jacksonville.
October 31           American combat deaths in Vietnam during the last week of the month numbered 24 the 
                             lowest toll since October 1965.
November 2         S. Viet troopers in Cambodian sweep.
November 3         5 year low in viet deaths.  American Air Unit 45th Tac Recon Sqd in Vietnam being dis- 
                             banded, sent home.
November 6         Military panel criticizes Johnson"s war decisions.  PVT Paul W. Hays completed AIT Ft. 
                             Polk.  Donald W. Beatty, mechanic, 562nd Art., Ft. Wainwright, promoted to SP4.  AN 
                             Randall J. Hoover completed basic Lackland AFB assigned Sheppard AFB.  A1C Rich-
                             ard L. Weaver, Jr. graduated AVIONICS Systems Maintenance Specialist School Chan- 
                             ute AFB assigned Costel AFB.
November 7         Irony in Canada is U.S. draft dodgers.  SP5 Jimmie E. Smithee graduated 82nd Airborne
                             NCO Academy, Ft. Bragg.  SSGT Donald D. R. Wagner, navigation equipment repair-
                             man, stationed McChord AFB.
November 9         Vietnam takes over offensive operations from U.S. in area.  Allen K. Marshall, Ronald 
                             Everroad and John A. Brace in basic at Ft. Knox.  AN Jackie D. Eubank, vehicle oper-
                             ator, assigned Ellison AFB.
November 11       Vietnam War to be over by 1972-Nixon.  Trial of Lt. Calley will begin Monday, Ft. Ben-
                             ning, Ga. for his part in the My Lai massacre. SGTBryan C. Mendenhall, near Dau
                             Tiang, received Combat Infantryman Badge.
November 12       Viet ground action drops to low.  Enemy expanding fuel supply for Loas campgain, U.S.
November 13       Bad day for Americans in Vietnam.  Low air fares are sought for GIs.  AN Terrell R.
                             Whitaker completed basic Lackland AFB assigned  Shepperd AFB.  SP4 Malvern E. 
                             Winters, 14th Eng. BN Quang Tri, awarded Drivers Badge.  PVT Fred C. Tarter in USMC
                             basic at San Diego.
November 17       Big N. Viet ammo stockpile uncovered.  Calley's My Lai trial begins today in Georgia.
November 18       Calley witness claims he saw My Lai bodies.  Booby trap kills 5 American GIs in Viet-
                             nam.SGT David L. Coble received USAF Commendation Medal for meritorious ser-
                             vice between Aug. 19, 1969 and August 1970.  The citation stated he distinguished him- 
                             self by meritorious service as an NCO in charge of the bulk storage warehouse for the
                             base Service Store, Material Facilities Branch, 56th Supply Sqd, Nakhon Panom, Royal 
                             Thai AFB, Thailand. 
November 19       15 marines die in crash-copeter hits fog mountain.
November 20       Terry J. Poole entered the USAF sent to recruit training at Lackland AFB ( sent to Thai-
                             land; honorable discharge 9-20-1974 Grand Forks AFB with National  Defense Medal, 
                             Vietnam Service Medal).
November 23       New bombing of North draws criticism.  SSGT Neil K. Cline, air passenger specialist,
                             completed tour at Tan Son Nhu AB assigned  McChord AFB.  SSGT Darryl G. Abell, 
                             radio repairman, stationed Nha Trang AB.
November 24       More U.S. Commando raids may be possible.  PVT Larry G. Ellars completed AIT at
                             Ft. Sill now in Vietnam.
November 25       Lt. Calley trial is recessed.  MMFN James J. Sharp aboard USS L.F. Mason.
November 27       Washington worries about GI Pow's, Hanoi shows no concern.  Heavy ground fight but  
                             little for GIs.
November 30       Gregory A. Tyner enlisted in the USN nuclear power program and assigned to Orlando.
                             PFC Charles E. Whitcraft, 196th Bri., assigned to Chu Lai.  PVT Robert R. Barker in
                              basic at Ft. Knox.  SP4 David W. Drake stationed in West Germany.  PVT Larry Proffitt 
                              is overseas.
December 2          Enemy shells S. Viet biggest attack in two months.  Member of Lt. Calley's outfit says 
                             Calley shot at civilians.  U.S. taking tougher line with Hanoi.
December 3          Tarr ponders lower draft age 18.  GIs in combat zones can call through phone company.
                              Searchers looking for downed planes-38 Americans lost over Vietnam.  Most GIs in war 
                              try pot.  Vietnam veteran tells "war crimes" inquiry of atrocities by Americans.  PVT
                              Kenneth E. Purdy stationed at Kirk Goen, Frankfort, Ger.
December 4           Key My Lai witness silent.  S. Viet troops hack deeper into Red bastion.  American 
                              prisoner in Vietnam does not live, he vegetates.
December 8           Anti American rioting rages after Vietnam student shot.  American Division hit by two 
                             VC attacks, many casualties.  AlC Steven W. Lynch with the Advisory Team 90 USAF. 
                              SGT Adrian Hooks in Co. A, 7th Eng., 1st Inf BN, 5th Div.  Michael L. Campbell now
                              overseas.  PVT David Snyder in basic at Ft. Knox.  Roger Cook, Wabash math teacher, 
                              inducted into the Army in November now at Ft. Knox.
December 9          LT. Calley prosecution rests case.  Militiamen win battle, Ky honors.  Saigon rejects idea 
                             of long cease fire.  Armed forces reenlistments hit lowest point in 15 years.  U.S. offers
                             to swap prisoners with Reds.  Letters get through to POWs from Indiana.
December 11        Jets could hit N. Viet again-Nixon.  Area near My Lai called trap for GIs by Calley 
witnesses.  North Manchester servicemen in the U.S.  Archie Alger, David Ayers, James Bashore, Marvin 
Beck, Jeffrey Blocher, William Bumgardner, Gary Bush, Dean Brubaker, David Carter, Kevin B. Carter, 
Ray Cumberland, Lawrence Cooksey, Westley Davison, Kenneth  Ebbinghouse, Ronnie Felabam, Larry 
Fitzpatrick, Brad Flohr, Fred Fedewa, Rocky Foust, David Furnas, Jimmy Gillim, Gary Gushard, William 
Haines, William Hiatt, Sandy Howard, Max Hammonds, Randy Hoover, Albert Isabella, Robert Jester, 
Allen Kline, Charles Leeka, Michael Meade, Kenneth Meredith, Paul McIntosh, David Moorhouse, Jesse 
Navarez, Ronald Niccum, Charles Oldfather, Daniel Purdy, Russin Pudis, Lee Ream, Steven Rittenhouse, 
Gary Shaffer, Richard Stickney, D. James Vandemark, Edward Wallace,  Richard Winebrenner, Mike 
Williams, Gary Young.
December 12        James Tucker sustained inuries to the left knee and abdomen but was not seriously
                             wounded.  While a gunner on a military vehicle on a military mission he came under 
                             attack by hostile forces in Quian Tri.  He was hospitalized in Vietnam.  He also has a 
                             brother in the military service stationed in Panama.
December 15        GI withdrawals may slow to trickle.  Courier plane crashes off Viet coast six Americans
                              feared dead.  Release of sick POW's urged by Sen. Griffin.  My Lai given death sent- 
December 16         S. Viet paratroopers after Reds in Cambodia.  Laird will explore faster GI pullout.
                              David A. Campbell promoted to PFC at Camp Pendleton.  PVT Rodney Mendenhall 
                              completed basic Ft. Knox assigned Ft. Carson.  PFC Larry Ellars in B BATT, 1/32 
                              Art, 23rd Inf Div.  SP4 Ronald E. Eichholtz, medic, HHC 2-827 INS 101st in Vietnam.
December 17         Police patrols increase in Saigon.  Calley defense is Medina.
December 21         PVT Douglas L. Wilcox graduated basic at San Diego.
December 22         Vietnam soldiers in morality play.  Mitchell L. Campbell assigned to the USS Lawrence.
                               Dennis E. Hall restationed in Vietnam.  LTjg Charles M. Boswell, USS Hammerhead,
                               returned to home port after surfacing at the North Pole.  Jane A. Winterrowd completed
                               basic and promoted to E2.  AN Richard Weaver stationed at Castle AFB.
December 23          N. Viets return to pullout deadline.  Reds confront South, South calls in jets.  Hanoi's  
                               POW list old and incomplete.  Five Hoosiers on list.
December 27          Reds hit S. Viets in Cambodia.  Draft call may drop.
December               At year-end American troop strength in Vietnam down to 280,000.
                               assigned to 1st Logistical Command. Thomas E. Brewer, Dau Tieng,  promoted to SP4. 
                               SGT Thomas Roth assigned as squad leader 4th Inf. Div.  PO3 Dallas E. Harman aboard 
                                the USS Vermillion. 


January 4               Newest USS Wabash will be the 5th with name.  U.S. B52s renew raids on Vietnam. 
                              AN Derrell K. Lambert completed basic Lackland AFB assigned Chanute AFB.  CDR
                              Richard L. Thompson, USS Sunfish, in North Atlantic.  AN James L. Bashore comple-
                              ted basic Lackland AFB assigned Shepperd AFB.
January 5               N. Viets offensive power small.  Helicopters: where Vietnam War is at. PVT Rocky L. 
                              Foust completed basic at San Diego.  SGT Garrah Johnson received separation papers. 
                              He received the National Defense Medal, Vietnam Service Medal, Vietnam Campaign 
                              Medal and Bronze Star.  SGT Michael R. Keen received separation papers from the U.S.         
                              service.  He served with the 1st Air Cav Combat Forces in Vietnam and Cambodia.  He  
                              received four Bronze Stars with Valor, a Bronze Star for meritorious service in ground 
                              operations against hostile forces, the Air Force Medal, a Purple Heart, two Army Comm-
                              endation Medals with Valor, one National Defense Medal, Vietnam Service Medal and       
                              Vietnam Campaign Medal.  David A. Sellers, Norton AFB,  promoted to SGT.  Randall 
                              E. Henderson, 101st Airborne, Vietnam, promoted to SP4.  More GI pullouts will be told.
January 6               Plan unveiled to combat GI drug use.  1st Air Cav pullout slated.  Army drops more My 
                              Lai charges.  OT Bruce Pretorious enlisted in USAF and stationed in San Antonio.
January 7               Fragging:  GIs try to murder other GIs.  More aid for Thailand-Laird.  Explosions wreck 
                              major allied ammunition dump.  Final Operation Ranch Hand run flown.  Ranch Hand
                              was a U.S. military operation from 1962 to 1971 part of overall herbicidal warfare pro-
                              gram called Operation Trail Dust.  20,000 sorties flown which sprayed an estimated 20
                              million U.S. gallons of mainly Agent Orange on Vietnam and Laos. 
January 8               Vietnam's inflation slowing.  Ex GIs say civilians slain at My Lai trial of SGT Hutto.  
                              Defense secretary in Vietnam to discuss added withdrawals.
January 11             Plans for volunteer army reached by Pentagon.
January 12             Second jet raids North.  Meadlo tells of death order, Lt. Calley "a Man doing his duty."
January 13             Indiana's draft call will be 449 men for February.  Joint Viet-Cambodian force on of-
January 14             My Lai trial goes secret for one day.  Craig L. Pankop enlised in the Navy and at Great
                              Lakes.  Steve M. Highley, 1st Marine Div, Vietnam, promoted to LCPL
January 15             S. Viets battle at pass in Cambodia.  Second GI tried and acquitted in case stemming 
                              from My Lai.  Officers get pep talk My Lai witness says.
January 16            150 more bases to S. Vietnam.  Ex GI claims VC atrocities are routine.
January 21            U.S. GIs receive more lenient treatment in foreign courts.  Confidential papers get Mead-
                              lo immunity.  S. Viet forces about to meet Cambodians at pass.
January 25             SP5 Steve Weimer, 54th Signal Corps, Can Me Thout, now home on leave will report to 
                              Ft. Sam Houston.  A2C Tom Weimer, Offutt AFB, on leave home.  Will report to Ice-
                              land.  SP4 Fred E. Hall stationed in Germany. 
January 27            MAJOR James Low Ex POW gives grim picture of treatment of Americans. 
January 28            PO John R. Schultz aboard the USS Enterprise.  Combat troops out by 1972.
January 29            June Ann Zimpleman married SGT Joseph Towne, Grissom AFB.
February 1            Enemy attacks six positions.  SGT Charles Oldfather, Norton AFB, sent to Eglin AFB 
                              for training on recip aircraft.  2nd LT Ken A. Romine, missile launch officer, Whiteman 
                              AFB.  A1C Kriag Barker with 336 MMS, Dr. 44.
February 2            U.S. Jets hit border areas, 7 ground clashes reported.  S. Viet troops, American air power
                              reported inside Laos.
February 3            S. Viet spokesman stays mum.  Ending threat of draft to mean less volunteers.  Barry L. 
                              Shambaugh, navigational equipment repairman, 179th Aviation Co. 52 AV BN 17th  Grp, 
                             1st AV BRI, Vietnam, promoted to SP5.
February 4            More S. Viets in Cambodia, others poised for Laos drive.
February 5            North hit again by U.S. jets.
February 8            South Vietnamese forces begin incursions in Laos against the Ho Chi Minh trail.  Called 
                             Operation Lan Son 719.  Attempt to cut the Ho Chi Minh trail thwarting a planned N. 
                             Viet offensive.  No American ground forces could go in but massive aerial support given.
February 10          May GI level expected to stay over 100,000.  Roger G. Francis, 864th Eng BN, near Phan 
                             Thiet, promoted to SP4.  FN Robert D. Pritchard, USS Detroit, in Guantanamo Bay.  PO2 
                             Larry C. Robinson, Patrol Sqd 154, USS Ranger, received letter of commendation for
                             outstanding performance of duty.
February 11          Marines ready for Vietnam action.  Laos drive till May, Ky says.  Protests against Laos 
                             drive preaceful in U.S. cities and on campus.Vietnam Vets bonuses backed by local 
February 12          U.S. command lists dozen aircraft lost; 14 Yanks killed 7 wounded.
February 13          Brethren official wants end to draft.
February 15          Missile site raids resumed; American jets attack North.  Hillis wants free GI mail.
February 16          Five American aircraft lost; warning of more raids in North.
February 17          No increase in Communist supply movement seen.  U.S. steps up recon flights over 
February 18          Three supply routes are cut.  Presient warns of massive airpower retaliation anywhere in 
                              Indochina to protect GIs.  
February 19          Artillery base under attack.  Michael T. Coburn completed basic Lackland AFB assigned
                             Shepperd AFB.  PVT David Snyder completed basic Ft. Knox, assigned Ft. Gordon.  Co-  
                             ast Guard Cadet Lawrence H. Howell appointed regimental maintenance officer at Coast
                             Guard Academy.  MSGT Harold E. Kemery at Clark AFB.  AN Roger D. Lucas comple- 
                             ted basic Lackland AFB assigned Chanute AFB.
February 22          S. Viets stalled for another day.
February 23          U.S. planes hit N. Vietnam hard.  Demos urge Vietnam timetable.  Senate told money 
                             manipulated in Vietnam.  2nd LT Jay L. Davis assigned Randolph AFB.  AN James T. 
                              Bain completed basic Lackland AFB assigned Shepperd AFB.  AN Paul W. Christman 
                              completed basic Lackland AFB assigned Shepperd AFB.  
February 25           Nixon charges Hanoi with expanding war.  U.S. death toll hits high S. Viets still slatted. 
                              Questions unanswered by Lt. Calley.  Operation Lan Son 719 ends with nearly one half
                               of S. Viet soldiers sent in lost.
February 26           S. Viet paratrooper bases in Laos fall to enemy.  Vietnam War could doom President
                              Nixon in 1972.  ENS Orville S. Sentman received commission at Purdue University.
March 2                 Copter crash in Laos kills former resident of the county, 1st LT Terry Usher.  He was on
                               his 2nd tour in Vietnam when his helicopter collided with another.  Official view of Laos 
                               campaign is that Reds put on defensive.
March 3                 New tangle in Calley's confused court martial.  Enemy fires SAMs in South.
March 4                 S. Viet soldiers advance by air in Laos.
March 5                 S. Viet troops ready for large scale Laos attack.  No U.S. supported invasion of North, 
                              Nixon says.   U.S. to remain in South till POWs released.  5th Special Forces Grp, first
                              American Unit deployed to S. Vietnam returned to Ft. Bragg. 
March 6                Roger D. Garrett seriously injured in Vietnam when he detonated a mortar round used as 
                              a booby trap.  He lost both legs above the knees, his left index finger, and received mul-
                              tiple wounds to the face, neck, right hand and left shoulder.  He also suffered a fractured
                              left wrist.  He was serving his second tour of duty in Vietnam and scheduled to come
                              home on a 30 day leave later this month.  He was an advisor with the South Vietnamese
March 8                 S. Viet air force maturing, U.S. officials say.  S. Viets seize three supply junctions in 
                              Laos.  Calley's platoon took some prisoners.
March 9                 Medina will face trial on My Lai.  U.S. command says Laos may buy Vietnamization a
                              year.  Yost wants Viet pullout.  Don A. Eiler, armament systems superintendent, Nellis
                              AFB promoted to MSGT. 
March 11              Contridictions in two My Lai stories.  Hanoi negotiator boycotts talks.  B52s force in
                             Asia to be cut.  U.S. B52s keep up heavy raids as ground war erupts in Laos.  SP4 Max 
                             D. Robertson, Zweibruecken, Germany, awarded Army Certificate of Achievement.
March 12              S. Viet troops move from positions close to Seprone.  GIs must pay for air safety.  Char-
                             ges stem from Viet deaths.  2nd LT Ken A. Romaine, Whiteman AFB, awarded USAF
                              Minutemen Missile Badge.  Gary J. Tuttle, chaplain services specialist, K.I. Sawyer 
                             AFB, promoted to SGT.
March 16              S. Viet draw back.  George F. Wyncott, Jr. commissioned 2nd LT USAF Lackland AFB. 
March 17              Draft Call for county to be nine.  Four inducted in March were Glenn E. Barrus, Freder-
                             ick R. Blackman, Alex J. Devine and James E. Davis all sent to Ft. Knox.  S. Viet being
                             driven toward border.  Its thumbsdown for all volunteer army plan.  Troop reduction by 
                              late 1972 is forecast by Laird.
March 18              S. Viet driven back more.  POW mail drops off.  CAPT Larry C. Lester chosen Out-
                             standing Instructor Pilot Columbus AFB.
March 22              Viet nam oil discovery aired.  S. Viet forces retreat under heavy attack.  At Quang Tri
                              two platoons U.S. armored cavalrymen refused to move into Laotian battle zone.
March 23              Draft board offices merged.  Mrs. Zoar Sutton local executive secretary says office to 
                             move to Marion.  Nixon: Laos activity worthwhile.  AN Dennis M. Erdahl completed
                             basic Lackland AFB assigned to Kessler AFB.
March 24              S. Viet bid in Laos ends today.
March 25              3,800 S. Viet deaths in Laos campaign.
March 26              U.S. Planes attack Viet missile site.
March 27              Larry Drudge in basic at Ft. Knox.  SP4 Donald R. Straka, Ft. Hood, assigned as supply
                              clerk 190th Maint. Co, 169th Maint. BN, 13th  Support Bri.  SP6 Charles A. Phillips
                              repairman, Batt D, 4th BN 59th Art., Ft. Story, reenlisted for three years.  SA Craig L. 
                              Pankop completed basic Great Lakes.
March 29              LT Calley convicted of premeditated murder of South Vietnamese civilians at Mylai.
                              U.S. artillery base south of DaNang falls, 33 Americans killed.
March 30              VC attack leaves 225 dead.  Can My Lai show what war is?  Wabash Man promoted to 
Lt. Colonel.  Major Lawrence Dennis Philpott, son of Mr. and Mrs. L. E. Philpott, 189 N. Wabash, has 
been promoted to the rank of lieutenant colonel and is presently assigned as Chief, Plands and Resources 
Division, U.S. Army Personnel Infor- mation Systems Command.  He is stationed in the Pentagon.
     Col. Philpott was graduated from Indiana University where he also received his masters degree.  His 
overseas assignments have included the Berlin Command in Germany, Taiwan and Vietnam.
     He is recipient of the Bronze Star, the Meritorious Service Medal, the Joint Service Commendation 
Medal and the Army Commendation Medal with Oak Leaf Cluster.
     Col. Philpott is a native of Wabash and was graduated from Wabash High School.
     He is married and the father of three children.  The family resides in Arlington, Va.
March 31              Draft quota for Wabash County set at nine.  Commandos raid N. Viet base.
April 1                  Review process begins for Calley.  Wabash VFW opposes Calley decision.
April 2                  Calley case prompts lowered flags, telegrams in Wabash.  Vietnamese troops reocccupy
April 5                  N. Viet troops attack remote outpost.  China sends troops to N. Laos. Vietnam pullout 
April 6                  SP5 Victor N. Glover, medical specialist, Ft. Benning, received his fifth through eleventh
                             awards of the Air Medal.  He earned the awards while taking part in aerial flight in sup-
                              port of ground operations in Vietnam.  While there he served with the 68th Medical Heli- 
                             copter Ambullance detachment.  He has also received the Distinguished Flying Cross, 
                              Purple Heart, Combat Medical Badge and Vietnamese Gallantry Cross.  CDR David G.
                              Smith awarded  Navy Commendation Medal.  SGT Richard D. Lower, aircraft mechan-
                              ic, reenlisted USAF.  AN James L. Bashore graduated helicopter mech training Shepperd  
April 8                  President Nixon rejects offer to set withdrawal date.  GIs have varied opinions.  88 
                             Americans killed in combat.  U.S. planes attack N. Viet.  John Bakehorn, Keesler AFB,
                             promoted to SSGT.  SR James L. Carrothers in boot camp at Great Lakes.
April 9                  N. Viet offensive serious.  VC maintain pressure.  Forces split on withdrawl target date.
April 10                PFC Michael S. Hand awarded Army Commendation Medal for Heroism with Oak Leaf
                             Cluster for actions in Vietnam.  PVT William C. Roberts, Willard F. Stapleton and David
                              J. Heeter completed basic at Ft. Knox. 
April 12                Leonard W. McNear, repairman, BATT B 31 BN 79th Art, Germany, promoted to SP4. 
April 13                Vietnamization plan reassessed by U.S.  Roger Garrett hospitalized Walter Reed Army
                             Medical Center.   He stepped on a mine losing both legs above the knees, sight in right
                             eye, index finger left hand and multiple facial wounds.  Expanded GI bill outlined.  Bruce 
                             Pretorious commissioned 2nd LT upon graduation from OTC Lackland AFB assigned to
                             Laughlin AFB.
April 14               Vietnam veterans – no crowds cheer when Ex GIs return.  Heavy fighting near fire base 6 
April 15                N. Viets escalate attacks.
April 19                N. Viet positions hit.
April 20                Vietnam veterans shift protest aims.
April 22                U.S. Bombers attack near Laotian border.
April 23                Veterans to return medals.  Draft extended two years.  Bombers strike near Hanoi. 
                              Cadet Lawrence H. Howell selected platoon commander at New London.   SN Charles 
                              F. Cotter aboard the USS Independence. FN Robert D. Pritchard aboard USS Detroit.
April 26                Planes attack on three fronts.  Accurate death count asked.  Viet drug traffic studied.  AA 
                             Robert J. Learned at NAS Cubi Point.  A1C Bruce M. Leffel, Bitburg AB, named Out-
                             standing Airman of the Quarter.  PVT John A. Struble graduated basic at San Diego. 
                             A1C David A. Treckman graduated tech training Lowery AFB.  SSGT Charles H. Old- 
                             father, aircraft maint. tech, stationed at Nakhon Phanom Royal Thai  AFB.  PO3 Craig J.
                             Thompson, after basic sent to NATTC Memphis, then to USS Hornet for Vietnam depl-
                             oyment and was in Korea,  released from active duty awarded National Defense Service
                             Medal, Vietnam Service Medal, Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal (Korea) and Merit- 
                             orious Unit Commendation Air Medal.
May 3                   New shelling attack by N. Viets.  Anti war demonstrators clash with D.C. police.
May 4                  Vietnamization makes progress.  Draft quota drops to five in Wabash County.  Those
                             inducted were Thomas C. Cadwallader, Ralph M. Trosper, Terry L. Miller, Gene A. 
                             Miller and Steven F. Merrick.
May 6                   N. Viets troops battered.  Protestors turn toward Viet. Embassy.
May 7                   68 deaths last week in Vietnam.  SSGT Edward A. Conyers graduated TAC NCO Acad-
                             emy, Luke AFB.  PFC Anthony C. Gates, gunner, assigned Co E, 5th BN, 172nd Inf Bre,
                             Fort Richardson.
May 10                 No inquiry planned in Vietnam massacre allegations.  New units named for withdrawal
                             cut of 6,300 men.  Eight votes crucial on draft extension. 
May 11                 Major S. Viet drive halted.  AN Timothy M. Prater completed basic Lackland AFB and 
                             assigned Chanute AFB.
May 12                 N. Viet guns destroyed.
May 13                 N. Viets expand vital gasoline pipeline.  Vietnam death toll drops to 34.  Counterattacks
May 17                 U.S. troops cut victory claims.  Troop strength reduced by 4,600.  Missiles fired at U.S.
                             plane.  PVT Michael W. Baughman in AIT at Ft  Polk.
May 19                 General Samuel Kester demoted for My Lai.  Elite corps of S. Viets comb area near 
May 20                 Laotian army abandons last outpost on southern plateau.  A1C William Worthington, 
                              security policeman, at Phu Cat AB.  Michael D. O'Connell, Larry E. Drudge, Timothy
                             G. Renshaw, Michael W. Baughman and Howard W. Austin completed basic at Ft.
                             Knox.  AN Michael T. Coburn completed tech training at Shepperd AFB.  Navy CDR
                             Delbert H. Story, USS Guam, participating in NATO exercise Dawn Patrol 71.
May 22                 N. Viets unleash new rocket attack near DMZ.
May 24                 PVT Earl D. Lyons, Gary L. Faust and Lee Hileman completed basic Ft. Knox.  Cong
                             blamed for jet fuel loss at Cam Rahn Bay.
May 25                 Black GIs given blame for rash of explosions.  War, draft issues mesh.  N. Viets attack
                              allied troops.  Allied general down, but saved in Vietnam. 
May 26                 Warning on Vietnam laxity.  General says GIs must be alert.
May 27                  PVT Alex J. Devine at Ft. Polk for leader preparation school.  PFC Robert G. Sloop with
                              HQ and Service BN 3rd Force Service, Okinawa. U.S. letters to Hanoi just dusty.  Four 
                              clashes in S. Viet.  Nixon wins draft victory in senate.
May 28                  Allied aircraft hit N. Viet forces.  Ordinary GI not so ordinary in new Army.  Robert J.
                              Hlavaty and Kenneth B. Salyers in basic at Great Lakes. 
May 29                  Is the trouble with the new army or the old sergeants?  S. Viets deny anti drug drive 
                              launched under pressure.  Red forces hit eight areas.
June 1                   B52s cover S. Vietnam retreat.  Saigon regime nabs foe.
June 2                   GEN John W. Donaldson charged with Viet murders.  U.S. bombers, helicopters attack
                              enemy in Cambodia.  POW issue brings outcry for withdrawal deadline.
June 3                    Move toward debate limit on draft extension bill.  S. Viet marines campgain against 
                              buildup.  PVT John E. Ferrier completed basic Ft. Knox.  N. Viets might refuse to accept 
                              disabled POWs.
June 4                    Ship with disabled Red POWs turns back for S. Viet.  S. Viet admit losses heavy in 
June 5                    ADJ2 Edward A. Wenger, spent 7 months on the USS Oriskany in the Gulf of Tonkin,
                              assigned to the USS Okinawa, primary recovery team for the Apollo pickup.
June 10                  S. Viet opens coast for oil wells.  Yankee death toll lowest in five years.  S. Viet woman
                              tells of terror. Troop cuts could be forced ahead a year.  Kennedy Viet War charge that
                              war polically motivated  disavowed.  LT Ken Romine assigned 351st Stategic Missile
                               Wing, Whiteman AFB.  Clinton Wasson Jr. enlisted Army Nurses Corps.  MSGTHarold 
                               E. Shaw, 14th Special Operations Wing,  Phan Rang AB won Presidential Unit Citation.
June 11                  American bombers attack new Communist supply road.
June 14                  Viet airforce takes over.  PVT Glenn Barrus completed basic at Ft. Knox.  SP4 Larry
                               L. Glass fired expert with .45 cal pistol at Ft. Richardson.  Herbert D. Horstman, 7th
                               Air Cav., Qui Nohon, promoted to SP5.  FNAA Timothy J. McBride graduated Boiler- 
                               man A School Great Lakes.
June 15                  Red gunners hit allied posts below DMZ.  SGT Ronald M. Coburn, aircraft systems
                               repairman, on duty at MacDill AFB.
June 16                  U.S. combat advisors being phased out.  S. Viet troops launch big Saigon security oper- 
                              ation.  Efforts to make Vietnam War livable.
June 17                  S. Viets repulse Reds below DMZ.
June 18                  U.S. Air Cav. clashes with enemy near Saigon.  S. Viet General Minh claims govern-
                              ment "afraid of peace."
June 21                  Enemy attacks S. Viet despite heavy bombing.  More officers will testify for Medina.
                               Heavy Red mortar barrage hits S. Viet artillery.  Col. Hackworth blasts Vietnamization. 
                               Peter Lemon, Medal of Honor winner, says he was high on marijuana.  ENS Laurence
                               H. Howell married Cathy Neil Clupper.   PVT Randy Day completed basic at San Diego  
                               PFC Douglas L. Wilcox graduated Avionics Tech A School NATTC Memphis.  CAPT
                               Gary H. Bowman reassigned from Langley AFB to Office of Chief, Air Force Reserve, 
June 23                   SP4 Robert L. Webb, 2nd Signal Group, near Long Binh.  N. Viets drive away medic
                               copter with fire.
June 24                  N. Viets drive away medic copter with fire.
June 26                  S. Viet soldier sees defeat. 
June 30                  No July draft quota here. Cong destroy ammo depot.  PVT Erick D. Stowe completed
                              basic Ft. Polk.  PFC John W. Ross, 3rd Inf. Div., Ger., participated in month long field 
                              exercises "Marne Rock I".
July 1                    VC submit new seven point peace plan.  Largest single troop cut of Americans in Viet. 
July 2                    Things moving in effort to end war, speaker says.  White House is searching for motive
                              of VC plan.  Stanley P. Wilson enlisted USN sent to Great Lakes.  AN Lee P. Rose
                              completed basic Lackland AFB sent to Homestead AFB.
July 3                    Muskie calls Cong plan best offer to end war.  Thomas J. Leland, 1st Cav. Div., Ft
                              Hood, promoted to SGT.  AN Phillip L. Troxel completed basic lackland AFB to remain
                              there for security police training.  No obstacles to VC peace plan seen by S. Viet's Ky. 
July 6                    U.S. position is rapped by Hanoi.  Pullout faster than projected.  SP4 Leonard W. Mc-
                              Near, field wireman, BATT B, 3rd BN, 78th Field Arty, participated in 30 day training
                              test in Germany.  Weather curtailssome bombing over Indochina.
July 7                    Sen. Mansfield questions capability of 7th Army.  U.S., S. Viets will probe Cong's peace
                              plan.  Darrel K. Lambert, aircraft maint. specialist, Hickam AFB, promoted to A1C.
July 8                    Allies want to explore VC plan.  S. Viets in Cambodia.
July 9                    Randall E. Henderson after one year with 101st in Vietnam now stationed in Germany.
                              ADJ2 David L. Larrowe, Ft. Carson, sent to Boebliger, West Ger.  U.S. gives up last 
                              base along DMZ.  Calley feels "right in his heart."
July 12                  VC peace plan anticipated 3 ½ years ago.  Planes attack antiaircraft  guns of Reds.
July 13                  U.S. giving Cong peace plan cold shoulder.  Daniel Huston, Ft. Lewis, married Cathy 
                              A. Eckright.
July 14                  VP Ky starts campaign to unseat Thieu.  Amnesty for Navy addicts.
July 15                  POW release is easy, VC says.  Ballet questioned by Viet politician.
July 19                  S. Viet regime proposes cease fire, new elections.  Re-enlist bonuses wanted.
July 20                  U.S. B52s bomb area along DMZ.  TSGT Michael R. Hayes, weather forecaster, inside
                              Cheyenne Mountain, aids Apolla 15 team.  AN Bennie E. Sizemore, helicopter mech., 
                              graduated tech training Shepperd AFB assigned Davis-Monthan AFB. 
July 21                  Medina case will not be rerun of Calley trial, Lawyer says.  Vietnamese in Cambodia
                              with American air power.  MSGT Roland D. Munson, weather observer, Ft. Benning, 
                              received a gold PRIDE award 
July 22                  Yank-Viet children abandoned.  U.S. Copter filled with Vietnamese crashes.  Barry W.
                              Curless returned home after having been in Vietnam for two years.  PO3 Dale W. 
                              Brindel assigned to USS Independence.
July 23                   SSGT Steven E. Whittlesey, Wright-Patterson AFB decorated with first Oak Leaf
                              Cluster to USAF Commendation Medal for service at U-Tapeo AB.  Medina plans to
                              quit Army despite outcome of his trial. VC attack headquarters of new S. Viet drive.
July 24                   Most polled support Nixon Viet pullout.
July 26                   Reds forsaw bomb raids.  New S. Viet campaign after no Cambodia result.  A1C Dar- 
                               rell L. Kessler graduated tech training at Chanute AFB assigned to MacDill AFB.  PVT
                               Leonard L. Hileman completed AIT at Ft. Polk. 
July 27                   VC destroys helicopters.  PVT Gene A. Miller completed basic Ft. Knox.  PVT Patrick
                               A. Thompson completed basic San Diego. Rodney D. Mendenhall, supply clerk, Ft. 
                               Carson, promoted to SP4. 1st LT Dennis M. Dick assigned to MCAS Iwakune.
July 28                   S. Viet in Cambodian drive.  Draft call rate will be cut by about 16%.  PVT Fredrick R.
                               Blackburn stationed in Vietnam.  SA Dennis L.Purdy completed basic Orlando.  SA 
                               Robert J. Hlavaty and HCA Kenneth B. Saylers completed basic Great Lakes.  MSGT 
                               Rex M. Powell, Ismir, Turkey, named Outstanding NCO of the Year.  PVT Gary L. 
                               Dawson at Ft. Knox.
July 29                   Secret war in Laos becoming harder to hide.  Road through Cambodian Village
                               super fortress.  S. Viets run into Communists.
July 31                   PFC Tommy D. Stumbo completed basic at Ft. Knox and combat engineering at Ft.
                               Leonard Wood, assigned Scofield Barracks.
August                   1st Bri., 5th Inf Div., departed Quang Tri.
August 4                 Ky Petition lack names.  S. Viet soldiers in War Zone D.  More CIA in Laos reports.
                               Randy K. Day, Camp Pendleton,  promoted to PFC. PO3 Steven A. Eckert graduated 
                               ET A School at Great Lakes.  PO3 Gregory A. Tyner graduated basic MM School at 
                               Great Lakes.
August 5                 Trial of My Lai Col. Ready as plea not guilty.  Both sides deny flight for POWs.  Amer- 
                                ican troops in Vietnam on defense now.  PVT Larry E. Drudge, 183rd Maint. Co. Ft.
                                Carson, completed school in chemical engineer repair Ft. McClellan.  Four Hoosiers 
                                among POWs listed by Hanoi.
August 9                 U.S. planes attack positions inside N. Viet borders.  Military drug program for GIs on
                                leave.  PVT David H. Glover completed basic at Ft. Knox.  Cadet Ted R. Heckman 
                                participated in USAF ROTC field training experience Grissom AFB.
August 10               GI desertion rate at high mark.  Thieu asks death penalty for dealers in narcotics.  PVT 
                                Patrick A. Thompson at Camp Pendleton.  Cadet Leonard O. Gardenour USAF ROTC in
                                field training experience Pease AFB. 
August 11               Enemy ambushes S. Viet Rangers.  Viet candidate jailed for protest.
August 12               John N. Strasser graduated basic Lackland AFB at tech school Lowery AFB.  SP4 Jack
                               T. Sarll graduated Nike Hercules Electronics Maint. Course El Paso, after leave to go to
                               Europe.  Lull in Viet fight broken.  Some Black GIs in Asia frustrated by race woes.     
August 13               Red shells bases in South.  Viet drug begins in Laos.  GI death lowest since May 1965.
                                Ex-POW of N. Vientam innocent in court martial.   MSGT Harold E. Shaw after 18
                                months in Vietnam sent to Seymour Johnson AFB.  SSGT Timothy G. Wagner, muni-
                                tions specialist, assigned Eglin AFB.  He previously served Bien Ho, AB.
August 16                AN Philip Troxel completed basic at Lackland AFB and assigned Vandenberg AFB.
August 17                Reds sink American ship, shell positions on DMZ.  Draftees may go home early.  SP4
                                 Rusing Pudis completed construction surveyors NCO course, Ft. Belvoir.  PVT Tim-
                                 othy G. Renshaw completed military journalist course Ft. Benjamin Harrison.
August 18                Navy enlistments do not outstrip other services.  My Lai defendants facing punishment.
                                B52s raid after enemy attacks.
August 19                Red's DMZ offensive goes into week No. 2.  Yanks in Vietnam see war's end.
August 20                 S. Viets battle Communists along the DMZ.  PO1 Kenneth Olinger, USS John R. 
                                 Craig, awarded navy Achievement Medal.  SGT Michael Meade at HQ, 9th Marine 
                                 Corps District, Kansas City.
August 23                 Ky refuses to run throwing S. Viet into crisis.  My Lai aftermath will be probed in 
                                 court martial.  Raids on draft offices broken up by FBI.  B52s fly 20 more missions 
                                 near DMZ.
August 24                U.S. planes hit battery in the north.  Crisis puts GIs on alert.  ENS Thomas E. Reed
                                 commissioned upon graduation from OCS at Newport.
August 25                Enemy forces step up attack in S. Vietnam.
August 26                Reds launch attacks on South.  Candidate beaten by Viet police.  More job training 
                                 ordered for GIs.
August 27                Enemy attacks two U.S. patrols; five Yanks die.  ENS Laurence H. Howell on duty
                                 aboard CG Cutter Mendota.  PO3 Steven J. Mattern aboard USS Canistes in the Med.
August 31                Vietnam incumbents lose.  Red attacks in Vietnam fall sharply.  SSGT Harry O. Pense
                                 at Ching Chuan Kang AB.  AN Richard A. Burton graduated tech school at Chanute
                                 AFB.  Larry W. Ross, 97th Eng BN promoted to PFC at Ft. Riley.  Paul D. Daniel and 
                                 Robert A. Burcroff completed basic at Ft. Campbell.
September 1             S. Viets vote as scheduled.
September 2             Thieu to quit if vote small.  N. Viet battle worst flooding in years.  19 Americans died 
                                 in Vietnam during week.  PVT Thomas J. Forbes finished basic Camp Pendleton now 
                                 on leave.
September 3             More Viet groups urge canceling vote.  No major ground action in Vietnam.  PVT Ted 
                                 E. McBride graduated basic at San Diego.
September 4             Daniel V. Sample enlisted in the Navy.  PO3 Robert D. Pritchard, USS Detroit, in the
                                 Med.  PO2 John R. Schultz, USS Enterprise, took part in the first night operations em-
                                 ploying refueling and resupply while underway.  Terry L. Tyner, air traffic controller,
                                Grissom AFB, promoted to MSGT.  David J. Snyder, Ft. Richardson, promoted to SP4.
September 7            Yanks go forward to help offensive.  SGT Steven W. Weimer, mechanic 78th Eng Co.
                                 San Antonio reenlisted.  He has served one year in Germany and one year in Vietnam.
September 8            GIs conducting active defense.  Yanks support Viet drive.  PFC Steven F. Merrick co-
                                 mpleted admin and personnel management course Ft. Polk. 
September 9            SGTlC Roger D. Garrett cited as hero.  Awarded Silver Star at Walter Reed Army
                                Medical Center for actions on March 2 in saving lives of 12 Vietnamese soldiers while
                                wounded.  He will remain in the hospital another 1 ½ years.  Thieu worries about cut in
                                aid from U.S.  Fresh Viet troops join drive.
September 10         Yanks part of offensive drive near Laos and DMZ.
September 14          McGovern safe in Saigon.  Nixon withdrawal plans mean total pullout now.  U.S.
                                supports Laos Guerrillas.  Vietnamese firebomb U.S. units.
September 15          S. Viet troops uncover major supply base.  SA Dennis L. Purdy assigned as ceremonial
                                guard and barber at Washington, D.C.  Government can dip into draft pool of 500,000.
September 21          Americans make 200 combat strikes.
September 22          Birch Bayh votes against draft bill.  Deferred low number men to go first.  Massive 
                                strikes in Vietnam.  LCPL Vincen Peters Jr. deployed to the Western Pacific.  SP4
                                Mark D. Eger, rifleman Co D, 4th BN 3rd Inf, Chu Lai, received the Air Medal.  SP4 
                                Larry Proffitt returned to Germany after 30 day leave.  
September 23          CAPT. Medina acquitted.  Massive air strikes were aimed at fuel dumps.  Preoccup-
                                ation with election causes losses in Vietnam.
September 26          Bombers hit N. Vietnam.
September 28          N. Viet troops launch many assaults.  Vietnamese students clash with police.
September 29          Nixon pays surprise visit to POW wives.  Counter attack is launched.  Shoot to kill is
                                ordered in Saigon.
September 30          Draft call every three months favored.  AMN Leo P. Rose met COL James A. McDivitt 
                                commander pilot for Gemini IV.  Kissinger says trip could speed war's end.  Helicop-
                                ters lift reinforcements-2,000 S. Viet troops involved in effort.  29 Americans killed. 
October 1                Tran Hung Dao siege lifted.  CWO Harley G. Winterrowd, officer in charge of the im-
                                proved self propelled Hawk firing battery, White Sands Missile Range, will be assigned 
                                to Korea. SN Charles F. Cotter and PO3 Dale W. Brindel, USS Independence,  PO3  
                                Daniel L. Paul, USS William V. Pratt participated in NATO Strike Fleet Exercise Roy- 
                                al Knight.  Lee M. Shellhamer and Robert C. Shellhamer completed basic at Ft. Knox. 
                                PVT David H. Grover finished AIT.  SP4 Leonard W. McNear, 79th Fld Arty,  3rd BN,
                                7th Army, Grafenwohr, Germany, undergoing 30 day field training exercises. 
October 3                Thieu re-elected president of S. Vietnam.
October 5                Medina resigns from Army.
October 6                Ky charges rigging in Viet election.  U.S. bombers launch raids against defenses.
October 7                Peace talks a "Force".  Bombers launch heavy strikes in Vietnam.
October 8                VC sets free soldier held two years.  U.S. air support turns tide of battle. 
October 11              N. Viet officer set free.
October 12              PFC Patrick A. Thompson completed advanced combat training Camp Pendleton now
                                at Aviation Electronics Mate School, NAS Jacksonville.
October 13              Moratorium Day march planned.  Two helicopters lost.  PVT Gary L. Dawson comple-
                                ted basic at Ft. Knox.  LTCOL Van C. Doubleday inspector general Lindsey AS.
                                LCPL Vincen Peters Jr. at Camp Hansen, Okinawa.  Donald L. Niccum and Randall E. 
                                Weimann enlisted in the Navy sent to San Diego.  PFC Timothy G. Renshaw with 101st 
                                Airborne in Vietnam.  Cadet Frederick A. Fedewa at USAF Academy. 
October 14              S. Viet again seek cease fire.  COL. John Anderson received Legion of Merit at Gris-
                                som AFB.  Recognized for his service as deputy asst chief of staff Intelligence Div. for 
                                Supreme Headquarters of the Allied Powers in Europe.      
October 16              Less army for Thieu.  U.S. plane fires at North post.  SP4 William C. Helm completed
                                basic at Ft. Lewis assigned to Signal Corps Ft. Richaardson. 
October 18              N. Viets move tanks into area north of DMZ.  Viet ground fight flares along S. Viet-
                                Cambodian border.
October 19              S. Viet mission adds feathers to Connally cap.  U.S. planes accidentially bombs S. Viet
                                soldiers; 18 die.  MSGT Claude Chamberlain Jr.,aircraft electrical repair tech, assigned 
                                to Tam Son Nhut AB.  PVT Ned L. Bowman completed basic at Ft. Polk.
October 22              Fire base pullout by American GIs.  PVT Alva A. Waggoner completed AIT at Ft.
                                Polk.  PO1 William L. Fleck aboard USS Dixon.
October 26              Vietnam duty may be cut Air Force tells personnel.
October 27              Navy nearly completes Viet pullout.  300 arrested in War march.
October 28              PO1 John R. Schultz, USS Enterprise, crossed the Equator and became a "shellback." 
                                Roland D. Munson, Ft. Benning, promoted to TSGT.  Vietnam GIs put on alert.
November 1            Presient Thieu hears miseries.  13 Army units phased out.  Less than 200,000 GIs in
November 4            American helicopters wipe out N. Viet truck depot.  Viet GI deaths down to two.  U.S.
                                letters from POWs cut.  LT COL Van C. Doubleday received Meritorious Service
                                Medal at Lindsay AFB.  MM3 Stephen W. Estep, USS Decatur, arrived at Yankee  
                                Station for third tour of duty in Vietnam.  Craig L. Pankop completed ASROC scho-
                                oling, Great Lakes, to serve aboard the USS Dixie.
November 8            Even less GIs in Vietnam – 191,000.
November 10          PVT Mark L. Guthrie completed AIT at Ft. Polk.  CWO Gene A. Miller completed 
                                chemical staff specialist course Ft. McClellan.  SA Timothy M. Gorman completed 
                                basic Great Lakes.  PO1 Robert G. Oswalt awarded Navy Achievement Medal at
                                Marine Corps Training Center, Columbia.
November 11          SSGT Lawrence E. Coon awarded the Bronze Star for meritorious service in conne-
                                ction with military operations against hostile forces in Vietnam from December 1970 to
                                August 1971.  He had previously received Good Conduct Medal, National Defense 
                                Medal, Korea Occupation Medal, Vietnam Service Medal and Vietnam Campaign 
November 12          U.S. helicopters blast S. Viets.  Soldier's antiwar petition is mailed to Secretary of the
                                Navy.  Marine boot camp remains tough; Corps plans to stay with tradition.  PO2 Rob-
                                ert A. Magner, Antarctic Development Sqd Six, at the South Pole as a member of the
                                17th Annual Operation Deep Freeze. 
November 15          Allied helicopters fall-two collide, one crashes, one blown up.  Thieu asks reforms for 
                                Viet economy. 
November 16          Get out of Vietnam, China says.  GEN. Abrams told to plan for 60,000 to 95,000 GIs.
November 17          Drop in level of GI combat toll in war.  S. Viet jets to start regular strikes on trail.  PFC 
                                Michael W. Baughman, rifleman, 101st Airborne, in Vietnam.  PVT Benjamin C. Smith
                                completed wheel vehicle mechanic course at Ft. Ord.  SSGT Darryl G. Abell on leave
                                after one year in Vietnam, will be sent to Bergstrom AFB.
November 18          American B52s make 77th Viet strike of the year.  
November 19          CAPT Gary H. Bowman, Pentagon, decorated with Meritorious Service Medal.                              
November 22          AN Roger D. Forbes completed basic at Lackland AFB sent to Chanute AFB.  PVT 
                                Gary L. Dawson completed cooking course  Ft. Knox.  PVT Darrell L. Young com-
                                pleted basic Ft. Knox.  PO3 Dale W. Brindel on USS Independence.  FN Kenneth L. 
                                Ballard, USS Harwood, on way to Turkey.  LCPL Robert G. Sloop, 3rd Force Service
                                Rgt., named Marine of the Month on Okinawa.
November 23          Empty N. Viet base camp is destroyed.
November 24          Randell E. Henderson, Ger.,  promoted to E5; received Army Commendation Medal for  
                                service in Vietnam.  PVT Rodney D. Stouffer completed basic at Parris Island.
November 26          S. Viet troops on offensive Cambodian drive picks up steam.  Most Viet War victims 
                                buried in private plots.  PVT Glenn R. Bollinger Jr. completed basic Ft. Campbell.  SP4
                                Roger A. Cook, 3rd BN, Ft. Sill, appointed Soldier of the Month.  HCA Kenneth B. 
                                Salyers graduated Hospital Corpsman school San Diego.  PFC Thomas J. Forbes com-
                                pleted specialized course Camp Pendleton.  SGT Roger Blair and wife adopt Vietnam-
                                ese baby.
November 29          War copter with 33 aboard lost.  AN John N. Strasser graduated weapons mech. course 
                                Lowry AFB assigned to Holloman AFB.
November 30          New Viet Cambodia campaign.
December 1             N. Viets renew Cambodia attacks.
December 2             Planes can raid north.
December 4             U.S. jets attack air defense radar site in N. Viet.  PVT Jonathan L. King completed 
                                basic San Diego.  PFC Tim Kersay stationed at Ft. Bragg.  PVT Ronald E. Bonewitz 
                                completed field artillery operations and intelligence assistant course Ft. Sill.
December 8             U.S. air war role in Vietnam falls as Yanks fly 10 per cent.  U.S. jets dodge surface to
                                air missiles as Viet War flare along border area.
December 9             Ronda A. Davis, Ft. Benning, married Barry E. Shambaugh.  PFC James E. Davis, 1st 
                                Radio Research Co., completed helicopter repair course at Ft. Eustis, now in Vietnam 
                                at Cam Rahn Bay.  U.S. helicopters, Viets in Cambodia.
December 10           Helicopters take beating.  Viets developing tourism.  PVT Ned L. Bowman completed 
                                AIT at Ft. Polk. 
December 13           S. Viets strike deep in Cambodia.  Major Donald G. Wolpert Canadian Forces College,
                                presented Meritorious Service Medal for service as Combat Tactics Officer, 436th
                                                  Military Airlift Wing, Dover AFB.
December 15           U.S. jets attack north.
December 17           Two S. Viet offensives trigger fighting in wqar.  N. Viet troops supply efforts less 
                                than 1971.  LCPL John T. Aunkst stationed in Hawaii.  SSGT Robert A. Kramer, jet
                                engine mech, at Bentwater RAF station.
December 20           Cease fire for Vietnam announced.  As many as 226,000 kids orphaned by Vietnam
                                 War.  SA Randell E. Weimann  and SA Donald L. Niccum graduated basic at San 
                                 Diego.  COL. Wins acquittal of My Lai charges.
December 21            William Brainard at Lackland AFB in training for police security.  Enemy recaptures
                                  Laos Plain of Jars. 
December 22             Hanoi jets harass Yanks.  South to release POWs.  POW letters are released.  18 
                                   added to Viet POW list.  U.S. air attacks in Northdraw closer to capital city.  Com-
                                   edian Bob Hope believed to be trying for POW visit.  
December 27             American fighters pount N. Viet.  Viet veterans barricade themselves in drug center.
                                  Viet air war escalates.  Antiwar demonstration in Statue of Liberty.
December 28             SSGT Donald E. Spence, Webb AFB, named Outstanding Airman of the Quarter. 
                                  PVT Janet L. Hooks on leave from Ft. McClelland.  Third day of jet raids.  Both sides
                                  cancel Paris Peace Talks.
December 29             Draft for National Guard considered by Pentagon.  More than 80 arrested in Antiwar
                                  demonstration.  Heavy raids over North continue.  No let up seen as 500 missions
December 30             U.S. air raids on North end.  Yankee death toll just one.  Airmen continue to fly same
                                   way despite POWs.
December                  American troop strength in Vietnam down to 140,000 men.


January 3                 Faster withdrawal hinted by Nixon.  Enemy shells air base where U.S. jets roost.  Jet,
                                copters shot down in Vietnam War.  AN Anthony M. Weaver completed basic Lack-
                                land AFB.  PFC Mark L. Guthrie completed basic Ft. Knox sent to 1st Inf Div in Ger. 
                                PO3 Robert C. Pritchard, USS Detroit, returned from an operational support cruise in 
                                the Med.  James Adams home on leave after 18 month tour in Japan, afterwards will
                                report to Bolling AFB.
January 5                 Peace in Vietnam likely to remain elusive during 1972.  PFC Donald R. Rouch com-
                                 pleted motor vehicle operators course, Camp Pendleton.  SSGT Darryl G. Abell, radio
                                 tech., at Bergstrom AFB.  Air war escalation bringing some doubts.  Hanoi-end Viet-
                                 namization.  U.S. jets make new raids over N. Viet.  Removing guns from all Med-
                                Evac helicopters.
January 6                 Only two Yanks die during week.  Anti war priest and seven others to go on trial Mon-
                                Monday.  U.S. jets hit North as B52s bomb southern DMZ.
January 8                 SP5 James L. Smith completed helicopter repair course Ft. Bragg.
January 10               MAJOR Charles R. Wilhelm completed first component course held at U.S. Army Co- 
                                mmand and General Staff College, Ft. Leavenworth.
January 12               PFC Daniel L. Wilcox, medic, completed basic and AIT Ft. Sam Houston.  He will
                                have airborne training at Ft. Benning.  PVT Darrell L. Young completed basic field 
                                artillery cannoner course Ft. Sill.  A1C Charles F. Bond left for Japan.  Communist 
                                forces attack another U.S. Air Base.
January 13              Reds hit more Viet outposts.  Smart bombs accurate-pilots use weapon in Vietnam.
                                Enlistments fall below goal during second half of 1971.
January 14               Stage set for total U.S. withdrawal.  N. Viet steps up air challenge.
January 17               U.S. jets, Red defenses fire upon one another.
January 18               CAPT Walter L. Windsor Jr. graduated Air University's Sqd Officer School, Maxwell 
                                AFB, assigned chief of plans and training div., 3800th Air Base Wing.  PO3 James J. 
                                Sharp aboard USS Leonard F. Mason.  PFC Thomas J. Forbes, Okinawa, on duty with 
                                3rd Marine Div.
January 19               USS Enterprise back to Vietnam  AO2 John R. Schultz onboard.
January 20               Chief U.S. delegate to Paris consults in U.S. in secret. S. Viets in new drive.  Red jets
                                 harass bombers.
January 21                Jet No. 13 and 14 lost over Vietnam.  A1C Dennis M. Erdahl on duty in Taiwan.   
                                 SP5 Herbert D. Horstman completed 2nd Bri.Leadership Academy, Ft. Riley.
January 24                U.S. raids DMZ defenses two batteries knocked out, one damaged.            
January 25                Nixon reveals that Kissinger had been negotiating secretly with the N. Vietnamese.
                                  President unveils viet peace plan.
January 27                A1C Timothy M. Prater graduated autopilot repairman course, Chaunte AFB.  Robert
                                  L. Leininger, attending language course at Monterrey,  promoted to A1C.
January 28                U.S., Red plans similar.  20th air strike of year in North-2 planes lost to mechanical
                                  failure.  LT Charles M. Boswell, USS Hammerhead, in Exercise Snowy Beach.
January 31                B52s pound N. Viet buildup's of troops, supplies.
January                     326th Combat Eng. Part of 101st Airborne Div ordered to stand down and return to
February 1               U.S., Hanoi peace plans compared.  How the secret talks broke off.  Jets in heaviest
                                 attack on North in 1972.
February 2                Second day of heavy Vietnam attacks.
February 4               Lon A. Vandegrift promoted to Optical Maintenance Man Third Class Great Lakes.
                                Ray Walk, Jr. and Lon E. Bradford enlisted in the Navy.  Muskie renews Viet attack.
February 8               Reds ambush truck convoy then gunships drive off enemy.  Rift is reported between 
                                 Thieu and Washington.  PVT Dennis N.J. Bressler completed basic Ft. Polk.  PVT 
                                 Michael J. Mendenhall and PVT William E. Williamson completed basic Ft. Camp-
                                 bell.  SP4 Michael W. Baughman, rifleman Co. A, 1st BN, 501st Inf, 101st  Airborne, 
                                 awarded Combat Infantryman badge near Phu Bai.
February 9               U.S.S. Constellation recalled to Tonkin Gulf.
February 10             U.S. jets warn Hanoi.  Debate on Viet plan ok but watch it-Nixon.
February 11             No more Viet concessions.
February 14             Cadet Frederick A. Fedewa named to commandant's list at USAF Academy.
February 16             PO2 Randy J. Childers received Good Conduct Medal at NAS Pensacola.  Somehow
                                90,000 enemy disappear from S. Vietnam.
February 17             U.S. planes end two days of heavy raids in North.  PVT Charles T. Sagun awarded 
                                 American Spirit Honor Medal at end of basic at Ft. Campbell. 
February 18             U.S. command confirms loss of seven U.S. jets.  SA Gerald L. Tucker graduated basic 
                                Great Lakes.
February 21             Reds in several attacks.
February 22             U.S. pilots down second MIG fighter in five weeks.
February 24             All volunteer Army in trouble.
February 25             American GIs in biggest Vietnam battle in months.  A1C Robert L. Leininger com-
                                 pleted Defense Language Institute at the Presidio of Monterrey.  PVT Michael D. 
                                 Houser and PVT Leslie A. Mittank completed basic Ft. Campbell.  LCPL Roger E.
                                 Guthrie promoted at Marine Corps Finance Center, Kansas City.
February 26              S. Viets drive in Cambodia again.  Air Force may fly from ships if Laird gets away.   
                                 Air buildup is insurance.  American Nobel prize winner sees, talks with U.S. POWs. 
                                 AN Gary L. Stagnolia completed basic Lackland AFB assigned Shepperd AFB.
February 29             S. Viets and bombers hit Communists in North.  Barney Bashore in training Lackland 
March 2                   Another Hanoi MIG is claimed.  Pentagon goal to end draft.  Nixon and Chou En-Lai  
                                did talk aboutVietnam, POWs.
March 3                   S. Viets in new drive counter to N. Viet buildup.  COL. G.M. Anderson, special asst 
                                305th Air Refueling Wing Commander, Grissom AFB, retired after 30 years military 
                                service.  He was decorated with the Air Force Commendation Medal, first Oak Leaf 
                                Cluster and Certificate of Appreciation.  A command pilot he had more than 4,000               
                                hours conventional and jet flying time. 
March 6                   Planes hit guns in North.  B52 raids in Laos stepped up.  New three year enlistment
                                program announced today.  LCPL Randy K. Day, MCAS New River, promoted to
                                present rank.
March 7                  Air raids on North stepped up.  SGT Richard D. Lower, crew chief KC 135 tanker,
                                Kadena AFB, refueled President Nixon's plane over Guam on return from China.
March 8                   No county draft call has been announced.
March 9                   8th day of raids in North.  Air pressure kept on Reds.
March 10                 New drive into Cambodia.  PO John R. Schultz aboard USS Enterprise.  SGT June 
                                 K. Johnson joined 122nd Tactical Fighter Group, Ft. Wayne.
March 13                  S. Viets touch Reds in Cambodia.  MSGT Walter P. Reason joined the personnel man-
                                 agement inspection command.
March 14                  More S. Viets into Cambodia.
March 16                  Reds step up attack on coast.  Cambodian ammo dump blows up.  
March 17                 Vietnam to be topic for Manchester College program.  U.S. helicopter crashes and
                                 sinks with all hands.  Wabash County men with 1972 draft lottery numbers through 15
                                 will be called up from mid April to May 31.  Those with 1971 lottery numbers 1-15
                                 will also be called up.
March 22                 Few attend Viet seminar at Manchester College.
March 21                 Van C. Doubleday, inspector general with HQ European Communications Area, Lind-
                                 sey AFB promoted to COL.  PVT Terry L. Murphy completed basic Ft. Jackson. 
                                 PFC Michael D. McKillip completed tracked vehicle mech. course, Ft. Knox.  PFC 
                                 Dan Wilcox at Ft. Bragg. 
March 23                  Reds attack town in Delta.
March 24                  Ray Walk completed basic Great Lakes sent to Newport.  SN Joe L. Pense, USS Blue
                                 Ridge, in western Pacific.  PO3 Dale W. Brindel, USS Independence, returned to
                                 Norfolk from the Med.  SGT1C John L. Glass assigned Army Arctic Test Center, Ft. 
March 27                  U.S. troop strength is under 100,000 in Vietnam. Berrigan anti war trial comes near
                                  completion.  AN Gary L. Holley completed basic Lackland AFB assigned Kessler 
                                  AFB.  SSGT Joe H. Towne finished recruit schooling Lackland AFB.  CPO Thomas 
                                  L. Breitkopf, NAS Cecil Field, reenlisted..   
March 30                  N. Vietnamese launches coordinated assault across the demilitarized zone.  PVT Ken- 
                                  neth A. Schieber completed basic at Ft. Campbell. LT Bruce L. Pretorius awarded 
                                  silver wings Laughlin AFB assigned to Luke AFB. 
March 31                  Heaviest fighting in years rages in Vietnam highlands.  Donald M. Waymire, specialist
                                  in Naval ordnance and gunnery, promoted to Commander.  Thomas E. Tullis comple-
                                  ted basic Great Lakes.
April                         Naval Air Facility and Naval Communications Station, Cam Rahn Bay turned over to 
                                  Vietnamese navy.
April 3                      U.S. readies air armada – counter to N. Viet offensive.  S. Viet army, test yet to come. 
                                  PVT Robert E. Davidson completed basic at Ft. Campbell. 
April 4                      VC asks return to Paris.  Allies in Vietnam launch attack against inviaders.  U.S. GIs
                                  ruled out for now. 
April 5                       N. Viet broadens offensive into South.  Nixon sends more B52s to Vietnam.  William
                                  Grant, physical conditioning specialist, Nellis AFB, promoted to A1C. 
April 6                       10 Americans die in Vietnam.  Red offensive could last a month.  U.S. planes attack
                                  North-retaliation for Red offensive.
April 7                       Attack by N. Viet troops open fourth front.  U.S. jet sqd sent to Asia, more pondered.
                                  VC say object of attack is new regime in Saigon. 
April 10                     U.S. seems set for Viet buildup.  B52s hit N. Viet targets.  PVT Billy L. Kreider com-
                                   pleted basic at Ft. Campbell.
April 11                     N. Viets battered and "on the run."
April 12                     Reds halt S. Viet relief force.  Experts see shift to Saigon Army.  Soviet arms ship-
                                  ments to Hanoi has decreased.
April 13                     U.S. has sent more than 160 warplanes to Asia in 10 days. President makes proposal
                                   to resume peace talks.  POW raiding is threatened.  N. Viet troops storming provin-
                                   cial capital of AnLoc.  SGT Donald E. Wright, USS Coraldia, off Vietnam.
April 14                     CDR William S. Meyers, exec officer USS Ticonderoga, on team to recover Apollo
                                   16.  S. Viets retake most of An Loc.  Highway 13 becomes Thunder Road.  Enemy
                                   expected popular uprising during invasion. 
April 15                     Nixon authorizes bombing of area near Hanoi and Haiphong.
April 17                     2 MIGs downed in raid by U.S. planes near Hanoi.  Viet police defenses set.  Decline
                                   in number of GI drug users.  Democrat candidates line up against Viet bombing.
April 18                     Nixon suspends attack on North.  N. Viet on war footing.  Muskie blasts president 
                                   over renewed bombing of the North.  PO John Schultz, USS Enterprise, home on 
                                   leave for Christmas in April. Reds score in Birh Dinh.
April 20                      President nearing major decision on Vietnam War.  Bombing of N. Viet Triggers
                                   campus protest.  Heavy fighting erupts at An Loc.  S. Viet casualties highes since Tet 
April 21                      U.S. destroyer says Red boat sunk, six jets lost.  Commandos grab airmen from Reds. 
April 24                       Manchester College campus strike over escalation in Vietnam fizzles.  N. Viet tanks
                                    crush defenses in the highlands.  More Viet territory will be lost. 
April 26                       Reds threaten to cut South in half.  Viet War secrets blocked.  Government clamps
                                    down on Viet War news.  MAJOR Richard M. Rupley recognized as Outstanding 
                                    Arnold Air Security Sqd Advisor at Stevens Institute of Technology.
April 27                      End to Viet invasion is Paris topic.  Nixon to  pull out troops continue bombing the
                                    North.  Kissinger sees some Viet losses.  AN Tommy G. Guthrie completed basic 
                                    Lackland AFB assigned Kessler AFB.  Viet invasions architect seems certain of 
                                    victory.  N. Viet. Renew attack in South.  American jets fly more strikes inside
April 28                      Reds at Provice capital.  Fall of Saigon may not hut Asia.  Donald J. Green comple- 
                                    ted basic Ft. Knox.
April 29                      Ex-Resident dies in Viet accident.  COL. Robert L. Sowers, 49, a native of Wabash, 
was killed Thursday with a South Vietnamese general when their helicopter crashed in the Mekong Delta.
     COL. Sowers was Chief Air Force Advisor in the Mekong Delta.
     The former resident and Brig. Gen. Nguyen Hyt Anh, commander of the 4th Air Division in the delta, 
died when their South Vietnamese UH-1 helicopter crashed 80 miles south of Saigon.  Spokesmen said no 
enemy action was involved, that cable being used to lift a light observation plane snapped and the heli- 
copter went out of control.
     A fighter pilot in World War II and Korea, Sowers won the Distinguished Flying Cross with two Oak 
Leaf Clusters, the Air Medal with 20 Oak Leaf Clusters and the Air Force Commendation medal.  He flew 
62 combat missions in Korea.
     The Hoosier hero was a commander of U.S. Air Forces in Iceland prior to the assi- gnment in South 
     Survivors include the widow and two children, who live in Tucson, Arizona.   
May 1                      N. Vietnamese capture Quangtri and cut national highway 1.  PVT Michael R. Dunn 
                                completed basic Ft. Riley.
May 2                      Viet War now looks like old rerun.  S. Viets flee Quang Tri capital.  N. Viet troops
                                 begin new attacks.  PVT Ricky L. Williams, truck driver, Co B, 1st BN, 13th Armor, 1st
                                                  Cav Div., participated in Exercise Gallant Hand, Ft. Hood.
May 3                      Green Berets now fighting for life.  Reds moving in on Hue.  Hue seen as enemy goal.
May 4                      U.S., Viet demand snubbed.  Senators talk of Viet cutoff.  Major fighting tapers off as
                                 as Red drive in week six.
May 5                       Heavy Viet fighting for control of highway 14.  Hanoi understands its enemy best.
                                 U.S. with few Vietnam options.  200 antiwar protesters arrest across country.
May 8                       Nixon announces mining of Haiphong harbor and intensification of American 
                                 bombing of North Vietnam.  Eerie calm around Saigon.  U.S. Bombs Hanoi again. 
                                 Senators to probe origin of war.  13 N. Viet POWs die in rebellion on island.
May 9                       Mining of N. Viet harbors, bombing begins.  President confronts Russians with plan
                                 to choke off Hanoi.
May 10                     Senate back to Viet funds.  Anti war protests are springing up.  Russian press using
                                 care in Viet story,  Hundreds of planes bomb Hanoi, Haiphong area.  Sherry Cole
                                 marries Navy flight surgeon Charles F. Williams.
May 11                    Two U.S. fliers down three MIGs in one day, become aces. Protestors clash with
                                 policemen. U.S. mines sophisticated.  Mining of ports could trim supplies of North. 
                                 Hanoi paper calls mining criminal.  S. Viets Thieu declares martial law.  Great Viet 
                                 river of sorrow flowing. LCPL Rocky L. Foust, Parris Island,  promoted to CPL.  SGT 
                                 Ralph M. Trosper completed basic Ft. Knox, sent to Ft. Polk now assigned to 3rd
                                                  Armored Div., Ger.  
May 12                     Red troops smash into An Loc again.  Growing Viet protest close UN.  Much of Hanoi
                                 evacuated, Canadian says.  Communist allies could supply N. Viets by rail and air.  
                                 CPL Robert J. Harris at NAS Quonset Point.  John F. Fearnow II enlisted in Support 
                                 Co., 1st BN, 293rd Ind. National Guard.
May 15                     Cam Rahn AB turned over to S. Vietnam government when 483rd Tactical Airlift Wing 
                                deactivated.  PVT John Reed graduated basic Ft. Knox, sent Ft. Sam Houston.
May 17                    End the War move hits senate snag.  N. Viet shells kill seven Americans. 
May 18                    Relief column advances.  N. Viet organizing 1973 plans?  PFC Rodney D. Stouffer 
                                graduated engineering equipment mech course at Camp Lejeune.  SGT1C Lonnie
                                Bishop, drill instructor Ft. Knox, participated in First U.S. Army Commanders rifle and
                                pistol championship matches Ft. Geroge C. Meade.  SSGT Jimmy E. Smithee, duty 
                                NCO, assigned to 101st Airborne, Ft. Campbell.  MSGT Robert F. Van Camp, electro- 
                                nics computer system tech, reenlisted Malmsrom AFB.                                                                                                                                                                               
May 22                    400 killed in bombardment.  Hanoi reassessing its position.
May 23                    Hanoi's leadership divided?
May 24                    S. Viet offensive launched.  600 tanks with love from Russia.
May 25                    U.S. exit expected by Oct. l.  Eight Americans killed in action.
May 27                    Serviceman Honored.  Eighteen residents or former residents of Wabash County have 
died in Vietnam fighting in the past six years.
     Fourth District Congressman Elwood Hillis will pay special tribute to these and other veterans killed in 
Vietnam action at Memorial Day services in Gas City Sunday.
     HillIis, as a member of the House Veterans Affairs Committee, is supporting a proposal to establish a 
Tomb of the Unknown Vietnam War Soldier to underscore the sacrifices the newest veterans have made.
     In remarks prepared for his Sunday speech Hillis said the Vietnam soldier may deserve the title "Hero" 
even more than soldiers who have fallen in other wars because he answered the call of his country when it 
was unpopular to do so.
     Wabash County men who have died in Vietnam are:
     Everett Gene Miller, Jan. 29, 1966; Tom Roger Miller, March 5, 1966; Max L. Bru- baker, Aug. 25, 
1966; Loren Lee Morford, April 6, 1967;  William Y. Brindle, July 29, 1967; Daniel Fulwider, Jan. 8, 
1968; Victor O. McDowell Jr., May 7, 1968; Gary Ladd Biehl, May 3, 1967; Russell Udell West, May 23, 
1968; Dennis Fairchild, Jan. 15, 1969; Victor Lynn Poor, Feb. 25, 1969; Max A. Johnson, Mar. 20, 1969; 
Robert S. Raines, Dec. 2, 1969; Gregory Fleck, May 9, 1969; Randall Lee Pell, April 17; 1970; Frederick 
Leroy Nutter, Oct. 18, 1970; Terry Maxwell Usher, Feb. 23, 1971; and Robert L. Sowers, April 29, 1972.
May 30                  American jets in raid on N. Viet rail yards.
May 31                  U.S. jets try to isolate Vinh.  S. Viet chief to front lines.  War holds up Army appoint-
June 1                    Soviet pacts in Viet blood, Kennedy says.  S. Viets in new sweep northwest of Hue.  
                              New bombs getting job done better.  PVT Dennis J. Miller graduated basic San Diego.
                              Gary H. Bowman, management analysis officer, Pentagon, promoted to Major.  CPO
                              Robert H. Tyner, USS John F. Kennedy, took part in NATO Exercise "Dawn Patrol."
                              Robert F. Van Camp, electronics computer systems repair tech, with 84th Air Div., Mal-
                              mstrong AFB.  SP4 Leonard L. Hileman, 82nd Airborne, participated in Exercise Exotic
                              Dancer 5 at Camp Lejeunne.  LCPL Thomas Forbes named Driver of the Quarter, 1st 
                              Amp Tractor BN, 3rd Marine Div., Okinawa.  AN Gary L. Holley graduated personnel
                              specialist course, Kessler AFB assigned Spangdahlem AB, W. Ger.  David Drake dis-
                              charged at Ft. Dix.  Had been serving in Germany.
June 2                    Jets hit more targets in North.  U.S. planes 8 to 1 over Reds.  Cash bonus boosts
June 5                    Enemy offensive moving ahead in Que Son Valley.  N. Viet admits bombs bring 
June 6                    U.S. planes bomb 100 enemy boats.
June 8                    Signs enemy slipping in Vietnam.  Planes in heaviest raids on North in weeks.  Patrick
                               A. Thompson completed AE school at Jacksonville.  A1C William J. Brainard, air 
                               policeman, O San AFB S. Korea.
June 9                    U.S. jets dump everything on Reds.  N. Viet tries clearing river mines.
June 12                  Jets hit China rail link.  Two more N. Viet MIGs shot down.
June 13                  Twp more Red bridges hit.  SGT Jackie D. Eubank, vehicle operator, stationed at Hol-  
                              lman AFB.
June 14                  U.S. planes fly record number of Viet missions.  Russian president travels to Hanoi for 
                               war talks.
June 15                  Yank troop deaths fall to just six.  Bombing impairs Hanoi offensive.
June 16                  Viet air crash is being probed.  U.S. jet raids set record over North.  400 to 500 enemy
                               tanks destroyed since Red push.  Patrick I. Thompson at MCAS Cherry Point.  CPL 
                              Robert J. Harris received the Good Conduct Medal at NAS Quonset Point.
June 19                  U.S. planes score hits on enemy air defenses.
June 20                  Advisors still in combat.  S. Viets destroy five tanks.  COL. Jack R. Butler assigned by
                              U.S. State Department to the American Embassy in Tunisia.  PVT Donnie R. Nelson
                              enlisted in 293rd Inf National Guard.  AN Bruce A. Watson completed basic Lackland
                              AFB assigned Kessler AFB. 
June 21                  N. Viets try barge operations.  S. Viets ask new Hanoi ideas.  Last American combat 
                              unit ready to go home.LCPL Arthur G. Sloop at Camp Pendleton. 
June 22                  Enemy breaks through near Hue.  Drive stopped with U.S. air help.  N. Viets launch
                              new attacks.  Hanoi getting boxed-in feeling?
June 29                  New U.S. commander in Vietnam.  S. Viet troops open second front at Quang Tri. 
                              SP4 Vernon G. Rose promoted at Ft. Devens.
June 30                  Vietnam talks to resume, president says to newsmen.  S. Viets press attack paratroopers
                               near Quang Tri City.  Allen R. Young, USS Independence, promoted Boiler Tech PO2.  
July 3                     S. Viets chase Reds; friendly troops near Quang Tri City.
July 5                     AN Thomas E. Deeb completed basic at Lackland AFB assigned to Kessler AFB.  De-
                               pots near Hanoi hit by U.S. jets during heavy raids over North.
July 6                     Vietnam War dead tomb planned.  U.S. troop strength in Thailand growing.  Jets try to 
                               blast path for soldiers.
July 7                     S. Viets retake most of Guant Tri City.  CAPT William S. Myers new Pacific Missile
                              Range Admin and plans officer at Point Mugee.
July 10                   Red offensive drives Viet War back among population.  Red shell kills U.S. Officers.
                               Hanoi negotiator returns to Paris.  LtCOL Lawrence D. Philpott completed regular cou-
                               rse at U.S. Army Command and General Staff College.  MAJOR Richard M. Rupley
                               received his 2nd USAF Commendation Medal at Stevens Institute of Technology.
July 11                   Copters land Vietnamese.  POWs shown on Red film.  Vatican trying to help POWs.
                               SP4 Timothy A. Kersey, 82nd Airborne, will aid in training ROTC cadets at Indian 
                               Town Gap Military Reservation.
July 12                   PO Jean Littlefield married PO William R. Keel.  U.S. heads back to Paris.  Fighting
                               at Quang Tri.
July 13                   U.S. planes hit N. Viet with heavy raids.  N. Viets heat-seeking missile causes concern.
July 17                    Workers mobilized in N. Viet.  N. Viet hit with U.S. air and sea power. 
July 18                    Explosions cause damage to destroyer off Vietnam.  David E. Henthorn USAF ROTC 
                                at Wright-Patterson AFB.  Cadet Alan R. Hevner attended Army ROTC camp at Ft. 
July 19                    N. Viets get trucks to China.  S. Viets fight in heart of Quang Tri City.  SN Thomas E.
                               Tullis completed basic at Great Lakes.
July 20                    Outflanked S. Viets fight Reds.  Cong negotiators assail U.S. stand.  Kissinger encour-
                                aged by secret talks in Paris.
July 21                    Saigon's troops in drive.  Tighter control of Vietnam aid urged.
July 24                    S. Viets advance on two fronts.  Viet War foes ready attack.  New pipeline brings
                               Chinese oil to Hanoi.
July 25                    Saigon forces now in citadel.  U.S. warns UN chief about Viet bomb reports.
July 26                    S. Viet soldiers loot.  Calley says Army lied as he asks new trial.  Did U.S. bomb N. 
                                Viet dikes?  Pamela Coon finished basic Lackland AFB and assigned Shepperd AFB.  
                                Mike Pretorius enlisted in the USAF, sent to Lackland AFB.  SR Benjamin Wenger 
                                graduated  basic Great Lakes.
July 27                    Vietnam cease fire asked.
July 28                    Lont time advisor killed in Vietnam.                                                                                                                   
August 1                  Kissinger meets again with Le Duc Tho in Paris senses progress.
August 2                  Reds pound S. Viets in Quang Tri City.  Kissinger back from secret talks in Paris. 
August 3                  House to house fighting slows Quang Tri assault.  Senate votes second time to half 
                                Viet operations.
August 4                  S. Viets close to reopening Highway 13.
August 7                  U.S. jets aid Cambodia; N. Viet tanks destroyed.
August 9                   Militiamen mauled by Red attacks.  SP4 Leonard L. Hileman, driver BN, HQ, at 
                                 Ft. Bragg. 
August 10                Quang Tri City cleanup; S. Viets claim 14 Red tanks destroyed.  David G. Smith 
                                 named asst Chief of Staff, to the Commander of Submarine Forces USN in the Pac- 
                                 ific.  LCPL Roger W. Cavins at Camp Lejeune. 
August 14                 Shriver repeats that Nixon missed chance to end war.
August 15                 A1C Terry D. Hiner and SGT Gregory A. Hoffman completed two weeks active duty 
                                 at Grissom AFB.  LtCOL Lawrence D. Philpott commanding officer of the First Per-
                                 sonnel and Admin BN, 13th Support BRI, Ft. Hood.
August 16                 Speculation in Viet peace talks.  Jets renew attack on Hanoi's rail links with China.
August 17                 Air raids on N. Viet heaviest.
August 21                 S. Viets launch new land drive.  A1C Michael E. Applegate, fuels specialist, at Clark
August 22                Anti war veterans protest at Miami.  Jets attack Viet coast.  Hanoi Jane Fonda while 
touring North Vietnam made the following address:  This is Jane Fonda.  I have come to North Vietnam to 
bear witness to the damage being done to the Vietnamese land and to Vietnamese lives.
     Just like the Thieu regime in Saigon, which is sending its ARVN soldiers srecklessly into dangerous 
positions for fear that it will be replaced by the U.S. government if it fails to score ssome strategic military 
gains, so Nixon is continuing to risk your lives and lives of the American prisoners of war under the bomb 
in a last desperate gamble to keep his office come November.  How does it feel to be used as pawns?  You 
may be hot down, you may perphaps even be killed, but for what, and for whom?
     Eighty percent of the American people, according to a arecent poll, have stopped believing in the war 
and think we should get out, think we should bring all fo you home.  The people back home are crying for 
you.  We are afraid of what, what must be happe- ning to you as human beings.  For it isn't possible to 
destroy, to received salary for pushing buttons and pulling levers that are dropping illegal bombs on 
innocent people, without having that damage your own souls.
     Tonight when you are alone, ask yourselves:  What are you doing?  Accept no ready answers fed to you 
by rote from basic training on up, but as men, as human beings, can you justify what you are doing?  Do 
you know why you are flying these missions, colle- cting extra combat pay on Sunday?
     The people beneath your plaanes have done us no harm.  They want to live in peace.  They want to 
rebuild their country.  They cannot understand what kind of people could fly over their heads and drop 
bombs on them.  Did you know that the antipersonnel bombs that are thrown from some of your planes 
were outlawed by the Hague Conven- tion of 1907, of which the United States was a ssignatory?  I think 
that if you knew what these bombs were doing, you would get very angry at the men who invented them.  
They cannot destroy bridges or factories.  They cannot pierce steel or cement.  Their only target is 
uprotected human flesh.  The pellet bombs now contain rough-edged plastic pellets, and your bosses, 
whose minds think in terms of statistics, not human lives, are proud of this new perfection.  The plastic 
pellets don't show up on X-rays and cannot be removed.  The hospitals here are filled with babies and 
women and old people who will live for the rest of their lives in agony with these pellets embedded in 
     Can We fight this kind of war and continue to call ourselves Americans?  Are these people so different 
from our own children, mothers, or grandmothers?  I don't think so, except that perhaps they have a surer 
sense of why they are living and for what they are willing to die.
     I know that if you saw and if you knew the Vietnamese under peaceful conditions, you would hate the 
men who are sending you on bombing missions.  I believe that in this age of remote-controlled push-button 
war, we must all try very, very hard to remain human beings.  
August 23                2nd LT George Wyncott named Outstanding Junior Officer of the Quarter, Kessler AFB
                                 Heavy fighting reported in valley as N. Viets shell Danang.  SGT Joseph Whinery at 
                                 Templehof Central Airport.  Ronald Baer and Tommy Rager enlisted in 293rd Indiana 
                                 National Guard.  PFC Rodney D. Stouffer at Camp LeJeune.  Donnie R.Nelson, 
                                 Indiana National Guard, will report for 5 months active duty Ft. Jackson.  Larry Walk
                                 completed basic Great Lakes sent to San Diego. 
August 24                 Small group of WHS students protest Vietnam War on steps of GOP headquarters.
                                 Loss of valley hurts S. Viet.  Supplies still flow into North, U.S. says. 
August 25                Three planes lost.
August 26                Red military camps bombed.  Chinese minesweeper in Haiphong.  A1C Roger Dale
                                 Forbes after spending leave with parents killed in car accident near Kentland on way
                                 back to Chanute AFB.
August 28                Women start Navy training; possibility of sea duty.
August 29                Two Communist torpedo boats sunk.  December end for draft being planned.
August 30                94 U.S. airmen lost since march 30.  Pentagon sees 25,000 troop level in Vietnam.
August 31                Navy pilots destroy giant Red ammo dump.  Five Americans killed.  Vietnam first for
                                Nixon before talks with Japanese.
August                     Kissinger in Saigon senses Thieu's reluctance to accept cease-fire accord.
September 1            Enemy steps up attacks on eve of Hanoi holiday.  Life crushed from Quang Tri City.
                                Richard D. Unger completed basic Ft. Knox; to report to Ft. Campbell.
September 7             New surge in offensive in Vietnam.
September 8             Thieu abolishes hamlet elections.  Viets fight in Tien Phuoc south of  Da Nang.  CPL 
                                 Robert A. Fletcher served 13 ½ months in a refuel division in Vietnam and two years
                                 in the Bermuda Islands as an honor guard.  He received his honorable discharge Friday 
                                 and is expected home this weekend.  SR Gary L. Muzzillo graduated basic San Diego. 
                                 John F. Fearnow to report for active duty training with the 293rd Ind. Inf. Ft. Leonard 
                                 Wood.  Gary W. Schaaf enlisted in the Navy, basic Great Lakes.  Robert R. Miller pro- 
                                 moted PFC at completion of AIT Ft. Riley.  1st LT Ken A. Romine, missile launch 
                                 officer, 351st Strategic Air Wing, Whiteman AFB.
September 11           U.S. jets in devastating raids against N. Viet.  Three Yanks serving with VC.  Michael
                                 Dunn completed AIT Ft. Riley.  Eddie D. Miller promoted to PFC after completion of 
                                 AIT Ft. Riley.
September 12           Quang Tri battle tough.
September 13           Plane score is 3-1 for U.S. in Vietnam.
September 14           Anti war militants to bring home fliers.  Savage third day of heavy fighting in Quang 
                                 Tri City.  CAPT Larry Lester named instructor in aerospace studies Colby College.
September 15           ARVN defeated N. Viets in Quang Tri.  U.S. Army shelled more than 80,000 tons
                                 of ordnance in support of ARVN.
September 18           Three American planes lost during raids over N. Viet.  Viet veterans battle on two
                                 fronts-drugs and after.
September 20           Reds hit recaptured city Quang Ngai.  PO3 Joe L. Pense, USS Blue Ridge, returned  
                                 from deployment in the western Pacific.  PVT Paul Rogers graduated clerical school 
                                 Ft. Knox.
September 21           Senator McGovern talks out against war in Vietnam.  U.S. jets mine rivers and canals
                                 in attempt to slow war supplies.
September 22           U.S. jets hit four new targets in N. Viet.  PO3 Kenneth L. Ballard, USS Strong, retur-
                                  ned from Med cruise.  SGT Robert J. Harris NAS Quonset Point, promoted to present 
September 26           Viet fighting tapers off; U.S. jets, ships blast North.  Art and Vic Lehman in basic Ft.
                                  Ft. Knox.  PO3 Steven Mattern aboard USS Canistero.  PVT Richard D. Unger com-
                                  pleted basic Ft. Knox.  Cadet Fredrick A. Fedewa enters junior year at USAF
September 28            U.S. jets in big raid on North.  PVT Dan Winger attending radio teletype school Ft. 
                                  Gordon.  Darrell L. Young promoted to SP4 in Germany.
September 27            Planes hit Red air base.
September 29            Kissinger presents Viet report.  Three POWs finally get back home.
October 3                  F111s pulled from combat.  They were a medium range interdictor and tactical strike
                                  aircraft which also filled the role of strategic bomber, reconnaissance and electronic 
                                  warfare.  First introduced in 1968.  Used in final month of Operation Lineback and 
                                  later in Operation Linebacker II.  AN Marvin G. Pretorius assigned to Lowry AFB.  
                                  AN Christine S. Burnham completed radiology specialist course Shepperd AFB assi- 
                                  gned USAF hospital Langley AFB.  CAPT Larry Lester graduated Air University
                                  academic instructor course Maxwell AFB now with AFROTC Colby College.
October 4                  Thieu meeting with Alexander Haig opposes draft agreement.  McGovern to reveal 
                                  plan to end war in Indochina.  Saigon bombing ordered counter for expected Red 
                                  attacks.  Ronald D. Baker and Tommy E. Rager, 293rd ING, on active duty training Ft. 
October 5                  Three GIs die in Vietnam.
October 6                  Secret Viet peace talks in sensitive state-Nixon.  Peter Arnett describes Red war effort
                                  Heavy attacks in Saigon area.  N. Viet building new fuel pipeline
October 8                  Breakthrough at Paris meeting between Kissinger and Le Duc Tho.
October 9                  N. Viets hold area near Saigon.  LT Jerry L. Kreamer completed Medical Service 
                                  Corps Officer course at Brooke Army Medical Center.  PVT Gary M. Mitting com-
                                  pleted basic Ft. Knox.  PFC Eddie D. Miller, 1st BN, 5th Art., Ft. Riley.  Major Max 
                                  W. Hammonds at Fairchild AFB.  CPO Robert E. Tyner, USS Kennedy, participated 
                                  in Exercise Strong Express.  PO1 William L. Fleck and FNLarry Walk aboard USS 
October 10                Enemy continues to hold hamlets north of Saigon.    Nearly 200 men aboard USS
                                  Kitty Hawk, frustrated by eight months duty and being ordered back to Vietnam
                                  rioted.  Blacks began beating whites at random.  47 treated for injuries received from
                                  rioters.  PVT John F. Reed completed medical corpsman course Ft. Sam Houston.  
                                  PFC Robert R. Miller at Ft. Riley.  
October 11                "Save lives instead of face" McGovern says in War policy.
October 12               Reds position unchanged.  U.S. attack jets given restrictions for Hanoi.
October 13               N. Viets overrun border camp in highlands.
October 18               Kissinger arrives in Saigon.  Democracy not for Saigon.  Another F111 fighter/
                                 bomber lost during strike over North.
October 19               Kissinger and Thieu confer.  Flareup of fighting in S. Viet.
October 20               Kissinger and Thieu confer in Saigon for nearly 4 hours.  Finds Thieu implacably
                                 opposed to agreement.  Skirmishes near Viet capital.  SP4 Herbert D. Horstman, 
                                 mechanic, completed NCO course, Ft. Riley.
October 23               3 N. Viet MIGs shot down by U.S. jets.  Kissinger heading home.  Big Viet GI vote 
October 24               Nixon cuts bombing of North.
October 25               Viet headway made but peace not just around the corner.  U.S. strikes against North
                                 reduced again.
October 26               Hanoi says U.S. okays peace, then has trouble with Saigon.                                 
October 30               Navy cuts back Viet operations.  Vietnam peace pact firm VP says.  
October 31               Communist forces make 100 attacks in Vietnam.  Vietnam negotiations resume.  PFC
                                 Arthur Strange named honor graduate of his AIT class, 2nd Air Defense Training BN, 
                                 Ft. Bliss.
November 1             Thieu wants Vietnam Communists to talk with Saigon.  22 Yanks die in copter crash.
November 2             N. Viets overrun another camp near border.  U.S. rushes military aid to S. Viet.  Unce- 
                                 rtainty hangs over Viet peace. 
November 3             U.S. plans advisors after pact.  Sit in occurs aboard USS Constellation made up of
                                 dissadent sailors. 122 men transferred.  MAJOR Richard M. Rupley at Ent AFB.  PVT
                                 Robin L. King in basic at Parris Island.
November  4            SP4 Wayman E. Applegate, supply sgt, died in automobile accident near Newark, Oh.
                                 He was stationed at Hancock Field.
November 6             Three American copters shot down near Da Nang.  William P. Rodgers reports secret
                                 Vietnam talks to resume. 
November 7             American supplies pour into Saigon airport.
November 8             B52s in heavy raid over North.  Old planes, copters combine to rescue pilots.  Robert 
D.	                                 E. Ullom enlisted in 183rd ING.  Thomas E. Tullis, Great 
Lakes, promoted to PO3.
                                 SP4 Darrel L. Young completed three weeks of BN tests Vilseck, Ger. 
November 9             Buildup to keep going in Vietnam.
November 10           Thieu says Red pullout a must.  CAPT Larry C. Lester awarded USAF Commendation 
                                 Medal for work as Sqd Computer Officer, 3650th Pilot Training Sqd, Columbus AFB.
                                 130 sailors move to duty on shore. 
November 14           Robert L. Leach killed in hunting accident at Lakeland, Florida.  Entered Army July 
                                 1970 and stationed at Ft. Bragg.  
November 15           U.S. planes pound N. Viet.  More than 600 planes given to S. Viet.  SGT Stephen G.
                                 Burk, chauffeur for deputy commanding general U.S. Army Strategic Communications 
                                 Command, received Meritorious Service Medal at Ft. Huachuca.  PVT Calvin L. 
                                 Warren completed basic Ft. Knox.   
November 16           New round of Viet peace negotiations is imminent.  U.S. negotiator expected to leave
                                 for Paris today.  American air power continues strikes on Red transportation.
November 20           Kissinger resumes talks with Le Duc Tho presents him with 69 amendments demanded 
                                 by Thieu.  B52s hit just below DMZ.
November 21           Another Viet peace session set for today.  Two more jets lost in Vietnam.  PVT Robin
                                 L. King at Camp Lejeune.
November 24           American B52s blast supply targets again.  
November 27           Heavy fighting below DMZ.  SN Marvin K. Holland completed basic at Orlando.
                                 A1C William J. Brainard, Osan AB, awarded Airman of the Month.  AN Pamela S. 
                                 Coon graduated communications specialist course Shepperd AFB.  PVT Arthur E.
                                 Strange completed air defenses artillery weapons course Ft. Bliss.  
November 28           Viet peace keeping to be tough job.  Nixon to meet Thieu emissary.  U.S. bomb fall on
                                 on Viet citizens.
November 29           U.S. bombers continue raids along DMZ.
December 1              Communists shell Bein Hoa AB.  Saigon envoy seeks fourth session.  PFC Eddie D. 
Miller and PFC Robert R. Miller, 1st BN, 5th Fld Art, Ft. Riley participated in dedication ceremonies for the 
new Kansas  City International Airport.  Serviceman's names and addresses published SGT. MICHAEL E. 
December 4              Viet peace talks ressume-unilateral cease fire hinted.  U.S. bombers in heavy attack on
                                  communications lines.  PVT Billy J. Sluss completed basic at Ft. Knox.  AN Marvin 
                                  G. Pretorius completed supply inventory specialist course, Lowry AFB.  CAPT
                                  Michael L. Cress, air weapons controller, assigned Calumet AFB.  SSGT Horace P.
                                 Cripe, 3rd Civil Engineering Sqd, KUNSAN, KOREA.
December 7              U.S. B52s blast truck park.  North  Manchester Mothers Unit mails gifts to the 
following servicemen from Chester and Pleasant townships:  HOWARD W. AUSTIN, SGT JAMES L. 
December 11            Vietnam War means waiting.  Fresh troops infiltrate lines.
December 12            Thieu offers peace package.  Viet talks quicker.
December 13            Kissinger, Tho in last round?  Reds being reinforced.  Viet talks: lots of speculation,
                                 little solid information.
December 14            LCPL Donald R. Rouch at Norfolk.  Dennis Schaaf, Marine Barracks San Fransisco,
                                  promoted to PFC.  AN Pamela S. Coon at Maxwell AFB.  PVT Dennis R. Nelson 
                                  completed basic at Ft. Jackson.  LCPL Thomas J. Forbes at MCAS Cherry Point. 
                                  James Woodcock enlisted in the Navy.  LtCOL Carl Hall, USAF Hospital Wiesbaden, 
                                  Ger., selected for promotion.
December 15             B52s fly record number of missions over North.  Brothers William, Roger and Char- 
                                  les Pelphry, in armed services.  William in Georgia, Roger, Ft. Knox, and Charles at 
                                  Ft. Sill.
December 18             Nixon orders Operation Linebacker II  also called the "Christmas Bombings,"
                                  of areas around Hanoi and Haiphong.  Hit airfields at Kep, Phuc Yen, Hoa Lac, 
                                  warehouse complex Yen Vien and around Hanoi.  Raids continue for eleven days. 
December 19             Heavy Viet raids and heavy losses.  LT Bruce L. Pretorius completed pilot training
                                  Luke AFB.
December 20             Heavy bombing continues-target Hanoi-Haiphong area.
December 21             Congress will try to end Vietnam War.  Nixon gives S. Viets ultimatum.  U.S. sees
                                  N. Viet as stalling.  Three more B52s lost over North.  Ex POW remembers yuletide
                                   in Hanoi.
December 22             President gets response from Thieu.  Air strikes batter North once again.
December 23             Hanoi area has heavy defenses.
December 26             Richard Rayburn, Ft. Devens, marries Denise A. Copeland.
December 29             Operation Linebacker II ends as U.S. air losses increase steadily. Communists agree 
                                   to resume diplomatic talks. 


January 2                  U.S. resumes attacks below 20thParallel.   
January 3                  Attacks increase in S. Viet.  
January 4                  Can Congress end the War?  2nd LT Stephan H. Magner completed OTS at Lackland
                                  AFB began Navigation training Mather AFB.  SR Ricky Martin completed basics at 
                                  Great Lakes to report to Hospital Corpsman "A" School Great Lakes.  Benjamin J. 
                                  Wenger, jet mech, took basic at Great Lakes sent to NATTC Memphis, assigned to
                                  Fighter Sqd 213, USS Kitty Hawk.
January 5                   299 U.S. Casualties in 1972.  97 Viet attacks reported.  POW letters answer prayers of
January 8                   Talks resume.
January 10                 PVT Dave Drabenstot home on holiday leave.  Terry J. Lower finished basic at Lack-
                                   land AFB sent to tech school Lowery AFB.  Robert E. Fields enlisted USAF to go to
                                   basic at Lackland AFB.  TSGT Loren Rife, corrosion control  supervisor, assigned to 
                                   Korat Royal Thai AFB.
January 11                 Pilot explains reason for refusing Viet mission.  U.S. planes maintain heavy raids.
January 12                 Saigon headquarters tightens security plan.
January 17                U.S. planes hit N. Viet positions.  Anti war forces prepare bill to cut funds.  Revised
                                  peace pact draft studied.
January 18                Two Americans killed in action.  U.S. planes make 400 air strikes.  Total withdrawal
                                  would force new outlook.  Peace talks open again Tuesday. 
January 19                Jerry L. Mendenhall enlisted in the USAF; basic at Lackland AFB.
January 22                Cease fire might bring terror, assassination.  Documents reveal cease fire date.
January 23                Finally initial agreement.  The cease fire took effect at 24:00 Greenwich Mean Time.
                                 The agreement was signed at the International Conference Center in Paris.
January 24                12 page agreement Hanoi, U.S. announce peace package terms.  Cease fire report 
accepted quietly.  1,215 Hoosiers died in Viet War.  Indiana Reaction to cease fire ranges from joy to 
resentment.  POWs to return "as soon as possible."  Mrs. Zella Miller asks "What did my son die for?"
     For the relatives of American prisoners of war, Monday night's announcement didn't come to soon.
     For the relatives of missing in action, it will end an era of uncertainty.  For the relatives of the Vietnam 
War casualties, it is a time to wonder, "What did my son die for?"
     The announcement Tuesday night by President Richard Nixon of the pending ceasefire in Vietnam was 
a time for mor meditation, gried and tears for the parents of Wabash County war casualties.
     Mrs. Zella Miller, 1067 Pike St., is the mother of the county's firs Vietnam War casualty, SSGT Everett 
Gene Miller, who was killed during the war's escalation on January 29, 1966.
     Monday will mark the seventh anniversary of her son's death.  Still, the emptiness is there as she asks, 
openly crying, "What did my son die for?"
     "I hate to be so emotional," she said, adding that she really is happy for the families of American POWs.
     "I hope it will work out for the best," she said, "but, I just don't know…."  Her voice trails off as her 
emotions take control.
     "I just can't help from thinging-it will always be in my mind-what did my son die for?" she asks.
     Mrs. Miller fell recently and said she wasn't able to watch the President make the historical announce- 
ment Tuesday night but did listen on the radio.
     She holds no bitterness.
     To her, the emotion in the President's voice was evident.  It was like "he had happiness and sorrow all in 
one bundle," she said.
     Mrs. Miller, like millions of other Americans today, will be glued to the television, listening for more 
details and watching the ironic turn of events which finds televised funeral ceremonies for the President 
who, in part, ordered America's greatest war buildup since World War II in Southeast Asia-Lyndon B. 
     Less than two months after SSGT Miller's death came the announcement of the county's second Viet- 
nam fatality, Tommy R. Miller, a navy corpsman, and the son of Mr. and Mrs. Arden Miller of Laketon.
     Max L. Brubaker, son of Mr. and Mrs. Albert E. Brubaker, Ijamsville, was home on leave from the 
Army when Miller was buried and attended the funeral, his father recalled today.
     Five months later, Army private Max L. Brubaker, became Wabash County's third war death.
     The impact was no easier for the Brubakers than anyone else, even though, at the time, Brubaker 
believed in the American involvement there.
     Since then, his attitude has chaged.
     "It seems to me they could have stopped it a long time ago," Brubaker said.  As the years passed without 
settlement, he began to think the motive was mor political and financial rather than a matter of principal or 
containing Communism.
     "I was awfully glad to hear it, though" he said, "just for the families of the POWs.  There is more 
anxiety there than in the people who already know what has happened."
     Brubaker admitted he had doubts about the President's motives at times, especially since the inception 
of the secret negotiations.
     "I was beginning to think he (the president) wasn't even trying," he said, but "he probably was doing all 
that he could." 
     Brubaker cautioned of the possibility the war may start again at a later date.  There is always that 
possibility, he said.
     The county's next to last casualty was marine SGT Randall Lee Pell, who was killed April 7, 1970, 
while serving his third tour of duty in Vietnam.  SGT Pell was the son of Mr. and Mrs. Harold L. Pell, 143 
Shady Lane Dr.
     Mrs. Pell filled with emotion, found it almost impossible to talk this morning about the eventual war's 
     "It's just awful hard to express your feeling…" she said, her voice giving way, finally, to her emotion.
     Her only consolation rests with her 10 year-old son, who will not face military service in Vietnam.
     The 16 servicemen who lost their lives in Vietnam are Everett Miller, Tommy Miller, Max Brubaker, 
William Brindle, Daniel Fulwider, Gary Biehl, James Hipskind, Loren Morford, Marlan Kitts, Victor 
McDowell Jr., Victor Poor, Max Johnson, Gregory Fleck, Robert S. Raines and Frederick Nutter and 
Randall Pell.    
January 25                End of War service scheduled.  Pentagon halts GI shipments.  U.S. prepares for cease 
January 26                War's still on in S. Viet.
January 27                Cease-fire agreements formally signed in Paris called Paris Peace Accords.  Promised
                                  return of POWs and within 60 days the withdrawal of U.S. forces..  Secretary of Def-
                                  ense Laird announces that the draft in the U.S. has ended.
January 29                Cease fire violations claimed.  Marines trapped.  Estimated 1,300 servicemen still mis-
                                  sing. All volunteer army authorized by Laird.  Laos prisoner data wiwthheld.
January 31                Kissinger will visit Hanoi for agreement.  Cease fire violations decrease.
February 1                VC general joins commission.  Laos list expected.
February 2                Peace keeping delegates meet for first time.  Operation Homecoming for POWs-just 
                                 don't ask them what it was like.
February 5                POW releases expected soon.
February 6                POW transfer sites mentioned.  POW benefits may exceed $10,000.  Minesweepers to 
                                  clear Viet harbors.
Feburary 7                No fanfare but USO closed in Saigon.  U.S. to release POWs.
February 9                prisoner exchange time set.  Kissinger arrives in Laos.  N. Viet to release 115.
February 12              POW wife at Grisson gets call.  Prisoners released after delay.  Three Indiana POWs  
                                 freed.  Doctors check freed POWs.
February 13              House to consider bonus for Veterans.  POWs swap stories.  Viet POWs echanged. 
                                 Organization aids POW.  Gifts offered to servicemen.
February 15              40 former POWs on second flight.  N. Viet aid discussed.
February 16              Welcome prepared for freed POWs.  Changes surprise returning exprisoners.  Heli- 
                                  copter shot down; five Americans hurt.  Indiana house approves Vietnam War bonus.
February 17              20 more exPOWs arrive today.  Released prisoners in good condition.  Peace keeping
                                 groups investigate violations.  Thieu predicts Saigon, Hanoi will open talks.  Kissinger 
                                 opers Vietnam trade talks in Japan.  ExPOW had dream girl in Prison.
February 20              American POWs frolic.  N. Viet shift troops to Laotian area.  VC general answers 
                                 questions.  Fewere violations reported.
February 21              U.S. requests 140 more POWs.  Laotian factions agree.
February 23              Cease fire group starts first check.
February 26              N. Viet pledges full investigation of 1300 MIAs.  Hanoi delays POW exchange.
February 27              MSGT Terry L. Tyner graduated Air Force Communications Service NCO Academy
                                 Richards-Gebaur AFB.  He is stationed at Grissom AFB.  Peace declaration prepared 
                                 at Paris.  N. Viet suspended exchange of POWs.
February 28              U.S. suspended troop withdrawal.  N. Viet demands security.
March 1                    Prisoner exchange to resume.  Hanoi bombing cost $25 million a day.   N. Viet, U.S.
                                 agree on 9 point pact.
March 2                    VC threaten to withhold 30 POWs.  PVT Ronald K. Ellet completed basic Ft. Knox, 
                                  stationed Nuremberg, Ger.  Five Indiana men on POW list.  Vietnam halted war films. 
March 5                    VC free 34 POWs in Hanoi.
March 6                    VC request swifter exchange.  Only 10,000 men left.  80 POWs return to Clark AFB. 
                                  Pamela S. Coon married Keith Beile at Whiteman AFB.
March 8                    Few nations favor Vietnam aid.  56 POWs headed home.  Saigon released 499 POWs. 
March 9                    U.S. pressures Communists to release 140 more POWs.  AN Jerry I. Mendenhall com-
                                  pleted basic and assigned to Kessler AFB.
March 12                  Navy recruit has to beat the odds.  List of 108 U.S. POWs delivered.  SGT Victor C. 
                                 Miller marries Nancy J. Huff; to live in Okinawa.
March 16                  No prisoners are hdden, says editor in Hanoi.  VC ask for explanation.  U.S. receives 
                                 32 POWs in exchange.
March 19                  Two planes carry 26 American POWs.  Agreement discussed on search for MIAs
                                  Faith sustained POW group.  Hanoi feels war is over.
March 26                  N. Viet gets message about troops not withdrawn until 9 Americans captured in Laos
                                 are returned.
March 27                  Last 32 POWs freed.  AN Connie S. Singleton completed basic; assigned Shepperd 
March 28                  Hanoi frees 49 POWs.  Vietnam Memorial started.
March 29                  Last American troops leave Vietnam.  Vietnamese loot Camp Alpha Tan Son Nhut 
April 1                      Last American prisoners of war released in Hanoi.
May 13           Leonard Gardenour commissioned 2nd Lt in Air Force upon graduation at IU.  Sent to 
                 Malmstrom AFB as OIC, law enforcement.  After two years sent to Osan AB Korea(shift commander and 
                 liaison officer with Korean National Police), then 3 ½ years Grissom AFB (ops officer/sqd commander).
                 In 1981 left the Air Force as a Captain .

June 24                     Graham Martin sworn in as ambassador to South Vietnam replacing Ellsworth Bunker.
July 16                      Senate Armed Services Committee begins hearings on the secret bombing of 
August 14                 U.S. stops bombing Cambodia in accordance with congressional  prohibition.


January                     Thieu declares that the war has begun again.        

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