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Deaths Mentioned In The P. H. Bolinger Diary
1881 -1899

The North Manchester Library has a copy of the diary of P. H. Bolinger printed in a North Manchester paper. It is interesting and contains the names of many people who died in the North Manchester area as well as happening in and around the town. Bolinger himself died August 2, 1923. For further information on the deaths listed below see the diary.

ABBOTT, GEORGE died 3-29-1894
ABBOTT, NANCY BASSETT wife of George died 3-14-1888
ABERSON, HANNAH wife of D. died 10-4-1882
AMBER, REV. SAL.? buried 6-7-1895
ANDREWS, ____ son of J. S. funeral held 1-20-1892
ARNOLD, HENRY funeral at Huntington 11-9-1893
ARNOLD, SARAH wife of Jesse died 3-4-1894
ATCHISON, WESLEY killed by cars while breaking at Leesburg 7-10-1891
AUKER, W. H. died 7-23-1893
BAER, JOHN F. died 6-4-1893
BAKER, JULIA PECKHAM wife of J.F. buried 8-24-1896
BAKER, LYDIA died 7-7-1889
BAKER, WILLIAM E. died 5-3-1896
BALLENGER, ____ child of W.H. buried 1-14-1885
BANKS, EUGENE died 12-19-1891
BASH, ROSS 6 years old run over by east bound freight tried to get on
    train and fell under 12-29-1891
BASH, W. FRANK died 8-22-1885
BEAUCHAMP, A. G. former operator and ticket agent buried 4-25-1890
BLICKENSTAFF, CLARA buried 7-16-1893
BLOCKSON, SUSAN died 8-14-1897
BLOOD, ASA S. died 6-25-1894
BOLINGER ____ father died 12-9-1892
BOLINGER, FLORA died 12:30 am 11-1-1885 buried Concord 11-3-1885
BOLINGER, EDNA died of typhoid fever 7-4-1888
BOLINGER, OWEN son of J. aged 10 mos buried at Concord 8-17-1884
    died of cholera infantum
BONEWITZ, CHESTER died 3-17-1893
BONEWITZ, JOHN aged 91 yrs died 2-1-1884
BONEWITZ, LAWRENCE buried 3-11-1894
BONEWITZ, MRS. E. S. died 7-29-1895
BRADY, ____ 2 children of J.N. died this morning one at 4 and the other
    at 7 from throat trouble 7-27-1885
BRIGGS, ____wife of C.M. died 4-5-1888
BROOKINS, HIRAN died 12-26-1891
BROOKINS, M.G. buried 12-31-1898
BROWN, HARRY died 6-9-1893
BROWN, WALDO funeral 12-10-1893
BURDGE, JOHNSON M. died 6-9-1887
BUSSARD, BETSY died 3-20-1890 the oldest daughter of Rebekah in
    the county
BUSSARD, JACOB funeral 9-17-1899
BUTLER, CHARLES W. shot his wife 9-25-1883 at Pierceton hanged at
Columbia City 10-7-1884
CARR, NANCY N. died 1-29-1892
CHURCH, E. P. funeral 10-27-1896
CHURCH, MARY J. funeral 10-5-1893 wife of E. P.
CHURCHILL, JAMES buried 2-23-1897
CLARK, HARVEY fell from train died 3-13-1883
CLARK, JOHN fell dead of heart trouble at Tom Millers blacksmith
    Shop 3-11-1885
CLARK, JOHN body brought home killed by cars at Toronto Canada 6-9-1892
CLEMANS, SALOME funeral at Liberty Mills 11-4-1896
CLOYD, A.J. died 3-22-1899
CLOYD, CORA daughter of Andrew died 8-31-1885
COOK, MATILDA JOHNSON wife of Harvey H. buried 12-19-1899
COWGILL, ADA wife of Joseph died yesterday 10-4-1890
COWGILL, CALVIN died 3-31-1894
COWGILL, EDITH mother of Mrs. Jacob Barter died age 90 yrs 1-1-1889
COWGILL, ELIZABETH died 7-4-1889 21 yrs after son Joseph lost both
    hands in 4th of July celebration wife of John L.
COWGILL, JAMES buried 7-7-1896
COWGILL, REBECCA wife of James M. died 1-3-1885
DELVIN, JOHN died 8-1-1886
DUNBAR, JOHN died from diabetes 1-14-1892
EAGLE, FRANCIS M. died in Wabash 10-15-1899
EBBINGHOUSE, ERNEST drown in Eel River tried to save Byron Hamm
EBERHARD, HENRY died 12-22-1885
ECKER, J. F. died 11-25-1892
ECKMAN, DR. buried 2-16-1896
ECKMAN, NANCY wife of Noah died 3-1-1891
EGNEW, ANDREW funeral at Lagro 1-29-1890
EICHHOLTZ, CHRISTIAN run over by train at Liberty Mills 6-9-1888
EICHHOLTZ, HENRY died 4-2-1886
ELWOOD, MARY E. wife of John C. buried 6-15-1890
ENYEART, INEZ died at Liberty Mills 2-17-1896
EUBANKS, MRS. JOHN died 5-8-1894
FATSINGER, SARAH A. LEASE wife of Samuel died 11-30-1882
FELTER, GRANDMA died 2-3-1897
FLYNN, CLIFFORD buried Lower Union 5-12-1891
FLYNN, Duirah A. HAYES wife of Ben F. died 1-24-1883
FOLAND, F. M. funeral at Methodist church under direction of Grand
    Army 12-13-1885
FREDERICK, DANIEL died 5-23-1891
FUNK, SAMUEL D. funeral at Pleasant Grove died 1-2-1891
GABLE, MRS. A. died 5-21-1894
GARBER, MRS. HENRY died 1-19-1882
GINGERICK, JOHN died 1-4-1886
GINGERICK, BARBARA A. wife of J.P. died 7-29-1886
GINTHER, BENJAMIN father of Dr. died last night 3-12-1885
GINTHER, POLLY KELLER mother of Dr. drowned in river 6-9-1888
GOOD, JOHNNY died last night 2-13-1890
GOSHORN, DR. A. H. funeral 10-31-1897
GROSSNICKLE, ____ son of Jonathan buried 10-14-1898
GROSSNICKLE, MRS. JACOB buried 8-30-1896
GROSSNICKLE, JANE wife of Nathan died 6-29-1885
GROSSNICKLE, NATHAN buried 3-30-1895
GROW, JACOB B. died 9-2-1897
GRUBE. EDITH died of diptheria 12-5-1891
GRUBE, MR. buried 12-19-1899
GUFFIN, WILLIAM died 1-15-1886
HAMM, BYRON drown Eel River 6-17-1897
HAMILTON, ELIZA JENKS died 2-13-1897
HANLEY, THOMAS died 12-24-1891
HARE, NOAH died 7-9-1893 remains taken to Baltimore
HARMON, F. C. brakeman on Wabash killed 7th street crossing
HARRELL, JESSE D. formerly of this place killed by natural gas
    explosion in Alexandria 4-1-1894
HARTER, CHARLOTTE died 1-12-1887
HARTER, MRS. MARCUS died 1-27-1899
HARTER, REUBEN buried 3-25-1883
HARTER, STEPHEN died 3-28-1893
HEETER, JOHN buried 4-5-1887
HEETER, MRS. CHARLES died 2-20-1893
HEETER, OLIVER buried 5-6-1889
HELM, WILLIAM C. hung self 11-5-1898
HILLIS, WILLIAM E. hanged self in outhouse at Union church a
    mile south of Claysville helped bury on 5-12-1894
HIPPENSTEEL, ELIZABETH RIDGELY wife of Joseph died 6-11-1883
HIPPENSTEEL, MARY J. wife of Josiah buried 5-19-1889
HOKE, IDA wife of John died 12-1-1882
HOLDERMAN, HENRY died 1-23-1885
HOOVER, ____ child of Isiah buried forenoon at Concord 8-17-1884
    died of cholera infantum
HOOVER, J0HN C. funeral 7-31-1896 son of Mose
HOOVER, MARTIN W. died 11-27-1896 was a Chester twp teacher
HOPKINS, MRS. SAMUEL. V. died last night 10-3-1887
HORNING, DANIEL, died of typhoid fever 10-16-1890
HORNING, IRVIN died 7-9-1895
HOWE, MRS. D. N. died 3-16-1891
HUFFMAN, CHARLES died 5-10-1890
HULL, JOHN of Servia shot wife hung self 3-18-1897
ISENBARGER, MARY B. GROSNICKLE wife of Eli died 10-13-1896
JENKS, EMMERSON drowned Eel River near mouth of Poney Creek 6-5-1883
JENKS, HANNAH buried Concord 5-28-1890
JENKS, HARRIET E. buried at Concord 1-26-1881
JENKS, MOTHER died 1-31-1893
JENKS, WILLIAM funeral at Concord 8-20-1883
JOHNSON, C.D. funeral at Methodist church 5-22-1898
JOHNSON, MRS. JESSEE died at Liberty Mills 2-9-1891
JOHNSON, WILLIAM H. jumped off train into race and drowned
    32y old 8-5-1886
KEESEY, JOHN died at home of son in Burkett 5-19-1897
KEESEY, LUCINDA wife of John died 10-12-1890
KEESEY, WILLIAM D. died 8-24-1896
KING, JOHN N. died 11-11-1886
KITSON, SUSAN KROUGH wife of Daniel died 1-7-1889
KLINE, FRED choked to death 4-6-1884
KNEPPER, CYRUS died last night 6-2-1890
KNOOP, NANCY buried 11-29-1890 past 93 yrs
KRISHER, NANCY funeral 5-11-1890
KUHNLE, WILLIAM died 8-3-1889
LANTZ, CAROLINE died last night wife of Henry 11-1-1887
LAUTZENHISER, JOSEPH buried 3-26-1896
LESH, JOSEPH buried Pleasant Grove 10-26-1891
LEWIS, VIOLA E. wife of Fredric G. buried 5-3-1887 died in
    Buchanan, Mi.
LIGGET, GRANDMA died yesterday buried at Pleasant Grove 1-13-1891
LINDLEY, THOMAS died 6-18-1895
LOFLAND, LONA buried in Concord 12-18-1891
LOGAN, JOHN A. died 12-26-1886
LOWER, JOHN M. died 3-1-1896
LUTZ, DANIEL died Saturday 3-12-1888
MCCARTY, M. H. (JERRY) died 2-21-1893
MCCONNEL, CHARLES book keeper at Noftzgers died last night
    at Wabash from injuries received in ball game 9-3-1883
MCCUTCHEON, ____ babe of Samuel buried 6-28-1895
MCELROY, GEORGE killed by falling between cars near Plymouth
MCFANN, LEWIS A. buried 3-28-1885
MCFANN, MRS. JOHN P. buried 9-10-1887
MCFANN, THOMAS buried 4-28-1896
MCGUIRE, BILL shot by Lee Lynn; alias Bill Hicky had threatened
    Lynn's life 2-7-1885
MOE, MRS. ADELBERT died 1-28-1891
MAPLE, NORAH E. wife of John; and 2 children drown crossing
    Simonton Creek 6-16-1889 bodies found 6-17-1889 2 miles
    from where went in
MARTIN, OLIVER funeral 8-2-1897
MAURER, CATHERINE KOONS wife of M. S. died 2-12-1892
MAY, WILL died 11-16-1883
MEISNER, GRANDPA buried 10-19-1897
MESSMORE, MRS. MICHAEL died 5-23-1894
MILLER, A. B. died in California 12-6-1897
MILLER, DANIEL died 10-11-1886
MILLER, FORADEEN buried 12-19-1899
MILLER, GUILFORD 12 yrs killed by kick of horse 5-24-1894
MILLER, ROY killed in saw mill at Ijamsville 1-9-1895
MILLS, MARY ANN SINGER mother of Henry & Sam died last night
MILLS, JOHN buried by Masonic order 3-27-1883
MONFORT, MRS. J. H. died in Hartford City 4-17-1895
MOORE, MRS. GILBERT Buried Concord 1-24-1882
MOWERE, A. E. formerly a teacher in Chester twp, later principal
    of Springfield, Ill. schools buried in Fairview 10-6-1885
MOWERY, RACHAEL buried 5-29-1891
MOWRER, NERI M. buried 11-3-1890
MOWRY, BILL died last night 9-14-1887
MYERS, ELMER D. killed by cars at Stockton, Ill 7-22-1897
MYLING, LUCINDA died at home of D. T. Krisher 8-21-1884
NABER, FREDRIKA wife of William buried 9-14-1893
NORRIS, RESIN died 5-1-1894
O'HARA, PATRICK funeral 1-7-1883
OLIVER, D. H. remains brought here for burial 12-10-1895
PARRETT, ROBERT buried 8-31-1891 died from injury to one of his
PETRY, HANNA died 8-14-1897
PLACE, JENNIE died at Peru buried 3-1-1891
QUINN, LUELLA MAY died at home of father E. M. Rager 10-24-1884
    wife of Nat
QUINTER, JAMES died 5-19-1888
QUIVEY, ADDIE B. body brought from Rensselaer for burial wife
    of Ed E. 1-12-1887
RAMER, PETER buried 5-26-1891
REAHARD, J. F. drown 7-22-1896 while-trying to ford river 5 miles
    SW of Lakteon body found near Chili 7-28-1896
REAM, JOSEPH died 11-13-1897
REED, FRED son of Charles T. buried 3-9-1897
REED, JACOB buried 1-22-1899
REYNOLDS, MRS. H. died 4-9-1886
RHODES, MARY died 8-14-1889
RICE, JOHN M. died 8-31-1896
RICHARD, GEORGE died 9-10-1898
RIDGLEY, FRANK died from injuries received when fell at Soldiers
    Home building in Marion 12-2-1896
RUBY, C. M. died 4-16-1895
SALA, DANIEL died 7-7-1889
SCHULER, ISABELLA BUCHANAN mother of J. B. buried 12-31-1885
SCHULER, VICTOR killed himself by jumping from C.W. & M. bridge
    into river 4-12-1884
SEXTON, SHELBY funeral 4-12-1896
SHAFFER, MARY ANN LAUTZENHISER wife of John died 1-14-1894
SHAFFER, MRS. P. died 4-24-1896
SHANACY, MAY one of the oldest teachers in the county died 11-23-1895
SHAW, ALONZO brakeman on Eel River div. of Wabash thrown from
    train died 2-7-1884
SHERMAN, W. T. died 2-14-1891
SHIVELY, SOLOMON buried 7-11-1896
SHULL, DAISY died 5-7-1884
SLUSSER, ELI died from injuries 10-30-1882 buried 11-1-1882
SMITH, DAVID died 6-9-1888
SMITH JACOB buried 5-29-1888
SMITH, MRS. FRED died at Toledo buried 1-22-1896
SMURR, MINNIE killed by train 9-30-1892
SPEED, P. B. buried 2-11-1885
SPENCER, LOUISA F. dau of E. M. Rager wife of Thomas E. died
SPRINKLE, ELIAS died 6-10-1897
STADDLER, WILLIAM died 8-12-1895
STEPHENSON, GEORGE ex sheriff died 3-22-1884
STEVENS, HARRY drowned 7-17-1885
STRAUSS, DANIEL died 2-14-1894
STRICKLER, HENRY died 8-13-1889
STRICKLER, JOHN died from effects of lagrippe buried 1-14-1892
SWANK, GEORGE buried 4-23-1899
THOMAS, GRACIE dau of W. E. and Mary died 10-18-1885
THOMAS, JOHN buried 4-15-1884
TILMAN, ____ dau of Jacob died of spinal meningitis 9-2-1885
TILMAN, BRYANT little son of John W. buried Concord 4-25-1883
TURNER, JOSIE funeral held 12-6-1886 body taken to Minneota
    for burial
TYNER, RICHARD buried at Concord 8-22-1898
ULREY, JOHN S. died 11-19-1890
UNKNOWN young man from Pa killed on work train at Swank Creek
    bridge 5-2-1883
UNKNOWN woman killed by showman in Wabash 7-26-1882
VANALSTYNE, FLOY taken to Cal. for health died there last Tuesday
VANBUSKIRK, FRANK 16 yrs broke through ice while skating at
    Ijamsville and drown 2-1-1889
WAGNER, CHARLES died of consumption 4-23-1887
WAGNER, JOSEPH died 6-12-1896
WALL, OSCAR died 3-3-1891
WALLACE, AUGUSTA M. wife of J. R. died 10-20-1893
WALLACE, LYDIA died 1-4-1899
WELLS, HUGH died 7-9-1896
WELLS, CAROLINE B. YOUNG wife of Hugh funeral 4-25-1898
WERKING, JOHN Chester twp teacher died of typhoid fever 11-10-1896
WET, HARVEY died 7-7-1889
WEST, MRS. WILLIAM funeral 8-2-1896
WEST, SALLY died 4-24-1896
WHITE, JESSE served in war of 1812 died 2-18-1885
WILLIAMS, ____ dau of A.H. funeral 3-5-1896
WILLIAMS, AVERY A. Co. superintendant died 1-17-1894
WILLIAMS, JOHN W. died last night 2-9-1884
WINESBURG, FRANK buried 5-28-1895
WINESBURG, HIRAM buried 10-30-1893
WINTON, MARY A. McMACHEN mother of Dr. H. taken to Wabash
    for burial 1-12-1884
WINTON, HORACE died 3-17-1893
WOOD, JOSHUA died 1-22-1884
WOODEN, CATHERINE mother of Mrs. J.C. Blickenstaff died 3-31-1894
YOUNG, MRS. JOHN P. buried 6-28-1894
YOUNG, NOAH died 5-10-1884

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