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I am looking for Land Abstracts or a Tract/Entry Book for Helt Township in the 1820's to 1830's.  I live in Ohio and have asked for help from the Court House and an employee at a library.  I was willing to pay but no one responded or replied. 

Thank you.
Lynne Holcomb


I am researching my husband's family (Collom) His father and mother were divorced in1943 and he was raised by his father & had little to no contact with his birth mother.  Their marriage produced my husband (Donald) in 1941 and his sister Joyce Collom Laws in 1939.  Joyce and her three children died in a tragic house fire in 1974 in Cayuga, IN.  Ruth Price (Collom) married John White and their marriage produced a daughter, Carolyn or Caroline, who married a man with the surname Marshal or Marshel or Marshall.  I am trying to contact Carolyn or find out where she may be to complete my husband's maternal side of his family.  Any help or resource information you can give will be greatly appreciated as the majority of the relatives that had any knowledge of Ruth Price (Collom) White or her daughter are now deceased.

I am trying to track down the wife of a physician in Newport who left her husband and children for my great-grandfather. Anyone have a clue as to who the woman might have been? Apparently she lived with my great-grandfather in Missouri until she passed away, probably in the 1940s. My great-grandfather was Frank Forest Kaufman, who died in 1952. If anyone has any ideas, please contact me so we can complete our genealogy. Thanks.

Hutchinson Family
I have a great, great, great grandmother named Susannah Hutchinson who is listed in the 1820 U.S. Census, Vigo County and the 1830 U.S. Census for Vermillion County IN.  She has been transcribed by one person as Jeremiah Hutchinson in the 1820 Vigo Census.  She is buried in the very old part of Helt's Cemetery.  I have a picture of the stone with her name and date of death.  She was born 1780 in possibly Vermont and died April of 1830 in Helt's Prairie, Indiana.  She is not only a true "Pioneer of Indiana", but the mother of one of your noted citizens, Volney Hutchinson who married Mary Jane Armstrong (Denehie).  Volney had a sister named Viola who married Thomas Aldridge or Oldridge. 
We have been looking for the name of Volney's father for a number of years.  Volney was orphaned at 12 years of age and apprenticed out to become a carpenter.  We are unable to locate a court record or any information concerning Volney's father.
Lynn Hindman (Coombs) Holcomb


Billings Family
Thread Started on May 25, 2008, 5:58pm
I am researching my faimly tree. My ancestors lived in Highland Township, Vermillion Co. in the 1820's and 30's. John Billings (my 4th great grandfather) was married to Anna and they had 8 children, William, Elijah, John, Joal, Archibald, David, Phebe & Anna. Can anyone help me with this search? Thank you.

Sarah Phebus
Thread Started on May 30, 2008, 10:14am
Lewis Phebus Sr. had several siblings, one being my ancestor, Samuel. Samuel migrated to Pickaway County, Ohio where he lived the remainder of his life. One of his sons, James,(born abt. 1798) subsequently married Sarah??? and they had six children. James met with a premature death (1837)in Pickaway County and Sarah took the children and moved to Vermillion County,IN abt 1838 where she resided on property owned by her brother-in-law, Lewis. She is on the 1840 census report. I cannot confirm if all her children were with her but believe they were.

The next record I can find is 1850 where she is residing in White County, IN and in 1852 she and her eldest son, Silas, Purchase land-grants in White County. Any help in filling in the blanks is appreciated. I do not know if she ever owned property in Vermillion County. Lewis was a landowner in Fountain and Vermillion Counties. Thanks