Tippecanoe County Indiana Cemeteries  

Greetings researchers,  I've listed 139 cemeteries below on my list, displayed in a township order.  Burial lists for most cemeteries are being entered on Findagrave and they are linked below by the current name of each cemetery. 

Our County was established in 1826, but we know it was inhabited much earlier. The earliest graves that are marked in our County are in 1811 at the Tippecanoe Battlefield in Battleground, but most tombstone found after that are dated 1820's or 1830's, probably when more stone carvers moved in the area.  On my journey around this County, I've taken overall photograph of each cemetery and they are linked below for you to view.  We also know, several cemeteries have been completely destroyed

So many burial records have been thrown away in Tippecanoe County, please share what you know.  It will help others in their search for family history and help preserve Tippecanoe County history.  If by chance should you have any old burial readings, maps or records that can help share the history of an old cemetery, I want to hear from you. I will be happy to come and digitize the records.  Do you have an old church history that was connected to a old cemeteries?  If a ledger exist it could help complete a cemeteries history.

L. A. Clugh

Tippecanoe County Cemetery Restoration page

Tippecanoe County Indiana Cemeteries is on Facebook.  

Special thanks to David R. Cheesman who help me start on Findagrave.  Many of our listings in the southern part of the county have obituaries posted to them thanks to Thelma  Brooks-Morgan, she added over 10,ooo burials. Thanks to Amy H. for adding entries for several cemeteries with records and photographs, Kay Harris and to Quentin for adding Old Cairo back on.  Plus other members of the TIPCOA / Tippecanoe Co. Area Genealogy Society who continue to help.  And to all of you who helped by adding photographs.  Together we make it better for everyone.  As of October 2016, 139 cemeteries are up online now, all that's left is tweaking & looking for anyone we may have missed.  Many people are buried in unmarked graves. Today, Death Records online now exist on Ancestry and FamilySearch, so volunteers are continuing to add new entries. TIPCOA volunteers are finishing the pauper burials from our County records. (see the 4 County Farms or Poor Farms cemeteries)  More will come soon on our project called Finding the Forgotten


         A link to the Area Plan Commission book is now available.  It is in Adobe Reader format and you must  have 
        this on your computer to use this file.  This book has a page with directions for each cemetery known in this county. 
          Tippecanoe County Cemetery Book  (pdf)     

 Tippecanoe County Cemetery Map in the same format. 
 A link for an older map showing the 13 township

DAVIS-HIGMAN     sec. 9  est.1820 Located on North 9th Street Rd. Past old Duncan plant.  Iron fence.
FATHER HAMILTON  sec 21 single grave Burial Tomb in St. Mary's Church basement.  Est. 1875
GREENBUSH   & Lafayette City  Graveyard 
Civil War Monument   See the  Section Map  
Greenbush Veteran list,  Its still growing
sec 21 est.1843 1408 N. 12th Lafayette, IN. AKA:  Lafayette Burial Grounds 1 (182?)  & 2. Tombstones and graves were moved to Greenbush sometime in 1863-64.  Lafayette City Graveyard began in 1843 in the lower 4 sections.  
ISLEY  sec 13 est.1820 Located off Eisenhower Road past subdivision.
LAFAYETTE 1ST BURIAL GROUND. 1st Cemetery & Pauper Burials sec 21 1825 1st know cemetery was on North and 9th St. Moved to the lower sections of the Lafayette City Cemetery sometime in the 1860s.  Article 1.
POOR FARM # 2. (burial's list being worked on) sec 21 1850's  Destroyed  Located in Linnwood in the 1850's.  At the end of Burroughs Street   Article 1 1865     Article 2 1908
REST HAVEN     sec 22 est. 1931 1200 Sagamore Pkwy N., Lafayette IN,   South of Greenbush St. 
SPRING VALE      map   sec  est. 1868 2580 State Rd 25 N. Lafayette IN,  North of 52 on N. side.  
ST. BONIFACE         sec  est. 1897 2581 State Rd 25 N., Lafayette IN, North of 52 on S. side. Article on beginning
ST. JOSEPH  sec 16 est. 1847 Located on Greenbush St. between 16th & 17th St. in Lafayette.
ST. MARY'S    
for St Joseph Orphan Asylum for Boy
sec 31 est. 1840 2122 Old Romney Rd.,  North of Elston Rd.
Also called Ahavis Achim from 1849-1919.    And Sons of Abraham, 3 on same site.   Online map.
sec 32 est. 1840 On  Montifore Street,  South of Owen St. in Lafayette. 
PINHOOK       (interment.net) sec 6 est. 1828 CR 800 S & 700 W, back in private woods. Partial destroyed.
SHELBY FARM    sec 3 est. 1843 CR 400 W, on private property. Very nice. All photos online.
SUGAR GROVE  a.k.a. Shawnee Mound      Veterans  
Also see the Genweb partial list of abt. 180 burials w/ photos   
sec 32 est. 1832 Located down a long drive and up on a hill off CR 
1325 S.  
WHEELER'S GROVE  a.k.a. Black, Odell 
or Shawnee Mound.  also see the Genweb page   
This is only a partial list of burials w /photos 
sec 27 est. 1828 Located on St. Rd. 25 S. just South of CR 1250 S.
CHILD BURIAL  sec 3 est. ?  .S. Hwy. 52 south of CR 800 S.  * no tombstones*
a.k.a. Clark
sec 23 est. ? Located on CR-975 E., South of Hwy 28 
CONCORD    sec 11 est. 1842 South of Concord on CR-300 E.
a.k.a.Pop's Center
sec 2 est. ? Destroyed.  Only hints of this one.  Need more information.
COSBY  & the Genweb page     sec 23 est. 1835 Located on CR 1200 S. between 300 E. and 400 E.
a.k.a. Stockwell 
sec 5 est. 1830 In the town of Stockwell next to railroad and 
700 E.  Old stones were moved from the Original Cole Cemetery up town in section 9.
a.k.a. Barkhurst or Skinner
sec 7 est. 1837 South off  CR 900 S. and west of 575 E. back in the farm field.  Overgrown. on private property. Partial destroyed
a.k.a. Beeville
sec 32 est. 1839 South of CR-1300 S. between 600 E. and 700 E.  Up a long dirt lane.  
JOHNSON    &  Genweb page sec  4 est. 1830 Located on CR-800 S. East of Stockwell Road. 
MONROE    sec 10 est. 1847 At Monroe on CR 900 S. and U.S. 52
KNIGHT      same site as Summers sec single  Knight family stone was moved to the present location.
a.k.a. Union; Old Campbellite Cemetery.
sec 35 est. 1838 Off 1000 E. just north of the South County Line Road.
ROUTH - PIONEER     Restored.  also see  Tippecanoe Inpcrp page sec 27 est. 1829 Restoration 2002  CR 1300 S. on private property 
SKINNER     NEW LISTING 2008  sec 1 est. 188? Only one grave. Child of John & Nancy Skinner.  No name or dates on the stone.   
ST. JOE  a.k.a. Ashby Cemetery or Conroe Church .  Genweb page. sec  3 est. 18?? Restored 2001, 2 stones,  in woods off CR 800 S. mostly destroyed.   Around 33 people were buried here.  List is lost.
STINGLEY    sec 18 est. 1843 South side of 1000 S. just East of CR 500 E.
SUMMERS Family   
 see the Genweb page 
sec est. 1834 Located on a farm at road 950 S. on farm land a little west of road 275 E.  No longer used; fenced behind the barns.
YORKTOWN    sec 17 est. 1848 Located on 700 E. just south of Stockwell. Founded by Daniel and Rebecca Corkins in 1848.
BOGANS     Genweb
a.k.a. McClintock
sec 22 est. 1832 Completely destroyed. some stone fragments left,  east of Hunters Ridge Est.   Fragments of stone left.
BETHEL CHURCH a.k.a. PETTIT sec 24 est. ? Completely destroyed.  Was by the old Church.
CEDAR BLUFF  sec  est. 1830 Completely destroyed.  Was on CR- 675 East.
CLEAVER    sec 10 est. 1833 Inaccessible, located on private property.  All photos are online. 
FOSTER   Wade Farm     sec 22 est. ? CR 850 E. On bluff on private property.  Destroyed. 3 stone left
a.k.a. Union  2nd Burials listed on Find-A-Grave
sec 9 est. 1822 Located on CR 725 E.  This Church burnt. Still has the Iron fence.   All photos are online.
LESLEY    sec 10 est. 1841 Inaccessible, located on private property.  All photos are online.
MAHAN FAMILY     Find-A-Grave  
a.k.a. Whistler or Welch Farm
sec 10 est. 1839 On West side of CR 900 E.  South of CR 300 N. located on private property.
MIKESELL     Genweb page sec 15 est. 1837 Off CR 900 E. located on private property.  All photos are online.
OLD OXFORD     sec 36 est. 1830 Located at the old church on the Tippecanoe County Line Road East and south of CR 100 S.
SWANK    aka Pettit sec 25   On CR 1050 E. at the bend.  All photos are online.
ULERY    a.k.a. Old German Baptist
Tippecanoe INPCRP project
sec 11 est. 1837 Located off CR250 N. located on private property.  All photos are online.
ZION     a.k.a. Gideon, Tucker or Monitor. 
Page by James Spidle.  ZION   Thank you James!
sec 22 est. 1826 Located on CR-850 E.   This Church burnt.

150th Anniversary, Romney, Ind. History booklet published in 1982 by Howard Newton

    Page 8 describes the churches and cemeteries.
DIETERLY FARM    sec 17 est. 1835 Previously owned by Charles Dieterly.  Its on private property off U.S. 231 road just north of CR 1050 S. Recently destroyed.  
ELMWOOD     sec 18 est.  1921  Located on SR  28 between CR 125 W. and U.S. 231.
a.k.a. Newton Woods
sec 19 est. 1838 Located in Newton Woods Subdivision  Almost destroyed, all stones are down.  All photos are online.
a.k.a. Pioneer or Ivey
sec 19 est. 1847 Several graves; located near Romney cemetery  off  CR 1150 on private property.  Destroyed,  some stone fragments left.
a.k.a. McCutcheon 
sec 1 est. 1833 On CR 800 S. and  CR 150 W.- Restored 2010
OLD ROMNEY    sec 19 est. 1830 Located in Romney on CR 1150. Methodist Cemetery. 
WITGUS-SHOEMAKER     sec 17 est. 1847 Destroyed,  on private property in back field.  Off CR 100 E. A couple tombstone still exist.  All photos are online.
SHELLY ?  ? Location is lost, in the town of Romney.
BAKER    sec 10 est. 1838 Named for Wm. Baker, early pioneer settler.  Just south of St. Rd. 38 on CR 900 E.  Restored 2007.  All photos are online.
BATES  sec 35 est. 1844 Destroyed, no visible remains on east side of
CR 1000 E. beside or behind Newcomer church.
BOGGS sec 27 est. 1837 Was a Campbellite Church cemetery. Destroyed.
BOOHER  &  on Interment.net   sec 22 est. 1829 Alexander Booher family cemetery.  Located just north of CR 600 S. between CR 1000 E. and 1075 E.  Not found today??
BRADLEY   ???? est. 1830 On bluff SE of site of Boggs Cemetery,   Never  found. 
BUSH    also Find-A-Grave   sec 9 est. 1848 Inside the  Dayton corporate limits. All photos are online.
sec 4 est. 1840 Just east of Dayton city limits on St RD 38  Restored 2009-10. All photos are online.
HOLLIDAY  Find-A-Grave   sec 36 est. 1820 Restored 2004, &  mostly destroyed. CR 1000 E & New Castle Rd.  All photos are online. Over an acre gone.
LEAMING FARM    sec 36 est. 1844 Located on East County Line Road and New castle Road. Restored 2005.  All photos are online.
a.k.a. Lauramie Missionary Baptist
sec 36 est. 1847 On New Castle Road, past CR 1000 E.  Restored 2008.  All photos are online.
NEW CASTLE    sec 34 est. 1847 Partially  destroyed,   On private property on bluff.  All photos are online.
a.k.a. Funk Cemetery
sec 26 est. 1849 Located south of CR 600 S. on CR 1000 E. Restored 2008 & 09. All photos are online.
SALEM  sec 33 est. 1845 Began as Salem Methodist Chapel in 1840. Located on CR-775 E. and Stockwell Road.
WYANDOTTE     Historic Marker sec 16 est. 1830 Located on the site of Wyandotte Village - east side of Dayton Road and north of Wyandotte Rd.
ADE sec 27 est. -? At the sight of St. Paul's church CR 75 S. & CR 875 W., no visible remains,  Destroyed.  Some stones moved to Asbury.
a.k.a. Downs  Over 100 tombstone photos have
been added   also on the Genweb
sec 23 est. 1843 On Kerber Road between CR-125 N. and Division Road.
DAWES     Jackson Hwy and CR 600 W.  No visible remains.
a.k.a. Bryan Farm
sec 15 est. 1828 Very bad shape partially destroyed.
MONTMORENCI      church sec 6 est. 1840 Located in the town of Montmorenci on CR 650 W.   and CR 350 N.  Behind the old Church.
a.k.a. Cook Family
    Some visible remains. CR 675W. Lost.  I didnt find it.
a.k.a. Charles Parker
sec 1 est. 1832 Located at CR 300 N. and CR 750 W. Not in great shape.
SPENCER-BEST     a.k.a. Best Cemetery.  sec 7 est. 1833 Destroyed, Overgrown, all stones are down, but they are there.
a.k.a. OLD HARVEY on the Genweb
sec. 3 est. 1835 CR 900 N.  East of 43. Restored 2002-2003 by family.  All photos are online.
 & see the Genweb
sec 23  est. 1811 Memorial to the Battle of Tippecanoe.  All photos are online.
Complete transcription online at the Genweb site.
Thank You Mary Wilson  
sec 13 est. 1829 North of the town of Battle Ground on Pretty Prairie Road.
a.k.a. Bryant
sec 28 est. 1834 Partially destroyed.  Located on 600 N. between 75 E. and St. Rd. 43.  All photos are online. Partial destroyed
CAIRO    a.k.a   Old Radical Cemetery.  sec. 3 est. 1830s  Completely destroyed. Burial list added. Some stones moved to Liberty Chapel. 
a.k.a. Potter's Field.  Recently renamed  Stevens-Barnhardt  & Genweb page 
sec 30 est. 1847 Destroyed , 2 Stone visible left.  East side of CR- 50. Stone are in a corner of a field.  Some obits are linked. All tombstone photos are online.  Over 200 are buried here.  Article 1-1880
DEARDURFF   2 stone photographed sec  est. 1835 Destroyed, Stones moved to Hurst Cemetery.
HARRISONVILLE       a.k.a. Methodist Campground          Project 2000 sec 23 est. 1816 Located within Battle Ground town limits, next to the chapel on the grounds of the Tippecanoe Battlefield Park.
a.k.a. Corwin Cemetery
sec 8 & 17 est. 1835 Located on private property off the end of Goldsberry road. All stones are down.
HURST        map on Find-A-Grave
a.k.a. Swisher or Sand Ridge
reserve est. 1830 No longer used.  In wooded area, east of Swisher Road. On private property, way back in the fields.
JUSTICE sec. 5 DAR had readings of this cemetery. It was located in the wooded are known as Schearer Wood’s  Destroyed.  No visible remains.
Another County Farm Cemetery often called
Potters field or County Poor Farm #4.
sec 30 est. 1930s Located on the west side of CR 50 W. just south of William Henry Harrison High School.   These burials did not have tombstones.  I'm working on a buril list from death certs..  
CHAPEL on the Genweb.
sec. 4 est. 1832 E. U. B. Cemetery located on the north side of CR 900 N. 
a.k.a. Price
sec 30 est.  1830s Located behind William Henry Harrison High School on CR50 W.  Next to tennis courts behind the school.  
PRETTY PRAIRIE     sec 8 est. 1838 Located on Tyler Road, north of Battle Ground. 
BAER or  FRAZER      
a.k.a Lilly
sec 35 est. 1829 West of the Eli Lilly (now Evonic) Plant on ridge over Wea Creek.  On Lilly property permission is needed to access..
a.k.a. Sears, Comet Fry, Irish or Stuart Farm. 
sec 33 est. 1840s Located off CR 500 W and 75 S.  Mass burial for Irish workers of Wabash & Erie Canal period who died from Malaria. Very bad shape. Now a cow pasture. Much destroyed and unknown.
a.k.a. Dimmitt
sec 15 est. 1846 No longer used; CR 450 S. and 375 W. back in a field. Very bad shape.  Restored
FARMER'S INSTITUTE    a.k.a. Quaker Church sec 27 est. 1831 Just east of Farmer's Institute Church on CR 660 S.   
a.k.a. Barnett 
sec 2 est. 1846 On CR 250 W. just south of Eli Lilly Road. On private property.  Not accessible.
a.k.a. Taylor, Taylor's Station or Benett Farm
sec 13 & 24   est. 1839 On the corner of 500 S. and 150 W.  Restored 2006.  All photos are online.
POOR FARM # 1   ( burial's list being worked on)   est.  1830s Destroyed.  The first Poor Farm was located in this township. Sold by the County.  Long gone and developed now. 
a.k.a Old Bilderback or Klondike Cemetery.
A few tombstone pictures have been added
sec 2 est. 1831 In good condition; located on the corner of U.S. 52 and 300 W. across from Klondike Middle School.
DRISCOLL sec    Destroyed.  No visible remains.
GRAND VIEW     map online sec 18  19 1510 N. Salisbury West Lafayette, IN
a.k.a. Grand Prairie Baptist,   not Mt. Zion.
sec 35 est. 1824 Located on 500 N. just east of Morehouse Road.
McCORMICK    sec  est. 1838 McCormick Road & Stadium Ave. Up the hill to the west.  Gated. 
JOHN PURDUE MEMORIAL   sec  single grave Gravesite of John Purdue on the Purdue University Campus in Memorial Mall.
Webpage on David E. Ross
sec  single grave Gravesite of David E. Ross on the Purdue University Campus in West Lafayette.
SANDRIDGE    sec 27 est. 1830 Located on South River Road across from  Fort Ouiatenon.
SOLDIERS HOME    map  Also see
the Genweb site  & State Archives
sec 5   Behind the Indiana Veteran's Home on Soldier's Home Road.  Or off  3851 N. River Road. W. Lafayette.  765-463-1502.   Dates are being added and corrected.  
Burials Submitted by Researchers    90%
sec 1   1718 W. County Rd 350 N.; founded in 1954.  Office (765) 463-2383 
AMERICUS    sec 16 est. 1839 Located south of Americus on 775 E. and 700 N.  Not in great shape.  
a.k.a. Colburn
sec 24 est. 1812 On west side of 1000 E.   Needs more photographs
COLBURN  E.U.B  [United Brethren]     
a.k.a. Colburn
sec 23 est. 1842 On east side of 1000 E.  Needs more photographs
CUNNINGHAM FAMILY   sec 10 est. 1833 On private property east of Americus
a.k.a. Hartman Farm
sec 23 est. 1845 East of 900 E. between 600 N. and 700 N. Private property. Very bad shape pretty much destroyed.  All photos are online.
a.k.a. Little Hollywood or Buck Creek Cemetery  
sec 28 est. 1848 Located on the corner of 500 N. and 750 E. in Buck Creek  Not in great shape.  Restored 2013-14
NORTH UNION    sec 30 est. 1828 Located on 500 E. just off St. Rd. 25 N.
TEA           a.k.a. Kite Runkle or Dryer
This is a list of burials submitted to
sec.11 est. 1811 Located three miles east of Americus on private property.  Most stone are down. Cleaned 2004. All photos are up.
GAY FARM    sec 2 single grave Single burial; 850 W. on private land. 1823
GRANVILLE        Marker sec 30 est. 1838 Located on 75 S. east of 700W.   Bad shape partially destroyed.   All photos are online.
a.k.a. Morgan and Wagon Train Cemetery
sec 22 est. 1839 On the corner of 510 S. and 900 W. Very bad shape mostly destroyed.   All photos are online.
MARKS     *restoration began 2023 sec 34 est. 1831 Started by the Marks family.  Located  on 750 S. just off St. Rd. 25.  Good shape. 
MOYER   & the Genweb page sec 31 est. 1838 Two gravesites visible in this field,  700 S to  625 W.  Go west.
a.k.a. Peter Weaver Cemetery  
sec 11 est. 1832 Located on Burton Road and 300 S.  Good shape.
WEST POINT     2 listings on Findagrave.
sec 19 est. 1830 Located on the east edge of West Point Andrews and Main St.  The old Keiser section has many stones down.
COCHRAN  (recent burials found)   est. 1849 4/10 mile west of U.S. 231around 800 S. Destroyed.
CONARROE  sec 35 est. 1840 No longer used. Located on C.R. 800 S. between 250 E. and  300 E. on private property in back of a field.
FEERER-BLACK     Restored
a.k.a: Rural,  Black or Pioneer
sec 15 est. 1833 Located on C.R. 430 S. west of 250 E. on private property.  Neighbors restored this one.  All photos are online.
FINK     Eagle project 2002
a.k.a.Fink Meadows Cemetery or Thorp
sec 9 est. 1840 Located on the corner of CR 300 S. and 150 E. or S. 18th street and Ortman Lane. All photos are online.
KENNY    on Interment.net   sec 15 est. 1847 Founded by Samuel Black, pioneer settler 1832.
Located on 450 S. just east of 250 E. *Restored 2003*  All photos are online.
KYLE FAMILY  sec 30 est. 1840 Deep in the woods on private property.  No stones visible, just a rock lined around the burials.
LONG sec 21 est. 1850 Destroyed,  no visible remains, On CR 510 S. Only 2 known burials.
a.k.a. Darnell Farm Cemetery
  est. 1850 Destroyed,   located on CR 700 S. just off 200 E. 
MEADOW VIEW      ** NEW 2002** sec 8 est  2002 CR 50 E. South off Brady lane. 
O'NEALL     sec 21 est. 1838 No longer used. on private property off CR 510 S.
a.k.a. FRYBACK   **restored 2007**
sec 19 & 24 est. 1828 No longer used. Located on 100 W. and 500 S on private property.  All photos are online.
SICKLER     sec 6   Located off Old 231 S and CR 300 S.
SPRING GROVE     **restored 2001** sec 27   Founded as a Presbyterian cemetery 600 S. & 300 E.
WILDCAT    sec 23 est. 1836 Located on north side of 600 S.
SHUMAKER    **restored 2010**
sec 36 est. 1829 Located on the east side of 450 E. North of 800 S. behinds the barns.  Finished restoration 2009.


        A helpful tool  Tombstone birth date calculator     


Mr. David Cheesman, spent years reading, verifying and photographing tombstones for his wonderful cemetery books, they mainly cover
the southern part of the county.  The books for our County are found in the Tippecanoe County Public Library. Also found at the
State Library
and Fort Wayne Library.  They are also available through microfilmed at the Family History Center.

A few Township Cemetery Books from the DAR chapter are found in State Library and are microfilmed at the Family History Center.
2 Books were published by Mary Wilson and are available at the Tippecanoe County Public Library.
West Point Cemetery Book is located at the Tippecanoe County Public Library.
Battle Ground Cemetery Book is located at the Tippecanoe County Public Library.

 Tippecanoe County Cemetery Restoration & The Indiana Pioneer Cemetery Restoration Project [INPCRP] page.

Check this link to the Tippecanoe County Genweb Cemetery  list.

 The Indiana Cemetery Database SHAARD from the DHPA

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