Early Schools of Tippecanoe County Indiana
Wayne Township


Tippecanoe County Area area Genealogy Society members, aka: TIPCOA, published this list of early school houses in Tippecanoe County.  This database is an effort to help others find, share and preserve this early history.  Information came from history books and from past newsletter issues as well as other resources sourced below to publish our newsletters. Many photographs were contributed by our members. We would love your help. You can send us a scanned photograph and the picture information, or a webpage that I can link?  Help us all continue to share this history. Thanks to our members and Susan Clawson, our Newsletter Editor.

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Fairfield, Jackson, Lauramie, Perry, Randolph, Sheffield, Shelby, Tippecanoe, Union, Wabash, Washington, Wea.


School symbols are showing on the County and township maps.  1878 Atlas of Tippecanoe county. Wayne Township maps.   (Historic Map Works)  The text "School" appears on the 1866 C.O. Titus map of Tippecanoe County, Indian. (Library of Congress)  Also be aware, school buildings may have been moved.


         Schools in Wayne Townships
            Originally published in the TIPCOA Newsletter Winter 2011 issue #1.

             Numbered Schools for WAYNE Township:

No.  1.  No. 1. Granville, aka, Ouiatenon Section 30 in town of Granville / Ouiatenon, near the Wabash River on 75S (Lafayette St) east of 700W in 1878 (1878 Atlas); closed in 1913 (Hooker). A new building was erected in 1916 and named Ouiatenon after the old French Fort that was in plain view across the river, according to Hooker, who included a picture of the school, which was still under construction. In 1921 per Horwood, it was still in operation in a 4-room brick building under the name Ouiatenon. The Granville Bridge and Cemetery are nearby.
No.  2.  Buck, aka, Canal, aka, Bluff Section 29 on the township line, in 1878; closed in 1881.
No.  3  Murdock Section 5 on 300S between 500W and 700W; on Murdock land in 1878; closed in 1889.
No.  4   Round Top Section 18 at 500S and 600W; on the map in the 1878 Atlas, the road circles the building; this and the name suggest it may have been on a small mound; closed in 1903.
No.  5.  West Point Section 13 several locations, last near Methodist Church at the corner of Jefferson and Monroe streets; on 1878 map at this location; two teachers in 1866, 1870, and 1890, one teacher in 1876 and 1885. High school work began in 1894 (Hooker). See West Point High School.
No.  6.  Midway Section 26 at 650S and SR25; on Whicker land in 1878; closed in 1913 (Hooker) or 1915 (Hanselman, West Point)
No.  7.  Tadpole, aka, Hider Section 27 at 600S and 950W; there is Hider land to the north in 1878; closed in 1911
No.  8  Glen Hall Section 6 on Burnett’s Reserve, named for town of Glen Hall, an unincorporated settlement less than a half mile north of West Point, now often considered part of West Point (“Glen Hall”); according to several maps, Glen Hall is north of SR 25 and West Point is south of SR 25. This school was located on 700W south of 400S. The building is shown north of the church in 1878, and at times classes were held in the Glen Hall church; closed in 1902.
No.  9  Sherry Section 3 on Burnett’s Reserve, NW corner of Coolidge Road; Sherry family owned land nearby in 1878; Sherry cemetery is nearby; closed in 1915.
No.  10  Marks, aka, Corn Bread Section 34 950W near SR25; not on 1878 map; closed in 1901
No.  11  Ground Hog Slide, aka, Cheesman Section 25 700W and 650S; not on 1878 map; closed in 1902.
No. 12  Pinhook Section 31 800S between 625W and 550W; not on 1878 map, but Pinhook UB church is on the map, and the school was nearby. Preceded by school on other side of road in Jackson Township (Borum). The community of Pinhook straddled the township line; Pinhook cemetery is in Jackson Township. No. 12 Pinhook closed in 1909.
Ouiaetnon School
Ouiatenon district school, under
construction in 1916 (Hooker, p. 119)

The first school in Wayne Township was a subscription school taught by Mr. Wiles in 1826 on the banks of the Wabash River near the western edge of the Wea Plain (1878 Atlas, p. 27; DeHart). The same year there was a school at Fulton (Hanselman, West Point). In the late 1840s and early 1850s, there was a small boarding school at the Casley home in West Point (Reser notebook). By 1878 there were ten district schools and the school term lasted eight months (1878 Atlas). There were eleven teachers in the township in 1879 and nine in 1916 (Hooker). By 1916 only the
consolidated school at West Point remained  (Hanselman, West Point). Hanselman, West Point has pics of Midway, West Point, Granville, Pinhook, Tadpole, and Sherry schools.

WEST POINT HIGH SCHOOL was erected in 1901 or 1902 as a consolidation of West Point and Glen Hall schools. It was a two-story brick building that stood at the corner of 700W and SR25  (Hanselman, West Point).
The high school was certified in 1909 and commissioned in 1913 (Hooker, p.129). It was remodeled in 1913 and rebuilt about 1930. It burned in 1937 and was rebuilt the following year. This 1938 building served until the 1958 consolidation with four high schools into Southwestern High School. In 1975 McCutcheon High School opened, replacing both Wainwright and Southwestern High Schools. West Point continued as an elementary until 1985. It was torn down 1987  Source: (Hanselman, West Point). [Pic of West Point High School in Hooker.]


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