Early Schools of Tippecanoe County Indiana
Union township


Tippecanoe County Area area Genealogy Society members, aka: TIPCOA, published this list of early school houses in Tippecanoe County.  This database is an effort to help others find, share and preserve this early history.  Information came from history books and from past newsletter issues as well as other resources sourced below to publish our newsletters. Many photographs were contributed by our members. We would love your help. You can send us a scanned photograph and the picture information, or a webpage that I can link?  Help us all continue to share this history. Thanks to our members and Susan Clawson, our Newsletter Editor.

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Fairfield, Jackson, Lauramie, Perry, Randolph, Sheffield, Shelby, Tippecanoe  Wabash, Washington, Wayne & Wea..


School symbols are showing on the County and township maps. 1878 County map showing townships and some locations.  1878 Atlas of Tippecanoe county. Union Township maps. (Historic Map Works)  Click a few times to blow the map up.


         Schools in UnionTownships

              Originally published in the TIPCOA Newsletter Winter 2010  issue #4.

               Numbered Schools for Union Township:

No.  1.  Shadeland Farm Section 3 closed in 1911.
No.  2.  Newton Section 1 closed in 1907.
No.  3.  Bennett, Lutz Section 9 In 1878 located near Wea Plains Methodist church; closed in 1903.
No.  4.  Taylor Station, aka, Hickory Grove Section 24 area of Town Road 550S and 150 W. This is a community named for a local Taylor family that also gave its name to the school. Hickory Grove is also the name of a church and a cemetery near Taylor Station. In 1901 a grain elevator called Taylor Station was built on the line of the Louisville, New Albany, and Chicago Railroad. The School closed in 1911.
No.  5.  Farmer’s Institute Section 28 In 1878 was a separate building near the Friends church; district school closed in 1911. See below for academy history.
No.  6.  Mintonye Section 36 (variously spelled) In 1878 was on land belonging to B. Mintonye near the S township line; closed in 1891 after school house burned. Students then sent to school No. 7, Mintoine [sic] School in Randolph Township
No.  7.  High Gap Section 15 Town Road 375W, named for geological feature. A traveler once declared High Gap, the southeast portion of the Wea Plain, to be “the prettiest place this side of heaven” (Biographical Record). The area was used as a lookout point by both Native Americans and military scouts (“History of Shadeland”). Closed 1911.

Schools in Union township  First subscription school in what would be Union Township opened in 1826 on the banks of Flint Creek. This school was later called Farmer’s Institute (“History of Shadeland”). Hezekiah Manning was a teacher in an early log school building (“Perry Township”). Union became a township in 1871 from parts of Fairfield, Randolph, and Wayne. There were seven district schools in Union Township.

FARMER’S INSTITUTE, private (Quaker) elementary, intermediate, and high school 1851–72, included boarding house (Hovde and Fritch); 1882-88 subscription academy, then township school (Historical marker). Two-story frame building. Shared building with church part of the time. Large library. Original trustees were Elihu Hollingsworth, Buddell Sleeper, James P. Ellis, and Milton Hollingsworth. Joseph Fisher was the first principal (DeHart, BR, Indiana Inventory). Building still stands in 2010 but listed as endangered

Farmers Institute Church, school is around back. taken abt. 2000. Photo by L.A. Clugh

SHADELAND/UNION TOWNSHIP HIGH SCHOOL 1911-1958; erected in 1911 at a cost of $25,000. Consolidated with four others into Southwestern High School in 1958. In 1975 McCutcheon High School replaced both Wainwright and Southwestern High Schools.

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