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Tippecanoe County Area area Genealogy Society members, aka: TIPCOA, published this list of early school houses in Tippecanoe County.  This database is an effort to help others find, share and preserve this early history.  Information came from history books and from past newsletter issues as well as other resources sourced below to publish our newsletters. Many photographs were contributed by our members. We would love your help. You can send us a scanned photograph and the picture information, or a webpage that I can link?  Help us all continue to share this history. Thanks to our members and Susan Clawson, our Newsletter Editor.

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School symbols are showing on the County and township maps. 1878 County map showing townships and some locations.  1878 Atlas of Tippecanoe county. Tippecanoe Township maps. (Historic Map Works)  Click a few times to blow the map up.  Look for the matching section numbers on these maps too.
 1894 Cory & Sons map. part 1,  & Part 2.



Schools in Tippecanoe Township
      Originally published in the TIPCOA Newsletter Winter 2010  issue #4.

Numbered Schools for Tippecanoe Township:


No.  1.  Hog Point Section 9 5 mi. E of Battleground, E bank of Tippecanoe R., brick building in 1899, still open in 1916. Teachers included W. W. Mershon, Dr. Ward Smith. Area named because it was site of annual hog roundup; hogs were claimed by owners before market (“Road”).
No.  2.  Pretty Prairie Section 7  4 mi. NE of Battleground, brick building in 1899, closed in 1906. (pioneer settlement [“Road”])
No.  3.  Ash Grove, aka, McCormick Section 11 North central part of township, near the Monon RR, frame building in 1899, neatly papered. 1899 class: Ethel Nelson, Maggie Grubb, Bertha Hardacre, Lettie MaCurdy, Maud Dunlap. Closed in 1912.
No.  4.  Cairo Section 9 N central part of township, enrollment 37 in 1899 in brick building with 3 eighth-grade graduates: Frank M. Smith, Otis E. Brown, and Estella Bone. The building also housed a circulation library. Teacher Abe Lago. Closed in 1907
No.  5.  Salem Section 12 W part of township, frame structure in 1899. The building housed a library. Teacher Earl Ridgeway. It was a two room school in 1910. Still open in 1921 as a brick building. Both benches and desks were in use (Horwood)
No.  6.  Pleasant Grove Section 19 7 mi N of Lafayette on County Farm gravel road, in1899 eighth-grade graduates were Willie Baker and Florence Manniear, geography students Pearl Ross and Maud Bradbury. Still open in 1916.
No.  7.  Geneseo, aka, Mahan Section 16 (2 mi W of Battleground on the Brown Gravel. 1st building constructed in 1849, 2nd building in 1899. Early students included Bamses, Ogdens, Mahins, Pattisons, Lucases, and Woods. Enrollment was 43 in 1899. In 1899 eighth grade graduates were John E. Thompson, Evert E. Robinson, Samuel VanCamp, Jessie B. Wall, Emma L. Ilgenfritz, Audry Brown, Maria Kearns, and Ina Watkins. Still open in 1916.
No.  8  Battle Ground Section 23 in town of the same name. Began as a one-room frame school opposite the present elementary building. In 1865 a new two-room frame building was erected. In 1873 the three-story brick building was purchased from the Methodist Academy. In 1882 this became the township public school. In 1896 the school awarded its first high school diplomas (2-yr course). New building in 1903.  See Battle Ground High School.
No.  9.  Downing, aka,  Forest Grove Section 32 (off of Burnett Reserve), S part of township. The 1899 eighth grade graduates were Sarah Downing, Cora Lamb, Antha A. Pierce, Kelta Bryan, Bessie Bryan, and Vannolia Bryan. There were 2 teachers in 1889. It was still open in 1916.
No.  10.  Mill Section 34 (in Burnett Reserve), 1 mi. from the mouth of Burnett’s Creek, on the eastern bank. Enrollment was 26 in 1898-99. It was a one-story frame building in 1899. Catherine Kaufman graduated from the eight grade in 1899. Still open in 1916.
No.  11.  Deer Creek Prairie Section 2 2 ˝ mi SW of Delphi, near the Wabash River. Enrollment in 1899 was 23. The eighth grade graduates in 1899 were Riley Mullendore and Larry Jackson, and Bennie Jackson excelled at geography. Closed in 1906
No.  12.  Stewart’s Corner, Gowen Section 6 3 mi W of Ash Grove. This was a frame building with papered walls inside. It housed a circulating library. Students in 1899 included Avanell Klepinger, May Allen, George Rogers, and Hattie Allen. Closed 1910.
No.  13.  Centennial Section 17 2 mi S of the ME church and 4 mi NW of Battleground. The school was large, with a yard of oaks and maples. Enrollment in 1899 was 30. The building contained a library. Closed in 1910.
No.  14.  Shaw Section 2 (in Burnett Reserve), 1˝ mi NE of Battleground. This school had a large playground. In 1899 enrollment was 10.Closed 1910 (Hooker; closed in 1900 per Cheesman).

No. 1. Hog Point School. Source: L.A. Clugh

No. 9. Downing School. Source: LA Clugh

Schools in Tippecanoe Township
Log subscription schools: In 1824, the first school in Tippecanoe County near Davis Ferry (Wilson). In 1829 a subscription school was operating on the Pretty Prairie farm of William Kendall, taught by David McConnaughey. In 1830 a one-room log school with dirt floor and an earthen fireplace was built for the school. In 1831 a log cabin taught by John McNara operated at the intersection of CR 800N and 75E. Next John S. Forgey taught in a cabin near the battle field. After the schools closed for the season, the cabins were used for farm storage. In the 1830s a wood and stone schoolhouse called Pleasant Grove was erected on CR 100W; it was still standing in 1981. There was a second schoolhouse about 100 yds E of Liberty Chapel (Commemorative Program).There were fourteen district schoolhouses in Tippecanoe Township.

BATTLE GROUND COLLEGIATE INSTITUTE Jan. 1857-1882. The school began in a frame building near the battle field; teachers: G. W. Rice, Carrie Bowles, Prof. E. H. Staley. In 1862 it had moved to a two-story brick structure. The Institute split into two schools in 1867 and a new three-story brick building was erected at the corner of College and Tipton Streets. In 1869 the two schools reunited. Closed 1882.

BATTLE GROUND HIGH SCHOOL. A new brick building was in use in 1903. 4 yrs if high school courses were taught in 1907; the high school was certified in 1909 and commissioned in 1910. At first there were 5 teachers for both grade and high school pupils, later there was a staff of 12. German was introduced in 1909 but discontinued at beginning of WWI. In 1922 a new school was built with a gym and auditorium. Sections were added in 1956-57 and 1959. It consolidated in 1970 with East Tipp and Klondike to form Harrison High School. In fall 1979 Battle Ground Middle School was built two blocks E of the old building. In fall 1980 a new elementary school was built (Hooker and Commemorative Program Battleground Elementary School).

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Downey and Hog Point school photos by L.A. Clugh, 2012 drive bys.

No 9. Battle ground school, Google maps, 2021

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