Early Schools of Tippecanoe County Indiana
Randolph township


Tippecanoe County Area area Genealogy Society members, aka: TIPCOA, published this list of early school houses in Tippecanoe County.  This database is an effort to help others find, share and preserve this early history.  Information came from history books and from past newsletter issues as well as other resources sourced below to publish our newsletters. Many photographs were contributed by our members. We would love your help. You can send us a scanned photograph and the picture information, or a webpage that I can link?  Help us all continue to share this history. Thanks to our members and Susan Clawson, our Newsletter Editor.

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Fairfield, Jackson, Lauramie, Perry, Sheffield, Shelby, Tippecanoe, Union, Wabash, Washington, Wayne & Wea


School symbols are showing on the County and township maps. 1878 County map showing townships and some locations.  The 1878 map shows districts 1-10, outside the Lafayette Corporation limits. These districts were administered by the Fairfield township trustee and advisory board until they were closed or incorporated into the city schools.  Look for the matching section number.  1878 Atlas of Tippecanoe county. Randolph Township maps. (Historic Map Works)  Click a few times to blow the map up.


          Schools in Randolph Townships

               Originally published in the TIPCOA Newsletter Winter 2010  issue #4.

               Numbered Schools for Randolph Township:

No.  1.  Romney Section 19 one-room log school 1850-1867 (“Learning”), named for the town. In 1878 located W of Methodist church on N side of the street. Two teachers employed as late as 1890 (Hooker). See Romney High School
No.  2.  Shoemaker, aka, Whipple Section 17 In1878 located just S of Big Wea Creek; closed in 1903
No.  3.  Yauch, aka, Lofland Section 4 In 1878 located on E township line road; closed in 1903
No.  4.  Harter, aka, Niptight Section 31 closed in1902
No.  5.  Hardscrabble, aka,  The Rosey, aka, South Raub Section 26 In 1878 was on S edge of section 26; closed in 1904 or 1909. Last district school in township, still open in 1909 (DeHart).
No.  6.  The Hurdle Section 26 in 1878 was in section 26 on N edge; later in section 11; closed in 1902

Source: TSC newsletter; TCHA

Schools in Randolph Township
There was a subscription school in Randolph township as early as 1826 (1878 Atlas). The first school was described by Hooker as “a log house located where Mintone [sic] School was abandoned in 1909. The house was constructed of rough logs; the windows were covered with greased paper; the floor was made of puncheon as were the seats and desks. The house was built about 1841. The second house was located two miles west of Mintoine [sic]. It was built of logs, and was more pretentious because the house was finished with walnut. Isaac Shelby built this house in 1843. John W. Stewart was the first teacher in the new log house” (Hooker,p. 60)

1860 near the site of earlier log subscription schools. In 1891 School No. 6, Mintonye school in Union Township, burned and was closed, and the students were sent to Randolph Township, where they attended School No. 7, Mintoine. Not on 1878 map. Closed in 1909, the last district school in the township (Hooker; but DeHart said last school was South Raub).  Present Mintonye Elementary School opened nearby in 1967 and was named for this school.  Surnames in Lauramie and Randolph Townships in 1848: Richardson, Travis, Conero, Huffer, Larkins, Drake, Brewer, Rodebusch, Baker, Kellingbarger, Oglebay, McCahan, Fros, Cann, Fugate, Ash, Wiseman, Armstrong, Denton, Hoover, Hughs, Philips, Allen, Cox, Throckmorton, Smith, Devault, Fox, Ford, Taylor, Leaming, Weaver, Meigs, Geigley, Williams, Lattimiore, Freeman, Wolf, Neville, Frankenberger, Scott, Park, Brunton, Marion, McBroom, Corwin, Bellville, Casad, Babb, Webster, Rhyan, Rainey, Stuart, Insley, Franklin, White, Staten, Seymour, Harris, Thompson, Louk, Beck, Leavitte, Campbell, Gwin, Stumbaugh, Taft, White, Dushill, Cunningham, White, Garner, McDowell, Hawk, Russell, Clark, Coffelt, Cosby, Vint, Mikels, Stones, Hanger, Ellis, Keesler, Johnson, Harrison, Ross, Fugate, Richardson, Gladden, Summers, Russell, Brady, Kirkendall, Brown, Shults, Simmons, Athey, Summers, Jones,Erwin, Tucker, Inskeep (TCHA).

ROMNEY HIGH SCHOOL, erected in 1892, grades 1-12. This was a two-story brick building. By 1909, there was only one district school in the township (either South Raub or Mintoine); everyone else attended school in Romney. Romney High School was remodeled in 1905 and an addition was built in 1915. The school consolidated with four others (Wea, Jackson Township, Shadeland, and West Point) into Southwestern High School in 1958. In 1975 McCutcheon High School opened, replacing both Wainwright and Southwestern
High Schools.

Biographical Record and Portrait Album 1888

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1848 School Enumeration of Children Over Age 5 - Lauramie - Randolph Township

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