Early Doctors of Tippecanoe County Indiana, up to about 1900's

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Biographical Record and Portrait Album. 1888

City directories.

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"Surgical  History: Courageous Physician Performs State's First Successful C-section, Cullen, Kevin." J/C 26 Aug 2012.  Lafayette Journal & Courier newspaper

Tippecanoe County Indiana Atlas 1878, published by Kingman Bros.


  1850 dr advertising lafayette Pioneer doctors

Listing who we found in our record search, mainly up to 1900, plus advertisments.

Given Name Surname Township/Town Years active Misc. Source Biblio and notes
Joseph H  Anderson Washington, Colburn 1869-89 lived 1818-99, Greenbush, findagrave BR 395-96  
Joseph Atkins Wayne, West Point 1838 lived 1812-1904, d West Lafayette, bur. West Point; "conducted the only drug store in West Point in 1882" DYKT 16 Sep 1927; "the Dr. Joseph Atkins farm near West Point … August 8, 1889," DYKT 12 Dec 1927; "Hundred Years" unsigned town history; Do You Know That, column, JC 16 Sep 1927; DYKT, column, JC 12 Dec 1927; "Hundred Years of Pines Farms: Dr. Joseph Atkins," JC 11 Sep 1944, p.1 and p.3
Reuben Baker Lauramie, Stockwell, Concord; also in Wyandotte 1831 -1880s lived 1811-1881, Concord, findagrave; filed plat for Bakers Corner / Stockwell 1852; d. 1881 BR 424-25, 511; findagrave w bio.

Moses  Baker Lauramie, Monroe, Stockwell arr 1849; 1866 Monroe lived 1828-88, Fairview, Stockwell, findagrave; performed first C-section in Indiana or in the county? 1866 directory; BR 424-25, 246;  DeH 734-35; Cullen; findagrave w obit fm rootsweb.com
Cullen, Kevin. "Surgical  History: Courageous Physician Performs State's First Successful C-section." J/C 26 Aug 2012.
Joseph H  Baker Lauramie, Stockwell active at least in 1888 s/o Moses Baker BR 425, 439
John E Bate Fairfield, Lafayette coroner 1855-56 coroner 1855-56 BR 225  
Samuel L  Baugh Union, Shadeland 1876 1853-1928, Grand View, findagrave BH 160-61 +photo; DeH 339  
George F Beasley Fairfield, Lafayette 1865-Abt 1931 lived 1841 Sugar Grove-1931, Spring Vale, findagrave; member 2nd county medical Society 1866-1870; member 3rd county medical Society 1877-?; coroner 1867-69, 1876-82; Civil war surgeon aboard Union steamboats 1878 Atlas, p. 19, 40-43, photo p. 45, directory; BR 225, 245, 727-28; DeH 333, 339; Kriebel, "Doctor, Opera Singer," JC 13 June 1999
Luther Bensie Fairfield, Lafayette   member 1st county medical Society 1847-1848 1878 Atlas, p. 19; BR 243  


Doctors name Area served Advertisments Bios or obituary
Elizur H. Deming Fairfield    


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