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Tippecanoe County Indiana

Death Records Project

1882 to 1920

In an effort to help family historians find their family death dates, We have posted the Tippecanoe County Death Index created by the  Works Administration Project  (WPA).  This index included deaths from 1882 through 1920.  We included a column to add the cemetery name, if known, in this index.  We know it's helpful in finding other family members.  These real Death Records books have not been microfilm to date in our County. 

During the period 1936-1940 the Indiana Works Progress Administration indexed a large part  of the birth, marriage and death records of 68 of Indiana's 92 counties. Marriage records were indexed from 1850 through 1920. Birth and death records were indexed from 1882 through 1920.   While not all Counties conformed, Tippecanoe County did start vital records in 1882.  Not all deaths were recorded, especially those families that lived out in the rural areas.   

Undoubtedly there are typing errors when transcribing a project with this many dates.  We find them in many early records.   We listed it as it was printed.   We did highlighted some cells in red to show new information we found while linking the names to a tombstone.  It could be the same person. We did not want to correct the whole WPA list,  just showing possible matches.

Tippecanoe County Health Department link.


Death Notices found in the Lafayette Free Press 1833-1839 ** rare

Tippecanoe County Genweb, early death notices 1840s

Deaths From Cholera, 1849  &  1850 Mortality Schedule

Our  project. TC Indiana Death Notices and Obituaries 1850- 1869 

1901 Obituary Index - Lafayette Weekly Courier 

Lafayette Journal and Courier Newspaper Index, 1902-1952

Lafayette Leader  Obituary Index Project 1970 to 1990

Lafayette Leader online obituaries (current)  

If you need an obituary or research click here for our form:

There are several newspapers in the Tippecanoe County Public library that you can check for obituaries.  You may find a totally different obituary in  daily newspapers if the family was local.  You should check the weekly newspapers too.  Sometime the obituaries were sent in later.  These in the back reference areas at the main public library. 

Rudys list of Archaic Medical Terms

For more information on the Cemeteries in Tippecanoe County, Indiana click here.   See the table.  

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