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Van Arsdale, Robert Gene Vietnam Army 25th Infantry Division & 1st Air Cavalry Division; served in reconnaissance groups.   Penn - Mishawaka
Van Camp, Chuck         Penn - Mishawaka
Van Camp, Larry Ray   Army 8 years; repaired electronic radios and navigation systems for Marine Corps aircraft; served on Okinawa, Japan, helping to pull out the last units in 1973-1974   Penn - Mishawaka
Vance, Gilbert Lindsey WWII Army Air Corp - proudly serving in General Douglas MacArthur's headquarters in the Pacific Theatre Riverview - South Bend
Van Den Driessche, Cyril A. Korean Marines   Chapel Hill Memorial Gardens Penn - Mishawaka
Van De Putte, Wilbur S WWII Army 86th Mortar Battalion; Purple Heart medal with five bronze stars Fairview Penn - Mishawaka
Van Der Heyden, Maurice WWII Army   Fairview Penn - Mishawaka
Van Driessche, Harry N. WWII   Seaman 2/C   Penn – Mishawaka
Van Driessche, John Vietnam Army Pfc – E3 Killed in South Vietnam Penn – Mishawaka
Van Dusen, Arthur WWII Special Tng. Pvt 521 Olive Chapel Olive – New Carlisle
Van Dusen, Franklin Delano Korean Army   Olive Chapel Olive – New Carlisle
Van Dusen, Lester O.   Army   Olive Chapel Olive – New Carlisle
Van Haver, Jim Vietnam Army     Penn - Mishawaka
Van Haverbeke, Roy E. WWII Navy     Penn - Mishawaka
Van Huffel, Edwin J. WWII Navy   Chapel Hill Memorial Gardens Penn – Mishawaka
Van Huffel, Joseph J., Jr. WWII & Korean Army Pvt - Co. C of the 107th ITB, 7th ITR    
Van Ooteghem, Stephen Andrew Vietnam Marines 3 years; Marine Corps Reserve; active duty 1972-1975   Penn - Mishawaka
Van Paris, Charles WWII Navy   St. Joseph Valley South Bend
Van Paris, Frank WWII Navy   Highland South Bend
Van Scoyk, Walter E.   Army   Unknown - South Bend
Van Tornhout, Charles P. WWI     St. Petersburg, FL - South Bend
VanAcker, Gustave R. Jr. Vietnam Army   Cremation - South Bend
VanArsdale, Clyde J. WWII   DAV6 Southlawn Centre – South Bend
Vance, Earl T. WWII   Col   Penn – Mishawaka
Vance, James D. WWII Army Stf. Segt. Chapel Hill Memorial Gardens South Bend
Vanden Bossche, Katie Operation Iraqi Freedom       North Liberty -
Vanden Bossche, Paul J. WWII Navy   Cremated - South Bend
VanDePutte, George WWII Navy   Southlawn Centre – South Bend
Vanderbilt, Clell M. WWI Navy   Southlawn Centre – South Bend
Vanderbosch, John L.   Navy   St Joseph Valley Memorial Gardens  
Vanderbossch, Donald O. Vietnam     [Unknown] - South Bend
VanderHagen, Edward J. WW II Army   Riverview South Bend
Vanderheyden, Francis WWII   S/Sgt   Penn – Mishawaka
Vanderheyden, Raymond WWII   Pfc   Penn – Mishawaka
Vandermark, Charles Sr. WW II Army   Chapel Hill  
Vanderpool, Gilbert L.   Army   Southlawn Centre – South Bend
VanDeWalle, Camiel Robert WWII   81st Chemical Mortar Battalion; Battle of Normandy Unknown - South Bend
Vandewalle, David J. WWII   2ND Lt   Penn – Mishawaka
Vangaverbeke, Patrice J. WWII Army   Fairview Penn – Mishawaka
VanGilder, Erwin Dalton WWII Army 1ST Lt Southlawn Centre – South Bend
VanGundy, Walter L. WWII Air Force   Southlawn Centre – South Bend
VanHuffel, Emil L. WW II Navy   Chapel Hill Mishawaka
VanHuss, Daniel F. Vietnam Army SGT Southlawn Centre – South Bend
VanOoteghem, Charles F. WW II Army   St. Joseph, South Bend South Bend
VanParys, Rene M.   Army   Unknown - South Bend
VanRie, Aloysius A. WW I     Fairview Mishawaka
VanSkyhock, James Lewis WW II Army Air Corp Olive Cemetery, Elkhart Osceola
VanVooren, Albert WWII Army   Fairview Penn - Mishawaka
VanVooren, Emiel WWII Arny   Faiview Penn - Mishawaka
VanVooren, Uncle Harry WWII Army   Fairview Penn - Mishawaka
VanZant, Charles R. WW II     St. Joseph Valley South Bend
VanZant, Frederick Arthur WW II Army   Chapel Hill Mishawaka
Varga, Edward L.   Army Air Corp - Co-pilot; 453rd Bombardment Sacred Heart - South Bend
Varga, Joseph J. WWII Army   Highland Cemetery - South Bend
Varga, Steve WWII Army   Southlawn - South Bend
Varga, Thomas J. WWII Army Air Corp; flight instructor and mechanic on B-29 bombers Unknown - South Bend
Varney, Burton     GAR; Serg Co F  48 Ind Inf Mishawaka City  
Varney, Frank Spanish American War   Kentucky, Q. M. Sgt 40 US Vol. Inf. Mishawaka City  
Varney, William C.     GAR; Pvt Co B  15 Ind Inf Mishawaka City  
Varro, Steve C. WWII Navy   Highland  
Vecs, Stephen WWII Army   Highland - South Bend
Veevaete, Joseph H., Jr Korean   Pfc   Penn – Mishawaka
Vegh, Irene WWII Army Therapist St. Joseph Cemetery, South Bend South Bend
Venable, Charles Leo WWII Navy   Highland Cemetery South Bend
Verbeke, Alfred Korean Army   Fairview Penn - Mishawaka
Vergauwen, Charles R. Korean Army   St. Joe Valley Memorial Park Penn - Mishawaka
Vernasco, Ted WWII Navy   Riverview, Berrien County MI Penn - Mishawaka
Vernasco, Torino WWII     Unknown Penn - Mishawaka
Vervaet, Cyril August WWII Army 632nd Quarter Master company 5th Army Fairview Penn - Mishawaka
Vice, Norman R.   Navy   Mount Pleasant Cemetery New Carlisle
Vicker, James WWI   Cpl – 36 Inf 12TH Div. – Indiana Southlawn Centre – South Bend
Vicsek, John W.   Navy   Fairview Unknown
Vicsik, John WWII   Fireman 1C   Penn – Mishawaka
Vinson, Fred H. Korean     Chapel Hill - Unknown
Vires, Chester Korean Army   Cremated - Unknown
Vitale, Santo Joseph WWII Army Pfc Southlawn Centre – South Bend
Vittorie, Frank Sam WWII     St. Joseph Valley South Bend
Vogel, Charles F. WWII Army   Southlawn Centre – South Bend
Vogler, Fred J. WWII     Fairview Penn - Mishawaka
Vollmer, Elmer L. WWII Navy Air Corp Sacred Heart of Mary Catholic Church, Dowagiac - South Bend
Vollmer, Oscar Richard WWII Army   Fairview Cemetery Mausoleum Penn - Mishawaka
Vollmer, William I. WWII Coast Guard   Olive Chapel Olive – New Carlisle
Voros, Stephen J. WWII     Highland - South Bend
Voyles, Kenneth Eldon WWII Navy S1 – Indiana Southlawn Centre – South Bend
Vroman, Marcel H. WWII / Korean Army   St. Joseph Valley - South Bend



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