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Gabaree, Albert E. Jr   Marine   Unknown - South Bend
Gable, Robert L. WWII     Fairview  - South Bend
Gabor, George F. WWII Army 54th Armored Infantry Battalion; Purple Heart St. Joseph Valley Memorial Park South Bend
Gadacz, Alexander Stanley WWII Navy & Marine   Unknown - South Bend
Gadson, Andrew Charles Jr.   Air Force   Unknown - South Bend
Gaik, Edward J.   Army TEC 5 Southlawn Centre - South Bend
Gallaway, Daniel G. Vietnam Army     Penn - Mishawaka
Gallaway, Roy Vietnam Navy   Unknown Penn - Mishawaka
Gale, Chester Paul WWII Navy Quartermaster Second Class Unknown - South Bend
Galvas, Edward Louis WWII     St. Joseph, SB - South Bend
Gamble, Robert W.     GAR; Pvt Co H 4 Ohio Cav Mishawaka City  
Gann, Randall L.   Marines   Cremated South Bend
Ganser, Jerome A. Sr. WWII Army   Unknown - Penn - Mishawaka
Garbacz, Michael   Army Air Corps Highland South Bend
Garboden, John C.   Army 20 years Unknown - South Bend
Gard, James Barry Vietnam Army PVT - E2 Killed in Bien Hoa Penn - Mishawaka
Garden, Arthur C. WW II Army   Sacred Heart Cemetery South Bend
Gardini, Silvo Andrew   Navy Reserves St. Joseph, South Bend South Bend
Gardner, Lewis Eddy   Army   Unknown - South Bend
Gardner, Delbert J WW II Army   Fletcher Cemetery, Hamlet IN Unknown
Gardner, Donald R. WW II Army   Chapel Hill South Bend
Gardner, Eugene Eddy WWII / Korean Army   St. Joseph Valley Memorial Park - South Bend
Gardner, James Ross WWII     Unknown Walkerton, IN
Garis, Theodore D. WWII Navy     South Bend
Garrett, Martin A WW I     Riverview Cemetery, South Bend IN New Carlisle
Garrison, James Marion Civil War   company F, 48th Indiana Volunteer Infantry Southlawn Penn - Mishawaka
Gartner, John R. Sr.   Marines Merchant Marines; now US Coast Guards St. Joseph, Mishawaka Penn - Mishawaka
Garvey, Rita I. WW II Navy Lt. JG-Nurse Unknown South Bend
Garvey, Robert Louis WW II Navy Seebees Unknown South Bend
Garvin, Samuel M   GAR PVT CO C  49 OHIO INF City - Mishawaka  
Gaskill, Claude M. WWII Navy   Chapel Hill Mishawaka
Gasko, Benjamin S. WWII Army military policeman Unknown South Bend
Gasser, Alphonse E. WWII   PFC   Penn - Mishawaka
Gast, Louis L. DDS WWII Army Armored Riverview South Bend
Gay, Roger Franklin WWII & Korean Air Force Capt Southlawn Centre - South Bend
Gazler, Edward F. WWII     St. Joseph, South Bend South Bend
Gearhart, Theodore D. WWII Army   St. Joseph Valley Memorial Park South Bend
Geer, Richard P. Korea Marines   Chapel Hill Mishawaka
Geiger, Brother Leo Vincent WWII Army Air Corps   St. Joseph's - Pensylvania
Gentle, Ralph L. WW II Navy   Riverview - South Bend
Gentner, Abe M. WWII Army gunner corporal in Battery C, 179th Field Artillery Battalion, serving under General Patton in World War II. He earned several decorations, among them a Bronze Star Medal. Corporal Gentner was cited for his untiring resourcefulness, exceptional ability and coolness under fire during his units advance across Europe, despite severe weather conditions and personnel shortages. Unknown - South Bend
Gentry, Jack WWII Army   Sumption Praire South Bend
Gentry, John W. WWII Army SGT. Southlawn Centre - South Bend
Geopfrich, Albert T. WWII     Highland South Bend
Gerard, Charles R. WW II     Chapel Hill Mishawaka
Geraghty, Clyde J. WW II Navy   St. Joseph Valley South Bend
Geraghty, Patrick M. Vietnam Army   St. Joseph Valley South Bend
Gerencher, Thomas A.   Army   Highland - South Bend
Germano, Anthony WWI     Fairview - Indiana
Germano, Dominic M.   Army Sixth Armored Calvary Division; 1953-55 in TX Fairview Penn - Mishawaka
Gerschoffer, Andrew E. WWII / Korean Navy   Unknown Unknown
Geurs, Camiel WWII     Southlawn Centre - South Bend
Geyer, Donald Jay WWII     Chapel Hills Memorial Gardens - South Bend
Geyer, Robert L. WWII     Sumption Prairie Centre - South Bend
Geyer, Roscoe J. WWII     Unknown - Unknown
Geyer, Theodore J. WWII Army   Chapel Hill Memorial Gardens - St. Joseph Co.
Ghyselinck, Robert R. WWII Army   Highland Penn - Mishawaka
Gibson, Clifton Eugene Korea   Missing in Action   Mishawaka - Penn
Gibson, James Martin Korean Marines PFC – 744 FLD ARTY BN Southlawn Centre - South Bend
Gibson, John Franklin WWII   Indiana PFC 744 Field Arty Bn Southlawn Centre - South Bend
Gibson, Kenneth J. WWII     Southlawn Centre - South Bend
Gieracz, Jerry L. WWII Polish Army   Chapel Hill - Poland
Gift, William     GAR; Corp Co D  100 Ind Inf Mishawaka City  
Gilbert, Henry   GAR PVT CO H  138 IND INF City - Mishawaka  
Gilbert, Julius WW I     Hebrew Orthodox Cemetery, Mishawaka Penn - Mishawaka
Gill, James Alan   Marines Sgt. St. Joseph Cemetery - Unknown
Gill, James E. Vietnam Army     Penn - Mishawaka
Gill, Ralph K. Jr.   National Guards PFC, SeaBees Fairview Penn - Mishawaka
Gill, Richard A. Korean Army Private   Penn - Mishawaka
Gill, Robert L. Korean Army     Penn - Mishawaka
Gill, Roger D. WWII Navy   Chapel Hill - Indiana
Gillis, Rev. James B. WWII Army wounded Unknown Hammond, IN
Gilmer, Roy R. WWII     Southlawn Centre - South Bend
Gilreath, William WWII Army   Chapel Hill - Unknown
Glaser, Thomas Joseph WWII Army served in the 94th division under General George Patton Fairview - Ohio
Glassburn, William E.   Army      
Glenn, Noble B., Jr. WWII   CPL Highland  - South Bend
Glod, Eugene R. Korean Army CPL Southlawn Centre - South Bend
Gloyeski, Irvin WWII   Pilot St. Joseph, SB - South Bend
Gluchowski, Stanley WWII     Highland  - South Bend
Gnott, Joseph WWII     St. Joseph Valley South Bend
Goddard, Richard WW II Navy   St. Joseph Valley South Bend
Godersky, Dr. George Edwin WWII Army Captian Cedar Grove South Bend
Goebel, Harvey E. WW II Navy   St. Paul Cemetery, Woodland South Bend
Goepfrich, Joseph Francis WWII Army   Highland South Bend
Goepfrich, Raymond A. WW II Army   Highland Cemetery South Bend
Goethals, Raymond R. Jr. Korean     Jackson, TN Penn - Mishawaka
Goetz, Robert P. WWII Army   Southlawn Penn - Mishawaka
Goetzinger, Nicholas James WWII Army Air Corp - gunner in the South Pacific Unknown Penn - Mishawaka
Goltz, Herbert A. WWII Navy Officer Hebrew Orthodox  
Golubski, Clem R. WWII     St. Joseph  - South Bend
Golubski, Francis WW II     St Joseph Cemetery - South Bend
Golubski, Ralph R. WWII Marines served in the Hawaiian Islands, Japan, Saipan, Tinian, and Okinawa campaigns Saint Joseph, SB - South Bend
Good, Cortlund R. WWII   AFHQ AG Dept SGT Reinterred in Allgiers, Africa Centre - South Bend
Good, John Alfred WWI U.S.N.F. S2 – Minnesota Southlawn Centre - South Bend
Good, Richard J. WWII   LT. CO A 66 A1B 14TH ARM Reinterred in Epinal, France Centre - South Bend
Goodall, James D. WWII Navy   Unknown - South Bend
Goodhew, Howard R. Jr. WWII Army Staff Sergeant; Assigned to the Pacific Theater, he saw action on Okinawa and earned a Bronze Battle Star Highland - Unknown
Goodrich, Wilber Herbert WWI   PVT – 22 ENGRS Southlawn Centre - South Bend
Goralczyk, Frank J. WWII Army   St. Joseph Cemetery, South Bend South Bend
Goralski, Frank C. WW I     St Joseph Cemetery - South Bend
Gordon, Carl F. WWII Army PFC Mt. Pleasant German - South Bend
Gordon, DR. Joshusa M. Jewish War     Rose Hill Portage – South Bend
Gordon, Kenneth L. WWII   Warrant Off.   Penn - Mishawaka
Gore, James R. Sr. WWII Navy   St. Joseph, South Bend South Bend
Gorman, William Joseph WWII Navy   Southlawn Centre - South Bend
Gorski, Joseph Andrew Korean     St Joseph Cemetery, South Bend South Bend
Goss, Charles B. WWI   CPL – HQ Motor Comd SS MTC Southlawn Centre - South Bend
Goss, William Stanley WWII Army   Chapel Hill Memorial Gardens - Mishawaka - Penn
Gottman, Albert L.  WWII Army Air Corps Unknown - South Bend
Gouse, George WWII Navy   Southlawn Centre - South Bend
Grabarek, Chester A. WWII Army two Purple Hearts and three Bronze Stars Chapel Hill - South Bend
Graf, Paul Francis WWII Army Air Corp Chapel Hill - South Bend
Graham, Dennis Ray Vietnam Army     Penn - Mishawaka
Graham, Dewain E. Vietnam Army   Chapel Hill Mishawaka
Graham, Robert W. WWII Navy SeaBee's. Chapel Hill - South Bend
Grajczyk, Romas J. WWII Army   St. Joseph Cemetery, South Bend South Bend
Gramenz, Carol Jean Vietnam Marine Corp 1969 to 1971   - Mishawaka, Penn
Gramenz, Roy J. Jr. Korean Army   St. Joseph Cemetery, S. B - South Bend
Gramenz, Wesley G. WWII Army   Chapel Hill Memorial Gardens - Unknown
Grant, Cyrus E., Jr. WWII   1ST LT   Penn - Mishawaka
Graveel, Robert Cyriel WW II     St. Joseph, Mishawaka Mishawaka
Gray, Benjamin Tucker Korea Marines   Highland South Bend
Graybill, John L. WWII Air Force Maj. Southlawn Centre - South Bend
Grayson,George D. WWII Army   Highland South Bend
Greathouse, George P. WWII Army Airborne New Carlisle Cemetery New Carlisle
Greene, Francis Leo WW I & WW II Army & Navy   Highland South Bend
Green, Glenn F. WWI   WAGR CO. D 12 AMD - Tenn. Southlawn Centre - South Bend
Greene, Richard H.   Air Force Chaplin for 22 years; Lt. Colonel Unknown Unknown
Green, Robert L. Korean Army   Chapel Hill Penn - Mishawaka
Greenleaf, Henry C   GAR PVT CO K   87 IND INF City - Mishawaka  
Greenlee, Otis O. WWII Army Air Corp    
Gregory, Harry Dean Korea Navy   Fairview Cemetery South Bend
Grembowicz, John W. WWII Air Force   St. Joseph Cemetery, South Bend South Bend
Grenert, Andrew Frank WWI   CPL – CO H 339 - Indiana Southlawn Centre - South Bend
Grenert, George Russell   Marines   St. Joseph Valley South Bend
Grenert, Henry O. WWI   PVT. BTRY E67 Southlawn Centre - South Bend
Grenert, James Norman Korea Air Force   Chapel Hill South Bend
Grenert, Roy WWII Navy S1 Southlawn Centre - South Bend
Greulich, Richard Evans   Army 3rd Army, 9th Division, 1st Constabulary, stationed in Germany Southlawn Unknown
Griesinger, August W. WW II Navy   Noble County IN Mishawaka
Griesinger, Gordon W. WW II Navy   Highland South Bend
Griffin, Charles Wesley WW II     Unknown South Bend
Griffin, Robert M WW II     St Joseph Valley Memorial Park  
Griggs, David War of 1812     Mishawaka City Penn - Mishawaka
Grillo, James R. Korea     Dallas TX South Bend
Grimm, Arthur C. WWII   PFC – 3591 Serv. Unit – Indiana Southlawn Centre - South Bend
Grimm, Robert WWII Army PFC Southlawn Centre - South Bend
Grimmius, Derk WWI   PVT. 543 SVC Park Unit MTC – Ohio Southlawn Centre - South Bend
Grimmius, Donald F WWII Army Purple Heart Mt Pleasant South Bend
Grochowski, George J.   Army   St. Joseph Valley Memorial Park - South Bend
Gronning, Roy Sigward WWII     Riverview Mishawaka
Gross, William Henry WWII Navy   National Cemetery, Bushnell FL South Bend
Groth, Ralph W WWII Army in New Guinea and the Philippines Unknown Unknown
Grove, Howard E. WW II Navy   Osceola Cemetery Osceola
Grover, Adrian J. Korea Army   St. Joseph Valley Mishawaka
Grover, Howard R. WWII Air Force   Southlawn Centre - South Bend
Groves, Jerry F. Korea     Woodlawn Cemetery, Walkerton Walkerton
Groves, Kenneth E. WWII   T/5   Penn - Mishawaka
Grzegorek, Richard WWII   sergeant; 99th Division; Remagen Bridge and Battle of the Bulge campaigns; Bronze Star Chapel Hill - South Bend
Grzesk, Richard J. WW II Army   St. Joseph, South Bend South Bend
Guendling, Frederick W. WWII Army   St. Joseph's - South Bend
Guerra, Adam S. WW II Navy   Fairview Mishawaka
Guerra, Anthony WW II Army   Fairview Mishawaka
Gulbranson, James L. WWII     Silverbrook, Niles MI  
Gustafson, Robert H. Sr. Korea Air Force   St. Joseph Valley South Bend
Guyberson, Lonnie Lee Vietnam Army SP5 Sumption Prairie Penn - Mishawaka
Guyton, Lawrence E. WWII Army Air Corp Unknown - South Bend
Gwilt, William E. WWII   PFC   Penn - Mishawaka
Gyorkos, Victor J. WWII Army   Highland South Bend





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