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St. Joseph County Schools

Here are some pictures of Schools within St. Joseph County


Change the format for easier access/viewing - 11/14/2010

School Location
Battell Mishawaka, IN
Boner Mishawaka, IN
Colfax South Bend, IN
Dunn South Bend, IN
Elder South Bend, IN
Elm Road Mishawaka, IN
Holy Cross-Grade South Bend, IN
Main Jr. High Mishawaka, IN
Mary Phillips Mishawaka, IN
Mishawaka High Mishawaka, IN
Muessel South Bend, IN
North Side Mishawaka, IN
Roseberry South Bend, IN
St. Adalbert South Bend, IN
St. Hedwig South Bend, IN
St. Joseph's Academy South Bend, IN
St. Joseph's Mishawaka, IN
St. Monica's Mishawaka, IN
St. Stanislaus South Bend, IN
South Side Mishawaka, IN

South Bend Catholic High School

Contributed by: Jim Piechorowski

Grade School & High School Web Sites:

Mishawaka - Mishawaka City - Alumni Page

MHS Class of 1968 Homepage

Mishawaka Connections by Alice Marie Beard (07/23/2008) Link revised (02/24/2011)

Mishawaka Cavemen Class of 1968 Genealogies by Alice Marie Beard (07/23/2008)

The database has over 4000 people in it.  It is a collection of over 200 very small genealogies.  Each genealogy begins with someone who was part of the MHS Class of 1968.  Obviously, the names of those from the Class of '68 do not show in the open database unless the person is deceased.

MHS Class of 1968 Yahoo Homepage

(you may enter by invitation only, so if you are a 1968 Mishawka High Scool Graduate or may due to curcumstances not of your own that you would have graduated in 1968 please consider joining us)

Penn - Harris - Madison - School Corporation

Covers the Towships of the above


If you have more pictures of Schools for the St. Joseph County area, that you would like to submit, please send them to the County Cooridinator Please note in the heading that they are School pictures for St. Joseph County. Thank You

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