Battell School

St. Joseph County Schools

Here are some pictures of Schools within St. Joseph County

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Mishawaka, IN


1959-1960 5th Grade 1960-1961 6th Grade

Some of the people in the photo's are: (if you can identify any others please contact the County Co-Ordinator)


Miss Hatch's 5th grade class (1959-1960)

Phil Stillson, Glenda Young, Kelly Guin, Jackie Swonger, George Roelandts, Bev Magnuson, Rich Emery, Doris Kronewitter, and Pam McCarter.  

Mr. Ward's 6th grade class (1961-1962)

Kelly Guin, Phil Stillson, Tom Robinett, Gaelyn Nelson, Randy Kelly, Rich Emery, Alice Marie Beard, Gail Myers, Mike Lachman, George Roelandts, Glenda Young, Bill Hickey, Patty Kane, Lois Rice, Judy Blankenhorn, Bob Stretch, Pat Long (?), Marsha Brown, Patricia Dawson.  

Photo's are the property of George Roelandts.


If you have more pictures of Schools for the St. Joseph County area, that you would like to submit, please send them to the County Cooridinator Please note in the heading that they are School pictures for St. Joseph County. Thank You

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