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Unless noted otherwise the obits are submitted by Dan Rich or John C. Monk

Yakas, Adolph Mary Jo Koran
Yandl, George M. Nadine Hardin
Yandl, Helen  
Yandle, Henry Mary Jo Koran
Yandl, John H. Jr. Nadine Hardin
Yandl, Sister M. Teresa  
Yandl, Pauline Nadine Hardin
Yandl, Raymond E. Mary Jo Koran
Yandl, Richard G. Nadine Hardin
Yandl, Sister M. Joan  
Yanez, Frank A. Mary Jo Koran
Yanez, Louise E.  
Yanko, Helen Mary Jo Koran
Yanko, Rita T. John C Monk
Yanez, Louis A.  
Yardley, Vinton B.  
Yast, Robert A. Nadine A. Hardin
Yaste, Marguerite R.  
Yates, Harry Mary Jo Koran
Yates, Helen Ruby  
Yates, Leroy  
Yaw, Annabelle L.  
Yaw, Elizabeth Marie Martin  
Yaw, George Franklin  
Yaw, Julia Inamae  
Yaw, Kenneth M.  
Yaw, Walter G. Mary Jo Koran
Yazich, Virginia May Arney  
Yeager, Jeane  
Yeager, Sister M. Hildegarde  
Yeakey, Marvin Dale  
Yeakey, Regena Belle  
Yeakey, Robert Bruce  
Yeakey, Susan E.  
Yeakey, Wallace E.  
Yeakley, Robert L.  
Yeandel, Francis A.  
Yendes, Amaryllis  
Yendes, Walter W.  
Yike, Eldonna Rick Berkheiser
Yike, Gail J.  
Yike, Keith L.  
Yike, Sally  
Yocum, Thomas F. Mary Jo Koran
Yoder, Byron E.  
Yoder, Celina M.  
Yoder, Elizabeth M. Mary Jo Koran
Yoder, Harold E.  
Yoder, Marjorie L.  
Yoder, Myron W.  
Yoder, Dr. Reuben D. Mary Jo Koran
Yoder, Ronald Jay  
Yoder, Roy Andrew  
Yoder, Virginia May  
Yoder, Wade A. Sr.  
Yoder, William M.  
Yoho, Sandra Lea Steve Floor
Yoho, William J.  
Yonto, Joseph F.  
Yorga, Sister Michaela  
York, Martha Marie  
York, Russell E.  
Yost, Robert Dale  
Young, Betty J.  
Young, Charles R.  
Young, Clarence Kathy Winther
Young, Clarice I. Hartstein  
Young, Dennis R.  
Young, Dolores  
Young, Donald V.  
Young, Ernest  
Young, Florence M.  
Young, G. Maxine  
Young, Homer C.  
Young, Irene D.  
Young, Jean A.  
Young, Jimmie T. S. Vanden Bossche
Young, Kary Mitchell  
Young, Kevin Wayne  
Young, Leonora F.  
Young, Sister M. Constania  
Young, Martha B  
Young, Norma J.  
Young, Ralph E. Sr.  
Young, Robert Lee Mary Jo Koran
Young, Robert W. Mary Jo Koran
Young, Violet B.  
Youngs, Jane J.  
Youngs, Joseph Myron, Jr.  
Younkin, Judy A.  
Yousey, Rev. Vernon H.  
Youts, Charles R.  
Youts, Edward L. Nadine Hardin
Yu, Concepcion L.  
Yu, Feliciano  
Yugo, Teresa  
Yuhasz, David Michael  
Yuhasz, Frank J., sr.  
Yuhasz, Sharon A.  
Yung, Chi Kam Steve Floor




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