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Unless noted otherwise the obits are submitted by Dan Rich or John C. Monk

Whalen, Sister M. Francis Borgia  
Whalen, Sister M. Olivette  
Whalen, Sister M. Raphaelita  
Whalen, Sister Mary Cocillio  
Whalen, Sister Mary Rosalita  
Wharton, Harlan A. Mary Jo Koran
Wharton, Jacquelyn Ann Todd Nowicki
Wharton, William Rick Berkheiser
Wheatley, Mildred C.  
Wheeler, J. Ray  
Wheeler, Starlene M.  
Wheeler, Vera A.  
Whickcar, Gladys L.  
Whicker, Genevieve Mary Jo Koran
Whiffen, Sister M. Leonessa  
Whisman, Frieda Mable  
Whitaker, Jack W. Mary Jo Koran
Whitaker, Leonard Odell  
Whitcomb, Frederick D.  
Whitcomb, Leslie Calvin  
White, Sister Augustine Marie  
White, Carlos  
White, Donald L.  
White, Elizabeth Sezilla  
White, Estol Mary Jo Koran
White, Eulalia L.  
White, George Andrew  
White, Glidis Jewel  
White, Grady W. Sr. S. Vanden Bossche
White, Helen M.  
White, Jarell Darnell  
White, Junes P.  
White, Kathryn E. Mary Jo Koran
White, Laura Louise  
White, Mabel Ezekiel Georgia Gill-Elkins
White, Sister M. Viscetta  
White, Sister Mary Fausta  
White, Sister Mary Leonarda  
White, Mary L.  
White, Nathan Douglas  
White, Paul Benson  
White, Ray Mary Jo Koran
White, Raymond W. Mary Jo Koran
White, Roseanna  
White, Roy A.  
White, Thelma  
White, Violet May  
White, Walter C. Mary Jo Koran
White, William E.  
White, William L.  
Whitehair, Eloise E.  
Whitehead, Jack  
Whitehouse, Sister Esther Marie  
Whitehouse, Sr. M. Bethania  
Whiteman, Almorettie Mary Jo Koran
Whiteman, Don R.  
Whiteman, Florence Ron Woodhull
Whiteman, Grace B.  
Whitfield, Catherine I.  
Whitfield, Effie P.  
Whitfield, James Edwin  
Whitfield, Lonnie A.  
Whitfield, Louise M.  
Whitfield, Lucinda M. Mary Jo Koran
Whitfield, Quinton W. Mary Jo Koran
Whitfield, Roger B.  
Whiting, Martha E.  
Whitlock, Helen M.  
Whitlow, David A.  
Whitmer, Dorothy Sue Davis
Whitmer, Esther Marie  
Whitmer, Grace L. Mary Jo Koran
Whitmer, Jeannot Marie Mary Jo Koran
Whitmer, Katherine S.  
Whitmer, Louise Ann  
Whitmer, Paul  
Whitmer, Robert Devere S. Vanden Bossche
Whitmer, Robert Dwain  
Whitmer, Robert L. III  
Whitmore, Donald E. Mary Jo Koran
Whitmore, Dorothy Lynette  
Whitmore, Marvin D.  
Whitney, Helen Rebecca  
Whitney, Sister Mary Esther  
Whitney, Robert J. Mary Jo Koran
Whittaker, Ralph G.  
Whitt, Ardys F.  
Whitt, Ella D.  
Whitteberry, Derek J Mary Jo Koran
Whitteberry, Elmer C.  
Whitteberry, Velma  
Whitten, Curt  
Whittington, Wilbur James  
Wicher, Robert W.  
Wickey, Sister Mary Agnetis  
Wickham, John P.  
Widelski, Vicki A.  
Widmar, Dorothy May  
Widup, Anna Mae  
Widup, Mildred B. Mary Jo Koran
Wieczorek, Clem Todd, Nowicki
Wieczorek, Evelyn M. Todd Nowicki
Wieczorek, Frank Todd Nowicki
Wieczorek, Gertrude  
Wieczorek, Inez V.  
Wieczorek, Julia H. Todd Nowicki
Wieczorek, Leon S.  
Wieczorek, Mary Todd Nowicki
Wieczorek, Peter Todd Nowicki
Wieczorek, Walenty Todd Nowicki
Wiegand, Carol S. Mary Jo Koran
Wiegand, Ernest Carl  
Wiegand, George F. Sr.  
Wiegand, Jerry A.  
Wiegand, Katherine M Kathy Winther
Wiegand, Mary M.  
Wiegand, Ruth A.  
Wiegand, Thomas J.  
Wiegand, Thomas O. Mary Jo Koran
Wiegand, Tyler Brant Tina Hostetler
Wieger, Mariann A.  
Wiekamp, Darwin Louis  
Wiener, Gae Van Allen  
Wienholts, Hendrikus A.G. Mary Jo Koran
Wier, Zella M. Mary Jo Koran
Wierschem, Armin T.  
Wierschem, Hilda G.  
Wiese, Sister M. Aloysiana  
Wierzbicki, Delores J. Todd Nowicki
Wigent, Lawrence  
Wigent, Mary Jane  
Wigfall, Andrew Jackson  
Wigfall, Robert Edward Jr.  
Wigginton, Milton L.  
Wiggins, Clarence M.  
Wiggins, Richard A.  
Wiggins, Ronald  
Wightkin, Joan E.  
Wike, Mary O. Kristina Kuhn Krumm
Wiktorowski, Julia  
Wilbourn, Jasmine Lee  
Wilburn, Walter Albert  
Wilcox, Clarence E. Mary Jo Koran
Wilcox, Gene W. Jr Mary Jo Koran
Wilcox, Rev. Gordon W.  
Wilcox, John M. Mary Jo Koran
Wilczewski, Dorothy A.  
Wilczewski, Helen V. Mary Jo Koran
Wilczewski, Joseph A.  
Wilder, Douglas E.  
Wilder, Gerald S.  
Wilder, Henrietta  
Wilder, Josef D.  
Wilder, Sharon L.  
Wileman, Chester  
Wiles, William E.  
Wiley, Bernice  
Wiley, Nellie B.  
Wiley, Robert W.  
Wiley, William McKinley  
Wilfing, Michael J.  
Wilfing, Rudolph J. Sr.  
Wilford, Sister M. Fidelia  
Wilhelm, Agatha M.  
Wilhelm, Ernest J.  
Wilhelm, Jack Evans  
Wilhelm, John J.  
Wilhelm, Mary  
Wilhelm, Michael  
Wilhelm, Oliver Martin Mary Jo Koran
Wilhelm, Oscar  
Wilhelm, Patricia T.  
Wilhelm, William L. Sr.  
Wilk, Dorothy E.  
Wilk, Henry Sr.  
Wilk, Joan C.  
Wilk, Lena E.  
Wilk, Myrtle B.  
Wilke, Sister M. Alphonse  
Wilken, Louis A. Mary Jo Koran
Wilken, Mary C. Mary Jo Koran
Wilken, Richard L. Mary Jo Koran
Wilkerson, C. Arthur Georgia Gill-Elkins
Wilkes, Brother Alexis  
Wilkeson, Darwin E. Sr.  
Wilkeson, Genevieve M.  
Wilkeson, Joseph  
Wilkeson, Theresa M. Mary Jo Koran
Wilkey, Agnes J.  
Wilkins, George F.  
Wilkins, James Mary Jo Koran
Wilkins, Wanda Darlene  
Wilkinson, Don A.  
Wilkinson, Evelyn A. Todd Nowicki
Wilkinson, Everett  
Wilkinson, Harold F. Todd Nowicki
Wilkinson, Kenneth Lawrence Sr.  
Wilkinson, Leslie B.  
Wilkinson, Sister Mary Berthene  
Wilkinson, Sister Mary Emily  
Wilk, Joseph Sr.  
Will, Georgia M.  
Willemin, Ruth E.  
Williams, Marcia Clare  
Willard, Edward E.  
Willard, Edythe Georgia Gill-Elkins
Wille, Mary C.  
Willekens, Frank C.  
Willibey, Marie M. Mary Jo Koran
Williams, Alline  
Williams, Beadie Viola Mary Jo Koran
Williams, Bozzie  
Williams, Carol A. Mary Jo Koran
Williams, Charles A. Jim Piechorowski
Williams, Charles Paul  
Williams, Cherry Sue Mary Jo Koran
Williams, Cheryl Ann  
Williams, Clarence D. Mary Jo Koran
Williams, Clementine Mary Jim Piechorowski
Williams, Claudie  
Williams, Clifford W.  
Williams, David E.  
Williams, David Lee  
Williams, Debra L.  
Williams, DeForest Sprague Georgia Gill-Elkins
Williams, Edgar Sr.  
Williams, Edna Lee  
Williams, Eileen  
Williams, Elizabeth H.  
Williams, Sister Elsie  
Williams, Ethel Grace John C Monk
Williams, Frederick S.  
Williams, Guff M.  
Williams, Harrison  
Williams, Harry Earl  
Williams, Hazel H.  
Williams, Helen Mary Jo Koran
Williams, Henrietta  
Williams, Hilda Georgia Gill-Elkins
Williams, James Erven  
Williams, James Stephen  
Williams, Jerome Franklin  
Williams, John Conrad  
Williams, John J. Georgia Gill-Elkins
Williams, Johnnie Bell  
Williams, Joseph E.  
Williams, Julie Ann Mary Jo Koran
Williams, Larry Doby  
Williams, Lester  
Williams, Lewis I. Mary Jo Koran
Williams, Lillian Marie  
Williams, Linda L.  
Williams, Louis Mack  
Williams, Sister M. Franceline  
Williams, Mac Arthur  
Williams, Margaret Mary Jo Koran
Williams, Margaret Mary  
Williams, Marjory Mary Jo Koran
Williams, Sister Mary Arthur  
Williams, Mattie Georgia Gill-Elkins
Williams, Mattie  
Williams, Maxine R.  
Williams, Melvin F. Mary Jo Koran
Williams, Sister Miriam Andre  
Williams, Patricia Ann  
Williams, Pauline Mary Jo Koran
Williams, Phyllis M. Mary Jo Koran
Williams, Ray H.  
Williams, Rebecca Ann  
Williams, Richard Jr.  
Williams, Robert L. Mary Jo Koran
Williams, Ronnie Dean Jr.  
Williams, Rose Mary  
Williams, Reuben Scott  
Williams, Sally J. G. Mary Jo Koran
Williams, Steven W.  
Williams, W. Scott Georgia Gill-Elkins
Williams, Terry Gene  
Williams, Virginia A.  
Williams, Wayne L.  
Williams, Willie  
Williams, Willie M.  
Williamson, Elmer Clay  
Williamson, Geraldean L.  
Williamson, Mary Margaret Mary Jo Koran
Willibrord, Brother  
Willis, Evelyn Mary Jo Koran
Willis, Louise  
Willis, Mary L.  
Wills, Betty J.  
Wills, Eric Jerome  
Wills, James Malcolm  
Wills, Mrs. Lawrence E. Kristina Kuhn Krumm
Wills, Leo J. Kristina Kuhn Krumm
Wilmes, Frank E.  
Wilson, Bertha Elizabeth Georgia Gill-Elkins
Wilson, Carrie Mary Jo Koran
Wilson, Clifford E.  
Wilson, Debora R. Mary Jo Koran
Wilson, Dianne M. Mary Jo Koran
Wilson, Elizabeth  
Wilson, Elsie Mae  
Wilson, Ethel M. Mary Jo Koran
Wilson, Eugene Freer  
Wilson, Florence A.  
Wilson, Frances Joan  
Wilson, Frank B. Georgia Gill-Elkins
Wilson, Jackie W. “Jack” Alice Marie Beard
Wilson, Rev. Jerome J.  
Wilson, Reverend John H.  
Wilson, Joseph M. Georgia Gill-Elkins
Wilson, Lloyd V. Georgia Gill-Elkins
Wilson, Lula M.  
Wilson, Sister M. Georgina  
Wilson, Madelyn V.  
Wilson, Margaret K.  
Wilson, Marjorie L. Mary Jo Koran
Wilson, Mayme  
Wilson, Montie O.  
Wilson, Nellie J.  
Wilson, Mrs. Olean Mary Jo Koran
Wilson, Robert D.  
Wilson, Robert H.  
Wilson, Robert L.  
Wilson, Robert W.  
Wilson, Rosa M. Georgia Gill-Elkins
Wilson, Russell Jr. Mary Jo Koran
Wilson, Shirley Goble  
Wilson, William H.  
Wiltfong, Bertha S. Brenda Horton
Wiltfong, Caroline Brenda Horton
Wiltfong, Clara Brenda Horton
Wilftong, Don L. Brenda Horton
Wiltfong, Eileen F.  
Wiltfong, Ila H.  
Wiltfong, Irene Brenda Horton
Wiltfong, Kenneth W. Brenda Horton
Wiltfong, Leslie  
Wiltfong, Ralph H. Brenda Horton
Wiltfong, Rosemary  
Wiltfong, Walter A. Brenda Horton
Wiltfong, Wilbert Brenda Horton
Wiltfong, William H. Brenda Horton
Wimmer, Sister M. Euphemia  
Winall, Sister Jovita  
Wincek, John  
Wincek, Stephen Paul Sr.  
Windhorst, Ellsworth R.  
Windhorst, Louise G.  
Windle, Sister M. Electa  
Winenger, Harold Arthur  
Winenger, Helen Marie  
Winenger, Marian Virginia  
Winenger, Walter E.  
Wingfield, Sister Katherine  
Winiarski, Rev. John J.  
Winkle, Charlie Mae  
Winkelman, Oscar  
Winkler, Esther J.  
Winkler, Patrick J.  
Winkowski, Valeria Angela  
Winnicki, Lillian Georgia Gill-Elkins
Winnicki, Roman S.  
Winnicki, Virginia G.  
Winnie, Lucy  
Winquist, Mary Ann Mary Jo Koran
Winrote, Gale A.  
Winski, Donald J. Sr.  
Winsor, Rebecca Mary Jo Koran
Winstead, Martha E.  
Winston, Velma Mary Jo Koran
Winter, Douglas L. Mary Jo Koran
Wirthlin, Sister M. Ella Rose  
Wirtz, Paul B.  
Wise, Calvin Jr. Mary Jo Koran
Wise, Emma Lyon Rick Berkheiser
Wise, Helen L.  
Wise, Patricia Ann  
Wise, Ronald K.  
Wise, Ruth K.  
Wise, Waneta  
Wiseman, Edsel K.  
Wiseman, Herman Eugene  
Wiseman, Kel Mary Jo Koran
Wiseman, Mary D. Mary Jo Koran
Wiseman, Otylia J. Mary Jo Koran
Wisen, Olga  
Wishin, Christopher B.  
Wishman, Augusta Mary Jo Koran
Wiskotoni, Bert E.  
Wiskotoni, Danny R.  
Wiskotoni, Kathleen J.  
Wisniewski, Gertrude M.  
Wisniewski, Jacqueline L.  
Wisniewski, Larry Bernard  
Wisniewski, Margaret S. Mary Jo Koran
Wisniewski, Nellie J.  
Wisniewski, Regina Mary Jo Koran
Wisniewski, Theresa  
Witham, Josephine L.  
Witner, Edgar Robley  
Witt, Harry D.  
Witt, Virginia Marie  
Wittendorf, Carl Robert Sr.  
Witter, John L.  
Witter, Maxine L.  
Witters, Thurlow D.  
Wittner, Charles Rick Berkheiser
Wittner, Edith M. Mary Jo Koran
Wittner, Brother Marius  
Wittner, Ryan L.  
Witucki, George J. Mary Jo Koran
Witucki, Joseph S.  
Witucki, Josephine S.  
Witucki, Mary L.  
Witucki, Sister M. Salomea  
Witucki, Robert F.  
Wituska, Sister M. Francis Gertrude  
Witz, Carol Joseph  
Witz, Elizabeth  
Witz, Ruth Marie  
Wlodarek, Lillian Joan  
Wlodarski, Florian S. Mary Jo Koran
Wlodarski, Marie R.  
Wlodarski, Stella C.  





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