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Due to the many thousands of Obits that have been contributed I have had to revamp the listings and they will no longer contain all the names within the obit. (02/02/2011)

"Wb - We"

Unless noted otherwise the obits are submitted by Dan Rich or John C. Monk

Weatherall, Veria Lee  
Weatherly, Suzanne M. Todd Nowicki
Weaver, Alma Luretta Sue Davis
Weaver, Arza M.  
Weaver, Charles S. Sue Davis
Weaver, Clyde D. Sue Davis
Weaver, Doris P.  
Weaver, Dorothy I.  
Weaver, Doyle L.  
Weaver, Maisie Ruth  
Weaver, Margaret Jean  
Weaver, Martha E. Mary Jo Koran
Weaver, Mary Ann  
Weaver, Mary Elladean  
Weaver-Balentine, Phyllis A. Earl Eugene Balentine
Weaver, Rex G.  
Weaver, Ruth N.  
Weaver, Sharon G.  
Weaver, Violet May  
Webb, Clinton H.  
Webb, Donald T.  
Webb, Doyle A.  
Webb, Emogene Lois  
Webb, Harry L.  
Webb, Helen Christine  
Webb, Sister M. Audrey  
Webb, Manford C. Mary Jo Koran
Webb, Robbie L.  
Webb, Robert L.  
Webber, Sylvia M. Georgia Gill-Elkins
Webbick, William E. G.  
Weber, Estella  
Weber, George F.  
Weber, George William  
Weber, Jacqueline  
Weber, Keith R.  
Weber, LaVern Dale  
Weber, Lucile Mary Jo Koran
Weber, Sister M. Evangeline  
Weber, Sister M. Lucille  
Weber, Sister M. Rose Monica  
Weber, Sister M. Trintas  
Weber, Maxine S.  
Weber, Philip Mary Jo Koran
Weber, Brother Richard S.  
Weber, Robert R.  
Weber, Ronald L. Jr.  
Weber, Zelpha L. Linda Braden Gray
Weberg, David E.  
Wechter, Monte  
Wechter, Robert Sylvester Mary Jo Koran
Weddle, Dale J.  
Weddle, Eleanore R.  
Weddle, Horace Alton  
Weddle, Mary Ellen  
Weddle, Nora Georgia Gill-Elkins
Weddle, Paul E.  
Weddle, Thomas Patrick  
Wedmore, Jack Lee  
Weed, Rudy James  
Weeks, Helen Lucille De Maegd  
Weesner, Hilton D.  
Weesner, Maclyn M.  
Weesner, Ronald Keith  
Wegenka, Chester M. Mary Jo Koran
Wegenke, Hatite Rick Berkheiser
Weger, Andrew C. Mary Jo Koran
Weger, Anna Katherina  
Weger, Anthony A.  
Weger, Theresa M.  
Wegh, Barbara O. Nadine Hardin
Wegh, Ignatz Nadine Hardin
Wegh, Irene Nadine Hardin
Wegh, John Nadine Hardin
Wegh, Rose P. Nadine Hardin
Wegner, Diana J.  
Wegner, Elsie  
Wegner, Helen H.  
Wegner, John F.  
Wehly, Gizella L. Nadine Hardin
Weigel, Donald J.  
Weigel, Carl G.  
Weigel, Sue E.  
Weiher, Rev. Charles F.  
Weikel, Richard J.  
Weikel, Richard Joseph Sr. Mary Jo Koran
Weikel, Rosa B.  
Weil, Irene E.  
Weil, Mary E. Mary Jo Koran
Weiland, Mary E.  
Weimer, Patricia A. Georgia Gill-Elkins
Weinberg, Janice L.  
Weinberg, Major Kelly F. Mary Jo Koran
Weinkauf, Adam  
Weinkauf, Adam A.  
Weinkauf, Andrew  
Weinkauf, Anna M.  
Weinkauf, Anna M.  
Weinkauf, August P.  
Weinkauf, Catherine M.  
Weinkauf, Dorothy  
Weinkauf, Dumont J.  
Weinkauf, Elizabeth  
Weinkauf, Elmer  
Weinkauf, Emil  
Weinkauf, Esther M.  
Weinkauf, Gertrude  
Weinkauf, John J.  
Weinkauf, Joseph B.  
Weinkauf, Kenneth  
Weinkauf, Lester A.  
Weinkauf, Marie A.  
Weinkauf, Mary  
Weinkauf, Opal M.  
Weinkauf, Ouida M.  
Weinkauf, Ouida May  
Weinkauf, Paul A.  
Weinkauf, Samuel  
Weinkauf, Wilfred F. Mary Jo Koran
Weinkauf, Williams J.  
Weinzetl, Carl A. Mary Jo Koran
Weinzetl, Jayne M.  
Weinzetl, Pauline A. Nadine A. Hardin
Weis, M. Janet  
Weis, Margaret M.  
Weis, Richard L.  
Weis, Trella M.  
Weis, Virginia L.  
Weise, Karl  
Weise, Sister Mary Hermaneda  
Weisel, Harry F. Mary Jo Koran
Weisel, Len  
Weiss, Bert E. Georgia Gill-Elkins
Weiss, Eugene  
Weiss, Leonard E.  
Weiss, Marilyn  
Weiss, Myrtle Josephine  
Weiss, Virginia Mae  
Weissfuss, Richard P. Jr.  
Weisser, Irma  
Weissert, John D.  
Weissfuss, Willadean  
Weissmuller, Anna Mary Jo Koran
Weist, Gordon E. Jr.  
Weist, Katherine Ann  
Weisweaver, Donald L.  
Weisweaver, Dorothy C.  
Weisweaver, Geraldine H.  
Weisweaver, John Lawrence  
Weisweaver, John W.  
Weisweaver, Kip P.  
Weisweaver, Lewis H.  
Weisweaver, Patricia Joyce  
Weisweaver, Robert C.  
Weisweaver, William -
Weithman, Patricia H.  
Welch, Sister Mary Rose Vincent  
Welch, Rita D. Mary Jo Koran
Welch, Wanda  
Weller, Harold D.  
Wells, Alburto  
Wells, Audrey Lillian  
Wells, Leonard Ellsworth  
Wells, Mary L.  
Welsh, Charles Albertus  
Welsh, Joyce M.  
Welsh, Sister M. Florence  
Welsh, Rosa Lee  
Welter, Peggy Mary Jo Koran
Welthich, Sister Mary Renfrieda  
Wencel, Mary Todd Nowicki
Wendelinus, Brother  
Wendowski, Helen G.  
Wendzonka, Carl J.  
Wendt, Pamela J. Oswalt  
Wendt, Robert R. John C Monk.
Wenger, Ethel Spurlock Woodcox Steve Floor
Wenger, Gertrude B.  
Wenino, Lottie Ron Woodhull
Wenino, William E. Ron Woodhull
Wennerstrom, Edwin D. John D. Monk
Wenrick, Isaac Rick Berkheiser
Wensits, Catherine Marie  
Wensits, Esther B.  
Wensits, John A.  
Wensits, Joseph M.  
Wensits, Melva Mae  
Wensits, Peggy J.  
Wensits, Wendy Anne  
Wensits, William R.  
Wenslow, Ruth M.  
Wentland, Alice Nadine Hardin
Wentland, Bertha Bernice Nadine Hardin
Wentland, Casimir S. Jr. Nadine Hardin
Wentland, Casimir S. Sr. Nadine Hardin
Wentland, Constance Nadine Hardin
Wentland, Eugene J.  
Wentland, Felix Nadine Hardin
Wentland, Francis Louis Nadine Hardin
Wentland, Frank S. Nadine Hardin
Wentland, Joseph Nadine Hardin
Wentland, Julius Nadine Hardin
Wentland, Lillian K. Nadine Hardin
Wentz, Duane K. Mary Jo Koran
Wentz, Lorraine A.  
Wenzel, Atha Louise  
Wenzel, James  
Wenzel, James M.  
Wentzel, John H.  
Wenzel, Sister M. Peter Claver  
Wenzel, Mildred  
Wenzel, Robert I. Mary Jo Koran
Werbrouck, Anna E.  
Werbrouck, Marcel A.  
Werner, Friedrich Clemens  
Werner, Gary Anthony  
Werner, Sister Marie Assunta Mary Jo Koran
Werner, Naomi D.  
Werner, Paul Allen  
Werner, Raymond M.  
Werntz, Eva F.  
Wertz, Anna Elizabeth Diana Brown
Wesolek, Amy  
Wesolek, Thomas Leon Mary Jo Koran
Wesolowski, Edward J.  
Wesolowski, John J. Mary Jo Koran
Wesolowski, Joyce M.  
Wesolowski, Olive K.  
Wesolowski, Stanley J.  
Wesszo, Helen M.  
Wesszo, Joseph G.  
Wesszo, Louis  
Wesszo, Louis S.  
West, Dorothy  
West, James H. Mary Jo Koran
West, Jean Ron Woodhull
West, Ruth O.  
West, Wayne E.  
West, William B. Ron Woodhull
West, William F. Ron Woodhull
Wester, Linda L. Geisthirt  
Weston, Frances J. Mary Jo Koran
Weston, Harold James  
Weston, Roy Lee  
Wetli, Sister M. Cosma  
Wetzel, Rev. Edward H.  





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