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Due to the many thousands of Obits that have been contributed I have had to revamp the listings and they will no longer contain all the names within the obit. (02/02/2011)


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Unless noted otherwise the obits are submitted by Dan Rich or John C. Monk

Tobin, Sister Catherine  
Tobin, Sister M. Adelaide  
Tobin, Sister M. Edana  
Tobin, Sister Mary Eileen  
Tobolski, Edward J. Mary Jo Koran
Tobolski, Henrietta F.  
Todd, LaDonna M. Panzer  
Toepp, Frank C.  
Toepp, Ida P.  
Toepp, Johanna Antonia  
Toepp, Martha P.  
Toepp, Thomas A.  
Tohulka, Clarence A Mary Jo Koran
Tohulka, Pvt. Richard Herman Mary Jo Koran
Tokay, Ronald N. Nadine Hardin
Tokay, Sophie C. Nadine Hardin
Tolchinsky, Benjamin Georgia Gill-Elkins
Tollar, LuVeda W.  
Tolle, Harry A. Sr.  
Tolle, William H. Mary Jo Koran
Tollens, Caroline M.  
Tolley, Raymond Marcell  
Tom, Gregory A.  
Tom, Wayne A.  
Tomasch, Joyce E. Mary Jo Koran
Tomast, Louis Rick Berkheiser
Tomaszewski, James Walter  
Tomaszewski, Lottie M.  
Tomaszewski, Brother Paschal  
Tomczak, Edward Todd Nowicki
Tomczak, Louis Mary Jo Koran
Tomes, Ardith Ann  
Tomolak, Agnes E.  
Tomolak, Michael S.  
Tomordi, Steve Mary Jo Koran
Tompkins, Andrew J. Todd Nowicki
Tompkins, Ann B. Mary Jo Koran
Tompkins, Helen Todd Nowicki
Tompkins, Joyce L. Ron Buck
Tompkins, Richard R. Todd Nowicki
Toms, Leslie Jane Georgia Gill-Elkins
Tompsett, Pauline  
Toner, Craig S.  
Toohey, Sister M. Presentation  
Toohey, Rev. William A.  
Tooley, Robert W.  
Toombs, Silas Sylvester  
Toomey, Sister M. Bruno  
Toppel, Frances A. Mary Jo Koran
Topper, Raymond E.  
Topping, Verl Mory  
Topps, Roosevelt Jr  
Torbenson, Charles H.  
Torbenson, Thelma R.  
Tordi, Agnes  
Tordi, Ceaser  
Torma, Myrtle V.  
Tormey, Sister Mary Denise  
Torok, Albert S. Mary Jo Koran
Torok, Alice Rosalie Wroblewski Kimmerly
Torok, Elmer L.  
Torok, Margaret M.  
Torok, Rose S. Nadine A. Hardin
Torok, Theonella C.  
Torok, William A. Sr.  
Torres, Rachel  
Torzewski, Alvin A.  
Torzewski, Beverly  
Tosaw, Helen S. Nadine A. Hardin
Toth, Anna M.  
Toth, David J.  
Toth, Elizabeth K. Nadine Hardin
Toth, Frances S. Nadine A. Hardin
Toth, Genevieve Hartig  
Toth, George Steven  
Toth, Irene R.  
Toth, John J. Nadine A. Hardin
Toth, John Steven  
Toth, Joseph F. Nadine A. Hardin
Toth, Louis Sr.  
Toth, Marguerite  
Toth, Marie I.  
Toth, Sister Mary Angelica Nadine A. Hardin
Toth, Mary Cecilie  
Toth, Patricia A.  
Toth, Phyllis Ann  
Toth, Rebecca Sue  
Toth, Rachel M.  
Toth, Virginia M.  
Totten, Rose L.  
Tower, Genevieve G.  
Tower, Sister Mary Eucheria  
Towers, Sister Anna Marie  
Towey, Sister Mary Oswald  
Town, Betty June  
Town, Ronald K.  
Towne, Lawrence C. Jr.  
Towne, Mildred S. Mary Jo Koran
Towner, Gerald W. Mary Jo Koran
Townsend, Dorothy Lee  
Townsend, Ernest Ervin  
Townsend, Mary Viola  
Townsend, Warren D.  
Trace, Sylvia M.  
Tracy, Merrill Alford Mary Jo Koran
Traeger, Sister M. Alvina  
Tramer, Mary Georgia Gill-Elkins
Trana, Pablo Antonio  
Tranter, Harley Dean Mary Jo Koran
Trapp, Harold Arthur  
Traver, Roy G.  
Travis, Nancy E.  
Treber, Steve D. Sr.  
Treely, Philip John  
Treesh, Harold L. Mary Jo Koran
Trefun, Catherine Paula Trefun
Trefun, Lewis Paula Trefun
Trefun, Marko Paula Trefun
Trefun, Peggy C. Paula Trefun
Trehey, Sister Godberta  
Tremel, James Robert  
Trenkner, Richard W. Mary Jo Koran
Trent, Arlen  
Trent, Sibyl I.  
Trettel, Brother Angelo  
Tribbey, Mildred W.  
Tridle, George Charles  
Tridle, Helen J.  
Triest, Christopher Joseph  
Trimboli, Francesco Antonio  
Trimboli, Joseph - 1941  
Trimboli, Joseph - 1996  
Trimboli, Rose  
Triolo, Brother Lawrence E.  
Triplet, Zane S.  
Triplet, Zoie S.  
Tripp, Rev. David H.  
Trisinger, Elizabeth H.  
Trippel, Alfred J.  
Trippel, Amelia  
Trippel, Carl E. Mary Jo Koran
Trippel, Carl G.  
Trippel, Charles Leo  
Trippel, Dorothy L. Mary Jo Koran
Trippel, Dorothy Mae Mary Jo Koran
Trippel, Esther  
Trippel, Fred A.  
Trippel, Frieda  
Trippel, Helen J.  
Trippel, John Robert  
Trippel, Margaret A.  
Trippel, Mary  
Trippel, Mary A.  
Trippel, Mary Antinette  
Trippel, Robert J.  
Trippel, Steven C. Mary Jo Koran
Trippel, Thomas A.  
Troccoli, Ariana Marie  
Troeger, Carol J.  
Troeger, Christoph Rick Berkheiser
Troeger, Ellen M.  
Troeger, Myrtle R.  
Troeger, Richard L. Sr.  
Troiola, David  
Troiola, Ernaldo Henry  
Troiola, James V.  
Troiola, Julia  
Troiola, Rosina  
Troiola, Saverio  
Trojanowski, Stanley Mary Jo Koran
Trok, Elizabeth M. Mary Jo Koran
Trok, Virginia R.  
Trok, Walter A Mary Jo Koran
Troope, Mary Deloris  
Trost, Marie Mary Jo Koran
Trotter, Bre'Andin Joslynn  
Troup, Larry David S. Vanden Bossche
Troutman, Cecil C. Jr.  
Trovatore, Shirley Jane  
Trowbridge, Richard D.  
Troxel, MaDonna L.  
Troyer, Edna Z.  
Troyer, Glenn Wesley  
Troyer, Marilyn J. Mary Jo Koran
Troyer, William Gall Sr Mary Jo Koran
Truax, Donald J. Steve Floor
Truax, Harry A. Mary Jo Koran
Trueb, Janet Ruth  
Truckowski, John P.  
True, G. Herbert  
Trueblood, Emma Evelyn  
Trumbull, Dorothy M.  
Trump, Diane Elizabeth  
Truran, Mildred E. Ruth  
Trusty, Mary F. Dunn  
Trzaskowski, Betty J.  
Trzaskowski, Richard  
Trzop, Joseph E. Jr.  
Tschida, Andrew  
Tschida, Anna Nadine Hardin
Tschida, Anton A. Nadine A. Hardin
Tschida, Arthur M. Nadine A. Hardin
Tschida, Bernice Mable  
Tschida, Dolores Marie Nadine Hardin
Tschida, Elizabeth Nadine Hardin
Tschida, Florence M. Nadine A. Hardin
Tschida, Frank J. Nadine Hardin
Tschida, Frederick M. Nadine Hardin
Tschida, George L. Nadine A. Hardin
Tschida, George M. Nadine A. Hardin
Tschida, Helen Mary Jo Koran
Tschida, Helen J. Nadine A. Hardin
Tschida, Helen K. Nadine A. Hardin
Tschida, Henry J. Sr. Nadine A. Hardin
Tschida, Jeanne M. Nadine A. Hardin
Tschida, John Nadine Hardin
Tschida, John A. Nadine A. Hardin
Tschida, John S. Nadine Hardin
Tschida, Josephine VandeWalle Nadine Hardin
Tschida, Julia Nadine Hardin
Tschida, Katherine Nadine A. Hardin
Tschida, Lawrence E. Nadine A. Hardin
Tschida, Leo J. Nadine Hardin
Tschida, Mary K. Nadine A. Hardin
Tschida, Michael John Nadine Hardin
Tschida, Moudelle Nadine Hardin
Tschida, Robert L. Nadine A. Hardin
Tschida, Stephen M. Nadine A. Hardin




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