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Due to the many thousands of Obits that have been contributed I have had to revamp the listings and they will no longer contain all the names within the obit. (02/02/2011)

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Unless noted otherwise the obits are submitted by Dan Rich or John C. Monk

Taber, Lloyd H. Rick Berkheiser
Taberski, Florence  
Taberski, Sister M. Bronislaus  
Taelman, Douglas S. Nadine Hardin
Tafelski, Clement T.  
Tafelski, Edward S. Sr.  
Tafelski, Jacqueline J. Mary Jo Koran
Tafelski, Lucille A. Todd Nowicki
Tafelski, Mary H.  
Tafelski, Pearl Mary Jo Koran
Tafelski, Roberta Lucille Todd Nowicki
Taff, Carl Edward  
Tagliaferri, Amaryllis Jean  
Tagliaferri, Antonio  
Tagliaferri, Joseph J.  
Tagliaferri, Sistine  
Tailor, Joseph C. Georgia Gill-Elkins
Tajkowski, Alfred C.  
Takach, Stephen F. Sr Nadine A. Hardin
Takace, Helen L.  
Takacs, Donald E.  
Takace, Gloria H.  
Takacs, John Nadine A. Hardin
Takacs, Julius A. Mary Jo Koran
Takacs, Julius E. Mary Jo Koran
Takacs, Julius P. Mary Jo Koran
Takacs, Mary K. Mary Jo Koran
Talaga, Brother Rudolph Michael  
Talarico, Mary  
Talarovic, Brother James  
Talboom, Martha M.  
Talboon, Flora  
Talbot, Dorothy M. Mary Jo Koran
Talbot, Jean Ann  
Talcott, Thad M. Jr. Mary Jo Koran
Tallman, Stanford C. Sr. Georgia Gill-Elkins
Talos, George Sr.  
Tam, Wendell G. Mary Jo Koran
Tamandli, Julius  
Tamandli, Margaret C.  
Tamandli, Vera  
Tamburini, Emilia  
Tamburini, John Mary Jo Koran
Tamke, Evelyn Pearl  
Tamke, Paul F.  
Tanner, Dorothy Ann  
Tanner, Jennie Mary Jo Koran
Tanner, Thomas P.  
Tansey, James J.  
Taplin, Doreen  
Tarbox, Grace M.  
Tarczweski, Sister M. Donata  
Tardiff, Edward C Diana Brown
Tardiff, Sister M. Christina  
Tarlks, Lillian Diana Brown
Tarnacki, Chester  
Tarnocy, Josephine F.  
Tarnow, Alice Jane  
Tarnow, June Traeger  
Tarnow, Martin L. Mary Jo Koran
Tarnow, Martin Lewis Jr.  
Tarr, Elizabeth M. Nadine Hardin
Tarr, Stephen J.  
Tarr, William S. Nadine A. Hardin
Tartaglia, Lucia C.  
Tarwacki, Stanley F.  
Tase, Audrey Jane  
Tascher, Minnie Fink John Soice
Tassell, Joanna M.  
Tatay, Jacqueline  
Tatay, Pauline  
Tate, Irene Nellie  
Tate, Venus  
Tatro, Brother Anselm  
Tatum, Irma Grace  
Tavernier, Albert L.  
Tavernier, Edna  
Tavernier, George L.  
Tavernier, George W.  
Tavernier, John  
Tavernier, Lucinda  
Tavernier, Margaret  
Tavernier, Martin  
Tavernier, Otto E.  
Tavernier, Paul A.  
Tavernier, Verna E.  
Taylor,  Alvana S.  
Taylor, Bernard  
Taylor, Betty June  
Taylor, Charles Edward  
Taylor, Clifford E. Mary Jo Koran
Taylor, Elroy C. Sr.  
Taylor, Eugene Henry Diana Brown
Taylor, Frances L.  
Taylor, Grace H. Mary Jo Koran
Taylor, Harold Holmes  
Taylor, Harry W. Mary Jo Koran
Taylor, Jay L. Mary Jo Koran
Taylor, Jeanette B.  
Taylor, John F. Jr.  
Taylor, Johnny Edward  
Taylor, Kevin D.  
Taylor, Leo D.  
Taylor, Lloyd Sherrett  
Taylor, Lula Mae  
Taylor, Sister M. Andrew  
Taylor, Maisie Wiltfong Brenda Horton
Taylor, Mary E.  
Taylor, Mary J.  
Taylor, Opal O.  
Taylor, Ruth A.  
Taylor, Savilla Rick Berkheiser
Taylor, Sterling M.  
Taylor, Thomas Alvin  
Taylor, Tommy D.  
Taylor, Vernator  
Taylor, William L. - 1934-2001  
Taylor, William L. - 1944-2010  
Taylor, Wilson L.  
Tebo, Alvin H. Paula Trefun
Tebo, Catherine J. Mary Jo Koran
Tebo, Clara Mae Paula Trefun
Tebo, Edgar A.  
Tebo, John A. Paula Trefun
Tebo, Leo Quinland Paula Trefun
Teders, Sister M. Agnes Cecile  
Teders, Sister Miriam A.  
Teeter, David Adam  
Teeter, Harold Jr.  
Teets, Edna Doris Mary Jo Koran
Tekker, Dorothy L. Mary Jo Koran
Temple, Jane Etta  
Templeton, Gerard Raymond  
Templeton, Huston  
Templeton, Marie  
Templeton, Margot M.  
Tener, Lewis E. Mary Jo Koran
Tengelitsch, DeEtta M.  
Tepe, Anna  
Tepe, Sheila M.  
Terbush, Mary T.  
Terbush, William G.  
Terhaar, Sister M. Teresa  
Terlaak, Robert T. Mary Jo Koran
Termont, Brian E.  
Termont, Dick  
Termont, Michael  
Termont, Mildred L.  
Termont, Russell W.  
Terry, Bertha Magrames  
Terry, Catherine M. Wroblewski  
Teske, Irene  
Teske, Rev. Lloyd W.  
Tesmer, Sister M. Helen Agnes  
Tessier, Brother Peter Claver  
Tetseck, Sister M. Beatus  
Tetzlaff, Arthur J.  
Tetzlaff, Garry R.  




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