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Sn - Ss

Unless noted otherwise the obits are submitted by Dan Rich or John C. Monk

Sniadecki, Alfred L.  
Sniadecki, Clement J.  
Sniadecki, Edward I. Sr.  
Sniadecki, Frank Joseph  
Sniadecki, Grace J.  
Sniadecki, Nancy Ann  
Sniadecki, Virginia Theresa  
Sniatecki, Brother Edward J.  
Snider, Carol  
Snider, Dennis M.  
Snider, Sister Mary Katherine  
Snodgrass, Donald E.  
Snodgrass, Glen L.  
Snodgrass, Pearl C. Mary Jo Koran
Snoke, Ruth A. b.telfer@insightbb.com
Snook, Gladys (Grant)  
Snow, Donald G.  
Snyder, Alfred II, Nadine Hardin
Snyder, Alta M.  
Snyder, Ann  
Snyder, Ann L.  
Snyder, Berttha M.  
Snyder, Betty J. Winebrenner  
Snyder, Carl A. Sr.  
Snyder, Clarence E.  
Snyder, Clyde  A.  
Snyder, Clyde Kenneth Georgia Gill-Elkins
Snyder, Dean Ray  
Snyder, Dennis Lee  
Snyder, Dolores F.  
Snyder, Donald B.  
Snyder, Donald L. Mary Jo Koran
Snyder, Donald R.  
Snyder, Dora E.  
Snyder, Dwight A. Jr.  
Snyder, Edith H.  
Snyder, Edward E.  
Snyder, Eilene Ruth  
Snyder, Elizabeth  
Snyder, Ellen Elizabeth Sue Davis
Snyder, Ellis L.  
Snyder, Ethel J.  
Snyder, Frances B.  
Snyder, Gilbert J. Mary Jo Koran
Snyder, Harold L. Sr.  
Snyder, Henry R.  
Snyder, Howard J.  
Snyder, James L.  
Snyder, James W.  
Snyder, Joyce Nadine  
Snyder, Karol Kay  
Snyder, Kenneth Owen  
Snyder, Lynda P.  
Snyder, Mabel E.  
Snyder, Margaret A.  
Snyder, Margaret O.  
Snyder, Marguerite A.  
Snyder, Marjorie Jean  
Snyder, Marsha L.  
Snyder, Mary E.  
Snyder, Merton Bruce  
Snyder, Michael A.  
Snyder, Paul Henry  
Snyder, Phyllis May  
Snyder, Ralph C.  
Snyder, Raymond M.  
Snyder, Robert P.  
Snyder, Rose Lucille  
Snyder, Rose Theresa  
Snyder, Rosemary Nadine Hardin
Snyder, Sheila Renee  
Snyder, Shirley J.  
Snyder, Velma Ruth  
Snyder, Vera E.  
Snyder, Vicki Lynn  
Snyder, William  
Snyder, Winfred A.  
Sobczak,, Josephine Rejder Rick Berkheiser
Sobczak, Sister Miriam Vincent  
Sobczak, Richard E. sr Mary Jo Koran
Sobecki, Jeremiah J. Mary Jo Koran
Sobecki, Sylvia Eldora  
Sobieralski, Clem J.  
Sobieralski, Dolores L.  
Sobieralski, Sophie A.  
Sobodos, Frank  
Sobodos, Julia  
Soboleski, Patrick Henry  
Sobolewski,  John / Jan Jim Piechorowski
Sobolewski,  Maryanna (Przybylski) Jim Piechorowski
Sobosan, Rev. Jeffrey G.  
Sochocki, Dorothy V.  
Sochocki, Frank  
Sochocki, Leona H.  
Soderberg, Emma Emelia Georgia Gill-Elkins
Soellner, J. Edward Mary Jo Koran
Soens, Charles A.  
Soice, Charles L. John Soice
Soice, Nellie John Soice
Sojka, Jane C.  
Sokol, Elmer  
Sokol, Helen  
Sokol, Mollie L. Mary Jo Koran
Solbrig, Maude E. Mary Jo Koran
Soltesz, Edward Frank Sr.  
Soltesz, Ulla Viola  
Soleta, Rev. Chester A.  
Soleta, John Mary Jo Koran
Solfronk, Lillian Catherine  
Solis, Manuel David  
Solmos, Eleanor P. Mary Jo Koran
Solmos, James J.  
Solmos, Theresa Rose  
Solomon, Dorothy  
Solomon, Harry  
Solomon, Michael A. Mary Jo Koran
Somers, Wiley W. Mary Jo Koran
Sommer, Betty J.  
Sommer, Maria Lynn  
Sommer, Sister Mary George  
Sommerer, Minnie Mary Jo Koran
Somogyi, Charles Mary Jo Koran
Sonneborn, Catherine E.  
Sonneborn, Frederick J.  
Sonneborn, Margaret E. Georgia Gill-Elkins
Soos, Cecelia A. Nadine A. Hardin
Sopczynski, Benedict J. Mary Jo Koran
Sopczynski, Bernice A. Mary Jo Koran
Soper, Roy J. Mary Jo Koran
Sorg, Brother Rembert  
Sorgenfrei, Catherine  
Sorgenfrei, John  
Sorgenfrei, Ralph T.  
Sorgenfrei, Robert E.  
Sorocco, Delta Marie  
Sorocco, Joseph John Sr.  
Sorocco, Tony J.  
Sorowka, Sister M. Febronia  
Sosinski, Casmier Jacob Mary Jo Koran
Sosinski, Frances Todd Nowicki
Sosinski, Leonard P. Mary Jo Koran
Sosinski, Michael J. Mary Jo Koran
Sosnoski, Francis H.  
Sosnoski, Frederick J. Jr. Todd Nowicki
Sosnoski, Fred J. Todd Nowicki
Sosnoski, Hilda M. Georgia Gill-Elkins
Sotkiewicz, Elizabeth R.  
Soto, Innocencia  
Soto, John P. Mary Jo Koran
Soto, Leonel Mary Jo Koran
Soule, Allen E. Sr. S.Vanden Bossche
Soule, Fannie Georgia Gill-Elkins
Soule, Gladys S. Vanden Bossche
Soule, Howard R. S.Vanden Bossche
Soule, Leota D. S. Vanden Bossche
Soule, Ralph M. S. Vanden Bossche
Soule, Richard H. Sr. S. Vanden Bossche
Sousley, Astrid E.  
Sousley, George A.  
South, Kenneth L.  
South, Nicholas Daniel  
Southwood, Dorothy F.  
Southwood, Earl E.  
Southwood, Mary E. Mary Jo Koran
Southworth, Howard I. Sr.  
Southworth, Viola M.  
Sowala, Lorraine F.  
Sowala, Roger James  
Sowka, Lorraine M.  
Spagnola, Albert A.  
Spagnolo, Edward J.  
Spagnolo, John  
Spagnolo, Johnni H.  
Spagnolo, Margaret  
Spagnolo, Nicholas V.  
Spagnolo, Nicholas V. Jr.  
Spagnolo, Raye B.  
Spainhower, Beverly J.  
Spainhower, James J.  
Spainhower, Timothy C.  
Spalazzi, Blandia Maria  
Spalazzi, Carl  
Spalazzi, Carol Ann  
Spalazzi, Catherine  
Spalazzi, Frank J.  
Spalazzi, Giovanini  
Spalazzi, Primetta T.  
Spalazzi, Rose M.  
Spalding, Lowell H. Georgia Gill-Elkins
Spangenberg, Henry Ron Woodhull
Spaniolo, Victor G.  
Spansail, Edward O. Brenda Horton
Spansail, Walter G. Mary Jo Koran
Sparazynski, Henry L. Mary Jo Koran
Sparazynski, Mary L.  
Sparazynski, Veronica Mary Jo Koran
Sparks, Fred C.  
Spart, Eric Lawrence  
Spart, Lenore A.  
Spart, Louis J.  
Spates, Sister M. Joan of Arc  
Spear, Sister M. Gregoria  
Spears, Helen  
Spears, John D. Mary Jo Koran
Specht, Sister M. Josita  
Speeks, Alyce B.  
Speelman, James H.  
Spence, Edward C. Sr. Mary Jo Koran
Spence, James Alvin Steve Floor
Spence, Robert A., Dr. Rick Berkheiser
Spencer, Artheda J.  
Spencer, Edith Lin Meeker
Spencer, Irene H. Mary Jo Koran
Spencer, John Patrick  
Spencer, Joseph W.  
Spencer, Julius  
Sperka, Sister M. Genevieve  
Spencer, Mary A.  
Speth, Pamela Mary Jo Koran
Spevak, Jane O. Mary Jo Koran
Speybroeck, August  
Speybroeck, Helen J.  
Speybroeck, Joseph William Sr.  
Speybroeck, Keith C.  
Speybroeck, Marcel  
Speybroeck, Melvina  
Speybroeck, Rita Agnes  
Spezio, Angelina  
Spicer, Alzie Hiram Reese Spicer
Spicer, Martha Jane  
Spillman, Blanche J.  
Spillman, William J.  
Spindler, Parker J. Mary Jo Koran
Spinsky, Anthony Paul  
Spinsky, Florence M.  
Spitaels, Armand A.  
Spite, Anna  
Spite, Joseph David  
Spitler, Richard H.  
Spitzer, Brother Hyacinth Bernard  
Spore, Roswell Reo  
Sprague, Charles C.  
Spreng, Sister M. Diona  
Spriggs, Myrna K.  
Springer, Alex E. Georgia Gill-Elkins
Springer, Alfred V. Jr.  
Springer, Anthony  
Springman, Cedrick L.  
Springman, Matilda M. Mary Jo Koran
Springman, Larry  
Sprinkles, John J. Sr Mary Jo Koran
Spromberg, Helen R.  
Sproston, Margaretha  
Spurgeon, Virginia W.  
Spurling, Ida Beatrice  
Spurlock, Arnold L. Steve Floor
Spurlock, Lodema Steve Floor
Spychalski, Dorothy J. Nadine Hardin
Spychalski, Patrice Grant  
Squadroni, Gizella Ann  
Squadroni, Teresa C.  
Squibb, Thomas E. Sr.  
Squint, Richard Irving  
Squires, John C.  
Squires, Robert A. Mary Jo Koran
Squint, Leo Walter  
Squint, Wanda M.  
Sramek, Donald C.  
Sriver, Rosetta Reed  Rick Berkheiser
Sroda, Monica F. Mary Jo Koran
Sroda, Nepomucena Rick Berkheiser

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