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Unless noted otherwise the obits are submitted by Dan Rich or John C. Monk

Shabala, Ronald D. Mary Jo Koran
Shade, Elizabeth  
Shade, Richard L.  
Shafer, Anna J.  
Shafer, Daniel F.  
Shafer, Frederick Charles  
Shafer, Helen M. Whippo Kristina Kuhn Krumm
Shafer, Irene R.  
Shafer, Joan Margaret  
Shafer, Mary Alice  
Shafer, Mary C. Rick Berkheiser
Shaffer, Damaris Christine  
Shaheen, Helen  
Shake, Barbara J.  
Shamo, Margaret T.  
Shamo, Mildred Rose  
Shamory, Charles E. Jr.  
Shanahan, Mary Doloris  
Shank, Alice G.  
Shank, Alvin W. Mary Jo Koran
Shank, Donald D.  
Shank, Florence F.  
Shank, Henry C.  
Shank, Mary Jane  
Shanley, Sister Mary Josina  
Shannon, Genevieve Margie Roop Pearce
Shannon, Raleigh Margie Roop Pearce
Shanklin, Jean Christine  
Shannon, Henrietta Alice Marie Beard
Shannon, William Jr.  
Shapiro, Sadie Mary Jo Koran
Sharon, Chad S. Mary Jo Koran
Sharp, Agnes Ethel Brenda Horton
Sharp, Allen  
Sharp, Emil F. Mary Jo Koran
Sharp, Marie P.  
Sharp, Patricia A.  
Sharp, Virgle L. Mary Jo Koran
Sharpe, Danny Clyde S. Vanden Bossche
Sharpe, Martha E. Georgia Gill-Elkins
Sharpe, Robert A.  
Sharpe, Theodore G. Jr.  
Sharrer, Violet J. Mary Jo Koran
Shaul, Brandt E.  
Shaul, Martha Louise  
Shaw, Hazel A. Mary Jo Koran
Shaw, Marian A.  
Shaw, Nicole Lynn Mary Jo Koran
Shawhan, George Raymond Georgia Gill-Elkins
Shayler, Harold J.  
Shayler, Leona I. Alice Marie Beard
Shea, Rev. Edmund S.  
Shea, Irma L. Mary Jo Koran
Shea, Brother John Joseph  
Shea, Sister M. Aquinata  
Shea, Sister Mary Eusebia  
Shearer, Lucinda B.  
Shearer, Velma B.  
Sheedy, Rev. Charles E.  
Sheahan, Sister Mary Mansueta  
Sheehan, Sister Eileen Marie  
Sheehan, Jeremiah R. Mary Jo Koran
Sheehy, Sister Mary Hortensia  
Sheeran, Sister Mary Avita  
Sheets, Alexa Sue (Twin-Infant)  
Sheets, Carl R. Mary Jo Koran
Sheets, Eldon L.  
Sheets, Mary Irene  
Sheets, Paul M.  
Sheets, Stephen L.  
Sheets, Victoria Grace (Twin-Infant)  
Sheetz, Emily F. Diana Brown
Sheetz, Joseph M. Mary Jo Koran
Sheetz, Monna Y. Mary Jo Koran
Sheffield, George W. Mary Jo Koran
Sheffield, Joseph C. Mary Jo Koran
Shelby, Samuel P.  
Shelley, Nancy K.  
Shelor, Ernie Jr.  
Shelor, Helen L.  
Shelor, Patricia J.  
Sheneman, Betty A.  
Sheneman, Dale James  
Sheneman, Mabel Sue Davis
Sheon, Charles John  
Shepard, Marilyn J.  
Shepard, Robert M.  
Sherbun, Dolores L.  
Sherbun, John  
Sherbun, Nicholas John  
Sherbun, Sophia  
Sherk, Sevilla L.  
Sherman, Brother Bertin  
Sherman, Elaine  
Sherman, Kathryn M.  
Sherman, Robert A. Mary Jo Koran
Sherrard, Nellie Bernice Mary Jo Koran
Sherrill, Coralie Ann  
Sherrill, Helen Alfreda  
Sherrill, Olive J. Mary Jo Koran
Sherrod, Sylvia  
Sherry, Margaret  
Sherwood, Gary L. Sr.  
Sherwood, Elizabeth Curier Mary Jo Koran
Sheyko, Dmitry  
Shidaker, Arthur W. Mary Jo Koran
Shide, Betty J.  
Shide, Frank W.  
Shidler, Martha G.  
Shilling, William jr.  
Shilts, Barney E. Jr.  
Shilts, Rev. James Leonard  
Shinall, Crystal B.  
Shindledecker, JoAnn  
Shindledecker, Wilbur L.  
Shingledecker, Margaret A.  
Shingledecker, Owen  
Shinholt-Edwards, Barbara Ann  
Shinkel, Sister M. Ida  
Shinneman, William F.  
Shipley, Anna Nadine Hardin
Shipley, Byrd L. Nadine Hardin
Shipman, James Leroy  
Shiprek, Mary E.  
Shireman, Joseph J.  
Shirk, Dallas A.  
Shirk, Delmar I. Mary Jo Koran
Shirk, Florine K.  
Shirk, Hiram Kristina Kuhn Krumm
Shirk, Hiram W. Kristina Kuhn Krumm
Shirk, Kenneth C. Kristina Kuhn Krumm
Shirk, William F. Georgia Gill-Elkins
Shirrell, Betty June  
Shisler, Melba Dean Nadine Hardin
Shisler, Robert L. Nadine Hardin
Shively, Helen M. Mary Jo Koran
Shively, Jesse B. Diana Brown
Shively, Mary Gladys  
Shoemaker, Barbara J.  
Shoemaker, Julia Nadine A. Hardin
Shoemaker, Paul E.  
Shoff, Clayton William  
Shonk, Brother Carl  
Shobert, Patricia  
Shorb, Merl E. Mary Jo Koran
Shore, Sister Mary Gerard  
Shore, Sister M. Josetta  
Shore, Sister M. Patricia Clare  
Shores, Bertha Awald  
Short, Hazel M.  
Short, Jeannette M.  
Short, Julia E.  
Short, Maribel Mary Jo Koran
Short, Marie E.  
Short, Richard  
Shorter, Jennifer  
Shortsleeve, Francis Joseph  
Shoub, Christine J. Mary Jo Koran
Shoue, Sarah E.  
Shoup, Albert Clayton  
Shoup, Owen E.  
Shoup, Raymond H.  
Shoupe, Richard N.  
Shoupe, W. Howard  
Shoup, Will Curtis  
Shovelton, Sherry Lynn  
Shown, Grace  
Shown, Hugh V.  
Shreve, Genevieve  
Shrider, Jack E. Mary Jo Koran
Shriver, Lawrence Virgil  
Shriver, Richard J.  
Shroyer, Richard D.  
Shuey, Rebecca L. Reihl  
Shula, Bertha M.  
Shula, Joseph E.  
Shulmier, Nina Vera  
Shultz, Cody A.  
Shultz, Ruth A.  
Shultz, William R.  
Shuman, George W. Mary Jo Koran
Shuman, Maxine M.  
Shunk, Margaret M. Mary Jo Koran
Shupe, Elizabeth A.  
Shubert, Diana J.  
Shultz, Thelma Jean  
Shumaker, Sylvia Irene  
Shuppert, Charles R.  
Shupert, Dale C. Mary Jo Koran
Shuppert, Maggie Mary Jo Koran
Shutes, Janet A.  






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