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Due to the many thousands of Obits that have been contributed I have had to revamp the listings and they will no longer contain all the names within the obit. (02/02/2011)

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Unless noted otherwise the obits are submitted by Dan Rich or John C. Monk

Peach, Sister M. Ann Francis  
Peak, Monica Marie Torzewski  
Pearce, Cora Diana Brown
Pearish, Ruth M. Mary Jo Koran
Pearman, Ernest L.  
Pearson, Anne Raab  
Pearson, George M.  
Pearson, Sister M. Florentine  
Pearson, Sister Mary C.F.  
Pearson, William A. Mary Jo Koran
Pease, Dora M. S. Vanden Bossche
Pechi, Marie  
Pecina, Jan  
Pecina, Maria  
Pecina, Stanley W.  
Peck, Dayton W.  
Peck, Morgan  
Pecsi, Irene V.  
Pecsi, Louis Paul  
Pecsi, Martha K.  
Pecsi, Michael J.  
Pecsi, Stephen P.  
Peczkowski, Andrew Mary Jo Koran
Peczkowski, Angela V. Mary Jo Koran
Peczkowski, Bertha H. Mary Jo Koran
Peczkowski, Betty J. Mary Jo Koran
Peczkowski, Daniel A.  
Peczkowski, Eddie S. Mary Jo Koran
Peczkowski, John A. Mary Jo Koran
Peczkowski, Mary  
Peden, Hubert Ulma  
Peden, Lorena Mary  
Pedersen, Harry E.  
Pedersen, Martin R. Mary Jo Koran
Pedersen, Paul O.  
Pedevilla, Ruth I. Mary Jo Koran
Pedtke, Helen Marie  
Pedtke, Robert Anthony  
Pedyk, Daniel  
Peele, Joseph Sr.  
Peer, Herbert Hiram  
Peer, Lenore Ellen  
Peffley, Charlotte Brown Diane Brown
Peffley, Eleanor G.  
Peffley, Louise  
Peffley, Norma Maxine  
Peffley, Simon P. Diane Brown
Pegarski, Rev. Bernard A.  
Pegues, Garnette  
Pekarek, Joseph R. Mary Jo Koran
Pekari, Margaret Estelle  
Pellegrin, Rev. George J.  
Pellegrino, Sam Mary Jo Koran
Pellico, Mary A. Mary Jo Koran
Pelley, Robert, Dawn, Janel M., Jolene M. Mary Jo Koran
Pellow, James G. Sr.  
Pelton, Janice  
Peltz, A. Tyndall  
Peltz, Albert E. Nadine A. Hardin
Peltz, Albert W. Nadine Hardin
Peltz, Alice Nadine A. Hardin
Peltz, Alice Julia Nadine Hardin
Peltz, Alma J.  
Peltz, Donald Eugene Nadine A. Hardin
Peltz, Edward C. Nadine Hardin
Peltz, Ellen Otelia Nadine A. Hardin
Peltz, Isaac Tyndal Nadine A. Hardin
Peltz, Olga M.  
Peltz, Oscar C. Nadine A. Hardin
Peltz, Robert Morris  
Peltz, Thomas A.  
Peltz, William H. Nadine Hardin
Peltz, William Oscar Nadine Hardin
Peltz, William R. Sr. Nadine A. Hardin
Pence, George M. Mary Jo Koran
Penn, Karen S.  
Pennell, John Richard  
Penrod, Betty Jean Gill S. Vanden Bossche
Penrod, Ellen F.  
Penrod, William G.  
Penzenik, Veronica  
Pepin, Eugene W.  
Pepin, Robert C. Mary Jo Koran
Peppers, Doyle E. Sr.  
Peppers, Doyle Eugene Jr.  
Peppers, Emma L.  
Peppers, JoAnn  
Peppers, Lee Oren  
Peppers, Roland E.  
Peppers, Rufus Jr.  
Peppers, Walter Wayne  
Pepple, Amelia Georgia Gill-Elkins
Perdue, Sister M. Frances Inez  
Peretti, Pierina H. Mary Jo Koran
Perkins, Charles L.  
Perkins, Clyde E. Jr.  
Perkins, Cynthia J.  
Perkins, Homer Francis  
Perkins, James G.  
Perkins, John Howard  
Perkins, Kathleen Joyce  
Perkins, Margaret D.  
Perkins, Ruth  
Perkins, Waylan Dewayne  
Peregrine, Doris June  
Peregrin, Gertrude I.  
Perri, Betty L.  
Perri, Charles R.  
Perri, Dominic A.  
Perri, Elizabeth  
Perri, Mary C.  
Perri, Nicholas Patrick  
Perry, Cecil D.  
Perry, Erma F. Georgia Gill-Elkins
Perry, Edward J.  
Perry, John C.  
Perri, Joseph A.  
Perry, Lena Margaret  
Perry, Mary Beatrice  
Perry, Willis, jr. Todd Nowicki
Person, Frank E. Sharon Vanden Bossche
Person, Ilene Sharon Vanden Bossche
Personette, Richard Allen  
Persyn, Charles J. Mary Jo Koran
Perzanowska, Sister M. Zofii  
Perzynski, Brother Sixtus  
Peter, Sister M. Alma  
Peters, Amelia Diane Brown
Peters, Bonnie J.  
Peters, Rev. Edmund A.  
Peters, Hartulana A. Nadine A. Hardin
Peters, Helen L.  
Peters, Ineta E.  
Peters, Jack Ross  
Peters, Joseph Stephen Nadine A. Hardin
Peters, Sister M. Gertrude Aloise  
Peters, Marion Ann  
Peters, Mary H.  
Peters, Richard H.  
Peters, Steven Michael  
Peters, Thomas W.  
Petersen, Violet Georgia Gill-Elkins
Peterson, Allan Jorsan  
Peterson, Anna Rose Susan Householder Smith
Peterson, Betty Jean  
Peterson, Blanche E. Kathy Winther
Peterson, Cathalene G.  
Peterson, James E., Sr. Mary Jo Koran
Peterson, John William  
Peterson, Leslie Ken  
Peterson, Lottie Nadine A. Hardin
Peterson, Nelson  
Peterson, Nelson P. Susan Householder Smith
Peterson, Norma Kathryn Heston  
Peterson, Olivia J. Mary Jo Koran
Peterson, Sharon  
Peterson, Susie M. Nadine A. Hardin
Petrie, Lillian C.  
Petrie, Mary K.  
Petron, Robert H. Mary Jo Koran
Petry, Henry Jr.  
Petrowski, Frank  
Pettaway, Dessie M.  
Pettis, Mildred Mary Jo Koran
Petty, Kieth  
Petzke, Ernst S.  
Petzke, Kurt G. Sr.  
Petzke, Olga R. Mary Jo Koran
Peyla, Sharon C.  
Peyla, Thelma G. Mary Jo Koran
Peyton, Rev. Thomas F.  
Pfaff, John W.  
Pfaff, Odessa W.  
Pfaller, Mary Jane  
Pfaller, Richard L.  
Pfeifer, Glenn Ervin  
Pfeiffer, Phyllis P.  
Pfeiffer, Quinter Brant  
Pfeiffer, Richard L.  
Phelan, Sister M. Margaret  
Phelps, Stephen Rowles  
Phelps, Stuart Donald  
Pherson, Edwin Mary Jo Koran
Phillips, Dennis C.  
Phillips, Melvin Edwin  
Pierce, Tammie Mae  
Phalen, Sister M. Rosabel  
Phend, Patric E.  
Philion, Arthur V.  
Philion, Blanche A. Jerry Hobson
Philion, Cleo V. Jerry Hobson
Philion, Dilema Jerry Hobson
Philion, J. J. (Babe) Jerry Hobson
Philion, Richard J. Jerry Hobson
Philion, Thomas F.  
Phillips, Mary B.  
Philipson, Beare C. Jr.  
Philipson, Margaret Louise  
Philipson, Sherry  
Phillipa, Sister Mary  
Phillips, Betty L.  
Phillips, Carl  
Phillips, Elwin Mary Jo Koran
Phillips, Georgianna Mary Jo Koran
Phillips, Hazel L. Mary Jo Koran
Phillips, Helen L.  
Phillips, Larry Mary Jo Koran
Phillips, Margaret M.  
Phillips, Mary Alice  
Phillips, Sister Mary Victorine  
Phillips, Terry J.  
Phillips, Violet G.  
Pianowski, Clarence I. Mary Jo Koran
Pianowski, Joseph L.  
Pianstki, Bradley Gene  
Pianstki, Eugene J.  
Piatkowski, Edward Todd Nowicki
Piatkowski, Jennie R.  
Piatkowski, Julia B. Mary Jo Koran
Pica, Ethel Mary Jo Koran
Pickavet, Mary Margaret  
Pickens, Barry Clyde Mary Jo Koran
Pickens, Ethel E.  
Pickens, Kahala  
Pickens, Ray A.  
Pickens, Willard E.  
Pico, Stephanie Louise  
Piech, F.T. Bud  
Piech, Jeanne Wolfe  
Piechocinski, Sister M. Cecilia Clare  
Piechocki, Adeline C.  
Piechocki, Anthony Todd Nowicki
Piechocki, Genevieve Todd Nowicki
Piechocki, Lorraine I. Mary Jo Koran
Piechocki, Raymond J.  
Piechorowski, Amelia Jim Piechorowski
Piechorowski, Bert Jim Piechorowski
Piechorowski, Conrad Jim Piechorowski
Piechorowski, Eugene J. Kristina Kuhn Krumm
Piechorowski, Evelyn R. Jim Piechorowski
Piechorowski, Frank A. Jim Piechorowski
Piechorowski, Helen Jim Piechorowski
Piechorowski, Jan/John Jim Piechorowski
Piechorowski, Konstancya Jim Piechorowski
Piechorowski, Leon Jim Piechorowski
Piechorowski, Peter Jr. Jim Piechorowski
Piechorowski, Peter S. Sr. Jim Piechorowski
Piechorowski, Virgil Bert Jim Piechorowski
Piechowiak, Cheryl L.  
Piechowiak, Frank A., Sr.  
Piechowiak, Frank A.  
Piechowiak, John M.  
Piechowicz, Helen D. Mary Jo Koran
Pielach, Aloysius S. Mary Jo Koran
Pieniaskiewicz, Sister M. Ermelinda  
Pieniarzkiewicz, Sister M. Thomasia  
Pieper, Brother Hobart, C.S.C. Mary Jo Koran
Pierce, Chester L. Sr.  
Pierce, Clay E. Mary Jo Koran
Pierce, Glenn L.  
Pierce, Ila M.  
Pierce, Larry Dean  
Pierce, Sister M. Desiree  
Pierce, Ruby L. Mary Jo Koran
Pieters, August Mary Jo Koran
Pieters, Camiel  
Pietraszewski, Daniel  
Pietrowski, Josephine R. Rosalie Wroblewski Kimmerly
Pietrzak, Maribelle E.  
Pighi, Albert J.  
Pighi, Clara  
Pighi, John  
Pighi, Marcellus  
Pighi, Mary S.  
Pignone, Jacqueline  
Pilarski, Bert T. Mary Jo Koran
Pilarski, Edna S. Mary Jo Koran
Pilarski, Ervin J. Mary Jo Koran
Pilarski, Evelyn V. Mary Jo Koran
Pilarski, Joseph J. Mary Jo Koran
Pilarski, Louise I. Mary Jo Koran
Pilarski, Marion R. Mary Jo Koran
Pilarski, Regina J.  
Pilarski, Richard C. Mary Jo Koran
Pilarski, Richard M. Mary Jo Koran
Pilarski, Stella C. Mary Jo Koran
Pilarski, Tillie Mary Jo Koran
Pilarski, William A. Mary Jo Koran
Pilat, Sandra Kay  
Pilger, Joseph A. b.telfer@insightbb.com
Pilger, Sabina T.  
Pilkinton, Lucy B.  
Piller, Mary T.  
Piller, Wilhelmina M.  
Pilot, Catherine A.  
Pilotte, Sister M. Ann  
Pilsitz, Julia C.  
Pinckert, Donald A.  
Pinckert, Laura E.  
Pinckert, Orval C.  
Pine, Victor E.  
Pingel, Howard Arthur  
Pink, Frank Lemon Ron Woodhull
Pink, Laura Leona Ron Woodhull
Pinkerton, Ayliffe W.  
Pinkola, Mary  
Pinkola, Theresia Mary Jo Koran
Pinkowski, Patricia Ann Mary Jo Koran
Pinkowski, Walter G.  
Pinter, Brother Albert  
Pinter, Florence A. Mary Jo Koran
Pinter, Louis S.  
Pinter, Mary M. Mary Jo Koran
Pinter, Nicholas E.  
Piowaty, Carl J. Mary Jo Koran
Piper, Robert Mark Steven  
Pipke, Frances Marie Fry Georgia Gill-Elkins
Piraccini, Alverso  
Piraccini, Mildred A.  
Piraccini, Virginia Lou  
Pirka, Mary E. Mary Jo Koran
Piser, Mildred K.  
Pishnoff, Ethel M.  
Pittman, Andre L. Sr.  
Pittman, Gary Lee Mary Jo Koran
Pittman, Harriet H.  
Pittman-Gray, Stefania Marie  
Pixley, Bessie E.  
Placida, Sister  
Plain, Doris D.  
Plain, George B.  
Plajer, Joseph A. Sr.  
Plank, Sandra A.  
Plant, Mary L. Mary Jo Koran
Plas, Brother Edgar  
Platte, Brother Bernard Gerard  
Platts, Edward M. Todd Nowicki
Platts, Mary J. Todd Nowicki
Platts, Mike Todd Nowicki
Platz, Clarence E. Georgia Gill-Elkins
Platz, David E.  
Platz, Gale L. Jr.  
Plencner, Casimer Todd Nowicki
Plencner, Eleanor Todd Nowicki
Plencner, Harry A. Mary Jo Koran
Plencner, Rosalie K.  
Plencner, Sophie A.  
Plencner, Sylvester J. Mary Jo Koran
Pletcher, Andrew b.telfer@insightbb.com
Pletcher, Artiest M. b.telfer@insightbb.com
Pletcher, Catherine b.telfer@insightbb.com
Pletcher, Daniel b.telfer@insightbb.com
Pletcher, Delores Eileen b.telfer@insightbb.com
Pletcher, Mrs. John b.telfer@insightbb.com
Pletcher, Russell John  
Pletcher, Samuel b.telfer@insightbb.com
Pletcher, Vera Belle  
Pletcher, William Franklin b.telfer@insightbb.com
Plocki, Sister Eleanor  
Plonka, Delvin R.  
Plonski, Albin J.  
Plonski, Leonard J. Mary Jo Koran
Plonski, Theresa M.  
Plotkin, Robert  
Plott, Aurelia b.telfer@insightbb.com
Plough, Rita Claire Mary Jo Koran
Plumb, Betty J.  
Plumb, George Evans  
Plumb, Ralph H. Mary Jo Koran
Plummer, Ethel Mary Jo Koran
Plummer, James Lee  
Pluta, Alice R.  
Pluta, Frank J. Mary Jo Koran
Pluta, Jerome H. Mary Jo Koran




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