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Unless noted otherwise the obits are submitted by Dan Rich or John C. Monk

Mocaby, LindaKay  
Mochel, Amelia E.  
Mochel, Clem O.  
Mock, Margaret Ann Mary Jo Koran
Mock, Cloice W.  
Modesta, Sister  
Modlin, Murray Robert  
Modjeska, Frances J.  
Modory, Charles Georgia Gill-Elkins
Modory, Charles John Georgia Gill-Elkins
Modory, Elizabeth Georgia Gill-Elkins
Modory, Ethel Georgia Gill-Elkins
Modory, Helen K.  
Modory, Mrs. Carl Georgia Gill-Elkins
Modos, Marie  
Moe, Sister M. Leonella  
Moellmann, Sister M. Laura  
Moffett, Morris W. Mary Jo Koran
Moffit, Maude L.  
Moffitt, Robert W.  
Molebash, Ross W.  
Molebash, Virginia O.  
Molenda, Dolores J. Mary Jo Koran
Molenda, Elizabeth M.  
Molenda, Joseph B. Mary Jo Koran
Molenda, Robert J. Mary Jo Koran
Molinaro, Salvatore T.  
Molnar, Andrew N. Nadine Hardin
Molnar Rev., Anthony D. Nadine A. Hardin
Molnar, Bernice M.  
Molnar, Eugene G.  
Molnar, Frank Mary Jo Koran
Molnar, Gazella  
Molnar, Genevieve M.  
Molnar, Irene I. Mary Jo Koran
Molnar, Isabelle R. Nadine Hardin
Molnar, John J. Nadine A. Hardin
Molnar, Joseph A.  
Molnar, Katherine G.  
Molnar, Leona Nadine A. Hardin
Molnar, Louis A. Nadine Hardin
Molnar, Louis J. Sr. Mary Jo Koran
Molnar, Mary Nadine A. Hardin
Molnar, Mary S. Nadine A. Hardin
Molnar, Ruth V.  
Molnar, Stephen Nadine Hardin
Molnar, Steven Rick Berkheiser
Moltz, Ralph L. Mary Jo Koran
Molvana, Sister M.  
Monahan, John Edward  
Mondovics, Mary J. Mary Jo Koran
Monhaut, Harry A.  
Monhaut, John D.  
Monhaut, Margaret  
Monhaut, Ralph R.  
Monhaut, Ruth K.  
Monk, Joanne C. John Monk
Monroe, Larry D.  
Monroe, Lura Maxine Mary Jo Koran
Monserez, Marie Jachimiak  
Montague, Bruce A.  
Montague, Vivian Ruth  
Montalvo, Guadalupe R.  
Montalvo, Gustavo  
Montalvo, Victor V.  
Montana, Gustavo B.  
Montanari, Ronald L.  
Montel, William Kathy Winther
MonteSano, Agnes  
MonteSano, Nicholas  
Montgomery, Vera Ellen  
Montgomery, Vivian T.  
Montine, Blanche M.  
Montoya, Rev. Eugene R.  
Moody, Glenda L.  
Moon, Barbara J.  
Moon, Cecil L.  
Moon, Eli C.  
Moon, Gerald "Pat"  
Moon, Homer E.  
Moon, Kermit E.  
Moon, Lucille M.  
Moon, Mary Ann  
Moon, Norlynn J.  
Moon, William F.  
Mooney, Angeline Helen  
Mooney, Olivia Katherine Mary Jo Koran
Moore, Agnes Marie  
Moore, Helen A.  
Moore, Beatrice H.  
Moore, Betty Lou Mary Jo Koran
Moore, Charles R. Sr.  
Moore, Diane S.  
Moore, Gordon E. Mary Jo Koran
Moore, Guy Earl  
Moore, Harland W. Mary Jo Koran
Moore, Harold G.  
Moore, Helen Maxine  
Moore, Henry  
Moore, Howard A.  
Moore, Imogene B.  
Moore, John S.  
Moore, John Samuel  
Moore, Lois Inez  
Moore, Mario Mary Jo Koran
Moore, Mary Alice  
Moore, Mary Evelyn  
Moore, Sister Mary Lucian  
Moore, Michael D.  
Moore, Pauline H.  
Moore, Ralph Edward Georgia Gill-Elkins
Moore, R.E.  
Moore, Robyn R.  
Moore, Spencer Dean  
Moore, Thaddeus A. Mary Jo Koran
Moore, Vicky Sue  
Moore, Sister Vincent Mary  
Moore, Virginia A.  
Moore, Wilma Lillian  
Moorhead, Robert P.  
Moorman, Dorothy D.  
Moorman, Mary G.  
Mootz, Francis J.  
Moraitis, William  
Morales, Maria  
Moran, Betty  
Moran, Carolyn  
Moran, Sister Emidius  
Moran, Rev. James  
Moran, Sister M. Francis Cecile  
Moran, Sister Mary  
Moran, Brother Narcissus  
Moran, Richard W.  
Moraschi, Frank  
Moraschi, Jessie P.  
Moraschi, Louis V.  
Moraschi, Margaret  
Moraschi, Mary  
Moraschi, Vincent L.  
Moraschi, Yvonne  
More, Opal N.  
Morel, Louise G.  
Moreno, Hazel M.  
Morey, Joseph A. Mary Jo Koran
Morgan, Jonathan  
Morgan, Leona M. Mary Jo Koran
Morgan, Sister Mary Myra  
Morgan, Owen D. Sr. Mary Jo Koran
Morgan, Sandra J.  
Morgan, Virginia Mary Jo Koran
Morgano, Bernard J.  
Morgeson, Anthony T. Mary Jo Koran
Moriconi, Angelo L.  
Moriconi, Angelo P.  
Moriconi, Antoinette  
Moriconi, Maria  
Moriconi, Oliva  
Morin, Bertha  
Morin, Charles E.  
Morin, George J.  
Morin, Larry W.  
Morin, Paul J.  
Morin, Robert Paul  
Morningstar, Clara M. Rick Berkheiser
Morman, Robert James  
Moroney, Brother James A.  
Morrical, David Lee  
Morrical, Dorothy I.  
Morrical, Max Georgia Gill-Elkins
Morris, Addie Lee  
Morris, Alice M. Mary Jo Koran
Morris, Alta J. Georgia Gill-Elkins
Morris, Betty K.  
Morris, Betty L.  
Morris, Dollie Virginia Lane Steve Floor
Morris, Donald O'Dell  
Morris, Ernest M. Leanna Ihde
Morris, Frank J. Rick Berkheiser
Morris, Mrs. George Leanna Ihde
Morris, James B.  
Morris, James Walter  
Morris, John Mary Jo Koran
Morris, Kristi A.  
Morris, Laura Mary Jo Koran
Morris, Sister M. Emelline  
Morris, Mary Alice  
Morris, Michael Lane  
Morris, Minnie Lee  
Morris, Richard E.  
Morris, Sophie  
Morrison, Alice Green  
Morrison, Audrey K. Mary Jo Koran
Morrison, Gladys M. Alice Marie Beard
Morrison, Lisa L.  
Morrison, Marcus James Alice Marie Beard
Morrison, Richard J. Mary Jo Koran
Morrison, Richard L.  
Morrison, Rev. William T.  
Morrissey, Helen D. Mary Jo Koran
Morrissey, Sister M. Rose Ellen Mary Jo Koran
Morrow, Elmer J.  
Morrow, Frank J.  
Morrow, George H.  
Morrow, Janice B.  
Morrow, Lester A.  
Morrow, Marjorie Ann  
Morrow, Randolph A. Jr.  
Morrow, William Thomas Sr.  
Morse, Georgina A.  
Morse, Joseph T.  
Morse, Kenneth D.  
Morse, Shirley Krueger  
Morth, Ann D.  
Morth, John Charles Georgia Gill-Elkins
Mortimore, Doris M.  
Mortimore, John Jr.  
Morton, Dale T.  
Morton, Ida M.  
Morton, Revis Joe  
Morton, Rodney Donell  
Moser, Alvina Mary  
Moser, Carmella Theresa Tirotta  
Moser, Sister M. Faith  
Moser, Robert H.  
Moser, Russell H.  
Moses, Jonathan Scott  
Mosgrove, Willie  
Moshak, Helen C.  
Moshak, Jonathan Edward  
Moss, John E.  
Moss, Patricia R.  
Mossell, Jadee Beth  
Mossell, John J.  
Mosser, Sean Andrew  
Mossey, Joseph Lloyd  
Mossey, Mary L.  
Mostaert, Ann M.  
Mostaert, Emiel P.  
Mostaert, Ethel G.  
Mostaert, Henry  
Mostaert, Madalena C.  
Moton, Natalie M. Mary Jo Koran
Mott, Charles Eugene Alice Marie Beard
Mott, Elizabeth  
Motts, Clyde  
Moubray, Donald I. Todd Nowicki
Mould, Ruth M.  
Mounce, Maxine Velma  
Mountain, Charles L. Mary Jo Koran
Mounts, Olive Smith  
Mountsier, John B.  
Moxley, Eleanor D.  
Moyer, Mary Diana Brown
Moynian, Sister M. Julitta Mary Jo Koran
Mroczkiewicz, Albert J. Mary Jo Koran
Mroczkiewicz, Betty M. Mary Jo Koran
Mroczkiewicz, Cecilia Mary Jo Koran
Mroczkiewicz, Clement S. Mary Jo Koran
Mroczkiewicz, Dorothy Mary Jo Koran
Mroczkiewicz, Richard F. Mary Jo Koran
Mrofka, Alphonse J.  
Mrowca, Brother Adalbert  
Mrozek, Walter Mary Jo Koran
Mrozinski, Catherine M. Todd Nowicki
Mrozinski, Clementine A.  
Mrozinski, Harry J.  
Mrozinski, Leonard Sr.  
Mrozinski, Louis Todd Nowicki
Mrozinski, Natalie Leone  
Mrozinski, Richard J. Sr.  




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