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Due to the many thousands of Obits that have been contributed I have had to revamp the listings and they will no longer contain all the names within the obit. (02/02/2011)


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Unless noted otherwise the obits are submitted by Dan Rich or John C. Monk

Miceli, Sister Virginia  
Michalik, Rev. Walter G.  
Michael, Calvin C.  
Michael, Joseph C.  
Michaelis, Madelyn  
Michaels, Sister Mary Christa  
Michalak, Lillian H.  
Michalos, Josephine (Jo) Laura  
Michalski, Casimer W. Todd Nowicki
Michalski, Catherine Todd Nowicki
Michalski, Chester Nadine A. Hardin
Michalski, Edwin J. Nadine Hardin
Michalski, Frank Nadine Hardin
Michalski, Irene Mary Jo Koran
Michalski, Ladislaus Todd Nowicki
Michalski, Lucille E.  
Michalski, Mary Ellen Todd Nowicki
Michalski, Terrence Allen  
Michalski, Valentine Todd Nowicki
Michele, Bertha Marie  
Michele, Florine E.  
Michele, John P.  
Michele, Joseph A.  
Michels, Arthur J.  
Michels, Catherine Barbara  
Michels, Cletus W.  
Michels, Cleytie  
Michels, Gerald U.  
Michels, J. Joseph  
Michels, Carroll A.  
Michels, Elsie Mary Jo Koran
Michels, Genevieve  
Michels, John  
Michels, Kathai  
Michels, Katherine E.  
Michels, Leo A.  
Michels, Linus R.  
Michels, Marian C.  
Michels, Martha M.  
Michels, Mary Annetta  
Michels, Nellie M.  
Michels, Nick  
Michels, Peter  
Michels, Richard F.  
Michels, Sarah. A.  
Michels, Wilford A.  
Michels, Margaret M.  
Michels, Mary  
Michels, Mary E.  
Michiels, Margaret  
Micinski, Balbina G.  
Micinski, DeVon Leo  
Micinski, Eleanor D.  
Micinski, Helen M.  
Micinski, John J.  
Micinski, Lionel E.  
Micinski, Raymond C.  
Mickelsen, Marjory S.  
Mickow, Michael Stephen  
Midday, Barbara E.  
Midday, Cecilia O.  
Midday, Joseph A.  
Middleton, Wayne E.  
Mielcarek, Rita M  
Mielke, Minnie M. Mary Jo Koran
Mifflin, Helen  
Migas, Andrew J. Mary Jo Koran
Mihocza, Frank G.  
Miholich, Godfrey V. Mary Jo Koran
Mikesell, Dorothy E.  
Mikesell, Janet Sue  
Mikesell, Joseph Rick Berkheiser
Miklynski, Brother Casimir  
Miko, Julius G.  
Miko, Mary Pavich Mary Jo Koran
Miko, L. Mike Rick Berkheiser
Mikolajewski, Lottie M.  
Mikolajewska, Susan Kay Mary Jo Koran
Mikolajewski, Chester T.  
Mikula, Anthony Nadine Hardin
Mikula, Edward Joseph Mary Jo Koran
Mikula, Ervin Nadine Hardin
Mikula, Floyd J. Nadine Hardin
Mikula, Irene Nadine Hardin
Mikula, Jacob  
Mikula, Joseph  
Mikula, Maryann  
Mikula, Nicholas Nadine Hardin
Mikula, Rose Nadine Hardin
Mikula, Rosella Nadine Hardin
Mikula, Stanley Anthony Nadine Hardin
Mikula, Veronica S. Nadine Hardin
Mikulyuk, Dorothy M.  
Mikulyuk, Helen  
Mikusak, Eleanore R.  
Milbourn, Howard Ellsworth Sr.  
Milbourn, Lura I.  
Milbourn, Miriam L. Wiggins  
Milburn, Wilma J.  
Milcarek, Alberta M.  
Miles, Camilla J.  
Miles, Edward J. Todd Nowicki
Miles, John H.  
Miles, Rose Mary Mary Jo Koran
Milewski, Julia S. Todd Nowicki
Milewski, Michael Todd Nowicki
Miliken, Rhoda Frances Sue Davis
Millage, Geneva Estelle  
Millage, Wilfred L.  
Millage, Wilma E.  
Millar, Ansel W.  
Millaway, Barbara A.  
Millbern, Peggy Jean  
Millcarek, Eugene Mary Jo Koran
Millenbach, Br. Lucidus  
Miller, Agnes M.  
Miller, Althea  
Miller, Anna Veronica  
Miller, Barbara B. ardis@mei.net
Miller, Bennie J. Mary Jo Koran
Miller, Bert Mary Jo Koran
Miller, Betty June  
Miller, Catherine Diana Brown
Miller, Charlotte Ann  
Miller, Clement Michael  
Miller, Connie R.  
Miller, Curtis A.  
Miller, Della Jean  
Miller, Donald Edward  
Miller, Dorothy C.  
Miller, Dorothy E.  
Miller, Douglas E. Jr Mary Jo Koran
Miller, Edgar L. Mary Jo Koran
Miller, Reverend E.J.  
Miller, Sister M. Edgarina  
Miller, Edith Mary Jo Koran
Miller, Eleanor H.  
Miller, Elijah  
Miller, Esther A.  
Miller, Esther E. Mary Jo Koran
Miller, Eugene Georgia Gill-Elkins
Miller, Floyd E. Sr.  
Miller, Forrest C. Todd Nowicki
Miller, Geraldine L.  
Miller, Grace D.  
Miller, Gregg E.  
Miller, Harold T. Mary Jo Koran
Miller, Hazel E.  
Miller, Helen  
Miller, Inez Jo  
Miller, James I.  
Miller, Jean (1926 - 2009)  
Miller, Jean (1938-2010)  
Miller, John H. Rick Berkheiser
Miller, John W.  
Miller, Rev. Joseph S.  
Miller, Julia D.  
Miller, Kathryn Ferne Holcomb  
Miller, Brother Lawrence  
Miller, Leigha  
Miller, Leonard Mary Jo Koran
Miller, Louise Hess  
Miller, Sister M. Colombiere  
Miller, Manly F. Mary Jo Koran
Miller, Margret Anna  
Miller, Margaret C.  
Miller, Margaret E.  
Miller, Margaret T.  
Miller, Marguerite Mary Jo Koran
Miller, Marie J.  
Miller, Martha A. John McCartney
Miller, Martha Grinsyead Todd Nowicki
Miller, Martin Hoyt  
Miller, Mary (1880 - 1957) Mary Jo Koran
Miller, Mary Louise  
Miller, Marvin L.  
Miller, Melvin Ira  
Miller, Merle Mary Jo Koran
Miller, Michael L. Mary Jo Koran
Miller, Monroe M.  
Miller, Myrlan  
Miller, Ned A.  
Miller, Otto Joseph Jr.  
Miller, Paul G.  
Miller, Robert Glenn  
Miller, Robert James  
Miller, Robert W. Mary Jo Koran
Miller, Rudolph B.  
Miller, Ruth Phyllis  
Miller, Shirley A.  
Miller, Sidney L. Georgia Gill-Elkins
Miller, Sister M. Amata  
Miller, Sister Virginis  
Miller, Sondria L.  
Miller, Sophie E.  
Miller, Teresa A.  
Miller, Mrs. Thomas Georgia Gil-Elkins
Miller-Duckworth, Lory Sue Mary Jo Koran
Miller, Vaughn E.  
Miller, Vera L.  
Miller, Victoria Rose  
Miller, Virginia B. Mary Jo Koran
Miller, Virginia L.  
Miller, Vivian M.  
Miller, Walter Vill  
Miller, Warren B.  
Miller, Wilbur H. Jr.,  
Miller, Will A.  
Milliken, Aaron W. Diana Brown
Milliken, Joseph David Sr.  
Milliken, Lyndon Robert  
Milliken, Ruth M.  
Milliken, William H.  
Millington, Robert A. Diana Brown
Million, Irene B.  
Mills, A. Bernadine Colbert  
Mills, Edna B.  
Mills, Sister Elizabeth Louise  
Mills, Ira G.  
Mills, Jack Lee  
Mills, Mary Jane  
Mills, Richard Ray  
Mills, Robert A. Sr.  
Mills, Wesley E.  
Millsaps, James B.F.  
Milner, Robert H.  
Milslagle, Betty  
Milslagle, Donald E.  
Miltenberger, Earl J. Paula Trefun
Miltenberger, Ervin R.  
Miltenberger, Esther L. Mary Jo Koran
Miltenberger, Julius J. Paula Trefun
Miltenberger, Maxine V.  
Miltenberger, Robert L. Mary Jo Koran
Miltenberger, Virginia Mary Jo Koran
Miltenberger, William  
Milton, Mrs. Robert P. Rick Berkheiser
Milum, Vera Mary Jo Koran
Minczeski, Margaret A.  
Minder, Helen M. Mary Jo Koran
Minder, Michael A.  
Minelli, Lindsay Marshall  
Minegar, Harry L.  
Miner, Dwight Lee Jr.  
Miners, Violet Pascoe  
Minges, Russell E.  
Mink, Wilbur  
Minkler, Charles W.  
Minkoff, Elsie  
Minne, Jeanette  
Minne, Winifred D.  
Minnes, Louis C.  
Minnes, Patricia J.  
Minotti, Delphina M.  
Minotti, Luigi  
Minnick, Rev. William F.  
Minton, Maqui Jamarious James  
Mintz, Charles  
Minzey, Robert C. Georgia Gill-Elkins
Miramontes, Susan Ellen  
Mirocha, Thaddeus A.  
Misener, Orval Mary Jo Koran
Miser, L. Mike  
Mishler, Craig Lowell  
Mishler, Dale E.  
Mishler, Rose C.  
Mishler, William Lee  
Mishnick, Sister M. Diona  
Misiano, Rocco J. Jr.  
Miskin, Steven D.  
Mitchell, Addlee  
Mitchell, Betty A.  
Mitchell, Edmund  
Mitchell, Edward A.  
Mitchell, Elmer Roy  
Mitchell, Fannie I.  
Mitchell, Florence C. Mary Jo Koran
Mitchell, Fred I.  
Mitchell, Georgia Mary Jo Koran
Mitchell, Jerry Wayne  
Mitchell, Margaret Schuttrow  
Mitchell, Rhonda L.  
Mitchell, Robert L.  
Mitchell, Rosa A.  
Mitchell, William A. II  
Mitrovich, Helen Mary Jo Koran
Mittendorf, Brother Thomas R.  
Mitternight, Sister M. Margery  
Mittleman, Edwin J.  
Mixtacki, Betty M.  
Mixtacki, Leonard E.  
Mize, Linda J.  
Mlekodaj, Ailene  
Mlodzik, Stefania Mary Jo Koran




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