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"La - Lm"

Unless noted otherwise the obits are submitted by Dan Rich or John C. Monk

Laake, Sister Mary Henrita  
Labadie, Francis Noble Georgia Gill-Elkins
LaBelle, Betty Jane Georgia Gill-Elkins
Labuda, Paul  
Lacefield, Marion C.  
Lach, Joy A. Mary Jo Koran
LaCluyse, Camiel A.  
LaCluyse, Cyriel J.  
LaCluyse, James M.  
LaCluyse, Joseph P.  
LaCluyse, Mary Ellen  
LaCluyse, Maurice C.  
Lacopo, Dean W. Sr.,  
Lacopo, Giuseppe - 1919 - 1997  
Lacopo, Giuseppe - 1951 2008  
LaCosse, Beulah E.  
Lacy, Ethelbel  
Lacy, John T. Mary Jo Koran
Lacy, Marcia J.  
Lacy, Paul Joseph Mary Jo Koran
Lacy, Wilbur Sr.  
Laczai, Judith Belle  
Ladewski, Rev. Roman Sebastian  
Ladewski, Stanley M.  
Ladewski, Sue Ellen  
Ladrow, Betty J. Mary Jo Koran
Laflin, David Gilbert  
Laffin, Patricia  
Laflin, David Gilbert  
La Fountain, Mary John P. Hickey, Jr.
Lagocki, Constance Mary Jo Koran
Lagocki, Ervin W. Mary Jo Koran
Lahey, James H.  
Lahey, Rev. John Francis  
Lahiff, Brother John P.  
Lahiff, Sister M. Cecelia  
Lair, John E. Mary Jo Koran
Lair, Raymond C.  
Lake, Bert Georgia Gill-Elkins
Lake, Ethel Georgia Gill-Elkins
Lake, Michelle E.  
Lake, Ralph M. Mary Jo Koran
Lake, Sandra Irish  
Lake, Vernon Jay  
Lako, Mary Ann Mary Jo Koran
Lallak, Rev. F. Thomas  
LaLonde, Brother Ronald C.  
Lamb, Frederick M. Mary Jo Koran
Lambert, Beverly Ann  
Lambert, Elmer  
Lambert, Gertie Christine  
Lambert, Raymond J.  
Lambert, Roberta R  
Lambie, Chad R.  
La Mere, Brother Clarence H.  
Lamont, Kenneth B.  
Lamont, Marguerite E.  
Lampert, Palmer E. Alice Marie Beard
Lamphier, Carol Ann  
Lampos, Constantine Elias  
Lampsa, Ethel Jane  
LaMunion, Lillian  
Lanchsweerdt, Alphonse A.  
Lanchsweerdt, Elizabeth  
Lanchsweerdt, Esther E.  
Lancksweerdt, Mr. and Mrs. Rene Todd Nowicki
Landen, Helen M.  
Landen, Ralph A.  
Landenberger, Brother Boniface  
Landman, George Nadine A. Hardin
Landaw, Dolores A.  
Landesman, Ruth G.  
Landgrebe, Carolynn  
Landgrebe, Tyna Ruth  
Landis, Rosalie Ellen  
Landrum, Harold  
Landry, Deklin Travis  
Landry, Helen L.  
Landuyt, Clara P.  
Landuyt, Dennis  
Landuyt, George M.  
Lane, Betty J.  
Lane, Frances L.  
Lane, Katherine A.  
Lane, Edward Francis  
Lane, Mildred E.  
Lane, Patricia Ann  
Lane, Robert Louis  
Lane, Shirley I.  
Lane, Thomas  
Lang, Geza Jr.  
Lang, Helen R.  
Lang, Sister M. Teresita  
Lang, Matthew Mary Jo Koran
Lang, Walter G. Jr.  
Lange, Darlene L. Mary Jo Koran
Lange, Sister M. Seraphina  
Lange, Sister Mary Freditca  
Langel, Eleanor E. Nadine A. Hardin
Langel, Richard P. Nadine A. Hardin
Langenderfer, David C., sr.  
Langford, Walter M. Sr.  
Languell, Martha L.  
Langwith, Mary Louise  
Langwith, Robert A.  
Lannan, Charles A.  
Lannoo, Donna  
Lannoo, George C.  
Lannoo, Julius  
Lannoo, Laura M.  
Lannoo, Mary Anne  
Lannoo, Raymond E. Mary Jo Koran
Lanphere, George C.  
Lanton, Florence R. Mary Jo Koran
Lapczynski, Carrie M.  
LaPara, Joseph Paul  
LaPara, Rose Mary  
Lape, James Lowell  
Lapham, Edmund F. Jr. Mary Jo Koran
Laphen, Sister M. Luigia  
LaPine, Rev. Thomas G.  
Lapkiewicz, Bronislaus J. Nadine A. Hardin
LaPorte, Susie G.  
Lapp, Dorothy H.  
Lapp, Ruth C.  
Lardon, Caroline Rick Berkheiser
Larson, Charles  
Large, Colman F. S.  
Larkin, Audrey J.  
Larkin, Brother Alfred  
Larrison, Lester R.  
Larrison, Mary H.  
Larson, Mary Jane Keres  
Lasane, Robert Jr.  
Laskin, Shirley Brook Georgia Gill-Elkins
Laskowski, Agnes Arch  
Laskowski, Audrey L.  
Laskowski, Dorothy G.  
Laskowski, Marie A.  
Laskowski, Ralph S.  
Laskowski, Sandra L.  
Laskowski, Vera J.  
Lasley, Wilma A.  
Lasseter, Rollin A. III  
Latham, Fanny Margaret Mary Jo Koran
Lathan, Herman Sr. Mary Jo Koran
Latkowski, Marceli Nadine A. Hardin
Lattimer, Charles Edward  
Lattimer, Roy E.  
Lattimer, Valeria J.  
Lattrez, Yvonne L.  
Lauck, Rev. Anthony J.  
Laudeman, Paul Irvin S. Vanden Bossche
Laudick, William J. Mary Jo Koran
Laufmann, Millicent  
Laughlin, Dennis E.  
Laughlin, Sister M. Mildred  
Laughman, Ann Elizabeth  
Laughman, Walter A. b.telfer@insightbb.com
Laurence, Willa Mae Mary Jo Koran
Laureys, Albert A.  
Laurie, Diane Frances  
Laurita, Vincent G. Mary Jo Koran
Lauth, Sister M. Boniface  
Lauth, Sister Mary Suzanna  
Lauth, Rev. Peter  
Lavallee, Wilfred  
Lavelle, Brother John  
Lavo, Clarence F.  
Lavo, Lena Delores  
Lavo, William Jack  
Lavonis, Rose Rita Pinto  
Law, Veronica Gayle  
Lawall, Sarah C.  
Lawhorn, Amanda Louise  
Lawler, Brother Albeus  
Lawler, Sister M. Arilda  
Lawrence, Arthur  
Lawrence, Dorothy  
Lawrence, Sister M. Alexinene  
Lawrence, Michael J. Nadine A. Hardin
Lawrence, Terrell B.  
Lawrence, Sister Vincent  
Lawshea, Henry Mary Jo Koran
Lawshea, Katherine  
Lawson, Agatha  
Lawson, Donna Marie  
Lawson, Earl E.  
Lawson, Geraldine H.  
Lawson, Joshua D.  
Lawson, Leroy  
Lawson, Roy Mary Jo Koran
Lawson, Ruby  
Lawson, William R. Mary Jo Koran
Lawton, John V.  
Layfield, George Byron Mary Jo Koran
Layman, Anna D. Todd Nowicki
Layman, Barbara Jean Todd Nowicki
Layman, Clement J. Todd Nowicki
Layman, Edward Todd Nowicki
Layman, Edward J. Sr. Todd Nowicki
Layman, Harold J. Todd Nowicki
Layman, Jacob Todd Nowicki
Layman, Josephine Todd Nowicki
Layman, Leonard Todd Nowicki
Layman, Louis Todd Nowicki
Layman, Martin Todd Nowicki
Layman, Michael Todd Nowicki
Layman, Rose Todd Nowicki
Layman, Roy (Reay Michael) Todd Nowicki
Layne, Johnny Ray  
Lazewski, Helen M.  
Leach, Betty  
Leach, Charlotte A.  
Leader, Edna C.  
Leader, John James  
Leader, Robert A.  
Leahy, Rev. James J.  
Leahy, Sister Madelina  
Leahy, Sister Mary Helanus  
Leamon, Rex  
Leavens, Irene M.  
Lebiedzinski, Virginia R. Mary Jo Koran
LeBlanc, Albert  
Lebold, Clara Mary Jo Koran
Lechlitner, William H. Alice Marie Beard
Lechtanski, Alex  
Lechtanski, Leona Mae  
Lechtanski, Michael Diana Brown
LeCount, Carl J.  
Lederle, Sister Mary Wigberta  
Ledgewood, Emma Lillian  
Lee, Deloris L.  
Lee, DuFae Warren  
Lee, Herbert  
Lee, Iona Rick Berkheiser
Lee, Irene  
Lee, John Joseph  
Lee, John K.  
Lee, Juanita  
Lee, Lawrence Dwight  
Lee, Sister M. Melissa  
Lee, Neal Mary Jo Koran
Lee, Rickey Eugene  
Lee, Susie Carter  
Lee, Virginia Mary Jo Koran
Lee, Zererlda Minerva b.telfer@insightbb.com
Leeds, Jeffrey B. Diana Brown
Leeper, Rose  
Leer, Bertram Raymond Diana Brown
Leer, Gertrude Elizabeth Diana Brown
Leets, Marjorie I.  
LeFavour, Chester D. Mary Jo Koran
Leffel, Ann  
Leffler, Mary Jane Mary Jo Koran
Leggett, Will Sr.  
Lehker, Kathleen J. Mary Jo Koran
Lehman, LaVerne M.  
Lehman, Lawrence R.  
Lehman, Maynard K. Mary Jo Koran
Lehmann, Sister M. Verena  
Lehman, Sharon Kaye  
Leichtman, Delores Virginia  
Leigh, Alice P. Mary Jo Koran
Leight, Aaron C. Leight
Leighton, Lorry Todd Nowicki
Leighty, Raymond D. Mary Jo Koran
Leimeister, Br. Lewis B.  
Leinen, Mildred S.  
Leisse, Brother Engelbert  
Leising, Brother Pius  
Leiter, Everett P.  
Leitzan, Richard A.  
LeJeune, Florence G. Nadine A. Hardin
LeJeune, Jean E. Nadine A. Hardin
Lekarczyk, Rosemary Mary Jo Koran
Lekens, Alma Mary Jo Koran
Lekens, Dorothy Gray Mary Jo Koran
Lekens, Emiel Leon Mary Jo Koran
Leliaert, Andrew R.  
Leliaert, Carrie  
Leliaert, Lucy L.  
Leliaert, Raymond M., sr. Mary Jo Koran
Leliaert, Robert H.  
Lema, Barbara J.  
Lemanski, Casimir D.  
Lemanski, Edward M. Todd Nowicki
Lemanski, Helen Todd Nowicki
Lemanski, Michael, jr Todd Nowicki
Lemanski, Rose  
Lemanski, Stanley Todd Nowicki
LeMay, Eva M.  
Lemert, Pauline  
Lemioux, Helen Coe  
Lemme, Dorothy H. Mary Jo Koran
Lemmerhart, Ida Sue Davis
LeMon, Robert E.  
Lenczowski, Marjorie  
Lendy, Mary Jane Mary Jo Koran
Leng, Herbert C.  
Lengerich, Sister M. Eymardine  
Lengerich, Sister M. Redempta  
Lenhard, Bernadette  
Leniski, Tomme I.  
Lennartz, Rev. William P.  
Lennon, Margaret D.  
Lennox, Bobbie Faye S. Vanden Bossche
Lennox, Richard W. Mary Jo Koran
Lentine, Elizabeth Frances  
Lent, Allen  
Lentine, Joseph Henry John Monk
Lentsch, Martin J. Jr. Mary Jo Koran
Lenyo, Charles F.  
Leonard, Charles R.  
Leonhard, Earl M.  
Lerma, Delia  
Lerman, Morris  
Lerner, George Anthony b.telfer@insightbb.com
Lerner, Henry Mary Jo Koran
Lerner, Robert W. Sr.  
Leptak, Julius Joseph Jr Mary Jo Koran
Lesher, Max J.  
Lesicki, Elizabeth  
Lesinski, Matthew Mary Jo Koran
Lesiuk, Joseph Mary Jo Koran
Lesiuk, Stella  
Leslie, Carl B.  
Leslie, Emily M.  
Lesniak, Elizabeth J. Mary Jo Koran/Dan Rich
Lester, Cynthia M. Calvin  
Lester, Sydney C., Jr. Mary Jo Koran
Leszcz, Alex J. Jr.  
Leszcz, John A.  
Leszczewski, Frank  
Leszczynski, Evelyn  
Leuthold, Cheshire Eva Mae  
Levan, Clara  
LeVan, Joshua Ezekiel  
Levan, Lorraine J.  
Levendoski, Jennifer M.  
LeVeque, Joseph E. Mary Jo Koran
Lewandowski, Barbara Ann  
Lewandowski, Frank L. Mary Jo Koran
Lewandowski, Helen Mary Jo Koran
Lewandowski, Joseph F. Mary Jo Koran
Lewandowski, Mary Mary Jo Koran
Lewandowski, Walter S.  
Lewark, Kenneth E.  
Lewers, Rev. William M.  
Lewis, Almira M. Mary Jo Koran
Lewis, Augustus P. Mary Jo Koran
Lewis, Bernice I.  
Lewis, Debra  
Lewis, Jack L.  
Lewis, Martha M.M.  
Lewis, Patricia Renee'  
Lewis, Shirley Ann  
Lewis, Wiley T.  
Leyba, Aletha Mae  
Leyba, Benedict J.  
Leyba, Benedict R.  
Leyba, Daniel S.  
Leyba, Robert E. B.  
Leyba, Serafina  
Ley, Sister M. Adele  
Leyes, Aaron W. Mary Jo Koran
Leyes, Catherine L.  
Leyes, Harold J. Sr.  
Leyes, James P.  
Leyes, Joseph C. Mary Jo Koran
Leyes, Leo A Mary Jo Koran
Leyes, Richard W.  
Leyes, Robert J. Mary Jo Koran
Leyes, William E. Mary Jo Koran
Lezak, Henry L. Mary Jo Koran
Lezak, Virginia A. Mary Jo Koran
Libertowski, Gerald C.  
Lichkai, Stephen J.  
Lichkai, Theresa E.  
Lidecker, Annie Ruth  
Lidecker, Doris E. Mary Jo Koran
Lieberman, David  
Liepold, Nelda E.  
Liepold, Richard A.  
Lieser, Marjorie Jane  
Liffick, Ora M. S. Vanden Bossche
Lifke, Frank G.  
Lifke, Ruth F.  
Liggett, Helen L.  
Light, Louise  
Light, Roland R.  
Lightfoot, Bob Nelson  
Lightner, Robert D.  
Lightner, Vera E.  
Likes, Beverly Jean Peters  
Limbert, Brother Just  
Linarello, Teresa Maria  
Lincoln, Dorothy Ann  
Lind, Dorothy M.  
Lind, Norman A.  
Lind, Norman W.  
Lindahl, Allison B.  
Lindahl, Allison G.  
Lindahl, Frederick A.  
Lindahl, Lucille F.  
Lindahl, Rosemarie M.  
Lindbergh, Elizabeth E.  
Lindecker, Emma A. Georgia Gill-Elkins
Lindell, Amata J.  
Lindell, Everett T.  
Lindenblum, Sister M. Bonifacia  
Lindenman, Louise A. Mary Jo Koran
Linderman, Samuel Mary Jo Koran
Lindke, Judith Mae  
Lindley, Eloise  
Lindley, Mabel  
Lindorf, Chester B.  
Lindorf, Stephanie H.  
Lindorfer, Sister M. Odile (Marie)  
Lindsey, Dorothy L.  
Lindsey, Jimmie Hal Mary Jo Koran
Lindsey, Kenneth  
Lindsey, Mabel M. Alice Marie Beard
Lindsey, Patsy J.  
Lindzy, Carl D.  
Lindzy, Charles J.  
Lindzy, Mary E. Nadine A. Hardin
Lininger, Dorothy Marie  
Link, Ralph H.  
Linscott, Brother James Joseph  
Linson, Robert M.  
Linson, Wayne  
Linus, Sister Mary Kristina Kuhn Krumm
Lipak, Arlene A. Mary Jo Koran
Lipetska, Lillian E.  
Lipowski, Josephine F. Todd Nowicki
Lipowski, Katherine Todd Nowicki
Lipowski, Stanley Sr. Todd Nowicki
Lippert, Emma  
Lippelt, Isabel M.  
Lippert, Josephine Todd Nowicki
Lippert, Russell P. Todd Nowicki
Lippy, Josephine Todd Nowicki
Lips, Robert P., sr. Mary Jo Koran
Lisek, Andrew S. Mary Jo Koran
Lisek, Edward G. Todd Nowicki
Lisek, Mary Pam White
Lisek, Mary C. Todd Nowicki
Lisek, Ruby E.  
Lisek, Stanley F. Todd Nowicki
Lisek, Virginia B.  
Lisenko, Jerald Ray  
Lisenko, Sarah G.  
Listenberger, Darwin Dale  
Liston, Sister Mary Victorine  
Liszewski, Anna  
Liszewski, Ernest L.  
Liszewski, John Mary Jo Koran
Liszewski, Richard B.  
Liszewski, Sylvester Todd Nowicki
Liszewski, Theodore R. Todd Nowicki
Liszewski, Walter L.  
Litherland, Helene  
Litherland, Mary F.  
Litherland, Ruby Mae  
Litka, Marion C.  
Little, Dennis M. Mary Jo Koran
Little, Nancy  
Littleton, Doris Mae  
Litznerski, Clara Mary Jo Koran
Liva, Helen E. Mary Jo Koran
Lively, George C.  
Livengood, Clell Mary Jo Koran
Livingston, John Robert Steve Floor
Liwosz, John A.  
Liwosz, Leona M. Mary Jo Koran
Lizzi, Andrew  
Lizzi, Gloria P.  
Lizzi, Margaret M.  
Lloyd, Andre D.  




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