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Due to the many thousands of Obits that have been contributed I have had to revamp the listings and they will no longer contain all the names within the obit. (02/02/2011)


Unless noted otherwise the obits are submitted by Dan Rich or John C. Monk

Jablonski, Donald H., Jr.  
Jablonski, Valeria Todd Nowicki
Jablonski, Walter A.  
Jachimiak, Jacqueline S. Mary Jo Koran
Jackowiak, Louis L. Todd Nowicki
Jackson, Ambrose L.  
Jackson, Arthur  
Jackson, Beatrice  
Jackson, Blanche  
Jackson, Chloe V.  
Jackson, Craig Alan  
Jackson, Elroy  
Jackson, Florence  
Jackson, Florence K.  
Jackson, Gloston Sr.  
Jackson, Irene W. Mary Jo Koran
Jackson, James Edward Sr. Mary Jo Koran
Jackson, Katherine L.  
Jackson, Kyle  
Jackson, Maggie M.  
Jackson, Marion L.  
Jackson, Prudence  
Jackson, Rose Mary  
Jackson, Stuart  
Jackson, Stuart L.  
Jackson, Vera M.  
Jackson, Willa Bell Mary Jo Koran
Jackson-Rogers, Gloria D.  
Jacob, Mary Lou  
Jacob, Scott Van  
Jacobs, Bennie  
Jacobs, John D.  
Jacobs, Justa L.  
Jacobs, Margaret  
Jacobs, Agnes M.  
Jacobs, Angalean  
Jacobs, Anna O. Victoria Kelley
Jacobs, Annetta G.  
Jacobs, Bessie Victoria Kelley
Jacobs, Charles C. Victoria Kelley
Jacobs, Dennis D. Victoria Kelley
Jacobs, Donald L. Jr.  
Jacobs, Donald L. Sr.  
Jacobs, Edward J.  
Jacobs, Elizabeth Lee Victoria Kelley
Jacobs, Ethel S.  
Jacobs, Francis C. Victoria Kelley
Jacobs, Francis X. Victoria Kelley
Jacobs, George Victoria Kelley
Jacobs, George W.  
Jacobs, Jacqueline  
Jacobs, June Delores  
Jacobs, Laura M. Mary Jo Koran
Jacobs, Michael Gregory  
Jacobs, Maurice Mary Jo Koran
Jacobs, Sister M. Fara  
Jacobs, Virginia Lee Victoria Kelley
Jacobs, Walter C. Victoria Kelley
Jaeger, Sister Mary Georganna  
Jagmin, Marion D., jr Mary Jo Koran
Jagmin, Stella E. Mary Jo Koran
Jagmin, Victor J. Jr Mary Jo Koran
Jakab, Louis Nicholas Jr.  
Jakowiak, Sister M. Dorothy Cecile  
Jakubowicz, Bessie Mary Jo Koran
Jakubowicz, Sister Luciana  
Jakubowski, Marion  
Jakusz, Myron A. Mary Jo Koran
James, Cecelia K. Mary Jo Koran
James, David C. Mary Jo Koran
James, Edward Mary Jo Koran
James, Ella H. Mary Jo Koran
James, Gene Artice  
James, George  
James, Joseph J. Mary Jo Koran
James, Kay L. Mary Jo Koran
James, Ollie  
James, William D.  
Jamieson, Deborah D.  
Jamison, Brother Roger  
Jamrozy, Irene Mary Jo Koran
Janczak, Alfred L.  
Jane, Donna Rose  
Janesheski, Cesare S. Mary Jo Koran
Janiak, Anne  
Janiak, Kenneth R.  
Janicki, Daniel  
Janicki, Judy Ann  
Janiak, Mary Mary Jo Koran
Janizak, Daniel F.  
Jankowski, Alex J.  
Jankowski, Beryl  
Jankowski, Irene E.  
Jankowski, John P.  
Jankowski, John R.  
Jankowski, Josephine Lekarczyk  
Jankowski, Keith J. Mary Jo Koran
Jankowski, Kizmer S.  
Jankowski, Marian F. Steve Floor
Jankowski, Regina J.  
Jankowski, Rita R.  
Jankowski, Stanley H.  
Jankowski, Stella  
Jannasch, Russell C. Mary Jo Koran
Jannasch, Theresa G.  
Janowczyk, Chester J. Mary Jo Koran
Janowczyk, Clementine C. Mary Jo Koran
Janowczyk, Edmund Mary Jo Koran
Janowczyk, Harry F. Mary Jo Koran
Janowczyk, Stella S. Mary Jo Koran
Janowiak, Evelyn C. Mary Jo Koran
Janowiak, Hattie Mary Jo Koran
Janowiak, Leo W. Todd Nowicki
Janowiak, Louise Mary Jo Koran
Janowiak, Maire A. Mary Jo Koran
Janowiak, Sister Mary Gretchen  
Janowiak, Raymond G. Mary Jo Koran
Janowiak, Richard C. Mary Jo Koran
Janowiak, Ronald A. Todd Nowicki
Janowiak, Severina Todd Nowicki
Janowiak, Stanley Mary Jo Koran
Janowski, Aloysius R. Mary Jo Koran
Janowski, Henrietta F. Mary Jo Koran
Janowski, Henry M. Mary Jo Koran
Janulis, Florentyna M.  
Jaqua, Irene C. Georgia Gill-Elkins
Jaquith, Lulu B. Mary Jo Koran
Jarboe, Sister M. Felice  
Jariath, Brother  
Jaro, Sylvia D. Nadine A. Hardin
Jaronik, Chester C.  
Jaronik, Gary M.  
Jaronik, Julia I.  
Jaroszewska, Sister M. Ladislaus  
Jaroszewski, Chesterine J.  
Jaroszewski, Lottie Mary Jo Koran
Jaroszewski, Sister Mary Aurea  
Jaroszewski, Stanley  
Jarrett, Sister M. Ruth Ann  
Jarvis, Anna R. Mary Jo Koran
Jarvis, Edna Mae  
Jarvis, Jerry L.  
Jarze, Evelyn  
Jasicki, Esther J.  
Jasicki, Raymond S. Mary Jo Koran
Jasiewicz, Theresa I.  
Jaskowiak, Sister Maria Xavier  
Jastrzembski, Aloysius Leo Georgia Gill-Elkins
Jastrzembski, Cecylia Rosalie Wroblewski Kimmerly
Jaworski, Agnes M. Mary Jo Koran
Jaworski, Albert A. Mary Jo Koran
Jaworski, Blanche Mary Jo Koran
Jaworski, Chester Mary Jo Koran
Jaworski, Chester J. Mary Jo Koran
Jaworski, Barbara Jean Mary Jo Koran
Jaworski, Bertha L. Mary Jo Koran
Jaworski, Cecilia Mary Jo Koran
Jaworski, Doris J. Mary Jo Koran
Jaworski, Eleanor S. Mary Jo Koran
Jaworski, Frank Mary Jo Koran
Jaworski, Frank R. Mary Jo Koran
Jaworski, Hattie Mary Jo Koran
Jaworski, Jacob Mary Jo Koran
Jaworski, Jerome Joseph Mary Jo Koran
Jaworski, John Mary Jo Koran
Jaworski, John S. Mary Jo Koran
Jaworski, Joseph Mary Jo Koran
Jaworski, Josephine Mary Jo Koran
Jaworski, Josephine C. Mary Jo Koran
Jaworski, Leonard P. Mary Jo Koran
Jaworski, Louis S. Mary Jo Koran
Jaworski, Maryann Mary Jo Koran
Jaworski, Peter Mary Jo Koran
Jaworski, Richard Mary Jo Koran
Jaworski, Robert G. Mary Jo Koran
Jaworski, Stephen Mary Jo Koran
Jaworski, Sylvester Mary Jo Koran
Jaworski, Theresa Marie Mary Jo Koran
Jaworski, Veronica Blanche Mary Jo Koran
Jaworski, Walter Mary Jo Koran
Jay, Susan Fenimore  
Jedral, Joseph Diana Brown
Jedrzejewski, Bernice Todd Nowicki
Jedrzejewski, Edward Todd Nowicki
Jedrzejewski, Eva Ann Todd Nowicki
Jedrzejewski, Gertrude A. Todd Nowicki
Jedrzejewski, Harold J. Todd Nowicki
Jedrzejewski, Helen M. Todd Nowicki
Jedrzejewski, Henry F. Todd Nowicki
Jedrzejewski, Jacob Mary Jo Koran
Jedrzejewski, Jerome Todd Nowicki
Jedrzejewski, Richard Todd Nowicki
Jefferson, Albert C.  
Jefferson, Margaret G. Mary Jo Koran
Jegier, Ronald E. Mary Jo Koran
Jeisel, Eva Roth Diana Brown
Jelinski, Floryian F. Mary Jo Koran
Jelinski, Henrietta D. Mary Jo Koran
Jelinski, Judith L. Shoupe- Mary Jo Koran
Jelinski, Lucille  
Jelinski, Raphael E.  
Jena, George E.  
Jena-Rathbun, Phyllis A. Mary Jo Koran
Jenczewski, Gladys T. Georgia Gill-Elkins
Jenczewski, Joseph John Jr.  
Jenczewski, Loretta D.  
Jendrzejewski, Jacob Todd Nowicki
Jenczewski, Stella Mary Jo Koran
Jenkins, Carl  
Jenkins, Carrie B.  
Jenkins, Henry  
Jenkins, M. Patricia  
Jenkins, Willie Charles  
Jenning, Elizabeth Ann  
Jennings, Beverly M. Simeri  
Jennings, Henry B. Mary Jo Koran
Jennings, Lawrence T. Sr. Mary Jo Koran
Jennings, Sister M. Grace Imelda  
Jennings, William A.  
Jensen, Deborah  
Jensen, Robert M.  
Jensen, Shelda L.  
Jepson, Louise Todd Nowicki
Jermano, Nancy Ann  
Jernigan, Tonya J.  
Jerome, Howard  
Jerzak, Pauline J.  
Jerzak, Severina M. Mary Jo Koran
Jerzakowski, Bernard J. Kathy Winther
Jerzakowski, Beverly Jane  
Jerzakowski, Frances Jim Piechorowski
Jerzakowski, Walter Jim Piechorowski
Jeske, Elsa Mantei  
Jeter, Maurice K.  
Jewell, Annabelle  
Jewell, Estel Leo  
Jewell, Mildred P.  
Jez, Albin J. Mary Jo Koran
Jez, Sister Carol Ann  
Jez, Raymond  
Jeziorski, Matt Mary Jo Koran
Jiles, Tina A. Mary Jo Koran
Jo, Joseph Youngbok  
Joachim, Damon A.  
Joachim, Robert Jr.  
Jobin, Brother Emmanuel  
Jochman, Sister Jeannine  
Jodway, Nadine E. Mary Jo Koran
Joers, Ronald August  
Johanns, Henry J.  
John, Joseph Kappil  
Johns, Jack Joe Jr.  
Johnson, Albert  
Johnson, Alice M. Mary Jo Koran
Johnson, Anna M. Mary Jo Koran
Johnson, Arthur Lee  
Johnson, Audrey L. Mary Jo Koran
Johnson, Barbara K.  
Johnson, Brian M. II  
Johnson, Byron L. Mary Jo Koran
Johnson, Carol L. Mary Jo Koran
Johnson, Carolyn M. Mary Jo Koran
Johnson, Charles William  
Johnson, Christina  
Johnson, Christine  
Johnson, Christopher Allen  
Johnson, Christopher Leroy Mary Jo Koran
Johnson, Dorothy J.  
Johnson, Edna Georgia Gill-Elkins
Johnson, Edward Sue Davis
Johnson, Edward Frederick  
Johnson, Evan C. Pam White
Johnson, Ezell Mary Jo Koran
Johnson, Frances Marjorie  
Johnson, Francis W. Mary Jo Koran
Johnson, Frank Sue Davis
Johnson, Genevieve  
Johnson, George W.  
Johnson, Georgia B. Douglas  
Johnson, Glenn R.  
Johnson, Harold J. Rick Berkheiser
Johnson, Harry K.  
Johnson, Iman Keith Mary Jo Koran
Johnson, J. Arthur  
Johnson, J. Michael  
Johnson, James E. - 1939 - 2010  
Johnson, James E. - 1958 - 2010  
Johnson, Jay C.  
Johnson, Lester F.  
Johnson, Loretta M.  
Johnson, Lotus M.  
Johnson, Lowell Mary Jo Koran
Johnson, Lucy Sue Davis
Johnson, Sister M. Bertha  
Johnson, Rev. Malcolm D.  
Johnson, Mary Ann  
Johnson, Mary L.  
Johnson, Mary Lou  
Johnson, Mary S.  
Johnson, May Victoria Mary Jo Koran
Johnson, Nellie Georgia Gill-Elkins
Johnson, Patricia A. Mary Jo Koran
Johnson, Pauline Harrold  
Johnson, Peter Pam White
Johnson, Philip Chester  
Johnson, R. J. Mary Jo Koran
Johnson, Richard D.  
Johnson, Richard R.  
Johnson, Robert L. Mary Jo Koran
Johnson, Ronald Richard Mary Jo Koran
Johnson, Ruth Alice Walker  
Johnson, Ruth M. - 1910 - 1997  
Johnson, Ruth M. - 1924 - 1998  
Johnson, Shirley D.  
Johnson, Tyler R. Mary Jo Koran
Johnson, Tyrone  
Johnson, Veda L.  
Johnson, Virginia  
Johnson, Vivian Rick Berkheiser
Johnson, Walter V. Jr.  
Johnson, Will (Doc) Georgia Gill-Elkins
Johnson, William Sue Davis
Johnson, William Albert Sue Davis
Johnson, William R.  
Johnston, Edna  
Johnston, Helen L.  
Johnston, Helen Mary  
Joiner, Kathleen Winifred  
Jonas, Paul S.  
Jones, Sister Agnes Mary  
Jones, Amanda K.  
Jones, Antoinette  
Jones, Asa E. Georgia Gill-Elkins
Jones, Billy Ray  
Jones, Carol L. Mary Jo Koran
Jones, Dorene F.  
Jones, Dorothy E.  
Jones, Eileen C.  
Jones, George F.  
Jones, Geraldine Mary Jo Koran
Jones, Gertrude M. Georgia Gill-Elkins
Jones, Howard E.  
Jones, Ira David  
Jones, Iris Y.  
Jones, Jack M.  
Jones, Jami Gail  
Jones, Justin B.  
Jones, Lenora  
Jones, Lessie  
Jones, Linda Kay Clay  
Jones, Lois Louise  
Jones, Lucinda Georgia Gill-Elkins
Jones, Lula May Mary Jo Koran
Jones, Margaret G. Rick Berkheiser
Jones, Sister Mary Clotilda  
Jones, Sister Mary Cyrillus  
Jones, Mary K  
Jones, Nancy Chapman Diana Brown
Jones, Nobel D.  
Jones, Ralph E.  
Jones, Robert E.  
Jones, Robert T.  
Jones, Rose Mary Jo Koran
Jones, Ruby P.  
Jones, Sonya Tenise Black  
Jones, Rev. Thomas P.  
Jones, Travis Sr. Georgia Gill-Elkins
Jones, Wayne Curtis  
Jontz, Ruth J.  
Joo, Mary E.  
Jordan, Carlene  
Jordan, Edward N.  
Jordan, Gladys M.  
Jordan, Gunther W.  
Jordan, Margaret Rick Berkheiser
Jordanek, Edwin J.  
Jordanek, Thaddeus J. Mary Jo Koran
Jors, Brenda J.  
Joseph, Natalie  
Joshi, Georgina  
Josselyn, Alson W. III Mary Jo Koran
Joy, Anna E.  
Joy, Ernest A.  
Joy, Kathryn Joan  
Joy, Orlo L.  
Joyal, Evelyn G.  
Joyal, Mary L.  
Joyal, Leo T.  
Joyce, Rev. Edmund P.  
Joyner, Patsy D.  
Jozwiak, Bertha D. Mary Jo Koran
Jozwiak, Blase A.  
Jozwiak, Blondine Mary Jo Koran
Jozwiak, Casimera Mary Jo Koran
Jozwiak, Cecilia P.  
Jozwiak, Edwin Mary Jo Koran
Jozwiak, Florence  
Jozwiak, Florence R.  
Jozwiak, Jennie R. Todd Nowicki
Jozwiak, Joseph Mary Jo Koran
Jozwiak, Leona  
Jozwiak, Stanley C. Jr. Todd Nowicki
Jozwiak, Stanley F. Mary Jo Koran
Jozwiak, Sylvester  
Jozwiak, Thaddeus R.  
Jozwiak, Theresa J.  
Jozwiak, Thomas Joseph  
Jubinville, Jeffery L.  
Juday, Reda F.  
Judge, Brother Kenan  
Judge, Sister M. Magdala  
Judkins, Alice Lucy  
Judkins, Isabella M.  
Judkins, Warren O.  
Juhas, Frank Mary Jo Koran
Juhasz, Cheryl L.  
Juliano, Herbert T.  
Julow, Thomas M.  
Junier, James J.  
Jura, Dorothea L.  
Jurczak, Dolores A.  
Jurek, Henrietta M.  
Jurek, Sister M. Casimir  
Jurgenson, Amy Lynn Mary Jo Koran
Jurgonski, Anna (Anastasia) Todd Nowicki
Jurgonski, Daniel H. Todd Nowicki
Jurgonski, Enich Todd Nowicki
Jurgonski, Esther Todd Nowicki
Jurgonski, Eugene R. Todd Nowicki
Jurgonski, Frank S. Todd Nowicki
Jurgonski, John Todd Nowicki
Jurgonski, Joseph Todd Nowicki
Jurgonski, Leo Todd Nowicki
Jurgonski, Leonard D.  
Jurgonski, Margaret K. Todd Nowicki
Jurgonski, Marie E. Todd Nowicki
Jurgonski, Mary Todd Nowicki
Jurgonski, Nicholas Lee Todd Nowicki
Jurgonski, Patricia Todd Nowicki
Jurgonski, Richard L. Todd Nowicki
Jurgonski, Rose Ann Todd Nowicki
Jurgonski, Rosemarie Todd Nowicki
Jurgonski, Stanley E. Todd Nowicki
Jurgonski, Theresa Todd Nowicki
Jurgonski, Thomas M. Todd Nowicki
Jurgonski, Tressie June  
Jurgonski, Valentine J. Todd Nowicki
Jurgonski, Victoria Todd Nowicki
Juroff, Gretchen I. Mary Jo Koran
Just, Sister Mary Vida  




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