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Due to the many thousands of Obits that have been contributed I have had to revamp the listings and they will no longer contain all the names within the obit. (02/02/2011)

"Fn - Fz"

Unless noted otherwise the obits are submitted by Dan Rich or John C. Monk

Fobe, Mary C.  
Focosi, Aladino Joseph  
Focosi, Ethel Rose  
Focosi, Guido  
Focosi, Peter  
Focosi, Peter John  
Fodroczi, Paul J. Nadine A. Hardin
Foegley, Jack Emerson  
Foegley, Mrs. Johanus  Georgia Gill-Elkins
Foerster, Mary C. Mary Jo Koran
Fogarty, Joline L. Mary Jo Koran
Fogarty, Sister Mary Expedita  
Fogarty, Sister Mary Zenobia  
Foken, Brother Walter  
Fokey, Gizella Mary Jo Koran
Foldenauer, Dorothy Todd Nowicki
Foldenauer, Lawrence Michael Todd Nowicki
Foldesi, Ruby E.  
Foley, Brother Bonaventure  
Foley, Brother Richard  
Foley, Rev. Patrick  
Foley, Sister M. Philomena  
Foley, Sister Mary Maurillus  
Folk, Rebecca Kristina Kuhn Krumm
Follman, Sister Teresa Marie  
Foltz, Betty J. Mary Jo Koran
Foltz, Richard R  
Fonda, Edith Belle  
Fondell, Lester N. Mary Jo Koran
Fondell, Margaret J. Mary Jo Koran
Fondell, Rose Mary Jo Koran
Fonseca, Manuel D.  
Fonseca, Valentino  
Foor, Robert J. Mary Jo Koran
Foos, Evelyn Jean Sharon Gill - Vanden Bossche
Foos, LaVerne J. Sharon Gill - Vanden Bossche
Foos, Mary Sharon Gill - Vanden Bossche
Foote, Dorothy L. Mary Jo Koran
Foote, Verna B. Susan Gates Davis
Foraker, Burnice I.  
Foraker, Nellie J. Mary Jo Koran
Foran, Sister M. Callista  
Forbush, Beatrice Marie  
Forcier, Erma J. Bruynell  
Forcier, Robert L.  
Ford, Emma  
Ford, George Burt  
Ford, Harvey Mary Jo Koran
Ford, Helen N.  
Ford, James C.  
Ford, Sister M. Catherine Francis  
Ford, Stephen Phillip  
Ford, William M.  
Foree, George Edward Sr  
Forest, Sister Josepha  
Forker, Richard Allen Mary Jo Koran
Forray, Alex Jr.  
Forrer, John P.  
Forrest, Edwin Wolfe Jr.  
Forrest, Marigrace Ellen  
Forrest, Mosetta  
Forrest, Thomas B.  
Forsberg, Anna Maria Nadine A. Hardin
Forsberg, Doris Elizabeth  
Forsberg, Edward W.  
Forsberg, Edward W. Sr. Nadine Hardin
Forsberg, Gertrude Nadine A. Hardin
Forsberg, Henry Nadine A. Hardin
Forsberg, Margaret A. Nadine A. Hardin
Forsberg, Marie Nadine Hardin
Forsberg, Phyllis Theresa Nadine Hardin
Forsberg, Robert J. Sr. Nadine A. Hardin
Forsberg, Shirley J.  
Forsberg, Walter A. Nadine A. Hardin
Forshey, Dorothy W.  
Forslund, Hertha Elise  
Forsman, Sister Mary Clarellen  
Forster, Robert L.  
Forstmaier, Sister M. Juliana  
Forsythe, David L.  
Forte, Angelo M. Mary Jo Koran
Forte, John A.  
Forte, Joseph Sr.  
Forte, Mary  
Forte, Mary J. Mary Jo Koran
Forte, Peter  
Fortin, Cecelia Mary Jo Koran
Fortin, Crystal Mary Jo Koran
Fortin, Gilbert H. Mary Jo Koran
Forycki, Chester M. Todd Nowicki
Fosselman, Rev. David H.  
Foster, Beatrice C.  
Foster, Bridget Colleen Terrey  
Foster, Charles Edward  
Foster, Charlotte  
Foster, Evelyn R.  
Foster, Glen E. Sr.  
Foster, Josephine E.  
Foster, Nellie E.  
Foster, Robert E. Georgia Gill-Elkins
Foster, Ruby O. Georgia Gill-Elkins
Foster, Sarah A. Georgia Gill-Elkins
Foster, Sister M. Veronica  
Foster, William P.  
Fotia, Anne Margarte  
Fotia, Anthony  
Fotia, Dominick A.  
Fotia, Elizabeth  
Fotia, Frank A.  
Fotia, Joseph R.  
Fotia, Katherine  
Foulks, Bertha Mae Steve Floor
Foulks, Deric L.  
Foulks, Ronald R.  
Foulks, Willie Lee  
Fountain, Becky Strzelecki  
Foust, Jana H.  
Foust, Russell Charles  
Fouts, Elizabeth  
Fouts, Robert Jr.  
Fouts, Violet Marie  
Fowler, Brother Andrew Corsini  
Fowler, Charley W. Georgia Gill-Elkins
Fowler, Lillian B.  
Fowler, Mary Jones Georgia Gill-Elkins
Fox, Agnes V. Linda Braden Gray
Fox, Alice R. Linda Braden Gray
Fox, Bernice L. Mary Jo Koran
Fox, Clarence E. Linda Braden Gray
Fox, David H.  
Fox, Delbert R. Linda Braden Gray
Fox, Duane E.  
Fox, Elmer Lee Linda Braden Gray
Fox, Emma Steve Floor
Fox, Emma C. Linda Braden Gray
Fox, Frank L. Mary Jo Koran
Fox, Helen H.  
Fox, Henrietta E.  
Fox, Hilda A. Linda Braden Gray
Fox, Jennie Adella Linda Braden Gray
Fox, John B. Linda Braden Gray
Fox, John S. Linda Braden Gray
Fox, Kenneth F.  
Fox, Kenneth G. Mary Jo Koran
Fox, Kenneth H. Linda Braden Gray
Fox, Liesetta Knoblock Linda Braden Gray  
Fox, Louise & Baby Linda Braden Gray
Fox, Lynn Diana Georgia Gill-Elkins
Fox, Magdalena Linda Braden Gray
Fox, Martin P. Linda Braden Gray
Fox, Mary Catherine Linda Braden Gray
Fox, Mary Virginia Mary Jo Koran
Fox, Norris A.  
Fox, Pamela Ellen Mary Jo Koran
Fox, Philipina Linda Braden Gray
Fox, Robert D  
Fox, Robert J. (1923 - 2008  
Fox, Robert J. (1925 - 2001)  
Fox, Solomon Linda Braden Gray
Fox, Solomon M. Linda Braden Gray
Fox, Violet M. Linda Braden Gray
Fox, Walter N. Linda Braden Gray
Fox, Warren L.  
Fox, Wayne M.  
Fox, William Sr.  
Fozo, Geza G.  
Fozo, Steve Nadine A. Hardin
Fraatz, Emily Anne Mary Jo Koran
Fragomeni, Charmaine  
Fragomeni, Domenico  
Fragomeni, Joseph Samuel  
Fragomeni, Theresa  
Frame, Bill A. Mary Jo Koran
Frame, Dorothy A.  
Frame, Robert L. Sr.  
Frame, Sara Louise  
Frame, Thomas Allen Mary Jo Koran
Francis, Edward H.  
Francis, Grethchen Ruth  
Francis, Mary Jane  
Francis, Paul Douglas  
Francis, Robert B. Mary Jo Koran
Francis, Tiffany Bray  
Franckowiak, Lucien S. Mary Jo Koran
Frangella, Esther Alice  
Frankiewicz, Ben Rick Berkheiser
Frankiewicz, Steve Diana Brown
Franklin, Douglas Lee  
Franklin, Louise  
Franklin, Mary Lou  
Franklin, Troy Michael  
Franson, Frances Latona  
Franz, Sister Philomena  
Fras, Stanley A.  
Fraser, Catherine Mary Jo Koran
Fraser, Sister M. Basil  
Frash, Robert M  
Frasier, Lillian  
Frayman, Henry C.  
Frayman, Veronica  
Frazier, David L.  
Frazier, Michael Allen  
Freco, Sister M. O. Julia  
Frederick, Kent Lee  
Frederick, Michael Allen  
Fredericks, Nellie L.  
Fredericks, Ruby C. Mary Jo Koran
Frederickson, D. Jeanne  
Fredley, Esther M.  
Freed, Clara M.  
Freed, Elizabeth M.  
Freed, Genevieve D.  
Freehauf, Harold  
Freehauf, Mary H. Mary Jo Koran
Freel, Wilhelmine Diana Brown
Freeland, Helen May  
Freeman, Alice L.  
Freeman, Buford  
Freeman, James D.  
Freeman, Michael Scott  
Freeman, Stella  
Freeman, Walter  
Freet, Herbert L.  
Freeze, Helen M.  
Freitag, Diane L.  
Freitag, Frank J.  
Freitag, Herman J. sr. Mary Jo Koran
Freitag, Joseph Mary Jo Koran
Freitag, Louis  
Freitag, Margaret A.  
Freitag, Pauline E. Mary Jo Koran
Freitag, Scott  
Freitag, Vera K. Mary Jo Koran
Fremeau, Monica Ellen  
French, Reathel Mary  
French, Richard R.  
Frey, Elizabeth Nadine A. Hardin
Frey, Isabelle L.  
Frey, Sister M. Gerontius  
Frey, Sister M. Prisca  
Fribley, Glenn M.  
Fribley, Margaret V.  
Friccius, Elizabeth E.  
Frick, Delbert L.  
Frick, Marian  
Frick, Richard H.  
Friebele, Henry J.  
Friedman, George Joseph  
Friedman, Marie A.  
Friel, Sister Joseph Mary  
Fries, Esther E.  
Friesner, Byron W  
Friesner, Donald W. Mary Jo Koran
Friesner, Leo V. Sr.  
Frisk, Arthur W.  
Frison, Sarah Rick Berkheiser
Frisoni, Ugo G.  
Frisz, Mary Ann  
Frith, Louis G. Mary Jo Koran
Fritz, Alden J.S.  
Fritz, Nicki J.  
Fritz, Ruth I. Mary Jo Koran
Fritz, Sister Mary Veneranda  
Fritzer, Charles Edward  
Frost, Clarence Allen  
Frucci, Bruno Peter  
Frucci, Edith R.  
Frucci, Frank Jr.  
Frucci, Mary  
Fruh, Sister M. Calasantius  
Frushour, Martha M.  
Fry, Edna Mae  
Frye, Gill  
Fry, Ivan W.  
Fry, Malisa Richard Smith
Fry, Perry Orvis Rick Berkheiser
Fry, Samuel Richard Smith
Fry, Sonna Kay  
Fryar, Mrs. Jackson Georgia Gill-Elkins
Fryberger, Reverend Paul E.  
Frye, Adelle  
Frye, Willard M. Mary Jo Koran
Ftergiotis, Stefanos  
Fuchs, Charles F.  
Fuchs, Lois E.  
Fujawa, Alfred C.  
Fujawa, Lois M. Mary Jo Koran
Fujawa, Ted Frank Jr.  
Fulford, Bradley Dale  
Fuller, Brian A.  
Fuller, David Andrew  
Fuller, Frank Jr.  
Fuller, Thomas R. Mary Jo Koran
Fullmer, Kevin Allen  
Fullmer, Mary Ellen  
Fulmer, Glenn T.  
Fulmer, Janelle S. Mary Jo Koran
Fulton, Alma Jean Green  
Fultz, Irma Jean  
Funcannon, Julia Ruth  
Funke, Rev. Clement H.  
Funnell, Telford Ezra Mary Jo Koran
Funnell, Treva L. Georgia Gill-Elkins
Funston, Charlotte H.  
Funston, Clara M.  
Funston, Gilford M.  
Funston, John T.  
Furlong, Robert K. Jr.  
Furno, Angelo P.  
Furore, Anna Mae  
Furore, Elizabeth  
Furore, Laura  
Furore, Ross A.  
Furtenbaugh, Dean Mary Jo Koran
Fuson, Dennis R.  
Fuson, Roy Arthur  
Futa, Paul W. Sr.  
Futter, Charles J.  
Futter, Eugene C.  
Futter, Josephine Elizabeth  
Futter, Martha J.  
Futter, Mary Elizabeth  
Futter, Richard E.  
Futterknecht, Edith  
Futterknecht, Frank Leo  
Futterknecht, Frieda Barth  
Futterknecht, Godfrey L.  
Futterknecht, Gottfried  
Futterknecht, Joseph  
Futterknecht, Leo A.  
Futterknecht, Leo E.  
Futterknecht, Maria Anna  
Futterknecht, Marian E.  
Futterknecht, Marion E.  
Futterknecht, Maxine E.  
Futterknecht, Otto J.  
Futterknecht, Patricia  
Futterknecht, Richard A.  
Futterknecht, Ruth M. E.  
Fuze, Andrew G. Nadine Hardin
Fuzy, Andrew G. Nadine Hardin
Fuzy, Ella P. Nadine Hardin
Fuzy, Gizella (Sister M. Marietta Fuzy) Nadine A. Hardin
Fye, Bernard P. Sr.  
Fye, Patricia L. Mary Jo Koran
Fyffe, Jerry Lee  




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