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"Ca - Ce"

Unless noted otherwise the obits are submitted by Dan Rich or John C. Monk

Cabanaw, Mrs. Carl Diana Brown
Cable, Leslie  
Cabrini, Alice  
Cabrini, Anna  
Cabrini, Celeste  
Cackowski, Martina Louise  
Caddy, John F.  
Caddy, Lillian F.  
Caddy, Thomas Allen Jr. Mary Jo Koran
Cady, Jack H.  
Caenepeel, Joseph R.  
Caesar, Anna Mary  
Caesar, George  
Cahall, Warren James  
Cain, Alva H. Sr.  
Cain, Sister Margo  
Cain, Raymond E. Mary Jo Koran
Caine, Sister M. Martina  
Cajetan, Brother  
Calderone, Betty L.  
Calderone, Jerome  
Calderone, Philomena  
Calderone, Rosa  
Caldwell, Grace Diana Brown
Caldwell, Howard Eugene Rick Berkheiser
Caldwell, Janice Marie  
Caldwell, Johnnie D.  
Caldwell, Margaret Nadine A. Hardin
Caldwell, U.B. Diana Brown
Caldwell, Vere U. Diana Brown
Caley, Br. James  
Calhoon, Scott A.  
Calhoun, Margaret L. Mary Jo
Calkins, Wilbur A.  
Calkirs, Donald R. Diana Brown
Call, Marshall M.  
Call, Ralph H.  
Callahan, Rev. Charles  
Callahan, Sister Josephine  
Callahan, Sister M. Alethea  
Callahan, Sister M. Louis Irene  
Callahan, Sister M. Roberta  
Callander, Emeral M.  
Callander, Helen L.  
Callander, Mary L.  
Callaway, Barbara Ann  
Callaway, Robert C.  
Callaway, Willa Mae  
Callison, Edward Mary Jo Koran
Calloway, Daniel L.  
Calvert, Bessie B. Mary Jo Koran
Calvert, Janet Lynn Mary Jo Koran
Calvert-Penrod, June Ellen  
Calvert, Timothy Ray  
Calvert, Yenellia Lea Laura  
Calvetti, Louis L.  
Calvin, Andrew Paul  
Calvin, Eva Mae Mary Jo Koran
Calvin, Robert D.  
Camarillo, Maria  
Camarillo, Mateo  
Cameron, Joseph D.  
Camilus, Brother  
Camp, Verona Mary Jo Koran
Campanaro, Angelo  
Campanello, Betty J.  
Camparone, Anthony F.  
Campbell, Betty June  
Campbell, Cartier Monay  
Campbell, Charilyn Joelle (twin)  
Campbell, Christian Gage (twin)  
Campbell, Delores M.  
Campbell, E. John  
Campbell, Edward Douglas Mary Jo Koran
Campbell, Evedene Mary Jo Koran
Campbell, George Washington  
Campbell, Br. John Ross  
Campbell, Josephine  
Campbell, Larry L.  
Campbell, Leah H. Mary Jo Koran
Campbell, Marion Y.  
Campbell, Sister Mary Alberta  
Campbell, Rhoda  
Campbell, Robert J.  
Campbell, Roland Ryedale  
Campbell, Ruth E. Mary Jo Koran
Campbell, Tyrice Cornell  
Campbell, Sister Veronica  
Campbell, Will  
Camper, James W. Georgia Gill-Elkins
Campers, Rev. Edmund V.  
Campion, Cheryl A.  
Campion, Sister M.  
Campoli, Lena  
Campoli, Paul  
Campoli, Peter F.  
Campos, Elaine  
Canarecci, Adelia  
Canarecci, Dante G.  
Canarecci, Sarah F.  
Candido, Marianna  
Candoli, Conte  
Cane, Toby M. Mary Jo Koran
Canfield, Catherine  
Canfield, David R.  
Canfield, Dolores E.  
Canfield, Martha Mary Jo Koran
Canfield, Mrs. Walter Rick Berkheiser
Canfield, Virginia R.  
Cannady, Benny  
Cannady, Linda L.  
Cannon, Rev. Dominic J.  
Cannon, Sister M. Clarice  
Cannon, Sister M. Doloretta  
Cannoot, Albert  
Cannoot, Ruth Ann  
Canright, Lois Irene  
Canright, Lois M.  
Cantu, Domingo  
Cantwell, David M.  
Capelli, Ada Rose  
Capers, Patrick  
Caplin, Veronica B. Mary Jo Koran
Carberry, James John  
Carberry, Margaret ''Peggy'' Bruggner  
Carberry, Maura  
Carbiener, Bessie Irene  
Carbiener, George F. Mary Jo Koran
Carbiener, Keith K.  
Carbiener, Kevin Keith  
Cardenas, Sister M. Guadalupe  
Cardenas, Sister Mary Luisa  
Carey, Rev. Charles M.  
Carey, Sister Mary Pius  
Carey, Rev. William Arthur  
Carini, Conrad  
Carini, Louisa  
Carini, Nicholas  
Carley, Lorraine N. Victoria Kelly
Carley, Virgil S. Victoria Kelly
Carlin, David L. Mary Jo Koran
Carlin, Patricia Molle  
Carlino, Nick Mary Jo Koran
Carlisle, Robert M. Rick Berkheiser
Carlley, Charles L. Mary Jo Koran
Carlo, Nicholas M.  
Carlson, Bruce A.  
Carlson, Carl M.  
Carlson, Edward T. Mary Jo Koran
Carlson, James D.  
Carlson, James N.  
Carlson, Shirley A.  
Carman, Charlotte Mae  
Carmichael, Patricia M.  
Carney, Bernice A.  
Carlton, Ella E. Diane Brown
Carlton, Glen J. Diane Brown
Carlton, Grace M. Diane Brown
Carlton, Harold L. Diane Brown
Carlton, Harry William Sr. Diane Brown
Carlton, Merle E. Sr. Diane Brown
Carlton, Richard Diane Brown
Carlton, Richard E.  
Carmack, Charles I.  
Carmean, Ora L.  
Carmichael, Margery E.  
Carmola, Anthony A.  
Carner, Augusta Dujardin Alice Marie Beard
Carnes, Clyde C. Jr.  
Carnes, Waneta J.  
Carnoy, Charles L.  
Caron, Elvira Frances  
Carpenstein, Sister John Marie  
Carpenter, Arthur B.  
Carpenter, David E.  
Carpenter, Donald Eugene  
Carpenter, Leon R.  
Carpenter, Margie M.  
Carpenter, Mary Elizabeth Rick Berkheiser
Carpenter, Pearl E. Georgia Gill-Elkins
Carpenter, Reginald D. Jr. Mary Jo Koran
Carpenter, Ruth Lee  
Carpenter, Vivian Marie  
Carr, David Allen  
Carr, Dorothy M. Mary Jo Koran
Carr, George S.  
Carr, Gloria Ann  
Carr, Hazel M.  
Carr, Helen Marie  
Carr, James W.  
Carr, Johnnie Mae Woods  
Carr, Joy C.  
Carr, Sister M. Rita Dolores (Dolores Virginia )  
Carrico, Ann M.  
Carrico, Benjamin  
Carrico, Catherine E.  
Carrico, Douglas Gerald  
Carrico, Frances E.  
Carrico, Francis R.  
Carrico, James Albert Mary Jo Koran
Carrico, Joseph William  
Carrico, Louis  
Carrico, Mark J.  
Carrico, Ruth Eloise  
Carrico, Sarah Anna  
Carrico, Therese A.  
Carrillo, Josefa V.  
Carrington, Herman J.  
Carrington, Margaret  
Carroll, Colleen Gail  
Carroll, Mary L.  
Carroll, Sister Mary Providence  
Carroll, Brother Placidus  
Casaday, George B.  
Casaday, Edna I.  
Carson, Garnet Mary Jo Koran
Carson, Kyle J.  
Carstens, Catherine L.  
Carstens, Hazelton W.  
Carter, Alvin Lee Sr  
Carter, Cheryl E  
Carter, Brother Stephen Daniel  
Carter, Edna W.  
Carter, Emma Lou  
Carter, Esther C. Mary Jo Koran
Carter, George Jr.  
Carter, Karmin R  
Carter, Lawrence Edward  
Carter, P. Eugene  
Carter, Richard L.  
Carter, Stella Marie  
Carter, Verna Dean  
Cartwright, Kathleen Ann  
Carvelli, James J. Mary Jo Koran
Carver, Hubert L.  
Carver, Rama  
Case, Judith Anne Weber  
Casey, Sister Mary Paula  
Casey, Sarah L. Mary Jo Koran
Casey, Thomas F. Mary Jo Koran
Cashen, Mara J.  
Casier, Scott Anthony Mary Jo Koran
Casini, Josephine E.  
Casini, Spartaco P. Sr.  
Casper, Bonnie J.  
Casper, Dona Mae Mary Jo Koran
Casper, Roger Allan  
Cass, Herbert A.  
Cass, Richard E. Mary Jo Koran
Cassady, Lynette Hammond  
Cassady, John R.  
Cassano, Brother Eugenio  
Cassell, George F.  
Cassiday, Sister Adelaide  
Cassiday, Sister Anna Marie  
Cassidy, Clayton  
Cassiday, Sister M. Corona  
Cason, Belle A.  
Cason, William  
Catalino, Elizabeth L.  
Catalino, Henry (Hank)Jr.,  
Catalino, John J.  
Catanzarite, Anna E.  
Catanzarite, Anthony  
Catanzarite, Antonio  
Catanzarite, Catherine  
Catanzarite, Frances  
Catanzarite, Lynda M.  
Catanzarite, Marian  
Catanzarite, Mary  
Cater, Allen Harley  
Cates, Beatrice  
Cates, Eunice A.  
Cates, Hubert O.  
Cather, Corby Alan  
Catlin, Frances M. Mary Jo Koran
Caton, Nancy Ellen  
Cauffman, James  
Cauffman, Kenneth L. Jr.  
Cauley, Sister Maria C.  
Cavanaugh, Rev. Joseph H.  
Cavanaugh, Sister M. Evangel  
Cavanah, Mamie Louise  
Cavanah, Oscar Jr.  
Cavich, Anne  
Cavin, Charles Lee  
Cavin, Velma D. Barden  
Cavitt, Anna Louise  
Cazee, Avonell C.  
Cecchi, Frederick G.  
Cecchi, Winifred Bickel  
Celichowski, Anthony J. Jeannie Kowalik
Celichowski, Edward Mary Jo Koran
Celichowski, Norbert A. Mary Jo Koran
Celichowski, Patricia L. Denaway Mary Jo Koran
Celichowski, Rita A.  
Celie, June E.  
Celie, Kathlene Barnes  
Celie, Marie J.  
Celie, Maynard  
Celmer, Clement B. Mary Jo Koran
Celmer, Sister Mary Gennaro  
Celmer, Valentine J. Mary Jo Koran
Cencelewski, Alice  
Cencelewski, Mary M.  
Cencelewski, Sally Todd Nowicki
Cencelewski, Stanley V. Todd Nowicki
Cencelewski, Chester Rick Berkheiser/Mary Jo Koran
Cenkush, James  
Cenkush, Jo Ann  
Cenkush, Lottie M.  
Cenkush, Paul R.  
Cephus, Emory H.  
Cerlesi, Dolores J.  
Cerri, Amelia M.  
Cerri, Angela C.  
Cerri, Artemio  
Cerri, Aurelio  
Cerri, Corinna  
Cerri, Mary Rose  
Cerri, Raymond Ambrose  
Cerri, Raymond P.  
Cerveny, Nancy Lee  
Cervin, Germaine E.  




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