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Due to the many thousands of Obits that have been contributed I have had to revamp the listings and they will no longer contain all the names within the obit. (02/02/2011)


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Unless noted otherwise the obits are submitted by Dan Rich or John C. Monk


Brubaker, Mabel R.  
Brubaker, Phyllis L.  
Bruce, Alyce Elizabeth  
Bruce, Brenda J.  
Bruce, C. Eldon  
Bruce, Eleanor Bernice  
Bruce, Grace E.  
Bruce, John C.  
Bruck, Bernice  
Brucker, Constance  
Brucker, Joanne Agatha Wilhelm  
Brucker, Loretta Willamina  
Brucker, Robert A.  
Brueseke, Jolanda Mary Jo Koran
Bruggeman, Charles  
Bruggner, G. N.  
Bruggner, G. William  
Bruggner, Hildegarde M.  
Bruggner, Louis V.  
Bruggner, Mary A.  
Bruggner, Mary Virginia  
Bruggner, Marywayne  
Bruggner, Nicholas  
Bruggner, Patsy Ann  
Bruggner, Pauline F.  
Bruggner, Robert Louis  
Bruggner, Vera H.  
Bruggner, Vincent  
Brugh, Alta I.  
Brugh, Charles J. Sr.  
Brugh, Leora Jeanette  
Brugh, Lester Verle  
Brugh, Linda A. DeCloedt  
Brugh, Michael E.  
Brugh, Richard David  
Brugh, Ruth L.  
Brummitt, Mary C.  
Bruns, Ruth D.  
Brundydge, Frances  
Bruneau, Sister Marie deLourdes  
Brunert, Sister M. Walburgunda  
Brunez, Michael Kathy Winther
Brunner, Agnes L.  
Brunner, Barbara  
Brunner, Debra J.  
Brunner, Mary Alice  
Brunner, Robert J.  
Brunner, Victoria  
Brunsman, Sister M. Mariella  
Brunson, Diana  
Bryan, Cecelia T.  
Bryan, Earl E.  
Bryan, Herbert C.  
Bryan, Ingrid H.  
Bryant, Betty Cushman  
Bryant, Jeannette Ruth  
Bryant, Remi  
Bryant, Thekla Mary Jo Koran
Bryant, William A. Mary Jo Koran
Bryda, Stanley F. Mary Jo Koran
Brydon, Rose  
Brylinski, Anna Mary Jo Koran
Bryson, Ann Elizabeth  
Bryson, Arthur R. Mary Jo Koran
Bryson, Emma Mary  
Bryson, Rev. George W.  
Bryson, Harriet H.  
Bryson, Genie L.  
Bryson, Mary  
Bryson, William P.  
Brzezinski, Casimir Ted  
Brzezinski, Florence C. Mary Jo Koran
Brzezinski, Michael Jim Piechorowski
Brzezinski, Ronald S. Mary Jo Koran
Brzezniak, Bertha H.  
Brzezniak, Elizabeth Mary Jo Koran
Brzezniak, Henry J. Mary Jo Koran
Brzezniak, Theodore  
Bubb, Fred W.  
Bubb, John  
Bubb, Mildred J.  
Bubb, Norma A.  
Bubich, Margaret  
Bubnas, Michael Georgia Gill-Elkins
Buchanan, Phyllis M. Powell Reese  
Bucher, June L.  
Bucher, Susan A. Mary Jo Koran
Buchmann, Carl W.  
Buchmann, Evelyn V.  
Bucholtz, Eleanor V.  
Buchtel, Phyllis  
Buck, Dale F. Sr.  
Buck, Edith Ione  
Buck, Fred A. Ron Buck
Buck, Gordon V. Mary Jo Koran
Buck, Grace Ron Buck
Buck, Jack A. Sr.  
Buck, Martha Jane Mary Jo Koran
Buck, Russell J. Ron Buck
Buck, Shawna Kay  
Buck, Thomas E. Ron Buck
Bucker, Carolyn S. Mary Jo Koran
Bucker, John J.  
Buckingham, Sylvester Sr.  
Buckland, Earl W.  
Buckland, Eldeen M.  
Buckland, Mae  
Bucklen, Elizabeth E.  
Buckles, Clyde A.  
Buckley, Rev. James C.  
Bucklin, Herbert E. III  
Buckwalter, Ross H. Georgia Gill-Elkins
Buczek, Peter George  
Buczynski, Joseph A.  
Buda, Arthur Joseph  
Buda, Louis A.  
Buday, Margaret K. Nadine A. Hardin
Budnik, Margaret L.  
Budzin, Amber L.  
Budzin, Jean M. Mary Jo Koran
Budzinski, Joseph B.  
Budzinski, Lawrence N.  
Budzinski, Loretta J. Mary Jo Koran
Budzisz, Sister Mary Remegia  
Bueche, Eileen M.  
Bueche, Frances A.  
Bueche, Francis  
Bueche, Irwin L.  
Bueche, Joseph F. Kathy Winther
Buehler, Mary Nadine Hardin
Buehler, Walter Nadine Hardin
Buehrer, Georgiana L.  
Buell, Emma L.  
Buell, Makayla  
Buenger, Rev. Edward A.  
Bueno, Alberto R.  
Bueter, Sister Dorothy  
Buford, Allen R.  
Buford, J.W.  
Buford, Jimmy Dale  
Bujeker, Gertrude F.  
Bujeker, John L. Mary Jo Koran
Bujeker, Patrick Ryan Mary Jo Koran
Bujeker, Thomas J. Mary Jo Koran
Bukowski, Diane  
Bukowski, Joan E. Mary Jo Koran
Bukowski, Loretta  
Bukowski, Louis W. Sr Mary Jo Koran
Bukowski, Walter J. Sr. Mary Jo Koran
Bulger, Gerri Mezas   
Bull, Jane Elizabeth  
Bullard, Roy E. Georgia Gill-Elkins
Bullinger, Brother Remigius  
Bultinck, Imelda A.  
Bultinck, Ruth Ann  
Bumbarger, Stephen A.  
Bumgarner, Sarah E.  
Bunch, Clyde Burdette  
Bunch, Daniel L.  
Bunch, Elva E. Brenda Horton
Bunch, Glave Jr.  
Bunch, Glave S.  
Bunch, Lillian A.  
Bunch, Miles T.  
Bunch, Wavie  
Bunker, Alan V. Mary Jo Koran
Bunker, Ann  
Bunyon, Annabelle  
Bunyon, John  
Bunzell, Sister M. Millicent  
Bunzell, Sister Mary Rosebia  
Bupp, Julia Marie Alice Marie Beard
Burch, H. Dwight  
Burch, Ruth L. Mary Jo Koran
Burchell, William Sr.  
Burger, James A. Mary Jo Koran
Burger, Richard F.  
Burger, Rosemary Vandygriff  
Burgess, Cindy L. Scheibelhut  
Burgin, Harriet T.  
Burgman, Gertrude M. Mary Jo Koran
Burk, Omer I.  
Burke, Alfred R.  
Burke, Audrey C.  
Burke, Dorothy E.  
Burke, Edward W.  
Burke, Effie L.  
Burke, Gerald Raymond  
Burke, Geraldine H.  
Burke, Helen M.  
Burke, John B. Mary Jo Koran
Burke, Rev. J. David  
Burke, Julius Clark  
Burke, Geraldine H.  
Burke, John B. Mary Jo Koran
Burke, Rev. John J.  
Burke, Margaret C. Mary Jo Koran
Burke, Sister Mary Finian  
Burke, Marzetta Mary Jo Koran
Burke, Sister M. Paulette  
Burke, Sister M. Perpetua  
Burke, Robert H.  
Burke, Roy L.  
Burke, Rev. Thomas E.  
Burke, Toni Ann Mary Jo Koran
Burkett, Gordon J.  
Burkett, Kenneth B.  
Burkett, Mildred L.  
Burkett, Phyllis C. Alice Marie Beard
Burkett, Richard L.  
Burkhardt, Sister Mary Nicolena  
Burkhart, Doretta L.  
Burkhart, Florence Elsie  
Burkhart, Mary T.  
Burkhart, Regina Lucille  
Burkhart, Robert E.  
Burkheiser, Dorothy Rick Berkheiser
Burkholder, Ida A.  
Burks, Beatrice Townsend Mary Jo Koran
Burks, Daniel L. Mary Jo Koran
Burks, Geneva F.  
Burks, William M.  
Burks, Willie Diana Brown
Burkus, Elizabeth Mary Jo Koran
Burkus, Erma D.  
Burkus, James J.  
Burkus, John  
Burkus, Paul F. Jr.  
Burling, William Slocum  
Burmeister, Clara M.  
Burmeister, Frances M.  
Burmeister, Margaret  
Burmeister, Pauline E.  
Burnett, Anna E.  
Burnett, Chad E.  
Burnett, Elizabeth A.  
Burnett, Elwood  
Burnett, Frank E.  
Burnett, Hazel R.  
Burnett, Lawrence D.  
Burnett, William E.  
Burns, Beatrice Mary Jo Koran
Burns, Rev. Edward Michael  
Burns, Brother Fergus  
Burns, Florence Elizabeth Mary Jo Koran
Burns, Sister Irma  
Burns, John S. Mary Jo Koran
Burns, Kevin M. Mary Jo Koran
Burns, Lorraine J.  
Burns, Mary Rose  
Burns, Michael T.  
Burns, Oral F. Rick Berkheiser
Burns, Patricia A. Mary Jo Koran
Burns, Robert Edward  
Burns, Susan Frances  
Burns, William Joseph  
Burr, Betty J. Nadine A. Hardin
Burris, Jerry C. Mary Jo Koran
Burrough, Dawn V.  
Burrows, Christine M.  
Burruss, Harry L, Georgia Gill-Elkins
Burton, Elizabeth A. Mary Jo Koran
Burton, Joan R. Mary Jo Koran
Burts, Grant E. Jr. Mary Jo Koran
Burzynski, Bernice M.  
Burzynski, Ernest Mary Jo Koran
Burzynski, Mary Jo Mary Jo Koran
Burzynski, Stanislaw C.  
Burzynski, Zygmund R. Mary Jo Koran
Busch, Suzanne Williams  
Buscoe, Mary Ellen  
Busezky, Thomas Mary Jo Koran
Bushman, Elizabeth Esther  
Bush, Cyril V.  
Bush, Eddy Michael  
Bush, Hugh  
Bush, Irene M.  
Bush, Sister Marie  
Bush, Monica  
Bushman, Elizabeth Esther  
Bushnell, Lester P.  
Bushnell, Vivien B.  
Bushnell, William M. Mary Jo Koran
Buss, Everett E.  
Bussert, Loren McClain  
Butcher, Cynthia Virginia  
Butcher, Larry N.  
Butcher, Louis N. Mary Jo Koran
Butcher, Sharon Mae  
Butcher, Winnie D.  
Butchko, James L. Mary Jo Koran
Butler, Brother Albinus  
Butler, Amanda  
Butler, Cecil D. Mary Jo Koran
Butler, Sister Alice Marie  
Butler, Sister M. John Thomas  
Butler, Ruth F. Rick Berkheiser
Butler, William H.  
Butterworth, Robert Alan  
Butterworth, Vincent Eugene  
Butts, Carl  
Butts, Clemence N.  
Butts, Doris Maye  
Butts, Emerson Sr  
Butts, Milton A. Sr.  
Butts, Patricia L.  
Butts, Robert E.  
Butts, Ross F.  
Butts, Ross R.  
Butts, Verna M.  
Butts, Waynette V.  
Butz, Edith Burdella Georgia Gill-Elkins
Butz, Ellsworth R. Georgia Gill-Elkins
Butz, Helen E.  
Buwa, Dorothy L. Mary Jo Koran
Buwa, James E.  
Buwa, Jessica Sue  
Buwa, John Charles  
Buwa, Theresa Marie  
Buysse, Albert V.  
Buysse, Alfred Mary Jo Koran
Buysse, Desire Mary Jo Koran
Buysse, Edmond Mary Jo Koran
Buysse, Elodie Mary Jo Koran
Buysee, Esther V.  
Buysse, Florentine  
Buysee, Marcel J.  
Buysse, Rita J.  
Buysse, Rosalia Mary Jo Koran
Buzalski, Benjamin Stanislaus  
Buzalski, Dorothy Leona  
Buzas, Alexander J. Sr. Mary Jo Koran
Buzas, Richard James  
Buziak, Blanche Georgia Gill-Elkins
Buziak, Constance Todd Nowicki
Buziak, Felix Todd Nowicki
Buzolich, Paul J. Georgia Gill-Elkins
Buzolitz, Joseph F. Mary Jo Koran
Buzolitz, Shirley M.  
Byam, Marie Mary Jo Koran
Bybee, Beulah M.  
Bybee, James O.  
Bybee, Travis W.  
Bye, Robert O. Mary Jo Koran
Byers, Chancellor K. Mary Jo Koran
Byers, Charles H.  
Byers, Ethel P.  
Byers, Jean Ann  
Byers, Josephine P.  
Byers, Teddy Allen  
Bykowski, Joseph Sr. Mary Jo Koran
Bykowski, Kathryn T.  
Byan, Sister Mary of Anastasia  
Byland, Charles R.  
Bynum, Oma Hazel  
Byrd, Bessie Georgia Gill-Elkins
Byrd, Elmer R.  
Byrd, E. LeRoy Georgia Gill-Elkins
Byrne, Brother DePaul  
Byrne, Dorothy  
Byrne, Elfriede H.  
Byrum, Parks A.  
Bystry, Bert W.  
Bystry, Constance Mary Jo Koran
Bystry, Joseph R.  
Bystry, Michalina M.  
Bytner, Alice R.  




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