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Lookup Offers

I will do lookups for St. Joseph County. I have access to St. Joseph County Library. I am willing to do lookups for people in need. They can email me at: [email protected] Georgia Gill-Elkins.
I have Volume 5 of the St. Joseph Co. Cemetery inscriptions from which I'm happy to do lookups.

Please Contact: Sue Davis @ [email protected]

I would like to do lookups for St. Joseph County. I have access to the Indexes of St. Joseph County death, birth, and marriage records (online) from 1882-1920. I am willing to do lookups for people in need. They can email me at:  [email protected] Pam White.
My name is Amanda Humphrey and I have been listed as a look-up volunteer on the La Porte Co GenWeb page for the last year. What I am trying to do is branch out and help people who need look-ups done in other IN counties. I am going to have to charge to cover my gas and expenses. I am not trying to make a profit, just cover my costs. I have a homepage you can link to at: AmandasLookups
I would be willing to look up information for people such as birth dates,marriages and deaths between 1850 and 1920 and, Census information between 1880 and 1920. I've noticed other gen web pages have people willing to do this and it has helped me out greatly. I spend a lot of time doing research at the library and would be willing to help others out. My email is: [email protected]  Nancy Conrad.
Over the years, I’ve photocopied the entire microfilm for the following churches, and I’d be happy to do look ups for your website users. I live in Cleveland, but I grew up in South Bend, so every time I visit family in SB I go to the Local History Room of the downtown library and photocopy church ledger microfilm to take home for my genealogy research. Anyone can email me directly at [email protected] with look up requests. I also have hundreds of obituaries of primarily Polish people who died in South Bend, so people can contact me to see if I have the ones they need.

As you can see, I do not have the full ledgers for St. Adalbert yet.

St. Adalbert Church (South Bend)

ØBaptisms, pages 1-199, 1910-1913

ØBaptisms, pages 200-350, 1913-1914

ØBaptisms, pages 351-600, 1914-1918

ØMarriages, pages 1-115, 1910-1920

ØDeaths, pages 1-end, 1910-1989

St. Casimir Church (South Bend)

ØBaptisms, 1899-1906

ØBaptisms, 1906-1912

ØBaptisms, 1913-1916 (through page 28)

ØMarriages, 1899-1926

ØDeaths, 1899-1924

St. Hedwige Church (South Bend)

ØBaptisms, 1877-1883

ØBaptisms, 1884-1888

ØBaptisms, 1888-1892

ØBaptisms, 1892-1897

ØBaptisms, 1897-1905

ØMarriages, 1877-1906

ØMarriages, 1907-1922

ØDeaths, 1877-1913

St. Stanislaus Bishop and Martyr Church (South Bend)

ØBaptisms, 1900-1907

ØMarriages, 1901-1908

ØMarriages, 1908-1918

ØDeaths, 1900-1914

St. Stanislaus Kostka Church (Terre Coupe)

ØBaptisms, 1889-1907

ØBaptisms, 1908-1922

ØMarriages, 1889-1907

ØMarriages, 1901-1912 (through page 7)

ØDeaths, 1889-1987


Margaret Burzynski-Bays



A look up forum at Rootsweb


Books Listed for Sale by Vendors



Volume 1 (Greene, Liberty and Lincoln Twp.) 
Volume 2 (Penn Twp. Part 1) 
Volume 3 (Penn Twp. Part 2) 
Volume 4 (Union, Centre and Madison Twp.) 
Volume 5 (Harris, Clay and German Twp.) 
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