Catholic Parish of St.


Catholic Parish of St. Stanislaus Kostka, ‘Terre Coupee', New Carlisle, In

Founded: 1884 – Current Parish

Pastor: Rev. John Klimczyk

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Genealogy Records

LDS Records

Church records, 1889-1989

Catholic Church. St. Stanislaus Kostka Parish (New Carlisle, Indiana) (Main Author)

Microfilm of originals in the Diocese of Fort Wayne-South Bend in Fort Wayne, Indiana.
Text in English and Latin.

Baptisms 1889-1907 - FHL US/CAN Film [ 1617054 Item 5 ]
Marriages 1889-1975 - FHL US/CAN Film [ 1617054 Item 6 ]
Deaths 1889-1989 - FHL US/CAN Film [ 1617055 Item 1 ]
Baptisms 1908-1947 - FHL US/CAN Film [ 1617055 Item 2 ]
First Communion 1911-1974 - FHL US/CAN Film [ 1617055 Item 3 ]


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Films are available in the Genealogy Center, second floor, Crimp Film rolls 24 & 25

Roll 24

Item  5            Baptism          1889-1907

Item 6             Marriages      1889-1975


Roll 25

Item 1             Death              1889-1989

Item 2             Baptism          1908-1947

Item 3             Communion    1911-1974

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St. Stanislaus Kostka

Telephone: (574) 654-3781
FAX (574) 654-3781
Pastor: Rev. John Klimczyk

Parish:  350 Families/HH — 1,000 persons

Mailing Addresses:

55756 Tulip Road
New Carlisle, IN


Telephone: (574) 654-3781
FAX:             (574) 654-3781


E-mail: none identified



History of St. Stanislaus Kostka


TERRE COUPEE. (New Carlisle) St. Joseph County. IN
St. Stanislaus' Church.

The emigration of Polish Catholic settlers in Terre-Coupee, and the surrounding country, began in about 1870, in consequence of Russian and Prussian persecution in Poland. As a station Terre Coupee was visited by Rev. Valentine Czyzewski, C. S. C., Rev. F. X. Szulak, S. J., and Rev. Ludwig Madgzicki, C. R., celebrating Mass in the woods and in log cabins.

The first church was a small frame structure, 60x30 feet, built by Father Czyzewski in 1884, at a cost of $1,800. As a mission, Terre Coupee was attended once a month by priests residing, either Notre Dame, or South Bend. The names of Rev. Alexander Kirsch, C. S. C., Michael Lauth, C. S. C., Rev. V. Czyzewski, C. S. C., appear on the records. The first resident pastor of Terre Coupee was Rev. W. Zborowski, during whose pastorate, in 1888, one and a half acres of ground were purchased for $185.50. He was

Succeeded by Rev. George Kolesinski from January 1894 until May 11, 1901, when Rev. Alexander Buechler took charge and is the pastor at the present time. During his pastorate, in 1903, the present church was commenced and was dedicated, in 1906. It is built in the Gothic style of architecture, has Gothic altars, confessional, pulpit, altar-railing and pews. The cost of the church was a little less than $23,000. The seating capacity is 460.

The old church was used also as a school for fifteen years, the Blessed Sacrament being removed to the sacristy during school hours. Since the erection of the new church, the old church is used for school purposes exclusively. When Terre [370] Coupee was a mission, Brothers of the Holy Cross taught the school. At present one lay-teacher has charge of seventy-three pupils.

The priest's house was built in 1888, by Father Zborowski and has been improved by Father Buechler, by the installation of an electric light plant, which gives light also to the church and school. The church property has a debt of $8,000. The congregation numbers about 538 souls, or 139 families.

St. Stanislaus' Parish has the St. Stanislaus Kostka's Society, for the Men, since 1901; the Sacred Heart League, since 1890, for the Married Women, and the Young Ladies' Sodality, since 1902; with an aggregate membership of 136. The mission Rolling Prairie is attended from Terre Coupee every Sunday. 



2000 update:
St. Joseph County is encompassed by the Diocese of Fort Wayne-South Bend


St. Stanislaus Kostka
55756 Tulip Road - New Carlisle, IN 46552-9734 Phone: (219) 654-3781

Source: The Diocese of Fort Wayne, 1857-September 22-1907, A Book of Historical Reference, 1669-1907. By the Rt. Rev. H. J. Alerding. Fort Wayne: The Archer Printing Co. 1907

Items of Historical Interest





























        The 75th Year Anniversary. There are 225 families in the church  



        Ground is broken for the Parish Hall



          The Parish Hall is dedicated June 14 

          Father Depa is injured in a tractor accident  



          Father Depa is succeeded by Father Thaddeus Kwak 



          Father Kwak implemented the new rites of Communal Anointing, Face to Face Confession per Vatican II 



        Father Kwak was assigned to St Monica in Mishawaka

          Father William Gieranowski replaces Fr. Kwak



        Father Gieranowski is succeeded by Fr. Derrick Sneyd






Source: St. Stanislaus Kostka Anniversary Book 1984



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