Catholic Parish of St.

Catholic Parish of St. Stanislaus Bishop & Martyr. South Bend, In

Founded : 1898 – Current Parish

Pastor:      Rev. Michael C. Mathews, C.S.C.

Asst Pastor     Rev. Michael B. Wurtz, C.S.C.


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1. Extrerior - at a distance

2. Exterior - upclose

3. Interior - at a distance

4. Interior - rear of parish

5. Interior - Our Ladys Adoration

6. Interior - another view

Note: The stations of the cross are not painted they are Mosaic and very unique

7. Interior - another view

8. St. Stanislaus' Rectory



Genealogy Records


LDS Records

Church records, 1900-1928

Catholic Church. St. Stanislaus (South Bend, Indiana) (Subject

Microfilm of originals in the Dioceses of Fort Wayne-South Bend in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

Baptims 1900-1908 - FHL US/CAN Film [ 1617240 Item 3 ]
Deaths 1900-1928 - FHL US/CAN Film [ 1617240 Item 4 ]
Marriages 1901-1928 - FHL US/CAN Film [ 1617240 Item 5 ]
Baptisms 1908-1922 - FHL US/CAN Film [ 1617240 Item 6 ]
Marriages 1901-1908 - FHL US/CAN Film [ 1617240 Item 7 ]


South Bend Public Library


Films are available in the Genealogy Center, second floor, Crimp Film rolls 35


Roll 35

Item  3            Baptism          1900-1908

Item 4             Deaths                        1900-1928

Item 5             Marriages      1901-1908

Item 6             Baptism          1908-1922

Item 7             Marriages      1901-1908

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Mailing Addresses:

Mail: 920 Wilber Street, South Bend 46628

Parish Office: Nancy Takach

Church Location:

415 N. Brookfield St.

South Bend, IN 46628-2326

FAX    (574) 237-6736

Phone (574) 233-1217

E-mail:  [email protected]

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History Of St. Stanislaus Bishop & Martyr

SOUTH BEND. St. Joseph County.
St. Stanislaus' Church.

The Polish Catholics, residing in the north-western section of South Bend, constitute the St. Stanislaus' Congregation. [393] It was called Linden Place and Golden Hills. At the time of its organization, the number of families was about sixty. The church was erected in 1898. It is in the Gothic style of architecture, has a seating capacity of 425, and cost $23,000. St. Stanislaus, B. and M., is the patron Saint of the parish. Not the entire church according to the original plan was erected but only two-thirds of it, the other third, being the sanctuary is still wanting. At first the accommodations were ample, but at the present time it is much too small, three masses being necessary to give all the opportunity of hearing mass. The Rev. V. Czyzewski, C. S. C., pastor of St. Hedwig's Church, assisted by an able committee of lay-men and a willing people, organized St. Stanislaus' Congregation, bought the site for $5,000, and built the church.

For fully three years and a half the pastors of St. Stanislaus' Church resided at St. Hedwig's. The Rev. H. Jarzynski, C. S. C., was the first temporary pastor. He resied with Father Czyzewski for six months. The present pastor, Rev. Roman A. Marciniak, C. S. C., who was appointed in 1900, resided at St. Hedwig's for three years. The basement of the church served as dining-room, and at times as bed-room for the pastor. In 1903, a commodious pastoral residence was built on the north side of the church.

Although the accommodations in the basement of the church were not what they should be, yet a parochial school was conducted there, until 1905. It was in this year that the present roomy school-house was erected. At present St. Stanislaus' Church has 282 families, numbering 1543 souls. The school is conducted by Sisters of the Holy Cross, with an attendance of 277 children. The societies are: St. Joseph's, St. Stanislaus' and the Holy Rosary, for married men, with 341 member; the Apostleship of Prayer, for married

Rosary, for single women, forty members; Children of Mary and Holy Angels', for children, seventy-two members; and St. Cecilia's Choir, with twenty members. The debt on the church property is $23,900.

2002 update: St. Stanislaus parish, in South Bend, St. Joseph County, Indiana, is presently within the Diocese of Fort Wayne-South Bend, established, in 1857.

St. Stanislaus Parish (est. 1899)
415 N. Brookfield St. - South Bend, IN 46628 Phone: (219) 233-1217


Source: The Diocese of Fort Wayne, 1857--September 22--1907, A Book of Historical Reference, 1669-1907. By the Rt. Rev. H. J. Alerding. Fort Wayne: The Archer Printing Co. 1907


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