Vanden Bossche Family Photo'

Vanden Bossche Family Photo's

The Vanden Bossche family came to St. Joseph County around 1896. They settled in South Bend and have been in the area ever since.

Henri Back of Photo Family Family 2
Taken July 28, 1918 Henri & Maurice - Taken 1915-1918 Valerie - taken 1920  

Henri Vanden Bossche was born 06 Mar 1871 in Hansbeke, Belgium, the son of Karel Louis Vanden Bossche and Coleta de Loof. Henri married Valerie Van Wynsberghe on 18 Mar 1896 in Bellem, Belgium. Valerie is the daughter of Karel-Lodewijk Van Wynsberghe and Natalie Vermeulen. Henri, his wife and son came to South Bend in 1896. Henri and family appeared on the census on 1900 in South Bend, Indiana, they were living on Jackson Street in South Bend. He was a day laborer. They rented a home and had two male boarders with the last name of Van Wynsberghe who were also day laborers. The birth dates of the boarders were 1874 and 1876. The first name of the older boarder began with a T and the second looks like a C. I believe these were Theophil (b. 11/7/1873) and Camiel (b. 9-27-1877), Valerie's brothers.

Henri and Valerie would then have three more children born here in South Bend. There children were:

Herni will pass away on 24 Feb 1923 of a heart attack and Valerie will follow 19 Mar 1966

Taken before 1918 Taken 1918   Gustave Leliaert, Martha VB, Palmyra Remery & Maurice Palmyria before marriage in 1923
June 12 1923 - Wedding Angela VanWynsberghe, Martha & Palmyria Remery Taken 1946 - at the Billy Rose Horseshoe-Studebaker Car Show l to r: Paul, Mike, Valerie, Bill - taken before 1960 Paul Joseph "PJ"Vanden Bossche (added 02/12/2006)

Maurice will enter into WWI and then marry Palmyra Cornelia Remery on 12 Jun 1923 in South Bend. Maucie will work for the Studebaker Corporation for many years. Maurice and Palmyra will have four sons:

Maurice will pass away on 06 Jul 1947 and Palmyra will follow on 25 Jun 1960.

Martha will marry Gustave Leliaert on 14 Apr 1920 in South Bend and they will have three sons: Raymond, Robert and James. Gustave will pass away on 13 May 1940 in South Bend and Martha will follow on 22 Aug 1993 in Florida

Marguerite will mary Ernest Wilhelm on 01 Sep 1930 in South Bend and they will have two daughters; Joanne Agatha & Mary Alice. Marguerite was formally employed at the South Bend School Corporation, J. C. Lauber Sheet Metal Company, and Edward J. White Inc. Ernest Wilhelm was a Professor at Notre Dame University, Ernest was a professor in the department of Chemical Engineering at Notre Dame University from 1938 until 1971. Prior to that he was employed at New Jersey Zinc Co. He held 6 patents for inventions of electrolytic cells and batteries. Ernest will pass away on 07 May 1974 and Marguerite will follow on 19 Nov 2002.

Alice was born in 1901 and will pass away on 06 Nov 1925 in South Bend

Photo's sent by Sharon Vanden Bossche & Georgia Gill-Elkins

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