Soule Family Photo'

Soule Family Photo's

The Soule family came to St. Joseph County before 1920. They first settled in Portage Twp. and then settled in Mishawaka and have been here ever since.

Pearl, Betty, Frank Bob, Barbara, Herbert, Frank Fannie & Frank

Franklin Leslie Soule Family

Frank was born 17 Mar 1877, in Auburn, DeKalb County, IN, the son of Darwin Soule and Margaret I. Hodges. He married Pearl A. Ice on 14 Jun 1902, in Auburn. Pearl was the daughter of William Ice and Mary Kobel.

Frank and Pearl had the following children:

Howard Russel, b. 19 Oct 1902, in Auburn and died 17 Jan 1981, in South Bend

Male (Twin), b. 19 Oct 1902, in Auburn and died 19 Oct 1902, in Auburn

Herbert Leroy, b. 09 Oct 1904, in Auburn and died 18 Nov 1990, in Mishawaka

Male Soule, b. 26 Apr 1906 in Auburn - died ??

Ralph Merrill, b. 23 Oct 1908 in Auburn and died 12 Dec 1967, in Mishawaka

Franklin Leslie Jr., b. 19 Mar 1909, in Auburn and still living

Bertha May, b. 13 Apr 1910, in Whitley Co. and died 17 May 1974, in South Bend

Pearl will pass away on 13 Nov 1930, and she will be taken back to her nativity for burial in the Roselawn Cemetery. Frank will remarry, Fannie Truman, b. 16 Jul 1881, in Vermilion Co., IL the daughter of George and Mary Thompson Truman. Frank and Fannie were married on 31 Mar 1945 here in St. Joseph County. Frank died 02 Nov 1949 in Mishawaka and he is buried in Chapel Hill Cemetery.

Frank, Pearl, Bertha, Herbert, Ralph, Howard Creda, Herbert holding Betty,

Frank, Howard, Ralph, Otto Grimm.

bottom row is Alice Pearl, Bertha, Gladys


Howard Soule Family

Marriage: 30 July 1927

Howard will first marry Fannie Idella Colvin on 30 Jul 1927, in Mishawaka, IN and they will have four children: Howard was born on Oct 19, 1902 in Auburn, IN and died on JAn 17, 1981 amd is buried in St. Joseph Valley Memorial Park. Fannie was born on July 23, 1911 on Continetal, OH and died on 23 Apr 1978, and buried in Chapel Hill Cemetery.

Harriet Esther, who marries Ralph K. Gill, jr. and they have 6 children - 4 still living. Harriet was born 10 Apr 1929 in Mishawka, died on May 17, 2010 and Ralph was born 26 Nov 1929 in Mishawaka, died on June 15, 2008, both are buried in Fairview Cemetery.

Richard Hurbert, who marries Delores Mae Baker and they have 5 children - 3 still living. Richard was born 29 Mar 1931 in Mishawka, died on April 16, 2008, buried in Fairview Cemetery

Beverly Pearl, b. 13 Jan 1933, and marries Everett Raydean Warren and they have 2 daughters. They divorce and she marries Henry William Stewart. She was born 13 Jan 1933 in Mishawaka, dies on 18 Apr 1984, in Tennesse and is buried in the Fairview Cemetery, in Mishawaka.

Wayne Russel, who marries Kay Carlin and they have 4 sons.

Howard and Fannie will divorce on June 11, 1943 and Fannie will marry Floyd L. Baker and Howard will marry Leota (Person)Winrotte.

Howard and Leota were married on 01 Jul 1944 and to this union there will be 4 children born: Allen, Alice, Howard and Thomas

Leota will pass away on 15 Jan 1965 and is buried in the St. Joseph Memorial Park Cemtery and Howard will pass away on 17 Jan 1981 and he is buried in the same cemetery.

Allen Soule married Ruth Ann Irons and they divorced after having 2 children. Allen was born 14 May 1945 in Mishawaka, died 31 Jan 2007 and is buried in Chapel Hill Cemetery

Alice was born in Mishawaka, IN, will marry 2 times first to Jack Niswonger and they have a daughter and then they divorced and then Alice married Charles David Overly, he passed away on 06 Oct 2010, he is buried in Peru, IN

Howard Soule married 4 times his last wife being Barbara Powers she died 04 Jul 2001 in Dayton, OH and Howard was born on 20 May 1949 in Mishawaka, and died 27 Dec 2006 in Trotwood, OH and is buried in Dowigac, MI

Thomas was born in Mishawaka, IN

Herbert Leroy Soule Family

Herbert aka Roy, will marry Creda Bradford, b. 03 Feb 1905, in Bradford, Ohio, the daughter of Eddie and Estelle Williams Bradford, they were married on 30 Sep 1922 in St. Joseph Co, Michigan. They will live in Mishawaka. To this union there were 4 children:

Betty Jane, b. Jun 1925, marries Charles Herbert Young, and has 2 children. Betty died Oct 1975, in Mishawaka

Robert Leroy, b. 04 Apr 1926, marries Charlotte Rose Martignone and they have one child, they divorce and he marries Lorna Cook and has 2 children, they divorce and he marries Georgia M. Rundle. Robert will pass away on 13 Mar 1988 in Eaton, Michigan.

Phylis Jean, b. 22 Apr 1929, marries Sylvester F. Wroblewski, they have 3 children and Phylis will pass away on 16 Jan 1998, in Mishawaka

Kenneth Edwards, b. 02 Sep 1931, Kenny never marries and he passed away on 20 Aug 1976, in Mishawaka

Herbert passes away on 18 Nov 1990, and is buried in the Chapel Hill Cemetery, Creda passed away on 16 May 1994 and is buried along side of him.

Ralph Merrill Soule Family

Ralph will marry, Gladys Pearl Avery, b. 14 Jun 1904, in Mishawaka, to this union there were 6 children born:

Franklin Neal Edgar, b. 21 Aug 1926, who married Leatha Shaw and they had 3 sons. Neal died 05 Sep 1997, in Mishawaka

Donald Lynn, who married Sharon Wilson and then Margaret Elizabeth Billingsley and they had a daughter

Joyce Lynette, who marries Donald Stump and they have 2 sons

Wilma Jean, who marries Perry Curran

Margorie Lee, b. 17 Nov 1937 and dies on 04 Dec 2005, in Mishawaka. Never marries

Margret Eileen, never marries

Franklin Leslie, jr., b. 19 Mar 1909 - no further information

Bertha May Soule Family

Bertha marries Otto Grimm on 30 Apr 1927, in Mishawaka, they have no children. Otto passes away on 07 Aug 1970 and Bertha follows on 17 May 1974. They are both buried in the Chapel Hill Gardens in Osceola, Indiana

Photo's sent by Sharon Vanden Bossche & Georgia Gill-Elkins

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