Zbieranski Family Photo'

Zbieranski Family Photo's



This photo is significant for the number of first generation Polish Families of the Terre Coupee farming  area west of South Bend. Joseph and Hattie were married in 1911 at St Stanislaus Kostka Church in Terre Coupee.  They will bear four children who survive into adulthood. They will eventually reside on College St in South Bend, he will work at Bendix and they will both pass in the early 1960's.   Look closely at the (numbers) on the photo for identification. What young child do you suppose got a spanking for poking some of the eyes out in the photo?   

1            Hattie Chmielewski (my Great GM's Niece

2            Joseph Zbieranski

3            Mary Futa (Grooms Mother)

4            Joseph Zbieranski (Grooms Father)

5            Mary Szczodrowski (Brides Mother)

6            Michael Chmielewski (Brides Father)

7            Stella Piechorowska Adamaska

8            John Janowiak

9            Ludwig Piechorowski

10          Julius Piechorowski

11          Anna Piechorowska Balcerzak

12           Joseph S Turczynski

13            Mariana J Chmielewska  Turczynski

14            William L Kazminski

15            Lottie Chmielewska Kazminski

16            John Chmielewski

17            Grooms Sister

18            Grooms Brother        

19            Grooms Brother

20            Peter Piechorowski

Photo's sent by Jim Piechorowski

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