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The Konstanty Zarembka and Josefa “Josephine” Piechorowska Family


Konstanty Zarembka is the third of five children born to Mathias and Josephine (Franczak ) Zarembka. He is believed to have been born in Lubiacz, Poland in 1882. He will live to be 102 years old “Sto Lat”. On June 25, 1907 he will marry Jozefa (Josephine) Piechorowska the fourth of twelve children born to Jan and Emelia Piechorowski of Terre Coupee, Indiana. She was born in March 12, 1880 in Brzyskorzystew, Poland and was baptised at St Kathrina of Alexandria Church.

Their marriage will bear four children Leo, Mieczyslaw, Wanda Alice, Henryka, three will survive to adulthood. Konstanty was employed by Singer as a laborer. Josephine will pass in 1953 and Konstanty followed in 1985 at 102.

The Zarembka Family 1950 (Added 11/10/2005)

Addition from Paul Zarembka - 06/10/2008

#2 is my father Richard Zarembka. 
4. Helen Jane Colvin Zarembka (my mother)
9. David Zarembka
10. Paul Zarembka
11. Elaine Zarembka (now Belmaker)
12. Arlene Zarembka Photographer Matt Zarembka

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Officer Matt Zarembka

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The Zarembka Family 1952   From the Left: Wanda, Henryka, Josephine, Konstanty, Leo, Matt


Konstanty Zarembka 69 Retires

Singer Cabinetmaker, Jan - 1952

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100th Birthday - Sto Lat !! - Oct 10, 1982

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The Leo and Theresa D (Bonczynski) Zarembka Family - (added 11/10/2005)

Leo Zarembka was born April 05, 1908 the first son of  Konstanty and Josefa (Piechorowska) Zarembka in South Bend , Indiana. He will marry Theresa D Bonczynski the daughter of Lawrence and Frances (Szymanski) Bonczynski born August 27, 1907 in St. Casimir Church, November 11, 1931. The marriage will bear three children who survive to adulthood. Ronald, Robert, and Gene. Leo is a tool and die maker by trade and Theresa a mother and housewife. He will pass in 1998 and she will follow in 2002 

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