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The Chester C. Szczypiorski and Louise Piechorowska Family

Picture from the left

Row 1 bride Louise, Groom Chester

Row 2 Rozalia Piechorowska, Ludwik Piechorowski, Helena Ratkowski, Nickodem Szczypiorski

Chester Clifford Szczypiorski was born January 29, 1922 the first son of  Nikodem and Helena (Ratkowski) Szczypiorski in Terra Coupee, Indiana. On October 04, 1947 he will marry Louise Evelyn Piechorowska at St Stanislaus Kostka Church in Terra Coupee. Louise is the Daughter of Ludwik and Rozalia Rozmarynowski.born January 04, 1929. Chesteris a mechanic at South Bend Freight Lines and a gentleman farmer in Terra Coupee. The marriage will bear three children Ronald Randall and Cynthia all of whom survive to adulthood. Chester will pass in 2001 and Louise survives, living at their home on a portionof the original family farm.


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The James T Levar and Cynthia M Szczypiorski Family  

James Thomas Levar was born July 21, 1953 in South Bend, Indiana. On August 16, 1975, he wmarries Cynthia Mae Szczypiorski the daughter of Chester and Louise (Piechorowski) Szczypiorski . Three children will be born to this union who survive to adulthood; Christina Mae, 1977, Michelle Diane, 1978 and Heather Mae 1983.   The Levar family makes them home in the original Piechorowski homestead on 56151 Sage Rd, New Carlisle, Indiana. 

Editors Note: The Piechorowski and Szczypiorski families were known to each other and related in Poland, both having lived in the Parish of St. Katherines of Alexandria  in Brzyskorzystew, Poland. For those researching this family a magnificent family file (with entries in the early 16th century)  and web site is maintained by Roman Szczypiorski (who is directly related) in Poland.

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