The Slisz Family

The Slisz Family  


Anton Slisz was born in 1854 in Kolaczyce, Jaslo, Galicia, Poland. He married Marya Stec in 1879 and she passed of consumption in 1896, as was the custom of that time and area he married Marya's twin sister Balbina who passed of consumption in 1910. A total of five children were produced by the two marriages four of which died of consumption. Only my grandfather survived the disease. We know that Anton returned to Austria in 1915 and his return manifest states that he was accompanied home by a third young wife (this has never been verified). Anton disappears after 1919 and there is no record of his death or place of rest. I have found a sister who died in Alberta Canada at 104, perhaps he also spent his last days in Canada. Anto's place of rest is know only to god.

Kasper Victer Slisz was born in Kolaczyce, Jaslo, Poland in 1881 and came to America with his Father, Anton and step mother in 1886. The family settles in Pittsburgh and , about 1896 they re-settle to South Bend, Indiana. Kasper is the only child of Anton's to survive to adulthood. In 1904 he marries Mary Andrysiak and they bear 9 children, 7 of which survive including my mother Evelyn. Kasper passed in 1956 of complications of diabetes and Mary follows in 1972 of natural causes.

The 1954 50'th Wedding Anniversary of Kasper and Mary Slisz     Sitting L to R .....Jim Piechorowski, Tony Novinich, Terry Maeyens, Robert Novinich   Kneeling L to Right ..... Debra Maeyens, Elmer Maeyens, Phyllis Slisz, Heneritta Slisz, Barb Maeyens (child),  Mary Andrysiak Slisz, Kaspar Slisz, unknown, Dan Slisz, Melvin Slisz,   Standing L to R .....Alice Slisz Maeyens, Frank Piechorowski, Lorraine Novinich. Evelyn Piechorowski, Gertrude Kubiak Slisz, Paul De Cook, Clem Slisz, Elaine Slisz DeCook, Matt Mazukiewicz, Jeanie Slisz Mazukiewicz, Patrica Gorka Slisz, Joanne Simcox Slisz.


Edward and Clem  (about 1916) were avid fishermen from an early age in the doorway of the house is their mother Mary and little sister Henrietta. A few years before these young children were involved in a tragic accident resulting in the death of their baby sister Irene.  

South Bend Tribune - 2/18/1910   HORRIBLE BURNS CAUSE BABY'S DEATH

Child 13 months old victim of brother playing with fire.
  Playing with fire in the absence of their mother, two children of Kasper Slisz, 430 Kosciusko Street, set fire to the clothing of their 13-month-old sister Wednesday evening, resulting in her death five hours later.  The death of the child ws reported to the city health department yesterday afternoon.   It appears that while the mother left the house on an arrand to a neighboing store the two children, two and four years respectivly, secured matches and putting paper in a stove in the sitting room, set it on fire.  The baby sitting on the floor near the stove communicated the fire in some way to its clothing and in a few moments was ablaze.  The older child ran from the house screaming and attracted the attention of neighbors who rushed in to find the child horribly burned.  The flames were smothered with a blanket and Dr. N. G. Borisowicz was summoned.  The child lived five hours.   The funeral was held this morning at 9 o'clock at St. Casimier's Catholic church, Rev. Anthony Zubowicz officiating.  Interment was in the St. Josephs Cemetery.


Thelma (Griffen) Slisz /  Podemski

11 th Caeserian, Baby Jacki 1945

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Edward I. Slisz

Spouse (1)   Thelma Griffen

Spouse (2)   Dorothy Gardner    

Edward was the first son of Mary Slisz born July 30, 1904. He is a talented singer and musician and finds great pleasure in fishing. While serving in the CCC - Camp Clifty near  Madison, IN  he meets and marries the former Thelma Griffen in 1935 and they have 8 children who survive to adulthood; Charles, Phyllis, Thomas, Jean, Margaret, Christine, Loretta and Casper "Casey" . Edward and Thelma separate about 1939 and she remarries John Podemski and bears 3 more children; Sandy, Rose and Jacki.   Edward will remarry the former Dorthy Gardner, July 02, 1961, in Florida and the union will bear two children; Richard and Jerry.   He passes September 22, 1969 of a heart attack and rests in St Josephs Cemetery   

Slisz Children 1999 in Hanover, Indiana 

Left to Right : Casey, Thomas, Sandy,

Rose and Jacki Podemski 

Charles Slisz 1936 to 1999 Christine Slisz born after 1934 Loretta Slisz born after 1935 Phyllis Slisz Born after 1936


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Ferdynad S. Slisz Family  

Spouse 1 ... Irene Banasiewicz

Spouse 2 ...Frieda Keating  

Ferdynad (Fred) Slisz was born July 19, 1913 the fifth child of Kasper Victer & Mary (Andrysiak)  Slisz, in South Bend, Indiana. On June 26, 1937 he will marry the former Irene Banasiewicz at St. Adalberts Catholic Church. They will reside at 505 So. Liberty. Two children will be born to this union; Ralph and Thomas.   Fred is quite an athlete and played Softball for Roach Appleton's Championship team. He also enjoys fishing very much, especially ice fishing. According to his sister Evelyn (my mother) " Fred does not like to eat fish" he just catches them and gives them away.   Fred's athletic ability seemed to rub off on his son Ralph who played Football for St. Adalbert's  elementary . I played for Holy Cross about the same time  and we my have played against each other  being about the same age.     Fred and Irene's marriage did not endure and they separated. Irene will pass in 1975.   About 1978 he will marry the former Frieda Keating at St. Adalbert's Church in South Bend. This marriage will not endure  and Fred will spend his latter years alone. My mother would talk to him nearly every day until he passes in 2003 at age 90.  

The Clem and Gertrude (Kubiak) Slisz  Family  

Clem Slisz was born December 04, 1906 to Casper and Mary (Andrysiak) Slisz in South Bend Ind. On June 01, 1925 he will marry the former Gertrude Kubiak the daughter of Vincent W. and Constance (Celishowska)  Kubiak in St. Adalberts Catholic Church. Four children will be born to this union;  Eugenia, Elaine Ann, Daniel and Melvyn. Clem worked for Bendix Corporation all his life and passed in 1980 after an extended illness. Gertrude follows him in 1987.  

Picture L to R Gertrude, Clem, the ring bearer is Evelyn Slisz Piechorowski (Mom),

The second usher is Ted Glon and the first Bridesmaid was Janet ??.

The rest are know to God.


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