The Piechorowski Family:

The Piechorowski Family: 1745 to the Descendents of Jan and Joseph.


The earliest documented Piechorowski is “Lucas” born about 1745 in the Parish of Sw. Bartlomieja the Apostle, the village of Schepanowo, deanery of Barcin. We do not know his wife’s name, but believe that he is the father of Jan Piechorowski born 1779 in the village of Slaboszewko, Szczepanowo Parish, deanery of Barcin. Jan will marry the Justine Kurzawa Walzak on August 31, 1808, at the Parish of Sw. Marcina, village of Gora, deanery of Znin.

Andrew Piechorowski...1814

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On November 4, 1814 a son Andrew will be born to this union in the village of Jadoniki. Andrew will marry Michaela Selerzynska on October 24, 1843, in the village church at Brzyskorzystewko,  Sw. Katrazyna of Alexandria, deanery Znin. Their surviving son’s, Jan and Joseph will father the “Piechorowski Family in America”.


Lucas Piechorowski 1745 - 1810

Sw. Bartlomieja the Apostle

Village of Szczepanowo, Barcin  

Jan Piechorowski 1779 - 1829

Parish of Sw. Marcina

Village of Gora, Zninski

Descendants of "Jan / John"

Andrew Piechorowski  1814 - 1893

Sw. Katrazyna of Alexandria

Brzyskorzystewko, Zinnski

Descendants of "Joseph"

Since no pictures survive from this time period each is remembered by a photo of the Polish Church of their baptism, marriage and eventual burial, as it may have looked in their time.


Birkenfelde_Brzyskorzystew, Posen



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