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Frank Manuszak was born in 1846 in Witkowo, ( Vit-ko-vo) Poland. He came to America in 1882, worked as a laborer at Studebaker and Oliver. He and his wife Maryanna Stazewski purchased a home on Walnut St and raised a family. Maryanna would pass in 1914 and Frank would pass in 1933. His son Stanley would marry my Great Aunt Helen Piechorowski in 1896. He lived a good life and rests with his creator.   


Stanley and Helen were married in 1896, they lived on Walnut Street and attended St Hedwig Church. They will raise 7 children and loose 2. He will die of Cancer in 1939 and she will die in 1932 of an infection of a broken hip after falling on the church steps of St Hedwig. First Row Left ... Stella, Helen Piechorowski, Stanley, Josephine Top Left Edward, Sarah. Walter, Ignatius, Casimir 

First Communion 1922 (added 08/31/2009) Manuszak, Ed and Football Coach (added 08/30/2009) Graduation Circa 1933 St Hedwige High School (added 08/31/2009)

Edward Francis Manuszak Family

Edward Francis Manuszak the tenth child of Stanley & Helen (Piechorowski) Manuszak was born October 12, 1914. Edward was a scholar / Athlete of St. Hedwige "Lions" Elementary and High School Football & Basketball Teams.


Edward & Agnes abt. 1940 (added 08/31/2009)

Edward Francis & Agnes Rita (Joyal) Manuszak

Dad and Mom had eight children from 1937 to 1952, four boys and four girls. We left Indiana when my youngest sister Christine was 8 days old. Dad was suppose to be able to get better work.  Mom and my oldest sister Rita with the two youngest children Christine was 8 days old and Jimmy was 2 years old, flew to California. Dad and the remaining 5 children drove across country in an old Plymouth pulling all our worldly possessions in a trailer.  Dad said he had 4 bald tires that the Good Lord kept rolling until we got to Bakersfield California, where they went flat!  We lived in a small community of Oildale for three years.  Dad worked in the grocery industry, Smart & Final.  That eventually worked into a transfer to Fresno in 1955.  There they were able to buy a home in what was being billed as a tract home in a subdivision.  We lived there until they sold the home in 1971.  They moved into a new mobile home community for seniors.  Dad had his first heart attack at age 53 in 1967.  He miracously survived and lived another 12 years, having as many heart attacks.  He eventually passed away from a heart attack on October 20th, 1979, one week after he turned 65.  Mom lived there until her passing from conjestive heart failure on October 26th, 1995.
Source: Jean Manuszak West, Daughter  (text & photos)


1975 (added 08/31/2009)

Edward Francis & Agnes Rita (Joyal) Manuszak Family

Edward married the former Agnes Rita Joyal at St. Monica's Catholic Church in Mishawaka, November 21, 1936. Eight children were born to this union (in photo order). back row brothers...left to right Jim (1951), Edward Jr (1937), Jerry (1942), and John (1945) front row sisters....left to right....Rita (1939), Christine(1952), Jean (1949) and Alicia (1946)

Added 12/19/2005

The Wojciech and Mary (Drzewicki)  Manuszak Family  

Wojciech Manuszak was born in 1857 to Maciey and Magdalene (Jaworski)  Manuszak in Makownica, Pow Witkowo, Poland. He will marry Mary Drzewicki in Poland and emigrate to this city. Three children will be born to this union Lottie, Honorata and Walter.   This photo is from the 1927, St. Hedwig Aniversary Book. Wojiech, is with his grandchildren,  Leon Deka and Stanley Chelminiak. His wife Marya who preceeded him in death is pictured below. He is the owner of a store (Sklad) on Chapin and Sample. He will pass in 1939

The Jean Ellen Manuszak West Family - Added 09/02/2009


Daughters From (L to R) Rita,

Jean Ellen, Kimberly, Jeanice

Son:  Jim & Niece Son:  Matt & Niece



Photo's sent by Jim Piechorowski

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